Friday, July 29, 2016

There She Goes

there she goes again...


shezamm!! shockingly, it looks like the News-Press was right and Noozhawk was wrong about Paula Lopez, the local celebutante who not only can sing, read the news, but she can also kick you when she's riled up on whiskey ...and all in a nice blue summer dress!

but Noozhawk clarifed their story to conform to the News-Press version and now I understand..

Paula is on her own now so I hope she can maintain....

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Lose your blues, everybody cut footloose

ok so now I'm confused by Noozhawk and the News-Press....they both have stories about local celeb Paula Lopez but each story says a different thing about her DUI plea deal

the News-Press says Paula is OFF the ankle bracelet monitoring

Noozhawk says she's ON the ankle bracelet monitoring

Paula, I may have to examine your ankles, honey...

and who knows where that will lead!

Free Falling

and I'm free, free falling

a zip line allows you to swing thru the trees like a monkey

now I'm reading the News-Press/Andy "Zippy" Caldwell's response to the Supervisors' decision about a zip line between Solvang and Buellton..the supes approved it and denied an appeal by a neighbor who was supported by Supervisor Janet Wolf...

of course Andy found a reason to criticize Wolf's "no" get the facts of the story, I had to look elsewhere..

The Lompoc Record had a good story and the reason Wolf voted no was this ZIP Line thing is in an ag preserve and will cost you $110 for a will pay $85! geez, what kid can pay $85 unless mommy and daddy give it to him!

from the Lompoc Record:
Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf, who cast the only dissenting vote, had an issue with the suggested price point, saying it would cost her family of five about $500 to use the course. Wolf also had concerns about the commercial nature of the project on land in an area zoned for agriculture, calling it potentially precedent setting

Andy Caldwell, representing the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business, argued in favor of the project, as did most who spoke during the public comment period.

"The fact of the matter is, they have zip lines in rain forests for crying out loud," Caldwell said. "This is a zip line among oak trees and shrub brush. If it’s OK to have a zip line through a rain forest, why can’t we have a zip line through Buellton? We urge you to approve this project."

and it's curious that Andy's guest opinion in the News-Press was all anti-Wolf propaganda..just crazy stuff against his nemesis Janet Wolf

now the project, called the Sierra Grande Rural Recreation Project isn't like putting a swing on your backyard tree by throwing a rope around a branch...these guys want to install a zip line through the oaks? that means steel cable wires, poles and how many oak trees are stressed by the drought and disease? and this business guy wants to hammer spikes/anchors into the trees? it's known fact that zip lines can kill their host trees, in this case the oaks

and what about liabiltiy when some kids gets killed flying thru the trees on a mechanical system that shouldn't be there in the first place..

and then there's the combo zip line/wine tasting events going on now....

and the guy who owns the ranch has a weird religious nonprofit foundation:
The SG Foundation was founded by Stuart C. Gildred Sr. along with co-founders Richard Kieding and William Sauer in 1984. From its inception the goal of the SG Foundation has been to help the less fortunate of the world to live better lives using the strong Judeo-Christian values of the founders as guidelines.

Early in the history of SG Foundation certain guidelines were established by Stuart Gildred Sr. He decided that a small private foundation must of necessity limit itself in terms of grant consideration. He was opposed, for example, to funding large research projects for HIV/AIDS programs"

the supervisors who approved this screwed up and Janet Wolf was should have been denied and it reminds me of that stupid yarn bombing thing to get people out in nature

my God if these folks can't find things to do in the back country, they have no business living there and constructing amusement parks for their spoiled kids..

and do the birds who use these trees for survival really need a bunch of stupid people zipping by disturbing them??

this is the dumbest idea I've heard in years....another wet dream from some conservative trustfunders and Christians....and wannabe Tarzans

wait a about a zip line from Ojai to Carp through the sycamores!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Will It Go Round In Circles

will it fly high like a bird up in the sky??


so I'm watching the Democratic Convention and the roll call votes to's my fave portion and these guys are rocking America state by state...I got chills! and the Chairwoman, the Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is smokin' HOT!! kind of Americans!! I'm so proud of the love they showed!! AMERICA!!!

I'm watching C-Span to avoid the stupid talk and commercials of the cable stations and a few guys looked and sounded kinda tired: Paul Simon and Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton...but that's ok...Paul's musical legacy is pretty awesome and Bill and Bernie always look berned these guys age, America will turn its lonely eyes to others for inspiration, like Blac Chyna..Rob and Blac are gonna have a baby and I got one word for them: ABORTION!!

but this is such a contrast to the Darth Vadar Republicans who only show hate and fear and spend the RNC calling Hillary names!! and where some idiot from Kansas said his state still honors the bible, gun rights and bourbon!! like who cares...geez

ok now the email issue is interesting..people esp conservatives were castigating ther DNC for anti-Bernie emails but nobody mentioned the real problem: HACKING! who hacked into the emials? that is illegal as someone hacking into your bank account to borrow some money; or open you mailbox and steal your mail! that's the issue, not whether the DNC gals were gossiping about Bernie....

and the conservatives were griping that the Democrats didn't mention ISIS at the DNC.well why should they..ISIS scares the Republicans and everytime an isolated incident of ISIS violence happens, the conservatives wet their pants like in this News-Press headline from sex harassing FOXNEWS...war on Christians by ISIS

let's see, how many people are killed by drunk drivers in the USA per year about is Coors USA  declaring war on sober drivers?? well, that's the twisted and no-context logic used by conservative Christians

ISIS is being dealt with and will be dealt with....what happens in France is something the French folks need to fix...the DNC is not the place to plan strategy as the RNC did which plays right into the ISIS fear campaign...use your heads!! where's you graduate from, Trump University??? haahaa

and one more thing: it's coming on World Youth Day and Catholics are celebrating...

all I can say is....

kids, run for your lives!!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Mississippi Queen

Mississippi Queen, if you know what I mean Mississippi Queen, she taught me everything Way down around Vicksburg, around Louisiana way Lived a Cajun lady

I thought the Republican Convention was entertaining and chaotic with the Preacher Ted Cruz issue, and FOX NEWS with all the sexual harassment issues, but the Democratic Convention is starting off like the Civil War!

the DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schulz is resigning because of some emails? Hillary and Deb dogged by emails but I don't know why...emails are simply quick ways to communicate like phone calls and should not be part of the record unless subpoenas are I understand it, Debbie emailed her hatred for Bernie Sanders (I hate Bernie too!) and now Bernie is upset...but Bernie is an independent so WTF does he care..he never would have won the nomination or the election..he's a creepy old man who has a bunch of potheads supporting Debbie should have stayed DNC chair because she's good and way better than that wimpy Rinse Preebus (sic) guy at the RNC..besides it's all normal politics and if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

and now the rumor is Putin may be involved in leaking the emails..and it's funny, I've gotten thousands of hits lately from Russia but I am not and will not be implicated

the candidates for president don't do anything for me, so I may sit this one out or vote for VEEP....Pence or Kaine...Hillary and Donald are tiresome
but things are getting strange in America and I'm thinking of maybe buying a little spread in a rural town and stockpiling weapons and ammo and just wait for the war to break out..the second Civil War..this one won't be between the north and south and won't be about'll be about capitalism vs socialism

I've said before I'm half capitalist, half socialist and half commie, so that's what I'll fight for....

and of course I'll fight for Debbie, too

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Power of Love

can move a mountain, drive the deepest sea

can love beat Alzheimer's?? of course

My goal today was love...not to score a goal or to score, but to show up at the Polo grounds to support the fight against Alzheimer's's a flag football game advertised as blondes vs love love

blondes have more fun young chicks who drink lots of craft beer...have you ever had sex with a drunk girl? it's ridiculous!! it ain't love but's it's close enough

but seriously, it's such a lovely day in July..warm and sunny so I rushed over there to lend my the polo field was open to everybody

I love this area and it was all good vibes as I entered....walked on over to the playing field and the teams were practicing..the Burger Bus was buzzing and plenty of beer booths...drink beer today you will dehydrate drink more beer is the idea! the PA guy was pushing the beer.."drink to your health" he there a link between booze and ALZ??

so the blondes are looking real good and so are the brunettes who appear more athletic..the blondes are more girly-girly but nevertheless in fine shape..

I had my drone with me and we flew over the gals to see if I could get a better view down their jerseys and tank tops...hmmmm

and  the sweat dripping down their necks made me wanna lick them...

but can we lick Alzheimer's? a disease that robs your memory... with folks like these participating, the answer is "YES"

I want to remember everything..good and bad... EVERYTHING...

it would be a crime to forget a day like this

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Never Gonna Give You Up

never gonna let you down

that Rick Astley is one smooth dude!

look, they copped some lines from Michelle Obama for Melania's just admit it...but do Donald Trump and his minions admit it? no they keep lying and trying to blame Hillary! I know Hillary is guilty of some things and so am I..I'm guilty of something I just don't know what..

I mean these guys on Trump's campaign look like idiots trying to deny they stole some lines from Michelle..imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so maybe Melania likes Michelle who is a very cool and awesome First Lady!

and Melania says Trump is "never gonna give you up and never gonna let you down" at the end of her speech!! that's Rick Astley's song from the 1980s... fantastic song!!

now the Republican Convention appears to be a strange mix of carpetbaggers, holy rollers, and bourbon swilling separatists..... Ben Carson was acting weird as usual and his speech was cuckoo, trying to tie Hillary with Lucifer..haha.....superstitious Ben Carson is spooked by Lucifer!! what a lamebrain....well at least Hillary never hit her mother over the head with a hammer

so the flags are flown at half-staff for the cops who were killed in the line of duty...the conservatives are falling all over themselves, praising the cops in front of the network cameras yet trying to reduce their pensions with a bunch of anti-union pension reform bills...

cops deserve the money and benefits and to retire at age 50 if they live that it seems the cops are only supported for political reasons by the GOP!!

his brain infected by the Zika virus, Wisconsin gov Scott Walker who ran for president but quit early, compared public workers like cops to ISIS! he gave a lame speech at the convention and Cruz gave a speech-that's what he does, gives speeches- but didn't endorse Trump saying he can't support anyone who maligns his wife Heidi and his dad Rafael, a commie

and Trump is a birther!!

do you remember the Republicans, where did they go??