Sunday, August 31, 2014

Drivin' My Life Away

looking for a sunny day.....

ok so we got the "hook" in Carp...right before you catch Highway 150...I love the hook and the roadside fennel...bees like fennel so well....leave it alone CALTRANS

mountainside north; oceanside south

now the Lagunitas development was supposed to remove the hook when it was built but it didn't happen so I'm pleased...the fancy-planned huge campus didn't materialize instead some houses were built while a big swath of land waits to be bought or leased....remember, we have limited water so keep your goals grounded in reality

bee and fennel at the hook

the Highway 150/101 interchange was the start of a deadly accident..a 16 year old kid took the northbound exit ramp as a southbound onramp and started towards LA...but he hit a truck head-on around Bates Rd and died....

he drove the wrong way- an activity made popular by Travis Armstong during his News-Press days..perhaps the News-Press could be liable

the online media sources covered the story and then Billy Mac over at Noozhawk corner of State and Mission started complaining about some of the opinions/comments people were posting on the Noozhawk site...Billy called some of them trolls for suggesting the alcohol or drugs may have been involved in the what Billy, you wanna censor opinions now?

and this from TEXAS?... lawyers-ready to blame the truck driver!!! obviously this lawyer never drove the 101 by Bates Road....there's a bit of a ridge and curve there and wrong way driver can come up on you quick....


There are still several unanswered questions here, and we’re going to have to wait until authorities complete their investigation before a way forward can be determined. However, I will say that despite the fact that the victim was driving the wrong way on the highway and in that way was in the wrong, it wouldn’t give any oncoming traffic an excuse to just run into him. It’s possible that if it’s found that the truck did anything wrong, that the driver, and by extension the trucking company, could be found partially liable for the accident. I have no reason to believe that this is the case, but it’s a very real possibility.

– Grossman Law Offices


but I decided to take a look at the hook and the route the kid possibly drove when he mistook the off-ramp for an on-ramp....

pygmy pines hurt the eyes

as I come down from Ojai-way, a blanket of fog covers the road and I see a bunch of pygmy pine trees planted by Caltrans five years ago...these trees were part of the native plant kick and now serve only as a CALTRANS may be liable for obstructing clear views of the signs and ramps....chop down those little fuzzy stick-pines..they don't belong there....besides they interfer with the ocean vibe...

I get to the interchange and see a bunch of signs and exits and onramps...if I'm a 16 year old kid, at night, in a hurry I could possibly get confused and turn into the off ramp....but I'd have to be in a blur to do that...the Wrong Way Red Signs are clearly visible...was this the first time the kid traveled around here?? he was obviously disoriented..but always, the mountain side is northbound; the ocean side in southbound

who knows what happened..the CHP will investigate and GOD I hope they don't find the kid was under the influence..except of being under the influence of being 16 years old....

but to try and foist blame on the truck driver....only a lowlife lawyer would do that.. a lowlife Texas lawyer

Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Maria

Gypsy lady

you're a miracle worker for me


oh... my Maria

Friday, August 29, 2014

subterranean homesick blues

you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

Labor Day is coming up and the question is will Wendy fire someone just because it's her paper and she can do whatever she wants??? well the News-Press has shrunk to insignificance it's true, so the only ones left to fire...are Wendy and Nipper...and due to my incredible sense of irony, I find this ironic...

so I went out to see the big waves promised by the weathermen...I saw some waves alright but not giant ones...a former weatherman, Jim Brynes from KCOY was on Gramma Wimpy's Show talking about his involvement with NOPE...I'm not sure what his NOPE role is because Gramma and him just rambled!

geez....I can't get away from the No on P people...the brochures and ads are funded by the Californians for Energy Independence and Pacific Coast Energy Company... and I as read on, I see Brooks Firestone sitting atop the list of COALTION MEMBERS..BROOKS FIRESTONE...hahahahahaha!!

the pumps don't work 'cause the vandals took the handles

geez Brooks you think I've forgotten when you were a county supervisor and your involvement and attempted cover-up of all the Greka Oil spills...on your property no you leased to them...the many spills were responded to by COUNTY FIRE at taxpayer expense!! what a joker ol' Brooks is...him and his idiot son and all the stupid beer they produce and water they waste....

from 2008/USA Today
By Noaki Schwartz, Associated Press Writer

LOS OLIVOS, Calif. — When a Firestone Vineyard employee discovered oil trickling down a creek in January in this wine country town, the source of the contamination was no surprise to firefighters.

Of 21 refineries in California, Greka Oil ; Gas Inc. is the fourth-smallest producer, but the state's biggest inland oil polluter, according to state officials.

Broken pumps, busted pipes, overflowing ponds and cracked tanks at Greka installations have spilled more than a half-million gallons of oil and contaminated water since 1999, fouling the water, soil and air in the Southern California county many consider the birthplace of the nation's environmental movement.

Over the past nine years, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department has responded at least 400 times to oil spills and gas leaks at Greka, resulting in fines, citations, federal and local prosecutions and investigations by the Environmental Protection Agency and state Fish and Game.

"I've been in the hazardous materials business for 20 years and this is the worst oil company I've ever seen," said Robert Wise, who works at EPA's Superfund division.

The company says it is a victim of sabotage -- a claim local and federal authorities dispute -- and overzealous regulators.

"To say that Greka is a major polluter is a joke," said President Andrew deVegvar. "To the extent to which we're being portrayed as some kind of Darth Vader of the oil industry is not appropriate."

While the company has been fined more than $2.5 million over the years, authorities are losing patience with Greka. This winter the county Fire Department hit the company with stop-work orders against most of its operations.

Some conservationists and others suspect Greka's political connections -- along with piecemeal regulation by overlapping agencies and weak inland oil spill laws -- have allowed it to continue operating. Greka leases land from current and former county supervisors; another former supervisor is on the Greka payroll.

That the spills are happening in Santa Barbara County is perhaps the cruelest twist for environmentalists.

The mountainous coastal area dotted with boutique wineries and the ranches of President Reagan and Michael Jackson was a catalyst for the environmental movement. A disaster at a Union Oil Co. platform in 1969 coated miles of beaches with oil, killed thousands of birds and helped lead to the Clean Water Act and a moratorium on offshore drilling.

Greka set up shop in Santa Maria in 1999, taking over aging facilities from major oil companies and turning crude into asphalt and other products.

From 1999 to 2007, the Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District inspected Greka facilities 855 times and issued 298 violations. During that period, 203 Greka spills threatened or polluted state waters 20 times, according to Fish and Game.

"Right now I can't think of anybody that is worse than Greka," said Steve Edinger, assistant chief of Fish and Game. "They are the biggest inland oil pollution problem we are dealing with across California. Nobody has our attention like Greka does."

Authorities say Greka employees have been spotted covering up oil contamination with fresh dirt and were once caught plugging a corroded storage tank with a tree branch -- accusations the company rejects. The district attorney cited Greka for 104 violations in 2004 after employees were allegedly caught trying to tamper with old pollution-belching engines. Greka settled with the county for $675,000.

DeVegvar has said the number of incidents is not out of line with those of other producers when looked at on a per-well basis. But the EPA's Wise said that is true only if Greka wells that aren't in use are counted, too.

Greka has spent tens of millions of dollars in upgrades, deVegvar said. The company recently said it was tightening security, and in January announced an environmental initiative dubbed Greka Green. But just a day later, it was hit with an 8,400-gallon spill.

Brooks Firestone, whose family leases land to Greka, was one of two members of the county Board of Supervisors who blocked an emergency hearing on Greka in December. He said the staff needed more time to prepare, and warned board members not to become hysterical.

now who's hysterical, Brooksie?????


"To me, a huge event involving oil was the Kuwaiti oil fields that were fired by the Iraqi army in the first Gulf War, the 1969 oil spill in the channel, the Valdez tanker and the Normandy tanker," Firestone said at the time. "What is the meaning of this incident?"

Days later, on Jan. 5, Greka spilled more than 190,000 gallons of oil and contaminated water on the land it leases from the Firestone estate. Since that spill, Firestone has withdrawn from deciding matters related to Greka.

Firestone, an heir to the tire fortune, said it would be too difficult to calculate how much income he receives from Greka. On political disclosure forms, he said he owns only 9 percent of the vineyard land on which the Greka installation sits. Officials have to own at least 10 percent of a business to disclose income from it.

Brooks Firestone...another clueless hysterical wine taster....

making excuses to make more money fer himself at everybody else's expense.....

typical trustfunder!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Great Speckled Bird

What a beautiful thought I am thinking
Concerning the great speckled bird....

so I get a NO on P (NOPE) letter in the mail...I don't know about you, but I like a good P and Sarah Silverman likes P, too....that's one nice looking Jewish gal!! pretty and funny but I wonder how Jewish can she really be??

and Jewish they even make those??? all I know is Sarah's got nice tits..the kinda tits that could make a man cry

anyway the No on P (NOPE) survey had a bunch of dumb questions and crazy answer choices like Strongly YES, Somewhat YES, Somewhat NO, Strongly NO....I am somewhat PEE-ODE reading these silly surveys and strongly opposed to this junk mail....what a waste of postage

oh so I see Fess Parker's Doubletree Inn was busted for poisoning birds...Fess was a bad actor turned businessman and Injun-lover...the pigeons and sparrows I guess were the I hate pigeons as much as I hate gays and Jews, but poisoning them is a rather ghastly solution...(the birds)... a Hitler remedy altho they did that on the Channel Islands and eeryone was pleased and happy with Fess's crime seems pretty minor in comparison but putting poison in bird feeders as is claimed is just beyond belief...and HYDREX was the hired gun!!

you can keep sparrows away if they bother you with those little lace doily things on the window eves

HYDREX!!! dumbass moron on the TV commercials..oh, they kill bees, too

white people are hard to figure out sometimes....

Doubletree Bird Refuge

I've seen poisoned pigeons  and it's not a pretty sight...they get lethargic, can't fly..then they bloat up and lie down till they die..occasionally the poison wears off and they can fly away but mostly they die a staggering death....and then you gotta clean up the mess..

I go into town to check out the Doubletree..then a walk on the beach and I see another issue "Beach Wracking" ain't fracking and it ain't whacking so what is it??? I don't know

when I was in Venice, Italy I saw tons of pigeons and they didn't bother me nearly as much as the Italians, but I guess Italian pigeons are cooler than American ones....

so the point of all this is poisoning things to get results..ok I spray a little RAID to kill ants now and then, but a larger scale operation is out of the question...putting poison in bird feeders outside is just stupid...I've seen birds of prey rip apart pigeons and that's the solution, not poisoning them..that poison ends up in the food chain one way or another....

so my advice to the late Fess and his merry prankster bird killers is to HARVEST the sparrows and pigeons..and put them on the menu....

ever hear of sparrow-stuffed squab??? it's to die for!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Water of Love

deep in the ground, but there ain't no water here to be found

back during the local elections, I went up to Lake Casitas in Ojai to check out the bald eagles...I was amazed at not only the eagles, but also the low level of the lake...I returned and warned the people and candidates to talk about solutions... instead they were worried about gay people getting married and how much public workers were getting paid....and unions...all red meat nonsense to satify some retarded conservative base...

now while I agree gay people can be gross and totally creepy, I don't think we should spend an ounce of energy denying them civil rights....and I don't think it's prudent to try and bust unions....the tax association in Ventura wasted lots of time trying to penalize public workers with a bogus initiative but the judge tossed the case out....

but both conservatives and liberals are to blame..the libs are trying to save steelhead trout in a drought....if you think about that for even a second you'll see they are delusional...I say fuck the trout, I got a pool to fill!!

there's talk of desal in Santa Barbara....put the old plant on line and see what happens..back during the other big drought, voters opted for both state water and desal..the desal plant ran for a week or so and was taken off line....some units were dismantled or sold off and the skeleton put it back together will be expensive..

I read there was an early wine grape harvest....but picking wine grapes is not really a harvest because making wine is a non-essential commodity to be grown locally....

and breweries...24 gallons of water to get a pint of beer..then it gets pissed out using more water to flush!! legalize pot and save water!! i'm down with that

water is the most important resource esp in California... can't keep building out and ignoring the water supply...

the irony is people want to drill locally for more oil but we may have to import water soon

Sunday, August 24, 2014

laugh laugh

I thought I'd die, it seemed so funny to me

"When I write and speak, I certainly do use vivid language, but one thing I don't do is risk my integrity by engaging in irresponsible, inflammatory rhetoric in order to bolster a weak argument. I believe the best course of action is to base my positions on reasons and facts, and challenge anybody who disagrees to have an honest debate anytime, anywhere. In that regard, a letter writer recently put words in my mouth in order to bolster his argument. I wish this was an isolated instance, but unfortunately....."

no I dint write that, News-Press Guest writer and Professional Liar Andy Caldwell did and I laughed at the words "risk my integrity"...geez Andy, buffoons don't have any integrity!!

Andy is mad at the Measure P folks..and BTW, Andy already offered to debate them, they accepted and Andy chickened chickens have integrity???

see I got no problem with oil..just oil spills

so what else is new? well, I went down to see if the red fox was gone and yep he was..the only thing left was a nice big reddish brown pine cone with some fur on it in the exact place where I pushed the fox to rest..I'm thinking that the turkey vultures may have left that for me as a "thank-you"....I do have a wild streak in me and they sensed that....I am proud to be among the Vulture Brotherhood..the vulture union!!

ants are everywhere and I've never had any problems but lately they have been a bit more aggressive because of the drought..had one crawling on my leg the other day and another tried to crawl up my ass like Andy crawls up Wendy's ass so I clenched my butt cheeks and farted and BAMMM!!!  killed him

the only good ant is a dead ant

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wild Horses

couldn't drag me away

so we got nativists in helicopters harassing wild horses because the horses compete with native species...this is in Utah..we're talking about 170 horses...they catch them and keep the ones that can't be sold off in corrals...

this is nonsensical...wild horses should be allowed to run wild in the vast public lands of Utah....the horses will live and die but to interfere with them is absurd..they are not harming anything

the National Parks Service and Nature Conservancy used helicopters on the Channel Islands to harass golden eagles and kill deer..oh those terrible golden eagles!! oh those terrible non-native deer!! I think there were some elk, too...ohhh those terrible non-native elk!

well, it appears that the BLM has hired the Yarnbomber dude.... he dresses up in brightly colored yarn and rides around Utah trying to scare wild horses...

some folks think the feral horses are pests that need to be exterminated....these are the nativists/biologists you may have heard me talk about....well piss on them I say...

let the miniscule amount of wild horses that roam free alone...just leave them alone...

how hard is that???