Friday, May 31, 2013

Papa, Don't Preach

Papa don't preach, I'm in trouble deep
Papa don't preach, I've been losing sleep

I pull this picture out every now and then... a drunk guy ran up on the sidewalk, hit the wall, and crashed into a car in a driveway where kids Carp across from 7/11..the drunk could barely stand up...exercising his freedom and God-given rights as an American..another drunk American

just another drunk American

so I see a Montecito resident-Martin Maguire-was exercising his freedom driving his SUV on Old Coast Highway by the Montecito golf course...some other folks were also enjoying their freedom with a motorcycle ride on the same little highway....Maguire was allegedly driving drunk and crashed into the motorcyclists..he crossed over the center line into their lane because he was too drunk to see straight.....he is in his fifties...certainly old enough to know better...this info is from the reports...

drunk driving is no accident

the folks on the motorcycle suffered severe injuries

and this is what we can expect...horrific drunks causing such destruction but before cops can draw a blood sample, they need a "search warrant"...

and this was no accident..this was willful...and Maguire the dumbass should be charged with attempted murder if the allegations are true

and I guarantee if Maguire had been pulled over before he crashed into the motorcyclists, people would be crying about the cops abusing his "civil rights"...hey Marty, I know a real good DUI lawyer you could call!!!

one-armed bandits
make your mark!

next I see the Chumash Injuns have given a whopping $6000 to a Safe and Sober grad night for teens-the Chumash always come out with press releases about how much they give back to the community after taking a fortune from drunk gamblers..what a scam...
"Teens and young adults are going to celebrate the night they graduate and, for many, that celebration is going to be unsupervised and it will include alcohol, drugs and/or other risky behaviors," said Miren Armenta, the event’s chairperson and mother of a graduating senior. "I for one, will rest easy next Friday night since I will know exactly where my son is at and that I will see him, tired but happy, on Saturday morning."

this press release was in the Independent and right next to the story was a liquor ad!!

what teens are going to get loaded and high on Graduation night?? the ones whose parents spend all their time at the casino, that's who...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hot Stuff

hot stuff..yeah..ooohhh... hot stuff

under a cloud of ethics violations-real ones-my hot girl Michelle Bachmann is gonna retire from politics and Congress...apparently she was skimming funds from her campaign donations to pay for beauty treatments...Michelle will join her counselor hubby Marcus, whose practice helps turn gay people back into heterosexuals, in focusing on the family...this will thusly turn America back to the values she was founded upon....well it's about time!!!

now Michelle may be loopy and naive as a little girl, but I enjoyed watching her skewer Texas Gov Rick Perry during the Republican presidential debates...she killed him!! unfortunately, Michelle is a bible thumping teabagger but only I think as a political move....I bet she rocks in the sack....HOT STUFF!!!

speaking of ethics challenged....why is Darryl Issa investigating the president? Darryl Issa..this guy is a total scam artist...the guy is creepy-the dyed jet black hair, the beady eyes, the long him and see his record! car thief, wrong way driver, weapons charge....punk

and I have never shopped at WALMART and I never will because I'm not white trash military....Walmart hates unions and now I hear they pled guilty for dumping hazardous waste in California...they will pay a fine of $81 million!!

they refused to train employees on proper handling of wastes so the underlings dumped it in the sewer or in the bushes for years which makes treatment and cleanup more expensive for you and me...

this is why we have regulations to keep these CEO assholes from polluting our state..

I did not feel the quake yesterday but i saw see, I have a wind chime in my bathroom and the reason it's in the bathroom is because it is too loud I got wooden chimes I'm in the bathroom staring at myself in the mirror when I hear the chimes tinkle..then I look over at it and they're swaying...but I didn't feel the earth move...then I hear we had an earthquake so the wind chimes are now an earthquake detector...I repurposed it!!

attracted to midgets
I find this midget lady very attractive...what does that say about me? it says I like a little pussy every now and then!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

California Nights

And there will be beneath the midnight sky above
Just you and me, and we will whisper words of love
While the fire light softly flickers in the sand.

oh how I love Lesley Gore with the passion of a thousand suns!

Huntington Beach is an iconic beach town in California...the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean sang about it...the beach culture is what California is all's why we moved here..the weather and the beach....everyone loves the beach....

so there's a controversy brewing in Huntington Beach over the fire pits people use at night to party....

Blazing fire pits on Huntington Beach, Calif., have ignited controversy over their possible contribution to air pollution. Air quality regulators are considering a proposal to ban beach bonfires in Southern California

a fire pit is not a bonfire but we need fires at the beach....I remember the fires we built at Shark's when we first moved here..."Groovy Kind of Love" was on the radio and we'd spend the day surfing, building drift wood fires and go home smelling like we spent the day in a smokehouse..I LOVED that smell!!

there's a smell coming from the avocado groves in Carpinteria by Rancho Monte Alegre...this is another aroma I can't live all comes down to how she smells, I guess..

but anyway, banning the fire pits is stupid...a fire at the beach makes life enchanting...watching the grunnion run, having sex at the beach under the moonlight in a sleeping bag with your girlfriend....with a California Girl....awesome!!!

The proposition has sparked a bitter dispute between those who see the bonfires as a treasured slice of California coastal culture and those who say they are a smoky health hazard for millions.

More immediately, the debate has fueled an increasingly personal spat between residents of two neighboring beach cities known worldwide for their luxurious stretches of sand, surfing and sun-kissed weather.

geez, does that mean all those beach BBQ pits would have to go Carp, Summerland and Santa Barbara??

Huntington Beach and its supporters launched a campaign - "Keep Your Mitts Off Our Pits" - and spearheaded an online petition with nearly 8,500 signatures so far. State and local politicians have also waded into an escalating war of words that is increasingly being cast as a showdown between NIMBY-happy residents of Newport Beach and the scrappier middle-class surf haven to its north.

In a sign of the mounting tension, the chairman of the regional air quality board was pilloried by fire pit supporters after he angrily compared the smoke from Newport Beach's bonfires to "carpet bombing" during the Vietnam War during a public hearing. The South Coast Air Quality Management District board votes on the ban next month.

with millions of cars moving thru California daily, why are people suddenly worried pollution from a few fire pits???

fires at the beach are a long California fun tradition..woe to those who try to snuff them out!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Ghosts of War

a ribbon of red flows though the streams and the wheat fields
and covers the graves of the soldiers who have died for the ghosts of war

and if you sell hate, I'll sell hope
for the strange fruit of fear swings at the end of a rope...shadows of the ghosts of war

and I will not fight unless I'm cut first
then you will see all of my blood-thirst....blood of the ghosts of war

this is Memorial Day..a day to remember all the heroes who fought, bled and died in wars to keep us keep you little brats free to drink beer and be slackers at the beach....Deep Magazine, a publication of the Coastal View folks, is sponsoring a Beer Festival at Linden field in August I may have to crash that little party...thump some drunk surfer dudes.....glorifying booze is so don't need beer to have fun, or wine, or Tequila, or Vodka...hey a Vodka that sounds like fun!

freedom comes with a great responsibility....arms open wide

now I ride around, biking on a lovely Sunday and see some families with kids...some tents pitched on the grass..or having fun on Sunday at the beach..

I reflect on Memorial Day..and this freedom I've got

do I have blood on my hands? I see the News-Press has tons of stories about the military, the war heroes,  Ronald Reagan and his warship, the USS Ronald Reagan..did Reagan serve in the military?

Ronald Wilson Reagan enrolled in a series of home-study Army Extension Courses on 18 March 1935. After completing 14 of the courses, he enlisted in the Army Enlisted Reserve on 29 April 1937, as a Private assigned to Troop B, 322nd Cavalry at Des Moines, Iowa. He was appointed Second Lieutenant in the Officers Reserve Corps of the Cavalry on 25 May 1937. On June 18 of that year Reagan, who had just moved to Los Angeles to begin his film career, accepted his Officer’s Commission and was assigned to the 323rd Cavalry.

Lieutenant Reagan was ordered to active duty on 19 April 1942. Due to eyesight difficulties, he was classified for limited service only, which excluded him from serving overseas.

oh so Reagan had some eyesight issues like Bernie Taupin!

freedom...who will fight for it??

did anyone at the News-Press serve? was Nipper a draft dodger? or maybe he can't see either

maybe it's time we all opened our eyes...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Polk Salad Annie

gator got your granny...chomp..chomp..chomp

ok so here's another fear-inducing plant for the nativists to hate..hemlock!! hemlock has been popping up on the hillsides in spring forever and now it's an evil weed!! hahha

serpent slithers Saturday

naturally I love it because it smells so good and is harmless to touch, just don't eat it..but according to the News-Press and Bruce Reed, hemlock is verrrry dangerous..why, just looking at it can kill some folks!

he claims there is "anecdotal evidence" that some kids have died from ingesting bullshit..and he says the best way to get rid of the weed is with herbicides!! POISON!! he suggested the same cure for Cape Ivy that grows near the creeks around town...

hemlock...sons of the evil ones

dickweed Bruce Reed works as a gardener for the Botanic Gardens and works for Wendy writing gibberish about plants: native vs non-native....and oh how he demonizes non-natives because they always seem to pick on native other words, non-native plants are bullies!!! and Bruce Reed was raised on an organic farm in the Lompoc valley, and received his B.A. at Westmont College-WESTMONT??? he's a fucking Christian! 

Parable of the Weeds

"Jesus told them another parable : "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared."

"Then He left the crowd and went into the house. His disciples came to Him and said, 'Explain to us the parable of the weeds in the field.'"

"He answered, 'The one who sowed the good seed is the Son of Man. The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the sons of The Kingdom. The weeds are the sons of the evil one, and the enemy who sows them is the devil..

thistle seeds ready to take flight as Nature intends

the weeds are the sons of the evil ones.....of course it's all nonsense and a particular psychosis that these folks suffer from...luckily they can't kill all the species they hate....many plants have properties to protect them, especially the bully plants like thistle..bull thistle is something to admire but not touch...and hemlock, or poison hemlock has allegedly killed only two people that I'm aware of..Socrates and some chick in Washington...most people who are out hiking know what to chew on and what not to chew you wouldn't eat thistles would you.... no you wouldn' it's best to eat only what you know like the greens from a grocery store...or iffn you're walking down the river and spot some polk salad, jes pick yourself a mess of bom bom...salad....

here's a California native plant that can kill ya!!

California Buckeye (Aesculus Californica)

This deciduous shrub produces white or pink flowers with long stamens that extend past the petals of the flower. This shrub also yields a fruit that looks like leathery capsules, each containing 1 to 3 large brown seeds. The Glycoside esculin and saponin aescin contained in the California buckeye are highly toxic and can be fatal if eaten. The symptoms of ingesting this plant include muscular weakness, paralysis, dialated pupils, vomiting, diarrhea, depression and stupor.
now the best way to control weed overgrowth is to get some goats roaming around the hills... they like rhubarb, oleander and other plants that are supposedly deadly....I'd love to see goats in the hills..they could control the weeds and serve as lunch for a coyote!!

the point being there's no reason to panic if you see hemlock on the hillsides..unless you're Socrates.....

Saturday, May 25, 2013

sorry seems to be the hardest word

what do I do when lightning strikes me??

should I apologize to Elton John's lyricist Bernie Taupin for calling him a washed up old Santa Ynez Valley drunk cowboy? well I don't know.. I don't have all the facts and can only piece together little bits of information..some from the DA Joyce Dudley who won't file any charges and some from Bernie's lawyer, Darryl Genis..but I'm still not ready to say I'm sorry Bernie...

the whole thing that happened on that fateful night is like Benghazi only nobody got's hard to know what was going on because the reporting was so atrocious...and I don't see Bernie coming on the blogs and explaining all I can gather is someone was driving a pick-up truck and that someone drove into a barbed wire fence in the dead of night up in cow country, Santa Ynez..the cops were involved and arrested Bernie for DUI

Genis says that the cops messed up and Bernie was not DUI , but has trouble with his night vision and his hearing being 63 and all..

ok so he can't see or hear then WTF was he doing driving? at nite? don't you have to be able to see and hear to can you pass a license exam if you're deaf, dumb and blind?? these are questions that need to be answered and if I have to I'll get a whole nother Darryl, Darryl Issa to get to the bottom of it....

but really what would Bernie be if not for Elton's musical gifts..probably just another polo horse groomer...meanwhile I hear that Bernie just released his autobiography "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"...maybe this was all a ruse to sell books??

It's sad, it's so sad
It's a sad, sad situation
And it's getting more and more absurd....

Friday, May 24, 2013

26 miles

Twenty- six miles across the sea
Santa Catalina is a-waitin' for me

Catalina Island Conservancy

ok the bionativists are scrambling to explain why native bald eagles are nesting in non-native eucalyptus trees....just like some folks couldn't understand why there was a statue of Santa Claus on Santa Claus Lane, some idiots can't figure out why bald eagles like eucalyptus trees... the reasons are many but I was comparing the Catalina Island Conservancy with the Nature Conservancy and the Parks Service and the contrast could not be sharper....

feral honeybees are always welcome in my garden!

the Catalina Island Conservancy takes the most reasoned approach (altho still a little alien-species crazy) to wildland management and should be the model others conservationsists follow..

while the Nature Conservancy had Craig McCaw on its board and is in the pocket of BP oil, the Catalina Island Conservancy is fact, I don't recognize one name on the CIC board but I will say they all are doing a fantastic job!

here's a look at the Catalina Island approach

Non-Native Animals
Q: Does the Conservancy have a plan to get rid of all non-native animals?
A: No. The bison, as an example, are a part of the cultural fabric of the Island and based on a scientific study, the Conservancy manages the herd at between 150 and 200 animals, which is healthy both for the herd and the Island ecosystem. Further, the Conservancy has no plan to ban pets from the portion of the Island it stewards, but rather, to work collaboratively with stakeholders to minimize negative impacts to wildlife at the places where pets and wildlife may come in contact. The interaction between the Island’s non-native deer and the plant communities is currently being studied, with the Conservancy implementing a hunting program through a Private Lands Management agreement with the California Department of Fish and Game. It is important to note that the Conservancy has no jurisdiction over the parts of the Island it does not steward, such as the City of Avalon and Santa Catalina Island Company holdings.

Non-Native Plants
Q: Does the Conservancy have a plan to get rid of all non-native plants on the Island?
A: No. Besides not having jurisdiction over portions of the Island it doesn’t steward, the Conservancy could not get rid of all the non-native plants on the Island if it wanted to; there are too many with too wide a range to eradicate. What the Conservancy has done is to map non-native plants and to rank them, with the most highly invasive and easiest to eradicate or control being at the top of the list. Left to their own devices, highly invasive non-native plants, which pose a threat to wildlife by pushing out native plants they depend upon, would dominate the Island, including killing off the native plant communities that make Catalina unique. The Eucalyptus trees found along Old Stagecoach road are non-native, but are not highly invasive, and because of this and theirplace in the cultural heritage of the Island, are not targeted for replacement except when they die of natural causes.

it's refreshing to hear that kind of thinking instead of the kill everything mentality by the National Parks Service...

but propaganda from the National Parks Service and Nature Con continues.....

the NPS and Nature Conservancy both put the CON in conservancy...each wreaked havoc and continue their lies with public announcements about the "rebounding foxes"...but in reality, the NPS and Nature Con are guilty of this - introducing mites to kill feral honeybees, dropping poison from helicopters to kill rats, chopping down eucalyptus trees. shooting pigs and deer from helicopters, trapping feral cats, trapping and harassing golden eagles, and countless other crimes against Nature, it is long past time for a change in management of the Channel Islands- and Russell Galipeau and Kate Faulkner should be the first to be fired for their destruction of numerous species in the name of bionativism.. and they should be tried in a court of law

the Channel Islands co-conspirators, the National Parks Service and Nature Conservancy are to be condemned as well as PETA and the US Humane Society who were strangely silent on the animal slaughter disguised as a restoration

however, the Catalina Island Conservancy should bee celebrated for their successful stewardship of Catalina Island

Thursday, May 23, 2013

around the bend

there's a place up ahead and I'm going, just  as fast as my feet can fly

well I decided to install a dash cam in my truck like the Grand Jury asked us to do...everybody needs to install one, not just the cops..that was the ruling... just so you know..

anyway, I thought it would be fun to pretend to be a potential drunk driver....a quick trip around the block to see how many obstacles I could possibly hit...going up around the bend....

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Light My Fire

the time to hesitate is through

oh boy...that organ intro in Light My Fire...that solo in the middle of the long version...that VOX Continental Combo organ...that was Ray Manzarek of course...lifting a bit of Bach and turning it into a rock classic....a song I've heard many times on FM radio..the long version..I always turn it's a great song...the Doors

here's a picture of Annalynne McCord-she is in her little Mini Cooper after an accident..she was sober, 21 and she's the kind of girl you write songs C'mon baby light my fire....


I read that Kate Walters was driving drunk..I saw the story on Noozhawk ...nobody was crying about police brutality on this one

then on EDHAT...and Roger the Scanner guy first reported it and a group called the Urban hikers had a story and some outstanding pictures..this is street, guerrilla reporting at its best!!!

the incident started in Gelson's parking lot where Kate was coming out of Harry's Cafe after some stiff drinks and disorderly conduct, and was arguing with someone and they got in her car-there was a little boy in the car-and Kate drove off drunk and crashed a few blocks later, into a lampost, injuring the little boy..the little boy is her son

so there's lots of questions about culpability here...the buck stops with Kate of course..but Harry's Plaza Cafe serves intoxicating drugs (alcohol) with cute names like White Russians and Bahama Mamas....a few of those and you're drunk.....should the hosts at Harry's have called the cops on Kate before she got into her car?? of course they should have...and they did, but not soon enough or forcefully enough...CITIZEN'S ARREST!!! and what about all those yuppiemuppies who were so concerned about Tony DeNunzio in the same parking lot...were they not concerned about that little boy in a car with his drunken mother driving??

and the cops responded but only AFTER Kate left and crashed and injured her son..apparently they got a search warrant which allowed a blood draw sample from Kate...see, the new law says cops can't draw blood from a DUI suspect unless you crash drunk and hurt a little kid because that's a violation of your rights...nice job Supreme Court...wimps

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

dazed and confused

whahh.....whaah...whoooaahhh....(Page's guitar sound)

well let's take a look at some things I don't understand....things I find confusing...the first sentence in Andy Caldwell's  sloppy News-Press editorial was unintelligible- meaning I didn't get it....

certainly Andy passed  basic English class in 2nd grade but who knows with this kind of mental phrasing!! using "multitude" and "communities" twice in the same sentence..geez

there's some pics in CASA mag of Kathy Ireland and boy her bosoms, her bazoomas, her cha-chas, her neeners, her shlobes are big!! that right one is speaking to me!! YOWZA Kathy...implants? I don't know but I'd like to peruse them for an hour or so..Kathy I love you..I always have and I always will...ohhhhh, Kathy if you were here now, I'd XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!

and  there's that weird Andrew Firestone guy...the Batchelor ...always doing the faggy society hosting duties...and he's here with the gay dude from the Dream Foundation...I know Andrew has a trophy wife and all, but you can't tell me he's not gay...I wonder if Brooks approves of a gay son??? I bet he'd sayXXXXXXXX

and it looks like Bernie Taupin who is worth about $300 million has enlisted the help of DUI lawyer Darryl Genis-according to DG, Bernie was not drunk-he was writing a song while driving his pick- up truck in the cold black Santa Ynez night...on a  rural road, Bernie got dazed and confused and has some allergies and hearing issues which all told could have fooled the cops into thinking Bernie was drunk and driving...a series on Bernie's arrest will appear in the News-Press and Bernie has hired Peter Lance to do an investigative series on the sheriff's deputy who arrested him!! the story will be that the cop was a former KGB agent who planted heroin on every inmate in the county jail and raped every female inmate in the Men's Colony up in SLO town...

oh shit Bernie..really? why not be a man like Cat Cora and step up and accept responsibility for your actions and promise it will never happen again....instead of all this media attention..oh media attention...I there's no such thing as bad publicity

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mary, Mary

where you going to?

you have to be a retardataire to run to the News-Press for help!

well I was trying to follow a loopy story by Scott Steepleton in the was about a gal from Carpinteria named Mary Methmann...Mary is accused of stealing money: $50 from work where she was employed as a clerk for the Sheriff's office... and $10000 from a private residence in Goleta...

Mary called the News-Press to tell her story and spills her guts about it's all a mistake and a set up and her brother was killed and the feds are bothering her children and she was attacked on the Carp Bluffs and slipped a disc while fighting off her assailant...and she can't work shift work because she gets anxiety attacks and her body can't adjust...geez I worked day swing and graveyard in my work life-you deal with it..and she says she was sexually harassed by "someone" in the sheriff's office..well file a complaint girl... and the Sheriff is out to get her because she's a whistleblower.....geez!!

and then as evidence, Mary and the News-Press show a photo of a supposedly threatening anonymous note that was left on Mary's door calling her a thief...notice the note was written in very girly neat penmanship and looked so fake or staged I think I'm gonna call a handwriting expert to see if Mary actually wrote it..hey, I think I'll call James Blanco!!

the story by Steepleton was not up to any real reporter's a matter of fact it was a mishmash of unrelated jibberish....embarassing...horrible... a hack job and Mary comes across as crazy, neurotic and needy... well maybe she is..her first mistake was going to the News-Press like Peter Lance did... Pete has no credibility as an investigative journalist now..none....and Mary's goose is cooked too!

Mary goes on and on about this and that and all the excuses she comes up with about the allegations against her make her sound guilty...not good if she goes to trial...

Steepleton fails to whip up any sympathy for Mary and he forgot to mention her civil case..she's got an issue with her hubby, too??

Petitioner: Mary E Methmann 07/2/2009 1338238 Respondent: Mark Methmann

it's a family law thing ... I don't know...Scott can ya help me clear all this up??

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

in the doghouse, society's hounds (that's how I heard it anyway)

gang injunction? howzabout a drunk driver injunction!!

oh so now I see Bernie Taupin got busted for DUI....well I'm a big fan of Elton and Bernie's songs, but looking at Bernie's mug shot, I'd say he's fallen on hard times..the talent has dried up and now he's an old drunk valley cowboy?? how'd that happen?? well at least he had the sense to drive Elderberrily in the boonies where only the cows and fences need to beware...well done, Bernie!!

hold me closer Tiny Dancer: Nancy Wilson of Heart remembers attending Elton John's swank 33rd birthday party in West Hollywood, where John's songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin, "repeatedly pulled me into the bathroom" and offered her cocaine. "Bernie was convinced that getting me high was the key to seducing me."

btw, the new album by Elton John is called Trains Cutting Horses...

Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters:
well I was speaking of non-profits and all the taxes they don't pay, and the News-Press had a story about the Santa Barbara County Taxpayer Association president Joe Armendariz giving a talk on how to stave off a county bankruptcy....I know... fire all the county employees and privatize!!

Joe's still sucking the tax money out of the system with the drugs and alcohol issues in the family: 05/28/2013 - 8:30 am 1422868 Joseph James Armendariz Proof of Compliance Thomas R Adams SB8

as a taxpayer Joe I am sick of babysitting your kid!!

but really Joe speaking on money issues is rather silly....his past is littered with irresponsible choices where taxpayers picked up the tab..and now all he is doing is pushing for oil development and wants to drill for oil in Monterey Bay for jobs..yeah good one, Joe!

California has real innovation from the likes of like David Geffen, Google, Apple, Zuckerburg from Facebook..well maybe not Zuck, the stock kinda sucks....we have plenty of jobs and as long as the stock market is kept honest, money will be made by investing in American companies....the economy if you hadn't noticed is rebounding from the private sector greed and fraud and has been since the Bush crash....maybe that's why conservatives are so busy looking for scandals!!!

all you need to do to become rich and afford mortgages is to invent an app..invent a new app and you'll be ok

Candle in the Wind: anti-union News-Press owner Wendy McCuckoo instructed her interns from the highly anal and conservative Young Miss America Foundation to perform sexual acts with dogs from the non-profit SEXY PAWS in front of Operations Manager Don Katich and videotape it..the tape was sent to the Teamster's Union and the union up and quit representing the newsroom-that's the real story!! well Wendy has been crying about the union ever since she lost her marbles so who can she blame for the waning readers and loss of income? ME!!!

Friends: well I was looking at Peter Lance's facebook page and he's got lotsa friends! there's the aforementioned Don Katich from the News-Press, there's fellow drunk driver Cat Cora..there's Palmintieri from KEYT....there's ol Chic Streetman and lots of rightwing kooks like Tammy Bruce and some FOX NEWS nitwits

now, with a drunk driver injunction if two or more drunks were seen at a scene together they could be busted...if Bernie, Joe, Peter Lance, Tony DeNunzio and Cat Cora or other penthouse paupers were seen at Bo Henry's or the Boathouse sipping brews, they could be busted!!

even if they were only drinking Elderberry wine!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Edelweiss...bless my homeland forever

the original Tea Party
well I know why the IRS was targeting the Tea Party...because of Adolf remember Adolf, the German guy who slaughtered millions of Jews, homos and gypsies...gypsies! why kill gypsies?? well I don't know I wasn't there...something about biological imbalance or nativism or something like that...

but Hitler it turns out was fond of tea parties..he'd have tea with his officers and Eva Braun up in the hills of the back country...he was a tea maniac!!

The dark allure of Adolf Hitler has turned his tea house at the top of a Bavarian mountain into one of the most visited sites in Germany.

Tourism authorities announced that over 300,000 people visited the retreat on the peak of the Kehlstein mountain which was built for him as a 50th birthday gift by Nazi party secretary Martin Bormann in 1939.
Officials said that most visitors to the mountain are Americans....

and Hitler holed up in a bunker 50 ft below ground at the end of the war...Teabaggers are paranoid too and have bunkers out in Arizona in case Obama comes to get them and that's I think were they plotted their little tax exempt schemes...why can't you be political and still pay taxes like me?? why go crying to the IRS for tax exempt status and call yourself a patriot?? if I were an IRS agent that would be a major red flag to me

let me be perfectly clear: tax-exempt organizations are a scam..non-profits, churches, veteran charities..all a scam..well not all but most..and look at all the non-profits in Santa Barbara making scads of money and not paying taxes...Channelkeepers, Heal the Ocean, Santa Barbara County Taxpayer Association, and on and on and on..all groups who pay their friends and associates and give some crumbs to their "causes"...I just found out that Elaine from Seinfeld and Heal the Ocean is a billionaire!! how much does she get from her non-profit???

such bullshit....I will delve deeper into these Santa Barbara non-profits real soon and see what shakes...why should I pay taxes when they don't??

and Hilter was an Aryan like the teabaggers...racists one and all..

so if the IRS stops scrutinizing these jokers then that leaves me to do it..I'm always the one left to do the dirty work...

I have found my eagle's Eva Braun...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

baby, you can drive my car

yes I'm gonna be a star...

so I was looking on the computer for the gal- the National Traffic Safety gal- Deborah Hersman who wants to lower the DUI limit and I hear a loud buzz overhead..I run outside and look up and there's a plane pulling a banner for Budlight beer...whenever I see a banner like that I run and grab a Bud because I'm a moron and easily influenced by some jerkoff pilot selling alcohol from the skies...

alcohol is drug and I thought what if drugs were legal and sold like alcohol and advertised like booze...would we see planes with banners Smoke WEEDlight or Snort Coke Classic Today!!

yeah probably but I was also looking at the News-Press online this morning and they are really confused about the new DUI limits..the 0.05 that is being proposed by the lovely Deborah see most of the Team Wendy members were busted for way over 0.05...all the way up to 0.23 for Travis who drove up a one way street the wrong way!!

don't worry, we'll sort all this out at future meetings


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Peaceful Waters

I was standing by peaceful waters...

just when I thought I was living in another world, another alternate universe where bad was good, good was evil, and drunk drivers were heroes, I get peaceful Tuesday...first the drive up to Lake Casitas was simply an awesome little adventure...I gotta snag a ranch up here...I see a few for sale 65 acres, 80 acres....all close to Carp and Ojai yet oh so far away...

the Casitas Municipal Water District should be commended for operating this park or lake so nicely....the Channel Islands Parks Service could take some lessons from the Casitas folks

there's no nest cams at Lake Casitas to disturb the eagles, no one is cutting down eucalyptus because they are non-native, and no stupid biologists are tagging the birds...leave them alone and watch from a's perfect for us and them..ok so you have to wash your boats to keep the quagga mussels at bay..I can live with that

Team Wendy..take note: 0.05!!
WASHINGTON, May 14 (Reuters) - The top U.S. transportation safety agency voted on Tuesday to recommend a lower blood alcohol limit for drivers, advancing its campaign to cut down on drinking-related road deaths through a stricter definition of impairment.

At a meeting in Washington, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) called on state authorities to reduce the legal limit by nearly 40 percent to 0.05 percent. All 50 U.S. states now have a blood alcohol content (BAC) limit of 0.08 percent for drivers aged 21 and over, and younger drivers are held to stricter standards.

the usual suspects
and we have the conservatives in a frenzy over some "scandals" that they say Obama caused..they want to impeach the president, and they want the Justice Dept's Eric Holder to resign and oh how they cry and tell me I should be concerned about the Contitution and Obama's abuse of power...all of this is silly blather from the likes of Rinse Preebus, Karl Rove and Darryl Issa, a convicted car thief who gave us Arnold for Governor!!

first of all, all tax exempt organizations should be scrutinized since so many are frauds; Benghazi is a non-issue as we are still Ugly Americans to many...we can't control what happens in Libya

and the AP whimpering about something...if reporters would get their stories right half the time, the White House wouldn't have to monitor them...but reporting has gone tabloid and gotten very lazy...
Rinse Preebus?? please....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


lost or found....
there's a big field I walk in and feel like a kid again....the wind is blowing softly over the lake and the sun is bright and warm..and I see the Eucalyptus trees that..are they..yes, they are...I get out the binoculars and see for the first time in my life a bald eagle in the same space and time as me..I'm transformed and mesmerized...a guy walks up and I share my binocs with him..we marvel at the birds...he walks on...

keeping a respectful distance, I see a lone eagle watching over the area in one euc..and I see- but barely- in the other euc some chicks and possibly the mom the lone eagle must be the dad....
I watched for an hour and he remained perched...I was so in the moment that it appeared the world had stopped turning so I could witness this ...he was well hidden but visible enough for a few shots..... and then I left....forever changed...again

pet sounds

wouldn't it be nice?

oh so the animal issue in the News-Press on Sunday was just a big glossy advertisment section for Wendy and her veterinary friends...and Wayne Pacelle from the US Humane Society and #69 from the Animal Rescue 'em to Death Place...basically a bunch of non-profits that kiss Wendy's ass and benefit from her donations...geez what a bunch of scammers these folks are...can't they at least be honest?? I guess not..and wow there's more animal clinics in Santa Barbara than bars almost!! fleas and booze!!!

you may remember when I confronted Wayne, Wendy and Nipper at Wayne's book signing party in the upper village..I exposed them for the hypocrites they are..yes I did

Wayne's World

now ever since I voiced my concern that Erin Graffy was out to get Lorraine D Wilson, possibly plotting to push her down the Granada stairs in a little "accident", things have changed...Lorraine wrote the society stories for the News-Press and then she got sick (hmmm, wonder how that happned, Erin?) then Erin Graffy came in to take over..then Lorriane got better and came back but Erin still got top billing on the Society page until Sunday..Lorraine's on top now and Erin's the bottom...Erin's on the bottom, hehehe

so anyway, Lorraine writes about the Jewish Federation..geez isn't WWII over?? Hitler is dead and the allies won but the SB Jews got their Federation like I'm
"I love studs!"
supposed to be afraid of them..their money and their power?? well I would never date a Jewish girl because they are too snotty and I'm not Jewish and I'm not rich so I ain't got a prayer with Jewish girl...but what makes them so special I wonder...really now I'm curious and I wanna fuck a Jewish girl real bad...I wanna feel special...

but how would that happen?? how does one go about that, I wonder?? how does one approach a Jewish gal? with a wad of cash?? a new horse??

Monday, May 13, 2013

God Only Knows

what I'd be without you...

Brian Wilson wrote it and Carl Wilson sang it...those were the real Beach Boys days...apparently Mike Love and Bruce Johnstone are prancing around as the Beach Boys with a gig at the Chumash Casino sans Brian...the BBs are no more and Brian Wilson has nixed any more reunions so I don't know what Mike and Bruce are doing...other than capitalizing on Brian Wilson's fame and talent

hey I was looking through some photos and I realized I

inadvertently snatched a shot of Priscilla, the chick who tried to block me from taking pictures of dead Andrew Breitbart at the Montecito Country Club luncheon a few years ago..I got this shot of 'Cilla at the MCC Cat Cora chowder contest last year while I was trying to get the other chicks' leg shots! Priscilla, clutching her camera, barged into the frame but I did get some nice legs... man oh man!!

Priscilla takes photos of all the society folks for the Montecito Journal which ties into our story below...

well I see that some private dicks are dicking with each other...Bo Henry's Lizard Lounge proprietor, Robert Eringer is suing the Mega Group Private Investigators for God only knows what....I get dizzy trying to keep track of the Team Wendy lawsuits....but it seems like a Peyton Place kinda thing with daughters and sons-in-law and I'm gonna find out what the hell is going in...

until then, here's a look at the new barkeep's files and all the conspircy theories a la Peter Lance... Lance and Eringer have the same investigative reporting styles, ie, they make things up!!
According to Salon, Eringer attended four colleges but never earned a degree. Prior to working as an independent contractor for Prince Albert II of Monaco, Eringer formerly served as a freelance writer for the Santa Barbara News Press and several British tabloids including News of the World. According to Salon, Eringer also wrote a handful of spy novels published by an obscure publishing house (National Press Books) and more obscure publishers in South Carolina. Eringer’s fiction drew no attention, "except from a few equally obscure reviewers and publicists, at least one of whom was paid to spam the Internet with disingenuous praise for Eringer’s books...

apparently, his family had made a small fortune selling the family bakery business. His mother and father had given each child a chunk and then moved to Monaco.

ohh so mommy and daddy gave Eringer his money! hahaha

and he worked for corrupt FOX NEWS owner Rupert Murdoch:

"I used to follow his Twitter and Formspring posts," says one woman who used to be associated with Eringer. "But his blog posts are too much lately. He’s got it out for women and posts disrespectful and even hateful things about the wives of people he dislikes. I don’t want to be associated with a guy like that—on or offline."
pip pip???

Robert Eringer has made a living consulting for various big-name enterprises and people, from Murdoch’s corrupt and now defunct News of the World to Ringling Brothers and the Feld Family, and, more recently, Prince Albert II of Monaco. But in an alarming series of blogs about President Putin’s wife, Eringer has shown he’s not a female-friendly blogger, and pointedly discredits women in his attacks against his opponents.

"Vladimir Putin’s wife is the current target of Eringer’s posts, but prior to that it was Prince Albert of Monaco’s wife, Charlene Wittstock. It was Eringer who spread the ludicrous rumors that Charlene tried to flee the Principality rather than marry Prince Albert," said an insider familiar with Eringer’s behavior. "Just look at the phrasing of his blog and you can see it’s the same diatribe over and over. Charlene was the Prisoner Princess. Now Lyudmila Putin is "missing" and "pregnant." He’s clearly very disturbed."

This leads to the question: Does Robert Eringer Hate Women?

"Most likely," a psychologist familiar with the behavior of British paparazzi suggested. "Mr. Eringer is curiously silent about his own wife," Elizabeth Eringer, "although he does post effusively doting blogs about his daughter, Claire Elizabeth Eringer, who’s married to Marcus Boyle and recently had a child."

ok shit we got Eringer and the MJ's Richard Mineards, both working for Wendy and Rupert Murdoch at one time...Rupert Murdoch is a fucking I'll be looking closely at Mineards and Eringer and Priscilla in future posts..real close..I will flush out these cursed tabloid pigeons from hell if it's the last thing I do!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

grazing in the grass

is a gas baby/ can you dig it!

well I suppose it had to happen..Wendy would spend Mother's Day using the News-Press to celebrate...animal moms!

that's right.... to the cows and pigs and chickens out there Happy Mother's Day!!

even a nut from PETA chimed in with a Saturday piece about animal moms...his plea to humans was not to eat meat or drink milk or eat eggs when you take mom out for brunch on Sunday..instead, make it a vegan brunch....I guess if you have Eggs Benedict it's animal abuse because the chicken suffered emotionally when you took its I of course have no problems eating eggs with a nice big juicy steak..never have and never will

we've been aborting millions of American babies over the years so why get excited about a few chicks that end up on my breakfast platter??

ok so Wendy fancies her self an animal lover..swell..we all love animals...but I'm not gonna wish a Happy Mother's Day to a cow unless your mom is a pig, then ok..

but really, I can't figure these people out.....some animals like wildebeests are made for grazing and being killed by lions for food...that's nature's way...animals die bloody deaths and are eaten sometimes half-alive by the predator...and besides, PETA didn't lift a finger to stop the Channel Island pig slaughter neither did Wendy...

so when PETA and Wendy-types assign human characteristics to animals like that psycho pet psychic chick does, it's simply a fantasy and worse a fallacy.....any attachment to offspring is a survival want the species to continue..there's no little piggie melodrama going on...this isn't a fucking DISNEY movie!!

in other words, pigs don't sing to their piglets..pigs are pigs and yes there are mom pigs but I defy you to find the father of that piglet..could be anyone....pigs are really promiscuous little porkers

is your mom a pig? have her email me, ok?