Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hesitation Blues

I woke up this morning just 'bout half past four Hesitation blues was knocking on my door

ok so we are getting lots of glorious surf and  rain and Spring should be blooming like never before...every dormant flower whether native or non-native will grow and bless the hillsides with color and love..but now that the rains have come and Cachuma is filling, what about the desal plant which the city of SB keeps throwing money at? back in the 1980s the people voted for desal and state water so the City of SB was stuck with the will of the people...very expensive proposition...but they should keep it and maintain it for future droughts and not part it out again

when things get tough in Washington DC, President Trump flies off to Florida to do one of his info-mercials..he calls it a rally but it's a staged event where he tries to sell his agenda AGAIN to the American people..the event is stacked with supporters...he's only been president since January!!

I saw Salud Carbajal at the Albertson's in Carp..apparently fed up with politics he's looking for a job as a union meat-cutter

President Donald Trump's assessment of the media as "the enemy of the American people," is cuckoo...Donald has has too many yesman and women around him and he can't deal with criticism (like Wendy) and especially he can't deal with a free press....FREEDOM OF THE PRESS is guaranteed in the Constitution so he won't have any luck trying to out-talk the reporters or shut them down like Wendy tried...they will continue to do their jobs...

and when Donald says FOX NEWS morning show is the only credible media outlet remaining, then you know he's not only a narcissist but he's delusional too..keeps crowing about 'fake news' but fabricates events to support his MUSLIM ban... I think Pence and the Donald should change places..

so I see that a Kyle Eastwood bought house in Montecito for about 2 million...Kyle is Clint's kid and a jazz is over where I used to hang out with friends as a kid...garage bands and Suzuki trail's a cool area and close to the legendary Mountain Drive!!!

I had a dream last night about a teller at the bank..she wanted to have sex with me and you know what I told her?

go ahead..make my day!!

Saturday, February 18, 2017


when the rain comes, they run and hide their heads, they might as well be dead


right John!! I went out and plowed through the rivers in the roads...the sea was choppy and multi-colored..the Polo fields were flooded...the creeks were rock and rollin'


the cattle were chillin'

and the rain just kept pouring down!!


Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Banana Boat Song

DAY-OHH...DAY-AY-OHH...daylight come and me wanna go home...come Mr. Tally Man tally me banana

so America looks like a Banana Republic now...Banana Republicans are running the show and I'm aghast at Trump's incompetence...first crazy General Flynn (Dr. Strangelove) and now Andrew "the Putz" Puzder goes down! Trump can't even vette his own adminsitration picks how's he gonna vette bad Muslims??

Kelly Anne Conway is a total mess and doesn't know WTF she's talking about..but she wears stylish boots from the Ivanka Trump Collection!

Puzder's ex-wife, Howard Stern!

but what really surprised me is the Putz dropped out after an old Oprah tape of his ex-wife claiming domestic violence..

I saw that tape and was shocked to learn that Andy was married...

to Howard Stern!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Last Time

maybe the last time, I don't know

Pete with Russian chick!

ok so Peter Lance is investigating Donald Trump now...what?? he went all liberal to get away from the News-Press and Darryl Genis stench?? it makes perfect sense because forever young Pete is into all these spy conspiracy theories that he tried to use on the Santa Barbara Police Dept..but he failed and now ex SB police chief Cam Sanchez is sitting in a park in Monterey and getting paid a King's ransom!! maybe Pete just has a guilty conscience

and does Trump still think he's on The Apprentice?? makes bad appointments like Flynn who already has resigned...Flynn is a nutjob who with his son spread false stories about Hillary CLinton and child trafficking...Flynn is a total scumbag! WENDY HAD CHILD PORN ON HER NEWSPRESS COMPUTER!!!!! still waiting for justice

speaking of scumbags, the News-Press had a little blurb on page 3 about Darry Genis, shamed DUI lawyer...usually Scotty has Darryl on the front page..the last time, Scott and Darryl blamed Darryl's dead accountant for Darryl's tax issues..but now with the other media on the story, we learn that Darryl has a gambling problem.too...geez..this dude's got more issues than the News-Press!

Darryl and Scott in tender moment

the problem with Team Wendy is they are all addicted to something..alcohol, gambling, child porn..

I can't believe some local businesses and people still support Wendy and the News-Press....Wendy and Trump will "Make America Stupid Again"..I firmly believe that

ok so Ty Warner and Darryl Genis are the two famous local tax cheats..Ty is a billionaire and the golf course is looking pretty good, but he got praised by the judge for being a tax cheat while poor ol' Darryl gets two fucking years in prison..Darryl, if you invent something like a Beanie Baby in the pokey, the rest of your life will be easier...

a Beanie Dog Baby!! you'll be a hero Darryl

I guarantee it

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Gambler

you got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em

Holy Shit!! KEYT's CJ Ward just reported that DUI lawyerDarryl Genis has been sentenced to two years in federal prison for tax if I made fun of KEYT in the past, I take it back..I'm ashamed of myself...

so KEYT says Darryl knew he was not paying taxes for about 8 years and gambled a ton of money away!! where ? at the Casino??? they didn't say but I assume the Chumash had a hand in picking poor Darryl's pocket.... Blackjack

this is just astonishing to me..recall that Daryl is a DUI atty, trying to rescue drunks from justice..he defended Peter Lance and is a friend to the News-Press and especially Scott Steepleton, Wendy's City Editor and anti-gov't stooge

pic from the Independent
and we know that Lance, Genis and the News-Press tried to trash some SB city cops who were arresting drunk drivers a few years doing their job

Wendy and the News-Press are pro-alcohol and anti-gov't employee...Lance had a front page series in the News-Press about his own DUI was a 7 part series in which he and Steepleton tried to ruin a SB cop's was hack journalism, yellow journalism and it was shameful....these News-Press clowns proved nothing....

this is KARMA baby...and Peter Lance! what a dumbshit..he calls himself an investigative journalist and he didn't even know his own lawyer was a crook!!

I would suggest the feds look at the tax returns of all of Darryl's little friends from Steepleton to Wendy to Nipper to Lance to see if they people of ill-repute too...

well, of course they are and that is pretty sad

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I'm Your Captain

I'm getting closer to my home

I was out after the storms and it was a bright sunny day.. .I looked at the sea, the meadows and all the green of regrowth and rebirth and Spring cleaning....I looked at the trees and found myself staring into the face of Davy Jones, captain of the Flying Dutchman from Pirates of the Caribbean! he was on a hike



then I checked the water levels and there's one creek with a USGA weather station I like to visit....I do this for free but if they want to pay me, I'm available on a very limited basis...


in the summer, and for five years before the mast, this creek ran dry....dry dry.... dry as Melania Trump...

but as you all can see, the creek has risen to over 3.5 ft!

even a steelhead could navigate these waters now...

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Who'll Stop The Rain

long as I remember, rain been coming down

well, I love the rain, the high surf and driving through the streams that breach the roads- SPLASH!! and I hear the choir of bullfrogs...I am out looking for them...tonight will show a rare sight: the full snow moon, the lunar eclipse and the green-tailed Comet 45P will grace the skies but if it's still raining, I won't see them..


geez Alan Thicke getting sued and he just died a few weeks ago...

02/14/2017 8:30 AM 16CV04664 Alan Thicke Living Trust * Anderle, Thomas P SB Dept 3 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Wrongful Termination (36)

there's nothing better than a healthy, pretty 37 year old woman (except maybe a 19 year old) but a 37 year old woman eager to have sex with cut off point is 69 years old then what's the point??

but my heart sinks as I read the story in Noozhawk about the havoc created by an alleged drunk driver..crashed his car and killed two female passengers up in Orcutt...girls PLEASE don't get into a car with a drunk driver..actually NOBODY GET INTO A CAR WITH A DRUNK DRIVER!!!

so the gals are was a pretty blonde 37 year old who could have given some meaning to any dude's life and now she's dead because she hung out with the wrong dude..the drunk dude...

it's just so sad and so easily avoided...the destruction from alcohol is everywhere as the media praises all these pop-up craft breweries....maybe President Trump should focus on drunk driving..

makes me fucking sick all  the alcohol and blood running thru the streets

clouds of mystery falling, confusion on the ground