Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

don't stop, it'll soon be here....

hey Wendy is back to sending "cease and desist" letters! she sent one to PODER!!

but I ask you , is it possible to "cease and desist"?

cease and desist mean the same thing: STOP....how does one stop and stop?

you stop once..you have already stopped..how can you stop once you are already stopped..you can't stop twice at the same time, can you?

so in effect, they cancel each other out...so a "cease and desist" letter really means go and go...or the double positive of a double negative, mathematically speaking

I'll have more on this tomorrow and tomorrow

Yellow Submarine

we all live in a Yellow Submarine....

ok..it's been established that Santa Barbara is a racist city (that should be good for tourism!)...and having forked over $600000 in settlement money to atty Barry Capello, the city has admitted its racist ways...Barry, who represented Wendy McCuckoo during her child porn issues, had claimed that at-large elections prove racism and threatened to go to court, and the administrators took one look at the City Council...took a look at Dale, Frank and Randy..and said "yeah, they're racists only concerned with white interests"

hey..the reality is you got your surfers..and you got your greasers..it's always been that way!

and we know the News-Press is a racist paper with their Minuteman connections...and the plot by the News-Press and Dale Francisco to remove the one Latina on the council, Cathy Murillo...Dale is obviously a white supremacist..remember that skinhead hairdo?? it explains the wig he wears today

so the city will go with map 3A for the new districts and chop SB up into non-racist parts...once that is worked out..wait a minute, I was watching the meeting and did they say La Entrada has its own split district?? one block of State St will get two representives!! WTF??? well, Mexicans drew the map up so what do you expect...

now, the next logical step is Carpinteria must go to district elections..but I will fight that..Carpinteria is one..we all function as one unit...we're not racists here..we welcome airybody!! we're like a big Yellow Submarine! the last Mex we had on council was Joe Armendariz, but he crashed and burned ...driven mad by too much booze and too much spacegal #69!

and Joe was a conservative Mexican! a rare thing

I was walking along the bluffs the other day and saw a bunch of Mexicans hiking! I dint even know Mexicans hiked!

I thought all they did was eat!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

ooooooww, that smell

 can't you smell that smell??

Firestone Brewery raising a stink...in typical Firestone fashion, they didn't fess up until the neighbors busted them..what a bunch of nools!

neighbors in Paso Robles are complaining about a rotten egg smell and the odor is coming from Firetone Brewery...I don't drink beer, but if I did , I'd drink Dos Equis, not that Firestone crap..Brooks and his idiot son Adam I guess run the little craft brewery...Adam's claim to fame was being on the Bachelor reality TV show then daddy bought him a brewery!

Local brewery says they are to blame for horrible smell drifting


19 hours ago ... Residents describe the smell as similar to that of rotten eggs. ... time the odor seems to be coming from Firestone Walker Brewing Company's ...

Foul smell coming from Firestone’s wastewater ponds

Posted: 4:42 pm, March 13, 2015 by Skye Ravy

Local residents have been reporting a foul smell coming from southern Paso Robles. After some investigation, it has been determined that the smell is coming from Firestone Walker Brewery’s newly installed wastewater pools.

Paso Robles Wastewater Technical Supervisor Christopher Slater said that the wastewater department has been receiving lots of phone calls from concerned citizens, thinking that there was some sort of sewer leak. "It’s not the city," he said. He explained that the newly installed wastewater ponds were not working properly. "They are trying to get it fixed. The design was flawed and they are not operating as suspected."


it appears the Firestones built some waste ponds without thinking about the bacterial breakdown that could cause odor, esp in hot weather..and it gets real hot up there in them hills up there in Paso..God's country my ass..Carpinteria is God's country!! the beach, the hills the highway....what more could you ask for??

Firestone blames the state laws, the winds, the weather and all sorts of other stuff instead of blaming the brewery incompetence

but it makes me wonder what is going into those ponds..I know wastewater plants have big ponds in the rural areas, but the professional state certified plant operators know how to manage them...that rotten egg odor is H2S or hydrogen sulfide...indicates some no oxygen zones in the ponds and the anerobic bacteria are working overtime to convert this into that

but brewery ponds? do the Firestones crap in those ponds too?? see the rich crap just like the rest of us, but we don't stink up the neigborhood like the rich!

ok so they say that the ponds contain rinse water from the beer tanks...so do beer drinkers stink more than normal folks??

will Adam Firestone be invited to host all the silly social functions at the Biltmore?? is he friends with that Crandell guy..one of them got busted for allegedly being drunk in public recently...Firestone Ale perhaps??? what tools these guys are!

geez, sometimes they cover the ponds, or aerate them...maybe the Bird Refuge is really a pond all the Santa Barbara beer drinkers just pee into on their way to dinner?? no wonder it stinks!

and Poo Jill's planting natives to kill the odor!! haaha... this is getting funnier by the minute...

hey...why not turn the Bird Refuge into a brewery?? and get the Firestone clan to run it...first batch they could call the Stinky Poo Pale Ale..

knowing all this, would you drink beer with the Firestone name on it???

I will never be that thirsty, my friends

Saturday, March 28, 2015

why can't we be friends

 why can't we be friends??

ok so I see this over at the Santa Barbara View of all places..some of the View's readers are some conservative constipated cranks with no sense of humor..and it's the place for the MCA propaganda

but this satirical look at the News-Press impressed me..and cracked me up..

the Santa Bruta Noose-Press with a hanging rope logo!! AHAAHAAHAAA!!

brilliant satire and very creative... cuts right through the bullshit ...and printed no doubt without divorce settlement money!!

hahahahaa!! did PODER do it??? good on ya!

good job Santa Barbara View for showing it!!

you know you love it

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

'round the old oak tree..

quick before they cut it down!!!

so I was out messing around on a fine Spring day, the air was full of flowery scents...the sun was hot...the sky was blue and so was the sea...the sand was sandy

there was a beautiful shade tree at Lookout Park in Summerland..a longstanding big beautiful pine near the office area...

so imagine my surprise when I went down there and saw it had been chopped down...actually I was pissed...the wind didn't do it, the tree was healthy..so the "safety" excuse was probably used...it might topple over and fall down the cliff...but the tree's been there forvever having survived everything 'cept the chainsaw

pines trees are my favorite...love the eucs but there is nothing more beautiful than the moon rising through the pines... when you cut down a pine tree, you really notice it...at the Camper Park, Peoples Self Help Housing chopped two big awesome pines to put in place a monstrous housing project that never should been allowed...it was supposed to be small workforce housing then they turned it into a big townhouse development...

Peoples Self Help Housing is such a scam...it's a nonprofit that gets money from gov't/city councils..then they build huge "affordable housing projects" that leave scars on the land..

Casa de Las Fucking Flores

this project, called Casa de Las Fucking Flores will house lottery winners according to an article in Noozhawk...why would a lottery winner need affordable housing? because they spend all their money gambling, that's why

but really, I watched the PSHH socialists cut down the big beautiful pines..and a lovely row of palm trees that the birds, the hooded orioles just loved to nest in...and oh how the wind loved to push those palms around!

all PSHH needed to do was replace the trailers with some mobile homes, ie new trailers...what they did was overbuild a huge apartment complex...it's just horrid!!  former Carp mayor Weinburg saddled us with this monstrosity and I curse him..

thank God we got agriculture here to buffer the new developments..unfortunatley PSHH slipped this one in..and a few weeks back, they were at the city council asking for more taxpayer money!! the NERVE!!!

now the news blurb in Noozhwak was written by a fellow named Angel Pacheco...I remember..oh yeah, Angel used to be a reporter for the News-Press..now he's a publicist for Peoples Self Help Housing...geez


By ANGEL PACHECO, NEWS-PRESS STAFF WRITER ... "He's not just sorry that he got caught," Mr. Genis told the News-Press following the hearing. "He's not ...

Angel's last story was about Raymond Morua killing Mallory Dies...like PSHH killed the Camper Park trees

like the county killed the Summerland Pine..

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

High Time We Went

it is high time we went....

went to Lompoc...Lompoc... Lompoc.... it's got lots of weird stuff going on..the feds giving Surf Beach to the Snowy Plover, the sharks swimming off shore waiting to kill more surfers, the Air Force Base pointless missile launches.... and the strange inhabitants of Vandenberg Village...

Lompoc is a mystery...like Prague, Czechoslovakia

now we have the story of the new attempt to build a Space Center in Lompoc....this is just nuts.. I saw the lady who is trying to build the center..saw her on KSBY News...Orly Taitz comes to mind..the lady was a dumpy blonde with a thick Polish accent!! do you think a fucking Polish wanderer is gonna build a Space Center in Lompoc?? when I saw her, more red flags went up than fireflies in Winnetka...

the last Space Center proposed for Lompoc was also a big mystery...Andrea Seastrand and her cohorts had a business plan in 2011 that ended in 2011 but not before they blew through 16 million $$ in public funds although they were a nonprofit..

I urge Lompoc to put a stop to these Polish crazies and leave the cool little town alone....

the Garagiste Festival...another illegitimate booze gathering..yeah..they get together, get drunk for 4 hrs and call it a festival....WOODSTOCK ...now that was a festival man...nobody can rap a fest like Woodstock, can you dig it??? Hendrix, Canned Heat...three days man, three days!!

now WTF is a garagiste festival?? well basically it's rebranding a bottle of Gallo and selling for it for three times the price..PRESTO..you got yourselves a festival


GARAGISTES – (garage-east) n, Fr. – A term originally used in the Bordeaux region of France to denigrate renegade small-lot wine makers, sometimes working in their garage, who refused to follow the "rules." Now a full-fledged movement responsible for making some of the best wine in the world. Who’s laughing now, Francois? Syn: Rule-breakers, pioneers, renegades, mavericks, driven by passion.

Welcome to Garagiste, a place for the underground, the different, and the cutting edge of small production winemaking with no rules...

Garagiste Events, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is proud to use the proceeds of the Festivals to support young winemakers at the Wine and Viticulture Program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The mechanism by which that happpens, The Garagiste Festivals, have allowed us to not only raise funds for our cause but also create an entirely new niche within the wine industry that supports small production artisan winemakers

a non-profit to support young winemakers?? are they kidding?? how did the IRS grant them non-profit status?? what a total scam..

and being a fan of the French, there is no way "garagistes" means what these Solvang bozos say it means.. I know for a fact the French don't have garages, they have castles

and wine has arsenic in it!! yucky poison may explain that headache in the morning

trendy drunks, is there anything worse??

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spinning Wheel

got to go round

so there's a "devout" Christian lawyer out of Orange County who wants to put a measure on the ballot..the ballot advocates killing gays..it's a anti-sodomite initiative..Matthew G. McLaughlin  is the devout Christian lawyer...

The measure also bans sodomites from holding public office and outlaws "spreading sodomite propaganda," or advocating gay rights

well I support it and while we're at it we can add dog owners who don't pick up after their pets..kapow!! and rich people..I could whack Wendy..BLAM!! and DUI lawyers and pack bike riders..mow 'em all down!!

let's get rid of these troublemakers!

and speaking of devout Christians, a letter to the editor caught my eye in Sunday's News-Press....it was by a gal named Sandee Beckers..the name rang a bell..and she says she's President of the Rescue Mission Women's Auxiliary....

the tone of the letter seemed out of place for the Rescue Mission because it was political..blasting gov't programs for the down and out but praising the Rescue Mission for not taking any gov't money...

"care is given by an exceptional staff, most of whom have been there and bear witness to the fact that God's love can rebuild lives and transform even the most desperate circumstances"

 ok, that's fine..God's Love and blah blah blah....

now, fifteen years ago or so, UCSB had an exceptional two-year extension program for Counseling Skills Certificate..Drug and Alcohol Counseling and many of the folks attending and getting certified went on to do work for the Rescue Mission...there was nothing political about it...

but with Sandee's letter, perhaps something has happened to the Rescue Mission...perhaps they have been taken over by rightwing teabeggers...

for FYE 2013, the Charity Navigator listed some interesting numbers...
Contributions, Gifts , Grants $1,696,194

TOTAL REVENUE $2,310,647

Excess (or Deficit) for the year $-69,458

and the overall rating is low at 78%.....other similar chartities listed had rating in the 80 and 90 percentile..the Rescue Mission scored 70% on financials......


ok so this Sandee Beckers is indeed an anti-govt' teabagger Christian and has no business doing anything political on behalf of the Rescue Mission...or she could damage the non-profit status...but I guess she couldn't help herself....

Sandee Beckers was also a big promoter of the discriminatory YES on 8 bill in California a few years back..no marriage for gays....

in other words, she'a bigot! these Christians are a sub-cult not to be confused with Catholics...

Beckers was a director of the California Family Council involved in rightwing politics: CFC is a 501(c)(3). It's precisely because of the legal restrictions on the scope of 501(c)(3) activities that the CFC was required to set up the 501(c)(4) called California Renewal.

"With California Renewal now suspended, I have no idea how or why the CFC crew is being allowed to continue advocating for Prop 8. That they do continue to advocate - and apparently have no intention of making things right of their own accord - demonstrates their unseemly lack of regard for the state of California and its laws."

and Sandee Beckers is against public education, instead favoring and promoting ignorance!!!


ok so Sandee Beckers is the President of the Rescue Mission Women's Auxiliary.....they spend all their time raising money by asking you to give stocks, praying and other stuff...and Sandee says they don't take any gov't money...so the grants must be from charitible trusts...

and check out the creepy "gift" page..professional begging


well... the Rescue Mission Women's Aux needs to remove Sandee Beckers and keep politics out of the mission.. I DEMAND SANDEE BECKERS BE FIRED!!

they are tax-exempt, yet they want donations from tax payers..the tax payers give them money for salaries, programs and fundraising expenses...and the spinning wheel goes round and round...why don't they just call themselves a church? geez, sounds like scam..a social club for weird old Christian gals...

devout Christians=religious fanatics=mentally unstable...

that's enough to sober anybody up

Monday, March 23, 2015

once bitten, twice shy


since the City of Santa Barbara has caved to extortion, ie forced district elections, Barry "the weasel" Capello has been appointed election czar...

Mr. Capello is the lawyer who represented pro-district interests....drawing up new districts will be only a ceremonial informality as Mr. Capello had already chosen the new council majority....

L-R: Pedro Francisco, Francisco Calentekiss, Bendy Ruiz
and mayor Helena Cruz

and here they are! the new Santa Bruta  city council!  Pedro Francisco, Francisco Calentekiss, Bendy "El Pollo Loco" Ruiz..and nuevo mayor Helena Cruz

the new city attorney Ariel "the mouse" Calonne will be keeping a petty cash box under his seat in the council chambers due to his propensity to settle cases...it appears that Mr. Calonne is so frightened of the inside of a court room, he refuses to litigate....

having given away close to one million dollars already in settlements, some of it to chronic drunks but most of it to other lawyers, like Darryl "the rat" Genis,  Mr. Calonne says it's just easier for him to settle with all that tax money just sitting there like  lottery cash!

"those other lawyers are so darn intimidating" says the timid Mr. Calonne

Sunday, March 22, 2015

every picture tells a story


it's bad enough that the News-Press called Mexican immigrants "illegals"... now the News-Press is targeting Asians, calling them "tiny"


hmmm...some people are so racist they don't even know it as is the case with the News-Press..

so they had an online caption about the woman painting a mural at the Santa Barbara Courthouse...the first thing that "struck the News-Press was how such a tiny person could do such a big job"..

then I got the paper edition and the story was written by Marilynn McMahon...twice she mentioned the size of Kumiko, but it really had nothing to do with the content of the story.. this was a thinly disguised effort to show displeasure at a Japanese gal doing restoration work on a Santa Barbara icon... you should be ashamed of yourself, Marilynn...white lady probably got big tits and a small brain

well it's clear to me that the News-Press needs some sensitivity training...as far as some white people are concerned, everyone else is sub-human to some degree somehow...whites got a big inferiority complex..

but I'm here to help the News-Press..I too get suspicious when I see a black person walking in the neighborhood, but I'm working on it..see I'm not perfect but I am more perfect than any black, that's for sure! and if  I see an Asia gal,  I expect a hot massage

but anyway, Asians...hmmm I like Asian chicks but there are some ridiculous stereotypes I'd like to bring to the attention of the News-Press, like this one:
Asians are so often described with tiny eyes that small eyes are now known as Asian eyes...slit eyes

the slit-eyed lady knocked me off my feet....

Saturday, March 21, 2015


well you better pick yourself up off the ground, before they bring the curtain down...

well I see that a former News-Press employee/receptionist was busted again for a "controlled substance"..ie an illicit drug...the odd thing is the gal just got through a trial for smashing into some kids on Highway 101...a triple fatality...a triple tragedy...

the kids had already crashed because the driver fell asleep and the ex-News-Press gal plowed into them in her white Mustang..she was arrested for drugs/DUI and has a history of substance abuse..and she gets busted again on March 20th....she was sentenced to a year in jail and probation but I guess she had some free time before incarceration..so she gets high and then gets busted!! again...according to the arrest records

well she was senternced around Feb 16 and it's now March 21 so why wasn't she in jail..is she on vacation???

and why didn't Wendy help Kim while Kim was at the News-Press??? maybe if Kim had a gov't job, she'd have the structure she needs to get clean...and part of the benefits is psychological help...a new deal..and a new life...really, Kim..it's long past time to clean up your act...

but my question is where do these people get their drugs? I don't want to hear any nonsense about legalizing drugs....nothing cool about drugs....only weak, lazy people need drugs and we need strong people America...and strong people can wipe out drugs..and the weak can become strong and blonde...and the blondes can have sex with me

but I'm wondering who the dealers are....methamphetamine and booze..ok the booze dealers are everywhere because booze is legal..but these other guys..these drug dealers..who are they???

I sure would like to find them and expose them and beat the shit outta them...just for starters..

then I'd use enhanced interrogation (conservative-speak for torture) to get more info from these sonsabitch dealers....
Generally, a controlled substance is an illegal drug that can have a detrimental effect on a person's health and welfare.....

so we need to stop the dealers, too....rip their little heads offs...these people have no souls....ooowwww  I hate drug dealers!!!


oh Isis, you're a magical child

everyone is asking for a handout..whatever happened to a hand up? why are we asked to keep bailing out the private sector? banks, insurance companies tried to screw the customer so Bush decides the taxpayers should bail thenmout..real sound fiscal policy! no regulations make Jack a poor boy
and with churches and nonprofits sitting on billions, it's time to go after that...these scabs need to pay their fair share..Creflo Dollar???

a Peter Lance book signing?? please

but it's the unions..they are the culprit..and the homeless, somehow

I knew the Granada Book store was doomed... I went in once...it has no charm or grace, cold rooms and hard floors, and too bright... you either feel ignored or watched as you enter, like someone is whispering bad things about you..or me..I left that store feeling somewhat paranoid

oh how I miss Borders and Barnes and Noble and even Earthling...thanks and praise be to the Book Den and Chaucer's

now the reason there are so many stupid people today is they don't read books anymore..they have zero curiosity..all they wanna do is drink beer and walk their dog

they can't pick up a copy of Washington Irving from the 1800s and marvel at the beauty...and the wisdom...the digital age is just fine but was never meant to supplant the brain....if you continue to ignore books, you'll end up like the Eloi eaten by the Morlocks..like fatted cattle..

will ISIS burn our books??? does it matter? you can't read without a head

no..every book store should celebrate "Banned Books Week" with coffee and croissants...

but..and this is a big butt.... there are simply too many faux-books being published...idiots like Bill O'Reilly and such put out books every week it seems..

and when Granada Books had a signing event with Peter Lance, I knew all was lost...Peter Lance is not an author, he's a hack salesman.....he couldn't investigate a plastic bag

and you can tell the News-Press folks don't read books..how else can you explain such abject ignorance??

but magazines ... I used to buy lots of those but now I get so many catalogs from businesses, my reading calendar is full...Cabelas, LL Bean, JL Powel and the rest keep me traveling to distant lands, adventure after adventure and dressed spiffy for the occasion! and the catalogs are free! hard to compete with that...

the basics haven't changed..good, friendly service, lots of products to choose from and fair prices will win customers...

and now the Granada is doing a fundraider to stay in business...isn't that the antithesis of business code..provide goods and services at a small profit and don't ask people to bail you out

but then you got the buying public to deal with and that's a whole nother story....

how many stores on State Street sell sweatshop clothes to self-conscious teen girls who are trying to look like Kim Kardashian... sans moustache??

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

the Gypsy Rover

A-dee-do-a-dee-do-die-day, A-dee-do-a-dee-day-o; He whistled and he sang till the green woods rang, And he won the heart of a lady...

well I know it was St. Patrick's Day yesterday so I went for some green groceries and upon entering the shopping center, I'm subjected to the sounds of a bagpipe....I can take bagpipes for about three seconds but it went on and on..and on....

I see two dudes (I think that one older guy was a dude) in green dresses standing outside Starbucks, playing the tunes...I used to play music for a living man but I never wore a dress..and I don't drink Starbucks coffee...

WTF is going on??

STATE BAR slits Darryl's throat

and then I see on the front page of the News-Press another story by Scott Steepleton about his girlfriend Darryl Genis , the DUI protecter lawyer...Scott gushes that DG will only get a recommended 30 day suspension of his lawyerly rights vs a 90 day suspension.... ah, a win for Darryl would be zero suspension but that's not what happened.. Darryl got spanked by the State Bar again...just think if you got suspended for 30 days for ethical, misconduct issues...not something to be proud of

then I see #69 on the Ernie Show and she's totally spaced out...Ernie would ask her a question and Julia would wait..look at him all paranoid and droopy, then start yapping...bizarre

Julia of course called immigrants "invasive species" in a  mindbogglingly stupid racist letter to the racist News-Press...I think she's a pothead which would explain alot..marijuana is invasive!!
and the Israelis decided to stick with the racist anti-Arab war- mongering fear-mongering Bibi Netanyahoo...more walls, more violence, more "Arabs are dogs" chants by his rabid followers

this guy hates Palestinians as much as Hitler hated Jews...

ignorance selling fear is such a waste of time and spirit

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Can't Explain

see your eyes, can't explain

what the hell happened to Jewel...saw her awhile ago and she looks weird...face lift?? just another thing I can't explain...

ok today I've launched an investigation into SB City Councilman Dale Francisco and the Santa Barbara Parks and Rec Dept...I'm gonna be on you like a rash from now on Daley-poo..like a rash!!

I was on my way to see Elenore my dental hygienist in Santa Barbara so why not do an investigation too..I just love it when she sticks her fingers in my mouth!! gee, she' swell!

but in Sunday's News-Press, Dale had another op-ed piece where he bragged about privatizing the muni golf course gardeners (probably illegals!!)...then he uses the same op-ed to tell voters not to vote for Councilmembers Hart or Murillo because the city workers and SEIU union may have supported them...and the new districts brought to you by candy-colored clowns like Cruzito Cruz and Barry Capello haven't even been drawn up yet!!


so Dale names fellow conservatives Rowse, Hotchkiss and Bendy in the op-ed, praising them for fiscal conservatism...($55,000 to turn around some benches on State St, hundreds of thousands in settlements to drunk Tony DeNunzio....and  the crack fiscal team of Francisco Rowse Bendy and Hotchkiss just handed over nearly $600000 of taxpayer money to Barry Capello for the district election lawsuit settlement!!yeah, good fiscal job there, boys)

ok..so it looks like Dale's missive in the News-Press is a violation of the Brown Act ....through the News-Press propaganda machine, Dale has held a public meeting, telling people how to vote and conferring with his fellow councilmembers....Dale is running around like a little rabbit

now, after I got my mouth full of the Elenore's pretty fingers, I went looking at some local parks..one had a big green wall around it...real attractive...is this the well the city is digging for extra water?? geez..times are tough!! send me a postcard

then opposite the well was the Alice Keck Park...a small park with a little lagoon for ducks and amorous turtles..the Turtles! those two turtles were doing it on the rock it appeared..but it's neat little park..very relaxing.....is it privatized?? no

well the city golf course will be privatized but you can bet the price will rise after the intitial contract....the private landscapers are in busness to make a profit..and city of Santa Barbara is a cash cow...

and then down at the Bird Refuge, private landscapers are planting natives.. I think Jill thinks this will kill the smell...Jill Z is kinda cute but maybe they can reassign her to..um, I dunno...how about turtle feeder??? you can fix the Bird Refuge either of two ways: let the ocean water in and marshify it.... do what they did at Alice Keck...

but it seems Nancy Rapp has met her highest level of incompetence..the Peter Principle...and what does Dale do? he fires the city gardeners for being union members!! these folks are not problem solvers

take a long look at the city parks..take a walk...those city guys do a tremendous job in spite of Rapp n Jill n Dale

and now with Dale, who suffered a humiliating defeat in his bid to represent the GOP against Lois Capp (Chris Mitchum won the right to lose to Lois) is posturing and posing for Wendy and Nipper, violating the Brown Act and acting like an idiot...Dale's political career ends in the City of Santa Barbara.... thank God

I can only hope Murillo and Hart call out Dale on his op-ed piece come Tuesday...

and I hope the Iraelis get rid of Bibi...I saw an ad with teabagger actor Chuck Norris telling us that Bibi should be re-elected because he has the courage to fight the evil forces that threaten Israel and the USA... and Dale tells us that evil forces like city workers and unions  threaten the city of Santa Barbara

can't explain

Sunday, March 15, 2015

anyone for tennis?

wouldn't that be nice..

ok I went over the muni golf course issue and the SB city council voted to privatize the grounds maintenance and the rightwingers are praising councilfreak Dale Francisco as a visionary for providing the leadership to privatize...and blah blah blah....

first of all, some city departments have been using private gardeners for years and years...the city owns lots of properties...and the city does lots of business with the private sector..it's nothing new

but if Dale was so concerned about saving the city money, why didn't he try to privatize the golf course maintenance when he was first elected? instead, he waits until the golf course funds run out, then runs to Wendy and writes an op-ed in the News-Press about the evil unions and Murillo and Hart who support city jobs for city workers....

no dice Dale..this is just a political stunt.. I just can't believe that Dale Francisco would be so of touch with the finances of the golf course that he didn't move sooner to save it..after all, he is on the finance committee!! and what about water..what's it cost to water that huge golf course??

then when you factor in the Elings Park/ Las Positas Tennis Courts fiasco you can see how the money disappears especially when you privatize...or hand the park over to a nonprofit, which is worse!

I went to a BBQ at Elings Park once and it's a nice place...why did the city, in 2010 lease 95 acres at $1 a year to the Elings Park Foundation non-profit?? because it used to be landfill? nonsense...
if you can answer that $1/year lease riddle you've cracked the city gov't Parks and Rec code..I just don't get it..and all the alcohol festivals..what's up with that??

isn't it obvious that Nancy Rapp, the city parks chief doesn't have any business sense...and Dale Francisco is not a sound businessman..he's a political puppet for Miss Anti-Union Wendy McCuckoo!!

reverse the political decisions to privatize the golf course and Elings and give them back to the public...fire Nancy Rapp, she's incompetent..get a real manager/leader in there..and Dale stop pandering to your benefactors...

maybe the city workers should go on strike...cops, fire, wastewater and water plant operators...send a little message to the rightwingers...hmmmmm

blaming the city workers or unions for the parks mismanagement or the demise of golf is..
well... it's for the birdies

Saturday, March 14, 2015

26 Miles

Twenty-six miles across the sea. Santa Catalina is a-waitin' for me. Santa Catalina, the island of romance. Romance, romance, romance. Water all around it...

back when Wendy had some promise... back when she had a backbone, I agreed mostly with her stance on the bloody Channel Islands killings...actually I took the position long before Wendy, but she was on the right track..

then something misfired in Wendy's brain and she went all Orly Taitz on me!

so I watched the ditzy blonde on KEYT do a story on the Channel Island fox...next day the News-Press had a story

the feds say it's time to take the Island fox off the "endangered" list...the fox population is up and now the islands are overrun by the little foxes...the cute little foxes

the "biologists" claimed the fox was being picked off by golden eagles so they captured and transported the eagles elsewhere...of course this is nonsense...the eagles were scapegoats..or scape-eagles in this case..and the eagles were killed which is a crime

one of the main reasons the fox population dropped is disease..it's not uncommon because they are inbred...not exactly a healthy situation...believe me if the eagles were killing the fox they were doing them a favor! now the little fox is constantly monitored by the species police

and then all the killing of pigs and non-target animals like owls and the biodiversity nonsense...and not one of the culprits was arrested for animal cruelty!! the Humane Society and PETA are such hypocrites!!

I've covered all this before and I will continue to cover it like a blanket of fog but the facts remain..the Channel Island fox restoration is a scam...the little fox was never endangered...the feds stole the islands and killed all the non-native animals..and drove the ranchers away...drove big fat Nancy Crawford -Hall to Texas! hey Nancy and Steve, did ya hear about supervisor Doreen Farr's campaign tax issues?? she claims her bookie made an error and didn't report nearly $150000 in expenditures!! geez
if Steve Pappas wants her seat on the BOS, it's his to take...

back to nature: then they started captive-breeding and inoculating the little foxes...

now the over-population of foxes which are constantly being watched and monitored by the parks people...doesn't sound too natural or nature-related to me....it's a tourist trap now...with tons of littr...

so the Parks Service and Nature Con are lying to the dumb reporters and even dumber supporters who don't even question them..they just parrot the propaganda......

lots of parrots on the Channel Islands...

and the mismanagement of the Channel Islands is epic...it's no wonder the bald eagles escaped to the mainland to nest in eucalyptus trees!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


oh Mexico, never really been but I'd sure like to go...

so now we got another shady non-profit..the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce...
and since the Chamber has decided to enter the political fray, they are fair game...I remember one big fat guy on the Chamber also was given a radio show on Wendy's AM 1290...Steve Cushman was his name...conflict of interest or interesting conflict??

but the latest incarnation of the Chamber is showing alarming signs of racism, like the News-Press... I read the Chamber statement and it does indeed appear racist...or clueless at least

"the effort to intimidate a business owner and scare off his customers over a policy difference is completely unacceptable and smacks of actions one might see from criminal gangs in third world countries" says the Chamber

third world countries...hmmm..I guess he's talking about Latin America??

well, I know the Mafia used to storm into restaurants in the old days and shoot people in America...are we a third world country? and the KKK used to kill black people and hang them from trees right here in America..recently the American "patriots" Minutemen killed a little girl whose crime was being a Latina...shot her in the face in cold blood...let's not forget Brisenia!

SB Chamber releases racist comments!

third world country is a misnomer but you can bet American interests have exploited plenty countries they deemed inferior third world status

so we got the SB Chamber alleging that third world countries are automatically full of criminal gangs...so yes that would include America..America according to the SB Chamber is a third world country!

see? applying a little logic goes a long way to destroying a lame argument...any reference to a third world country being criminal is just racist stereotyping..

Ken Oplinger, the president of thre SB Chamber should resign immediately and go to work for Wendy on AM 1290..

the Pacific Northwest Connection

Oplinger left the chamber of commerce in WA to work in Santa Barbara..and ironically while in Washington he favored open-border trade, but with British Columbia.."During his time at the helm of the Chamber, Oplinger has supported a variety of initiatives to bolster cross-border commerce between Whatcom County and British Columbia"....

in fact, Ken Oplinger tried to bully in a thug-like way some folks in a Washington school district for not supporting his COAL OIL port (Gateway Pacific Terminal)

One of the avid GPT promoters (shall we say pro-GPT activists?) listed above, Ken Oplinger, sent an email letter dated June 21, 2012 to Ferndale School District Superintendent Linda Quinn. The subject of Oplinger’s email letter was a May 8, 2012 letter written by then-School Health Officer and Director of Special Services for Ferndale School District Dr. Michael Berres, Ph.D, Dr. Berres’ letter contained questions about potential health impacts to Ferndale School District students which could result from the proposed GPT project if it were built.

In Oplinger’s email letter to Ms. Quinn, he strongly criticized Dr. Berres’ letter to PDS. Oplinger said he found "the substance of the letter and the tone of the letter to be biased against the proposal."

Oplinger also claimed that Dr. Berres provided "erroneous information that has been pitched by overt opponents of the project," in his letter. There were no specifics provided by Oplinger as to what he considered erroneous, nor any evidence to support that general claim.

Why did Ken Oplinger feel it his place to contact the Ferndale School District, criticizing Dr. Berres’ letter to Whatcom PDS, and requesting that particular additional information about GPT should be included in Dr. Berres’ letter to PDS?


and it appears Ken likes a drink or two..belonged to a drinking club in Visalia....

"Take Ken Oplinger, a pillar of the Visalia, California, business
community. Oplinger, 30, is president and CEO of Visalia's
chamber of commerce, where he spends his days reviewing
proposed laws, working the press, and lobbying politicians.
Outside of the office, he does more of the same - but in a
different realm. "I'll hear him on the phone discussing legislation," says his
fiancée, Diana Stein, "and I'll assume it's for work. Then I'll
realize, 'Wait, Visalia doesn't have a king.'"
In real life, Oplinger belongs to a drinking group called Viva
Visalia that meets in various bars around town."

a drinking group???

what is this jackass doing on the SB Chamber of Commerce??? ...he needs to be taught some manners so I will refer to Oplinger as Mr. Tequila-Tortilla ..ya know, to humble him...and since he loves the taqeuria so!!

and Mr. Tequila-Tortilla is now on my radar

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jump Jim Crow

Weel about and turn about and do jis so, Eb'ry time I weel about I jump Jim Crow...

ok so I missed the case of Amersand vs Todd but Judge Anderle already has a tentative ruling...

Nature of Proceedings: Re Eligibility Waiver

This case was filed in 2006; Ampersand sought an injunction against Michael Todd seeking to protect their employee Ana Elisa Fuentes, alleging workplace violence; the entire case was dismissed in 2006.

Subsequently in February 2015 Ana Elisa Fuentes filed a Request to waive fees in the above case; she is employed; the Court denied her request on 2/19/15 pointing out that her income exceeded guidelines; thereafter on 3/3/15 she filed a request for a hearing about the Court fees; the Court granted the hearing; there is no new declaration in the file that the Court could find setting out facts why the original order should not stand.


1. Based upon the file the Court finds no reason to change the previous ruling; typically there is some new information filed when the request for a hearing is filed; however Ms. Fuentes will be given a chance to be heard.

2. But more importantly, the Court points out there is no pending case to file anything in; any fee that she anticipates paying has to be related to some pending case; there is none.

3. With that said, she may be seeking some kind of restraining order related to workplace violence or domestic violence; if so, she must first initiate such a case and then seek a fee waiver, albeit such a fee waiver might still be denied based upon the present information in the file



yes it was case from 2006 and I never heard much about it..details anyway...but it seems when Wendy was promiscuously filing lawsuits, she sought an injunction against Todd to protect some chick named Ana Elisa Fuentes..an illegal?? I don't know but her name sounds kinda third-world like as the SB Chamber of Commerce points out...is Ana just another damn-dirty Mexican causing trouble??

but the News-Press alleged workplace violence...it was bullshit and the whole case was thrown out according to the tentative ruling..

so I read the ruling and the details and like the judge I am confused...did she have to pay fees to someone, like the court?? why didn't Wendy pay the fees...who is she protecting...by she I mean Ana or even Wendy....

I, like the judge, can only speculate...but I research things a little and found a News-Press article from 2005 about Teddy Bears and cancer at the Biltmore...and the photo was taken by one Ana Elisa Fuentes...apparently Ana is world-renowned photographer

but the photo shocked me..Wendy and her pals looked like they were dressed in black face to mock future President Obama and probably even Martin Luther King..

it's just shameful!! I knew Wendy was a racist and now this sorta proves it

and why is Todd's name in the lawsuit, the civil case, because as the judge said..there is no case anymore..and there never was

so why did Ana wait ten years to file this lawsuit? this lawsuit that doesn't mean anything...

this whole thang is a mystery to me and the more I delve into it, the more mysterious it becomes...

as a matter of fact, this is more mysterious than a one-legged ballerina at a taco stand

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

castles made of sand

And so castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually...

I have become so attuned to the News-Press bullshit, I can spot it in a heartbeat..and on Tuesday's front page was some big bull from Scott Steepleton...the civil rights group PODER which has washed over the News-Press like a big wave  is causing Wendy's sandy kingdom to crumble..


PODER has the little men at the News-Press crying like big babies!

so Scott's story says PODER has targeted the  SB Chamber of Commerce...by "target" Scott means he does not approve of PODER expressing opinions...

but Scott's story was more yellow journalism...claiming the Chamber of Commerce is made up of a bunch of hypocrites, the alleged PODER letter correctly characterizes the New-Press involvment in the MLK Day protests/rally as racist..

I was there and the News-Press folks were racist, shouting racist stuff at the PODER group...so Scott don't try to tell me the News-Press wasn't up to her heels in the muck...and Nipper's letter to the racist Minutemen was just classic..and the call by Minuteman Jim Gilchrist for vigilatees to defend the privately-owned News-Press building with 24-hr patrols.....HELL, THAT WAS EVEN ON THE FRONT PAGE!!

Wendy, your castles are made of sand...and here comes a big wave to wash your sins away!! SWOOSH....

now the Chamber of Commerce, made up of rightwingers, had issued a letter condemning the protest at the Milpas taqueria....but I wonder if the Chamber issued a like-minded letter when Wendy was sending "cease and desist" letters to local businesses for exercising their free speech rights..
I think not...and the Chamber of Commerce is really an old, antiquated thing.. I see no use for it in today's reality....it's a good ole boys club...

so PODER is doing a great job at keeping the pressure up on these hypocrites...and returning the power to the people.... where it belongs....

Monday, March 9, 2015

count me in

if you need someone to count on, count me in
Someone you can rely on through thick and thin
When you start to count the ones that you might ever doubt
If you think of counting me, count me out

I've heard of bird counts but now we got homeless counts by the MCA and fatty busy-bodies like Sharon Byrne running around Milpas trying to get the riff raff off the street so they don't scare customers away....or traumatize business owners...this little trick of trying to rescue the homeless and care for them is just a game...the MCA and others of their ilk don't care about the homeless...

homeless counts??? geez

doing a "count" is another way to dehunamize the homeless, the mystery tramps, the bums..the mentally ill...and to establish superiority over them

let the Casa Esperanza do its work!!!

but how do you do a "count" I wondered...well let's start with birds:
Bird Counting Overview

Counting birds can be simple, such as when you’re counting a single species at a fixed location. For example, counting eighteen Eared Grebes on a small lake shouldn’t present much difficulty. You can feel reasonably sure that you’ve got the right total with just a simple straight-forward count, especially when the number of birds is few. Naturally, your margin of error goes up as the number of birds is greater, but the techniques outlined below are useful in minimizing this error.

then from birds I guess you could move to "retard counts"...then "fat chick count....then "dog counts"... howzabout "beach umbrella counts" maybe "rich people cunts"..ohoow, I mean counts!! sorry!!

now if churches were doing their job, the homeless population would be cared for...the stories about Carpinteria Community Church are getting really sick...it's long past time do investgate these tax-exempt churches and non-profits ...hang these sonsabitch youth pastors....they should be out there doing welfare checks on homeless people, not molesting kids!!

but churches are safe-houses for making money, molesting children and Sunday services to ease the guilt of Saturday's affairs....ie, most chruches are scams..

Hey Sharon...here's one more!!!

I do like the big beautiful stone church in SB by the Arlington and the gawd-awful Public Market ..the Trinity church...was giving aid to some homeless folks by allowing them to hang out on the lawn until some Santa Barbarians complained..and the church caved.....and there's hundreds of churches here

geez, denying a poor person some refuge for awhile...such a display of humanity..

what lovely people in Santa Barbara!! just lovely....

Sunday, March 8, 2015

you are so beautiful

to me...

there was a letter to the editor in the News-Press...the News-Press doesn't print letters that allege illegal wrongdoing but it will report stories that allege illegal wrondoing..the NP sets lower standards for the reporters than the letter writers!

what is the meaning of this???

anyway, the lady who wrote the letter is a Lompoc ultra-conservative old bag named Ann Ruhge and she wrote in to thank News-Press Operations Manager Don Katich for speaking at the Republicans Woman's Club up there in good ol' Lompoc...

Don spoke to the tea ladies about freedom of the press and the First Amendment ...they all slurped up the talk and said Don was professional and well-prepared...haha...the old bitty thanked Wendy McCuckoo for all her efforts to counter-attack those who would try to squelch free speech rights...and hooray for all the lawsuits Wendy P filed to defend her paper, the News-Press...

these old teabagger ladies, I'm tellin' ya...these ladies...there's nothing they can do to make themselves look attractive!!! they are just soooo creepy!!  if you're a Jung girl, please do all you can not to end up like them..please!!! whatever it takes..do more exercise or give more blowjobs...

ok.."You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool ALL of the people ALL of the time." said Abe Lincoln...

and Wendy, you don't fool me...THE NEWS-PRESS IS NOT ABOUT FREE SPEECH AT ALL!!

"Just like any other institution, the media need to be open to scrutiny," Tobin said. "The court agreed with us that it's a real 'shame on you' moment when a publisher tries to chill expression of opinion about how it's doing its job."

so I'm perusing the court calendars and the county keeps messing with the website making it hard to see who's doing what to whom...but I did spot a civil case involving Wendy's publishing company Ampersand and a guy named Michael Todd...

I know that a big free speech case Wendy lost involved Susan Paterno, a reporter for American Journalism Review...Wendy sued her for defamation but really it was an atttempt to muffle Susan's free speech..this was around 2008...

Paterno wrote an article, "Santa Barbara Smackdown," for the magazine’s December 2006 issue. The article offered a "behind-the-scenes look" at the "turmoil" engulfing the News-Press, including the dismissal or resignation of more than half of its 50-member newsroom, leaving others to work in a "climate of fear and paranoia ripped from the pages of Kafka’s ‘The Trial,’…." The article described McCaw’s efforts to "silence" criticism by filing or threatening to file libel lawsuits.
Though McCaw’s company, Ampersand Publishing, sued Paterno on multiple claims, it was mainly for allegedly libelous statements in the article. But thanks to California’s law against Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, or anti-SLAPP law, Paterno was able to obtain a prompt dismissal of the lawsuit last summer. Anti-SLAPP statutes are meant to protect people from lawsuits of questionable merit that are often filed to intimidate speakers into refraining from criticizing a person, company, or project. Fighting these suits can be a time-consuming and expensive enterprise. Paterno thinks the anti-SLAPP statute saved her from mortgaging her house to pay legal bills, because it allowed her to recoup most of her attorney fees after the suit’s dismissal. "The law allowed me to avoid what could have been millions of dollars in legal fees," Paterno said. "I was blessed that AJR was amazing and they picked up every penny of this horrible, frivolous, revenge-driven lawsuit when it was going through the courts." - See more at: http://www.rcfp.org/browse-media-law-resources/digital-journalists-legal-guide/anti-slapp-laws-0#sthash.NC1NVkth.dpuf


Bitch Slapped
An "anti-SLAPP" law is meant to provide a remedy from SLAPP suits. Under most such statutes, the person sued makes a motion to strike the case because it involves speech on a matter of public concern. The plaintiff then has the burden of showing a probability that they will prevail in the suit -- meaning they must make more than allegations of harm and actually show that they have evidence that can result in a verdict in their favor. If the defendant prevails on the motion, many of the statutes allow them to collect reasonable attorney's fees from the plaintiff. When a plaintiff brings a SLAPP lawsuit against someone attempting to exercise their right of free speech, it is usually under the guise of a defamation claim. However, as SLAPP defense attorneys and anti-SLAPP law advocates Peter Kurdock and Mark Goldowitz point out in their September article "The Need for Federal Anti-SLAPP Legislation" posted on www.sitejabber.com, it could just as easily come as an accusation of conspiracy or trademark infringement. The goal of plaintiffs in these cases is not necessarily to actually win the lawsuit, but to drag their critics to court and bury them under a pile of attorney’s fees and embarrassment until they cry "uncle!" and agree to be quiet, anti-SLAPP law advocates said. "SLAPPs aren’t just random meritless lawsuits," Kurdock and Goldowitz wrote. "They are lawsuits that directly attack First Amendment rights." - See more at: http://www.rcfp.org/browse-media-law-resources/digital-journalists-legal-guide/anti-slapp-laws-0#sthash.NC1NVkth.dpuf

It is ironic that Ampersand, itself a newspaper publisher, seeks to weaken legal protections that are intended to secure the role of the press in a free society. Newspapers and publishers, who regularly face libel litigation, were intended to be one of the "‘prime beneficiaries’" of the anti-SLAPP legislation. (Lafayette Morehouse, supra, 37 Cal.App.4th at p. 863.)

now as far as Todd goes, this is all I found: At the hearing on the motions, the trial court concluded Ampersand had not met its burden to show a probability of success on 29 of the 32 libelous statements because "[m]ost appear as a matter of law to be opinion, or [Ampersand] fails to establish prima facie falsity." The trial court, however, found that Ampersand met its burden of proof on 3 of the 32 statements, and subsequently issued a formal order granting Ampersand leave to conduct discovery on whether Paterno made the following three statements with actual malice:

(1) that orders from "on high" forced former News-Press editor Jerry Roberts to "kill" a story about a drunk driving sentence imposed on the editorial page editor, Travis Armstrong;

(2) that the News-Press pursued a workplace restraining order against former employee Michael Todd, costing him approximately $7,000 in attorney’s fees, before dropping the case in October 2006;

so maybe he's asking the court for Wendy to cough up the $7000...the hearing is 3/10/15 at 9:30 am SB3....is this stuff still lingering from 2008???

Ampersand Publishing vs Michael Todd Thomas P Anderle SB3 1) Eligibility Hearing; re: Fee Waiver

Anderle is the "Beam Me Up Scotty" judge...

maybe he can beam Wendy up!!