Sunday, November 30, 2014

Memphis, Tennessee

long distance information, give me Memphis Tennessee....

now I love Tennessee...I've been there and it's beautiful- the woods are deep and powerful ...but there some strange folks living in the hills and living in the city..if you go, just be careful

and there's a fat crazy Tennssee bitch I'm gonna write about today

Dear Elizabeth Lauten,

listen up you stupid stupid conservative bitch..the only reason the GOP has you on staff is to suck their little dicks, that's dare you mock the President and the First Lady's daughters...if you had any brains or class yourself, you wouldn't be posing like a ho here with some other GOP skank...a couple of lesbos if I ever saw 'rtm!! rubbing their tits on each other!!

the president's daughters are lovely gals but look at you Elizabeth, what a fat slob!!

from the web: Republican staffer on Friday apologized for a Facebook post that criticized Malia and Sasha Obama's appearance at the annual White House Turkey Pardon Ceremony, one of America's silliest holiday traditions.

Elizabeth Lauten, the communications director for Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-Tenn.), wrote that the two teenagers should "try showing a little class," "dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar," and, most of all, "don't make faces" at Very Serious public events.

Read the full rant via Gawker:

"Dear Sasha and Malia, I get you’re both in those awful teen years, but you’re a part of the First Family, try showing a little class. At least respect the part you play. Then again your mother and father don’t respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter, so I’m guessing you’re coming up a little short in the ‘good role model’ department. Nevertheless, stretch yourself. Rise to the occasion. Act like being in the White House matters to you. Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar. And certainly don’t make faces during televised public events."

Lauten later apologized for rushing to judgment on Facebook.

"I reacted to an article and quickly judged the two young ladies in a way that I would never have wanted to be judged myself as a teenager," she said. "After many hours of prayer, talking to my parents and re-reading my words online, I can see more clearly how hurtful my words were. Please know that these judgmental feelings truly have no pace in my heart. Furthermore, I'd like to apologize to all of those who I have hurt and offended with my words, and pledge to learn and grow (and I assure you I have) from this experience."

Tennessee skanks!
so this Hauten hog is the communications director for some idiot teabagger congressman in Tennessee...this ugly bitch should stop picking on teen girls for political reasons and resign immediately...she calls the White House turkey pardoning ceremony a "serious public event"!!

such a disgusting fat pig of a woman... Tennessee, clean it up!!  take her off the public dole and bury her alive in a Tennessee ant hill...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Parchman Farm

Well, I'm putting that cotton in a never-full sack,
A twelve-gauge shotgun at my back

it's Black Friday and I saw a black dude in Santa Barbara a few days ago...he looked pretty suspicious like he was gonna steal something...blacks folks have a had tough week but take heart...if pretty blonde Heidi Klum likes black guys, then you dudes got something to live for..hey I like pretty blondes, too!!

and there's lots of Christians out there and we know all about them and their little schemes...but what about Buddhism? I became interested in the Buddha when I heard Jethro Tull do Dharma for One on their first album...I figured if Buddhism is good enough for Jethro, then dang it's ok by me...

so I studied it and read the mags and followed the nuns and the fat Asian fellas in red robes..I've never seen a Buddhist monk in a pair of jeans...or a nun in a bra...but then the Dalai Lama never made much sense to old bald Chinese guy with a bad case of the could he enlighten me? then Richard Gere got involved with the Dalai Lama and what the world doesn't need is another enlightened actor...

I picked up a News-Press on Thanksgiving and it fell out of my hands with a was heavy..filled with ads and glossy circulars for Black Friday...Buddhism talks about circular things that go round in circles Andy Caldwell's take on Thankgiving in the Guest Editorial...according to Andy, we Americans seek dependence on God as part of our unalienable rights...Andy got me there....a Zen riddle perhaps

I was watching Casablanca a few nights in California, I too came for the waters, but was misinformed! and Bogey was sitting at the smokey bar trying to drink Ingrid Bergman off his mind...geez what's up with blonde chicks..but it was intense.. I tried to do that once...didn't work..and I heard that Buddhist monks get drunk once a year just to dance away the cobwebs....

is it answers we seek? hearts to change? or a place to hide from the demons...or maybe just a good omelet...or maybe just some fun every now and then...

sometimes it seems the whole world is a stage and I'm a two-bit actor playing a two-bit part...of all the stages in all the playhouses of all the blogs in all the world, she walks into mine..

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Come and Get Your Love

Hey (hey) What's the matter with your head? yeah. ... Hell, with it, baby, 'cause you're fine and you're mine and you look so divine...

a story of Thanksgiving

once upon a time some pilgrims and some Indians got together at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts for a feast and Thanksgiving was born..the pilgrims were an introduced non-native species from Europe later deemed to be invasive as all hell..and full of disease, avarice and immorality

the Indians were native to America hence the term "the natives are restless"....the reason they were restless is because..well I don't know why there were restless, they just were...

and they called America "First Nations" before the invaders arrived...then the white people started naming sports teams after the Injuns..Redskins, Warriors, Wetbacks, Eagles and so on...

and the white non-natives started using the redskins for slaves and even tried to shove Christianity down their throats..and that's not the only thing the old perv priests tried to show down the Indians' throats! to get even, the Injuns cornered the market and hooked the whites on gambling and drinking and made tons of money

I was hiking in the hills above Carp up by Arnold and Maria's place and a dark-eyed Cherokee girl came up to me and offered me a flower...she said her name was Eva and she sang me a song on a little weird-looking wooden stringed thing she she sat there half-naked singing me a song on a warm autumn day in California.... she sang so sweetly, like a Songbird...

and you know what she called me? Redbone

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Some Enchanted Evening

you may see  a stranger/ You may see a stranger across a crowded room

it was a beautiful spring day in November, so I decided to take a bike ride to see if the butterflies was still there....although it's warm and sunny and dry, and has been for over three years, the meteorologists have forecast rain  over Thanksgiving... what do they take me for, a fool??

so I get to the Butterfly Grove by the the creeks and hundreds of Monarchs are zooming around like drunk drivers..they hit me, they buzz me, they hit the water..they hit everything...I see a few dead ones on the ground... but hey, it's raining butterflies!!

some are roosting in the eucs and by the creek.. in the ice plant next to the beach house.. I can't tell you exactly where this place is because who wants a bunch of strangers gawking at butterflies in their neighborhood? not me!

then some ducks come swimming up to say hello and we rap for awhile...I like ducks and would never eat one..why should I when there's chickens everywhere....anybody eats pate around me well, that will be their last supper...then  a big black cop comes up and parks in front of a beach mansion and goes in..hmmmm

then some chick in a new Porsche stops on the little bridge and looks me over...then she smiles and tells me I'm in the middle of a butterfly feeding frenzy..I say yeah (duh)

then she speeds off and I think -was that girl code for she wanted to have sex with me??

women are impossible to read unless they are virtually dripping on my shoes, so next time you want to have sex with me, flash me a bare boob and maybe I'll get the message..

then at night I saw the most beautiful quarter moon I've ever seen..hanging low in the west casting a strange golden glow..some bright white stars close by....

it was enchanting!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

On The Way Home

I went insane/ like a smoke-ring day when the wind blows

in 2011, back when the News-Press was a real paper, Hannah Beth Jackson was..whoops I mean Darryl Hannah was on the front page accepting an environmentalist award..then I hear that Darryl Genis and Neil Young..opps, I mean Darryl Hannah and Neil Young hooked up...good for Neil!!

and the NP editorials were being written by libertarian pothead Lanny Ebenstein who claimed that California was going to fall into the sea unless public employees gave up all their benefits and salaries commensurate with the private sector...the private sector you might recall was screwing Californians (ENRON) and the taxpayers were bailing out banks and insurance companies (aig) who were living too high on the hog...ironically, Lanny's 2011 "impending doom" scenerio eerily forecasted the demise of the News-Press!!

since Obama took office in 2008: stock market close to 18000 points; Osama Bin Laden dead; no recession and no inflation; housing market robust; no banks or insurance companies being bailed out by taxpayers and we got pretty Latinas everywhere!!

ok so Obama can't protect Americans in Benghazi or what..he can't protect Americans in America..NO ONE CAN!!!

then we see Lanny tried to editorialize his way to higher property taxes to support SBCC fiscal mismanagement...

so today, the News-Press has shrunk and Lanny went underground...California did not fall into the sea and CALPERS holdings are over 300 billion dollars...that's the pool public workers draw from after contributing to when they decide to retire...

is it any wonder that conservatives want to steal that money???

speaking of stealing money, I don't bank at Montecito Bank and Trust because I don't trust them..get it? the old dude Towbes is too creepy and Ann looks like a Stepford I see they celebrate nonprofits every year and congratulate themselves for giving money...1 million according report by million given to 184 nonprofits..that's about five grand per this time of year it's a tax write off..a charitble deduction for the bank..these folks don't fool me...184 nonprofits!!! why do we need 184 nonprofits??? tax-exempt nonprofits??

I don't know about you, but if my for-profit bank was giving away my money to nonprofits, I'd be concerned I may have to bail them out again...

Monday, November 24, 2014

don't stand so close to me

he sees her, he starts to shake and cough....

I don't think teachers and students should have sex together unless they are both over the age of consent which is what... 16? most teachers are over 16 but students come in all ages

I used to fantasize about having sex with some of my teachers.. I had crushes in 2nd grade then at 12 or 13 had my first boner.. I used to wake up and walk around at night trying to figure out what to do with it.. I knew I wanted a girl to do something with it but I didn't know quite what..what could she do..where would it go? but it's gotta go somewhere  

so the Laguna Blanca school sex drama has been heating up and we now have a perp and a victim..Jane Doe is the victim and the perp was a drama teacher at Laguna...I guess he left the school and afterwards Jane and him were doing it...

the dude, a fat 38 year old guy had his picture in the media and he looks rather forlorn...the lawyer defending him is Bill Makler who usually is defending kids who drive drunk, now he's defending child molestors...drunks and child molestors..what a creep

but I still don't see any culpability on Laguna's part..they have no control over people who leave their the question remains did the teacher who Jane Doe told about the abuse do anything wrong by not reporting it...I don't know the details and it went to civil court for some I'll reserve judgement....but when I was at Laguna I did have a thing for my English teacher...she was married but I didn't care...I wrote her a love letter disguised as an essay on poetry or something and she gave me an A+++!

but I think the gal, the 17 year old Laguna student was hot to trot and she found a simpleton drama teacher and set all these folks up...

those young chicks can be so conniving when they get they have all these sexual powers....they can do good ...or they can do bad...

or they can do me......oh wait.. what's the age of consent again???

Sunday, November 23, 2014

islands in the stream

Baby when I met you there was peace unknown / I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb

so I'm gazing out my window, and I see the sea....beyond the sea I see the islands.. I can see the big island..not Waikiki, but I think it's Santa's part of the Channel Islands...there's eight or so out there and I can see a few....they look like islands in the stream...I see kids surfing and dolphins swimming and ships a'sailin'...

now I know the Nature Conservancy and National Parks Service got some notion to turn the islands into a native-only pre-Columbian Garden of Eden, but as long as the wind blows, that won't happen..the wind will carry a fennel seed thousands of miles...I've tracked it!!

now it's true the criminal biologists killed THOUSANDS of animals over there in the name of biodiversity (STILL WAITING FOR JUSTICE)...seems every animal rights group in America just turned the other cheek..bunch of hypocrites....

for a while, a ribbon of red flowed over the fields of the Channel was atrocious

but there's lots of non-profits that have a stake in taking your money to promote this crazy philosophy..this philosophy of killing certain species, this "cleansing" so the tourists won't get upset if they see a weed...or a mouse! what a bunch of dumb fucks these folks are...

ok so I'm reading the funny pages (court records) and I see a name that catches my eyes...then a search and I see this name is on the board of the non-profit Channel Islands Park Foundation.. and she's a past member of the National Parks Service...I don't like her already

then I see she was suing some lawyer dude who is not active on the bar...but she's suing him for all sorts of things 1) breach of fiduciary duty, 2) constructive and actual fraud, 3) negligent misrepresentation, among others..

it seems this lady, this gal from the Channel Island Park Foundation who may be related to the Pillsbury Doughboy was having an affair with the lawyer dude, and she wanted to buy a house...but she couldn't get a loan because her husband's credit was her lover the lawyer told her to let him buy it for her and he'd turn the deed over to her..or something like that...

but then as it often happens, some hot hot blazes come down to smoke and ash and their love affair died...

so the guy kept the house while the lady lived there and didn't turn it over to she sued him

in effect, the lawyer dude went from her lover to her landlord!!

if that ain't justice, I don't know what is

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sisters of Mercy

Oh I hope you run into them, you who've been travelling so long.

so I see that Sister Janet is retiring..I used to watch the Board of Supe meetings and she'd come up during public comments and preach this and that about poor people and she annoyed me plus she was ugly- looking...where else but a convent would take her..

nuns...geez..I see a nun coming and I run the other way...most of the time

and Sister Janet is a friend of Brother Caldwell who's been writing an awful lot in the News-Press about sex with teenage girls lately
...discipline Andy! remember Wendy and CO had THOUSANDS OF IMAGES OF CHILD PORN on her computer..STILL WAITING FOR JUSTICE!

but I'm sure Sister Janet would approve of Brother Obama's latest act of mercy

with one stroke of the pen, Obama did what Congress couldn't for years...clarify the status of certain dirty people in America....they are illegals, or illegal aliens, they are people who snuck here from Mexico...most of them are short, fat, stupid, ignorant and lazy..and they belong to gangs..and they can't even speak English!!! and they eat lotsa tacos!

well that's one way of stereotyping them anyhoo

even President Bush tried immigration reform but the shit-fer-brains FOX conservatives got all riled up about "amnesty" silly...we have had open borders forever..since WWII we invited Mexicans to come on over and help with the war effort..and they did..the only change was 9/11 when some Americans got paranoid about invasions of brown people...dumbass white folks and teabaggers holding up progress..

illegal port-a-potties stream across the border

now I love Latinas..the more the merrier..while American girls polish their nails, the Latinas are out picking lima beans..sweating like real women!! I totally respect that...American women are like jellyfish and who wants to fuck a jellyfish

so now the Republicans are acting even dumber..instead of reforming some things that need reforming, they are suing the President!! that uppity black man is making a fool outta John Boehner and Mitch McConnell

but really, the Mexicans who came over to work the menial jobs should not be rounded up and sent back to Mexico...if they work here, they should live here...Mexico is a long commute..

the gardeners, the hospitality industry, restaurants, agriculture....these are jobs that people do who aren't afraid of work...

unfortunately, too many Americans think the world owes them a living..

brothers and sisters, it does not..

Thursday, November 20, 2014

if I were a carpenter

and you were lady,  would you marry me anyway, would you have my baby

well why are faux-Christians so uptight about the possiblity that Jesus banged Mary, they had kids and got married? I thought the Christian rightwingers were pro-marriage...Jesus was a carpenter and a regular guy I don't know how he became this super-o-natural freak who grants monetary wishes to phony Christians on TV who want you to sow seeds (send them cash)...what a scam!! Jesus was a carpenter, a bandit, a heartbreaker.... a cross-maker with a with it..and Mary Magdalene was a pretty blonde with nice tits

so I see the civil rights lawsuit against Chief Sanchez and the SBPD was tossed.....lately, everyone is suing the city for civil rights violations in hopes of a quick payday...but it appears we have a Judge..a real Judge in Santa Barbara with a pair of balls...and if it's a lady Judge, then she's got a big clitoris!!

then I see a "mentally ill" person from Orange County sent a suspicious package to the SB cops..well I think all the people in OC are mentally ill, so they should narrow it down a bit...

speaking of mentally ill, the City of Goleta brass are going to pump drinking (potable) water into the man-made Lake Los Caneros to save the ecology over there....we're in a drought!!

now I thought I was obsessed with you and I thought Wendy was obsessed with Reagan but the folks over at the SB View are really obsessed with Pearl Chase... they got about a zillion articles one after another on ol' Pearl...give it a rest and let Pearl alone for awhile....

hey, I wonder what Pearl, Ronald, Jesus, and Mary are doing right now?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Higher Ground

sinners... keep on sinnin'

ok so I got a comment from a commentor in the comments section...this ace even tried to be funny with the "playing with yourself" comment..but if the commentor wants to do that, that's none of my business..or any of you if that's your thing, who am I to judge? just remember God is watching..

has Nipper fled to Mexico??

but anyway, here's the comment from this person..I don't know if it's male or female or even she-male, but the contents are's so compelling it got its own post today!!

so here's the comment...right below ya there

"While you're busy playing with yourself (probably quite literally), there's been some more moving and shaking at the News Supress. I have it on (very good) authority that Ice Princess McCuckoo is selling off the entire downstairs section of her news building. Since there isn't much of an advertising staff anyway (most were fired or laid off in recent months - or ran out screaming), and there isn't much of a news staff either (due to the same - but mostly the screaming), McCuckoo discovered that to save money, she can squeeze them all into the tiny upstairs newsroom. This means that Yolanda and what's left of her HR staff and what's left of advertising and the Op/Ed, er, "news" staff will all soon be sharing some cozy quarters. Scott will be giving up his office (which he really doesn't need anyway because he only works two hours a day). Before you know it, just to make ends meet, Arthur will need to return the "royal" title he bought. If it gets bad enough, he and Wendy may have to...."

now I'll analyse this comment later but it appears the flood is coming and all the New-Press rats are headed to higher ground

so I'll be looking for  the white flag of surrender soon in place of the American flag atop the News-Press building..

believers....keep on believing

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Goodnight Irene

Irene good night, Irene good night, Good night Irene, good night Irene, I'll see you in my dreams...

oh I get's called the TRI-BREWERY VOLKSMARCH because only three people were there..the Three Muskabeers! SLUTS FOR BEER!!!!

Sarah Rivera!

I got a Summons for Jury Duty... I just got one last year or so....why do these people keep pestering me?? the last one was for the gangbanger dudes who killed the grocery guy over on Milpas...Milpas on the Move...that was the Judge Brian Hill case...during the voir dire process I told Judge Bri I'd be a lousy juror because I thought he was a lousy judge and the gang bangers were cowardly punks..their lawyer didn't even axe me any questions and Judge Hill dismissed me thanking me for my candor...I even got a few laughs which is all I really want anyway...

but I don't mind the process so much now..there's some pretty fine babes that show up in my jury pool and I never pass up an opportunity for some pussy...some fine legal pussy...

so I'm looking for the civil case against the porn professor and there it is: Sarah Rivera et al vs Mireille Miller-Young
I wonder if it's Sarah Rivera the model..probably not..but maybe..who knows?? not me

here's the criminal case that already happened..presided over by Judge Hill...I guess it's the same Hill...Sarah wrote a letter to the judge after the trial to try and influence the sentence...for all I know Sarah may have given Judge Hill a blow job so he sentenced Miller-Young way more than he should.. I found the letter on the web!

Re: People v. Mireille Miller-Young SC #1444617

Dear Judge Hill,

"My name is Sarah Rivera; I am one of the students who was involved in the demonstration concerned in the case against Ms. Miller-Young. I am writing to you in lieu of making a statement at the sentencing to give you my perspective on the case. On the day in question, a group of my fellow students and I went to the UCSB campus to try speak to students concerning respect for human life, especially the unborn. We came to the campus
with some signs, which we set up in a
designated ‘free speech zone,’ and were handing out
pro-life literature and starting up conversations with students walking by. Before the arrival of Ms. Miller-Young, everything seemed to be going smoothly; we had handed out a lot of pamphlets, and several of us had started up conversations with students who seemed more interested in what we were saying. Many of them disagreed with us, but the conversations were peaceful and friendly. At the time when Ms. Miller-Young approached us, I was holding one of the large signs that we had brought with us. She came over after one of the other girls tried to give her a pamphlet, and began speaking very angrily to both of us, shouting, interrupting us, and using profanities when we tried to talk to her. A crowd began to form because of her antagonism toward us, and she began inciting them to tell us to leave and take away our signs. After a few minutes of this, she came up to me and grabbed the sign out of my hands. I resisted a little, but I was scared and let her take the sign after a small struggle. She and some of the students who had gathered around carried it away. I was too scared and shaken up to follow, but I know from the other girls who did follow that she continued to struggle with those of us who were trying to get the sign back, and later proceeded to destroy our sign. I was extremely upset by this incident, and by Ms. Miller- Young’s behavior. I do not think it is right for someone who professes to be a feminist and who is responsible for the education of young people to deny a group predominantly made up of young women the right to voice their opinions simply because they are not in agreement with her own. I hope that the sentence and result of this case will help Ms. Miller-Young to see this, and that her action in this incident was unacceptable. Thank you very much for your consideration. I hope this statement will be helpful to you in the sentencing of this case." (tee hee hee)
Love, Sarah 

goodnight Sarah, I'll see you in my dreams

Monday, November 17, 2014

Downtown Train

will I see you tonight, on a downtown train??


well I said I was gonna go check out the Volksmarch in I I said I would..a real lovely afternoon so I swing into town...down by the train station..the open air station...the train's a cool spot with the old beach houses neighborhood, some gentrification going on but not too bad...

lots of folks eating at the I park..over yonder is Island Brewery...signs all over the's 1:25 in the afternnoon and the beer march (for the Foodbank) is supposed ta start at 1:30 I get out and wait..then I wait some more .. I see some folks at the brewery milling guy in this 80s with a walker..some slackers...some beerhounds...a boozehound from FOX NEWS and a hippie


then I see a funky old black bus called the Brew Bus pulls up... with a beep beep backup horn....he parks in front of me on the mountain side of the railroad tracks....then two ladies walk up to or out of the bus and say a few words to the driver...then the ladies head off to Island Brewery using the little walkway...then I see them take big swigs from their cans of beer! whoa..that one gal be chooglin'!! pounding da brew down

then the guys get out of the Brew Bus...big fat ugly guys....I'm standing there taking pictures and laughing at them...

I see no one beer march or cans of food for the needy...just folks drinking beer..

so I'm thinking instead of a volksmarch which is all about getting exercise, that a few drunks from Island Brewey will get on the Brew Bus and will be DRIVEN to Rincon Brewery, then DRIVEN to the micro brewery by the Salt Marsh instead of actually expending any energy to walk..that energy apparently is needed to drink beer...hahahaha

it is almost unbelievable that this subculture of beer-swilling retards is allowed out on the public streets..they can't even walk three blocks by themselves!!!

geez, what a bunch of bozos on that bus...what a joke....but my real concern is safety..a bunch of stumbling bumbling drunks by the railraod tracks...a big fast Surfliner sure could make short work of them...


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard

The mama looked down and spit on the ground everytime my name gets mentioned

ok... well the front page of the News-Press had Ted Cruz's crazy daddy Rafael talking about God and commies...and Thrin Short who was "attacked" by a UCSB feminist professor according to the News-Press, is giving an the Reagan Ranch Center of course

Ted Cruz is the conservative senator from Texas who was channeling Sen Joe McCarthy looking for commies in the gov' 2012! a teabagger through and through..

and now Wendy has taken Thrin under her broken wing at the Reagan Ranch Center...I guess Thrin is now a member of Wendy's cult..the Young Miss America Foundation..
ok..but the topic was righteousness...according to Senor Cruz, a refugee from Cuba, we need to elect righteous ministers, televangicals and such...

then he cites a passage from the Constitution and draws an erroneous conclusion...

"It is not coincidental that the first three words in the constitution are 'We the people,' because the constitution places all authority on 'We the people' and with that authority comes an awesome responsibility for us to elect righteous leaders....

that is nonsense...Cruz completely ignores the First Amendment establishing no religion or stopping the free practice ANY religion...why can't these idiots understand this?

you can be Christian and Islamic in America...that mosque down the street is no more dangerous than that church...they both may hide bombers and child molestors, but probably least I'd wager the mosque is safer for kids!

from the web
But while Christian conservatives may adore Rafael Cruz, some of his comments portray him as out of touch. Earlier this month, left-leaning news outlets skewered Rev. Cruz for telling an audience in Texas that "the average black" does not understand why they should oppose raising the minimum wage. While speaking about President Obama, he said, "I'd like to send him back to Kenya." And he suggested that same-sex marriage is a socialist ploy aimed at "the destruction of the traditional family."

Rafael Cruz: Voters Are 'Disobeying God' By Failing To Elect 'Righteous' Politicians

SUBMITTED BY: Miranda Blue, Friday 10/24/2014, 12:21pm

In an interview last month with Religious Right radio host Glenn Pav, Sen. Ted Cruz’s father and frequent campaign surrogate Rafael Cruz warned that God is going to punish evangelical pastors who don’t turn out their congregations to vote for "righteous" candidates. After discussing how God told him that He would hold pastors accountable for low election turnout among evangelical Christians, Cruz warned that God would fault pastors for their supposed silence on Supreme Court decisions blocking school-sponsored prayer, which he said led to spikes in teen pregnancy and... MORE >

Actually, Rafael Cruz gets it wrong in two different ways. He, the self-described great American patriot is apparently not aware that the Declaration of Independence uses the words "by their Creator", and not "by our Creator", as Rafael Cruz wrongly quotes in his speech. Apparently Rafael Cruz himself, who inexplicably became an American citizen only in 2005, which is no less than 48 years after he left Cuba, is not fully familiar with this important American document.

wow!! what a dumbass!!

so Ted Cruz's father, Rafael, ultimately abandoned him and his mother, is an alcoholic whose brain has been fried, fought for Castro and blew up buildings, and thinks he knows what God's intentions are!

but the best place for these druggies and boozers to go is Jesusland....a fictional place where all sorts of whacked out evangelical people gather and use religion as another addiction to deal with their fractured reality

the old drunk Rafael Cruz is  a media whore and his equally crazed son Ted may run for president....

shame on you Wendy!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

House At Pooh Corner

♪♪♪ ♫♪♪♪ ♫♪♪♪ ♫♪♪♪

well it appears that Chris Mitchum won't admit that Lois Capps beat him in the California congressional election...Chris even thinks he may sue Lois for defamation from her ads depicting Chris as a crazed teabagger...someone who didn't intend to represent the 4th district

but even a lawsuit won't change the vote outcome, I'm afraid

maybe a song will, I have no fear..remember the old Loggins and Messina song? it's whimsical!

"House At Pooh Corner"

♫♪♪♪ ♫♪♪♪

Christopher Mitchum and I walked along
Under ballots lit up by the moon
Posing our questions to Joseph E. Holland
why'd our votes disappear all too soon...

but I've squandered more money today than I should
And I can't seem to find my way back to my Montecito hood...

So help me if you can, I've got to get
Back to the house at Pooh Corner by one
You'd be surprised, there's so much to be undone

Count all the votes or I"ll cry
Chase all the clouds from the sky
Back to the days of Christopher Mitchum and Pooh

Raymond the Pooh doesn't know what to do
Got a vodka jar stuck on his nose
He killed Mallory drinking Ketel on ice
And from here no one knows where he goes

So I sent him to ask Lois Capps if she's there
How to loosen a car from that tree over there

So help me if you can, I've got to get
Back to the house at Pooh Corner by one
You'd be surprised, there's so much to be done

Count all the votes that got by
Chase all the clouds from the sky
Back to the days of Christopher Mitchum and Pooh

♫♫♫♫ ♫♫♫

Friday, November 14, 2014

Tortilla Flat

'Thoughts are slow and deep and golden in the morning'

now Seinfeld was a funny show...I sometimes steal stuff from Jerry and the gang and use it on this blog and Elaine, or Julia Louis Dreyfus is pretty funny..she's weird and belongs to Heal the Ocean and I know she doesn't know a thing about the ocean or water pollution, but hey she's an actress and what do actresses know??

and Julia married Brad and Brad is the brother of some Laguna gals from the day...and I went to Laguna with them (one of them was named Julia!) and both became ministers..pretty blonde girls and super smart-they breezed thru their studies while I struggled sooo bad with geometry and Latin...I finally mastered both: et tu?

so I guess the actress Julia is practically my sister..she lives in Montecito where I grew up and she lives by the Miramar and the church..All Saints by the Sea where they have a lesbian rector..not that there's anything wrong with that (see?)

so Julia you're like my soul sister!

I'm watching Tortilla Flat a few nights ago with Spencer Tracy and John Garfield..and Frank Morgan (from the Wizard of Oz!) and of course Hedy Lamarr..geez...I missed a lot of movies and Tortilla Flat was one of them but Hedy Lamarr blew me away...what a doll!! now there's an actress!!

so Tortilla Flat was a Steinbeck book...hey Steinbeck and Seinfeld sorta sound alike! but the story was about some regular folks up in Monterey..a little seaside village then..and these folks were salt of the earth and liked to drink of the guys loved dogs and hid his money in the woods like some of the Carp ranchers do I bet they got millions buried in those avocado groves..

so I'm reading the News-Press article and the Coastal View ad and I see they the breweries popping up like cockroaches in a little seaside village called Carpinteria...first Island Brewery with that fat old white guy....then Rincon Brewery on Carp Ave and now a micro brewery down by the marsh where I like to hang out..this is not good..not good....

We need to put a cap on these places...breweries use tons of water and of course the beertards drink all day and that mean DUIs..which means I gotta be extra careful when I go downtown...


but the guys..the short stature, the troll beards, the white skin...where'd they come from? Seattle? Pennsylvania?? Germany??

well, I see they plan a little march on Sunday from at 1:30 in the afternoon....called a Volksmarch..something Germans started...Hitler enjoyed volksmarching and we know what a lunatic he was...

but the beer trolls will start at Island Brewery walk to Rincon Brewery and end up at the micro place...I hope some of these fat guys don't drop dead of heart attacks...but it may be kinda fun to watch...I'll have a full report... to participate in the march you need to donate a can or two of food for the Food Bank..they just threw that in but the gist of the march is to advertise their beer joints and make them seem like good guys...

I'll ask the Carp City Council to put a cap on breweries here... I simply can't have these freaks walking around Carp with their short little legs and arms lifting beer glasses to their troll-bearded faces....and then drinking and driving....

I must put a stop to this non-native invasion!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Whenever you're in my arms. Girl, you're filling me with all your charms. Suavecito, mi niña. Suavecito, mi niña (The feeling that I have inside) Suavecito, mi linda

did Wendy P McCuckoo sell her newspaper?? well not that one, the other one! El Mexicano de Santa Bárbara... I pick up the paper at the coffee shop and the name has changed a few times, but I've always seen Wendy and Nipper's name on the masthead as the publishers..this latest incarnation, El Latino seems like the same paper format, but no Wendy..and no Nipper


I was at the car wash in Santa Barbara and a pretty Latina gal was cleaning out her car...those Latinas sure can clean...and she was..well her legs were hanging out the side of the door and..well... as if to titilate me...and titilated I was..I could barely finishing drying my truck!

but anyhoo I called the News-Press and asked and the receptionist said "ah, maybe Wendy sold it" then she transfers me to the Human Resources gal known as the Angel of Death, Yolanda... she likes to fire people so they named her the Angel of Death

she hemmed and hawed and twisted and turned and said the News-Press doesn't publish El Latino..I asked if Wendy sold it and Yolanda got all huffy and says Wendy didn't sell it..she owns the Santa Barbara Latino weekly...I got the feeling that bitchy Yolanda was lying thru her pretty little teeth...

so I check online and there is a SB Latino but the IP address takes me to the I check this and that and that and this and I'm goin' round in circles like a dog chasing my tail..
then I see that the editor of El Latino, a Carlos Hernandez, switched the name twice: Switched the name of the Publication from "El Mexicano de Santa Bárbara" to "Santa Bárbara Latino... and later switched the name of the Publication from "Santa Bárbara Latino" to "El Latino Newspaper" to make it "more appealing to a broader audience"....

now this leads me to a rough conclusion: Wendy used to own this weekly paper and she sold it because of the News-Press money crunch.....and the paper has morphed into El Latino without Wendy's name anywhere!

so was Yolanda, the Angel of Death, lying to me when I talked to her on the phone?? did Wendy sell her weekly Latino paper? ..will Wendy sell the News-Press next...

or will I be lied to again by the Angel of Death....Yolanda, you need to soften up a nice to the real nice to me

Suavecito, mi linda

the Streets of Santa Barbara...

Angel Spread your Wings..


Wendy McCaw Above the Law! Wendy McCaw Above the Law! Wendy McCaw Above the Law!!

ya know Mr. Jury Commissioner, if Wendy ever goes to a trial for her crimes, I will drag myself to the jury and beg to participate...GUILTY...AGAIN!! Hey man, I sat in on part of that hearing at the SB College of Law and took some pictures of Barry and his little junior lawyers..and they cried to the Judge..the Judge asked me if I could erase the picture I took of Yolanda wutshername, the Latina babe on the witness stand...Yolanda is also known as the Angel of Death because she hands out the pink slips to doomed employees..(I tell ya, I'd like to put my hand up her pink slip!!)

so I says "sure Judge, no problem"..he said "whenever you get the hurry"... ok, I'll erase it..someday...and I think he remembered that incident and found Wendy and Company guilty of being big boobs!

What a waste of resources and time this woman is..first, she gets a lucrative divorce deal, then buys the News-Press, then tries to turn Santa Barbara into her own little doll house, where she and she alone plays in her little fantasy world...completely unaware of the labor laws she's broken..and this is the private industry business model that she and her lackeys accountablilty, just delays and excuses bought with scads of cash..I say we push this hag out into the real world to fend for herself...she wouldn't last one minute! and what of all the other morons in private industry, from BP to ENRON to AIG? These folks have ignored laws and regulations set up to protect America, and now we see that the BP oil catastrophe will cost the south dearly, from polluted oceans, wetlands to jobs lost from damaged fisheries..all because these nitwits are fixated on profits more than America's welfare!! how can you drill for oil and not have a spill control strategy in place?? ahhh..capitalism!! I heard there's a movement online to plug the BP hole... with SARAH PALIN!!

now, we all know that Wendy's got a bug up her ass about unions and she uses the SBCTA dummy Lanny Ebenstein to write editorials about how the working class are messing up the budgets...and how Dr. Dan will save the day..excuse me while I giggle a bit..ok I'm done, but seriously, if the leaders want to balance the budgets, they need to go after the money..and we know who has the money: big corps like oil and tobacco, non-profits, churches, and Wendy -types.

All these folks get special treatment when it comes to taxes, ie, they don't have to pay!! FUCK THAT..I say tax their fat little asses off and budget problem solved..there is no reason that these CEOs should be making millions and billions while the state cuts a traffic cop's salary..TAX NON-PROFIT$ AND CHURCHE$ because they have been stealing from the state for too many years..recently the City of Carp had to reach into its reserves to balance the budget, after having given nonprofit People's Self Help (ourselves to your money) Housing nearly $500,000 of taxpayer money...PSHH is worth around $50 million and they still want money from the city!! and councilman Joe Armendariz who heads of the SB County Taxpayers Association thought this was a good idea!

geez, the nerve of these people!! and you know what? they are all owned or controlled by Wendy McCaw in some form or fashion...all tied to her purse strings...

I say it's time to cut the strings...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


girls will be boys and boys will be girls, it's a mixed up muddled up shook up world

like I sais i don't watch the Kardashians much..oh sure I tune in to see some booty but generally I don't know what these folks do...I don't know what talents they have..oh I'm sure Kim and Khloe have talents but Kim with that little black rapper with the little girl voice..I don't get it..I know they, the girls like black guys and their lawyer dad defended OJ when he killed Nicole ...and OJ claims that he's Khloe's real dad..

girls..a word of warning..if you get mixed up with black dudes..GET LIFE INSURANCE!!

and the fat brother Rob still lives with his mommy or is too lazy to get a job...

and then we got  former Olympic swimmer Bruce Jenner  who married the mom, Kris Jenner...lately Bruce has been getting weirder...he's 65 and is crazy with the facelifts...he's dressing up as a woman, painting his nails..a real girly man..the allegations are is he's prepping for a sex change....

so that little wimp Ryan Seacrest sprang all this sick and useless sub-culture on us thru his TV connections and I can scarcely blame ISIS for wanting to chop our heads off.. like OJ nearly did to Nicole...nearly chopped her head clean off

some folks, it seems, have an identity crisis...not me...I'm secure in my sexuality

I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man..and so is Lola..


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Season of the Witch

you got to pick up every stitch

I don't drink Starbuck's's too expensive, the one time I did drink I got ill, and the CEO is a teabagger...

now he wants the good ole USA to treat veterans least businesses...but I've seen Santa Barbara businesses treat vets kinda bad..mostly the streets guys and gals, the homeless vets...

and now everyone who volunteered to invade Iraq or Afghanistan is considered a hero...hero this hero that...some vet in LA was killed while partying..he belonged to a gang and a rival gang shot him...gang members are heroes?? I think the military is hiring anybody to fight these crazy sand wars...oh and you can send all the care packages you want overseas...but if you still want them there, fighting ancient tribes in the desert, then you're part of the problem..oh yeah, wave your little American flag if it makes you feel better...

now one of the biggest employers of veterans is gov't...some folks go to war or elect a military career, an honorable one..after ten or twenty years they retire with a military pension..then they might seek work for a city gov't...they work there for another ten years and can retire with a city pension, too...nothing wrong with that at all..they deserve it...they deserve the GI Bill which provided a range of benefits...Benefits included low-cost mortgages, low-interest loans to start a business, cash payments of tuition and living expenses to attend university, high school or vocational school, as well as one year of unemployment compensation
they deserve anything that will help them succeed after the fighting is over...

the question is when will the fighting be over....the lost US treasure in lives and money...we can't sustain never-ending wars..the next President and Congress better understand that

but all these faux-Patriots glorifying all the military heros every five minutes..those are the same one who would try to steal their benefits, their right to their pensions, spit on them if they were homeless or otherwise try to fuck with them...

like the ultra- conservative News-Press being all rah-rah military phony Patriotic America...on the front pages only of course..

but Wendy has a history of anti-public worker...and soldiers are public workers who come home and become cops or firemen/women...

now why would Wendy praise and support the troops with platitudes on the front page of the rah-rah News-Press..and then use the editorial pages to try to steal their benefits??

because she's a witch

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mansion on a Hill

The light shines bright from your window
The trees stand so silent and still
I know you're alone with your pride dear
In your loveless mansion on the hill

now I think Lois Capps should get an Oscar for her ads against Chris Mitchum...I know some folks were miffed at Lois for her "dirty" campaign...Chris was all huffy that Lois used images and words in her ads that displayed him unfavorably...

but is this a new thing? no of course not...all you need to do is check out history and the politicals ads, slogans, buttons and campaigns that preceded the 2014 mid-term elections...

and political ads are no different than any other ads..they try to sell ads try to sell beer to young folks with idiotic references to a better life though beer...same with hard liquor...supposedly getting drunk is gonna make you more sophisticated...

so some of the founding fathers engaged in campaigns that makes today's stuff seem tame...
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were two of the "pioneers" of political slandering in the United States. From the article "Founding Fathers' Dirty Campaign" by Kerwin Stint (CNN) (8/22/08

Jefferson's camp accused President Adams of having a "hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman."

In return, Adams' men called Vice President Jefferson "a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father."

a mulatto? well you know the News-Press claims that Lois is gonna hand over her office to daughter Laura soon..and Laura married a black dude...well half-black like Obama...I hope she's happy in her mansion on a hill

As the slurs piled on, Adams was labeled a fool, a hypocrite, a criminal, and a tyrant, while Jefferson was branded a weakling, an atheist, a libertine, and a coward.

The campaign slander and defamation of John Q. Adams vs. Andrew Jackson is legendary. From "American President: A Reference Resource" by the Miller Center at the University of Virginia:

A good deal of mud was slung on both sides, much of it aimed at Jackson's marriage, his violent escapades, and the incidents of ferocious discipline and of disrespect for civilian authority that dotted his military career. Adams men painted him as a grasping and bloodthirsty character, a budding tyrant in the model of Caesar or Napoleon, whose election would spell the death of the republic. Jacksonians branded Adams as a corruptionist, an aristocrat, and-ridiculously-a libertine.

a libertine...hmmmm...maybe that's what we need...The Libertine Party!!! ok, I'm the first member

so I said the mid-terms biggest losers were the teabaggers like Ted Cruz from Texas...back in 2010 when the Tea Party PAC Freedom Works ousted the good guy Republican Bob Bennett from Utah.."That the Tea Party would consider Bob Bennett -- one of the most conservative members of the U.S. Senate -- too liberal just goes to show how extreme the Tea Party is," Timothy M. Kaine, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said in a statement. "This is just the latest battle in the corrosive Republican intra-party civil war . . . If there was any question before, there should now be no doubt that the Republican leadership has handed the reins to the Tea Party

I was watching Bennet last night on a C-Span forum about the 2014 mid-terms and he blasted Ted Cruz as something to be expelled from the body politic...he noted that most Republicans are running away from the Teabaggers now..and back to more moderate Republicans...

the guy who beat Bennett, Mike Lee was a pal of Ted Cruz and now Lee is in some trouble poliitcally....first he got caught up in the housing boom and bust: Washington • Less than two years into office, Sen. Mike Lee was forced to sell his dream home in Alpine with his mortgage bank taking a significant loss — up to $400,000 — in a "short sale" as the housing bust in his neighborhood drained his house's value.

Lee purchased the home for around $1.1 million in January 2008, at the height of the housing boom and when he was working as a private practice lawyer. But as home prices dipped and he was elected to the Senate, Lee found himself underwater in the home and without the means to pay off the difference.

The home eventually sold for around $720,000, according to Utah County records, after J.P. Morgan Chase agreed to write off the loss in the value and Lee forfeited his "significant" down payment.

"It certainly is something that is painful to go through and I know a lot of people are going through it, and I feel for those who have had to go through it," Lee said Thursday in response to questions from The Salt Lake Tribune.

"It's not fun. It's not something any of us would have chosen. But you do what you have to do when income doesn't match your outlays. You have to pare your outlays down."

now teabaggers are always squawking about fiscal within your Mike Lee buys a house and can't pay the mortgage...and shorts the lender $400000!

what is he doing representing the people in Utah??

Sunday, November 9, 2014

bang a gong

get it on

the UCSB porn professor  Mireille Miller-Young and the Jesus girls, the Shorts, are back in the news again...the Jesus mom filed a civil suit against Miller-Young and she wants money

the porn professor was found guilty of a misdemeanor after she viewed some giant posters of aborted fetuses and snatched them away...the fetus pics were courtesy of the pro-life Jesus girls...thy were demonstrating/protesting on the UCSB campus....Jesus conservatives are not supposed to's a sin

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers

did you know that there's lady golfer from Thailand named Pornanong Phatlum?? it's true ..she's got the teeth of the hydra upon her...she's dirty and sweet, oh yeah

now I know all about the Jesus girls and nonprofit Life Legal Defense Foundation..and their mom is a so-called lawyer.. and they belong to a religious cult lead by a kook named Jeff White..the Survivors of the Abortion Holocuast

from a previous post: ok so after reviewing the UCSB police report on the porn professor, I was shocked , I say shocked to learn that DA Joyce Dudley decided to file charges against Mirielle....for battery, robbery and vandalism??

given the circumstances of being accosted by the Jeff White religious cult and being pregnant, if I were a lady, I would have clobbered those little girls with some tough love!! but no, Joyce wants to prosecute the professor...I read the police report and it was very odd then I remembered the UCSB police aren't real cops!!

the porn prof was pregnant during the incident and looking at bloody fetuses could have induced a miscarriage..

Give them, O Lord— what will you give? Give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts.

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust is more than just "a group of young activists." Survivors has a long record of collaboration with Army of God operatives such as Jonathan O'Toole and the late Robert Ferguson — who is, like murderers Michael Griffin, John Salvi, Paul Hill and James Kopp, an AOG Anti-Abortion Hero of the Faith.

but the point is these religious whackjobs live for this stuff....they really are just "hate groups disguised as anti-abortion Christians..and the Jesus girls are affiliated with Operation Rescue.... A domestic terrorist organization responsible for the murder of a large number of abortion providers. Headed by cult leader Randal Terry. The organization preaches hatred and ignorance and the submission of females to their male masters. The cult's leadership advocates the abolishment of the Constitution and the removal of women from the work force. The cult has recently started to jump onto the homophobic bandwagon as a means of increasing their revenues. Though Terry still runs this hate group, the leaders have put one Jeff White up as puppet leader controlled by Terry. This hate group generates organizations daily -- an example being `Operation Restore Liberty.' Many other hate mongers work for the group including criminals such as Rev. Flip Benham....

and the most famous Christian hate group of course was/is the KKK....

so I would wager that Ms Miller was protecting her unborn baby, like most mothers I see it as harassment..

so the Jesus people were harassing the pregnant teacher and harassment is illegal...if I were Mireille Miller-Young, I would immediately get a restraining order against the gals and their nutty Jesus mom, and then welcome the lawsuit with a counter-suit...trying to induce a miscarriage with graphic bloody death images on a sunny afternoon is attempted murder of the unborn child...THRIN TRIED TO MURDER MUREILLE'S CHILD... MURDERER!!! LET JESUS FUCK YOU THRIN, LET JESUS FUCK YOU!!!!

Thrin is the little Jesus gal who was at the UCSB abortion booth and whose nutjob Jesus-mommy filed the lawsuit
but that's the defense I'd use...and Miller-Young would win!

it would be like taking candy from a baby

Friday, November 7, 2014

Don't Touch Me There

don't touch me there, please don't, don't touch me there, oh no not there, don't touch me there, anywhere but there

ok so the libertarians and some conservatives main focus this election was to legalize pot and get the gov't off their backs and bongs....

this little midterm blip by the Republicans will lead them into 2016 with some momentum...but compared to the Democrats, a bunch of conservative white haired stoners and boozers looks like a football team charging the line of scrimmage!

but there was one race in Iowa that struck my fancy....Joni Ernst won a senate seat and I saw her acceptance speech..she grew up as an Iowa farm girl castrating pigs...this must be a metaphor for her hatred of men..esp democrats

she was part of the National Guard in one of the sand invasions in the Middle East...Operation Iraqi Freedom, our disastrous misguided attempt to answer the 9/11 attack of New York Jews on Bush's watch...

Joni says she goes to church and wants to return to the American values she says built this country..that's an interesting proposition..American she talking about the Roaring 20s where debauchery ruled? or the Prohibition crime spree with murderous gangs providing booze she talking about all the racism and slavery...or the Civil War era? or maybe the Depression??? is Joni talking about the 1950s TV shows which depicted fictional American families....

or the Founding Fathers...teabaggers always want to return us to the founding fathers principles..or at least their interpretation of what the fathers wanted..well it's right there in front of their the Constitution of the USA...the teabaggers think the bible is the Constitution......that's why they call it the bible belt

but Congress shall make no law establishing a religion..or the free exercise thereof...and free speech shall not be infringed upon...

I was watching the Rachel Maddow Show and she had a story about a Gilbert, Arizona school board with a teabagger majority who wanted to remove pages of a biology book..the nasty book had info on human sexuality, sperm and abortion, and the teabaggers simply thought they could rip those pages out of the book and they were actually serious!!

anywhere but there!!

during the elections, the teabagger board members in Gilbert lost their seats..and this is in conservative Arizona! great story by Rachel....

but this is gonna be a short midterm for the teabagger conservatives if they try to push their false patriotism or religious bullshit on America...

that agenda is the antithesis of freedom....

and something about Joni bothers me...the eyes..kinda like Michelle Bachman....pretty but vacant

I'll be reading Joni like a pig with lipstick.....