Sunday, February 7, 2016

Paint It Black

I see a red door and I want it painted black

oh so it really is the Santa Barbara International Film Festival ....any black films playing I wonder...any black actors being honored I wonder?

American Flags draped on buildings is against the flag code

Flag Code: The flag should not be used as "wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery", or for covering a speaker's desk, draping a platform, or for any decoration in general

black..that's an interesting word....blacklist....blacklisted...there wasa time when the film industry joined  Sen Joe McCarthy's witchhunt for commies in the film biz..actually held hearings to ask actors if they've ever read Karl Marx...this was in the 1950s and if you were suspected of being a communist, they blacklsited you and killed your career in film..producer writer director actor..whatever...

the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG), which included Ronald Reagan, sided with Joe McCarthy for a time...destroyed some lives because of cold war paranoia...

now the Screen Actors Guild was a union of sorts...but it was a lame one...Reagan was twice elected as President of the Screen Actors Guild, the labor union for actors, where he worked to root out Communist influence.
 now how did Reagan work to "root out Communism" thing he did was become a snitch for the names of actors within the motion picture industry he believed were communist sympathizers...Reagan was snitch for Sen Joe McCarty and J Edgar Hoover, two of the sickest-minded Americans in history!!

Prayer in schools and a moment of silence

In 1981, Reagan became the first president to propose a constitutional amendment on school prayer. The school prayer had previously been banned by the supreme court in 1962, and Reagan's election reflected an opposition to the courts decision. Reagan's 1981 proposed amendment stated: "Nothing in this Constitution shall be construed to prohibit individual or group prayer in public schools or other public institutions. No person shall be required by the United States or by any state to participate in prayer." In a message to Congress, Reagan said that his proposed amendment would "restore the simple freedom of our citizens to offer prayer in public schools and institutions." In a nationally televised speech the following day, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson lauded Reagan's speech and said the moment of silence would "ensure that children grow up to be decent and upright." In 1984, Reagan again raised the issue, asking Congress "why can't [the] freedom to acknowledge God be enjoyed again by children in every schoolroom across this land?" In 1985, Reagan expressed his disappointment that the Supreme Court ruling still bans a moment of silence for public-school, and said he had "an uphill battle." In 1987 Reagan again renewed his call for Congress to support voluntary prayer in schools and end "the expulsion of God from America's classrooms. During his term in office, Reagan campaigned vigorously to restore prayer to the schools, first as a moment of prayer and later as a Moment of Silence.

just check the Constitution, Ron Ronald Reagan was a pretty strange guy...Red Scare, joining forces with J Edgar Hoover, a cross dresser, and Joe MCarthy an alcoholic whacked out Bircher whose has been reincarnated as Ted Cruz....


take a close look at the picture of Reagan riding a horse with an unknown fellow...his lover perhaps? the English saddle, the gay boots, the capri's a side of Reagan that needs to be exposed
many of these anti-liberal-Hollywood sentiments still exist among conservatives...we see more blow-em-up films and less black actors...more fluff and less real acting...less art...more propaganda

so is the film industry getting lazy? pandering to teenage girls and white old conservatives like Wendy and Fox News....

is Wendy in the closet with J Edgar this why she has a monument to President Reagan...the evidence is clear Wendy McCuckoo has used tactics that Edgar would tactics used to smear her enemies...and her fixation with Reagan has turned the News-Press into a Christian rag...

Reagan pushed for gov't sanctioned prayer in public schools? I thought he said he was for less gov't in our lives? or is that only when it fits their agenda...

so in reality, the Reagan Ranch Center on lower State Street is a place where lost conservatives worship their dead idol, Ronald they seek solace from the black man in the Whitehouse

their world is a still-life of a dead president, easy money.... and dead dreams

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Don't Fence Me In

Oh, give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above Don't fence me in Let me ride through that wide open country that I love Don't fence me in

so I've been beating up on the conseravtives alot but today I will become one...but I'll need need to use my imagination and pretend, like actors do..Today's Open House at the Reagan Ranch Center is competing with the SBIFF and Ron was an actor so that's cool..the only thing worthwhile at this year's fest is Rachel McAdams..what a babe and so funny in Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" with Owen Wilson

but this isn't Paris, it's Santa Barbara and I gotta attend the open house...without prejudice although I know I won't see a thing about the Iran contras or Beirut massacre of 200 US troops under Ron's watch..or the inexplicable invasion of Grenada (???)

but it's Ron birthday so I say let's celebrate!

it's hot like 80 degrees again ...I need to step in the warm glow of yesterday and Ron's country charm and Nancy's no-nonsense "just say no" policy on drugs...that is the most brilliant thing any First Lady has ever said (except Elenore Roosevelt, she was nonstop brilliant)

I reach the Reagan Ranch Center and Wendy's nonprofit the Young Miss America Foundation is hosting..everyone is wearing blue jeans...I wait outside with some creepy conservatives..I check out State Street...WTF are they doing to it..used to be a casual street that leads to the beach, now it's tore up with giant weird-ass looking high-rises being erected...I guess those good old days are over...

11:00 AM rolls around and in we go..greeted by some old guy who stinks of booze!! guess he's celebratin' early..haha..I'm not surprised..then I had to sign in on a little computer...

I see no signs of Wendy or Nipper or the little stuffed monkey Bonzo which is I take the self-guided's a nice building inside with good exhibits...the little chapel upstairs and leather-bound bible that Ron used to pray..and there's the ranch Jeep and a really super cool huge old Nikon camera used by the news crews back in the day...

there's a chain saw from Ron working on the back forty cutting wood.. I used to do that up on Rancho Monte Alegre...Ron and I both knew the spirit ain't worth spit without a little exercise

then this nice old lady was eager to talk to me about Ron as I pondered a simple  wooden chair and table exhibit...there's a picture of Ron sitting at it with the news crews cordoned off...on the table is a tax's huge and thick...there's two stacks of paper...the bigger stack is the bill and the smaller pile is what Reagan removed from the bill..he said he wished the smaller pile was actually the bill...that's a cool story...and to this day the tax code has not been simplified...

this table and chair are original; the ones up at the ranch are copies she tells me

I can agree with Reagan on a few things....the first role of elected officails is to simplify gov't, religion, and everything else will follow....

and there's no need to wear anything on your sleeve...except a little sweat from hard work

Friday, February 5, 2016

96 Tears

96 tears, right now

well I'm trying to figure out what happened in Flint, Michigan and the water crisis issue...appears the white conservatives tried to save money and poisonsd the poor black residents by switching to a cheaper water supply....there's lots of parts like emergency managers, conservative governors, racism and the EPA..I'm wading thru the stories..could it happen here in the Santa Barbara way..too many white folks live here!!

homeless at Earl Warren??

the SB Film Fest is upon us...hey Jeff, get a shave and a haircut look like a homeless...

I see the News-Press has shrunk to a one page Classified Ad section..ONE PAGE!! that's pretty pathetic..what is Wendy' business model? oh yeah, she ain't got one


oh so on Saturday you can celebrate Ronald Reagan's birthday at the Reagan Ranch Center...presented by Wendy's nonprofit the Young Miss America Foundation...hmmm, I went once and it was fun maybe I'll go again..I saw a piece of the Berlin Wall, Ron's Jeep, Ron's monkey puppet..and the little chapel where he prayed...but no nothing about the Iran contras and all the other stuff.....Ron's little propaganda house I guess...

now I see something in the Independent about Earl Warren Showgrounds being used as a homeless shelter..I don't like that one's a showgrounds not a social welfare hospital...

if you're gonna help the homeless then build shelters and staff them..bring back Camarillo Hospital..

and what about churches? aren't they supposed to help the homeless, provide for the poor? or are they just tax shelters for priests to molest children? or are they just political scams to keep money funneling into Christian powerplays?? Lordy, where's all that money going that the churches get?


and over at EDHAT sheeple gettin' riled up about Wendy's pal actor Michael Douglas who was at UCSB supporting Israel...Israel of course wants to start a war with Iran because Bibi is crazy and a terrorist himself...long history of criminal abuse/killing of Palestinian children..peace is needed over there not Michael Douglas's support of Israel..I mean who cares?? Michael's got a history of abuse too...drugs and alcohol running thru the family..just google the guy: Douglas, the son of a Jewish father and an Anglican mother, was not raised with a religious affiliation, but stated in January 2015 that he now identifies as a Reform Jew. I guess that means he doesn't wear a beanie and hit his head against the wall while chanting biblical passages... His son, Dylan, had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony, and the Douglas family traveled to Jerusalem to mark the occasion.

a reform Jew? the American President? a crooked Wall Street trader....

Michael Douglas....always the actor

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Greenback Dollar

spend it just as fast as I can

now in order for Donald Trump to have won the Iowa caucuses, he would have to get down on his knees in Des Moines and say he was a born-again Christian...but he didn't and he skipped the debate before the caucus and got Sarah Palin to endorse Iowans voted for Ted Cruz..a Canadian -born Texas evangelical whose preacher daddy used to be a Castro-lovin' commie...

apparently America is a Judeo-Christian nation because according to Uncle Ben Carson, God is evoked as our Creator, in the Pledge of Allegiance as "one nation under God" and because our money, printed by the US gov't, says "In God We Trust"

Aside from constitutional objections, President Theodore Roosevelt took issue with using the motto on coinage as he considered using God's name on money to be sacrilege.


well, I looked at a 20 dollar bill and under "In God We Trust" is a picture of the White the inference by our Founding Fathers is that Government is God..obviously

now remember up Santa Maria when supervisor Peter Adam and his assisitant were gettin' all riled up over some public art because it had the word "SEX" in it? Peter Adam is another one of these evangelical nuts who never stepped off daddy's farm and wants to tell everyone else how to live..well, part of a supe's job is to deal with crime in his jurisdiction...and Santa Maria is now the murder capital of the USA...they are even murdering babies and Peter Adam is worried about public art!!

I think he should sit down with another evangelical Andy Caldwell from the News-Press and figure this stuff out..

while I try to figure out Iowa

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Warrior

Well I am the warrior and heart to heart you'll win if you survive the warrior

nonprofits make no sense to me that's why the IRS should investigate them...nonprofits want me to send part of my paycheck or salary or investment profits to them so they can help others...who do they allegedly help? dogs, homeless, veterans and of course children...and they help themselves to huge salaries since they don't pay taxes

and even though the Iraq invasion was a disaster, war is big business, especially for nonprofits...and private contractors..

the private contractors provide security when we invite ourselves to other hostile countries...Benghazi is a perfect example..the private security company messed up and the 4 American diplomats died in an attack...

but war nonprofits are especially suspect and I learned this from Dr. Laura who had the audacity to preach war propaganda down the road at the old Christian Harley shop...fuck that was a weird period in Carp and gave me PTSD...I haven't been the same since Dr. Laura pissed all over Carpinteria..and she had her own veteran's nonprofit that turned out to be a scam...

now the way to stop the proliferation of these nonprofits is to stop jumping into wars every five minutes...we don't need to invade countries to show how strong we are..actually shows weakness and stupidity

now I've and others have tried to expose the Wounded Warriors Project as another scam but I still see the ads on TV, mainly FOX NEWS with some conservatives like Bruce Willis and country singer Trace Adkins ..the rah rah America can do no wrong bullshit they pitch...the sad stories they tell of veterans from the Iraq invasion who come home with pieces of their brains gone, no arms and I'm supposed to feel sorry for them and send money to Wounded the nonprofit can help the vets....

well finally people are seeing the scam and the veterans themselves are exposing it...
web: One of the whistleblowers in all of this, Army Staff Sgt. Erick Millett, is an Iraq War veteran, who came home with a Bronze Star and a traumatic brain injury.

Millett once participated in Wounded Warrior programs, and even became a public speaker for it in 2013. He quit the following year, however, blasting Wounded Warrior for what he called wasteful spending, "Using our injuries, our darkest days, our hardships, to make money so that you can have these big parties."

Bruce Willis, Trace Adkins and Bill O'Reilly all stumped for the Wounded Warriors promotinmg them, getting paid to promote them and most of these war nonprofits are simply conservative-run cash cows...

so why would these guys ask you to pay $19 a month to Wounded Warriors? MONEY

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) pays millions of dollars for commercials showing injured service members. Many were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements (why?). I have talked to many Veterans who were promised many things from WWP and did not receive anything in return for the use of their likeness in commercials and print ads.

The commercials do not mention anything WWP does to help the injured service members. Listen closely to the commercials as they parade an injured veteran around like an injured animal. They pay famous actors and musicians to pull on the nation’s heart strings. Fox News takes millions in commercial revenue from WWP, along with A&E and other T.V. networks. I have written to Fox and others begging them to investigate for themselves. I imagine they too are blocked by a non-disclosure agreement.

non-disclosure agreements...hey doesn't Wendy use those too???

send money to Wounded Warriors so the CEO
can drive around in Shelby Cobras!


these people are disgusting...they start wars then they steal money from the vets they are supposed to be helping!! and they always claim their wars were started to protect our freedom....invading Iraq had nothing to do with protecting our freedom

so the next time you see Bruce Willis on TV asking you to send $19 a month to Wounded Warriors...

tell him "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Penny Lane

is in my ears and in my eyes...there beneath the blue suburban skies...

well I don't live in England so Padaro Lane is as close to Penny Lane as I'm gonna get...get back Loretta

but I heard that Padaro Lane was flooded, so I went by to check it out...I got some high-falutin' neighbors like funny-boy Conan O'Brien just moved in so I wanna make sure they're ok not that I really care..

what  I care about is all this high surf and that surfers are having fun like I am!

but I approached the road and whoa it is the little bridge/lagoon that drains to the ocean..except the ocean tides and surf are really high so it's backing up inland, into the ditch on the side of the road where it overflows into the street...there was some confusion and controversy regarding the it a ditch or a wetlands??

I surveyed the site and concluded it's land that is wet, therefore a wetland...

rabbits run in ditches, not in wetlands

Friday, January 29, 2016

Endless Summer


from Shark's to Leadbetter to Arroyo Burro...huge surf and tides, sneaker wave wasted my Chacos!!

warm and balmy....saw some big ones!!

gnarly day!!