Sunday, March 1, 2015

Peace Train

oh Peace Train save this country....

the Virginia Vaginas

now the last governor of Virginia and his wife were busted for corruption and now sit it prison..Gov. Bob McDonnell tried to pass legislation to force state inspections and probing (hmmmm) of a women's vagina in some reproductive cases, interfering with the doctor and patient relationship...only a radical evangelical Christian would do that

speaking of radical Christians... a former Navy Seal, a radical Christian from Virginia named Scott Taylor says the Obama administration has betrayed the trust of the of the American troops because he's not spreading freedom throughout the mideast...freedom given to America by God, he claims

geez....this kind of thinking is what got us into these crazy a cottage industry of nonprofits treating the vets as heroes and buying things for them, like new limbs, wheel chairs and reading the ones reduced to vegetables bedtime stories...the WW2 veterans were heroes..these other guys, the Iraqi vets..not so much..they were soldiers of fortune

the Navy Seals are a top-notch fighting group but lately we've seen some odd behavior from the American Sniper case..Jesse Ventura a former Seal himself outed the American Sniper guy as a liar and you can google it...I tend to believe Jesse..a hard-ass no-nonsense kinda guy

and now to this guy, this Scott Taylor who spoke at guess where..Wendy's Reagan Ranch Center for the Young Miss America Foundation...(Wendy: child porn and racism..what a nice hostess!!)

when the God Seals act like this, they are a joke compared to the real fighting men and women in the Armed Forces...these guys are the swift boaters..the same guys trying to bring down Bo Bergdahl...the same guys who want to spread radical Christianity all round the force

jumping out of closets, scaring people in Iraq

absolutely unacceptable...most American see the folly of our ill-advised invasions...we are pissing away our energy trying to control events overseas...we can't solve everybody's civil wars...

chickenhawks are a big problem in America....guys who've never served in the military but want to send your kids to war now...America has fought many wars..some necessary some not...we win the necessary wars and fritter way resources on these insignificant invasions...only insignifcant until we start killing their civilians and their it any wonder those folks are mad at us?? we helped create all these militant nutjobs and head-chopper-offers

so we need diplomats, not radical Christians solving these war amount of religious hocus pocus can justify these invasions

if America or our allies are attacked, then we respond and end the threat..until that day comes, it's peace.. peace ...peace..

ride the train people, ride the peace train...ride my train baby


Anonymous said...

"chickenhawks are a big problem in America....guys who've never served in the military but want to send your kids to war now... "

I can tell you the drum-beaters at the News-Press never served a day among them: McCaw, Steepleton, Katich, Von Weisenberg. What a laugh that these people are now the great bolsters of a strong military and a strong America ideal. To what, protect their ivory towers designed to keep the working (and military) class as far away from their doors as possible? Like all children of the 70s, so many of these chickenhawks only support of the military and their love for Reagan came from their helping back the Iran-Contra affair by shoveling as much coke up their nose as possible. Heil Reagan!

Anonymous said...

Maybe wendy or scott's kids will end up having to fight .... oh wait. does katich have a son who could go? hell no. they got no skin in the game. twinkletoes steepleton skips around in his sexy croc shoes beating a war drum? pretty fuckin' sick if you ask me. katich must think that cell phone in his belt-fastened holster is a sidearm. regular george patton, that one. these guys ... proof there is no god.