Friday, September 11, 2015

You Are Like a Hurricane

there's calm in your eyes

Hurricane Linda is hot!!

best hand job in town!!

I went into Santa Barbara for something or other....passed by Lake Jill and it was ripe again!!

oh yeah to check out the Castillo St Bridge underpass...

CALTRANS has been trying for years and wasting millions of dollars to solve the water infiltration issue in the street at Castillo underpass..the latest fix is a pavers but there's still water everywhere...the water is seeping and flowing downhill...are they irrigating at night? perhaps there's an underground cavern with a  river of dead bodies...why not just declare it a wetlands and be done with it? the Castillo Wetlands..

I stopped at the beach it being a beautiful hot muggy day ..the water was cool and baptismal...I looked for bat rays and hammerheads...I spent an hour or so there..maybe I should move here..

the California drought is real...the girls as always are unreal...there's a monsoon somewhere or Hurricane Linda and the beach in Santa Barbara was awesome....big waves pounded the shore..then the white water charged at me like a train...then it got calm..then another round...ripped about two hundred linear feet of sand from under me in an hour!

ain't nobody gonna make me change my American lifestyle, esp not some lost boys from Saudi Arabia... or Egypt or wherever the fuck they were from..we let them in on visas and they hijacked two jets and crashed them into the Twin Towers in New York in 2001...

why did they do it? because they had nothing to live for

in America, we have everything to live for...

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