Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer Breeze

makes me feel fine

ok so Trump is afraid some little Honduras girls will threaten him so he keeps them locked in cages...come 2020, this embarASSment of a president has gotta go

but summer is close I can taste it...birds, blue-eyed dragonflies, and surf city on  Santa Claus having it should be

and the winds are blowing through the jasmine in my mind

Thursday, June 14, 2018

That Smell

Ooh, that smell.... Can't you smell that smell?

that would be Santa Maria

Andy Caldwell lives in Santa Maria and Santa Maria STINKS according to the Grand Jury..maybe that's why Andy writes for the News-Press because he can't stand the stink of his own town!! 

and Andy is mad that the Grand Jury would even bring this matter up...but as they say 'you can't keep a rotten egg in a rose bush forever'

there's a reason I don't live in Santa Maria and that's cuz it stinks..and it's got too many conservatives up there and those guys know how to spread manure real thick...and if you vote in a conservative governor, California will look like Santa Maria- a big stinky armpit...

even Wendy knows not to go there...

the county rep for stinky Santa Maria is Peter Adam..he works on daddy's farm and could care less about the neighbors

A Message from Peter Adam

As a fifth generation Santa Maria Valley farmer and successful business owner, I understand that every new regulation has the potential to negatively impact the people of Santa Barbara County. It is with this attitude that I approach County government -- the actions of the Supervisors can, and often do, affect our local business owners, farmers, ranchers, and most importantly, taxpayers.

If you have questions about County government, or need help navigating an often complex web of County regulations, do not hesitate to call my office. We will be happy to help you in whatever way possible.-Peter

well Pete, how about cleaning up your barfy smelly town!!

Yo momma so smelly, the judge said "Odor in the court". 

Yo mama so smelly the Statue of Liberty got off her platform and started running for the ocean

There are two flies sitting on a pile of poop. When one fly farts, the other fly looks at him and says, “Hey do ya mind? I’m eating here!

Monday, June 11, 2018

What a Fool Believes

no wise man has the power, to reason away

so I was watching the SB City Council discuss the cannabis biz with the public and some stoners who want to open up shop on State Street and who among the group did I see supporting the pot houses? KENNY LOGGINS!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! out of all the issues Kenny could've shown up for, he's there for pot...I swear, does this guy think he's more popular than Jesus in Santa Barbara??

well, I am boycotting all Loggins and Messina can bring your albums down to Santa Claus beach on Saturday and we'll burn them in a nice big bonfire

Beware the Loggins and Messina menace.... In the excitatory state that the hippie duo place these youngsters into, these young people will do anything they are told to do ... One day when the revolution is ripe, I  warns in dark, apocalyptic tones, they [the communists] could put the Kenny Loggins on TV and [they] could mass hypnotize Santa Barbarians,  hence the Unity Shoppe Telethon...This scares the wits out of me!!!

Loggins and Messina themselves are rude, profane, vulgar, anti-Christ, atheistic, agnostic, anti-Pope, anti-Christian, etc.

LOOKY HERE:  'An Analysis of the Communist Use of Music - The Communist Master Music Plan'. The twenty-six page booklet includes eleven pages of footnotes - these far right extremists will smoke pot all day, get high and play the guitar

Pavlov experimented with animals in other areas as well, for example, in an area known as artificial neurosis. Here the scientist took healthy animals and using two conditioned reflexes, the excitatory reflex and the inhibitory reflex, caused these healthy animals to break down mentally with cases of artificial neurosis

and that's what we got here..stoners and artificial neurosis

I'm very disappointed in you, Kenny

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Sands of Time

The magic of a blackened night 

Danny Kirwan...great guitarist and songwriter for Fleetwood Mac back in the day when the songs were really good and bluesy...

I mean really good

gone but not forgotten...

Thursday, June 7, 2018


who's pickin' the banjer [banjo] here???

the election turned out just about right...most of the alt-rightwing guys will have to look for real jobs..being a strategic consultant is not a real job

Wendy and the News-Press got all of the endorsements wrong 'cept for Justin Fareed who will face Salud again in November and lose again

get away from the farm Justin and start living your own life..

or people will think you is a hillbilly

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Waiting for the Sun

waiting for the sun

if the sun comes out I'll vote today but it's been overcast

and it's a bit nipply out