Saturday, March 21, 2015


oh Isis, you're a magical child

everyone is asking for a handout..whatever happened to a hand up? why are we asked to keep bailing out the private sector? banks, insurance companies tried to screw the customer so Bush decides the taxpayers should bail thenmout..real sound fiscal policy! no regulations make Jack a poor boy
and with churches and nonprofits sitting on billions, it's time to go after that...these scabs need to pay their fair share..Creflo Dollar???

a Peter Lance book signing?? please

but it's the unions..they are the culprit..and the homeless, somehow

I knew the Granada Book store was doomed... I went in has no charm or grace, cold rooms and hard floors, and too bright... you either feel ignored or watched as you enter, like someone is whispering bad things about you..or me..I left that store feeling somewhat paranoid

oh how I miss Borders and Barnes and Noble and even Earthling...thanks and praise be to the Book Den and Chaucer's

now the reason there are so many stupid people today is they don't read books anymore..they have zero curiosity..all they wanna do is drink beer and walk their dog

they can't pick up a copy of Washington Irving from the 1800s and marvel at the beauty...and the wisdom...the digital age is just fine but was never meant to supplant the brain....if you continue to ignore books, you'll end up like the Eloi eaten by the fatted cattle..

will ISIS burn our books??? does it matter? you can't read without a head

no..every book store should celebrate "Banned Books Week" with coffee and croissants...

but..and this is a big butt.... there are simply too many faux-books being published...idiots like Bill O'Reilly and such put out books every week it seems..

and when Granada Books had a signing event with Peter Lance, I knew all was lost...Peter Lance is not an author, he's a hack salesman.....he couldn't investigate a plastic bag

and you can tell the News-Press folks don't read else can you explain such abject ignorance??

but magazines ... I used to buy lots of those but now I get so many catalogs from businesses, my reading calendar is full...Cabelas, LL Bean, JL Powel and the rest keep me traveling to distant lands, adventure after adventure and dressed spiffy for the occasion! and the catalogs are free! hard to compete with that...

the basics haven't changed..good, friendly service, lots of products to choose from and fair prices will win customers...

and now the Granada is doing a fundraider to stay in business...isn't that the antithesis of business code..provide goods and services at a small profit and don't ask people to bail you out

but then you got the buying public to deal with and that's a whole nother story....

how many stores on State Street sell sweatshop clothes to self-conscious teen girls who are trying to look like Kim Kardashian... sans moustache??

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