Wednesday, May 6, 2015

East Of Ginger Trees

Go east of your dream and farm. Let peace and silence spin your yarn. What harm can befall thee in yon wilderness of clove? Go on east of ginger trees

now, I was mistaken about Westmont College being overtaken by rightwing zealots......there's a larger group of students that are quite normal and just trying to live a good life and get an I'm glad Westmont is ok...overall

but there's a small faction of very confused conservative-bred kids called Young Americans for Freedom and they are the ones being overtaken by rightwing zealots..

a few searches and I find the nonprofit (give give give) Young Miss America Foundation and affiliates hosted the David Horowitz anti-Muslim propaganda thing at Westmont College...I thought it was Friday but apparently it already happened...Horowitz talks a game about bad Islam but never mentions the dangers of radical Christians who've killed so many in America...bombing abortion clinics and killing doctors and nurses..killing their family members...maybe later

the Young Americans for Freedom will concentrate on radical Islam and the threat to America..well I don't think the terrorists will find you up in God's country by Lotus Land, but I went up to Westmont just to test the security system... I went in quite God, what a cool campus! you guys are lucky to attend such a school

now look you YAF are being had..Horowitz is all about fear and not education...

the Horowitz event was free...nobody would pay to see him..he walks with a cane now...but I bet the conservative parents paid him to speak...I bet even Wendy chipped in

the YAF complained that Westmont was trying to censor them and that the campus was "overly liberal"...a YAF student named Amy Lutz...soon to be a member of the Young Miss America Foundation

"Horowitz spoke at length about the importance of campus groups like YAF, which provide a conservative voice on overwhelmingly liberal campuses, like Westmont College. He also discussed the importance of defending Israel and the dangers of Islamic extremism. The crowd was generally receptive; interrupting the presentation with applause multiple times.

The Westmont College administration, and portions of its student body, however, was not so receptive of Horowitz's presence on campus. Earlier in the week, the posters Westmont YAF used to promote the event were either torn down or vandalized. Some students complained that the speech would be "too offensive" and should not be allowed."

others responded: The only thing "overwhelmingly liberal" about Westmont College is that it is a liberal arts institute. Ms. Lutz, until you have been a student at Westmont, please leave your ignorant "only half the story" comments to yourself. They are simply untrue, and I am saddened that you think it is your place to say such a thing. It is certainly not. Vandalism, as you call it, refers to students writing such things as "Context?" and "Love Others. - Jesus." on the posters. There are dangers in any form of extremism; it is not solely for Islam. Christianity taken to the extreme has posed some serious threats. We cannot forget our history. Please, before writing such an uninformed piece, next time do your research, know what you are talking about, and don't claim to know things that you, a graduate of SLU, simply have no understanding of. You have done your own vandalism on the reputation of Westmont College, a prestigious Christian college founded on Biblical truths and, more importantly, Christ's love for ALL people.

the campus club the Little Republicans hosted the event, not the Westmont College Administration..and the students are at odds with each other over the politics in this social theater

and I think they will figure it all out..east of ginger trees

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Oye Como Va

Oye como va mi ritmo Bueno pa' gozar, mulata Oye como va ...

Cinco De Mayo! Free From The Tyranny of Racist Wendy!!

things are getting so bad at the News-Press, they are printing shadowy silhouette figures instead of real people in the Out and About section, begging the readers to send in info on interesting people..real people...there are none in the weepy world of Team Wendy..Even KTYD had to give the News-Press a plug this morning..May 5th..what's up with that??? how about a little independence, KTIDE!!

the News-Press cannot be trusted!! 15000 subscribers...hmmmm..that means EDHAT has more subscribers than the much for the "illegals" headline supposedly adding more subs, eh Wendy

but the questions remain: is the News-Press real?? and WTF is a yeast infection??

I also noticed that the News-Press had a leg-spread in the SALON section with some half-naked gal was tatooed and kinda ..well...ugly! not surprising-the page is edited by Scott Steepleton's wife, Charlotte Boechler...butt... I decided to drive into Santa Barbara and hangout at the Women's Public bathroom for awhile

I like it's very beautiful!

then I looked out at the harbor area and I see a military boat harassing some sailboats...hmmm..didn't we learn our lesson boys?

then I see some big waves ...bigger ones are predicted thru Tuesday...

then I see what I came for..some near-naked lovely women prancing and posing at the beach..

and no tatoos hiding the skin..just  flesh...I'd like to spread some Cinco De Mayonaisse on her boobs!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Desert Rose

I see tonight that she's alone....

well, I got tickets to the Chris Hillman/Herb Pedersen show at the Carp Plaza Playhouse Theater a while ago..I figured it would sell did...

it was a really fantastic show...Hillman is of course is a musical legend having played with the Byrds, Flying Burrito Bros, Desert Rose Band and Manassas to name a few...Je suis a huge fan of the Byrds and Manassas...

Americana, roots- bluegrass- rocknroll..these guys played it all...and they influenced nearly everybody...I heard the Byrds in Illinois, then we moved to California in 1966's in my blood..the music, the state...

but what a great place to see a show..the old Plaza Playhouse Theater is one nonprofit that I support without hesitation...200 of us packed in and were treated to some real fine started at 7:30 pm..on the dot....first with Chris and the Agape Trio...local church/gospel we got some good old time spiritual music for a half hour...Herb Pedersen joined them for a few songs...they ended with Mr. Tambourine Man!

then a 15 minute break while Chris and Herb got ready for their set...

Herb Pedersen is a great guitar player in his own right having played a duet with Emmylou Harris on "If I Could Only Win Your Love"...gorgeous song he did with Chris...Herb was with the Dillards and has lent his chops to many fine recordings over the years

Hillman is a great guitarist and superb mandolin player..they sounded so damn good partly because they had very nice expensive incredible Martin guitars that were miked instead of electrified with a was sweet....placing the microphone in front of the guitar keeps it acoustic..oh boy that Martin 12-string that Chris played was ridiculous

and the songs were just lovely..."Desert Rose", "Hey Boys", "Bells of Rhymney"..and as they played on the crowd got really into it.... "Turn Turn Turn" and "Eight Miles High"  brought the house down..just two guys with a mandolin and a guitar..and a whole lot of talent..and a whole lot of memories and goddam it, it was emotional!!

Hillman and Pedersen closed with "It Doesn't Matter" from Chris Hillman's Manassas days..that really was awesome and made my don't know what that song means to me, but I do

thunderous applause and they came out for an encore but I was still buzzing....I left the theater and looked out at the night....

a bright full Matala Moon was shining like a great big silver heart

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sultans of Swing

playing strictly rhythm he doesn't wanna make it cry or sing....

so I see Westmont College has invited Islamophobe David Horowitz to speak at the school..Westmont used to be such a good school but has drifted into Tea Party territory..using the bible to shield themselves from's a shame but Christians have lots of enemies from the gov't to remains to be seen whose God is the Alpha-God...

hopefully the students will rise up, stop being such obedient little slaves, and speak out against this fraud David Horowitz...Westmont administrators should be ashamed of themselves..who's next on the lecture circuit....Orly Taitz??

then I see that the Tea Party and Culpepper Society endorsed Chris Mitchum...the Culpepper Society...I visited the SB chapter online and though they claim to be nonpartisan, they got nothing but conservative GOP Christian Crusade kinda Republican stuff ..

and now they got some issue with the Ottoman Empire in 1915..a supposed genocide against Christians?? The Sultan, Abdul Hamid, first put forth an official governmental policy of genocide against the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire in 1894.

When WW1 broke out the The Ottoman Empire was ruled by the "Young Turk" dictatorship which allied itself with Germany. Turkish government decided to eliminate the whole of the Christian population of Greeks, Armenians, Syrians and Nestorians. The government slogan, "Turkey for the Turks", served to encourage Turkish civilians on a policy of ethnic cleansing.
Obama is somehow responsible for the Ottoman War when he simply spoke the truth about the bloody Christian Crusades...of course not...history needs perspective, not propaganda

lots of people get killed in wars, children too...blown away...the Iraq Invasion by America, the Civil War, Vietnam...we're all killers...we're all Sultans of Swing....and the Christians had their own little genocides...hanging women for being witches (hey they missed WENDY!!)..the Crusades were an awfully bloody "holy war"...Christians killed Muslims and tried to steal their Holy Land...and so on and so on

that's why we need to preach peace and the history stops repeating itself...and let the truth be told, Wendy is not paying her bills..and the News-Press circulation is down to around 15000!! well, it's a good rumor anyway

oh boy..then I see there's a SB Tea Party and Culpepper Society in Carpinteria..well the website is only a paragraph so I'm not too concerned about a Jonestone-type takeover of Carp, but these are the idiots who tried to educate me about the dangers of Smart Meters....of course they were full of paranoia about Smart Meters...and everything else

ok.. so Westmont has been taken over by ultra-conservative Christian right-wingers a la Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson

and it's time to find out why

Saturday, May 2, 2015

everybody's somebody's fool

everybody's somebody's play thing

I hadn't heard any news from the Yarnbomber lately..maybe a bear got him? but a search team found out that his latest affront to Mother Nature was BLOWN AWAY by the wind....that's my friends is karma

well I see the private sector is starting to catch up with the public sector in terms of work conditions...Johnson and Johnson, a Family Company is now offering up to 17 week parental leave...PAID! I don't mind this as long as they have enough employees to fill the gap otherwise you'll get workers being spread too thin..but that's almost three months of paid parental leave, to be with your kids...paid for by the shareholders!!

and Brother Caldwell at the News-Press came up with the bright idea to go to a 4-10 work week...4 days a week 10 hrs a day...the City of SB has been doing that for years..the idea is to cut down commuting and other benefits...3-day weekends work for lots of people...Andy says you have to be a union member to enjoy this work schedule but really all you need to do is ask your company..your private company which of course will tell you no...

then I see Lois Capps gave the knockout blow to Chris can Robert Mitchum be so cool, such a tough guy actor and Chris be so wimpy..he sued Lois for defamation when she ran a funny ad featuring Chris talking, Lois is no silver-tongued devil herself, often struggling to complete a sentence or thought, but the defamtion suit was thrown out because logic was on Lois' side as Judge Geck noted...

a) Falsity: The first issue the court confronts is whether the ads are false. As a public figure seeking to recover damages for a defamatory statement, Mitchum "bears the burden of proving that the challenged statement was false." Vogel v. Felice, 127 Cal.App.4th 1006, 1021 (2005). He does not carry this burden "so long as the statement appears substantially true." Id. "Minor inaccuracies do not amount to falsity so long as ‘the substance, the gist, the sting, of the libelous charge be justified.’ Put another way, the statement is not considered false unless it would have a different effect on the mind of the reader from that which the pleaded truth would have produced." Masson v. New Yorker Magazine, Inc., 501 U.S. 496, 517 (1991) [internal quotation and citations omitted].

Mitchum does not claim that he did not say he was a "Tea Party backed guy." The Tea Party Express political action committee endorsed him as did the Santa Barbara Tea Party and Culpepper Society. Mitchum does not claim that the radio ad misrepresents the "Tea Party" agenda or that the ad misrepresents his positions on the issues. Regarding the Department of Education, in the CPTV interview, he said "put education back in the hands of the communities and the State." [CPTV interview at 8:50] He only complains about the incomplete quotation: "I do not intend to go to Washington to represent the 24th District."

In his complaint, Mitchum says the fully accurate quotation is: "I do not intend to go to Washington to represent the 24th District to bring back baseball fields. That’s not why I am going. I am going to fight for my country and I happen to be from the 24th District." [Complaint ¶ 17] But even Mitchum’s own rebuttal ad does not include the third sentence.

Lois made a fool outta you Chris but that's all...

tentative rulings available the SB County court website

Fri May 01, 2015
9:30 1487034 -CIVIL LAW & MOTION:
(3) Applications to Appear Pro Hac Vice; Demurrer and Motion to Strike

Chris Mitchum vs Lois Capps et al

since we are all in court so much, why not just have judges decide everything within the city...instead of a mayor, have a Judge....think of all the time and money saved by-passing lawyers..and banish all appeals courts...the courts have thousands of cases's insane..

and there are no exceptions to the rule: everybody's somebody's fool

Friday, May 1, 2015

Sea of Love

come with me, my love...

so Sea World is in the news lately..and Wendy you may appreciate this...SeaWorld Barbie has been pulled from the shelves...toy company Mattel had produced a SeaWorld Barbie for some reason but due to animal rights people objections, Sea World Barbie was harpooned! I think Barbie was supposed to be a killer whale trainer which if you think about it is pretty spot on..

when I was a kid I used to take off Barbie's clothes and lick her

and I think that Wendy tried to save a killer whale once..and her nonprofit WENDY P MCCAW FOUNDATION gave $29,880 to the Earth Island Institute to save some porpoises and other cetaceans in the Rapid Response Network Cetacean Protection Project...helps the fish tangled in fishing nets get wonder she hates people!! but I like whales too..they fill me with wonder...I've seen them as they migrate off shore, swimming with the oil boats...migration is beautiful, right Wendy?

Wendy gives lots of money to these nonprofit enviro-corporations..big donors get their pet projects...and there's loads of corruption..the world would be better off without all these shady nonprofits sitting on billions, trying to control every aspect of life around the world...

NOV 2013: A lawsuit is pending in the United States against Earth Island Institute and its marine mammal specialist, Ric O’Barry by Dominican Republic Marine Park, Ocean World, for claims of unlawfully intervening with its business affairs. With the initial complaint issued in 2007, and in preparation for amending the operative complaint to add violations of the RICO Act, the case has now moved into the investigative phase for global, corporate racketeering and fraud against the defendants.

now, recently Jane Goodall said Sea World should be shut down...the reason being the killer whales should not be raised in captivity to do water tricks for tourists...

but if Sea World conintues to remain open then why not get the little Channel Island foxes to do tricks for us..what else are they good for?? they could have Channel Island World and Channel Island Barbie holding a little fox in her purse like Paris Hilton.. I don' tknow who is dumber....Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian..or they could possibly do Barbie Bruce Jenner to commemorate Bruce's transition to a woman...Brucie?? the possiblities are endless in a free market

I think a few years ago a killer whale at Sea World actually made good on its promise and killed a handler...well Sea World is a weird place..

and I see down south aways, there was a shark sighting by some paddleboarders...they video taped it..a few juvenile white sharks were cruising around the shoreline but they didn't shut down the beach...GOOD! in Santa Barbara they shut down the beach if you simply mention you had a shark dinner with some white wine..

well I'm with Jane on this one..time to shut down Sea World...

and what they should do is make an adult-sized Barbie doll for me...

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Monkey Man

I'm a fleabit peanut monkey All my friends are junkies... 

I look at the News-Press building when I'm downtown's close to City Hall..the News-Press is a nice building but Team Wendy has let it fall into disrepair while City Hall is in tip-top shape...

City Hall-pretty women and monkey trees

the News-Press needs a paint job and the door need's so embarrassing I won't even show you a photo! and of course they got the black mold to deal with...for some reason Wendy refuses to pay attention to these realities..I mean she's got plenty of her ex-husband's money to do the jobs, so why doesn't she?

then I look at the Public Market in the news recently..the building looks like the News-Press in some odd way..The Santa Barbara Public Market houses everything you can imagine in the way of handcrafted, regionally sourced and sustainably made food ...oh please, STOP!!!

recently both buildings were vandalized..the News-Press during the racist rallies and the Public Market during a blood moon..

now the News-Press and her sychophants blamed PODER for the vandalism....but that's nonsense..PODER had nothing to do with it just like a former fired NP editor had nothing to do with child porn on Wendy's computer...still waiting for JUSTICE on that isssue

then someone suggests that Wendy doesn't pay her bills...the security company would have been at the News-Press on the night of the vandals, but since Wendy's bill was past due, no security was there...and not even a security camera!! see, Wendy spends all her money on animal welfare and skips out on people welfare because she is McCUCKOO!!

but it's very curious that Miss Paranoia wouldn't have a full working security system at the News-Press instead of relying on round the clock spotty Minuteman vigilantee patrols...

in January,  the Santa Barbara Public Market got vandalized..some kids broke windows and threw spatulas around in a weird temper tantrum... but I have not heard a thing about their identity...the News-Press has no stories about investigative journalists looking into the caper..

why is that? why are these little villains being protected? is it because the kids are members of some prominent SB family and that prominent SB family would be embarrassed if the info was made public??

if that's the case, why is it called the Public Market???