Saturday, June 24, 2017

Summertime Blues

ain't no cure....

hey it's Summer Solstice and I'm not gonna stand in the street with a bunch of naked sweaty hippies in Santa Barbara watching the parade...

and the yuppie families in their Subarus with the dog and sipping wine I'm not gonna put up with that...

I will welcome summer my and the sea hawk

we make our way

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Summertime, and the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high
Oh, your daddy's rich and your ma is good-lookin'
So hush little baby, Don't you cry

care for some Coppertone. ma'am??

it's the first day of summer and it's AWESOME!!!


Monday, June 19, 2017


who is the Gaucho amigo? why is he standing in your spangled leather poncho with the studs that match your eyes?  Bodacious Cowboys, such as your friend will never be welcome here  

so we got some white people in Santa Barbara over-thinking Fiesta with all sorts of explanations and scenerios about "Old Spanish Days"....but nobody can expain why they keep electing white guys as El Presidente

look... Fiesta is simple..a bunch of illegals/Mexicans come out of the shadows for a block party and invite some drunk white trash and everybody north of the border....lotsa parties and a rodeo to boot and fun for the whole family unless you're a bull or calf then you get abused at the Earl Warren Showgrounds... and Wendy in her Ivory Tower in De La Guerra Plaza fumes as she peers down at the crowds thru her barred windows at the News-Press...that is Fiesta

I've often wondered if those barred windows are to keep illegals out or to keep the News-Press loonies from jumping..Randy Alcorn who used to be a Wendy sychophant till she fired him and now writes drivel for Noozhawk  thinks that if we legalize marijuana, the USA will be ok because Michelle Malkin wants legal weed now too..dimwits

now Trump is an idiot and needs to stop tweeting..the only tweet I wanna hear is from the birdies

he reversed Obama's Cuba deal which would've opened the door for trade and travel instead of being stuck in a 1950s cold war mindset..but that's where Trump is at..he still thinks Castro is a threat!!

he is preparing for a Bay of Pigs invasion

one more expensive kiss-off

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wild Wild Life

got some wild wild life

there's three animals that people fear..sharks and coyotes and yell 'barracuda' and people say "huh, "what" yell 'shark' and you got a panic on your hands

you yell 'poodle' and people get yell 'coyote' and people cry out in fear

you yell 'calamari' and peeps get the forks and wine yell 'SQUID" and the boats flood the waters with  really cool florescent green lights..

it's all psychological

and deer! what about deer?? I was driving down the hill and saw the mama and two kids in the road..they scampered around and took off for the ravine..aren't they cute..the little one would've made a good samwich!

now, KEYT had a story about sharks at Santa Claus beach..the pretty reporter Alyss looked awesome in the sand and sun and I don't think anyone has been killed by sharks in Carpinteria...maybe a seal or two but that's normal

KEYT also had a piece on dealing with sharks..they interviewed Hilary Hauser, the crazy and bizarre lady from Heal the Ocean....she says remove the seal rookery in Carp and no more sharks will threaten surfers at the Rincon...

that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard..typical ignorance and arrogance from a clueless busy-body...well what about Leadbetter beach in Santa Barbara? what's drawing sharks to that beach? anyway, most real surfers aren't afraid of sharks

Hilary may think she healed the ocean but she didn't..the ocean is just fine without her...the WASTEWATER PLANTS are the ones that have kept the ocean safe and clean by treating human waste using biology, hydraulics, chemisty, mechanics and other disciplines...the folks who work in these jobs don't need celebrity endorsements to raise money...they want salaries and benefits to help raise their families..they are professionals

Hilary Hauser is full of beans so her suggestion to get rid of the seal rookery should be met with scorn and ridicule..sharks belong in the ocean, people do not..but I've seen kayarkers, jetskiers, surfers, boating and fishing in the Carp waters and sharks are not interested in attacking and eating people like in JAWS...anytime you go into their habitat, your awareness level should be high..there's a difference between awareness and fear and both when properly used will keep you safe, not paranoid

wildlife is here and we need have a healthy respect for it

go away Hilary

Thursday, June 15, 2017


it was just a false alarm


Carpinteria..a little beach town that is slowly being paved over ...more hotels and bigger highways to squeeze in more people and a few years I won't recognize where I live!


but back in 1930s Carp had a little airport which might explain why I see so many cool aircraft flying over the salt marsh...


Howard Hughes, Charles Lindbergh and Will Rogers used the landing strip and who knows


maybe Amelia did too...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shake Rattle and Roll

Get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans Get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans

you hear me girl?? cook me up some breakfast then take the dog for a walk

ok people walk their dogs and go hiking with their dogs and that's where the trouble starts...esp if they go up to a mountain trail like Cold Springs in Montecito..the dog and dog owner usually have to be rescued for falling off a cliff or maybe the dog gets bit by a rattlesnake..more bites less dogs and I'm all for that!

so I see a sign advertising "Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs" and I chuckle...I think of Pavlov's Dog and classic conditioning or is this aversion therapy? pretty soon we'll have dog psychologists or maybe we already do

snakes slither on their bellies in the dust per the Bible but they eat rodents and insects to keep things balanced in nature...Carpinteria can't keep things balanced because they keep on building but that's another story

I don't hink dogs should be allowed to hike where I hike..they are just too stupid and that's a reflection on their owner..I don't like seeing little green shitbags strewn about the Carp Bluffs when I hike...drives me insane!!

so the best thing to do if you wanna save your pet dog is keep him cooped up in your house or condo which as far as I'm concerned is animal abuse....dogs need to run free with big houses and plenty of land...Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs simply teaches them not to be wild...kills their instincts..

I say let a domestic dog spend time with a coyote and he'll wise up

Wile E. Coyote Tips
Tip #1 Coyotes kill rattlesnakes mostly for food (but also to protect their pups at their dens) by teasing the snakes until they stretch out and then biting their heads and snapping and shaking the snakes...

shake, rattle and roll!

I'll never understand why people own dogs

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Goin' Up The Country

baby don't you wanna go

so the Forest Service folks want comments on a proposed plan to deal with Tamarisk...

these are the same guys who created that stupid Forest Adventure Pass.. I pay taxes so I don't pay any forest service member a dime for back country recreation

so here's my comments

Invasive Biology and the Folly of Biodiversity

Years Ago, the NPS considered honeybees invasive and started to kill them on the Channel Islands..this is madness and certain proof that invasive biology is a pseudoscience..

Pages 327–335 in Damiani, C.C. and D.K. Garcelon (eds.). 2009. Proceedings of 327
the 7th California Islands Symposium. Institute for Wildlife Studies, Arcata, CA.



feral honybees?? this the limit of their creative mojo? killing things they don't understand? you should NEVER kill bees

but of course, the killing continued on the islands in the name of biodiversity...owls, pigs, hawks, foxes and other species were killed and it is my feeling that the folks responsible for such folly should be jailed for animal cruelty...

I've watched as the so-called biologists demonize plants and then poison the hills to kill them..fortunately, Nature allows the fennel and thistle to grow back as the wind disperses the gorgeous seeds..the red and purple finches use the thistle for nests and that's enough reason to LEAVE IT ALONE!

and now the Tamarisk plant/tree/shrub is causing psychological disturbance among the bio-folks...introducing a beetle to control the Tamarik is insane...

the Tamarisk is an Asian tree used by Spaniards for erosion control..oh no!! Asians and Spaniards...the tree must be evil!!! KILL IT!!!

the biologists logic: Some biologists fear that tamarisk provides raptors with sentry towers from which they may scout prey, including federally protected groundnesting birds.

gee, don't the hawks know which birds are federally protected??? what next, kill the hawks???

the tamasik is not going to hurt anything or anybody..if you want to control it, send a crew in once a year to mow it down if it makes you happy

but what about the consequences??

Defoliation may lead to site conditions that favor the establishment of other invasive non-native plants.

Defoliation may negatively impact some insect and wildlife species.

Defoliation may result in unsightly stands of dead and dying tamarisk.

the tamarisk tree is beautiful..I've watched it grow on the Carpinteria Bluffs and shield some coastal provides habitat for numerous is HARMLESS!!!

do not introduce a beetle to kill a tree...don't the coastal oaks have enough problems fighting fungus and bark beetles?

Many urban live oaks are under continual stress, usually from getting too much water in the summer.

is it any wonder the oaks thrive next to tamarisk which controls the water uptake??

don't waste my tax dollars killing healthy trees or ANYTHING IN THE WILD with poison