Friday, February 23, 2018

Proud Mary

big wheel keep on turnin'

ok so "no-comments" Noozhawk reports that Frank Hotchkiss is moving to Savannah, Georgia after losing the mayor's race to bully-lib Cathy Murillo...Frank spent some years on the SB City Council pushing a conservative agenda and even stood with the News-Press as they paraded their pathetic racism in front of De La Guerra Plaza!! 

the News-Press endorsed Frank so no wonder he lost!! 

Frank says he wants to write books...

after gifting Santa Barbara with giant Princess cruises that dock and drink, I know what he really wants to be:
a riverboat captain! 

Bon Voyage, pal

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

God Only Knows

what I'd be without you

ok so Billy Graham died at 95...his idiot son Franklin is still alive...the only thing is, well, I got two words for these right-wing evangelists: Elmer Gantry 

speaking of charlatans, Wendy's pal Rob Lowe is using the mudslides to sell the Atkins Diet who recently hired Rob to promote the low carb eating plan..

Recently selected as Atkins' first male spokesperson, Lowe's approach isn't about traditional dieting: "You have to think of it as a lifestyle, because diets come and go. It's your New Year's resolution, and by March you're on to something else," he said

Whether he's pitching in around the neighborhood or off working on set, Lowe relies on an optimal protein, low-carb routine to "have the energy I need to get through twelve-hour days.

And for Lowe, adhering to a comfortable but effective plan like Atkins keeps him feeling energized -- even amid the daunting task of working with his neighbors to restore Montecito.

"What often happens is, everyone always thinks everyone else is reaching out, so they don't reach out. And the net effect is that nobody is reaching out," Lowe said. "

Rob, I don't know what the fuck you are talking about, but I hope this gig lasts longer than the Direct TV gig

Monday, February 19, 2018

Whole Lotta Love

you need coolin' baby I'm not foolin'



STORMY  💋 ♥ xxxxxooooo ♥ 💋 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Blonde In The Bleachers

it's the unknown child, so sweet and wild, it's youth, it's too good to waste

Why the AR-15 is America's Most Popular Rifle

Florida kids have more guts than the NRA!!

A brief history… 
The AR in AR-15 actually stands for ArmaLite Rifle, the company which designed and developed the first AR. In 1959, ArmaLite sold the rights to Colt, which continued to carry on the “AR” name. Colt modified the rifle, most notably by relocating the charging handle from under the carrying handle to the rear of the receiver. This redesigned rifle was marketed and adopted by the United States military as the fully automatic M16 rifle. Finding success in all of the ways the platform could be used, Colt developed a semi-automatic civilian version, better known as the AR-15. While the AR-15 and M16 are nearly identical in external appearance, they are internally different. The hammer and trigger mechanisms are designed differently, and the bolt carrier and internal lower receiver of the semi-automatic versions are milled differently, so that the firing mechanisms are not interchangeable. The AR-15 can only switch between safe and fire functions. 
There is a vast difference between fully automatic and semi-automatic firearms. In order to fire a semi-automatic firearm, you must pull and release the trigger after each shot. You cannot hold the trigger for rapid fire. Semi-automatic firearms are functionally no different on any platform, whether it be a pistol, rifle or shotgun. Manufacturing of automatic firearms for the general public has been tightly regulated for 80 years and fully-automatic firearms have not been manufactured for the general public at all since the Hughes Amendment to the Firearms Owners Protection Act became law in 1986.

Today, the AR-15 has soared in popularity amongst gun owners, due to a wide-range of factors. It is customizable, adaptable, reliable and accurate that can be used in sport shooting, hunting and self-defense situations. Civilians can also modify and personalize their AR-15 from carbine-length, stocks, optics, barrels, etc. The AR-15s ability to be modified to your own personal taste is one of the things that makes it so unique. 

Check out the AR-15s below, and spread the word on what AR really stands for, America’s Rifle

AR-15s can be skinned or wrapped in all different types of colors and patterns

I can't believe the shit coming from the NRA!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

You Can't Always Get What You Want

but if you try sometimes, you get what you need

ever since I commented on how pretty Kim Jo of North Korea is, slants have been following me..look, I meant the Princess no disrespect so relax...go have some chop suey

and I haven't been paying much attention to the SB City Council meetings due to the disasters that have befallen us...but as things start to calm down, I see the council is engaged in a food fight...Jason Dominguez doesn't like the new mayor Cathy Murillo and is trying to trip her up...Jason, may I remind you that Cathy beat conservative  Frank Hotchkiss and Frank was supported by a fat barrel of monkey ink known as the News-Press and still he lost...

Jason may want to continue to chase his tail, but Cathy is mayor until you unseat her...

so the issue is SBCAG and who should sit on the Board to represent the City of Santa Barbara..of course, the Mayor should...the only one of the council elected at-large..
remember the threats of lawsuits over district elections? well, now they got district elections which gives the Mayor a ton more power and they forgot to factor that in...I mean district elections in a small city are stupid, but the Mexicans got what they wanted...and now it appears they don't want it...but Jason Dominguez isn't really an authentic Mexican is he? he's about as Mexican as Gregg Hart who's ditching the council for a county BOS run!!

so Jason is acting like a brat and now we got realtor/lawyer John Thyne threatening a lawsuit to put Jason on SBCAG..but Jason represents the east side, a small district made even smaller because most folks who live there are illegals, drug addicts or gang members! according to  conservatives anyway

Now you get this straight! We don’t want any more of these promiscuous lawsuits around here.....Somebody is likely to get hurt!

Monday, February 12, 2018

My Woman From Tokyo

Fly into the rising sun Faces, smiling everyone Yeah, she is a whole new tradition I feel it in my heart My woman from Tokyo 

call me a traitor but this North Korean commie Kim Yo  is pretty hot....

ok so I've been watching the News-Press like a hawk watches a mouse...the Sunday News-Press was weird esp the Voices Andy Caldwell and no local opinions, just some stuff from the Baltimore Sun and Florida Sun Sentinel and some guy doing an editorial on opioids...

maybe it was Scott Steeplton's first attempt as Editor...

then Monday's News-Press front page had some goofy guy promoting a song about the recent disasters..he's also a server at a winery...

look, this isn't the 1970s..singer-songwriters have no place in 2018...people are busy digging out of the mud and don't have time to stop and listen to a dopey song from a dopey guitar player...geez

singer-songwriters have turned a whole generation into a bunch of pussies!! 

I thought the opposite would happen...

boy was I wrong

Saturday, February 10, 2018

He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)

a public service from Black Eyes Matter