Monday, August 29, 2016

Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine

She hides in an attic concealed on a shelf, behind volumes of literature based on herself

the Santa Barbara Public Library is not a zoo, it's a library...and a fantastic one.. I spent many hours there pouring over volumes of literature and old psychology books until the internet hit and the homeless took I haven't been in a while...but I'll always support it because it's fun going up and down the aisles looking for cool books

then I see we're in 2016 all things are suspect...and I hear about a program, a nonprofit that brings dogs to the library so kids can read to them..apparently some kids are afraid of reading aloud in front of teachers or peers (we all were) so instead of teaching them the skills needed to succeed in the people world, ARF wants kids to read to dogs and develop a conditioned response whereby they only can read in class if the dog is there!!

and the nonprofit ARF wants donations of course...

well what happens to kids who have trouble with math? do they do algebra problems with dogs?

kid: Fido, how do I solve for X?

Fido: wuff wuff

but what happens if a kid is reading a book to a dog and the dog craps right there in the library?? or a little girl reads a fairy tail to a dog and the dog starts licking his balls? or what if a dog starts convulsing from a drug overdose?? or humps a little kid's leg??

and for three days, the News-Press has had these dog porn images on the front page...DISGUSTING what this old dude is trying to do to that weird-ass dog!!

News-Press peddles DOG SMUT???

I don't know about this but it appears these crazy dog women are at it again...

but then I see this hot blonde is the founder of the program ARF ...ARF....she's a serious dog and animal nut but then I see this in the Independent about dogs on the beach..she's very much against that...

dogs in the library ok..dogs at the beach not ok?

not so sweet

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Out In The Country

before the breathin' air is gone....

Three Dog Night

I'm always amazed when some non-native city slicker moves to the country, sees a coyote in the neighborhood, then sounds the alarm to bring your pets in...these wild dogs instill so much irrational fear in people that I conclude only irrational people fear coyotes..

I don't have pets because I don't need pets..why keep an animal locked up in a room just to ease my irrational social needs? besides, that's what girls are for

if a coyote scales the yard fence and scoops up a chihuahua or two, what's the problem..the little neurotic dogs are alway shaking and crying and the coyote is just doing them a favor while the chihuahua provides the coyote some nourishment...quid pro quo

living in the Santa Barbara area so close to the mountains, you are lucky to see so much wildlife...and with Autumn coming on, big raccoons and harvest moons are what I look forward to...and rain

I like to see coyotes and foxes and deer and skunks and snakes and ducks and geese...and possum...I don't like to see zombies walking their little dogs looking at their smart phones....and they pick up their dog's poop with plastic bags....and carry it around with them...this is completely irrational and no way to live...

"of all the causes that attract the attention of these young people, the plight of nature is one which may be truly a last call. Things wild and free are being destroyed by the impersonality of our attitude towards the land. What better way to fight this destruction of nature than to place in the hands of the young this powerful plea for a land ethic."

Carolyn Clugston Leopold

Washington, D.C.

June 1966

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


And the songbirds are singing, like they know the score...


so I read some of the US Fish and Wildlife report about conservation of the Guadelupe Dunes and surrounding wildlife refuge..they want to control the feral swine and protect the snowy plover...the snowy plover must be the most protected bird in California...I've seen them at local beaches and they are very adaptable but dogs on the beach will harrass them...

old Chinese proverb: dogs should not be on the beach, they should be on the dinner table...totally!!

Wendy, you are a feral swine! that's how you might offend someone calling them a feral swine..or Wendy you are a wild pig and I got no probelm killing wild pigs if there is a sound reason behind it..the Channel Islands had no sound reason to kill all those pigs..and they know it

but I did go check out the Carp bluffs and the native plantings...some have their own irrigation lines installed, some are doing good, some are dead and the sycamores they planted are a bit stunted..these trees are about ten years old and should be bigger...but the soil here is saline

the only litter I saw was from dog crap and the plastic bags supposedly used to contain the dog crap...the only conclusion I can reach is dog people should not be allowed on the Carp bluffs...they are too retarded to hike

some of the native plants at the bluffs entrance are fine and I saw a bird I never noticed before: a California Thrasher, a relative to the smaller mockingbird..the mockingbirds are everywhere now and have annoying, harsher sounds..

but this thrasher atop a bush had a beautiful voice..singing a beautiful song...

now the interesting thing is the California Thrasher is native to Mexico and California

so you see, you can plant natives without ripping out all the other plants and still have harmony between nature and man and even women

the California Thrasher is a really cool bird

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Toe to toe / Dancing very close / Barely breathing / Almost comatose / Wall to wall / People hypnotized

Holy Roller!
ok Trump says if he's president he will hire the best and brightest but so far his campaign has been run by losers...what a piss poor manager..hires a bunch of flunkies then fires them and hires some more

and now I hear Trump has got Michelle Bachman and Sean Hannity as advisors...two crazier tea baggers/conspiracy theorists you won't find...Hannity got rich by sucking up to Rupert Murdoch, the sick owner of FOX NEWS...and Michelle was elected and served as the conservative rep for Minnesota...

she and her husband also ran a counseling center for turning gays into straights...homos to Holy Rollers if you will..
but Michelle constantly cites the bible, believes in the "Rapture" and other fables and is most assuredly deranged...the rapture describes the end of days

In Christian eschatology the rapture refers to the belief that either before, or simultaneously with, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to Earth, believers who have died will be raised and believers who are still alive and remain shall be caught up together with them (the resurrected dead believers) in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air

look, a simple concept that transends religion is all we need: follow the light when walking in darkness

Michelle is rather pretty and doing her would be rapturous but she can't force others to live their lives according to her interpretaion of the bible..that's where freedom of religion stops...but maybe I could fuck the bible shit out of her!

ok so the News-Press thinks when it prints pictures and stories of veterans and soldiers it show the patriotism of the conservative owner and her long-time screwball boyfriend, Nipper...and some Christian righwingers are always looking for a handout from Wendy at her roundtable's sick I know but what can I do???

I see that the wrongful termination lawsuit against Wendy is headed for a court date/conference:
08/26/2016 8:30 AM 1486720 Ampersand Publishing LLC Geck, Donna D SB Dept 4 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Wrongful Termination

but I don't understand why Santa Barbara judges don't put a time limit on these cases instead of dragging them out forever...

don't they know the end is near???

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wild World

oooh, baby baby it's a wild world

I've been watching nativists try to restore certain areas in the wild...meaning they rip out the non-natives and plant natives which requires extra attention, water, and care..and in many cases the natives just die because hey we've been in a drought for five years and plants needs to every plant has a life cycle...

and with 26 fires burning in California, lots of the native plantings get wiped out

as I hike the highways and byways, I can see which plants thrive and which plants don't...the fennel and sage are doing good...the castor bean is always growing even with the efforts to kill it...the ice plant does well and provides water for other native plants nearby..and the bees love it....

and various other flora with seeds drifting in on the wind grow wherever they end can be sure a nativist is looking to see what plants don't belong here so they can make plans to get rid of them..instead of just leaving them alone...or as I've said, just come in once a year and clean out the creeks

but the whole idea of restoration is folly..just because it's called native does not mean it will thrive...and when California was was part of Mexico, were all those plants native to Mexico or California?

see, there's no logic to restoration and the botanists and biologists who push it are frauds....they got university tax money to continue their little species cleansing programs and plenty of sycophants willing to spread the propaganda...obviously the Endangered Species Act needs to be gutted and re-written..any program that sanctions the killing of thousands of animals to save an inbred fox species suseptible to disease and parasites is a bad program! it's animal abuse at its worst but the killers are white Americans so they can get away with it
let me remind you that the animals killed (shot or poisoned) by the National Parks Service and Nature Conservancy included elk, cattle, pigs, hawks, donkeys, horses, goats, sheep, eagles, owls, island rats, shorebirds and even foxes were killed by these idiots....

another way they demonize animals is calling them "exotics" but what's so exotic about a deer or a rabbit?

and they claim all the restorations are successful but that is bullshit..all you need to do is look...

it is long past time to look at these restorations and expose them for the scams they are...and way past time to revisit the Endangered Species Act...

the act is getting a little old

Friday, August 19, 2016

Miles From Nowhere

guess I'll take my time...

a fantastic day for a bike ride so off I went...

up to 192 and I see these weird new signs with ominous symbols..a school bus with blood and bullet holes all over it...WTF???

then down to Santa Claus Lane which is fianlly becoming the Seaside Cape Code Village envisioned by the Jewish doctor who bought and then killed the big red Santa Claus...damn Jews!!!


as usual, the new buildings don't fit into any cohesive village..they are just there, right on the Lane beckoning deranged people to walk in and start killing...

and what kind of shops will be there? a boutique, a wine tasting room and a plastic surgeon I bet... ugh!! I remember when you could buy lobsters here..seafood on ice

Padaro Lane sidewalk to nowhere

then I rode over to Padaro Lane and Loon Point...did the county install a sidewalk to nowhere?? looks like it... there's a new sidewalk from the parking lot down Padaro a few hundred yards then..nothing???? is this across from Kevin's bluffs ranch?? is this for the rich celebrities who don't want to get their new shoes dirty?? no rhyme or reason but maybe some's ridiculous

what next, a sidewalk from the Loon Point parking lot to the beach down below??

I don't like what's happening to Padaro Lane since the celebs moved in... I see in the Montecito Journal the idiot Richard Mineards sent condolences to Rob Lowe because Rob's dog, a Jack Russell Terrier named Buster died...Mineards is such a parasite and a total suckass and someone is propping up Rob's career and I'd like to know who

Rob Lowe, the pussy who complained to Wendy and caused alot of News-Press reporters to lose their jobs because they reported his address after he told the planning commission where he lived... and on PUBLIC ACCESS TV!!

maybe it's the Rob Lowe Jack Russell Terrier Memorial Sidewalk

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Fly

We caught the fly today, but it escaped out into the garden.

I'll look for it again tomorrow.