Saturday, March 28, 2015

why can't we be friends

 why can't we be friends??

ok so I see this over at the Santa Barbara View of all places..some of the View's readers are some conservative constipated cranks with no sense of humor..and it's the place for the MCA propaganda

but this satirical look at the News-Press impressed me..and cracked me up..

the Santa Bruta Noose-Press with a hanging rope logo!! AHAAHAAHAAA!!

brilliant satire and very creative... cuts right through the bullshit ...and printed no doubt without divorce settlement money!!

hahahahaa!! did PODER do it??? good on ya!

good job Santa Barbara View for showing it!!

you know you love it

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

'round the old oak tree..

quick before they cut it down!!!

so I was out messing around on a fine Spring day, the air was full of flowery scents...the sun was hot...the sky was blue and so was the sea...the sand was sandy

there was a beautiful shade tree at Lookout Park in Summerland..a longstanding big beautiful pine near the office area...

so imagine my surprise when I went down there and saw it had been chopped down...actually I was pissed...the wind didn't do it, the tree was the "safety" excuse was probably might topple over and fall down the cliff...but the tree's been there forvever having survived everything 'cept the chainsaw

pines trees are my the eucs but there is nothing more beautiful than the moon rising through the pines... when you cut down a pine tree, you really notice the Camper Park, Peoples Self Help Housing chopped two big awesome pines to put in place a monstrous housing project that never should been was supposed to be small workforce housing then they turned it into a big townhouse development...

Peoples Self Help Housing is such a's a nonprofit that gets money from gov't/city councils..then they build huge "affordable housing projects" that leave scars on the land..

Casa de Las Fucking Flores

this project, called Casa de Las Fucking Flores will house lottery winners according to an article in Noozhawk...why would a lottery winner need affordable housing? because they spend all their money gambling, that's why

but really, I watched the PSHH socialists cut down the big beautiful pines..and a lovely row of palm trees that the birds, the hooded orioles just loved to nest in...and oh how the wind loved to push those palms around!

all PSHH needed to do was replace the trailers with some mobile homes, ie new trailers...what they did was overbuild a huge apartment's just horrid!!  former Carp mayor Weinburg saddled us with this monstrosity and I curse him..

thank God we got agriculture here to buffer the new developments..unfortunatley PSHH slipped this one in..and a few weeks back, they were at the city council asking for more taxpayer money!! the NERVE!!!

now the news blurb in Noozhwak was written by a fellow named Angel Pacheco...I remember..oh yeah, Angel used to be a reporter for the he's a publicist for Peoples Self Help Housing...geez

By ANGEL PACHECO, NEWS-PRESS STAFF WRITER ... "He's not just sorry that he got caught," Mr. Genis told the News-Press following the hearing. "He's not ...

Angel's last story was about Raymond Morua killing Mallory PSHH killed the Camper Park trees

like the county killed the Summerland Pine..

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

High Time We Went

it is high time we went....

went to Lompoc...Lompoc... Lompoc.... it's got lots of weird stuff going on..the feds giving Surf Beach to the Snowy Plover, the sharks swimming off shore waiting to kill more surfers, the Air Force Base pointless missile launches.... and the strange inhabitants of Vandenberg Village...

Lompoc is a Prague, Czechoslovakia

now we have the story of the new attempt to build a Space Center in Lompoc....this is just nuts.. I saw the lady who is trying to build the center..saw her on KSBY News...Orly Taitz comes to mind..the lady was a dumpy blonde with a thick Polish accent!! do you think a fucking Polish wanderer is gonna build a Space Center in Lompoc?? when I saw her, more red flags went up than fireflies in Winnetka...

the last Space Center proposed for Lompoc was also a big mystery...Andrea Seastrand and her cohorts had a business plan in 2011 that ended in 2011 but not before they blew through 16 million $$ in public funds although they were a nonprofit..

I urge Lompoc to put a stop to these Polish crazies and leave the cool little town alone....

the Garagiste Festival...another illegitimate booze gathering..yeah..they get together, get drunk for 4 hrs and call it a festival....WOODSTOCK that was a festival man...nobody can rap a fest like Woodstock, can you dig it??? Hendrix, Canned Heat...three days man, three days!!

now WTF is a garagiste festival?? well basically it's rebranding a bottle of Gallo and selling for it for three times the got yourselves a festival

GARAGISTES – (garage-east) n, Fr. – A term originally used in the Bordeaux region of France to denigrate renegade small-lot wine makers, sometimes working in their garage, who refused to follow the "rules." Now a full-fledged movement responsible for making some of the best wine in the world. Who’s laughing now, Francois? Syn: Rule-breakers, pioneers, renegades, mavericks, driven by passion.

Welcome to Garagiste, a place for the underground, the different, and the cutting edge of small production winemaking with no rules...

Garagiste Events, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is proud to use the proceeds of the Festivals to support young winemakers at the Wine and Viticulture Program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The mechanism by which that happpens, The Garagiste Festivals, have allowed us to not only raise funds for our cause but also create an entirely new niche within the wine industry that supports small production artisan winemakers

a non-profit to support young winemakers?? are they kidding?? how did the IRS grant them non-profit status?? what a total scam..

and being a fan of the French, there is no way "garagistes" means what these Solvang bozos say it means.. I know for a fact the French don't have garages, they have castles

and wine has arsenic in it!! yucky poison may explain that headache in the morning

trendy drunks, is there anything worse??

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spinning Wheel

got to go round

so there's a "devout" Christian lawyer out of Orange County who wants to put a measure on the ballot..the ballot advocates killing's a anti-sodomite initiative..Matthew G. McLaughlin  is the devout Christian lawyer...

The measure also bans sodomites from holding public office and outlaws "spreading sodomite propaganda," or advocating gay rights

well I support it and while we're at it we can add dog owners who don't pick up after their pets..kapow!! and rich people..I could whack Wendy..BLAM!! and DUI lawyers and pack bike riders..mow 'em all down!!

let's get rid of these troublemakers!

and speaking of devout Christians, a letter to the editor caught my eye in Sunday's was by a gal named Sandee Beckers..the name rang a bell..and she says she's President of the Rescue Mission Women's Auxiliary....

the tone of the letter seemed out of place for the Rescue Mission because it was political..blasting gov't programs for the down and out but praising the Rescue Mission for not taking any gov't money...

"care is given by an exceptional staff, most of whom have been there and bear witness to the fact that God's love can rebuild lives and transform even the most desperate circumstances"

 ok, that's fine..God's Love and blah blah blah....

now, fifteen years ago or so, UCSB had an exceptional two-year extension program for Counseling Skills Certificate..Drug and Alcohol Counseling and many of the folks attending and getting certified went on to do work for the Rescue Mission...there was nothing political about it...

but with Sandee's letter, perhaps something has happened to the Rescue Mission...perhaps they have been taken over by rightwing teabeggers...

for FYE 2013, the Charity Navigator listed some interesting numbers...
Contributions, Gifts , Grants $1,696,194

TOTAL REVENUE $2,310,647

Excess (or Deficit) for the year $-69,458

and the overall rating is low at 78%.....other similar chartities listed had rating in the 80 and 90 percentile..the Rescue Mission scored 70% on financials......


ok so this Sandee Beckers is indeed an anti-govt' teabagger Christian and has no business doing anything political on behalf of the Rescue Mission...or she could damage the non-profit status...but I guess she couldn't help herself....

Sandee Beckers was also a big promoter of the discriminatory YES on 8 bill in California a few years marriage for gays....

in other words, she'a bigot! these Christians are a sub-cult not to be confused with Catholics...

Beckers was a director of the California Family Council involved in rightwing politics: CFC is a 501(c)(3). It's precisely because of the legal restrictions on the scope of 501(c)(3) activities that the CFC was required to set up the 501(c)(4) called California Renewal.

"With California Renewal now suspended, I have no idea how or why the CFC crew is being allowed to continue advocating for Prop 8. That they do continue to advocate - and apparently have no intention of making things right of their own accord - demonstrates their unseemly lack of regard for the state of California and its laws."

and Sandee Beckers is against public education, instead favoring and promoting ignorance!!!

ok so Sandee Beckers is the President of the Rescue Mission Women's Auxiliary.....they spend all their time raising money by asking you to give stocks, praying and other stuff...and Sandee says they don't take any gov't the grants must be from charitible trusts...

and check out the creepy "gift" page..professional begging

well... the Rescue Mission Women's Aux needs to remove Sandee Beckers and keep politics out of the mission.. I DEMAND SANDEE BECKERS BE FIRED!!

they are tax-exempt, yet they want donations from tax payers..the tax payers give them money for salaries, programs and fundraising expenses...and the spinning wheel goes round and round...why don't they just call themselves a church? geez, sounds like scam..a social club for weird old Christian gals...

devout Christians=religious fanatics=mentally unstable...

that's enough to sober anybody up

Monday, March 23, 2015

once bitten, twice shy


since the City of Santa Barbara has caved to extortion, ie forced district elections, Barry "the weasel" Capello has been appointed election czar...

Mr. Capello is the lawyer who represented pro-district interests....drawing up new districts will be only a ceremonial informality as Mr. Capello had already chosen the new council majority....

L-R: Pedro Francisco, Francisco Calentekiss, Bendy Ruiz
and mayor Helena Cruz

and here they are! the new Santa Bruta  city council!  Pedro Francisco, Francisco Calentekiss, Bendy "El Pollo Loco" Ruiz..and nuevo mayor Helena Cruz

the new city attorney Ariel "the mouse" Calonne will be keeping a petty cash box under his seat in the council chambers due to his propensity to settle appears that Mr. Calonne is so frightened of the inside of a court room, he refuses to litigate....

having given away close to one million dollars already in settlements, some of it to chronic drunks but most of it to other lawyers, like Darryl "the rat" Genis,  Mr. Calonne says it's just easier for him to settle with all that tax money just sitting there like  lottery cash!

"those other lawyers are so darn intimidating" says the timid Mr. Calonne

Sunday, March 22, 2015

every picture tells a story


it's bad enough that the News-Press called Mexican immigrants "illegals"... now the News-Press is targeting Asians, calling them "tiny"


hmmm...some people are so racist they don't even know it as is the case with the News-Press..

so they had an online caption about the woman painting a mural at the Santa Barbara Courthouse...the first thing that "struck the News-Press was how such a tiny person could do such a big job"..

then I got the paper edition and the story was written by Marilynn McMahon...twice she mentioned the size of Kumiko, but it really had nothing to do with the content of the story.. this was a thinly disguised effort to show displeasure at a Japanese gal doing restoration work on a Santa Barbara icon... you should be ashamed of yourself, Marilynn...white lady probably got big tits and a small brain

well it's clear to me that the News-Press needs some sensitivity far as some white people are concerned, everyone else is sub-human to some degree somehow...whites got a big inferiority complex..

but I'm here to help the News-Press..I too get suspicious when I see a black person walking in the neighborhood, but I'm working on it..see I'm not perfect but I am more perfect than any black, that's for sure! and if  I see an Asia gal,  I expect a hot massage

but anyway, Asians...hmmm I like Asian chicks but there are some ridiculous stereotypes I'd like to bring to the attention of the News-Press, like this one:
Asians are so often described with tiny eyes that small eyes are now known as Asian eyes...slit eyes

the slit-eyed lady knocked me off my feet....

Saturday, March 21, 2015


well you better pick yourself up off the ground, before they bring the curtain down...

well I see that a former News-Press employee/receptionist was busted again for a "controlled substance" an illicit drug...the odd thing is the gal just got through a trial for smashing into some kids on Highway 101...a triple fatality...a triple tragedy...

the kids had already crashed because the driver fell asleep and the ex-News-Press gal plowed into them in her white Mustang..she was arrested for drugs/DUI and has a history of substance abuse..and she gets busted again on March 20th....she was sentenced to a year in jail and probation but I guess she had some free time before she gets high and then gets busted!! again...according to the arrest records

well she was senternced around Feb 16 and it's now March 21 so why wasn't she in she on vacation???

and why didn't Wendy help Kim while Kim was at the News-Press??? maybe if Kim had a gov't job, she'd have the structure she needs to get clean...and part of the benefits is psychological help...a new deal..and a new life...really,'s long past time to clean up your act...

but my question is where do these people get their drugs? I don't want to hear any nonsense about legalizing drugs....nothing cool about drugs....only weak, lazy people need drugs and we need strong people America...and strong people can wipe out drugs..and the weak can become strong and blonde...and the blondes can have sex with me

but I'm wondering who the dealers are....methamphetamine and booze..ok the booze dealers are everywhere because booze is legal..but these other guys..these drug dealers..who are they???

I sure would like to find them and expose them and beat the shit outta them...just for starters..

then I'd use enhanced interrogation (conservative-speak for torture) to get more info from these sonsabitch dealers....
Generally, a controlled substance is an illegal drug that can have a detrimental effect on a person's health and welfare.....

so we need to stop the dealers, their little heads offs...these people have no souls....ooowwww  I hate drug dealers!!!