Friday, June 24, 2016

Getting In Tune

I'm gonna tune, right in on you

so Graham Nash says no more CSN or CSNY because the magic is gone...a sound argument Graham and thanks for all the music...Graham says they had a pretty good run 35-40 years as he talked about some albums...he told Stills that "Deja Vu" needed a catchy song like "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" on the first CSN album, so Stills goes away for a few days and comes back with "Carry On"


yeah, that's pretty amazing...I read this in UNCUT, the British rock magazine..superb reading, great Blondie/Debby Harry stuff...Rolling Stone is pretty much worthless nowadays so UNCUT is the only mag cutting they give you a free CD and there's the coolest new Ronnie Spector song written by Keith Richards and Andrew Oldham!!
and since Nash is 74 with a new girlfriend why shouldn't he have some fun and make a clean break like the Brits did, exiting the European Union...get some independence...

the markets will be in turmoil until things settle down (gold is up) but I'm hoping the British folks will be happy because they have made me very happy over the years...

the British Invasion of the 1960s was a wonderful filled the airwaves and it's just what we needed after Kennedy was killed...the Beatles!!
then the Stones, the Kinks, Gerry and the Pacemakers, the Hollies, Herman and the Hermits, the Dave Clark Five...the British gals Cilla Black, Petula Clark, Sandie Shaw and Dusty Springfield...mix in all that with the greatest American music on the radio and you get the mutual admiration a kid, the music was part of my, I can't and I won't live without it

oh, and I forgot to mention the Who...I hear they're coming to the Santa Barbara Bowl on Oct 6..I have a feeling the tickets which go on sale Sunday are already gone, but I'll try to get some...

the Who was a powerhouse...My Generation, Magic Bus, Tommy...rocknroll, satire, theatre, punk, rock name it they did it..Daltry and Townsend still got it, Moon and Entwhistle checked out long ago but seeing Pete and Roger is worth it..the concert they did after 9/11... the outrageous Woodstock performance....see me FEEEEEL ME!!! Live at Leeds and Who's Next

yeah, there's nothing better than a good old fashioned rock -n-roll I'm getting in tune for the Who

geez, the WHO!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

I Wanna Be Free

like the bluebirds flying by me, like the waves out on the blue sea

from endangered to running amok!

oh, I loved the picture in the Coastal View this week with a Channel Island fox on Chuck Graham's kayak...Chuck of course was a cheerleader for the fox recovery program which resulted in killing thousands of other animals on the Channel he's complaining that the foxes are running amok, stealing food from the monkeys in Belize!!

I hate to say I told you so and others have told you so but the foxes were not endangered in the first place and now you've taken away some good solid predators like the golden eagle and the foxes are running amok like rats! not exactly free in the wild like the island pigs and horses were..these nonprofit enviro folks suffer from group-think and can't think critically, so the little foxes outsmarted them's pretty funny until you consider the animals that got slaughtered for this folly....geez

I said before these folks should be jailed for animal abuse and certainly all the killing and now the over-population is animal abuse, but for some reason they still have their jobs..the National Parks Service and the nonprofit Nature Conservancy being the main culprits in the restorations

a serious investigation into this Channel Island mismanagement needs to be undertaken by a journalist...maybe Chuck could stop cheerleading for the NPS and Nature Conservancy long enough to investigate them....or maybe Peter Lance could do a series in the News-Press...I'd support that and it would give Pete a chance to redeem himself as an investigative journalist!

but now what are they gonna do? start killing the foxes to control the population?

I wouldn't be a bit surprised

Monday, June 20, 2016

MacArthur Park

is melting in the dawn

Last night was a perfect night....the moon was full illuminating the marsh, the wind was blowing warm and the sky was full of stars and red planets, visible to the naked eye and the clothed eye...chicks with naked eyes and naked bodies...mmmmmm!

but the moon is curious....changing colors from silver to orange over the night... it called the strawberry moon, the honey moon, the Lotus moon depending on where your head's at

and yesterday my head was at the beach and girls were mooning me...Spring was never waiting for us, girl It ran one step ahead as we followed in the dance.

this is a good time..I look forward to the bright orange orioles, somewhat hard to find but saw one on the outskirts of town...skirts.. ladies take your skirts off...

oh and the fennel and sage...there is nothing sweeter than fennel 'cept this gal's butt new stupid camera wouldn't focus and I was aiming for a boat but oh nice butt cheeks!

this summer I will only search for orioles and half naked women, rare moons and soft winds...I will drink the wine while it is warm and never let you catch me looking at the sun

I will have the things that I desire and my passion flow like rivers through the sky...

starting last night

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Moonlight Mile

I got silence on my radio

so I'm reading "The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism" and figure Wendy might get a kick out of it

Montecito Menace??

then I hear there's this Indian looking guy menacing chicks in Montecito...naturally he's drunk because sober folks don't menace, they shop..and there's plenty of places to shop on Coast Village Road although no shop sells anything I would buy or consider useful...years ago when I lived there, I'd stop over at the burger joint for a sourdough burger, the best thing I've ever tasted....that was before Coast Village Road became so self-conscious and trendy... and way back when we were kids we'd go into the Coral Casino with our friends and charge big lunches to our parents, then go surf...that lasted for a few, Montecito was so much fun then the realtors, bankers and peddlers moved in..peddler being Nipper....a head full of snow

now I was provided a link to this drunken menace dude and I swear I thought Joe Walsh gave up liquor..oh that's not Joe? well, I used to deliver the News-Press to Joe up on Park Lane back in my scuffling know who else lived up there? on Buena Vista... Barbra Streisand's future husband what's his name and Burl Ives..BURL IVES!! Big Daddy! "Little Bitty Tear".... the houses were just the coolest...Burl's was a huge estate and lots of greenery and Joe's was a nice little Spanish style ranch house up on the hill yet down in a little ravine

now of course the guy who was doing the menacing was not rocker Joe Walsh... I don't know who he is but I've heard he's the village idiot and he was at a place called "Whiskey and Leather" over by the Coral Casino....I looked up some info on the store and it's boutique..another fucking boutique!! so I guess you can buy some clothes and then get drunk at the bar and even get a sandwich which for me is just too many choices....when I get drunk, I want Genuine, Double Rectified, Busthead Whiskey - Aged in the is a separate issue

then the cops were called to babysit the drunk guy but they didn't show up..well what do you can thank socialite Peter Lance and the News-Press for sucking the mojo outta the drunk driving team

so why would they show up for a stationary drunk?

Friday, June 17, 2016

Don't You Care

can't you see, it's hurting me

now here's something  the dog people in Santa Barbara don't seem to care about...Wendy and all her friends... #69 and Gretchen...does Gretchen really wear furs and have animal trophies hanging on her walls? well when you consider that she's married to the same guy who was married to that cuckoo Carole gal, I am not surprised... Carole ran in the 1st dist supe race some years ago against Salud Carbajal, then she took off to Montana in the middle of her campaign! Montecito gals are loopy!!

in China they are having the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and you know what that means..HOT DOGS!! and remember it was a Chinaman who tortured and killed little dog should we bar all Chinamen from entering the US?? YES....Chinese women are cool, though

I was curious as to how the Chinese go about procuring, killing, cooking then eating the mutts...apparently, they have an outdoor market where the dogs are caged sorta like a lobster tank where you pick the one you wanna eat..then they plop it into boiling water and the poor lobster turns red having been boiled to death...

but here's some info on the Chinadogs: Held every year, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival results in the slaughter of thousands of dogs, which are then served in some of the restaurants in this city in south China.

An international campaign to halt the killing keeps growing each year. Millions in Canada, the U.K. and the United States have signed petitions calling for China to end the festival, which is scheduled to start this year on June 21.

Yet it not just foreign activists who are working to stop China's dog meat trade. There are now millions of pet owners in the world's most populous country. Many are appalled by Yulin's continuing celebration of the eating of dog meat and by the uncertain manner in which the meat is obtained.

Unlike South Korea, another Asian country where dogs are consumed, China does not have any large-scale dog-breeding farms. A four-year investigation by Animals Asia, an advocacy group, found no evidence of such breeding facilities. "The vast majority of so-called "meat dogs" are in fact stolen companion animals and strays," says the group's
2015 report.'s what's for dinner!

so they butcher dogs like they butcher pigs and cows!!

slaughter of thousands of dogs...hmmmm..kinda like what all those folks did on the Channel Islands..the National Parks Service, the Nature Conservancy, the Center for Biological Diversity...went on an animal killing spree in the name of biodiversity...
and Wendy gave money to these oufits so I guess the mass killing of animals is ok under some circumstances, but abhorrent under others??

but where are these dog gals...#69 and Davey's Legacy and Davey's Voice and Wayne from the US Humane Society? why aren't they crying about these dog killings?? where's the outrage on EDHAT and on the front page of the News-Press?

maybe in private Nipper and Wendy and #69 think some of those dogchops are a delicacy!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Just Like A Woman

with her fog, her amphetamine and her pearls

the Sedgwick Reserve in Santa Ynez is related to Edie Sedgwick...the pretty girl from Santa Barbara who wound up a little star and Andy Warhol's pal and Bob Dylan wrote 'Just Like a Woman' about her...the family was crazy and the whole story is fascinating.. I traveled among people in that circle for awhile, but it wasn't very healthy.. I do have weakness for free-spirited yet troubled beautiful  blonde chicks... and Edie was just like stunning

also stunning is the 6000 acre ranch is a reserve: "The 6,000 acre Sedgwick Reserve has a sad history with a mostly happy ending.

In 1952, the ranch was bought by Duke "Fuzzy" Sedgwick, patriarch of a wealthy east coast family originally from Massachusetts. The family was "troubled", with one son hanging himself and the beautiful Edie Sedgwick (of the Andy Warhol fame) dying of a drug overdose at 28. On his death in 1967, Fuzzy bequeathed most of the Sedgwick Ranch to the UC Natural Reserve."

then I see this in the Tentative Rulings of SB Judges..two guys are fighting over Edie Sedgwick's guy was married to her for a few months

"This action involves a dispute over legal ownership of the publicity rights to the name, voice, and likeness of film star Edie Sedgwick ("Sedgwick"), who died in Santa Barbara in 1972. According to the allegations, in 1970 Sedgwick granted to Court Pictures, Inc., the predecessor-in-interest to plaintiff David Weisman, "all rights, worldwide, in perpetuity . . . to utilize [Sedgwick’s] name, likeness, and biography. . . ." Starting in 2006, however, defendant Michael Post, who was married to Sedgwick for three months, started asserting a claim to Sedgwick’s name and likeness, to include licensing certain photographs of the actress. On April 22, 2015, plaintiff filed a first amended complaint ("FAC") against defendant for (1) damages for violation of rights of publicity, (2) declaratory relief, and (3) injunctive relief. Defendant answered the FAC with a general denial on June 1, 2015" ...etc

poor Edie...they just can't leave her alone..but her husband should win this one

and even though we have no Edie Sedgwick-type beauties in Carpinteria, (some of the gals here are just like mongoloid idiots!) I was thrilled to see the Carp Bluffs will add more open space...the SB Land Trust and others banded together to buy the area just to the southeast of the other Bluffs area...

really, ocean views, weeds, dirt roads for bikes..essential for the well-being of the populace...the area is at the junction of Highway 101, 150 and Carp's a natural power can feel the vibes, the sun

when the Lagunitas "campus" was being considered, the city of Carp and developer were gonna mess with the junction, the hook to facilitate more cars into Carp, but that didn't happen....and it never will

now this area from Carp 150 up to Ojai is the loveliest Highway I've ever seen, rivaled only by Big Sur/Carmel and a little ocean road by Scripps Ranch in La Jolla...

of course I'm concerned the Land Trust may have some fancy ideas about "restoration"....and of course of course the dog issue...I fear it may just be another dog is essential that this area be left as it is because it is perfect

but as I said there may be interpretive signs, so I would suggest:
This Native Plant Cannot Survive in a Drought, But This Weed Can

well I guess it's better than a big hotel, a casino, a brewery or any other kind of prefabbed brainless entertainment metropolis next to the ocean...

I think Edie would've like it out here

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Fair Share

Justice if you're still there, I must have my fair share/ Justice is a lady, lay me down with Justice in a long white gown

ok so Santa Barbara has a new Police Chief after Cam Sanchez interim chief was hired but was of no consequence... Hell, I can't even recall his name cos I'm drunk right now

but the new Chief is a woman from the San Diego Police force... I guess she's gonna commute by police helicopter from San Diego to Santa Barbara..oh wait, maybe by boat

her name is Lori Luhnow per all the reports: Ms. Luhnow said, "I am proud and honored to become a part of the Santa Barbara Police Department and community. Santa Barbara has much to offer with a long history of being one of the safest coastal communities in America.

safest coastal communities in America?? well Lori it's also the drunkest coastal community in America..I was hoping Kasi Beutel (ass-kicker of drunks) would be the new chief but I guess the liquor lobby said no

but seriously Lori, they got more alcohol-soaked events in SB than you can shake swizzel stick at and now we got a Beer Circus coming to town....a Beer Circus!!

they got Wine and Beer Festivals, Tequila festivals, drunk actresses and drunk celebrity chefs bumping into innocent drivers..they got bartenders getting mowed down by drunk drivers...they got Uber drivers raping passengers; they got homeless people screaming at wealthy white people..even San Diego has more class than Santa Barbara!

so I would not exactly call Santa Barbara the safest coastal town in America..maybe the weirdest but not the safest..although the city worker benefits are awesome...WELCOME!!!

oh and one other thing... there's News-Press owner Wendy McCuckoo you're gonna have to deal with...the cops have arrested tons of her friends for drugs and alcohol and her vendetta is branded on her shriveled right tit with a capital "V"

so if your cops arrest one of Wendy's drunk pals, don't give them a pass..hold them accountable, ok? don't be afraid they're gonna run a front page series and expose your past loves, etc...anyone who writes for the News-Press is hack....Wendy's puppet...I must have my fair share
Chief Lori, would you please open up the old child porn case against the News-Press..somehow thousands of child porn images were found on a News-Press computer and Wendy refused to take responsibility..instead she blamed a former editor who crossed her, then she blamed the previous owner of the computer...

obviously Wendy and Nipper are hiding something so I'm counting on you Chief Luhnow to finally bring some justice to those kids...I call them Wendy's kids

and can you do something about Jill?? I'm worried about her..she spends way too much time at the Bird Refuge killing's an odd obsession, but is it just?

I will have my fair share