Sunday, October 22, 2017

No Milk Today

just two up, two down

ok so I missed Peter Noone and the Herman's Hermits concert at the was part of the Unity Shoppe's celebration....many wannabes, conservatives and white rich locals showed up...Wendy's numero uno sycophant Nipper was there with Dennis Miller, who performed sans Bill O'Reilly...we just learned Bill paid 32 MILLION dollars to FOX News gal Lis Wiehl to shut her up about his perverted sex issues..that dude is SICKO!!! and Miller continued to tour with Bill!! wimp

Kenny Loggins was there and from the pics I see Kenny's facelift just keeps getting weirder and creeps me out....Kenny, the aging process is a natural thing, not a plastic thing

social butterflies Beth and CJ were exciting!!

but you know, reading the News-Press Real Estate section, I saw that the Unity Shoppe just bought a building on State St for a few million dollars with DONOR money...that seems to conflict with their message: The Unity Shoppe is a 501 (c)(3) Public Benefit Corporation that encourages self-sufficiency and independence by providing education and the necessities of life to families, children, seniors and persons with disabilities during periodic times of crisis.

'encourages self-sufficiency'....only if you're a poor Mexican

but you know what they say: beggars can't be choosers EXPIRED??? DEAD??

and I see from an EDHAT post that Wendy hasn't renewed her site?? hmmmm..maybe her check bounced

the Lobero Theater should be ashamed for letting Nipper on the stage

Saturday, October 21, 2017

4 Dead in Ohio

four!! how many more???

look it's real simple: less wars less invasions less dead soldiers and civilians, less people wearing their patriotism on their sleeves, less wasted money and on and on....


Trump is the commander-in-chief and his chief of staff, John Kelly is a 4 star general and they BOTH are pussies...

but apparently there's a threat in Niger so severe we need American troops over there to help the tribes..just ask the native American tribes how much we helped them and you'll see our foreign policy of deploying troops in sovereign countries is lunacy...

and now we have four ambushed and killed in Niger, wherever that is..the Trump people have been silent except to say maybe a tribal meeting went on too long and gave the killers time to plan...

then we have a supposed 4-Star general wimping out, smearing a Florida congresswoman, Frederica Wilson, and defending Trump's indefensible diss of one of the dead soldiers ( I like guys who stay alive)..I mean this Kelly is one big drama queen....

The White House Keeps Attacking Congresswoman Who Has Been Right All Along

Calling Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) a liar keeps backfiring.

these guys are pathetic....

Sara Huckabee Sanders, who bothers me to no end, suggests we should not question 4-star generals..that is the MO of catholic priests so they can molest kids...don't question daddy figures!! how fucking stupid is this Sara who looks frighteningly like her dad....
of course all this is politicized with the conservatives being "stunned"..but they were pretty quick to politicize Benghazi, weren't they???

total hypocrites...Trump and Kelly should resign

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mary, Mary

where ya goin' to?

in society we all must practice self-control..believe you me, if it weren't frowned upon, I would whack- off in front of every woman from here to the grocery store...but I have self-control


unlike certain white guys who have fallen from grace because they had no self-control...Harvey Weinstein, Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes, Eric Bolling, ok all the weird guys on FOX NEWS....these fellows harassed women sexually with loofas, dirty phone calls, sex in the hallway with planters and all such perversions...all these dudes were in the entertainment industry..films and TV News...liberals and conservatives have dicks and these dickheads exposed themselves

get it?


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Angel of the Morning

just call me angel of the morning, angel


now wait...Angel Martinez is running for Santa Barbara mayor but he pronounces his name ONG-HELL Martinez..

what's up with that??

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Because The Night

belongs to us

circa 1987: I'm in the Olive Mill Bistro in Montecito having a beer at the bar one night...blonde walks in.. Frannie...she's a high school classmate from a private school...she's a twin..she and her sis Julie were both smart as can be or at least smarter than me

Frannie was really pretty so I say 'hi" and she sits down next to me and then all of a sudden she bolts out the door like a scared little girl!

I couldn't figure it out... I wanted her sooooooo bad ever since school...I just can't shake her

she became a minister and so did her sister...her dad was a church dude at All Saints by the Sea and the Miramar...her brother married Elaine from Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus..

same night, in a booth sat John Carradine...he was an older man, drinking wikskey, bent over his glass with arthritis or something, talking to himself...still, I was in awe

so I'm watching Billy the Kid vs Dracula with John Carradine and Olive Carey..I lived in Olive's pink house on Rancho Monte Alegre....back in the day, she threw cocktail parties with the likes of John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and John Carradine showing up...

these were some of my western heroes!

maybe Frannie thought I was a vampire..or maybe that was Julie?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My Old School

whoa no, William and Mary won't do, now

ok so the News-Press has endorsed 75 year-old Frank Hotchkiss (75!!) for mayor and a couple other guys for guy is a gym teacher and you know what they say about gym teachers..those who can't teach, teach gym....

I ain't a moron..I got a degree from Trump University!

now Wendy endorsed Trump, only two newspapers did this and both are named NEWS-PRESS.. the other being NEWS-PRESS and GAZETTE out of Missouri which also owns local TV station KEYT...from the beaches to the valleys

both these numbskulls voted for Trump knowing full well he scammed Americans with his fraudulent TRUMP UNIVERSITY, dodged the draft in the Vietnam era, and dissed a real American hero and veteran, John McCain..... taken together, Trump is certainly not a patriot

and Frank Hotchkiss is pretty much Wendy's lapdog ....when Frank's ships come to town, they shut down the city streets to accomodate the tourists and drinkers!!

but will any of these yahoos do a thing about the drunk driving problem? everyday I read that someone DUI crashed their car in Santa Barbara..the latest was a guy who ran his truck up onto the sidewalk near the Arlington Theater..FIVE PEOPLE INJURED!!!

and yet the city keeps pushing booze....

elect someone with the balls to take on the liquor lobby...

and re-instate the police Drunk Driver Team

Monday, October 9, 2017

Dancin' in the Moonlight

everybody here is outtasight


so the Avocado Festival in Carp is over and bittersweet..mostly sweet...tons of people having a really good was a big jamboree.. music... food and I think Sunday was more crowded..

I got there just in time to hear the salsa band and see folks the Seal Fountain some chick was singing...I love these young singers blazing a trail for themselves!


on a side street not far from the main stage, a little church was giving away I took one to save my soul such as it is

then I grabbed a shrimp combo from the Thai booth.. I don't analyse or judge food, I EAT IT!!


very cool and fun weekend all under the marvelous Harvest Moon