Monday, March 2, 2015

Hymn to Selene

Zeus, Selene and Jupiter hanging out...

The air, unlit before, glows with the light of her golden crown, and her rays beam clear, whensoever bright Selene having bathed her lovely body in the waters of Ocean, and donned her far-gleaming raiment, and yoked her strong-necked, shining team, drives on her long-maned horses at full speed, at eventime in the mid-month: then her great orbit is full and then her beams shine brightest as she increases.

So she is a sure token and a sign to mortal men....

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Peace Train

oh Peace Train save this country....

the Virginia Vaginas

now the last governor of Virginia and his wife were busted for corruption and now sit it prison..Gov. Bob McDonnell tried to pass legislation to force state inspections and probing (hmmmm) of a women's vagina in some reproductive cases, interfering with the doctor and patient relationship...only a radical evangelical Christian would do that

speaking of radical Christians... a former Navy Seal, a radical Christian from Virginia named Scott Taylor says the Obama administration has betrayed the trust of the of the American troops because he's not spreading freedom throughout the mideast...freedom given to America by God, he claims

geez....this kind of thinking is what got us into these crazy a cottage industry of nonprofits treating the vets as heroes and buying things for them, like new limbs, wheel chairs and reading the ones reduced to vegetables bedtime stories...the WW2 veterans were heroes..these other guys, the Iraqi vets..not so much..they were soldiers of fortune

the Navy Seals are a top-notch fighting group but lately we've seen some odd behavior from the American Sniper case..Jesse Ventura a former Seal himself outed the American Sniper guy as a liar and you can google it...I tend to believe Jesse..a hard-ass no-nonsense kinda guy

and now to this guy, this Scott Taylor who spoke at guess where..Wendy's Reagan Ranch Center for the Young Miss America Foundation...(Wendy: child porn and racism..what a nice hostess!!)

when the God Seals act like this, they are a joke compared to the real fighting men and women in the Armed Forces...these guys are the swift boaters..the same guys trying to bring down Bo Bergdahl...the same guys who want to spread radical Christianity all round the force

jumping out of closets, scaring people in Iraq

absolutely unacceptable...most American see the folly of our ill-advised invasions...we are pissing away our energy trying to control events overseas...we can't solve everybody's civil wars...

chickenhawks are a big problem in America....guys who've never served in the military but want to send your kids to war now...America has fought many wars..some necessary some not...we win the necessary wars and fritter way resources on these insignificant invasions...only insignifcant until we start killing their civilians and their it any wonder those folks are mad at us?? we helped create all these militant nutjobs and head-chopper-offers

so we need diplomats, not radical Christians solving these war amount of religious hocus pocus can justify these invasions

if America or our allies are attacked, then we respond and end the threat..until that day comes, it's peace.. peace ...peace..

ride the train people, ride the peace train...ride my train baby

Saturday, February 28, 2015

into the mystic

I wanna rock your gypsy soul

now here's a weird political story out of the bible belt...a candidate for governor of Missouri, Tom Schwiech kills himself because of a "whisper campaign" outing him as Jewish

seems some radical Christian evangelicals were gonna spread the word via whispers that Tom is Jewish and hurt his chances of being elected..apparently radical evangelical Christians don't like Jews?? so instead of being good sporting Americans, instead of debates, they spread weird religious tales about the he kills himself...

I don't get it...I know things are pretty screwy in the bible belt, but why kill yourself for being Jewish...and why do radical Christians hate Jews??

what is it exactly that radical Christians in America want, other than to blow up abortion clinics and force their religious views on everyone....and why do they want to wage wars against Iran and Islam and every raghead south of Tripoli??
I read a book on Sufism and it was pretty cool and mystical...the folks who preach hatred and such are not proponents of religious thought..or spirituality...they are just plain ignorant like the fools at the News-Press!!

then I see a guy in the Ozarks in Missouri goes on a killing rampage..shoots seven neighbors for some reason..I'm sure he was an evangelical Christian radical..probably educated at the radical Christian College of the Ozarks

maybe I should invite a few ISIS dudes over to take care of the radical evangelical Christian problem in America..

bring me some heads on a platter so to speak...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Get Together

c'mon people now, smile on your brother...

I love coyotes like my native redskin brothers and sisters do...coyotes are intelligent, wild and free, they don't need leashes..they don't eat "dog food" ...their diets are healthy and they certainly don't need doggie poop bags...they strike fear in city folks and will never respond to silly commands like "roll over"....and they sing at night ..yip yip yip's a song of the hills..the blueberry hills

and conservatives tend to blame coyotes for everything..I'm sure they blame illegal immigration on coyotes...BTW, are we legal by place birth or by place of conception...if I was conceived in France but born in America, am I an illegal..someting for the right-to-life folks to tink about

ok, so domestic designer dogs I have no use for..they are dumb and annoying...when I'm driving around I see guys walking their dogs and I shout 'FAGGOT!" just to let 'em know my displeasure....these people are now holding funerals when their dogs die..funerals! this irrational emotional attachment to a four-legged shitbag is perplexing...if a pet dies you move on...if a loved one dies, you grieve..(sometimes not)....but anyway, these people need to grow up

however, I was just thinking the city of SB is trying to determine if there should be more off leash dog parks..well with the homeless kicked outta the city parks why shouldn't the dogs take over?

my first reaction was no, keep your damn dirty paws off the beach and on a leash..then I read something over on EDHAT about the native-only cult being I had to choose sides...DOGS OR BIODIVERSITY... and I'm leaning towards the dogs..

now I know dogs are stupid in an endearing sorta way..I will never have a dog and a dog will never have me...but they should be allowed to run free and trample over plants like I did when I was a kid..and like I still do

recently, the rains have brought some awesome flora..not too much fauna, but lotsa flora

there are natives and non-natives (weeds) hanging together just waiting to be walked upon, so I did just that..and I loved felt Joni said, we can't round up all the trees and put them in a tree museum

in this case dogs and their owners could become my allies..I could turn public opinion against the native cult, the biodiversity crowd....and dogs crowding out the natives and trampling on the grapes of wrath...

but the bluffs look really nice with the mix of natives and can see the seeds blowing in on the winds....

dogs, natives and non-natives all running free...hmmmm

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

can't find my way home

come down off your throne

so who's the thug? the News-Press or PODER....well first lemme say that migration is a wonderful and beautiful thing...Mother Nature encourages migrations..the whales, the Monarch butterflies, the Mexicans....

but to answer the question I will say without equivocation that the News-Press is the thug...I mean it is so can tell a News-Press thug by their odd glasses and lack of passion and sexuality..their senses dulled by a life of no music..they'd be better off dead

don't let this happen to you!!

but the Wendy uses other minions to do her dirty work, too..we've seen the News-Press co-dummy Nipper fraternize with the the founder of the Minuteman Project, an "American patriot" terrorist group, now defunct..killers, child molestors and thugs

so PODER protested a local Hispanic taqueria because the beaner owner supports paying hush/bribe money to the MCA..the conservatives blew it all out of proportion and tried to assign come criminal intent to PODER..but no one was arrested, no charges were nothing..


but when Wendy noticed some local businesses exercising their free speech rights, she threatened to sue them and sent cease and desist letters!! cease and desist free speech!!

"In response, she has started a flurry of legal actions against figures large and small, making herself into the local bogeyman whose every move seems to lend more fodder to anti-McCaw blogs, while doing little to steer the paper into calmer waters.

Lawyers for Mrs. McCaw have sent cease-and-desist letters to at least a half-dozen shop owners who posted the "Obey the Law" sign. They have also started legal action against the paper’s former editor, Jerry Roberts; a local alternative weekly, The Independent, which Mrs. McCaw said obtained copies of two unpublished News-Press articles; and Susan Paterno, a reporter who wrote an article about the conflict in The American Journalism Review."

Wendy used her goon lawyers like Barry Capello to try and intimidate local businesses some years that is thuggish behavior thinking that with her ill-gotten money she can push people around and hide in her Ivory Tower..punks....of course Wendy lost all the above-mentioned lawsuits...

and when district elections happen, the MCA will be as obsolete as a Milpas street sweeper!

now I axe ya, who are  the real thugs heah????

Monday, February 23, 2015

Wild Thing

 you make my heart sing

well it was supposed to rain on Sunday so I went for a hike at the Carp bluffs...a protected no hotels or bordellos here.... but that's ok, I got a whore on 7th Avenue

a train goes by...I love trains....they stop on 8th Street sometimes

 I wasn't expecting to see the bulls run and so I didn't see any...what I did see was a whale off shore a bit.. it's a narwhale!!! gnarley!! feasting on arctic char...he breached looking like a big bull..shit I pull out my camera but too late...then he dove..I saw him a few more times but he was a master at stealth..



I hung out with a turkey vulture for awhile and we watched and waited....we saw the tail of the whale.... swooooosh.....then he disappeared...I guess he drowned

then the vulture laughed and flew off and I stood there, on the precipice, like Robinson Jeffers

Sunday, February 22, 2015

hey little girl

hey little girl, you don't have to hide nothing no more

A Wine County Almanac

so there's comtempt of court and indirect contempt of court...uh huh

when you are in the courthouse or court room whether court is in session or not, I expect you to conduct yourself professionally...

Darryl  Genis -DUI atty to killer drunks-got off a contempt of court charge due to a technicality according to the Court of Appeals and the Independent story

because court was "not in session" the Judge Dandona erred and should have said DG was in "indirect contempt" of court instead of direct contempt when he  called a colleague a "little girl"

so the Court of Appeals reversed Judge Dandona's decision, but I reverse the Court of Appeals decision and find DG guilty for acting like a little girl...a small fine is in order

WTF??? are they kidding?? are these appeal court judges drunk...they don't want to upset Darryl in case they need his defense down the road..what kind of a judgement or decision is that???

ok so if tell a lawyer chick that she's a little girl and I'm gonna slit her throat, that's cool?? how about I wanna jerkoff on her that ok too judges???

so DUI lawyer Darryl Genis is now defending an alleged scumbag up north..uh, Benjy Bettencourt is his name and this Bettencourt dude is on trial in wine soaked Santa Maria for killing a teacher who was his passenger...they both were allegedly drunk but Darryl has concocted a defense around diabetes and a bunch of other excuses...the blood sugar defense

dint Benjy kill another gal somewhere before while driving and ended up a cripple?? but seems he likes to drink and kill stupid little girls who hang out with him...I think he's a spoiled rich kid with zero sense..

but alas, the system of justice as I've seen it is is pretty much a joke...esp in Santa Barbara... a judge makes a gets appealed and what is the purpose of a judge?? why make a ruling if it can't stand??

what is this, some kind of a game??? this ain't no game!!! SNAP OUT OF IT YOU DUMBFUCK JUDGES!!! MAKE A FUCKING DECISION!!

pssssst..little girl