Saturday, November 28, 2015

Power To The People

power to the people, right on!

ok so we got a crazed old white guy in Colorado killing people in Planned Parenthood, Colorado Springs...killed two civilians and one cop and injured nine...he finally surrendered...

 he must be a Christian extremist so what should we do as a country...bomb the Vatican??

no ...umm...well..ok, no

but there is no difference among religious fanatics...Christian or Islamic..same result..dead people

these Chistians in America are worrisome esp some of the nuts running for president...want to stop abortions? killing people in Planned Parenthood won't do it...the recent doctored vids against PP didn't help much ...alot of these guys think God's Law is the only law they will kill to enforce it, whatever they think it is...and this isn't the first attack on Planned Parenthood...

but God's Law is not applicable to US law..the laws Americans make don't have to pass nay religious test because there is no established religion per the Constitution...NO ESTABLISHED you can practice any religion you want so long as it doesn't break the law...or interfere with my privacy rights

Roe vs Wade: A case in which the court held that a woman's right to an abortion fell within the right to privacy granted in the Fourteenth Amendment.

"We … acknowledge our awareness of the sensitive and emotional nature of the abortion controversy, of the vigorous opposing views, even among physicians, and of the deep and seemingly absolute convictions that the subject inspires." — Justice Blackmun (1973), majority opinion in Roe v. Wade

Jane Roe was an unmarried and pregnant Texas resident in 1970. Texas law made it a felony to abort a fetus unless "on medical advice for the purpose of saving the life of the mother." Roe filed suit against Wade, the district attorney of Dallas County, contesting the statue on the grounds that it violated the guarantee of personal liberty and the right to privacy implicitly guaranteed in the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments. In deciding for Roe, the Supreme Court invalidated any state laws that prohibited first trimester abortions

that's the law and gov't, rightwingers, Christians need to pay heed: don't stick your nose in a woman's business

esp important to keep religious wackos like Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee out of the White House...

the Constitution is the law of the land..not the bible, not the Koran, not the WALMART ads in Black Friday's News-Press..

if you're an American, you should know this

Thursday, November 26, 2015


nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too

well that would be good..but as long as we have religions, organized to corral the most neurotic sheep among us, we will have killings to please God..any God that religions misinterpret..and preachers molesting children

I went to check out the King Tides and got a News-Press, which was overloaded with ads for Black Friday buying sprees...

then I get to Andy Caldwell's "Guest" rightwing Christian take on Thanksgiving...Andy, a wannabe preacher,  takes a babbling shot at John Lennon's "Imagine" as a faux-spirtitual favorite among progressives, atheists and secularists...ah yes Andy was probably one of the hillbilly sheeple who wanted to Burn The Beatles LPs in the 1960s after John's infamous Jesus/Beatles observation

well "Imagine" is a nice song and I'm sure some conservatives like it too..but Andy, being the best example of lunatic phony religious fanatics would gut the constitution and free speech..and free expression using the universal language: music

and the Paris killers hated music too...and if there were no religion (separate from spirituality) then we'd have more people seeking the truth, not more people trying to hide the truth from everybody...or killing in the name of religion

so no, today I bow my head to no one..except I will give thanks to the lady at Trader Joe's yesterday...tons of people at TJ's and ladies buying flowers...the gal behind me with a baby girl and a shopping cart asks me to watch her kid while she gets some more items.. I say sure- she will be protected..the kid is two years old or so with big wide-eyed wonder all over her cute face as she sat in the shopping was my duty to make sure nothing happened to her and for two or three minutes that's what I did...

for two minutes there was nothing and nobody in the world that was gonna hurt that baby girl because they'd have to pass through me the folks at Trader Joe's were pretty mellow so I didn't expect anything bad...the mom returned and took charge of her kid..she's a pretty woman in her 30s or 40s

and she trusted me with her little daughter for a moment in time....I was proud and humbled..

imagine that

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Funny Face

I love you, funny face I need you

I headed out to Best Buy in Goleta but overshot and ended up at the Butterfly Preserve...whoa my God it's beautiful out here...there's a golf course across the street with an ocean view and wide open spaces...but there's also tons of and townhomes..attractive no doubt and still you don't get that couped- up feel like a free-range chicken out here

and the old train station is very cool!

but I did have trouble navigating Highway 101 by Fairview..the road is horribly bumpy and Caltrans has got everything torn up because that's what they do..they use tax money to tear the road up and then work on it for a few years then do it all over again in a few more years... Caltrans will never leave..ever

so I get to Best Buy and purchase a Sony camera with a decent zoom ( if Bald Eagles are gonna be in my flight path, I need a better camera) and an extra computer...both dirt cheap...Dell computers suck and eMachines last about five years, then get all neurotic like a Chevy...

so I got an HP because of my feelings for Carly Fiorina...Funny Face, I love you!

the Sony camera is great but I didn't open it till I got home so I gotta head back out to the Butterfly Preserve..all those big green eucalyptus and monarchs and the nativists fretting about invasive eucs but there's nothing they can do about it..are they gonna suggest we clear cut the preserve because they don't like eucalyptus trees?? and now they are afraid of an invasiion of giant mosquitos!! in a drought!! mosquitos like water and all the creeks are dry

so I get home and fire up the HP and it's fab...I do some work transfering files and music then all of a sudden BAM the fuckin' power goes out...I look outside and see a bunch of Edison trucks going in circles but no power...I've heard of similar outrages in Santa Barbara...

what is goin' on with these private utility companies? it's not a stormy day so why was I without power for two hours? are these guys stoners?

it seems like every time I turn on a light, Southern California Edison extinguishes it

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

nothing's worrying me

now the only reason I watch FOX is the bimbos posing as reporters ...and FOX has lots of slutty bimbos..not as bad as the Bakersfield Bimbo Kevin McCarthy....ok so they're not really reporters..some are former beauty queens so how fitting that FOX News babe Gretchen Carlson dropped by the Reagan Ranch Center to give some pageant tips to the Young Miss American Foundation.. the YMAF is Wendy's non-profit as a matter of de facto...and of course Gretchen wrote a book she's promoting  (not a real book, a FOX  faux-book)

 and the only reason I watch CNN are the ladies...much smarter than the FOX bimbos but very very pretty like whatshername  here..mmmmmmmmm....ooooowwww...aaahhhh

CNN's Lily Luscious

but still, I was not invited to the luncheon starring Gretchen Carlson after all I've done for Wendy so I'm a little hurt...but these FOX NEWS pageant reporters make no more sense to me than ISIL

so I read the story and it appears that Gretchen was a fat kid, grew up to be Miss America in 1989, plays violin and was made fun of by William Goldman who wrote the screenplay for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance top three westerns are El Dorado, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and High Plains Drifter

Gretchen didn't like what Goldman said about her being "chunky"..sent her into a tailspin of self-doubt..but geez if you do a striptease in front of judges and millions of people you gotta expect some far as the news goes, Gretchen's got a screwy smile on her face and uses a cutesy-wootsy voice when she's doing a story that I find arousing and annoying at the same time...women are dogs and they should obey my commands...sit up, roll over, lick me and so on...

but why would Goldman be a judge at the Miss America pageant, I wondered...oh, he wrote a book about it called "Hype and Glory"

but then I remembered the Miss America gals walk out in bathing's a yeah now I get it

judge not lest ye be judged, right Gretchen

Friday, November 20, 2015

Midnight Rider

ain't gonna let 'em catch me...

so I'm reading the Montecito Journal and it's full of the usual white society crap then I see a big ad about Nipper's Night Club and pictures of all the stars who attend...the photos were by Priscilla the old chick who tried to get me thrown out of the Montecito County Club during a Brietbart luncheon I was covering! that chick's a bitch!! and Breitbart's dead!!

geez, we got pics of Nipper and Wendy..and failed SB council candidate John Thyne..get a designated driver JT!

then John Palminteri-the social butterfly with the big red nose who I hear is in talks to do a cooking show with Nipper on News-Press TV called "Someone's in the Kitchen With Nipper"; then we got Dennis Miller-total alpha retardo; there's Alan Thicke and Kenny Loggins and some others...unfortunately Alan Thicke lives in Carpinteria and his whole family is a douchebag...Loggins..I dunno.. maybe Kenny is transgender with all the face lifts and the pathetic Unity Shoppe telethons that give free stuff to poor Mexicans...Kenny, that' the government's job!!

but Kenny's music career was over after the Footloose junk... Messina was smart to make Kenny a star and then dump him...Kenny thinks he's Charlie Sheen with the goddesses!

if it wasn't for Wendy and Rupert's money, these folks would be doing TV insurance ads

so I see we had some commotion in Carp above Via Real on Ocean View...a beautiful area just a jog from Rancho Monte Alegre and the Young Ranch..a Spanish Land Grant...I lived on both ranches and they made me the man I am today...

but as I read the story about Kristofer Kump, I was mystified....ok drugs are always involved when people are on the lamb..but this guy lived in a a trailer which is not uncommon up here...he stole a work truck in Goleta, went home to his trailer, had drugs, rifles, military stuff, grenade launchers..grenade launchers?? ISIS in my own back yard??? para-military types on the ranches? then the cops cornered Kump and he killed himself...

then I realize it was not in Carp but rather closer to Summerland and the Jehovah Witness building- the closest thing to Noleta we got here- Ocean View not Ocean Oaks...the maint crew was blocking the road when I went to check it out

when I lived on the Carp ranches we had Playboy centerfolds, wild animals, farmers, musicians and some midnight mysteries..and festive dinners with the lady who invented Santa Claus Lane: June Young

it was a very romantic time!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Time To Kill

And we've got time to kill, What a thrill, June and July. We've got all our love, Buckets of, The tears that we cried. Now we don't cry no more...

now the Punta Gorda Flop Houses have turned into a political farce with faux-outrage from Mayor Helene over the design of the little cutesy houses..I mean it is crazy the fuss some of these people are raising... what a bunch of crybabies..and the News-Press of course had a front page story

if you don't like the houses, then turn your gaze to the Harbor..the false argument that the houses are ugly or pose a health hazard being close to the freeway is easily refuted

the aesthetics issues are simply opinions...Mayor Schneider and Ernie Salomon are the two biggest critics of the houses but Ernie thinks the mayor is pouring it on too little too late...and Ernie lives to complain about the little he's old and almost in the grave ...maybe he hates the little houses because they remind him of a casket! hahaaha..pretty soon Ernie, pretty soon

but today I had some time to kill so I went to see the Punta Gorda houses first hand and up close...hey what a cool little neighborhood except there's too many Mexicans but still I fit in...I walked around the complex outside and the first thing I notice is there's very little freeway noise and these little house aren't so little..and I picked one out that I could live in and it's got great mountain views! I think they are rather charming, like the doll houses in Montecito...the Moody sisters....

as I headed home on the 101, I see Ty Warner's Country Club with brown greens....what an eyesore! why isn't the mayor or Ernie bitching about that???

it's obvious cranky Ernie's got a skinny little boner for Helene..

maybe they should get a room. these two...a room at the Punta Gorda apartments!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Late For The Sky

The words had all been spoken / And somehow the feeling still wasn't right / And still we continued on through the night / Tracing our steps from the beginning


now if that little UCSB tart co-ed who got busted for bad checks and burglaries wanted a sugar daddy, why didn't she say so..all I ask is a dip in the pool now and then

now the last thing we need is the GOP conservatives fighting a war on terror...leave it to the French socialists and Russian commies..Obama will help them out..but leave the conservatives out of the picture because they can't even handle "Gotcha" questions..

now it's a fact that suspicious -looking Bobby Jindal dropped out of the presidential race...I expect Ted Cruz and Huckabee next due to their support of Kill the Gays Rally/preacher..there's really no difference between religious extremists...ISIS or Christian...they'll blow you up whether you're watching a concert or going to Planned Parenthood

now it's also a fact that Wendy invited Scott Walker to the Reagan Ranch Center...Scott Walker was running for President and compare public workers and unions to ISIS...but then Scott's, sugar daddies the Koch Bros cut him loose and he had to stand on his own two feet..and during the debated he looked like little he dropped out of the race and blamed Donald Trump..well at least he dint blame the unions!

city workers and SEIU are scary but I don't think they'd storm the Lobero and start shooting people during a Jackson Brown concert..
the pathetic GOP is using the Paris attacks to try and start a political didn't work too well when they invaded Iraq, so any future fighting needs to be well-planned ..and not a rush job by the chickenhawk GOP candidates..a bunch of simpletons....remember the Freedon Fries idiocy from the FOX News conservatives because France refused to follow us into the Iraq mistake...France was right and had we not invaded Iraq, Saddam would be keeping these religious nitwits in check...

so we got a pocket of drugged out religious crazies with no future trying to kill everyone...the good news is it doesn't take alot of brains to blow yourself up or shoot people..removing these miscreants from the cycle of life should be easy...

and they, the ISIS drugged out zombies, will help by blowing themselves up...

an irrational but effective solution to the problem