Wednesday, November 30, 2011

hound dog

have you heard my 999 plan?

I bet Herman Cain will drop out of the presidential race because he ain't nothin' but a hound dog...

I was going to check out Tony Denunzio hearing on Tuesday but instead I installed a new oven range took all morning because it was a pain in the ass, but after I finished, I was pleased...sometimes you have to be a handyman instead of a candyman like Herman! and now that I have a new range hood, I baked some cookies for Tony!!

I wonder why cops go to work equipped with guns, handcuffs, tasers, batons, think maybe it's a dangerous job??

oh yeah, my 999 plan..well...

I looked in DeNews-Press for two straight days and not one word on a Santa Barbara cop!

why do some women inject silicon into their lips? they want bigger mouths??

are the native only cult members going to chop down all the eucalyptus trees at the Coronado Butterfly Preserve in Goleta?

there's the Dream Foundation again granting a dream to a 72 year old guy to display his artwork in a gallery....geez.... after 72 years and he never got his art in a gallery?? what ever happened to initiative...

like this young lady who caused a fuss in Kansas when she criticized Governor Sam Brownback in a twitter tweet.....Emma Sullivan said she wouldn't apologize after the school principal told her to....Emma told Brownback he sucked for reducing funding for art!! yeah, he does suck!! good for you speech is a right and when used properly, can expose these jackasses and make them wet their panties...fortunately the governor apologized to Emma for over-reacting to the teen being a teen!

so nobody wants to hear my 999 plan? okay

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


the tribe has spoken

it seems Peter Lance has a history of investigating people for the most insignificant things...and writing books about them...and blowing issues way out of proportion to reality....
remember back when "Survivor" debuted...everyone was watching as Richard Hatch plotted and schemed back-stabbed and finally won the game..

well another contestant, a lawyer named Stacy Stillman, claimed she was booted off the island illegally and sued CBS and Mark Burnett, the executive producer for trying to influence the other contestants....

from the web:
Stillman says Burnett persuaded two other contestants to vote her off the South China Sea island where the competition took place, protecting 72-year- old Rudy Boesch, who was popular with older viewers.
CBS has denied the allegations, and contends in its lawsuit that Stillman made false accusations that have damaged the show. The studio also asserts that Stillman breached a confidentiality agreement.
Corporate trainer Richard Hatch won the contest's first $1 million prize, and CBS is broadcasting the second "Survivor" series, set in the Australian Outback.

In court papers filed in San Francisco, CBS lawyers said Stillman had "explicit and repeated warnings" that she was barred from filing the lawsuit anywhere but Los Angeles.
"Although the $1,000,000 grand prize on 'Survivor' eluded her, Stillman devised a plan to seek an even bigger bonanza by promoting herself, while simultaneously attacking the show and its producers, in a coast-to-coast publicity campaign," the motion to transfer the case states.

another day, another book
Millions of people tuned in to see the outcome of CBS' reality show, Survivor, which was won by a Machiavellian schemer named Richard Hatch. While the rest of America spent the summer of 2000 mesmerized by Rich's antics, Hatch spent the summer being interviewed exhaustively by five time Emmy award-winning investigative reporter and bestselling author Peter Lance.

Lance was slated to ghostwrite the tell-all book for which St. Martin's Press was willing to pay $500,000. But the book deal fell apart at the last minute because Hatch failed to disclose the full extent of the Draconian contract he had signed with CBS, although Hatch had known for days what the so-called "permission letter" really said: CBS demanded the right to edit the book line by line, and to delete anything it didn't like. Devastated by the depth of the lies he had been told, Lance began to dig a little deeper into the background of Hatch and began interviewing people about what really happened on the Island. As the former Chief Investigative Correspondent for ABC News, Lance was well-qualified for the task. What he found shocked him: evidence that might indicate that the outcome of Survivor may have been manipulated by CBS.

an Amazon review:
Seventy-one million Americans watched Richard Hatch win $1 million on the Survivor television series during the summer of 2000. He was the brilliant strategist and ruthless manipulator that viewers loved to hate. Then Hatch's $500,000 book deal to spill the inside secrets of his Survivor strategies and his life story got throttled by CBS. Trampled in the scuffle was Hatch's cowriter, five-time Emmy-winning investigative journalist Peter Lance. Hatch had led him to believe that CBS permission was in the bag, and Lance had already spent months working on the book when the deal died. So Lance went ahead and wrote his own book, full of those delectably greasy little details that Survivor fans hunger for, and including his own first-person observations. He provides a day-by-day commentary on the series, exposes several sides of Richard Hatch that we didn't see, and offers disturbing evidence that CBS manipulated events and people.....

The book's organization seems hasty and haphazard at times, with topics frequently raised in one chapter and revisited in is atrociously edited and hardly a page goes by without major typos and misspellings. The organization is non-existent. Mr. Lance is much given to "More on THIS later" type statements, only there never is any "more." The author constantly zings Hatch with "you knew how to win a million dollars; but you didn't know what to do after you got it." Many of the interviews in this book are second-hand, even at the time the book was printed. I gave the book a second star for the occasional insights into Hatch's character. Otherwise, a waste of time.

It is hard to judge the merits of a book in which typographical errors abound on each page. Worse, the author doesn't know the difference between "elude" and "allude", nor "effect" and "affect." His punctuation is bizarre. Sentence fragments abound.

sound familiar??
and this is how Peter feels about folks who shop at K MART and eat at Denny's... and the folks he was about to make some money from!!!

Clearly, the traditional rules of prime time television are changing by the week.
Suddenly, members of the K Mart set are jockeying for a shot at stardom along side professional actors. People who eat at Denny’s are packing suitcases full of head shots and moving West to Tinseltown. In the feeding frenzy for ratings and less expensive programming, the networks are "casting" these common folk, "shooting" them and "editing" them like they were characters in a prime time drama. This without the safety nets that protect traditional performers under the hard-earned collective bargaining agreements of Guilds like SAG and AFTRA. What’s worse, in the end, the life rights of these newly minted "celebrities" are being controlled in a way no traditional "actor" would stand for.

the lawsuits peter out......
Stillman sued the Viacom Inc. network in February, alleging that "Survivor" executive producer, Mark Burnett, manipulated the outcome of the series by persuading two other contestants to vote against her on the ninth day of the contest.
CBS countered with its own lawsuit, charging that Stillman, a 28-year-old corporate lawyer, violated a confidentiality agreement that she signed before joining the show. CBS lawyers also presented signed declarations from six of the eight "Tagi" teammates, some of whom slammed Stillman as being "smarmy," "sarcastic" and "bossy."

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ralph W. Dau ruled on Thursday that CBS presented sufficient evidence to show that Stillman might have acted with malice against the producers of the hit television show.
The judge denied Stillman's request to dismiss CBS' defamation and breach of contract lawsuit.
Stillman "has put forward no admissible evidence to support her manipulation claim," Dau wrote in his 12-page ruling.

The judge also cited statements made by Stillman during a "Good Morning America" interview with Diane Sawyer in February. In addition, CBS produced a July 26, 2000, e-mail that Stillman allegedly sent to her former teammates jokingly encouraging them to band together to "extort" $1 million from CBS before appearing in a reunion show.

"Let's show these execs what it's like to be the target of an alliance. Ha ha," Stillman wrote in an e-mail apparently sent to Richard Hatch, the winner of the first "Survivor" contest.

digging in the dirt
and here we have the crux of Lance's writing career..books deals that fall through, and things that people "might" have done....and what "may" have happened..those two words were ever-present in the long News-Press series about his own DUI arrest...the arresting officer may have done this and might have done's a writing style that strives to cast doubt on the person he has a vendetta against.... exhaustive details, mostly gossip, are red meat for the folks who crave it...

but it seems there's always a rational explanation just below the surface.....unless you're a wannabe investigative reporter

Monday, November 28, 2011

sit yourself down

take a look around....

well, Sunday was a beautiful was warm and clear and smelled like's nice to be living here...

so I'm on my bike for a little ride....that's another reason to hate drunk drivers...they hit bicycles!! damn fools...
but they won't spoil my day..unless they hit and run me!!

hey, there's the osprey's ass..for once he spread his wings but wouldn't turn around to look at me..maybe he's shy....

look Wendy, there's a fungus amungus! or some magic mushrooms!

I hear lots of complaints about Occupy Wall Street violence but what about Black Friday violence..a shopper maced her fellow shoppers to beat them to the bargain bin! and fights broke out everywhere....whatever happened to simple pleasures??

those bald blue mimes in SB.... keep them the fuck away from me or I'll use pepper spray!!

so I see a stone bench up in the foothills and set a spell...more benches invite build some benches Santa Barbara and maybe you'll stop fighting amongst yourselves...sit yourselves down and talk to one's ok, you won't die..

and I see a couple of people have some upcoming court dates....hmmmmm...there's a guy with the last name Frisbie and one called it any wonder you folks are in trouble with names like that??

well... I guess I'll focus on Tony Denunzio since his first hearing on Monday is for probation violation in room SB 8..haven't been to that room before..on Tues he's back before Judge Hill who will probably let him go free...the only probable cause that Judge Hill seems to accept is if you kill someone while DUI!! If you think you made the right decision Judge, think again!!

but I'd like to cop a plea, too: please start these hearings around 10:00 AM so it's more convenient for me...thank you!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

road warriors

Lance and the News-Press are slobbering over Officer Beutel again....

meanwhile the News-PRess circulation continues to drop
The News-Press had a Monday-Friday combined average circulation of 25,973, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation Publisher's Statement dated March 31, 2011..This is down from 45,389 daily in 2000.
as of Sept 2011, circulation continued to drop: Circulation averages for the six months ended:

first there are the stories from Steepleton.... total spin jobs with bias against Kasi I know Kasi can defend herself, but the News-Press is engaged in a little shell game and I am simply exposing game: fraud; especially : a swindle involving the substitution of something or someone of little or no value (Lance) for a valuable item/person (Officer Beutel)

the NP is complicit in trying to prop up Lance as a great investigative reporter...I'll be checking into Lance's spotty career later..two shoddy news entities trying to prop up each other's image! how can you talk sense to these inebriated numbskulls? this is all about drunk driving, not Kasi Beutel.....

every city I know has a DUI Unit and they enforce the law.. I just got my vehicle registration and read the insert about DUI and the little chart about is illegal to drive with a Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) of 0.08 or more....(0.04 for commercial vehicles and 0.01 if under 21 years of age)...then, if you still choose to drink and drive, you might get pulled over and be arrested...real simple...

Lance claims he's a lawyer but doesn't understand this?? and advocates that drinking and driving is ok?? what a nincompoop..

now the facts are two cases involving Officer Beutel have been settled with the arrested DUI drivers either pleading "no contest" or copping some other plea in which they serve less time in jail or probabation....the News-Press somehow twists these issues as favorable for the idiots who got busted instead of a victory for the justice system....just nonsense and proof that the News-Press is CUCKOO FOR KASI...and if you read the story it in no way exonerates the guy who got busted!! and the real point is the News-Press and Lance rantings caused the trial to be moved up north...the defendant was a guy named Parker O'Sullivan, a nice Irish lad who got busted for DUI and hit and run...according to the NP, he got a dry reckless...

A California DUI / DWI attorney knows that sometimes it is better to accept a plea bargain than to go to trial in drunk driving cases. The plea negotiations in a drunk driving case will often depend on the strength of the prosecution's case. A weak case may result in an offer that may be too good to turn down...A dry-reckless will typically be offered when a driver's BAC was .08 percent or less. If a dry-reckless is offered by the prosecutor, it may not be worth it to the driver to go to trial even if their BAC was very low. A dry-reckless is a misdemeanor that carries very little in the way of fine and punishment.
not exactly an exoneration for O'Sullivan, the dumbass!!

wimping out..
next, as I predicted, Peter Lance took to the freebie airwaves Channel 17 and made yet another appearance on the Mr.Wimpy Show AKA Worthen One on this is starting to look like a right wing conspiracy....watching these two yokels is pure fun for me...Lance got his case dismissed not because he was innocent, but because Judge Hill made a can he tell a cop it was reasonable to pull over Lance that night and then dismiss the case because the cop violated Lance's under the 4th Amendment rights?? the stop was either reasonable or it wasn't!

and it was Genis and Lance who wanted the evidence against Lance suppressed because it was so damaging..the skinny tux and wobbly reality, the cops wanted the case to go to trial.

but Lance is still trying to excuse the fact that he was DUI.... and of couse blaming the cops who arrested him.....everything that happened that night was the fault of the SBPD, the DA and government in Pete, everything that happened that night was YOUR fault....
but on and on these guys went about Officer Beutel and her rouge ways...
Lance always qualified his accusations with "in my opinion" which means he doesn't have any proof of anything...and he finally admitted he drinks alcohol daily because he's "Italian"...

Lance and Mr. Wimpy (extreme rightwinger Jim Worthen) accused Beutel and her husband of many crimes in their role as police, I 'd take this TV show and use it in a lawsuit that I hope will be filed against Lance and the News-Press...but time will tell...

Lance and Mr Wimpy claim that this issue is like the Penn State cover up...the SBPD, the DA, the City of Santa Barbara are covering up the for the DUI unit!! but the proper correlation is Penn State enabled a pedophile like Lance is enabling drunk drivers..

and then Lance makes a plea at the end for city employees and interns and even arch enemy prosecutor Hilary Dozer to call him with information about the inner police workings and corruption...

what these two knucklehead drama queens Lance and Wimpy don't understand is any citizen can request a tour of any city's an open book, not some hush hush spy novel that Lance is trying to concoct...

as long as the News-Press prints lies, I'll be right here exposing them..and keep up the good work Officer Beutel and fellow DUI officers!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

rescue me

well, I saw a blurb about #69 in the News-Press....Julia from Animal Rescue Team is going to be on TV..Animal Planet to rescue some dogs or whatever from some animal hoarders somewhere.....

Julia was a recipient of a cash award from the NP Holiday Fund a few years ago...normally reserved for really needy folks, Nipper decided to give the money to Julia at Wendy's directive...tainted money to the ART....then when #69 botched the rescue of two mountain lion cubs in Solvang who didn't need to be rescued, she ran to the News-Press and Scott wrote her up a story in which she blamed the feds who had to clean up her mess for the lion fiasco! ever since, Julia's non-profit has been suspect....maybe if Julia got a real job instead of begging for handouts from Wendy-types, she wouldn't be so loopy! and she didn't rescue one animal from the Channel Islands!!

but anyway, I was watching the tube last night and saw this beautiful blonde woman reading the news..rapid-fire..with a smirky attitude..telling her colleagues off and making me laugh to the point where I wanted to fuck her really bad...Brooke Alvarez is her name and she anchors the Onion Network News....

and she just happened to have a story on animal hoarders..two violent lesbians won't let their 1000 little dogs out of the house and now they trap anyone who enters the house and the Animal Planet folks called Julia in to may be the last time you see #69!

but the story is bigger than some crazy chick in the valley with her crazy benefactor...millions of people are affected by this, the stimulating Onion News Network for more info...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

When Black Friday comes
I'll collect everything I'm owed
And before my friends find out
I'll be on the road

so I spent Thanksgiving at Coyote Creek back in the hills, with some kin... oh it smells so good up here..fresh and clean and flowery..

I saw open spaces and hawks and vultures swooping down to get the road kill....poor little animals killed by drunk drivers... I saw the hills and it was good..there was a little Cape Ivy and it looked grows after rains and some years doesn't grow at all..and I hear some folks are "concerned about it" like there's anything they can do, dumbasses...

I see the mountains..the mountain range that goes on forever..the good thing about this place is it's like traveling through time to old California....why, I half expected to see Father A.P. Sierra riding his donkey up here...hola Padre!!

and there's the go up and see the lake, you come back and there's the's God's country I tell ya...
so the creek intrigued me...I haven't spent time actually hiking it but I'll come back later when the family isn't holding me back with the social traditions....geez, these white people and their warm fuzzy ways...

so today is Black Friday....the day after Thankgiving..let's see...the pilgrims arrived in America, the Indians welcomed them, the white man started killing them and stealing their land, they were put on reservations with stockpiles of moonshine which they fed to the white man while playing cards...then the Indians spotted the white man's and liquor...then the Indians reclaimed the land and built casinos....and thus we have America today....shoppers lining up by the droves to buy cheap goods made in China because they lost all their money in the casinos to the Indians...

and the black folks are just laughing...that's why they call it Black Friday

Thursday, November 24, 2011

three days of the turkey

an open letter to PETA...

Dear PETA,
thank-you for saving all the animals except the Channel Islands animals... you really missed the boat on that one hahaha!

but well I guess the only good pig is a dead pig...I like when you take off your clothes to make a statement just like when I wear a nice leather jacket I'm making a statement..I want to stay warm!!
so I read your story in the Pressed-News about saving turkeys this year and the turkey named Fern who got all emotional when his family members got whacked...and BTW, turkeys don't purr, pussy cats do

well when those PETA girls get naked I think they are trying to tell us this holiday season I will give up eating turkey...

and all the guys out there, you can join me in this pledge: I will substitute PETA PUSSY for THANKGIVING TURKEY this year...I WILL NOT EAT TURKEY, BUT I WILL EAT PETA PUSSY..

there..I feel better about Thanksgiving already!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

nature's way

it's nature's way of telling you..something's wrong

On the way to my ranch, I passed the new Lagunitas development in Carp.....they took perfectly good ag land and let it sit for ten years until Lagunitas was finally approved..first it was sold, then downsized and now the bull dozers will build some more housing for Carp.....this area in on the way to Ojai and Highway 150 where I hang out alot..I'm on the way to a little I said, on my ranch..out here...

but Lagunitas looks mighty bad to me....unnecessary....and will probably default when the houses don't get Lavender Court downtown.....

anyway, I get to my ranch and walk around and see some cool dead fox friend has been dismembered...all that's left is some fur, a leg and his skull... I think that's a fox skull..the scavengers took care of least someone is doing their job right!!

and I see some thistle plants starting to reform...the wind is blowing and seeds are being scattered everywhere..that's called dispersal and the nativists don't undersatnd this simple concept, so they try to remove everything that is non-native...

like in Los Osos..the Morro Coast Chapter of the Audubon Society is bent on removing a stand of blue gum eucalyptus trees in a preserve because they are from Australia, or "non-native" according to these muttonheads.. they want to replace the trees with native species and install interpretive signs...what ever happened to just going for a walk without some idiot explaining things to you???

like this idiot, the former president of the chapter, flipping off someone who confronted him about the eucs...I think this little hippie is now on my radar....Ponterelli is his name...

I would think the Audubon Society would know the value of blue gum eucalyptus trees to raptors...put a sycamore and a blue gum side by side, and a hawk or owl will choose a blue gum..and sycamores are beautiful trees that thrive next to plant more sycamores!!!
but no, they jump on the native only bandwagon to get money..and the Fish and Game Dept keeps enabling these non-profits and demonizing the trees...after all, the Audubon Society is named after a guy who studied birds...his name was John James Audubon and he was born in Haiti!! not exactly a native guy..but I do believe he would have wanted the eucs to stay..these folks using his name to make money and destroy trees are imposters!!! the original intent of the AS was conservation and now it has changed to "habitat restoration" which is code for the native only cult to destroy plants and animals that are labeled non native..

Save Sweet Springs trees is on facebook...

A Sand County Almanac provides abundant thought for those of us working in community forestry. Although Leopold states that "planting a pine is an act of creation" , he also argues against a mere "zeal for roadside beauty" that doesn't take into account the history of the land or the balance of its historic species. He warns that changes made in the service of improvement can also bring wounds:
Each substitution of a tame plant or animal for a wild one, or an artificial waterway for a natural one, is accompanied by a readjustment in the circulating system of the land. We do not understand or foresee these readjustments; we are unconscious of them unless the end effect is bad...we are so busy with new tinkerings to think of end effects...

the eucs in Los Osos and elsewhere have been naturalized....they belong here...they are not evil, they don't bully the native species because native species sometimes don't thrive in their so-called "natural " environment...this is all just crazy and what smells better than eucalyptus after rain?? nothing...nothing does

ok so the Audubon Society and Nature Conservancy are two non profits on my radar..the owls and hawks that use eucalyptus don't give a crap whether it is native or not...and as mentioned they choose the eucs that stand side by side with sycamores because the eucs provide better protection...that's a fact....I've seen it with my very own eyes....
there is a movement on to nativize California ....without regard to the multitude of non-natives that grow simple because it's natures way... it's nature's way of receiving you...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

brain salad surgery

this is yer brain...htissi yerbreen on drugs...

Quote of the (yester) Day
“I kind of feel sorry for what Mr. Ebenstein went through because he had no knowledge that (his tenants) were growing marijuana. I’ve never known a landlord who wanted people in their property growing marijuana.” – Eureka attorney Andrew Stunich displays his deep knowledge of the local landlording business

Plain Jane says:
April 6, 2011 at 1:29 pm
The problem with defending landlords like Mr. Ebensten is (from the TS article) “According to court documents, one of the tenants of the property also admitted to officers that the “premises were ‘set up’ for growing marijuana” when he moved in in September 2009, and that a crop of marijuana plants was even ready for harvest at the time.”
So it was an on-going marijuana operation with a series of tenants, not tenants growing mj? I think Mr. Ebensten is lucky he isn’t criminally prosecuted for conspiracy.

well Lanny's latest little drama is a repeat of all the other little dramas played out on the editorial page of the News-Press... Lanny has publicly thanked Nipper and Wendy for giving him a platform to lie about public employees...the guy is a douchebag and now he stoops to the new low when he claims police and fire unions cost other words, the unions are killing people....well if killing was legal, I'd have some notches on my belt, but this isn't 1865, so I can't just go around killing and beating up people..unless...I become a cop!! hahaha!

but Lanny's claims are suggest that "public safety unions risk the lives of safety personnel and the lives of the general public" is just nonsense....first of all, public workers have been retiring for the last 30 years without a problem....when the financial issues came to a head during th e Bush Bubble, the private banks and corporations like Texas ENRON and AIG were committing fraud and stealing pensions..and Bush bailed them out with taxpayer money!!!

a portion of the public workers salary goes to a retirement account that is invested...after 30 years, the investment account grows and is used for a monthy retirement payment, which is taxed...

now the irony of Lanny's guestatorial was the political cartoon next to it of a bloated Wall Street crook..whoever at the paper put that up...GOOD JOB!!

when Wall Street is allowed to take your money, cook the books and gamble on stupid and illegal investments, then everyone takes a Lanny should be concentrating on cleaning up Wall Street and the free market...which is not free when thieves in white collars are running around unchecked....thankfully Bush's pal Ken Lay of Enron is dead and his pal Jeff Skilling is in jail...but the money they stole is long gone..and some folks lost lifelong pensions to these clowns...

now, the unions simply negotiate salaries, safety equipment and other issues with the city or county..then the councils vote on's not complicated....the private sector should be building wealth for its employees through investments or profit sharing instead of stealing from them...
lest we forget, Lanny's still mad at the cops in Eureka for busting his pot house....

and maybe Nipper's still mad at the cops for busting his kid....and Wendy's still mad that the cops who busted Travis..and maybe the Baron's mad, too....

Monday, November 21, 2011

get together

c'mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now

for years I've been trying to separate the good non profit charities from the bad; the sick ones from the rad; the happy ones from the sad; the sane ones from the mad..and so on

last year Dec 12 I wrote a funny little post about Peter Lance before the DUI...Lance wrote an "investigative series" for the NP about the Unity Shoppe and Ensemble Theatre fight....

dec 12, 2010: well, in an effort to create some credibilty for the paper, the News-Press enlisted a guy named Peter Lance, a five time Emmy winner from ABC News..Peter Lance..sounds like a porno name like Rod Long or sumpin..anyway, Lance had a two part investigative series in the News-Press on the messy real estate brawl between the Unity Shoppe and Ensemble Theatre and the Victoria Street Theatre they'll remember in the end the Unity Shoppe had to buy another place to hold their "non-profit" telethons ...the price tag was in the millions and you bought it for them!!!

well it seems this year, the Unity Shoppe had to cancel the elaborate part of the telethon due to lack of funds...and the News-Press had the story... of course they blamed the economy and unions for it, but I think people are just getting wise to all the scams, all the money filtering thru non-profits, all the CEOs getting rich, and the Unity Shoppe's unwise real estate purchase....I could have predidcted that when the Wendy and Nipper got involved, it would kill the charity...then Dr. Laura showed up and it lost all credibilty...and poor Kenny Loggins just stood there with his facelift and let it happen instead of bustin' some rhymes....

last year the money was slow coming in, so the Chumash stepped in to save the day with a huge donation from all the gambling profits!'s too ironic for me to explain now....but the Unity Shoppe lost focus when it tried to hitch its wagon to the News-Press....the results have been disasterous....

and as I was looking for info on the telethon, I came to the News-Press TV site..and Nipper's cheesy Around the World show....whaaaaa??? I was horrified....there's Nipper talking to a bottle of water!! is that eyeliner or eyeshadow?? he looked like the leader of Whacksovania!!! or a game show host! or Dr. Evil!!

what is going on Santa Barbara?? I can't take it anymore...let me OUT!!!!!

maybe they could stream the telethon this year.....around the world

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I just dropped in...

to see what condition my condition was in...

the Dream it a fashion show? a charity? a gay thing?? WTF is it??

ok so I got two weeks to live what do I do? call the Dream Foundation to grant me a last request? no...this non-profit is just creepy and they hold a party every year and it's on the front page of the News-Press and there's Priscilla Presley again who is starting to look human again after some botched plastic surgeries...the mouth is still a little steelhead trout like, but..well..I dunno about her....maybe Elvis does

there's something weird about a bunch of celebs gathering for a fashion's just not's all about them when it should be about whoever is dying...

the Dream Foundation is a nonprofit that grants wishes to adults who are if I wanted a new Porsche and then died the next day, WTF good is it to me?? or sex with a college girl..not gonna happen!!
and the celebs who are involved like Kim Kardashian whose faux wedding was held in Montecito...the marriage lasted 72 days and she's giving the value of her wedding gifts to the Dream Foundation...

and some folks from the silly Fox show "Glee" even had the nerve to diss kids, saying the Dream Foundation helped adults and "not just kids"..well, I think kids need more help than adults.....adults really don't need a last request's very creepy
and I don't trust most charities..fraud is rampant...I used to give to the United Way until I found out their CEO was embezzling the funds to fix up his house and buy expensive cars..

the guy who founded the Dream Foundation charity, Thomas W. Rollerson, gets $95,422 per year.... he dedicated the Dream Foundation to his partner Timothy Scott Palmer...
from another blog, even Rollerson disses the kids when he says he was "frustrated that many organizations only existed for the final wishes of kids" !!

"My name is Thomas Rollerson, Founder of the Dream Foundation. In 1994, after a battle with AIDS, my partner/soulmate of almost 10 years died. Just prior, I phoned wish granting organizations to bring him some comfort and joy. Like you, I was frustrated when I learned that many organizations existed for the final wishes of children, but nothing for adults. I had a choice, to lose myself in my frustration, anger and grief, or use it, towards making a positive change. Additionally, the love I had from friends and family and the eternal love of my partner was much stronger than my grief. So, I focused my frustration, which manifested into passion, and set out to pay the love forward."

the biggest issue is why aren't they granting wishes to adults who aren't gonna die soon?? those who want to live la vida loca but don't quite have the moola....

and why not donate to the Make-a Wish- Foundation...The first wish was granted to Christopher James Greicius who wished to be a police officer. Chris died soon after...

All his life, Christopher James Greicius dreamed of becoming a police officer. But he couldn't know that his wish would be the inspiration for the largest wish-granting organization in the world.
The Make-A-Wish Foundation® traces its beginning to one boy’s wish. In 1980, 7-year-old Chris Greicius was being treated for leukemia. Every day, he dreamed of becoming a police officer.
U.S. Customs Officer Tommy Austin had befriended Chris and his mother, Linda Bergendahl-Pauling. He also promised Chris a ride in a police helicopter. When Chris’ health worsened, Austin contacted Ron Cox, an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer, and planned a day that would lift Chris’ spirits.
On April 29, 1980, Austin and a caring group of DPS personnel started Chris’ day with a tour of the city in a department helicopter, which also flew him to headquarters. Three cruisers and a motorcycle officer greeted him before his meeting with the DPS command staff. There, Chris was sworn in as the first honorary DPS patrolman in state history.

imagine... the Dream Foundation's CEO Rollerson being "frustrated" over an organization like Make-a Wish... I think I'll send Make-a Wish a check tomorrow!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

holiday road

the most wonderful time of the year!

with the holidays coming up I get the bum's rush of catalogues....every few days the same companies send me a new catalogue but I guess I don't mind...this week for the first time, I got a hard...I mean a Victoria's Secret catalogue...and one from Kansas City Steak Company, Sundance, Vermont Country Store..and a bunch of others to keep me busy until the next hearing/drama/ long as folks get themselves in stupid trouble, I'll be bloggin' about it!!

but I really like the Victoria's Secret catalogue although it's not a secret anymore because the gals are showing alot of skin...

the Kansas City Steak Company has an awesome array of steaks that I'm gonna buy for Christmas...T-Bones, prime rib, wow...corn-fed beef, dressed and sent right to your home!

but then I read where Ellen DeGeneres wants people to "adopt a turkey" for Thanksgiving...and there's other animal rights people who think it's a good idea.....remember years ago when Wendy was wanking about Thanksgiving being cruel to turkeys..she'd write a plea every year to show us what an evolved woman she is..of course, we learned she's just a spoiled little eat some bratwurst!!

from the Indie resident animal lover:
For most people, Thanksgiving evokes thoughts of mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, and pumpkin pie, and center stage on the plate is, of course, the turkey. If you haven’t stopped to consider what that turkey went through before getting to your plate, the Farm Sanctuary wants you to stop and think about it this year. Since 1986, the Farm Sanctuary has rescued more than 1,000 animals through its “Adopt a Turkey” project, which asks families to forgo the big bird at Thanksgiving dinner.

For the second year in a row, the Farm Sanctuary has enlisted Ellen DeGeneres to help spread the message. DeGeneres is hoping to convince people to donate $30 to the Farm Sanctuary this holiday season to cover the cost of a turkey adoption. Says DeGeneres: “Did you know that every year between 250 million and 300 million turkeys are bred for slaughter in the United States? More than 46 million for Thanksgiving alone. So, this Thanksgiving, instead of eating a turkey, please join me in adopting one from Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project, and you can give a turkey something to be thankful for.”

well I though Ellen was smarter than this but I guess not....animals are bred for slaughter to feed's been going on forever..indiscriminate killing such a s occurs on the Channel Islands by the Nature Conservancy and Parks Service might be something Ellen could look into....and the anti-gay bigots....I saw Ellen years ago in Summerland and she was so nice to chat awhile and let me take her picture, but she's lost her focus....get back on the ball with the cutting humor, Ellen!!!

now, I'm sure that these people love their pets, but to suggest I shouldn't enjoy turkey on Thanksgiving because the bird on my table may have suffered, is redickerous..and besides, his suffering is over now.....

Friday, November 18, 2011

street fighting man

Hey! said my name is called disturbance

ok now that the Lance case is off the docket, but not off the books yet...there's still more trouble for the investigative reporter....and I'll be watching.. I think that Lance and Genis were down to two options...pleading no contest or the Hail Mary pass with the 4th Amendment issue..either way, they know that the evidence against LAnce was overwhelming esp after Kasi Beutel's testimony, so they tried the 4th Amendment thing..and Judge Hill fell for it..probably to their surprise too....

but there's another guy who will be busy in court...Tony DeNunzio, who was pulled over in the Gelson's parking lot and arrested much to the objections by some yuppiemuppiewuppies who were interfering with a police stop.....the News-Press has a new boy to protect..this nut Denunzio!! but you should NEVER interfere woth a police's very dangerous for the cop and you!! if you got a problem with a cop, call the cops!! hahahahahah
hey... but Tony's got some court dates for the DUI, probation violation, driving on a suspended license and a domestic violence issue...

11/29/2011 - 8:30 am 1294713 Tony Vincent Denunzio Motion: Brian E Hill SB2 11/29/2011 - 8:30 am 1294713 Tony Vincent Denunzio Motion: Brian E Hill SB2 11/28/2011 - 8:30 am 1294713 Tony Vincent Denunzio Probation Violation Arraignment James E Herman SB8 11/28/2011 - 8:30 am 1400266 Tony Vincent Denunzio Arraignment on Complaint James E Herman SB8

well Genis..why not try the 4th Amendment thing NOW instead of a year from now....gee Judge Hill, my client's right were violated by Officer Tudor....just because Tony was drunk and driving erratically, driving on a suspended license and under investigation for domestic violence, he's just an all American guy who drinks too much and beats the shit out of the wife..what's wrong with that..half those bitches deserve it anyway....yeah..that's the defense I'd use!!!

seriously, Officer Tudor sat in front of me at the last Lance hearing and looked like he just graduated from Westmont! not exactly the image of a rogue cop who goes around beating people up...

but according to the News-Press guestatorial freak Terry Tyler, we should great respect for the yuppiewuppies who interfered with the police arrest of DeNutzio!! Terry started off by claiming he cares about children and wants to prevent sexual abuse...and people should never look away and went on to say we should respect the brave people who stood up to the powerful police dept and interfered with the arrest of Mr DeNunzio...

and does Terry know his boss Wendy had THOUSANDS OF IMAGES OF CHILD PORN ON HER COMPANY COMPUTER?? and she just looked away..and blamed someone else...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

ballad of a thin man...

something is happening but you don't know what it you, Mr. Jones?

from the first day months ago that I entered the court room to check out the Lance hearings, I was amazed at the looked like Romper Room!

Romper Room tried to teach its young charges to be polite. For instance, the hostesses were always addressed as "Miss." Many of the hostesses had prior experience in working with small children, as many were former kindergarten teachers.
The hostess would also serve milk and cookies to the children and drunk drivers with prayer offered before eating. The famous Romper Room prayer went "God is great, God is good. Let us thank him for our food. Amen."

God is great??? isn't that what the 9/11 terrorists said???

anyway, back to the courtroom: people were wandering around, playing, lawyers were jumping up to the microphone to solicit business, spectators were visiting with each other, and the presiding judge, Brian Hill looked over his head....clueless

I do believe that if the original judge Eskin had stayed, the Lance trial would be over now..but Genis did all he could to remove Eskin from the proceedings....and how many DUI cases in Santa Barbara have been dismissed due to unreasonable searches??

to allow this thing, this hearing, to drag on for months and months simply highlighted Judge Hill's incompetence...I can appreciate the tough job being a judge is, but I didn't see him use the gavel once! it was like he was afraid of it...afraid to issue contempt of court or gag orders...Hill was afraid of the News-Press.....and Genis knew it...

ok, so Lance and Genis ran to Wendy's News-Press and got a front page Jake and Elmo moment..a victory dance to celebrate what these clowns got away with...I would hope in the future that the authorites representing "the people" would start earning their money because I'm one of the people goddammit!! and I want drunk drivers more lame excuses..

so there's Lanny Ebenstein AGAIN in the News-Press crying about the unions AGAIN trying soooo hard to steal the pensions of cops and firefighters probably because they busted his pot house operation in Eureka.....and he blames them for driving his other houses into foreclosure
...not a good businessman ol' Lanny....just a romantic idealist!!

....and as the conservative OC Register points out..Lanny is a rather quixotic fellow... or a romantic idealist who's not very practical.....

Taxing public pensions in excess of $100,000 a year could bring an extra $60 million into state coffers — – but would likely drive retirees from the Golden State, and would surely be challenged in court, says an analysis by the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office.
We told you recently that Lanny Ebenstein, a rather quixotic visiting economics professor at UC Santa Barbara, filed this and two other initiatives for the California ballot – including one that would strip public employees of the right to collective bargaining.

and the guys who are writing these initiatives are scrambling for money, signatures and rewriting the bills due to constitutional concerns....all the while Brown started his own reform..and the teabagger govs are getting blown out of the water....this should be interesting come November 2012...

and Lanny, if you had managed your finances better, you would not have lost all those houses in's not the union's fault, it's your fault....own it!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

baby, you can drive my car...

beep beep 'm beep beep yeah

good morning ladies and gentlemen..welcome to Judge Hill's Traffic School..

today's lesson is Fun with Traffic got red, yellow and green lights and what you do when you see them is optional...for example, when you see a green light, you can linger in front of it for up to a minute....what you do with that minute is up to on your cell phone, eat a cookie, have a beer or play with yourself....a yellow light means nothing so just ignore it....and a red light means you should stop unless you're really in a hurry, then you can blast right through it....and if a pesky cop pulls you over, just tell 'em to mind their own business because if Lance can squirm out of a DUI, so can YOU!!

ok so today upon sober reflection I still can't believe Lance's case got dismissed..but maybe Judge Hill did us a big favor.... no more Lance tantrums in the court room...
the next trial will be the People vs DeNunzio...that should be interesting unless Hill gets the case...please God, don't let Hill have this case!!

well I figured out what all the hay bales were for..the City of Santa Barbara anticipated that Judge Hill's indecision would result in more DUIs, so they are lining the streets with hay so the drunks don't hit parked cars or people, just hay!! Good idea!
and Lance..oh Lance you little you fit in your tuxedo now? do you look skinny now? actually, Lance looks pretty silly and I hope he pays big time for the smear job..and I know that Santa Barbara cops are not going to stop their professionalism just because Judge Hill and Peter Lance made their jobs a little harder.....

and I bet that Genis who is defending DeNutzio will use his new-found ace in the hole, the 4th Amendment, to try and get that case dismissed
and here's a rhetorical judges get bribed very often??? new set of golf clubs??hmmmmmmm..

instead of relying on obscure cases from out of state, like in Montana where they want to legalize drunk driving, and instead of ignoring the California Vehicle Code, Judge Hill could have done a simple google search:

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. This means that an officer can't simply stop your car for no reason. In fact, in the landmark case Terry v. Ohio, the United States Supreme Court held that an officer must provide "specific articulable facts" that a crime is or was taking place before he/she can initiate a traffic stop.

This doesn't mean that the officer must believe that the driver is DUI. Any traffic infraction or violation will suffice. If, for example, an officer notices that a driver's brake light is out, the officer would be entitled to stop that car. As long as the officer is able to articulate some reason for initiating a traffic stop, probable cause is usually satisfied at this level.

If your California DUI defense attorney can prove that probable cause didn't exist during any one of these stages, your DUI charges could be reduced or even dismissed. This remedy is based on a legal principle known as the "fruit of the poisonous tree". It means that any evidence obtained as a result of an illegal procedure is subject to suppression. When a judge "suppresses" evidence, it means he/she will not permit it to be used against you.

well, Genis didn't prove anything....the Judge assumed that probable cause didn't exist because of a few other cases in California or elsewhere, and then dismissed the case on that basis....

because according to Hill, a green light doesn't mean "GO" anymore!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I can't drive 55...

I sped home (cops can't catch me!!!) to write this but they were slurrying the streets and unloading hay in Santa Barbara... a place where you can drive drunk with the court's blessing...

well, it was interesting day at the courthouse...Judge Hill after all this time dismissed the DUI case against Peter Lance due to his nutty reading of the 4th Amendment regarding searches and seizures

...after sitting thru this fiasco for months, I went outside and almost had a I was pissed...from the start Judge Hill had no control over his courtroom, and now he caves on the DUI charge against Lance..not because Lance was sober that night, but because when the light turned green, Lance only waited about five seconds before proceeding....and the cops should have just let him go.... how many seconds do you wait when the light turns green....I don't wait, I go..that's what a green light means.....

let's start at the beginning of the day.. I got to the courthouse at 8:15 AM and got coffee at the Presidio Deli...what a cool little market! Lance's hearing was on the calendar but a bunch of other matters were also..the first was a briefing on the Denunzio case...Denunzio was not in court but the gist was Denunzio's blood sample that Genis wanted and the County wouldn't turn over without a court order...Denunzio was stopped and allegedly beaten by an SB cop...what came to light was Denunzio is being investigated for domestic violence but no complaint has been filed yet... I think I heard that right but could barely believe it....

Kate Smith was in court with her public defender..Kate was pretty in red sweater and will be on trial next week for something..Kate is an outspoken critic of government but today she was very demure and motherly...we're all Jekyll and Hyde to some degree!

more folks came into the court...Officer Beutel and her husband, all the lawyers in suits, Scott Steepleton from the News-Press....Lance et al

a few more short hearings/cases moved quickly thru the court and finally we came to Lance..Judge Hill was hearing a motion to suppress and dismiss the case.....I didn't expect everything to end today, but it did in Lance's favor...not because he wasn't DUI that night in January, but because of Judge Hill's interpretation of the 4th Amendment!!

Hill says the two cops Peterson and Clark didn't have reasonable suspicion to stop Lance!! that's right..not because he was sober or a good guy, but the cops saw LAnce at a green light and he wasn't proceeding forward until about five seconds later....then Hill cited some cases out of state to support his dismissal of the case against Lance...

I found this absolutely what were the cops doing, just picking on people on New Year' ya think maybe some folks were DUI that night, Judge Hill?? you know, with all the toasts going down the hatch!!!!

and the actual stop had NOTHING to do with Officer Kasi Beutel, but rather the two other cops who stopped Lance! so Lance tries to fry Beutel in the News-Press for no reason!!

good God Almighty.... LANCE WENT AFTER THE WRONG COP!! I mean if you follow the logic, he should have written an expose in the News-Press how the other two cops who stopped him, violated his 4th Amendemnt rights, but he didn't...he went on a wild goose chase..the Trombetta waivers, the tapes, the forgeries, the handwrting experts..all a bunch of bullshit..if LAnce is such a brilliant reporter and Genis is such a good lawyer, why wasn't the 4th Amendment issue pursued up front??

I do hope Officer Beutel gets some justice from the a one with six zeros!!

WTF is wrong with Judge Hill???? what a waste of time this was...Hill should resign from being a judge and go back to sweeping the court house floors..

you got lucky Lance, but you didn't win a thing...

Judge Hill suffers miscarriage...

of justice... and dismisses Lance case on 4th Amendment green light to other drunk drivers!!


says Lance only stopped five seconds at green light before proceeding on New Year's morning, so the cops stopped him illegally!! according to Hill, Lance could have stayed stopped at a green light for up to a minute, and 4th Amendment would have protected him from arrest....

details later....

one eyed purple people eater...

falling and spinning, losing and winning...

so the News-Press guestatorial writers had the same twist on the elections..and Lanny and Terry's logic is severely off balance....both claim that the police endorsed Dem candidates lost because of the waning power of the union..and yet Mike Self lost wihtout the union support, but with the News-Press support!! the only logical conclusion to reach is people vote the way they want, whether the union or News-Press supports or doesn't support a candidate! Lanny claims that Dale won because of the "strong endorsement" of the the follow up is that Mike Self was endorsed by the News-Press, yet not endorsed by the unions, and she lost...and the News-Press subscriber base continues to drop as of Sept 2011...and Cathy Murrillo was endorsed by SEIU.....the purple people!! the fact is the conservatives had a brief majority, but lost it again....and Team Wendy is clueless as usual...

ok, the Tea Party came in and wanted to reform government and return to the Constitution...we had folks like Michele Bachman schooling us on what the Founding Fathers said...we had people wanting to round up millions of Mexicans and send them back to Mexico....white people picking lettuce?? hahahahaa

we had Tea Party supported governors being elected in Wisconsin, Florida, Maine and a few other states...these teabaggers quickly lost focus and became nothing more than puppets for the wealthy Koch Brothers who ahve used their money to try to steal from public workers and bust long as unions are around, conservatives will be trying to bust California, Pete Wilson and Arnold tried it...but they failed to get their grubby mitts on the huge cash amassed in public savings and retirement accounts....

so now we have Scott Wilson, the governor of Wisconsin...Wisconsin deserves better than this little pank.....and there is a recall attempt in the works as I speak..reform of the public and private sectors is always on the table, but Walker made a fatal error when he refused to negotiate and snuggled up with the teabagger Koch Bros

Scott gleefully accepted the phony invitaion to come and party in California with the Kochs after "they break these bastards" referring to the cops, teachers, firefighters, sewer and water workers...

Scott was scheduled to attend a fundraiser in Kansas, but fled to the Reagan Ranch in Santa Ynez when he heard of the protests planned against him....I think Reagan has become a daddy figure for all these failed teabagger governors! and the Young Miss America Foundation, heavily supported by Wendy's ex-husband's money, has become a place of solace for these clowns...
so Scott asks his critics to point out one time when he denigrates public workers..well, listen to the tape where he got punked and thought he was talking to one of his daddy Koch Brothers... he revealed his contempt for the working class....I emailed all this info to the ED Show at MSNBC...maybe he'll look into Wendy's Young Miss America Foundation!

is Lance gonna take the stand today? I dunno Peter, you're starting to bore me...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lookout Cleveland...

there'll be thunder on the hill

I heard a disturbing rumor about some plans the state and county had for Lookout Park in Summerland, so I went to check it might recall the plan to put up rental cabins, but the Summerland folks said no...well now there's another issue...when the county hired a subcontractor, Channel Islands Restoration I think was the name, to remove the arundo from the park slopes and beach and plant native species, the balance was messed up..

it appears that the newer native plantings have attracted non-native bunny rabbits and squirrels..and a bunch of little birds who are eating the native seedlings seeds....the bunny rabbits and squirrels are digging holes and making the slopes even more unstable....the reason they ripped the arundo out and replaced it with native plants was to stabilize the soil! that's ironic considering al the holes in the soil looks like a miniature golf course!!

well, I looked around and saw a cat who was very wise and warned against any future ill conceived restorations.....I saw a bunch of dogs on the beach, acting stupid..

the doodoo coliform count is probably very high today thanks to those doggies....and I saw a bunch of bunnies and squirrels running around too..and digging holes

I heard the county has contracted a firm from New Guinea to take care of the bunny problem..the park will be shut down for a week and sharpshooters will be brought in with pellet guns to kill the non-native bunnies...they can't shoot the squirrels because they are too squirrely, so they will just drop a bunch of poison all over the park...I think Elmer's Pest Control will be doing that...but I'm not s-s-s-s-ure

after all is said and done, they will fill all the holes the bunnies dug with concrete..and the situation will be monitored for a year or two....due to the emergency nature of the problem bunnies, a public comment period was anyway, be careful when you go to Summerland, you never know what's gonna happen anymore! the guy said some non target species may get poisoned like dogs, but he said there's plenty more if yours should die...that makes it ok, I guess

Sunday, November 13, 2011

sky pilot...

how high can you fly?

now I love it when the News-Press gets all misty over the war veterans, yet is constantly denigrating their rights, pay and benefits, and printing their public salaries...and trying to turn benches around so the homeless vets can't sit down on State St....or fence off parks....what hypocrites...
of course there are many veterans of war working in the public sector in management and rank and file why would anyone begrudge them their salaries and benefits? or the right to bargain collectively?

the News-Press has many guestatorials by Lanny Ebenstein who resides in many shady non-profits with his pal Joe (Descent of Man) Armendariz, a Carp citycouncilman, but for how long, I wonder..anyway these two have been railing against public employees, lecturing on how to balance budgets, yet they can't even balance their own checkbooks as I've explained here many times....

so there are tons of non-profits who say they want to help the veterans, but instead help themselves and their friends to huge salaries and perks when dummies send money to's like the churches on TV..send you cash, sow a seed with Christ...

now.... I've seen what some charities do..Operation Family Fund who had Dr. Laura and FOX NEWS as cheerleaders was steeped in they are pushing the Wounded Warrior Project..a rightwing charity that is on my radar....I saw them hold war rallies at the old Harley shop down the road, and I don't trust them one bit....FOX NEWS..the same company that spies and hacks on people...

Veterans Charities Ratings
Air Force Aid Society (A+)
American Ex-Prisoners of War Service Foundation (F)
American Veterans Coalition (F)
American Veterans Relief Foundation (F)
AMVETS National Service Foundation (F)
Armed Services YMCA of the USA (A-)
Army Emergency Relief (A+)
Blinded Veterans Association (D)
Coalition to Support America's Heroes (F)
Disabled American Veterans (D)
Disabled Veterans Association (F)
Notice the similarity of the name to Disabled American Veterans
Fisher House Foundation (A+)
Freedom Alliance (F)
Help Hospitalized Veterans/Coalition to Salute America's Heroes (F)
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (A+)
Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation (F)
National Military Family Association (A)
National Veterans Services Fund (F)
National Vietnam Veterans Committee (D)
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (A+)
NCOA National Defense Foundation (F)
Paralyzed Veterans of America (F)
Soldiers' Angels (D)
United Spinal Association's Wounded Warrior Project (D)*
USO (United Service Organization) (C+)
Veterans of Foreign Wars and Foundation (C-)
Veterans of the Vietnam War & the Veterans Coalition (D)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (D)
VietNow National Headquarters (F)
World War II Veterans Committee (D)

Read more:

you'll notice that "Wounded Warriors gets a (D)....
Alleged Misuse of Money Donated to Wounded Warrior Project
Wounded Warrior Project is supposed to have misused a $200K donation from an active duty unit and used it for a managers only luxury retreat in the Shenandoah mountains. The 3-star commander is furious over this and no doubt will not allocate any funds to the them in the future.

It doesn't surprise me, based on what I have read here and heard from others. So much for helping the injured troops. The news agencies need to check this charity out.

if we stayed out of countries, stopped waging war against poor people in the middle east who keep kicking our ass, then we wouldn't need al lthese people starting all these charities...every war after WW2 was unnecessary....except maybe the Gulf War...
Ohio Gov John Kasich tries to remove collective bargaining rights from public workers until Ohio voters caught on to him....and Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker snuck up to the security of Reagan's Ranch to give a speech to the Young Miss America seems Scott was afraid to attend Wisconsin events due to the protestors, so he's hiding out at the Reagan Ranch!
the recall effort of Scott Walker is in full swing as he attempted to remove rights of veterans, too...I'll deal with wussie Koch Bro Walker a little later

Saturday, November 12, 2011

will the real slim shady

please stand up...

they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...ok so some knucklehead has started an imitation on the "Ning" network using Herman Cain's name/likeness! it's called "santa barbara heckler" ..
and it is not can tell by the spelling throughout....

but I thought it was kinda cute! committing identity theft to honor Herman?? that's dedication!! but don't be fooled...Arnold fooled you about being a governor and Robby fooled you about being an actor, but the heckler won't get fooled again!

are u smarter than a 5th grader??

of course, the people who started this venture need to learn the difference between parody and internet fraud/identity theft, dumbasses! you can't pretend someone else is the host of your blog!! you can steal a heart, but not an ID... the proper authorities are on the case!

the Lance Caper

well, another trial involving a DUI has been moved up north due the News-Press unethically allowing Peter Lance to write an expose/hit piece on his DUI/arresting officer....Kasi Beutel
...thanks News-Press for wasting the taxpayers' money so your little troll Lance can try to beat a DUI rap!!

hey..what do you call a drunk who drives on a suspended license for DUI??


and remember folks..accept no cheap imitations!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

be true to your school

"the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" Peter Lance

ok some lady, some very irate and steamy sex-starved Marymount parent claimed that my post comments about the exclusive school were unfair and let's set the record straight..pretty-boy Rob Lowe's kids aren't there anymore; hussy Deb David is long gone; and boozy vixen Kristin had a kid who graduated from Marymount, which is not a girls' school after all....

then the parent became defensive and started questioning me..trying to turn me into a parody!! ME!!!
well, how dare she make fun of my blog, which she snidely refers to as a "little bloglet"...I think bloglet implies little deary, like little dwarf or little miniature pony..

and she said that schools are not responsible for the behavior of the parents....hmmmm
now, this started me thinking..why not? why aren't schools responsible for the parents behavior? why should parents be let off the hook for boorish behavior..why don't the schools give grades to the parents..put them on notice....

for example, we could give sexy Kristin a D for the bad choice she made which got her busted for DUI; Rob Lowe gets an F for the trouble this twit caused with his crybaby rant to the News-Press/Wendy McCuckoo about a reporter who was covering his housing issues..the reporter lost her job because if this!

and Nipper..his kid went to some school and got busted recently in Ventura..let's give Nipper a D- ..a boozer and freeloader is not what you should be modeling to your children!!
....same for Baron Ron Herron, yet another slacker parent...

Wendy doesn't have any kids....thank GOD!! Rick Perry recently gave a speech obviously inebriated..he gets an F for being a Fucking dumbass.

all this hypocrisy reminds me of a cute old song by Jeannie C Riley

Harper Valley PTA
Well, it happened that the PTA Was gonna meet that very afternoon And boy were surprised When Mrs. Johnson wore her miniskirt into the room ( Mrs Johnson A+)

And as she walked up to the blackboard I can still recall the words she had to say She said, "I'd like to address this meeting Of the Harper Valley PTA"

"Well, there's Bobby Taylor sittin' there And seven times he asked me for a date And Mrs. Taylor sure seems to use a lotta ice Whenever he's away" (C for both of them!)

"And Mr. Baker, can you tell us Why your secretary had to leave this town? And shouldn't widow Jones be told To keep her window shades all pulled completely down?"
(D for both of them!)

"Well, Mr. Harper couldn't be here 'Cause he stayed too long at Kelly's Bar again And if you'll smell Shirley Thompson's breath You'll find she's had a little nip of gin" (D- for Mr Harper and Shirley)

and this Marymount parent who contacted me..let's give her a B for at least stepping up for her school trying to defend it even if for all the wrong reasons...

now go and sock it to 'em!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I fought the law

and the law won...

Hi naim is Mick Von Caw and I am a lawyir from the law offices of Darryl Genuis....
I want to hellp peeple who dryve drunck and also eyed lijke to hulp child molesters, too..
sew, if yoo like to go too cocktail parties you eether like cock or tail..mee, I perfer tail...

oh did I menshin I am a defince lawyir?? iof you no any parents wut got kids in skool and they (parents or kids) got busted for DUI, lemme know becuz I need some clyints... it can be a liitle DUI or a grate big DUI wut kills peeple like that lady up at Paradise store..I bet she's bin trying to kill someone for yeers!!

espechilly if you get beet up by a copper, I think wee can mayke alot of money! if you gets beat up by a cop, make shure you get at a shopping senter...thery don't half to see the hole thing, jsut the part wear you git beat up...thatz all that matters! evrybody gits jamoomerrd when peeple git beat up by cops!!
you get the witnesses, I'll take kare of the rest..


hay.. I wunder if Kim Cardashiens needs a lawyir?? hey anybody seen my big boy pants???..oh and I almos firm has announsed the Drunk Person of the Year Awards and weere gonna have a big party with lots of cocktails!!

you cn call me with compleet confidecheeality...and good witneeses get rewarded, two (wink wink)...