Friday, April 18, 2014

Can't You Hear Me Knocking?

on your window.....

ok so Courtney Love says saxophones don't belong in rocknroll...that's absurd and right here right now I challenge her to a debate about saxes...just listen to "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" and after the brilliant intro riff by Keith, Mick's vocals and the interlude with guitarist Mick Taylor, you'll hear the most rockin sax..if it doesn't send chills down your spine, Courtney, then you're dead, like Kurt...and Courtney, what doesn't belong in rocknroll is plastic surgery!!!

speaking of debates, I got an email from a guy telling me he has accepted the invitation from Andy Caldwell to debate the Clean Air and Water Initiative to Ban Fracking in Santa Barbara County.
I heard there was an earthquale in Ohio linked to fracking...Ohio!!

well anyway, the guy's name is Gary Paudler from Summerland (damn hippies!!) and he sent a letter to the News-Press accepting Andy's invite...a few ground rules must be established and adhered to so they don't have the debate under a white tent in COLAB country....or on Andy's radio show that Wendy bought him....I think the debate should happen in the real about the Huguette Clark Estate!!!

creepy! Andy entertains his elderly COLAB

I've reviewed Mr. Paudler's letter and find nothing in it that Andy should be scared of so I'm sure Andy will accept the acceptance to his own challenge to debate some of the anti-fracking charlatans, as he calls them....

ok, so Paudler says he sent the News-Press the letter but will Wendy print it? or will she censor it?? Wendy's into free speech except when people criticize her or her friends, so I will print the letter because censorship is the domain of idiots which is why there's a bunch of idiots running around the News-Press!! hahah

challenge accepted!!

anyway, here's the letter to the News-Press should Wendy and Andy Caldwell choose not to publish it in the paper....

On April 6, in the News-Press, Andy Caldwell challenged the proponents of the Safe Air and Water Initiative to Ban Fracking to a debate. As one of the initiative’s signatories, I am pleased to accept.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

Santa Barbara News-Press will sponsor the debate in a mutually acceptable forum in Santa Barbara moderated by a neutral third party and open to the public at no charge. The News-Press provides Andy with a soap box for his vitriolic rants, provides tacit or explicit endorsement of his views and published the challenge to debate.

Andy’s side will state who will represent them in the debate and disclose their financial affiliations. They will be voters in Santa Barbara County, where our initiative will take effect, not ringers from Houston.

I will select a partner for the debate and here is our full financial disclosure: Santa Barbara County Water Guardians is an all-volunteer organization that represents only the people of Santa Barbara County. We do not represent deep pockets in Texas or China or on Wall Street.

Andy says there is no fracking happening in Santa Barbara County while Lanny Ebenstein says, in the pages of the News-Press, that it is essential to the economic wellbeing of the county. Since this point is the crux of the debate, maybe Andy and Lanny can reach an agreement and let us know.

Andy will acknowledge his financial interest in this matter, whether or not he will be one of the debaters. I will also be happy to learn if he is just a passionate advocate for environmentally devastating industrial processes and isn’t being paid by the corporations that, he says, aren’t interested in fracking but hate the Clean Air and Water Initiative to Ban Fracking.

Santa Barbara News-Press will disclose all financial ties between the paper and its officers and the oil industry. The paper has invested heavily in impugning our motives, it is eminently fair for interested voters to understand the motivations on both sides of this issue.

Andy will retract his accusation that we "make [our] living blurring the lines between fact and fiction." No one in our organization receives any compensation for their work on this cause and Andy published that knowing that he had no information to back it up.

Andy will acknowledge his support for Measure M. This is supervisor Peter Adam’s ballot measure, qualified with signatures gathered by his staff, to force taxpayers to maintain the oilfield service roads that would be required to support the 7,700 proposed new oil wells in north Santa Barbara County.

Andy will explain how that measure would not amount to "voters...effectively being asked to bypass the "normal public process of enacting laws", as he accuses us of doing with our initiative.

Andy will retract his slanderous accusation that Katie Davis and Janet Blevins, two of our members, are "charlatans". If we are to engage in a civil debate, we will start with civil.

We will not debate climate change or gravity.

Of course, this debate is happening right here, right now (to borrow Andy’s melodramatic Rocky VI flourish) all over Santa Barbara County and the only way for everyone to have a voice in the debate is to add their signature, get the initiative on the ballot and vote your principles in November.

Please contact me with the above information and to schedule the debate.

Gary Paudler
Summerland, CA

Andy??? Wendy??? someone's knockin'!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Carolina in the Pines

there are nights I only feel right, with Carolina in the pines

and that's what is left of the big beautiful pine tree I watched the Blood Moon rise over....

thanks to Peoples' Self Help Housing...and thanks to the Carp City Council for giving this nonprofit my tax money to continue their little scam housing projects....

special thanks to Jeanette Duncan..I hear Jeanette is leaving PSHH soon..perhaps she can turn tricks on Haley Street with a special discount for poor dumb Mexican men!


Oh Very Young

what will you leave us this time?

27 is too young to die...especially while crossing the street with your friends at night and getting hit by a drunk driver....

Now I remember a few corrupt conservative county supervisors...Joe Centeno and Joni Gray...Joe had a high paid assistant named Gil who was busted for DUI..the cops found him on a roadside in if Gil had killed someone while DUI, would Centeno be liable? or the county? no, of course not...and what about Joni? she's not connected to the Raymond Morua case but she sure was a phony balony dipping into that housing nonprofit!!

the News-Press is playing Matt Dies, Mallory's father...apparently lost in the morass, is the fact that if Raymond Morua hadn't killed Mallory and instead had been busted for DUI by the cops, Genis and the News-Press would be trying to protect him and encouraging him to sue the city of Santa Barbara for civil rights violations....that's what they do and that's what they've done...

the News-Press, Lance Genis and Steepleton are all apologists for drunk drivers..that is unless the drunk kills someone, then Team Wendy becomes a member of MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving...

so I think Matt Dies is is bit of a screwball and naive if not plain stupid...

and the one passage from the Lance series should send up red flags to everybody...Lance writes about an atty who withdrew from the case and emailed Raymond's girlfriend...Lance says "what is so curious about those two emails coming from Mr. Eaton, signaling his withdrawal, is that Ms. Dies was not declared brain dead and taken off life support until 3:15 p.m. that day, more than six hours after Mr. Eaton's first email stating that "we have heard" that she passed away".

now anyone who was around when Mallory was killed knows that the internet, social media and facebook pages were full of rumors of her passing, when she was actually on life support, so there's is nothing curious about Eaton's emails...

the American Riviera?? really??

and as you can see, the story was hyped up and sensationalized for his website " Death on the American Riviera" ....geez
that is the type of investigative journalism Lance does and that's why I call him a hack...

his series ends today....let's see if Peter Rabbit can pull a journalist out of his hat

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Working for the Weekend

Everyone's watchin' to see what you will do
Everyone's lookin' at you, oh
Everyone's wonderin' will you come out tonight
Everyone's tryin' to get it right, get it right

BREAKING NEWS: after my series on the Peter Lance series, Raymond Morua switched his plea to GUILTY as I've been suggesting he do..I forced Darryl Genis and Raymie to man-up and stop trying to run away from and wiggle out of accepting responsibility for killing Mallory Dies....

ok so in part two of the Raymond Morua Story written by self-serving jerk Peter Lance, and published in the creepy News-Press, we learn that Raymond likes to drink alcohol...part three of Pete's story was pretty much like part two with a few re-arranged words and phrases, so I combined the two in today's post...

so Ray likes the high life and he also likes cigars and drinking scotch from a flask..well I told ya Santa Barbara has a drinking problem and the cops got their hands full trying to bust all these lushes...

but I see that Peter took my advice in his story...I told the folks who were prosecuting Tony DeNunzio to check his receipts at the Boathouse to see if he bought any booze...for some reason they didn't check and Tony skipped justice

you must always check receipts...always

but this time, Lance presents a receipt that Raymond spent about $100 on liquor at various places...and he was partying with some of Lois Capps staff and like that there...

emails were presented in the story....texts were presented...selfies were plans were made

all I can say is in New Hampshire they pay their senators $100 per year because it's a public service job..that idea should be immediately implemented in California because way too much money is going to booze and parties...and no one is minding the store anymore!!

so basically Lance showed us some of the party culture of which he is part, drinking champagne at the Canary and then driving and getting busted for DUI in 2011...some of this expose is a hit against the Independent..they weren't too kind to Lance during his DUI hearing and he's obviously upset still

but we see Lois Capps likes to party too! even though her hubby Walter was killed by a heart attack probably thinking about the drunk driver who maimed him...and apparently, everyone at the Independent, some folks at UCSB and a few others in the Capps camp were encouraging Raymond to drink and party...all these folks were egging him on and yet, when he killed Mallory, fled the scene and hit the tree, he was alone in his car....

now Lance brings up some interesting ties and not so far-fetched as his other series....the booze receipts as I said were interesting..what is a Hendricks?? Raymond bought five of I see it's Hendricks Gin?? he drank five shots of gin plus some other stuff??? geez

so what I can gather is everyone who invited, partied with, said hello to..anyone who smoked cigars with, fed, wrote about, traveled with, went to grade school with, invaded Iraq with, and otherwise socialized with is potentialy liable for Raymond Morua killing Mallory Dies....

well at least Lance did't blame the butcher, the baker or the candlestick maker


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I'm being followed by a moonshadow.....

so while Peter Lance continues his little jerk-off series in the News-Press, I decided to celebrate the Blood Moon, which rose rather spookily last I have to admit the last few days have been pretty bizarre personally, so a Blood Moon really fit the bill...when old girlfriends call you out of the blue, things can get pretty weird pretty quick..but God love 'em, I'll do anything to help them!! how can you not have affection for girls who were brave enough to spend more than few months with you!!!

so as I watched the Blood Moon, I reflected the warm glow back to her.... the orb was reddish like blood and had a neat shadow around rose thru the pine trees over by the Camper Park...I was aghast as I gazed over at the park earlier in the day..the construction of the socialist housing is going on and they cut down most of the stately palms...I loved watching those trees dance in the wind and when the sun hit them after a rain, they looked awesome as part of a rainbow...

I was very sad they cut and destroyed them so I will give a hearty "FUCK YOU" to Peoples Self Help Housing...

I will destroy this nonprofit eventually....eventually...I will cut down PSHH!!! mark my words!!! the blood of the moon will flow through the fallow fields where crops once grew and now apartments will stand...

other than all that, things are pretty bloody cool!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

the Misfits

"you're a real beautiful woman, it's almost like an honor sitting next to you"...Clark Gable to Marilyn Monroe in the "Misfits"

"Wendy, you're a real's almost like a curse to read your paper"...MVC to Wendy McCuckoo

ok I bought it, I read it, the News-Press/Peter Lance story about drunk driver Raymond Morua and basically it's all been written before in the Independent and other Lance is dancing here....right here...

on page A-11 of the News-Press series is a box with Lance's facebook photo..remember Peter lied about his age on Facebook to attract younger gals...I guess that's why people lie about their age..anyway Lance says he's a big anti-DUI guy now and loves MADD and all this weepy stuff and really it's just a bunch of bullshit...all you need do is look at Mr. Wimpy's past shows when they were discussing and praising liquor and making excuses for drunk drivers and dissing MADD...

this is all about Capps and money and not about Mallory or drunk drivers....the quickest way to find out if Morua was on company time when he was at the Independent party, is by checking to see if Lois paid him to attend, then he was on the clock...

but reading on I see Peter has found some conspiracy theories and even a cover-up..but the tone was much more subdued, more danced-down than his first series when he was trying to save his own ass from a DUI conviction...that first series was a doozy!!! with the skinny tuxedo defense, I found Lance to be a hack and shady character..this re-hashed story is a desperate attempt to get more readers to the News-Press

of course there's always a cover up somewhere in any Peter Lance fantasy...he has implicated the Independent and Lois Capps as responsible for Raymond's know, I wish they were then it would be easy to collect some money, but I don't see it being proved

naturally, Lance wants to tie Lois Capps to the killing of Mallory Dies..even Mallory's father is in cahoots with this strategy and it's for the money...Capps and the feds have more cash than poor Raymond...and using his daughter's death from a drunk driver for political reasons is pretty pathetic...some peoples' parents...geez!!

what, me worry??

what I really wanna know is who killed Marilyn Monroe..maybe Pete could do an investigative report on that!

then Peter Lance says Hannah-Beth Jackson's husband Judge Eskin intervened to "help Morua" but he didn't say how...Judge Eskin was former judge on Lance's DUI hearing but recused himself after being badgered by Darryl Genis....Judge Eskin should be ashamed of himself for that...and to prove he is not biased Lance said he voted for Hannah-Beth...that means absolutely nothing in the context of anything!!

ok so there's no smoking gun yet...the facts are pretty clear..Morua hit and killed Mallory Dies in a drunken stupor, then sped off and hit a tree...A TREE!!! BLAME THE TREE!!! or the liquor industry...what other legal substance can you ingest that can turn you into a potential killer? the only other one I can think of besides booze, is Twinkies..

any settlement should be forthcoming from Morua and Capps' office and sure why not the Independent too..why I even think the News-Press should chip in....

they should all just offer up some cash in Mallory's memory..
and to help fight drunk drivers...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bad Company

till the day I die....

holy shit! I'm clairvoyant... on Saturday I was theorizing that Peter Lance might write a story about Raymond Morua and on Sunday, the News-Press prints the first of a 5 part series on the deadly DUI...the News-Press and Peter Lance are up to their old tricks again

this is rather ironic since Peter was busted for DUI, ran to he News-Press, wrote an 100 part series- mostly fictional and delusional-about his ordeal... Lance tried to blame the cops, esp Officer Kasi Beutel for his own contention is if Beutel had been working DUI patrol that night, Mallory would still be alive..ok Lance walked without any trial but I know and you know and he knows he was drinking and driving that New Year's Eve a few years ago...and we all know about Darryl, don't we?? I mean geez, this is like Tales from the Crypt!!!

now the previous Lance series was an embarrassment to journalism...investigative or otherwise...but we are dealing with the News-Press...the pro-drinking, pro-DUI and pro-drug News-Press

so this series I will see if Peter has learned anything..will he fill the pages with conspiracies and conspiracy theories? how about fiction and delusion? we'll see...

but I'm puzzled why Mallory's father would fall for this ruse... this time the story is different...Lois did indeed hire Raymond Morua, an Iraq invasion vet who had many personal issues, among them previous DUIs....again, alcohol is front and center as the most abused drug in America but folks will always want to get high with spirits...maybe I'll do a story on that..why people drink alcohol...

but the person responsible for Mallory's death is Raymond Morua...let's see how Peter Lance and the News-Press dance around this issue...

I'll go out, get a paper and read the story..and report back...and you know you'll get the truth, not the bullshit, from me...

most of the time anyway..