Sunday, June 28, 2015

the Wedding Song

The union of your spirits, here, has caused Him to remain
For whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name
There is love, there is love.

the Supreme Court administers justice thoughout the land per the Constitution...that's just the way it is...

so recent decisions declared ObamaCare and gay marriage ok...

marriage of course is a dysfunctional institution...the bible says a man and a woman shall marry..but the bible also says in 2 Chronicles 14: So A-bi-jah slept with his fathers....

well the thought of that gives me the willies...and all the bible-belter southern Baptists are going nuts over the gay marriage thing...gays give me the willies too but it's not a reason to deny rights to them.. besides, traditional marriages always end in traditional divorces like Wendy..and Wendy got rich so divorce is a cottage industry...I mean Americans took the institution of marriage and completely fucked it up

I think we should abolish marriage and that's my motion..

next we got DESAL looming large on the horizon...last night I watched the most beautiful sunset with a rainbow and some sprinkles and summery wind from the monsoon... I heard a Goleta rancher is sitting on enough groundwater to fill Cachuma... and Goleta Water District is suing to get the water...

and Cachuma is at 26% of capacity but you can bet there's water beneath Cachuma..and the Chumash are probably sitting on a big aquifer.. I say we attack and steal the water like we did in the old days!

all reports are we will get good rain this winter season...we have plenty of water underground...and yet there's talk of resurrecting the desal plant at a cost of millions...

but cooler heads should exhaust all water sources before the salt water cure...

can desal plants filter an oil spill??

Saturday, June 27, 2015


oh Donna oh Donna

so I heard that the Carpinteria Bluffs have an infestation of special dog-eating rattlesnakes...cooool!!! the proliferation of dogs in these nature areas has created a menu for the snakes...oh, there's all kindsa dogs out leash...some dogs I've never seen before so I don't know why they were bred...I guess for some status for the dumb owner? using a dog to prop up your image?? geez

Oh Donna!

but you can go to the pet store and  get your dog's teeth cleaned and there's a dog spa...and a few weeks ago while downtown in Carp, I saw a teabagger couple pushing a baby the carriage was a dog... a dog!!! that was the most pathetic display of anthropomorphic fallacy I've ever witnessed!

I've written about this weird relationship some folks have with their dogs, but it's gone far enough...why just the other day I saw on TV an ad for sponsoring a dog with a monthly donation...give the dog hope, the lady says...hope? dogs don't hope..people hope but dogs don't because they are not people... gorillas however, have hope


anyway, it's seems Nature has intervened to reduce the over-population of these odd little mutts....and the rattlesnakes are coming!!

so I'm off to see if I can see one of the snakes..I admit I'm a little nervous..a rattler can bite...we caught a baby rattler by the creek in SB once and put him in lab beaker..then let him go after messing with him for a while...

but first I had to check out the cars at the Rods and Roses Show in Carp....won't be the same without Andy Granatelli.... well it's better...way better cars and Bruce Springsteen was playing on the loudspeakers...saw Wounded Warriors booth there..trying to get money for the illicit wars they enjoy...and the poor saps who volunteered come home with no arms and of these days, America will think first, then act

saw my dream motorcycle...a Triumph Bonneville..the Shelby Cobra, the Corvettes, Mustangs and awesome muscle cars....sure they use oil..but they use oil wisely..

muscle car

the rattlesnake is wise... bites only when provoked

America must be as the rattlesnake...

Friday, June 26, 2015

Ring of Fire

I fell in to a burning ring of fire... I went down down down and the flames went higher.. and it burns burns burns....


from the SB View:

A Heartfelt Plea to Eastside Merchants

Updated on June 24, 2015 at 5:00 am.
Written by Editor

By Sharon Byrne

Finally, the petition drive to create the Eastside Business Improvement District is on. We’ve had a lot of interference from Cathy Murillo, PODER, and Eastside district council candidate Jaqueline Inda. Typically, any opposition to a business improvement district comes from businesses that don’t want to do it, and the standard is 20% or more. Political operatives and fringe groups opposing services funded by businesses, for businesses, is not normal. That camp has created fear in our.......

Texas Mother Hen Lucy has launched the petition drive for EBID...East Side Business Improvement District..EBID, ie the highest bidders with the most money get to run roughshod over the other businesses...

oh Lucy! this is such a suggest that businesses need to pay a nonprofit to improve their businesses is crazy..some Milpas businesses have been there for years, long before Lucy moved here from Texas..those business are small Mom and Pop stores and do very well...

I know that Milpas St, the SBHS and SBJHS, the County Bowl, the fast food joints, La Tolteca are a beloved part of the history of Santa this fat blonde newbie from Texas wants to "improve" everything???

do you see thru the ruse?? and the rouge??'s a political ploy and the "interference" reference handily included two rival candidates, Cathy Murillo and Jacqueline Inda!

why would any business pay taxes on top of another EBID tax? plus, the Milpas Community Association really wants to get souls for brainwash people into thinking that gov't is the enemy and Jesus is the true Mayor of Santa Barbara...

child killer and Lucy lookalike Shawna Forde..racist Minutemen...
what a pig!

it's funny, but PODER, Cathy and Jacqueline stood up against the racist News-Press "illegals" headline..and you can bet Lucy is a Texas racist!! now I know why Lucy bothers me: ever notice how much Lucy looks like Shawna Forde, the child killer Minuteman chick on Death Row in eerie similarity..the eyes are evil, sick looking

Lucy cares not a whit for Santa Barbara or Milpas...she's a control-freak like Wendy!!! she wants money from the nonprofit and wants a salary and benefits from the city council job...

ok so are we clear? the Milpas Community Association and EBID are phonies and should be soundly rejected...

that bitch is from Texas...

TEXAS!!! thieving lyin' no-good Texas scum!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lazy Days

baby you and me...and the honey bee

so I went to Von's in Carp for some items and I see that Häagen-Dazs has taken I went in and said "hey how 'bout some free ice cream!!"

then one of the floor folks informed me that Vons was sold to Haggen, not Häagen-Dazs ...oh..ok...well it's the same place but everything is colored green and they give you green plastic bags!! and the flower girl had a super nice ass!!!

so I have traveled up and down the Riviera in SB many times..lived on Grant Ave for a's gorgeous up the roads and the hills...

and the houses..the old bungalows and huge country mansions...time has changed things a bit with modern architecture, but there's still some cool homes...

now the Franceschi House is a SB icon..Franceschi Park...rested a spell there a time or two...spent some lazy days there..sure did

over the years apparently, the city has allowed the Franceschi house to deteriorate and now they want to demolish it...what a bunch of lazy fucks!! and the Parks director Nancy Rapp..well thank God she's retiring soon because for the record... I DO NOT LIKE HER AND I DO NOT TRUST HER!!

and why has the city council given money over the years to nonprofits like Peoples Self Help Housing who always seem to need a handout??? how could the city be so stupid to let this FH fall into such disrepair... they are over-stating the problems and just want to tear it down for something modern..

the Franceschi house harkens back to a Santa Barbara when everyone wasn't so rigid or dull...the house is artistic, it's's Santa Barbara...what could they do with it?....a musuem, an independent Botanical Flower Garden..endless possiblities

would you knock down Stearn's Wharf? no!!

so I watched the city council meeting and some wanted to demolish the house and some wanted to save seems to be the major issue...but what about that horrible Carousel Park on Cabrillo blvd??? get rid of that crappy park and funnel the money where it belongs ..Franceschi Park!!

the Pearl Chase Society needs help from everybody.....if 50000 people gave $100, they'd have 5 million dollars to update the hard can that be??

save the Franceschi'll save your souls

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Neon Rainbow

city lights, pretty lights

oil and water do not mix as we've seen....I had me a girl once she was like oil and I was like water...we tried but it just didn't work out...she just was more viscous than me...

I stood outside a few nights ago and saw the oil derricks lit up like neon rainbows, cars were on the highway using gas and oilin' them pistons.... the moon, Jupiter and Venus were out with the rest of us...what a nice summer night!

now I'm not surprised that the Refugio Oil spill made it down to Manhattan Beach...I told them it was the same oil...the channel current moves that water quick..Plains is still trying to blame seeps because some oil samples that were analysed allegedly indicted that...but as long the samples were representative,  the results implicate Plains Oil and they know it!! they were not "seeps"

so I'm reading the News-Press and see the guest Editorial by Andy Caldwell whining about anti-oil people again who stopped the oil trucks...hey says Andy, how do you think we get gas to the gas stations?? TRUCKS!!


now these oil guys just don't get it and Andy's editorial proved it..first he calls the Measure P folks "numbskulls"...a violation of the News-Press letters policy because it lacks a civil tone..hahah

then in his usual tortured English, Andy tries in vain to explain injection wells..."Injection wells are used by the oil indutry and sewage districts...when an oil company drills for oil, 90 percent of what comes to the surface is water mixed with oil. That is simply what is down that hole. Mother Nature, not the oil companies made it that way. These waters are ancient seawater and are saltier than our ocean"..."some sewage districts also inject brine water deep below the earth's surface" .. sewer districts near the ocean just dump their wastewater into the sea"

"that is simply what is down that hole"  huh???

wastewater from oil drilling operations and wastewater from sewage treament plants are two different things...sewage plants don't use deep injections wells and don't dump wastewater into the sea...treated wastewater called effluent is discharged via gravity to the ocean needs to meet the water quality criteria set by the applicable state agency...treatment is a physical and biological process

reality: Deep injection wells are also called brine disposal wells, and are officially known as Class 2 underground injection wells. They can take any fluid related to oil and gas drilling, including frack waste water...Class 5 wells are shallow injection wells...kinda like cesspools or septic systems...

I don't want to go into a big long water science lecture because it would be over Andy's head....

like everything else

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Dandy..where ya gonna go now??? who ya gonna run to??

ok so I'm reading the News-Press on Friday and in the Books section I see a big story on Peter Lance..I'm not really surprised but the News-Press seems intent on propping this idiot up and lying for him...

"I vant to kill you, Meek!"

and I was aghast to see he's moved to Carpinteria I guess to be closer to me..I saw Pete at the Oprah auction he stalking me??? what a dandy!

so, I guess Peter Lance is trying to sell his old (1997) book repackaged and now it's gonna be a blockbuster and blah blah blah....but the writer of the story, a simp named Dave Mason said Lance was "exonerated" from taking any responsibilty for his DUI bust...NO HE WASN"T!!! Lance went through a hearing that I attended and I wrote about in this blog leaving no doubt that he should have gone to trial....he admitted he was drinking and didn't eat a thing all day so's he could fit in his skinny tuxedo..what a dandy!!!

so we keep hearing that Dandy won five Emmys..James Taylor won five Grammys..who is more deserving now really..James of course cos he's got talent..awesome songs!!

but Judge Brian Hill, after many motions to dismiss by Lance and DUI atty Darryl Genis who I haven't heard from in a while..Darryl must be very busy after losing the Benjy DUI case...the 30-day suspension and 2-year probation ....wait a minute...look at all this other stuff from the State Bar website:

1. He must be suspended from the practice of law for a minimum of the first 30 days of probation.

2. He must comply with the provisions of the State Bar Act, the Rules of Professional Conduct, and all of the conditions of his probation.

3. Within 30 days after the effective date of discipline, he must contact the Office of Probation and schedule a meeting with his assigned probation deputy to discuss the terms and conditions of probation. Upon the direction of the Office of Probation, he must meet with the probation deputy either in person or by telephone. During the period of probation, he must promptly meet with the probation deputy as directed and upon request.

4. Within 10 days of any change in the information required to be maintained on the membership records of the State Bar pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 6002.1, subdivision (a), including his current office address and telephone number, or if no office is maintained, the address to be used for State Bar purposes, he must report such change in writing to the Membership Records Office and the State Bar Office of Probation.

5. He must submit written quarterly reports to the Office of Probation on each January 10, April 10, July 10, and October 10 of the period of probation. Under penalty of perjury, he must state whether he has complied with the State Bar Act, the Rules of Professional Conduct, and all of the conditions of his probation during the preceding calendar quarter. In addition to all quarterly reports, a final report, containing the same information, is due no earlier than 20 days before the last day of the probation period and no later than the last day of the probation period.

6. Subject to the assertion of applicable privileges, he must answer fully, promptly, and truthfully, any inquiries of the Office of Probation that are directed to him personally or in writing, relating to whether he is complying or has complied with the conditions contained herein.

7. Within one year after the effective date of the discipline herein, he must submit to the Office of Probation satisfactory evidence of completion of the State Bar’s Ethics School and passage of the test given at the end of that session. This requirement is separate from any Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirement, and he shall not receive MCLE credit for attending Ethics School. (Rules Proc. of State Bar, rule 3201.)

The period of probation will commence on the effective date of the Supreme Court order imposing discipline in this matter. At the expiration of the period of probation, if Genis has complied with all conditions of probation, the stayed suspension will be satisfied and that suspension will be terminated.


We further recommend that Genis be ordered to take and pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination administered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners within one year after the effective date of the Supreme Court order imposing discipline in this matter and to provide satisfactory proof of such passage to the Office of Probation within the same period. Failure to do so may result in an automatic suspension

WOW!! well at least someone is finally taking responsibilty!! good on ya DG!

but Hill finally capitulated and dismissed the case...remaining at a green light for up to 30 seconds on New Year's Eve could not be considered probable cause for a cop to stop anyone, according to Judge Hill...Judge Hill of course should have resigned but still sits on the bench...

as trendy distilleries and breweries pop up with cutesy flavors, the booze lobby wants to minimize any criticism of their products...and there's the booze festivals everywhere...

the odd thing is Peter Lance now claims to be anti-drinking with his "new" book, targeting the party atmosphere in Isla Vista...yeah thousands of kids living in apartments may induce some partying...

but I wonder why Lance doesn't do an investigative series on the News-Press..the child porn on Wendy's computer, Nipper's son death from heroin overdose and drug problems before that...the labor law issues, the booze stories, and on and on...

Peter Lance ducked the DUI trial and justice was not served; Wendy ducked the child porn trial and justice was not served

the apple does not fall far from the tree

Friday, June 19, 2015

I Shall Be Released

any day now, any day now, I shall be released

when I was 21, I was out playing music and chasing girls....I wasn't plotting to kill anyone... I didn't hate anyone except my parents and brothers, but that's normal..I was a red-blooded American boy

now, we got drug- crazed white kids on killing sprees...Elliot Roger, Adam Lanza, the Colorado Joker, and now this pathetic nutjob, 21 year old Dylann Roof...goes to historic Charleston SC church...sits for an hour among the bible study group, then opens fire killing nine people...allegedly for being black but no doubt this kid's on drugs and psychotic...uggh... I just don't know....why are 21 year old guys without jobs living with their parents still?? is it the WALMART culture?

White Russians
seems real estate agents sometimes get drunk and get caught and then I find out about I see where a Montecito chick..a real estate agent from Russia was busted for being intoxicated in public...I think there's a difference between inebriated and intoxicated per the law, but putting two and two together, I bet she was drunk on Russian Vodka....

anyway she's exotic.....when I was investigating Bo Henry's Bar, I found out they don't serve Russian vodka but didn't the Reds help us defeat Hitler.. I say cut 'em some slack

people esp Russian people like to get drunk and there's plenty of places they can go and reasons to get long as they don't get drunk and drive I got no problem with long as their addictions don't interfere with my life, I say go stumble from bar to bar..from fundraiser to fundraiser

but real estate agents are an odd lot anyway....who knows about all those unexplained escrow fees? they got fees for everything and can pick your pocket before you can bat an eyelash...ugghh.. I need a drink, Svetlana

Crime Scene
I've always thought of the News-Press as one big crime scene..the porn, the drugs the labor law the time is right for payback..

and according to Scott Steepleton, the NLRB just subpoened the NP phone records...Scott seems worried

remember when Scott wanted to see the emails of SB councilgal Murrillo..well now the NLRB wants to see the phone records of the News-Press..according to Scott, Wendy is fearfull her sources for stories will be she relies on anonymous (to the public) sources for her stories, then has her hack reporters rewrite them? is that how it works??

Wendy has been trying to bust the unionization of the News-Press with lackeys like Gerry Fall, now we want to see who she's been talking to

and any source who provides info to the News-Press should be identified

so  I can investigate them...