Monday, April 30, 2012

mick the knife

well, the shark bites, with his teeth dear....

so the News-Press is still concerned about sharks attacking seals...indicating that some "experts" see it as "unprecendented" ...well perhaps I can help...sharks attack seals because Nature wants them called the food's predator and prey, the seals don't have a prayer!

sometimes the seals get away, sometimes they don''s nothing to be alarmed need to demonize sharks because they are higher in the food chain...that's why they have sharp teeth and strong jaws, like foxes and coyotes and other wild animals...

what you need to be alarmed about Wendy is killing thousands of animals on the Channel Islands by the govt' and a wealthy non-profit..that's what you should be concerned about Wendy...and the dwindling number of sharks...and dwindling numbers of subscribers for the News-Press..I'd worry about that if I were you, Wendy..

Jimmy Kimmel was very funny at the White House correspondents dinner..and so was Rick Santorum...apparently Rick tried to photograph Lindsay Lohan, then denied it...but why would he try to deny it unless he was going to blow it up and tack it to the bathrooom wall...Rick lost the Republican presidential nomination, so now he's on the prowl, stalking poor Lindsay!

well I like to tear into some meat too and a few times a month I shop at Scolari's on's a good store all around but is closing soon...too bad..meanwhile I got the new improved Albertson's in Carp to deal with..the remodel is ok but now everything is behind glass..cheese, milk, bread, name it, it's behind glass....I have to open up a glass door now...and you know what glass does? it reflects light...there's new lighting everywhere and it's bright..and it hits the glass and reflects across the isle to the other glass..
the result is I can't see anything when I'm trying to shop the last time I was in Albertson's, I left empty-handed....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

ol' 55

now the sun's coming up..freeway cars and trucks

it was raining last week when I went to the Caltrans Open House at the Carp High cafeteria...the last time I was in a high school cafereria was when I was in high school....I'm not in high school anymore ..well, today I am...Carp High is a great school...I saw young folks playing in the area, throwing tennis balls at the wall...young sweet high school girls giggling and skipping rope..and..and...and...young sweet, pretty high school girls..oh sorry I already said that...hmmmmm...oh boy..hmmmm

ok so it's raining a little and I go inside and sign in with the nice ladies to greet you...I check out the displays and ask questions and the Caltrans guys are helpful and sincere...but I've seen it all before...there's no two ways about it..we are getting a six lane I want to know about the walls, the sound walls and the recently installed elaborate irrigation systems and plantings from Padaro to Santa Claus Lane to Reynolds Ave...are they gonna rip out all the plants and PVC lines and wall off my view to the Salt Marsh and ocean?? well, no they aren't..there may be some minor moving of irrigation lines and some walls, but nothing too gnarly... I express my concern that Caltrans doesn't have much room to expand the highway in front of the Salt Marsh and are they gonna encroach onto Via Real..they say no ...that little chain link fence that separates 101 from Via Real is a property line...the state owns the freeway side, the county owns the Via Real that's good...I find out an 8 ft wall is planned by the Sandpiper Mobile Home Park...8 ft is not too bad...there's a safety issue over there..a car crashed through the fence and landed upside down on Via Real, close to the bus stop...

then a guy from KEYT walks up with his camera rig and asks if he can interview me for the 11:00 PM news...I said ok, he asks why am I here..I say for the wall and start talking away with that camera in my face..then the interview ends and I tell him not to make me look too ugly and say "hi" to Kim Kardashian for me..Kim as you know, anchors the 6:00 PM news!

Santa Claus Lane

so I leave and it's a nice evening so I go to Santa Claus Lane and park... I see a woman and a dog get out of a car..she releases the dog from a leash and it scampers around by the railroad tracks...could this be grounds for animal abuse? I remember some flakey artist dude and his dog were playing by the railroad tracks a few years ago when a Surfliner came roaring around the bend and killed them both....sometimes it's hard to hear the whistle with the surf crashing nearby..

anyway I cursed the lady and her dog, but took in the beauty of the rainy sunset...all I can say is Caltrans better not mess up this area..or next year I'll either be dead or in jail...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Johnny Angel

you're an angel to me...

I used to watch the Donna Reed Show when I was a kid..not often, but enough to fall for Shelley Fabares, who played Donna's happy-go-lucky yet mysterious daughter...Donna kinda bothered me with that smirk instead of a smile.. I think she was hiding something but I don't know what...Shelley Fabares on the other hand didn't hide anything..she was always smiling and girly yet strong and direct..and she had a great laugh...and I had a crush on her...

then I saw some old beach movies recently and there she was with Elvis and Troy Donahue and Tab Hunter....Tab Hunter lives in Summerland and he's gay...GAY!! so you see, mother, things aren't always as they seem...

but anyway Shelley had a hit with a song called "Johnny Angel"...this song has haunted me all my is beautiful and Shelley's voice was so sweet, yet there was something a bit unsettling about it...."together we will see how lovely Heaven will be"...what does that mean? does it mean that together, Shelley and Johnny's love will be heavenly? or does it mean that Shelley has plans for a murder/suicide?

remember, in the beginning of the song, Johnny doesn't even know that Shelley exists! is he ignoring her...and will she "get carried away" in the worst way?

maybe I'm reading too much into the song , but every time I hear it "my heart begins to fly"...

Shelley Fabares...I love you

Friday, April 27, 2012

c'mon down to my boat, baby

we can go fishin' in my little red boat...

ok while the rightwing trust-fund conservatives in town have been blaming public workers for nearly everything, publishing the public workers' salaries as some sort of political dildo, and touting the wonders of non-profits.... I of course have been looking at these tax-exempt thingies and have seen some scoundrels giving non-profits a black eye..the Santa Barbara County Taxpayer Association has lost all credibility with Lanny and Joe's very public drug issues....and the Botanic Garden was paying  a lofty salary to  that Arizona crook who finally departed....oh, there's plenty more...of course there are many worthy non-profits run by ethical people...but I'm really not interested in those...honest people bore me..I'm not looking for every mother's son here...

ahh...but the shady seems the shady people in nonprofits are making money hand over fist and some of the folks own boats and yachts at the Harbor! nothing wrong with owning a nice boat mind you..unless you get it from money you didn't earn!

well, I can play political dildo too!

"The word "dildo" originally referred to the phallus-shaped peg used to lock an oar in position on a dory (small boat)

now let's see..Channelkeeper has a craft called guess what "Channelkeeper" and it's listed as a recreational the Channelkeeper gals use dildos to row their boats I wonder??

Dr. Laura and Lew have a boat called "Another Boat"....Dr. Laura got rich by lying and cheating and fraud! ooowww, they have another one called "Katana"....and another called "Perfect"...

the FOUNDATION FOR HARMONY AND HAPPINESS has a boat named "Casa Del Mar"

a board member at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum has a boat at the Harbor...hmmmmm

geez, Fess Parker's got a rig down there called the "Guardian"...hey anybody actually see Fess die and get buried??

SUNBURST CHURCH OF SELF REALIZATION has a floater called "Rose of Glory"...

Wendy's got a big boat but nothing at the harbor that I could ya think Wendy uses a dildo to float her boat??

I don't know...but let's make some waves!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

the mamas amd the pappas

everyone's getting fat, except Mama Cass...

well it looks like Steve Pappas is running against Doreen Farr in the 4th District and from the looks of it, Steve has turned skinny and gaunt and hollow-eyed after having been brainwashed by his benefactor, fat Nancy Crawford-Hall... fat piggie Nancy owns a big ranch in the valley and she owns some ink with the Santa Ynez Valley Journal...big fat Nancy has been promising to expose some vast left-wing voter fraud conspiracy..fatty promises every week soon to let us in on the secret..but so far she can only point out some guy in South Dakota voted for free hotdogs on Saturday.... I think large Nancy eats too many hotdogs!

so the leaders of two Santa Barbara institutions are gone...David Bisol of the History Museum downtown died and Karl Hutterer of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History retired...the Natural History Museum is located in Mission Canyon and is a gem..I was pissed when these guys started using the museums for booze parties to raise money...and Hutterer sounds like an old Nazi as far as I'm concerned..good riddance!!

the other guy Bisol died in an apparent fall, but details are pretty skinny...I didn't pay too much attention to this little museum..thought it was a nice addition to downtown, but then I heard they held a little booze party, too...I was amazed at such a stupid move...the party was a lecture about the booze Prohibition era by some alleged historian who looks more like a wannabe society gal...and afterwards they tasted hard liquor on the museum's a pic I got from the internet showing Bisol and the "historian" in a tender, yet creepy moment...

I wonder how he fell??

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I thought the only lonely place was on the moon!

you don't want to hear the waves crashing, don't live by the ocean

if you don't want to hear the traffic, don't live by the highway

if you don't want to hear the trains, don't live by the tracks

and if jets and planes bother you, don't live by the airport....

oh I almost forgot..if you don't like the sound of helicopters, don't live by the hospital!!

no wait that doesn't sound right..if you don't like the sound of screaming dying people don't live next to the hospital..but helicopters??

but that's the deal at Cottage Hospital, the helicopter issue is real...they added the helipad AFTER the neighborhood was built!

now I watched as the Duke and Duchess landed at the Polo Fields in their helicopters..but that's out in the country a bit..I could barely hear them! it was like they came in on a cloud with the Jetsons!

but in the city it's different... and this is the awesome old Oak Park neighborhood...with oaks all around..and a little stream that flows when water is in it and if a helicopter landed on my roof at 4 o'clock in the morning, I'd go outside and BLOW IT AWAY with my SS36!!

Cottage Hospital built a landing pad in the middle of the city and has been trying to explain it ever since..that was stupid and archaic thinking......what they should have done is consulted the Jetsons! They can rocket to the future, they can rocket to the moon, they can work on jupiter, or play on neptune. Machines do the working, machines do run, if they need anything they push a button and it's done. Their house is in the heaven, the free way is in the sky, but their feet are on the ground 'cause they're just regular guys. Judy's got a boyfriend, Elroy's got his theme, Jane's shopping and George has got mister Spacely. They're the Jetsons!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lone Justice

soap soup and salvation..

I'm Pastor Hage, pastor of the Hurricane Bible church, home of Truth an Liberty Christian schools, dear friend, we wanna be a blessing to you...first of all, realize God loves you and that he died and shed his blood and rose again for you..and right now, you can receive Christ as your savior..just say Lord, save me and Lord forgive me and he'll do it and then pick up your phone right now and call me at 703 722 1317 and we'll get back with you..God Bless you..

oh really?? God did all that for me..well bless my soul and here's a check for $100!

then some guy calls selling drywall or construction services...he tells me his uncle might have worked in this area and now he wants to be my friend..I tell him to get lost and hang up..but he stays on the line so I tell him to get off the line and he says no, he's going to stay on the line and harass me all day because I hung up on I say hang up dickhead and he hangs up..then I call the phone co and they say telemarketing is legal and I need to jump thru some hoops to get on the no-call list and jump thru some more hoops to file a complaint!

so here's a question to Tony Strickland R Moorpark...instead of writing bills that require warning labels on cloth bags, why don't you write a bill outlawing telemarketing? dumbass

geez, these people! then I see Lehman Bros, the private firm responsible for starting the financial meltdown commited fraud to the tune of $50 billion...and then the dominoes fell.. I wonder if it would be cheaper just to all let these white collar guys commit fraud and let the free market continue without guidelines, laws and regulations....hmmmm

then I see in the France elections, conservative Sarkozy is losing his battle with socialist Hollande...apparently, the European money problems are getting worse and the fascists want the working class to pay for seems to me that all these conservative crooks created all this havoc and the only way out is to steal from the workers!

Mr. Sarkozy, a staunch ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her tough fiscal prescriptions for the euro zone, lost the first round of voting Sunday in his bid for re-election. Polls show him losing the runoff next month to Socialist rival Fran├žois Hollande, whose rallying cry is an “end of imposing austerity everywhere, austerity that brought desperation to people throughout Europe.”

For example, much media coverage has focused on Hollande's proposal to restore fair taxes on high incomes. The details are less important than the victory Hollande scored in how this proposal was debated. It was widely discussed in terms of whether or not to dispense with cadeaux fiscales – fiscal gifts, to the wealthiest of the French – rather than the populist right-wing “smaller government, lower taxes, more freedom” slogans that have delivered none of these things, while building grotesque income inequality here in North America. In short, Hollande found a way to win both the frame and the debate over economic equality.

There is a lot more to like about Hollande's platform. He lays out a detailed job creation program, a commitment to better regulate France’s poorly-supervised banks, and a more balanced approach to trade. He commits to a stronger public pension plan. He promises to end further privatization of hospitals, and to promote better access to health care. He proposes a 20-to-1 cap on the salaries of CEOs in publicly-owned corporations. He makes an unambiguous commitment to withdraw all French troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2012. Clear, focused, unambiguous commitments, that seem to be working for him.
the "austerity movement" has been countered by the Occupy Movement...the austerity people are the Koch Bros and their puppets like Gov Scott Walker, who just received $1 million from Dennis Koch for the recall election!

it looks like all these upcoming elections will be about accountability....and more accountability!

Monday, April 23, 2012

in the hour of not quite rain

where the clouds are unsuspended in a singular sky..

I get tons of brochures in the mail and normally toss them in the catalog reading spot where they stack up..then when I have a few minutes, I lay on the rug at the bottom of the sofa and read them..that's what I did was cool and foggy and not quite raining..a perfect day for reading...

so I read the catalogs...and I come across one that I missed before: a catalog of films from Kino Lorber..never heard of them..

I was pulled into the pages by some a moth to a flame, a mouse to cheese, a Jew to money, a priest to children..and so on

but the films were strange and wonderfully cultish....old silent films with people I've never heard of...films from Germany and I order a few "Justine" based on the Marquis de Sade's 1791 novel "Justine: The Misfortune of Virtue".. cool ..the Marquis De Sade....that guy was twisted and way ahead of his I'll spend some time trying to separate fact from fiction by going over his writings..

next from the catalog I pick Dairy of a Lost Girl just because of the picture of the girl..Louise Brooks...I do a little search and feel like I got snatched up by a Time Machine and transported back to the 1920s where I fall for a mysterious dark haired beauty....

then I joined the Louise Brooks Society because she's my kinda gal...a tough life as a kid but a total artist and independent to the core...and mysterious...her face is shadowy and haunting me and I need to find out why...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

over under sideways down

ok...I see that DUI lawyer Darryl Genis has filed a complaint against the city of SB on behalf of his client, Tony DeNunzio....and it's about time! I was worried that Genis and Tony got swallered up by a big coyote....

the story was on the front page but the News-Press didn't say a word when Tony got arrested a second time recently for hitting his gal...

and looking at the criminal court calendar, I see Denunzio hogging all the court rooms from Santa Barbara to Santa Maria...probation violations, program violations, arraignment on a complaint and other stuff...

I guess the money must be running let me get this straight..Denunzio gets arrested for DUI and is driving on a suspended license for a previous DUI...Tony gets arrested for abuse on a spouse or ex-spouse twice in the last year.. Tony gets convicted of battery on a teenager...Tony spends most of his time in court....and he's filing a claim againt the city for police brutality, slander and mental problems!! and to support his allegations, he's got some yuppiemuppiewuppies to support him...
and now he's the poor little victim of police brutality and slander....and he wants $10,, he wants the taxpayers to give him in excess of $10000 because he broke numerous laws and got arrested....

well I hope the city steps up and puts an end to this nonsense...and everybody needs to put down their cocktail glasses and focus on the real problem: drunk driving and alcohol abuse...

paper or plastic?

Tony Strickland R-Moorpark introduced a bill seeking health warnings on re-useable cloth grocery bags...WTF..Tony, who got tons of money from the tobacco companies, is worried about your health now re cloth bags?? of course not..he's in the pocket of the plastic bag/oil industry too...


ok I totally forgive the Secret Service and military guys for partying with hoes in Columbia.. prostitution is legal in Columbia and the guys have to protect presidents from idiots like Ted Nugent..and besides, there's nothing wrong with prostitution.. I used to be a male prostitute for wealthy Montecito ladies years ago when the money was tight....really!

Ted Nugent...pedophile and draft dodger....geez Ted... you're done dude..give it up!

and the old rocker who "metaphorically" threatened to kill President Obama, has been booted from a Fort Knox concert by the US Army..good for them!

It’s one thing to vehemently disagree with the president–and quite another to say the president is an enemy of America who should be killed.

Ted Nugent is not only standing by his violent rhetoric regarding the president, he doubled down today, which is why the Secret Service will be paying him a visit Thursday. But for all his tough guy, gunslinging rhetoric, the real Theodore Anthony Nugent is, above all things, a rank coward and draft dodger.

and Ted pled guilty for illegally killing a black bear in Alaska:
Musician to pay $10,000 fine and make ads on responsible hunting.

By CASEY GROVE Anchorage Daily News
Published: April 21st, 2012 12:54 AM
Last Modified: April 21st, 2012 12:56 AM

Rightwing activist and musician Ted Nugent has signed a plea agreement with federal prosecutors admitting he illegally shot and transported black bear in Southeast Alaska two years ago, according to the agreement.

Nugent, 63, launched an arrow at a black bear while on a bow-hunting trip with friends in Tongass National Forest in May 2009. Federal prosecutors say he wounded the bear, attracted to the hunters by a bait station. Nugent's lawyer says the arrow grazed the animal and it scampered off alive. Whether injured or merely scratched, the bear got away. Nugent shot and killed another bear four days later. Then he put the scenes on TV.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Nugent pleaded no contest in 2010 to California charges of baiting a deer in 2009 and having an improperly signed hunting tag.

A spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Game apparently saw an episode of "Spirit of the Wild" and told the Appeal-Democrat, a newspaper serving California's Sutter and Yuba counties, that he "just about fell out of his chair" when he saw Nugent shoot and kill an immature buck. An investigation found that Nugent had used an illegal chemical scent to attract the deer, the Times reported. A charge of shooting an underage buck was dropped. Nugent lost the privilege to hunt deer in California until June 2012.

these so-called hunters use bait stations to attract bears and other animals, then they shoot them..what a bunch of wussies..that's not hunting, that's animal abuse...

Ted says if you see a coyote in your living room, you should shoot him...but he's nuts!!
if you see a coyote in your living room, it means the coyote won!!

ok Teddy are now on my radar....let's rock-n-roll!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hannah and her sisters...

today I feel like changing my name to Hannah-Beth ..don't ask me why, I just do..

ok so now I'm Hannah-Beth..let's see...what shall I do today? bake some cookies or something like I think I'll save the coast and create some green jobs...then play tennis and drive my Volvo around

so also do you know what I like to do? bark! I like to bark like a dog...bark bark bark! see?? it's try it...

now some of my supporters are educators like SB schools superintendent David Cash who just bought a big house in Santa you know why David let the dogs harass public school students, sniffing through their backpacks and's because I barked at him! haha...and also I think he used to be in prison for something or other

and I also have the support of other school board members like Monique Limon....have you seen Monique..she's that Columbian chick that serviced the Secrets...not that I would take any special notice I'm no lesbian but maybe I'll introduce her to Mick!

hey, did you know that Monsanto Chemical company spent lots of money to see me defeated in the upcoming state senate race...

now let's see who's running against me..there's Jason Hodge...Jason is an Indian married to that Chinese bitch Fiona if both these losers get any more power, we'll have more casinos and more Chinese massage parlors in California...more than you can shake a chopstick at!!

so, please vote for me..not the Indian and his China doll wife...

help me save California....thanks!

love, Hannah Beth

Friday, April 20, 2012

dirty water

and frustrated women..

ok, so the City of Santa Barbara is raising utility rates after a lawsuit was settled with the frustrated women of the nonprofit Channelkeeper..look folks, if you keep giving money to nonprofits like this, it all goes to their lawyers and lawsuits..for publicity..for more keep the fear instilled that the beaches in Santa Barbara are so polluted only nonprofits can save them...the issue is replacement of sewer lines thoughout the city...most cities are on some kind of a sewer line replacement/rehab schedule...but Channelpeeper said the city of SB wasn't moving fast enough, so they sued! and now you're gonna pay extra for it!!

it's absurd...Channelpeeper panicked when a few manholes overflowed..the impact was minimal..even if you replace all the lines tomorrow, incidents will happen when pipes get plugged....that's why the city has those huge Vactors clean out the lines...people dump everything but the kitchen sink in the sewer and it causes problems..

and some of these nonprofits with zero experience in the field claim that leaky sewer lines are affecting storm drains....that myth was debunked years ago..sewer lines aren't pressurized like your water lines, so waste goes to the treatment plant, not to the storm drains...and remember sewage is like Ivory soap..99.9 percent pure! so they say...
dog crap, bird poo, litter and them big ass ships are the main polluters...and make sure you have professionals running the treatment and distribution works...and for pity sake, don't believe everything Channelkeeper says....all in all, the beach/water quality is just fine..and you can thank the City of Santa Barbara for that..

btw, Heal the Ocean helped fund a study in 2007 that pointed to the was reported by Melinda Burns...

Citizens’ groups such as Heal the Ocean have long suggested that the city’s aging sewer system was leaking into the ground water and traveling underground into the surf. But preliminary results from the study, which is funded in part by Heal the Ocean, suggest that city sewers are not to blame, the authors say.

the real culprit, they say, might be the shorebirds. Under this hypothesis, seagulls and other birds pick through the kelp for food; the kelp sits on the beach accumulating a lot of sea bird manure, or guano; a higher-than-usual tide comes along, washes the kelp off the beach, and bingo! The surf tests high for fecal bacteria.  
John Izbicki, a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) hydrologist from San Diego who heads the study, said that hundreds of samples taken from 13 ground water wells, Mission Creek and the ocean for more than two years do not show that city sewers are polluting the ground water.
“So far, we have not found direct evidence of contamination on the beachfront or in Mission Creek from the sewer water,” Izbicki said. “One of the concerns was the main sewer line along West Beach. But we have not seen evidence of fecal bacteria contamination from that line.”

next, there was a story in the News-Press about a "gravely injured pregnant sea lion" and the attack by a juvenile great white shark "ultimately cost the 300 pound mammal and her offspring their lives"

well, that's pretty is Wendy going to want the cops to catch the shark for killing unborn babies? I think the line has been blurred unborn sea lion is not "offspring" since it hasn't been born yet...I would prefer that Steepleton called it "potential dessert" since the shark didn't quite get to eat it....anyway, be on the lookout for a young man in a gray suit!
then I was shocked to see the News-Press send a reporter and photographer to cover the Citizen Extra Steps Awards ceremony...two famous Santa Barbara cops- Officers Kasi Beutel and Mark Corbett- were actually in the paper on page 3! I guess Wendy and Nipper must be sailing the Calixe on the Mediterranean!

if I were the News-Press editor, I would have put the cops on the front page and the sea lion tragedy on page 3...

but I keep forgetting we're in Wendy's World here....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

a day at the races...

ok this should be an interesting and entertaining political season...we got lots of people running for various offices....some wannabes trying to influence things at city hall..and some crazies looking for a little attention..all in all, a good mix of serious candidate and nutjobs...

well I see in the VC Star that the non-profit Ventura County Ag Association has strawberry pie all over their face.... they threatened to file a complaint against  Das Williams, 35th California Assemblyman, for representing his constituents in a Montalvo Strawberry farm visit to check out working conditions...the Ventura County Ag Ass has decided not to pursue any action against Das...ohhh, I bet Das was shivering in his boots that a nonprofit was after him!!

the News-Press had a front page story claiming Das was in hot water for union activities, but it was just a lame political hit job by Wendy, The Ventura County Ag Ass, their lawyer Rob Roy, his pal politician Fiona Ma...and her hubby candidate Jason Hodge..all these folks have banded together to try embarrass Das....but their little smear job back-fired! Das wins again and he wasn't even running for anything!

I think the News-Press is in hot water for sucking at journalism and breaking labor laws! GO UNIONS!!

and I think long time rightwing supervisor Joni Gray will lose her seat after the controversy with a Lompoc Housing nonprofit....Joni is in the middle of it and nearly every news outlet from Santa Maria to Santa Barbara covered the story, except the News-Press...Wendy just loves those conservatives northies...remember former supe Joe Centeno..when his cemetery district malfeasance came to light....he just shrugged it off and they named a building after him...maybe they'll name a building after Joni!

according to the Lompoc Record: This will be Howerton’s third election campaign against Gray since 1998, when Gray was first elected.

Howerton lost to Timothy Staffel in 1996. Two years later, Republican Gov. Pete Wilson appointed Staffel to the Santa Barbara County Superior Court and named Gray to succeed him.
“I would not run if I thought the current supervisor was doing a good job and that’s the bottom line,” Howerton said. “I will work full-time and be accessible to the people in the district.”
Howerton said she was convinced to challenge Gray by the incumbent’s involvement in the Lompoc Housing and Development Corp., the financially troubled nonprofit group that was represented by Gray’s husband, attorney George Wittenburg, while the supervisor, a partner in the same law firm, was voting to approve enormous amounts of county money for the nonprofit.

“LHCDC was what helped me make up my mind. She’s complicit in that. It’s a scandal. That’s what made me make up my mind and pull my papers,” Howerton said.
“She has been very much a part of this whole issue and I think she needs to be held accountable.”
In response, Gray said all the supervisors’ votes regarding LHCDC were 5-0 and the items were on the administrative agenda, which required no discussion. The board was being told that LHCDC was compliant with county requirements, she said.

“Her law firm was collecting money from LHCDC and she was voting. That’s just not legal,” Howerton said.
“You can put any spin on it you want. The bottom line is, it’s just not right.

Read more:

now the next wannabe/notgonnabe city council candidate is Lanny Ebenstein.....Wendy lets Lanny pretend to be a council member and Lanny pretends he's making policy decisions on the editorial pages..Lanny tells city and county employees do this -do that -don't do that....what hoot this guy is..he lost one try at the council, he lost some houses to foreclosure, and all his anti-public worker initiatives failed to get on the ballot for 2012!! very effective strategy Lanny!

so now he tries to tell the Mayor what to do....but  I agree with the mayor...the booze district needs to pay for the problems they create....I'm sick and tired fo subsidizing them!!

and Lanny continues lying about city employees...Lanny thinks if you work four days a week, you're not doing a full week's work...again he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about ... some schedules are arranged to facilitate shift work in certain service some folks work four days a week, ten hours a day as their schedule...some do a 12 hour day, 3 days a week, then an 8 hour day...some fire fighters work one week on, one week off....that's the nature of shift work in some of the industrial facilites within's alot easier to get things/projects done on a ten hour shift than an eight hour shift.. and the three day weekend looks mighty good although the first day off is spent recuperating from those long 10 hour work days!!

Mick to Lanny and the News-Press....did you copy that? affirmative? that's a 10-4, dumbasses!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I got a rocket

in my pocket...

well Monday was Emancipation Day which I didn't know but now I do...that gives me until Tuesday to pay my taxes..but because of events that have transpired recently, I will withhold my taxes this year and buy a new bedroom set at Sears! 

first of all, the feds are putting Roger Clemens, the Rocket, on trial again after the first one was declared a mistrial...this is outrageous! Clemens didn't do anything wrong....and if he did inject some steroids, so what...that's what a cortizone shot is...people with sports injuries do it all the time....FREE THE ROCKET and stop wasting time and money!

second we see that gov't employees at the GSA took a few hundred thousand dollars in taxpayer money and partied in Las Vegas..and videotaped it....this is beyond stupid and all the people should be fired..all these dumbass managers...if you want to shrink gov't, you can start here!! maybe they should have gone to the Morongo Casino's the place where "morons go" to lose their money!! haha

and third of all we got the Secret Service who go to Columbia ahead of Obama visit ..and what happens? a bunch of SS dudes and some military guys buy some prostitutes and get drunk at area bars! geez, did Ted Nugent pay for this?
Ted says that if Obama is elected again, he'll either be dead or in jail...I think he means he's going to assassinate the President....well.... Ted's a total phony, he staged his TV hunts and pretends to be this high priest for gun rights and capitalism...maybe death would be a better fit for ya, Ted....I hope the feds fry him!!

then I had a dream about Kim Kardashian..she was in the garden watering the plants..and she kept pulling the hose...I kept following her around...the Kardashian's have a new line of clothes and furnishings at Sear's....

and that is capitalism at her best!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

oh what a beautiful morning!

oh what a beautiful day..I've got a wonderful feeling....eveything's going my way....

ok I get up early because I need to take the truck into Graham Chevrolet for an oil shouldn't be more than an hour or so, so I take the bike along... I get there around 8:30 AM and they take care of biz..Graham Chevrolet is a top notch dealer! never a problem with them..

so I hop on the bike and start riding to kill some time but it is a really nice morning...quiet and sunny so I go to MacKenzie Park across from the gaudy Gelson's parking lot where Tony DeNunzio met his fate..and he's been beating women ever since ....what a man!!

but the day is lovely so to hell with Tony and his little dramas....the park is home to two nice fields for Pony League baseball...I definitely support I go get a News-Press after a few tries..the vending machines are messed up! so I get a paper after losing one whole dollar and sit down at the park, under a's very peaceful and there's little house on the hill above the park with a's very charming...all in all, Santa Barbara is very charming town....I love the old military building there, too...

ok so the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and I'm pretty happy..then I read the front page of the News-Press and there's 1st District supe Salud and  wannabe Carole Lieff...there was a debate between them and I'll wait for community TV to see it....but Carole was all yellowy and prettied up, looking like a conservative mom who never worked a real job in her life!

the article goes on to say she's the anti-pension candidate and that she was arrested once in 2010 to show how tax money is wasted..they didn't say why she was I gotta guess and ..and.. what? prostitution??

anyhoo, I go back and swing by the empty lot next Graham's and grab some awesome lemons..there's these lemon trees by the gotta see them to believe them

...then I get my newly oiled truck then head to 7/11..a rather unattractive lady in a big black Land Rover comes ripping into the parking lot..she follows me around the store and follows me out..then she gets in her car and opens the driver side door....I swear this happened...then she faces me as I get in my truck and she starts licking her thing she bought at 7/11!! I don't know what it was, maybe an OREO cookie, but she was reallly using her tongue in a wild, sexual way and looking at me.. I couldn't believe it!!

but I guess I'm supposed to figure that chick out, too....

Monday, April 16, 2012

growing pains

what would we do baby, without us?

back in Dec 2011, I did a post on the Weil Tennis Academy in the post were some characters: Stephen Baldwin, least of the Baldwin bros..and Baldwin's business partner, some producer guy named Alex whatever..and even Peter Lance was mentioned...

well, here's an update on the gals!

these three guys should have showed up at the casting call for the Three Stooges! I hear the movie is good and already creating some controversy..the original Stooges did that too, mixing politics in with their zany comedy..that's why people still love 'em!

anyway, back to the knuckleheads Baldwin, Lance and whathisname..I hear Peter Lance has a new spy novel out called "Blow Dry"...about the beauty secrets of the ladies of Santa Barbara Police Dept....

these three guys cry about gov't conspiracies, easy money for Jesus and all sorts of issues that the normal person would not really worry I'm thinking that these guys must all be mental..

and now I can add one more knucklehead to the bunch..Kirk Cameron, an ex-actor of a silly sitcom with Carp resident Alan Thicke called "Growing Pains"...Kirk for some reason turned into a brainwashed TV evangelical..the absolutely worst kind of con artist

a recent interview had Kirk and Baldwin fawning over each other: Kirk Cameron can rest easy at night knowing at least one Baldwin brother has got his back. Stephen Baldwin, the born again Christian Baldwin brother, spoke out in support of the comments Cameron made on Piers Morgan's CNN show.

"GREAT JOB Kirk !!! Let's pray one day Piers Morgan finds true Salvation, God Bless!" he tweeted in support. He was referring to the Growing Pains actor's remarks that homosexuality is "unnatural" and he wouldn't support his son if he came out.

oh fucking Jesus..two morons who couldn't make it as actors are now preaching morality....neither of these guys would support their sons if their sons were gay?? really?

nature provides for a certain percentage of populations to be gay..that's all there is to it...some of the little foxes on the Channel Islands are gay..some cats and dogs are too..that little dachsund humping your leg...he's a fag!!

and some people's biology...

using the bible to support bigotry and homophobia is pretty pathetic....the evangelical ignorance can't stand against civil rights...and these crazy phony bible thumpers are against civil rights....

so after watching Baldwin and Cameron obsess and fixate on gays, my only conclusion is these two guys are really closet queers...look at them...they are effeminate, don't have real jobs, and wear make-up! and does Kirk have a new book out called "Gay Secrets"???

I think these two dudes are in love with each other!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

shady ladies


ok so off I go into the wild blue yonder...well... into Santa Barbara to see if I can talk to Michelle Malkin or some other promiscuous conservative lady at the Reagan Ranch Center...I could be the werewolf in the girls dorm...hmmm.....but it's closed tighter than a ketchup bottle...geez everything down here today, Saturday, looks frigid and sterile...there's no life..everyone looks like a mannequin...

so I press my face close to the front door windows and lick the glass in case some hot babe was leaning against it last night.....but today it looks like a tomb inside the Reagan Ranch Center....I suddenly become very frightened and head for my truck...then I get some breakfast at McDonald's....

I know Michelle was at the Reagan Ranch Center because the News-Press had a little blurb about it on page 6...this was the Clare Boothe Luce Center get-together for conservative gals I posted about earlier..

then I hear the News-Press and Michelle Malkin are calling for a boycott on great American businesses like McDonald's and Coca Cola...when I was a teen, I went to the Ray Kroc Ranch in Santa Ynez and it was cool..huge and air conditioned..outside it was unbearably hot so everyone stayed inside..that's the day I vowed to live by the ocean for the rest of my life...butr the house had a theater, a huge industrial kitchen, giant sofas, a pool room, a pool...just too much ..I'm thankful I don't need all that stuff! but I know it's there if I ever need it...

Michele's got her panties up over something, but calling for a boycott of two American icons because she doesn't agree with something they did is just dumb...but this is teabag mentality and it can't be explained....

and Wendy ought to be ashamed of herself for denigrating a great American business and supporting a boycott of McDonalds!

and why?? because they are upset that some companies have severed ties with the group call ALEC....a nonprofit lobbying group that has recently turned ultra-conservative with donors like the Koch Bros, the ALEC groups tries to buy influence among conservative legislators to help with the corps bottom line and discriminate against public workers, students, poor people, minorities and anyone else that scares them!!

they have waged war against the American working class...mainly the public sector unions but the private sector unions have taken notice too and are banding together with the public workers...

Michelle Malkin thinks ALEC is just a bunch of nice conservatives who write pro-free market legislation for their representatives! and she also thinks the Arizona Federation of Teachers is a militant group...but the real reason so many American institutions are fleeing any association with ALEC is not because of "progressive" pressure, it's because of progressive investigative journalism...ALEC has become a front group for wealthy white guys....PERIOD!..they have lobbied for all the anti worker laws and the helped create conservative hysteria against public workers, teachers, poor people, student voting..and the list goes on and on....these are the very same people who cheered while ENRON was robbing California!!!

and ALEC sprinkles some golddust on nuts lile Michelle to be their media else do you think Michelle gets money??

and McDonald's is the definition of American capitalism and charity... and it teaches young people a work ethic!!

ok... Wendy and Nipper knowingly printed Michelle's call to boycott McDonalds..a Santa Barbara institution! Wendy bought and destroyed the credibility of the News-Press, and now she's calling for a boycott of McDonalds!!

so Santa Barbara businesses that advertise in the News-Press....what are you going to do about it???

Saturday, April 14, 2012

pieces of april

I keep in a memory bouquet....

wow..what a day..thunder and lightning.. rain and wind...rainbows.... clouds

it's April 13th....will the stock market crash? will my Smart Meter turn on me? will a eucalyptus tree fall on me? while I was pondering various disaster scenerios, I heard a big bang.... saw some flashing light and thought a transformer blew but no....all electricity is on.....

then BAM..a long thunderous is cool..thunder and bolts of lightning and driving rain...then I go to Vons and it really starts like a Texas downpour....awesome..see what happens when they seed the clouds!

if it keeps up I might miss Casablanca or Silence of the Lambs tonight! that's ok..I have my books and my poetry to protect me...a flashlight and a little transistor radio..what else do I need?


and then the rain stopped but it was really windy and cold..I don't know why but I felt like I was in France for some reason...then my old Goya was delivered and it was far out!!

then I looked up in the sky and a big French poodle was forming in the clouds..a big white French poodle...look and you'll see it...then I heard the French Festival will be back in full force this year...

this is all music to my ears!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

chain of fools

chain chain chain....chain of fools seems a few DINOs are pissed at Das Williams for...being Das, I guess..and winning elections...we have some Democrats who are tied to Susan Jordan's apron strings...and they've formed a little chain of fools....and Pedro Nava is leading the charge

remember when Pedro ran up to Ojai to shed some tears for a dead bear..for the cameras...for Wendy..for a spot on the gravy train...for some billable hours perhaps

but Pedrobear is the weakest link in this little chain...Pedro, ever since he left office, has been snuggling up to Wendy..trying to pass himself off as an animal rights activist, I saw him at the Wayne Pacelle garden party ...Wayne is the head of the US Humane Society and all those society gals love him...and Wendy does too...Pedro was there sucking up to all those folks and writing letters to the News-Press about his love for the furry little critters..but WAyne wasn't too happy to see me when I asked him about all those animals the Nature Con and Parks Service killed...the owls foxes eagles pigs...Wayne seemed a bit confused

but anyway, I don't trust Pedro one little bit...and Pedro's still mad at Das for beating his wife Susan Jordan in the last election...Das Williams derailed Susan Jordan's bid to replace her husband, Assemblyman Pedro Nava, D-Santa Barbara, in the 35th Assembly Distirct.

so the plot thickens as the Pedrobear tries to mount a challenge to Das Williams' friend Hannah Beth Jackson.... nicknamed "Taxin'Jackson" by the News-Press, Pedro hates her and Das and is endorsing a guy named Jason Hodge..Jason is the hubby of Fiona Ma, the chick in San Francisco who helped orchestrate the strawberry hysteria over Das and unions...she's also in a power struggle with Das..

now wouldn't it be nice if Jason could join his wife Fiona in continue the love story:

About seven months after they'd met, Ma proposed that Hodge accompany her on a political trip to Shanghai. He did, and one night as they walked the city's streets, made a proposal of his own: marriage. The long-distance couple hopes to spend more time together in the future - Hodge is running for state Assembly in 2012 and if elected, would be able to live with his wife in Sacramento during the workweek.

hey who paid for that Shanghai trip?? the taxpayers??

and that is what this is all about..that's why Pedrobear hates Das...because Pedro was certain that wifey poo Susan would take over his assembly seat..but she lost..and now he wants Hodge to beat Das' pal Hannah-Beth for the Democratic ticket to face Mike Stoker...

well, I may have to give the nod to Stoker on this one!