Friday, October 31, 2014

Village of the Damned

a brick wall... a brick wall... I must think of a brick wall... a brick wall... I must think of a brick wall


well over at the Montecito Village of the Damned Journal they hope to Restore America's Promise by getting Chris Mitchum in office to replace Lois Capps who was damaged by the Raymond Morua incident...Chris is distancing hisself from the Tea Party but I recall he attending a Teabagger rally in Santa Barbara by the Courthouse...they was protesting something....tons of American flags and culpeppers...false patriots=scoundrels...if you write my name in, I'll serve
then of course there's the constant references to the founding fathers but some of the fathers were crazy..had duels and killed each other...maybe Chris and Lois could duel!!

now I got no prob with Voter ID laws..I got my library card, my driver's license and my KKK membership card to prove I is a proud American!!

well like a I told ya I was riding around Santa Claus Lane and down to Padaro...there's lots of development going down and the old hippie clothing place on Santa Claus Lane was razed..some condos and stores are going more Surf Camp there

Dutch Blitz

and years ago I hated that Solvang-by-the Sea monstrosity built by prominent local builder/contractor Paul Franz who gets all the high--end jobs from the newby rich on Padaro and the Lane...he is homogenizing all the cool old estates over there!

Franz was one of the guys who wanted to get rid of Santa and turn SCL into a Cape Cod themed village...Village of the Damned ...didn't happen thankfully..he operates the construction biz from the Santa Claus Lane building...

and I think Franz bought the old Big Yellow House and painted it a pale sick yellow and now can't get anyone to lease there....he worked on Oprah's estate $50,000,000 renovation

2003 to 2005

The Oprah Winfrey Estate, Montecito, CA.

Superintendent for $50,000,000 of renovation, expansion and new construction for Ms. Winfreys 43-acre Estate. Projects and challenges included a 5,000 sq. ft. addition to the 12,000 sq. ft. Main House, with total renovations of the existing square footage.
Ground-up construction of 4,000 sq. ft. Gate House, private luxury residence for Ms. Winfreys Personal Trainer, Bob Greene.
Installation of over a mile of 200-year-old ship ballast cobble stones, retrieved from Philadelphia, for the private Drive and Motor Court.
Excavation and construction of a one-million gallon irrigation lake.
Ground-up construction of an antique stone, driving/walking bridge, spanning the lake.
Built an antique stone and oak Tea House, with formal English Rose Gardens.
Construction of a stone-walled Amphitheater with seating for 200 guests.
Supervised over 30 acres of landscaping and the installation of over 100, 30-foot oak trees.

hmmm... I see a Summerland guy named Paul Franz was recently busted for DUI in Santa Barbara...that's a matter of public record.... same guy?? I don't know but now I gotta watch out this joker too...

goddammit.... I ride my bike on SCL all the time! what is up with these allegedly boozed up drivers???

now we're all innocent until proven guilty...if Darryl Genis is his lawyer, well, maybe they'll blame the cops and sue the city....or get a reference from Oprah!!

I swear to God this shit never ends!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Time Has Come Today

I've been crushed by the tumbling tide (Time) And my soul has been psychedelicized (Time) (Time) Now the time has come (Time) There are things to realize



so I've noticed lately that more butterflies are flying past my window than I've ever seen....they're over by the Salt Marsh and are moving south to north...these are the Monarchs...the orange I'm thinking they are migrating for the winter and being so hot and dry here, they are coming in droves......a butterfly winged goddess stops midflight and winks at me..

so I hop on my bike and follow her up the road a piece said "hey" to the muleskinner guy...I get to the beach and then I see a bunch more butterflies whipping around in a frenzy...then I see a big eucalyptus tree by the roadside and look up and freak out...hundreds! a big cluster of butterflies attached to the leaves...some were bright orange and the ones that were roosting for awhile were paler orange and hard to spot...

but after a while my eyes adjusted and it was awesome!! like the Coronado Monarch Preserve in Goleta

I may have just discovered a new roosting site.. a new memories of the city, following me everywhere I go

but I gotta be extra vigilant in case the Center for Biological Diversity gets wind of this find...and then they get a native bug up their ass and try to chop down the eucalyptus..a big beautiful blue gum...or the nuts at the Santa Barbara Botanic Beer Garden...

any attempts to remove the eucs around here??

well, they're gonna have to get past me first

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane, I can see the red tail lights, heading for Spain...

well I haven't been to the Court House in awhile, so let's catch up on the cases...

Joanne Baldwin and Daniel Baldwin..Colleen K Sterne SB5 1) Req for Order:CC/CS; /SS/Attny Fees/ Req for Move to England with Minor Children Family Law-SB
the Baldwin Bros are always in some sort of fix ...Stephen with his tax issues and Jesus Daniel who stars on the funny show, World's Dumbest...

I thought he was married to that Chyna chick, who turned all religious.. I hate that!! girls you used to know find Jesus and next thing you know it's God Bless this and God Bless that! very annoying!! oh that was Billy Baldwin...

I wish these guys would go away...but anyway Daniel married a British model and now the bird wants to go back to England I guess...both had some alcohol/coke issues and Joanne was busted for DUI once ...check the gossip-media for all the latest gossip...good luck Daniel, Do you still feel the pain of the scars that won't heal? Your eyes have died but you see more than I, Daniel you're a star

Santa Barbara is so lucky to have all these celebrities! and stay away from drugs and alcohol kids!!!


Tony Denunzio and Linda Denunzio Donna D Geck SB4 1) OSC:Contempt Family Law-SB..

AND 11/06/2014 - 8:30 am 1400266 Tony Vincent Denunzio Probation Viol Hearing Setting Clifford R Anderson SB10 11/06/2014 - 8:30 am 1446079 Tony Vincent Denunzio Preliminary Hearing Setting Clifford R Anderson SB10

GEEZ!!! Tony is in trouble with the civil courts and the criminal courts...thanks to lawyer Dufus, Judge Wu and Judge Rigali for setting Tony free..he spends more time in court than anywhere else..that's my tax money wasted on this jackass!!

9:30 am Kevin Boyle vs TY Warner et al Colleen K Sterne SB5 1) OSC:Fail to Appear; /Sanctions Civil-SB
hmmmm, who was a no-show...Kevin or Ty?? I bet it was shy Ty

8:30 am Jane Doe et al vs Santa Barbara Unified School etc Donna D Geck SB4 1) Case Management

geez, seems Jane is suing the whole darn school district after losing her Laguna sex case...did every teacher in the freaking union have sex with her?? this Jane Doe gal sounds like a real hot tomato!

9:30 am Laguna Blanca School vs Travis XXXXXXX et al ....James E Herman SB6 1) Debtor's Examination; -
well looks like Laguna Blanca is suing now...a vengeance suit perhaps to keep up with the Does!

way too many lawsuits folks...

I want you all to work on your people skills and learn how to get along with each other...

Monday, October 27, 2014

These Days

well I've been out walking...

the No on P campaign keeps calling me and last night a gal named Macy starts in on me and ya know what I did? I said.."Maaaaacy..theese ees Dracula..and I vant to SUCK yor blooood!!" and then I vant to suck yor teets.. I vant to suck them soooo much, you want" ..well, she hangs up quick..geez can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen

the surf was being Sunday I figured what an opportunity to get saved....a baptism at the I went to Santa Claus beach and it was nice....warm, huge waves, awesome chicks sunning, removing clothes while I snapped pictures..then the sneaker waves came up and I just had to go in the water...surfers out there too....big water all the way up to the Clark Estate beach...all throughout my range

I changed clothes, the sand was feather-soft...I walked to the water's edge and dove in...the water was cool..just perfect and after a while, almost warm...

instantly I was transformed from a foolish misguided blogger to a man of the cloth....the ocean water cleansed me of any sins accumulated and rendered me free and clean....

there's no way to explain how you feel after a dip in the ocean on a hot know it but it's hard to explain..the salts sooth, the water refreshes...and the sea weed just lies there

the drought looms, we need water but these days are so beautiful it seems nature has something in store..something good...I can't let the days go by without telling them...the sun, the water, the wind, the elements...

as I frolicked in the ocean, I thought about sharks..what if a shark came up and bit me in the ass? well the chances of me getting bit by a shark are the same as me getting ebola..or my head chopped off by ISIS..let the Iraqis fight their own battles, and I'll fight mine..and let the sharks fight theirs

just because the hysterical media clowns hype it all day doesn't mean it's gonna happen....

everything happens by a train

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Haunting

'No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality...even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream'

I've never seen a bear.. a real live bear..I know they're out there, I've just never seen one...I've seen snow leopards, monkeys, apes, gorillas in the midst, foxes, birds, coyotes but never a real live bear...I figure bears like their privacy to do what they do...roam around the back hills and survive and watch out for their cubs..a noble life

so I went out Friday morning looking for an actual real live bear in Carp..naturally I didn't find one..but I see gas prices is lower than I've seen in years...$3.29 a gallon down from $3.65 last month..why the big drop?? oil companies are fearing Measure P so they drop the price of gas to show what nice guys they are...election is less than two weeks away ..where will they be around Nov 4th? a buck sixty-niner a gallon

"why me?" asks sad Chris

speaking of the election, the conservatives are complaining about the Lois "Killer" Capps ad that depicts opponent aging actor /prominent Republican Chris Mitchum as a sadsack, spooky old fellow with more facial tics than Gilles de la Tourette......or a deer in the Louisiana woods

so again the conservatives blame the wrong person! Jim Buckey over at Montecito Journal calls the ads "despicable"! I think the ads are riotous. Lois didn't do anything but film Chris during a public event...maybe they should offer Chris some help...there's some native natural remedies to tame the tics so I've heard..but whoever gets the most votes wins..that's the way the system works..don't underestimate ol' Lois...if Ty Warner can cheat on his taxes and get away with it, why not Lois??

now over at the booze-rag Independent, Mallory Dies dad is using her death for anti-Capps politics...blaming Lois for killing Mallory via Raymond Morua's drunk driving episode...Matt Dies is all anti-DUI now but where was he before Mallory was killed?? and using Peter Lance's News-Press series to indict Lois is really nuts...or is it?

natural born killers?

"Am I walking toward something I should be running away from?" asks Lois of lover Ray

but Lance is a hack and paranoid conspiracy theorist....he squirmed out of culpability for his own DUI thanks to the pro-alcohol/DUI News-Press....his books are all the same..and Raymond Morua didn't freely take repsonsiblity for his actions as Dufus Genis claims...Morua was forced to take responsiblity...he hit Mallory and ran...he tried to run and get away so he could ESCAPE responsibility but smashed into a tree... he got caught running away...what a dumbshit and the dufus lawyer defending him

so Morua is no hero and any military benefits he has should be removed or given to Mallory's memory.....Lois should be culpable only for hiring a loser, not for killing Mallory...liquor killed her..drinking and driving should be illegal..PERIOD...the DUI Russian Roullette game will blow your head off sooner or later

no matter how many fat lawyers line up to feed, no matter how many conspiracy theories Peter Lance dreams up, there's only one person responsible for the death of Mallory Dies and that person is Raymond Morua

but is drunk driving incidents goin down? I don't know I hope so but now I see lots more meth arrests....

some people, like some houses, are just born bad

Friday, October 24, 2014

Rock Me On the Water

I'll get down to the sea somehow

well I have to admit, the News-Press is getting a little boring now....what's to cover anymore....Wendy's beat and she knows it...

she is isolated, surrounding herself with money, drunks and donkeys...Wendy likes to call her paper a gov't watchdog, but I've never seen her a one public hearing at City Hall..why? because she's a snob...her paper is anorexic, she had child porn on her computer (STILL WAITING FOR JUSTICE), her endorsements mean nothing, Scott Steepleton is doing cocktail stories, who knows where Nipper is...even the society girls are gone....the old guard should have left a long time ago....the interns are merely providing sexual favors for a chance to do a "story"....jokers

now I don't go looking for trouble but sometimes trouble finds me..or we bump into each other on the street..or something

so why should Thursday be any different...I was compelled to go into Santa Barbara and found myself face to face with that big stone church on upper State...there was a homeless dude with a jug, filling it with water from the church spigot..I ask him what he was doing and he screamed at me "YOUR MOTHER SUCKS COCKS IN HELL!!"

cute...just then a little girl comes up to me and says I'm gonna die and pees on the sidewalk...

well all morning the sun was warm and there was a strange shadow cast and then out there I see a big ship and the tourist barricades being set up..either that or it was an EBOLA screening...I didn't stick around to find out...down to 7/11 for coffee and a co-ed was stalking me and I her...she was beautiful..young and strong wearing short shorts with the loveliest legs I've ever seen...we bumped into each other in the store and she says sorry and I say it's ok...oh she's the kind of girl that makes me glad to be a man ....we bump each other again outside and I watch her fevered brow soothed...still, I felt all flushed for a few hours...engorged even

back to the beach...people walking their dog even though No Dogs On Beach signs posted..stupid dog chases shore birds...a chick's walking on the beach talking on her cell phone....

so I hear there's more bear sightings in the Carp foothills so I went to visit a friend on the ranch and sure enough, a bear was in her pool...coolin' off

then of course perfect for Halloween is an eclipse..a partial solar eclipse...

blood moons, eclipses, super high tides, and pretty girls...this is turning out to be the best Halloween season ever!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Little Sister

don't you do what your big sister done...

the saddest thing in all this world is a human wreck,- a man or a woman, young or old, who is undone and who, in one or more walks of life, is a failure.

there are so many of them! Mental wrecks, physical wrecks, nervous wrecks, social wrecks, business wrecks, character wrecks.

the causes of human wrecks are many. In a sentence they result from the principle that it is easier to coast than to climb; so much easier to float than to struggle against the current.

Intemperence and impurity are the two bars upon which most human wrecks have stranded.

Social impurity, or the abuse of the sex function and nature, is by far the most insidious, and with respect to the number and degradation of its victims, the greatest evil in the world to-day..

yes means yes- advice to girls

Dear Doctor: Like most children, I began quite early in childhood to ask about my origin, and received answers that were falsehoods. I do not remember just what I was first told, but the replies given did not satisfy my enquiring mind. I eagerly listened to the vulgar stories of servants and schoolmates and before I was tweleve, my mind was taken up with lascivious thoughts and vulgar expressions.

Two months later, I was taught how to practice that awful habit, the secret sin. I became a slave to it. I could not stop. In the spring after I was fourteen, I was converted. Again I tried, oh so hard, to quit this habit, but I could not. This sin is troubling me and I can't get rid of it...please advise

Dear Friend: Your trouble began with false training in childhood. If you had been taught the sacredness of the sexual organs and their functions, your mind would have been safeguarded against this vice. Instead, you received the very opposite information. Half-truths, clothed in vulgar language, received from the ignorant and vicious, lead naturally to a morbid interest in matters of sex and consequently to a habit of lascivious thinking. The inflamed and gorged condition, due to this rush of blood to these parts, results in frequent experiences of sex consciousness and passion. This leads very naturally to the handling of sex organs...

There are several things that will help you. When you are tempted to entertain impure thoughts or to practice the sin, engage your mind in something else. Pray, read the Bible or some good book, write a letter to mamma or some friend, perform some duty or take a walk, anything that will take your mind from the temptation, Refuse to handle these organs except to keep them clean. Bathing the parts in cold water tends to allay passion.

If you have in your possession any suggestive pictures or questionable literature, destroy them. Cultivate the habit of looking upon every young man as you would upon your brother or father..

if I can be of any help to you in the future, write me...(wink wink)