Friday, May 22, 2015

Beat It

just beat it

ok teaching abstinence does not work...

as if I needed anymore evidence that the phony family values conservative Christians are a bunch of hypocrites, we get the weird TLC TV show "19 and Counting" about a religious family with too many kids...ABORTION IS AVAILABLE FOR A REASON PEOPLE!! these folks are pushing the Christian Patriarchy Movement...where the dad is the family leader and nobody can question or criticize him, like Wendy at the News-Press!

one of the sons 27 year old Josh Duggar was just exposed as a child he had to resign his position as CEO of the Family Research Council..a really hard right wing group of devout Christians...they want everyone to follow their version of America...devout Christians-the worst kind..geez if he hadn't got caught, he'd still be preaching at the FRC!!

seems when I mean Josh was a teen, he would sneak into their rooms ..little sister and 5 other little girls, and fondle them..

"Life is busy for us right now! Our recent move from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Washington, DC has been a journey! With Mackynzie & Michael taking on the role of big helpers and Marcus full of energy, Anna has her schedule full at home! Josh is working as Executive Director at FRC Action, where his passion is to encourage Christians to engage in politics, promoting Faith, Family & Freedom. You can learn more about FRC Action here. The series "19 Kids & Counting!" on TLC continues to keep viewers up to date on Josh & Anna’s family life & various happenings …including life in the big city! You can check the TLC website for more information on the Duggars’ television reality series schedule"

TLC should be ashamed of promoting this stupid show with this stupid American family....

and there's more sex scandals!

The Duggar family are friends and acolytes of Phillips, and Vision Forum, in turn, has used Michelle Duggar in their efforts to demonize contraception, including giving her an award for "Mother of the Year" for having so many children.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that there may be more to this entire scandal than the typical minister-caught-cheating story. The woman with whom Phillips confessed to an "inappropriate" relationship, named Lourdes Torres-Manteufel, filed suit in Bexar County, Texas, accusing the powerful Christian right leader of pushing her into a multi-year abusive relationship that allegedly featured frequent sexual assault. While the complaint never mentions sexual intercourse, it does claim that he repeatedly groped and masturbated on her while she protested. The plaintiff alleges she was basically moved into Phillips’ house with his wife and children, taken on many family vacations, and given work as a caretaker for the family, all while secretly being bullied into sexual encounters without consent.
Jim Bob Duggar is the father of this freaky clan and....what?? Jim Bob?? that's his name? Jim Bob???

"hey Jimmy Bob, gimme some more moonshine and come to bed!!" says daughter Bobbie Sue

America is indeed being sicko- pseudo-Christians!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

the girl with kaleidoscope eyes

ok so I told you about my issues with Lucy and the MCA..all the hot air and fire and brimstone preaching about how only they and God can save Milpas St from itself...

so I went down there a few weeks ago and took some pics and it didn't look like the MCA or Lucy or even God had done as much as they say...I mentioned the old post office was a mess, needed painting and wondered why such influential peoples such as the MCA couldn't get the owner to paint his building.....private property owners need to take care of their property..PERIOD

so I went day trippin' downtown Tuesday and saw the Batmobile! cooool...Batman! Batman! Batman! (Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na) Batman! Batman! Batman! Da da da da da da da da da ...! I ran back to my truck to get the camera and snapped a picture before Batman and Robin sped off up Milpas St...Holy PODER Batman!!


I went over to Milpas to check it see if since my last visit I lit a fire under Lucy and see if they could stop blaming Mexicans, the homeless and the gov't for everything, and break a sweat themselves once in awhile

I challenged Lucy the Milpas Community Association infidels to stop blowing smoke up my ass...well, I'm pleased to report that the old Milpas post office has since been painted!! see how influential I am??

and the News-Press needs to take some pride in their Milpas newsracks...disgusting!!!

Scott? Wendy?? Don?? Nipper??

and I see they are cramming more trendy wineries and breweries in the downtown area by Haley...I heard a rumor that Home Improvement will soon be a brewery, too... I saw a story in the Sentinel where Lucy writes her stuff..but the story is very strange..some ex-Westmont people have a vision for Haley St called "the Mill" because "there's too many Mexican restaurants" in the area!!

so let's get some racist white Christians in here??? I'll be poking around this area and have more later..but who doesn't love La Tolteca??

a brewery and winery on every corner is just..well it's just so Los Olivos..we need heroes to deal with this booze menace..

kapoww!! blam!! kapuuut!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

catch a wave

and you're sittin' on top of the world

as the news of the oil spill spread, I raced outside to monitor the ocean off Carp...all's well

I love watching the boats go from the oil pier by the bluffs and out to the oil platforms off the Carp coast...I got no problems with oil or drilling until some operator spills and messes up the ocean...

I like watching people enjoy the ocean and dolphins swim in clean waters...the oil folks have grave responbsiblities on and off shore...

I have no patience for rogue oil operators

at Refugio Beach an oil spill four miles wide one is claiming responsibilty yet and I'm not surprised...and being an oil spill, the conservatives are gonna spill it into something positive like God's plan or something.. I recall Greka's oil spills and spokesman Mike Stoker trying to tell us it was sabotage by liberals...

then we see Plains All American is the culprit..they have a history of spills..All American?? of course, they are based out of  Houston, Texas where regulations are considered anti-American!!

but the California taxpayers have to clean up after these private Texas oil company this case the campgrounds were affected...people had to leave due to the strong petro smell...

of course, sea creatures are affected too..and the sand turns black with mucky oil...

so where is the oil company? where are their resources to help...where are their worker bees? the county fire crews capped the broken on-shore pipeline! nice job guys...

the debate must continue until these irresponsible oil operators are held accountable...but when guys like Brooks Firestone lease land to guys like Greka and then tries to hide the spills, we have a huge problem..

in this day and age there is no excuse for an oil line breaking onshore and spilling into the ocean..

hey where's Channelkeeper and Princess Kira?? probably out at a wine tasting event, then dinner in the Funk Zone with all that cash they got from the city because a sewer line overflowed a few gallons

and of course Andy Caldwell and Joe Armnedariz two dunces owned by the oil companies will run to Wendy and try to tell me this is just a natural occurance..

yes, a natural occurance for incompetent private sector oil morons...

and the Coast Guard is helping out! so instead of harassing sailors who get too close to the Prinncess cruise ships, they will do something good and help clean up the oil

the California camper, surf and ocean culture and all Nature lovers should not stand by and let these incompetent oil operators do business here...

send 'em back to Texas!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Like a Rhinestone Cowboy

riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo

geez, do we still have rival motorcycle gangs in America? no we don't ...but in Texas they do


I remember we had some motorcycle gangs headquartered across from the Rescue Mission years ago...the Bravados or something? the outlaw biker thing is just so tiresome

Texas has long since seceded from the union in spirit anyways so the gov't/feds should just leave them alone to fight their little wars..and if Mexico attacks them, so be it

they want independence, let 'em have it...what good is Texas anyway anymore..taken over by teabaggers, steers and queers!

so in Waco, Texas at a restaurant called Twin Peaks of all things, rival bikers were eatin' lunch when a war broke out leaving nine dead! and the gang threatened the cops and hospital staff for doing their jobs trying to save lives..geez

Waco is the place where the feds stormed the Branch Davidians Christian cult years ago during Clinton's reign..and badass Atty General Janet Reno went right in and started killing the Branch Zombies who for some reason refused to give up peacefully

and then there was the contest about drawing a Mohammed cartoon...I got no problem with that but it drew two nutjobs who tried to crash the contest and kill people..the cops got them first..shot 'em dead...

and then we had the story of the Governor sending guards to stave off Obama's military mission/practice sessions..Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered members of the Texas Military to monitor federal troops in an upcoming two-month training exercise...geez what an idiot governor they just elected!!

Texas Governor, Fearing USA Gov Invasion, Orders State Guard ...

the Navy had training missions at the Channel Islands in California so what's the problem? let them train!!

then, we had Bush and ENRON trying to fuck with California during the 1990s phony energy crisis...

Texas, now a place full of devout Christians is just plain crazy backwards and does not deserve to be part of the USA until they come to their senses...

I'd feel safer in Iraq!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dixie Chicken

If you'll be my dixie chicken, I'll be your Tennessee lamb

so I started off the Bigfoot thing as a lark, but soon discovered it was no larking may think I'm full of malarky, but as I went out to commune with Nature I found more evidence of Bigfoot....yet another broken tree!! and some spooky sounds

this was on a trail and the branch was up there about 12 ft I can only assume that the Coastal Bigfoot hangs out in the wooded Summerland area and swims to Anacapa Island for a fox lunch occasionally

then I heard the sounds of a giant animal coughing up in the scared the shit outta me so I ran back to the truck and got my hatchet just in case.. I was able to record the sound but unable to see the was ambling across the was coughing from Lillie's to Ellen's....

are these just coincidences or ??? or something else..sumthing bigger than you or me

and while I was wandering around I got evidence of red finches using purple thistle seeds for their nests...the finches are very fast and it's easier to photograph a dragonfly..but lucky for me I got three finches working the purple thistle....picking out the soft silky was will never see photos like this ever anywhere

Courting males sing softly while hopping and fluffing feathers in front of the female, often holding a twig or grass stem in the beak. If things go well, the next step is a short flight about one foot straight up, followed by drooping the wings and pointing his beak to the sky. Mating may follow

another example of native finches using non-native thistle for food and nests...native and non-native are just  labels some people misuse to denude the hillsides and kill animals....these flowers and birds need each other

but I got a and Bigfoot will correct these mistakes made by the native cult...we will restore Nature back to her balance, not man's balance...if Nature wants the hills full of delightful licorice-scented fennel, so be it...
 and once I gain Bigfoot's trust, I will put my plan into action..

and you folks up at the Botanic Garden eating your cheese and sipping your wine, gushing over your little native plants...

well, a coupla big hairy angry apes are about to pay you a visit

Saturday, May 16, 2015


at times I just don't know how you could be anything but beautiful....

ok so Shave IT Inc is honoring business women...really? Shave It ? geez

I like the beach..the sand and the water bring me solace in an oft-times ugly, confusing and troubling off the sand and the sea in Marina Del Rey..or here in Carp or Santa Barbara..all beach towns..our affinity with the water..the sea and the womb are one and the same chemically...

you could say the beach is a womb with a view..

I go to the beach often and like to take pictures of the various natural beauty scenes..but now I learn that taking pictures of girls or women at the beach makes me a pervert...but why? is it my fault that I take pictures of nature and there happens to be a near-naked woman sunning herself on the sand? so I try to get a good shot and she happens to be in the way, what am I supposed to do, ask her to move? pick her up and place her a few feet over?

and why should I have to ask permission to take a picture? it's free cuntry ain't it? I didn't invent these little digital it my fault I find them handy and useful?

my Masterpiece!

well, I'm not a pervert or at least no worse than any one else..besides, what kind of a girl goes to the beach, takes most of her clothes off, lies there in a bikini that's crawling up her ass and prances around in front of me ...I'll tell ya what kinda kinda girl!

the girls I photograph know I'm doing it and they never say a thing..they may look over at me and giggle or touch their tits and asses or something...but they know I'm just a guy with a camera..and they mainly ignore me, as usual..and they haven't yet called the cops

so I got an eye for beauty...and is there anything more beautiful than a woman on the beach???

not that that is why I take my camera to the's mainly for nature shots...

as you can plainly see

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Thrill Is Gone

it's gone away for good..

after the rains, the Channel Islands were so clear...I've never seen Anacapa Island and the ocean look so surreal...I got my telescope out and spied two figures on top of Anacapa...Bigfoot??

two Bigfoot!
wait a minute...did Wendy buy Noozhawk? or did Noozhawk buy out Wendy's think-tank?
Wendy..the thrill is gone

ok so we got two illiterate dunces, Andy Caldwell and Lanny Ebenstein, writing opinions..the same opinion in different media outlets...and as you know, opinions are like we got Lanny's opinion in Noozhawk and Andy's opinion in Noozhwak and the News-Press..but in the News-Press, Andy is the Guest Asshole while over at Noozwack he's just a regular asshole conservative-type asshole...

so the question is why do I have to look at the same asshole in two differnt publications?? the only logical conclusion I can draw is conservatives are assholes!

I've written to the FCC to see if I can get rid of these assholes...somebody should consider my feelings for once...

so speaking of assholes, teabagger Chuck Norris thinks Obama is about to invade Texas and is going to conduct special ops near Chuck's Texas ranch...Chuck is 75 years old and has no career other than selling exercise equip..and some really bad movies to highlight his nonexistant acting ability...

and yes he's had a ton of facelifts...maybe he's gonna marry Bruce Jenner when Bruce turns into a woman...

but to suggest that the USA is going to invade Texas and start blowing it up and shooting people and..

hmmmm..well the feds did raid the Channel Islands and harass a teenage girl and drove the ranchers out years ago..and killed thousands of animals with the Nature Conservancy...and no one was prosecuted but rather hailed as heros for saving a little retarded fox

wait a minute..maybe Chuck is right and the feds are the assholes...yes that's it..the Channel Island Park Service and the Nature Conservancy are the assholes...

wait a minute, maybe not..they saved the Channel Island fox which may have brought Bigfoot to the islands..

hey, maybe Bigfoot is the real asshole!!