Friday, September 19, 2014

Honky Tonk Women

gimme gimme gimme the honky tonk blues

well I'm reading Noozhawk and I see a public announcment from Animal Rescue know Julia #69's nonprofit...and the name I see on the news release is Valerie this the same Valerie who was involved in the sexting scandal with  county undersheriff Jim Peterson, I wonder aloud

I guess Valerie was under the sheriff for a time and then decided to sue the county for sexual harrassment...the county settled with her for what $30000?? the taxpayers paid her to have sex with the undersheriff Jim !! geez, can't he pay for his own ho??

so I guess now Valerie hooked up with Julia to rescue animals and they want everyone to watch out for wildlife on the road...someone hit and killed a bear recently....I think they call it roadkill....but with the drought upon us, the animals are coming down from the hills to seek water and food...

so with the new law for bicylists-the new 3 ft law- I think we can extrend that to bears and such...bears and bikes are no match for a 5000 lb vehicle and I know conservatives hate the new law and are too lazy to brake and move over, but shit, at least TRY!!!

va va va  voom!!

ok so I know Julia hooked up with ex- Carp  DUI councilman  Joe Armendariz a while back... I don't think she sued him but  I think their safe word was "FURRY"

what's up with the nonprofit Animal Rescue Team and these two floozies??? does ART double as a brothel now???

geez, even a bear has more discretion than these two tramps...these  honky tonk women!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shake Down Street

tell me this town ain't got no heart... well, well, well, you can never tell

do I see a pattern here? wealthy city attracts lawsuits for civil rights issues against cops (happens all the time) and safety issues supposedly the city caused.... there's a cottage industry from New York to Dallas to Santa Barbara...created by lawyers to sue cities for all sorts of perceived violations of the heart...and cities are shelling out millions to settle...why? I don't know but it's up to the citizens to stop this shake-down..

some lawyers are good and ethical but others and you know who I mean are let's lose these retards...what say??

-blind guy takes long walk off short pier and sues city

-drunk guy resists arrest gets smacked down and sues city

-skinny city girl crashes her car into car, resists arrest and sues city

-"musician" crashes bike on city street and blames sidewalk, then sues city

rich bitch buys Santa Barbara News-Press with ex-husband's money and DESTROYS about a shake down!! remember when Wendy sued the city for a Brown Act violation..and remember when Wendy was suing everyone for anything???

and someone is trying to shake down Wendy on EBAY!

how about a little tort reform...stem the tide of frivolous and excessive litigation....

"My eyes glaze over as I observe the seemingly unending stream of TV advertising by local attorneys seeking out would-be injured "victims" of penny-pinching medical and casualty insurance companies, incompetent medical providers and any other enterprise suspected of "unfair" treatment of innocent citizens. The motivation of many of these bottom feeders is quite clear. There is much money to be made by suing individuals and companies for damages — real or not — under the U.S. tort law system. This system, badly in need of reform, essentially provides a low- or zero-risk gamble by plaintiff’s attorneys — and their supposedly victimized clients — to secure large monetary settlements from the defendants"

that sounds like a just cause to me!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

White Room

where the shadows run from themselves.....

I had an appointment with the hygienist so into Santa Barbara I went..apparently my mouth is so super trashy and disgusting, I need a whole other person to clean it out for me...she was pretty hot and so was the weather..blistering in SB..the heat was real hot

now what..DA Joyce Dudley of the front page of the News-Press..Joyce and Wendy new BFFs! with Joyce going easy on drunk drivers, I see a friendship blossoming, possibly into lesbianism

Joyce's mistakes were not to pursue resisting arrest charges against party boy Tony..and what about all that child porn on the News-Press computers, Joyce???

YES! we need a District Atty with some balls...Sneddon was a disaster; Joyce is a joke and Josh Lynn's campaign against Joyce was financed by a bunch of potheads and drug dealers!! geez, no wonder we can't get any justice...

shitfuckpiss on you all....

well I see the new white Public Market by the Arlington so I go in and....but can't figure it walk around and there's shelves with some goods, a small fruit place..more employees than customers with blank stares of Abercrombie Fitch models

the rest of the place is like a Top Chef kitchen.....I start running in a panic but I'm like rat in a maze.. no place leads anywhere but around in a circle, then in back there's an exit with no doors..just big black screens/grids that are inexplicable

I pick up some Ginger Lemonade and shampoo..I thought the shampoo was like $7 but, when I finally found the check-out stand named Forager's (???) it rung up for $17!!! I double-checked the Ginger Lemondade to make sure no alcohol was in it..the yuppies put alcohol in everything now

the Public Market is a like a foodie prison! get me the fuck outta here...I won't go back ..when I check out of a grocery store or market, I wanna see a union gal with big tits behind the counter, not some short skinny dude who looks like he makes craft beer all day...bring back VON'S

who doesn't like to drive down Anapamu by the SBHS and see the giant Italian  Stone Pines? they must be saved because they are awesome...but oh yeah..they're non-native..a crime in SB

then I drive home and there's a car in front of me called a Leaf....

I love the smell of burning leaves in the Fall

Monday, September 15, 2014


drink up, drink up let me fill your cup

Tap your the glass.



The sound of live music.. Santa Barbara's blues duo Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan- well half-alive anyway. The glow of the sun sinking behind the Mission. Kids dancing in the park. What better way to spend a Thursday evening? It's the Autumn Alcohol Summit Sunset Series in Santa Barbara's Museum of Natural History's newly opened Prohibition Center. Bring a blanket and treat yourself to dinner and dessert from one of several food and booze vendors. We'll have Tequila, wine, beer, vodka, Schnapps for you to taste and lots of Brandy and hot dogs!!!

Take a stroll and browse the works of local artisans and craft beer makers

Tour a model brewery. And feel absolutely free to shake a tail feather.

When: Thursday, October 23 from 5pm to 7pm

Where: Museum of Natural History @ Santa Barbara Natural History Museum

Master of Ceremonies: one of the Graffy's

speakers: Darryl Genis and Tony DeNunzio discuss how to hit the jackpot without ever going to the Chumash casino! and civil rights, too!! Santa Barbara City Attorney Ariel Colonne will speak about balancing his role as lawyer and sugar daddy

Britt Cotledge signs her new book "Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me Harder!"

please mark your calendars for this important event... it's free and it's fun!

sponsored by Hornitos Tequila

Sunday, September 14, 2014


 ナフヘフ fオス トケツネセフヘ ネスヘ ヌアノ「セチセ

as I said I am thoroughly disgusted with the City of Santa Barbara, the City Council and the new city atty Ariel Calonne formerly with the City of Ventura....if this guy is still on a probationary period before he gets full time status, he should be fired immediately....and a lawyer with a spine should be hired in Ariel's place... all this guy does is settle...district elections, drunk drivers, whatever it is he won't put up a fight..he just bends over ....pathetic....

I had an old bottle of Saki in the kitchen cupboard and decided to drink the whole thing, like Buddhist monks do...once a year they get plastered to I drank the was pretty mellow and soon my head was spinning....I was laughing and shouting out loud at no one...and everyone

then I hear a banjo... I stumble into the living room and see an Asian chick fiddling with my banjoele I keep on the wall....

so I watched her for awhile..she started whistling "Sukiyaki"'s the only thing that made any sense....

キォトォ  キォ キォトォ  キォ....

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Back Pages

sisters fled by confusion boats....

ok I think it all come down to the judges...and lawyers...When I look at this justice system, I see that swift justice is not a priority...some cases that should be resolved in a few months go on for years and criminal prosecutions, the right to a speedy and public trial is a Sixth Amendment provision..

but I don't see lawyers and judges hurrying up they always continue things, sometimes six months down the road...then another six months

looking at the court calenders there are thousands of pending cases, backed up and some never to be resolved..they stay in the courts forever and ever, amen

now I know a judge who recently retired..she and her lawyer husband own a condo and rent it out...some of her renters were morons and gang members...she recently installed a satellite dish on the chimney without the HOA the HOA forced her to take it down..remember this if nothing else: you don't mess with the COMMON AREA!!!

anyway, I lost all respect for her..some judges and lawyers apparently think the rules don't apply to them!

so we got a problem in the system..lazy judges and fat stupid lawyers..this is unacceptable...

so any judge can be undressed in the Robing Room..not literally of can read the feedback from the folks who dealt with them...some of the judges appear not to have a clue about how poorly they are doing....

here's a few comments about Judge Wu...he's one of the judges who ruled in favor of Tony Denunzio, the chronic drunk and guy who was convicted of battery...and his lawyer Darryl who obviously earned his judicial kneepads with these faggy judges
Judge Wu has a reputation among some federal prosecutors of being very lenient when it comes to sentencing in criminal matters, as well as being very arrogant on the bench. My experiences confirm this. If you are a criminal who is convicted by a jury and the day of sentencing comes, you would be very fortunate to be standing before Judge Wu. You won' get a better deal anywhere.

If you are a little guy and want justice, stay away from Judge Wu. Justice is not an issue in his court room. If you, as defendant, have money and fancy attorneys, he is your man

Loves to hear himself talk. If you get 5 words out before he interrupts, you're doing well. Too many status conferences, which runs up the bill.

He maintains a friendly courtroom demeanor with an excellent clerk, but he is otherwise a disaster. He micromanages to a degree that his calendar is always overfull with return hearings. As a result, he is never prepared for argument, and has rarely read any of the papers. He wings everything, including criminal sentencing, which is a disgrace. He makes up for this by invariably sentencing for less than the proposed term, for the most peculiar reasons. In civil cases, he is the most plaintiff-favorable judge in the District Court, perhaps because he is naturally indecisive, and so reasons that he'll not be overturned by keeping the case alive. He is very intelligent, and has the ability to be very, very much better than he presently is. He is a great disappointment

so who reviews these judges? or are they just allowed to run a wild goose chase in search of real justice....

when the City of Santa Barbara can give away free taxpayer money to drunken criminals, there needs to be an investigation...I'll try to get to the bottom of this muck

Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby Driver

I wonder how your engines feel..

CHEERS! Santa just got robbed

so the City of Santa Barbara sent out a message to drunk drivers, including ones who drive on suspended licenses for previous DUI offenses: you can drive drunk, you may get arrested and become belligerent, but if the cops arrest you and use their training, you can sue the city for civil rights violations and make some quick cash, because the city will pay you, with taxpayer money!!

that's the message...DUI attys can legally extort money from the City of Santa Barbara and the city atty's and administrators and City Council will pay!!

I am completely disgusted the city settled with these clowns instead of calling their bluff..and the taxpayers should be upset too...drunk drivers will be very'll be happy hour all the time in Santa Barbara

so I've designed a new logo for the City of Santa Barbara

the News-Press had the story because of Darryl's cozy relationship with Scott Steepleton and though was not written by Scott Steepleton, I can guess it was and probably under a can't fool me, fool

but according to the report, Darryl says that one gal Britteny was leaving a party and fleeing a robbery with her boyfriend..somebody was trying to rob them and she hit a car..then the cops busted her for DUI and broke her arm...had this gone to trial, the real story would have come out, but instead the city just settled!! unbelieveable...fleeing a robbery??? they can make up whatever a story they want if they aren't under oath!

and for Tony Denunzio getting some cash for his arrrest and blood sample!!

so the settlement is $177000 plus or minus $43000..that's cut three ways: $59000 for Darryl, $59000 for Tony and $59000 for Britteny plus the leftovers

Brittney? Britteny? Brittany? I'm all confused

this new attorney for the city, this Ariel creepy..he seems like he's asleep most of the time....and he's giving away your tax money

why work for a living when you can just get drunk and sue!!!!

my God what a scam this is..the City of Santa Barbara and the council should be ashamed of themselves for settling with these losers, Darryl, Tony and Brittany....

I'm ashamed of all of you

and the kicker is Tony Denunzio is in the courts again for being drunk and stupid at the Harbor!!! (allegedly)

why not just give him the Key to the City!!!

and I see some stories that former News-Press employee Kimberly Jesus Kreist was charged for some felony and misdemeanor DUI charges in the deadly highway crash some months ago but they didn't think a manslaughter charge was appropriate...naw, she was just driving along at night high on drugs and alcohol, and smashed into the already crashed car in front of honest mistake

don't worry Jesus, just sue the city and county for civil rights violations and you'll make a fortune