Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mother Nature's Bastard Son....

look at the nature..Francine!

I get a little annoyed sometimes at all the natural beauty that surrounds us..I mean day after day of sunrises, sunsets, ocean views, unspoiled mountains, wild animals...it's a bit much..maybe it's good we got folks like Greka to mess it up a little....nahhh!
The president of Greka Oil, Andrew deVegvar, wishes the press and media like KSBY would leave him alone when his company spills oil..he claims the criticism is political and sees the problems as minor... he says the latest round of spills which produced another stop work order was human error, which happens sometimes. A worker opened the wrong valve and sent oil spilling on land leased by Greka from Brooks Firestone..again..again..again..again..that's the problem Andy, the again part....your operators wouldn't keep making these mistakes if they knew what they were doing..you need to train them, certify them or get the hell out of the oil business.. oil spills are not to be rationalized away or hidden, they are to be STOPPED, dickhead... they are unacceptable as any conscientious operator will tell you....private biz, I tell ya..what scumbags!
Brooksie leases land to Greka and he should be horsewhipped but I have to cut him some slack because he's friends with George Martin of Beatles fame..otherwise, I'd kick his ass!
BOGUS CLAIMS in January 2008
Greka Oil & Gas Launches Major Improvement Program
Greka Green Initiative Will Remove Tons of Out-of-Service Equipment and Develop a System-Wide Infrastructure Improvement Plan SANTA MARIA, Calif.--(Business Wire)--Greka Oil and Gas, Inc. announced today a major "Greka Green" initiative which will affect all of its facilities and is designed to make Greka an environmental leader among Santa Barbara County's oil and gas operators. "We've always taken very seriously our responsibility to operate in an environmentally safe and sound manner," said Greka President Andrew deVegvar. "In fact, since acquiring these facilities nine years ago, Greka has spent tens of millions of dollars for upgrades and modern alarm systems."
So this is a warning, Andy, you stupid fucking moron oilheaded dimwitted shitbrained scatsucking knucklehead..CLEAN UP YOUR ACT OR GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS..or I, MVC, mother nature's good son, will pay you a little visit.....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Helloooooo, Marylou.....

dear things....

I know some of you younger women out there may have some hopped up romantic inclinations towards me..fully understandable, but I need to point out a few things before you let your hearts go.. I demand that you exercise..at least 4 times a week on the bike or running; leg tatoos are a NO-NO! I demand discipline..if you break my rules, you get spanked.. if you are good, then with all the tenderness I can muster, you get a massage.. that's called justice...I can meter out justice and I can peter out justice, but I'll never cut your head off and store it in the fridge...

if you look like Lauren Bacall, you're in for free; I sing but I'm no Ricky Nelson..or Ricky Suave even...I 'm just a guy with a computer, a few bikes and a few very expensive, valuable guitars and real estate...you want a piece of me? Is that it? Is that it? Some of you lil kittens still have boyfriends..well that's fine..I used to be someone's boyfriend too and boyfriends are the LOWEST class citizens in the world... we are the statues and the girls are the seagulls..SPLATT!!always taking the brunt of the girl's changing heart...we hang on to the bitter end and then, after regaining our senses, leave when they've diminished us to confused amoeba. Boyfriends have a shelf life of about 2 to 3 years..guys, you need to write that into the contract unless the sex has you so hooked you're like a junkie..then I'll just pray for you..I offer pity but you know as well as I do you get what you deserve..now...what about married women? Married is just another term for "joined at the brain"...you simply can't compete with a husband, ex, separated or present.. no matter how much of a lowlife he is..if he fathered children with her, he'll be like a god and you will be the houseboy..and same thing for the ladies..OK? We straight on all the possible complications of the heart? Now go out there and start shredding..
I leave you with a little wisdom from Lao Tsu: Good binding requires no knots....

Friday, December 26, 2008

with eyes you don't use enough...

very insensitive of me to forget my blind friends this year....here's a holiday message just for you guys!

LUV YA!! you guys got more courage and see more than the rest of us ...I hope the world will listen and learn from the great sightless beings who continue to light our way!! I love Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles and won't forget the gifts from the blind community are great..so I'll contine working on the Recording for the Blind stuff and hope that we continue to communicate in so many other ways..you guys rock!

your pal , Mick

Thursday, December 25, 2008


there's something about a woman singing that gets to me... and I think I got a Christmas disorder!

I love chick singers..from Billie Holiday to Joni Mitchell to Amy Grant..so I decided to share this Christmas day with Amy..she's a Christian but she's dirty, too..like an old scratchy 45 record coming from an old transistor AM radio! I like that..let me recite a Christmas poem for you with Amy singing in the background...
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
the whole goddamn family was drunk as a louse,
with mom in the whore house and dad in jail, I sat myself down to a cold glass of ale.
When out on the lawn, I heard such a clatter,I got off my sister to see what was the matter.
And what to my stoned-out eyes should appear,but a shitty old sleigh and eight fucking reindeer.
With a dirty old man who was beating his dick,I knew at that moment, it must be St. Nick.
He flew across the lawn and up the house wall,he cried onward you bastards or it's off with your balls.

Then down the chimney he came like a bat out of hell,I knew at that moment, the fat fucker fell.
He filled all the stockings with drugs and beer,and a big rubber dildo for my uncle who's queer. And up again he went with a great big fart,that son of a bitch blew my chimney apart.
And I heard him say as he flew out of sight,"piss on you all it's been a hell of a night."

and have yourselves a Weird Little Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What's love got to do with it??

Crimes of Fashion....

If I had read the Independent more closely, if they didn't stuff their paper with stories about fashion and gay people, I could have had a free topless lap dance at the Spearmint Rhino! A toy for a tit and I missed it...

The NewsPress continues to fuel flames of speculation about those responsible for the fire. Since the Tea fire started, the NewsPress has acted as head of a mob trying to lynch the Tea Fire Ten without knowing any details..editorial after editorial has speculated that the college students are being protected or are related to county officials...now how in the world can these people get fair treatment in Santa Barbara when they have been slandered and libeled by the NewsPress? The investigation is not over, according to the city and county agencies responsible. Any further rumors printed in the NewsPress could harm the proceedings. The ONLY reason the NewsPress continues this irresponsible behavior is because Nipper, the owner's boyfriend, lost his house in the fire and wants revenge..not justice..Shameful!
also, still waiting on a NewsPress story about Dr. Laura's charity fraud..Operation Family Fund..still waiting..still waiting.... does Laura look like she's drinking again after the charity fraud was exposed?? Is is time for Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew??
Join Travis on his radio show that nobody listens to: The Travis Armstrong Happy Hour! ..free drinks!! AM 1290 NewsPress Radio...
it's a crime, I tell ya...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Arnold, you're no Yentl...

dumb ass Arnold starts firing state workers to solve budget crisis!

Under his leadership, California will be broke in 70 days!
WTF has he been doing for the last 4 years?? He spends more time in front of the camera than working on California....NAZI MORON!!
and now he says he wants to be president??
In a sprawling interview with 60 Minutes last night, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped a not-so-subtle hint to Republicans: get busy changing the Constitution because Ahnold has his eyes on the White House. Asked by Scott Pelley if he'd like to be president, Schwarzenegger responded in no uncertain terms:
"Yeah, absolutely," Schwarzenegger acknowledged. "I think that I am always a person that looks for the next big goal. And I love challenges. I always set goals that are so high, that are almost impossible to achieve. Because then, you're always hungry for climbing and climbing. Because it's always interesting. The climb is always interesting. When you get there you just have to pick another goal."
so Arnold is not interested in the public service, just the celebrity and attention..dunderhead!
It's real simple...tax the sinners (alcohol, tobacco, gamblers and golfers), cut funding to the native-only cult (over $1 Billion per year is currently spent by 20+ State and Federal agencies on more than 192 "Invasive Species" programs), tax corporations, remove overpaid gov't officials...USE YOUR HEAD, neighbor! and then send Maria and Caroline over to my place..I gotta BIG Christmas gift for both of them!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Grapes of Wrath...

RV dwellers are the new Okies...

Santa Barbara just had a Unity Telethon to raise money for the Unity Shoppe charity. Poor people come to the shoppe and can take items they need without paying for them..legal stealing, I guess. Hey, I'm going to Sears and just taking what I need..tools, big screen TV..yeah..what a concept! Ok, I know we've been thru all this before but a recent NewsPress editorial points out the hypocrisy of these folks who put on the charity events..the NewsPress and Chumash in particular. First, the editorial frets about all the RVs parked in Santa Barbara, the scourge of poor people, and how upsetting the homeless are to the well-heeled. The homeless issue is here to stay..it is a by-product of this culture..plain and simple..you can't piss and moan and make a few rules and expect a certain class of citizens to disappear just because they make you uncomfortable..do you think the Unity Shoppe would turn away folks because they were homeless?? Being poor should not be a crime, but the NewsPress continues to demonize them after they ask you to give money to the Unity Telethon!! It just goes to show how silly Santa Barbara has become...
I have no problem with RVs..however, I do have a problem with the belching Chumash buses that transport losers to the Casino everyday; and the tour buses parked on Cabrillo Blvd, some times taking up TWO BLOCKS, idly belching diesel fumes for hours into the atmosphere..any complaints about those folks..no. Or how about the rents on State Street..too high for local business to do business...and they blame the homeless!
This is America..if I want to sell my condo and buy an RV and travel around, I should be able to without being harassed by the cops, city hall, or businesses. I should be able to park in any city and not be judged as a criminal for doing so...
Well when you're sitting there in your silk upholstered chair,
Talkin' to some rich folk that you know,
Well I hope you won't see me,
and my ragged company..
Well, you know I could never be alone
me and my ragged company...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jam Up.. and Jelly Tight...

Top of the Pops!
I was out singing Christmas carols around the neighborhood last night until someone called the cops....but I got to thinking what songs would go good with which infamous people..here's what I'm hearing...ya hear...

Travis Armstrong: Yummy Yummy Yummy, I Got Love in My Tummy!

Rod Blagojevich: He's A Rebel

Starshine Roshell: Dizzy

Barney Brantingham: Good Morning, Starshine

Wendy McCaw: It's My Party

Rob Lowe: Sugar Shack

Jimmy Connors: Street Fightin' Man

Nipper Von Weisenberger: Goin' Steady

Dr. Laura: Stand by your Man

Helene Schneider: Blue Velvet

Dale Francisco : Yummy Yummy Yummy, I Got Love in My Tummy!

Craig Smith: King of the Road

Sara De La Guerra: Let Me Call you Sweetheart

Mayor Blum: If I Had a Hammer

Sarah Palin: God Only Knows

Jerry Roberts: Little Children

Julia Louis Dreyfus: Ya Ya

Hilary Hauser: Surfer Girl

so..have a holly jolly Christmas season and, as Karen Carpenter gently and sweetly reminds us: sing!!
la la lalala..la la la lalala..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here Comes the Sun....

Guest editorial by Sonny..

Hi folks..remember me? Sonny? from egoweblog? I used to be somebody, now I'm writing a guest spot for Mick Von Caw & Santabarbaranewspressblog. Wowie, I thought I was obnoxious..but Mick takes the prize, huh? I can't imagine who would read this rot..if I were you, I wouldn't admit it to anyone.. no way!
Let's see.... what can I say that might interest you. Last time we spoke Dr. Laura was at the NewsPress and Nipper had a house..so I guess I'm not the only loser in town. That's nice to know during this holiday season especially. I was reading the new and improved NewsPress and there was another story about another charity for the troops..this time it's bikes for the family of soldiers..the idea is to show the families how much we appreciate them invading Iraq..and instead of being honest with them, we give their kids bicycles! I guess the troops don't make enough salary to buy their own kids toys..so.. what..the military is a charity now?? Why not institute a bonus program for the troops..$100 per Iraqi killed, ..$50 per rape... kind of an incentive program for some Christmas cash. I don't get it...what happened to the few, the proud? Why don't my tax dollars go to support the soldiers who fight, whether the war is right or wrong? As the judge's eagle promenades, what has America become? If I were in the military, the last thing I would want is some fool buying my kids a bike, thereby emasculating me. And I see Dr. Laura gave $700 to the cause..let's see where that cash ends up..ha..ha!
Well I gotta go..I think Mick is doing an ok job poking fun at these pompous neurons masquarading as concerned citizens..although I could do a better job...there's plenty other blogs keeping tabs too..and that's good..I give the daily newspaper industry another year, then it's over for them..and it's their own fault..they put power before service and their investments are going up in smoke...speaking of smoke, I smoked a big doobie last night and I'm a little woozie...thanks for reading and..keep a light on for me, would ya? Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Order Up!

pigs in a blanket..a quarter pounder with cheese...

My history with the Santa Ynez Valley goes way back..I went up to Ray Kroc's ranch years and years ago..my girlfriend's family was friend's with Ray..I remember his ranch..a huge piece of barren land with a giant McMansion on it..the day was so hot that we spent most of it inside..air conditioned everywhere.. we went from room to room..huge industrial kitchen, a movie theater..the works..it was fun but I couldn't wait to leave..to get back to the coast and the beautiful ocean. There was something about the valley that I didn't like..it was like being on the moon or Lost in Space..you couldn't venture too far from the Mother Ship or you'd die...Fresno does that to me,too. I reached a conclusion: valley life is weird.
Nancy Crawford-Hall, the fat lady who owns the Santa Ynez Valley Journal, has jumped on the anti-union bandwagon and is now Wendy junior. Apparently smarting from the Republicans getting their ass wupped in the elections, Nancy is now upset her boy Steve Pappas didn't win the 3rd dictrict seat against Doreen Farr. Crawford-Hall and Pappas spent 10 grand for a recount, claiming they got "acorned"... more right wing babbling. She goes on to say Doreen Farr won because she was supported by the corrupt local SEIU. First of all, the local SEIU is not corrupt..they are just better at politics than some of these Santa Ynez hillbillies..the LA Chapter has some stains due to a leader getting greedy, but the UNION caught him and he is barred for life..and deserves any criminal investigations coming his way. Now, to suggest because the LA union has a few bad apples that all the chapters are corrupt is more rightwing blather..I mean, talk about a sore loser...Nancy..you lost..you can't put lipstick on a pig (altho I see you tried..pearls even!)
Who the fuck are these people who think because they own some ranch land or community property or a newspaper they also own working class heroes like me..let me splain it to you: as Lesley Gore once sang "you don't own me!!" so shut the fuck up and pay your taxes and let me do my job..I PAY TAXES TOO!! so piss on you and your horse, Nancy...
Of course, Nancy doesn't want to pay taxes for the county/city services like water treatment or cleaning sewer lines, claiming that gov't workers are getting too greedy...hello? The Bush Administration and private industry cronies have put us into this financial mess...money wasted on the Iraq invasion, the rightwing denial of immigration reform, Wall Street bailouts, golden parachutes, Wall Street fraud, mismanagement, lack of regulation..this conservative agenda which rewards incompetence is what Nancy Crawford Hall and the NewsPress supported and never questioned & has put us into a hole..not the union workers..the union workers are also the ones who have to bail out Wall Street!!
Workers Unite!!!
oh yeah...and a side of fries, to go...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Travis takes it up the ass!

did Dr. Laura? I wonder..how about Wendy..does she take it up the ass?

These three assholes all have something in common..a bug up their ass..a bug about unions, city hall, poor people, working class folks, military folks..there's no end in sight..they look at life from the asshole end, I guess. Perhaps Wendy should rename the NewsPress to the ASSHOLE PRESS? I think it would be more befitting the paper's management team, don't you? I mean look at the facts..not the made up stuff, the real facts: Travis comes from a tribe of Assholes in Michigan known for alcohol and child abuse problems; Wendy hasn't worked an honest day in her life, having made a fortune off of California's divorce laws where you are entitled to your ex's community property: cash, pension, asshole... and Dr. Laura, gone but not forgotten..I am still waiting for the NewsPress story on her charity's fraud..documented on these very pages.
and speaking of assholes, Bush is on his farewell tour spouting more propaganda than Operation Family Fund and America Supports You put together..these entities were set up by Bush and Rummy to sell the Iraq invasion to the public, and Bush is still trying to sell it! Maybe he doesn't know about the investigation at the DOD..asswipe! Even Obamba's an asshole for picking "Saddleback Fats" Rick Warren to speak at the inauguration...
Now, if you read the NewsPress, it doesn't necessarily make you an asshole....If you believe the doodoo on the editorial pages, then yes, I would say you are an asshole..a big one..if you advertise with the NewsPress..you're dirty. If you work for the NewsPress, you're dirty now..unless you have been trying to hammer out a contract, then you're clean..altho you may need to shower more than the rest of us...
and if I walked thru the halls of the NewsPress, I'd be singing this little refrain....
hey Mr. Clean..you're dirty now, too...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the New Order...

is upon us now....

Now that I've lost my moral compass on page 2 of the NewsPress, where else can I turn? The world is full of such danger and sex and mind diseases, how can anyone feel safe anymore? Church? I had a dream about church last night..I was at church with some old friends and even Andy Granatelli was there, sitting on a pew right beside me..then there was a carnival outside my window. I think if one of my dreams came true, I'd be a happy man..then again, if one of my dreams came true, I'd be dead!
So back to morality..I was channel surfing last night and came across my salvation...BYU TV!

Brigham Young University Television...the church lady was giving a very solemn and stern lecture about pornography. For the record, I've never, never, ever looked at porn in my life, but I've heard about it. It can come into your life and turn you into a pervert, so I've heard. It will kill all your relationships, objectify women, make wives think they gotta be hos to please their husbands, and so on. Folks, the sancTITy of marriage is threatened by this scourge, so I want you all to mind your p's and q's. Especially with the internet these days, destructive impulses are only a click away. Use some discipline for pity's sake. Use your head...a sexual relationship with your computer is not a good thing...like any addiction, you need to seek help..from your priest, your bishop, a counselor. or even your local Morman. While watching the BYU presentation, I found myself agreeing with some of their concerns, but how do you stop a multi-billion dollar a year business? and who are the lowlifes who need or produce this stuff? Is it supply or demand? I don't have the answers...but if we all tune into BYU TV, we may be able to understand the scope of the problem and find personal solutions. Especially I think you should all refrain from sex during Christmas and just do family related things together..play games, rake leaves, read books, exercise...and parents..DO NOT TOUCH YOUR CHILDREN! These dirty impulses start early: the mother's breast is the chief source of oral pleasure and the kisses, fondling and caresses a baby receives sends the wrong message and keeps certain people locked in the genital stage of object-desire rather than a normal development of the personality.
Meditate on these words:
"And it came to pass that it did last for the space of three days that there was no light seen; and there was great mourning and howling and weeping among all the people continually; yea, great were the groanings of the people, because of the darkness and the great destruction which had come upon them."
you (you know who you are) got three days to clean up your act!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Travels with Charley....

News-Press for Sale!!!

that's the next headline I want to see..I want to see Wendy and Travis and Nipper waddle out of town like little ducks that done lost their mama...it's no secret the paper had gone to the dogs..and they even had another dog story about some Hollywood rich bitch in Hope Ranch who has a movie coming out called "Marley and Me"....starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson about a guy whose dog teaches him all about life...this rivals another stupid dog movie "Must Love Dogs"..produced by Brad Hall of Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine) fame...the two Montecito nitwits who tried to stop the Miramar progress..if you want to see a good dog story, read "Travels with Charley" by Steinbeck..a real writer!
I must admit the News-Press won't be the same without Dr. Laura..I actually enjoyed reading her columns! She is a fascinating study if you're into psychology and crazy people...we still got her blog but there was something about her NewsPress gig...I mean, all these crazy people at one paper..it was a Freudian jackpot!!
so who's next for page 2? Dennis Miller? Andy Granatelli? a newly botoxed Kenny Loggins? Chief Dances with Gamblers? I bet it will be some kiss-ass who thinks Wendy is a visionary and wants to help take the NewsPress to the next level....
get out yer shovels!

Monday, December 15, 2008

now go..do the rightwing thing...

Dr. Laura's dirty work....

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England presents radio personality Laura Schlessinger with the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service. Schlessinger was recognized for her efforts to raise public awareness of and funding for ASY homefront group Operation Family Fund.
here's some details and links: on the day Dr. Laura ends her News-Press column, Travis writes a dirty Sunday editorial with lies trying to link local SEIU 620 union to Illinois corruption..this was a lame attempt to deflect attention away from Operation Family Fund and America Supports You, Dr. Laura's "charities" now under investigation for fraud... Operation Family Fund held a "charity" event in Carp a few years back. Harley Davidson (at the time owned by Jesus lovin' right wingers) hosted it and Dr. Laura was "special guest"...it was poorly attended and nothing more than a war rally...the charges against ASY are Allison Barber, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Liaison and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Internal Communications, was funneling money where it should not have gone while the troops and their families were getting screwed.... ....she recently resigned from the DOD while the investigation continues...

Meanwhile, ASY began to spend millions — not to help the troops, the Inspector General says, but to help itself. "Instead of focusing on its primary mission of showcasing and communicating support to the troops and their families, the ASY program focus [turned to] building or soliciting support from the public," the Inspector General's report notes. In 2006 and 2007, for instance, more than $600,000 was spent ginning up support for America Supports You among schoolchildren. Another $165,000 went to a pro-ASY concert aboard the USS Intrepid, docked on Manhattan's west side. And $15,000 went to actor and musician Gary Sinise's "Lt. Dan Band" to play a separate show. The report calls all of these "questionable and unregulated actions."
By mid-2007, allegations began to surface that the Pentagon official in charge of the program, Armed Forces Information Service chief Alison Barber (pictured, left with Rumsfeld and Dr. Laura's good buddy), was improperly redirecting millions of dollars in public funds.

Noah Shachtman has a great article at Wired, looking at how a Pentagon program designed to help "support the troops" mismanaged millions of dollars:A Defense Department project, supposedly designed to support U.S. troops, was used instead to channel millions of dollars to personal friends and allies of its chief. The "America Supports You," or ASY, program was led in a "questionable and unregulated manner," according to a Department of Defense Inspector General report, obtained by Danger Room. At least $9.2 million was "inappropriately transferred" by the project's managers. Much of that money served only to further promote ASY, instead of assisting servicemembers.
one down..three to go

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Red.. Hot... Tender....

Now how many things can you describe that fit those three little words...

could be a bruise, how about a chili dog, or a nice juicy tirly-whirly, or how about a Bentley! This issue just won't go away (not if I can help it anyway). Wendy has been gallivanting around town in a $176,000 Bentley while the rest of us shamefully drive around in Hondas or American made pickup trucks. I was out Saturday morning, getting the basics, when I spied a curious sight...a bright red Bentley convertible parked conspicuously in front of Lucky's in the shanty-town of Montecito.."do they serve breakfast?" I wondered...I stopped and parked and got out and started taking pictures of the car from Beverly Hills Bentley...I waited to see if the owner would come out and question me..I waited around..I peered into Lucky's...empty but open...I looked into the Montecito Cafe and Bar...a few old folks were staggering around but no sign of Wendy. Was it even hers? I know Nipper was working the Unity Shoppe Telethon, so maybe Wendy was cheating on him while he worked!!!???..I waited some more..then I thought to myself...I don't have a life! I shook my head and got into my truck, and sped off...smoked that Bentley!!

Then I get to Coast Village Road and Hot Springs. There's a big traffic jam as usual due to the roundabout construction.. but today it was slower than usual...then I see a bunch of fireguys panhandling for Jerry's kids..holding up traffic, asking motorists to fill a boot with money, and generally pissing me off!! If a homeless guy did that, he'd be arrested..."get the fuck outta the street" I yelled at a lovely firegal..but as usual, she ignored me...the fire guys just stared at me...
why can't Jerry take care of his own kids???

EXTRA EXTRA! Dr. Laura quits New-Press..ends column..says she's too busy to continue writing it...says attacks on NewsPress are stressful to other employees at the paper, but not her! Blames politics and union for everything..praises Wendy and Nipper for 'courage and fortitude"! She won't admit that my blog did the trick!! Also..there is no truth to the rumor that I, Mick, will be replacing her...but I'll still be on her tail!!
latest: fraud recently discovered in groups Dr. Laura supported, Operation Family Fund and front group, America Supports You.... more later....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Healthy Habits....

with Dr. Laura and Mick Von Caw

Whenever I get on a plane or use someone else’s computer keyboard and mouse, I whip out (when in doubt, whip it out?) the disinfectant wipes. Have you ever read the reports on the germy nature of just about every surface in existence? Wonder where you got that cold, flu, or other illness? Geez Dr. Laura, you ever hear of obsessive-compulsive disorder? using someone else's computer won't hurt you unless they were jerking off on the keyboard..sicko!
While doctors will say that the benefits of exercise far outweigh the small chance of acquiring a staph or other infection at the gym (so don’t use this report as an excuse for hugging that couch!), you ought to take some common sense steps to protect yourself. And since just about everyone makes a New Year’s resolution to "get fit" once the holidays are over, here are some tips for you to keep in mind when you’re ready to reacquaint yourself with your local gym: Hi Gym..long time, no see!
1.Before you use equipment (including exercise balls, spinning bikes, and weight machines), wipe off the surfaces with a disinfectant wipe that has at least 60% alcohol. (Southern Comfort is my fave!) Just wiping with a wet towel is not enough! YES IT IS!!
2.Don’t use anyone else’s towel or yoga mat or condom – they’re fast lanes to bacterial, fungal and viral infections.and cooties!
3.Shower immediately after working out at a gym. Wear flip-flops in communal showers, and bring your own soap, unless the gym has liquid soap dispensers. I agree, you can guess where that used bar of soap has been...
4.Don’t go into the sauna or whirlpool if you have a cut, scrape or bad bruise (or aids). Chlorine generally kills a lot of bad bugs, but others can survive…and don’t drink the water in those tubs! If dogs can drink toilet water, why can't I drink whirlpool water?
5.If a scratch, bruise or cut gets red, hot, or tender, see a physician! Don’t just let the infection fester until it’s progressed to something serious. like death?
6.Get your own bicycle and ride in the neighborhood. Buy some free weights, get a trainer, or buy a variety of workout videos. Working out in your own home avoids a lot of "bugs" – except those you get from your school-age children! ??????? I knew you hated kids!

remember: you can work out all you want but you're still gonna die.. Di Princess Di!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

ADD Friday...

ahh....what blog is this??

I'd like to have my other head examined by ..Kate Winslett!
Wendy's Grandiose Personality Disorder....
Wendy McCaw's vision is a world where the past is respected and in the future, protected. Her passion has been for all things living and providing them with safe and nurturing environments. From wildlife sanctuaries to historic preservation, her mantra is to "make a difference". Through the intelligent and measured donations from the Wendy P. McCaw Foundation and her ownership of The Santa Barbara News-Press, she has made a difference to the community of Santa Barbara. She believes that everyone can make a difference and making a commitment to care is the first step. Her dedication and foresight will reverberate throughout the generations to come. (hee hee haa haa!)
On Historic Preservation
:Wendy McCaw's passion for historic preservation runs deep in her veins and was nurtured through her years spent at Stanford and time spent at Harvard focusing on history and architectural design. Through the Wendy P. McCaw Foundation, she has provided resources for the Santa Barbara Bowl, the Ronald Reagan Welcome Center and Ellwood Mesa. As owner of the Santa Barbara News-Press she also protected the architectural integrity of the company's George Washington Smith building as well as other commercial properties. Now, spend a few bucks to clean it up!!
Hey Wen..who takes better care of their building..NewsPress or City Hall?

Annie, SB street corner
girl....tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya.. tomorrow..it's always a day away!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm So Glad....

but is Montecito? Santa Barbara? Goleta? Summerland? Hope Ranch?
rumor has it rich Wendy has been cruising Carp in a fancy car, looking for me..she's thinks I'm the cure for her messed up head, but I'm not..I've had lots of success with Mc-women (last names begin with Mc---), but it never ends well..so Wendy..stay away, baby....for these reasons:
Carpinteria is a Glad Town..a place where people follow Pollyanna's philosophy of life: it centers on what she calls "The Glad Game", an optimistic attitude she learned from her father. The game consists of finding something to be glad about in every situation, even when thinking about the NewsPress. It originated in an incident one Christmas when Pollyanna, who was hoping for a doll in the missionary barrel, found only a pair of crutches inside. Making the game up on the spot, Pollyanna's father taught her to look at the good side of things—in this case, to be glad about the crutches because "we don't need 'em!".
With this philosophy, and her own sunny personality and sincere, sympathetic soul, Pollyanna brings so much gladness to her anal aunt's dispirited New England town that she transforms it into a pleasant place to live. 'The Glad Game' shields her from her aunt's stern attitude: when Aunt Polly puts her in a stuffy attic room without carpets or pictures, she exults at the beautiful view from the high window; when she tries to "punish" her niece for being late to dinner by sentencing her to a meal of bread and milk in the kitchen with the servant, Nancy, Pollyanna thanks her rapturously because she likes bread and milk, and she likes Nancy.
Soon, Pollyanna teaches some of Beldingsville's most troubled inhabitants to 'play the game' as well, from a querulous invalid named Mrs. Snow to a miserly bachelor, Mr. Pendleton, who lives all alone in a cluttered mansion. Aunt Polly, too— finding herself helpless before Pollyanna's buoyant refusal to be downcast—gradually begins to thaw, although she resists the glad game longer than anyone else.
Eventually, however, even Pollyanna's robust optimism is put to the test when she gets hit by a car (in the Disney movie, she falls from a tree) and loses the use of her legs. At first she doesn't realize the seriousness of her situation, but her spirits plummet when she accidentally overhears an eminent specialist say that she'll never walk again. After that, she lies in bed, unable to find anything to be glad about. Then the townspeople begin calling at Aunt Polly's house, eager to let Pollyanna know how much her encouragement has improved their lives; and Pollyanna decides she can still be glad that she had legs. The novel ends with Aunt Polly marrying her former lover Dr. Chilton and Pollyanna being sent to a hospital where she learns to walk again and is able to appreciate the use of her legs far more as a result of being temporarily disabled.

Well, I got a Pollyanna Complex, too....and have worked hard to keep Carpinteria a Glad Town...Pollyanna's Aunt Polly was just like you, Wendy...a bitch! She owned a local paper and loads of real estate and the townfolk were afraid of her..just like the businesses in SB who are afraid to pull advertising...they don't want to upset Auntie Travis or Aunt Wendy..look what you've done to Santa Barbara, a town once full of Pollyannas is now full of Stepford wives ...neighbors beating each other with baseball bats, sniping at one another from 40 soon to be 60 ft high buildings, and running over each other with rolls of cash..you wanna be Lord of the Flies, Wendy? Be my guest...but don't get any bright ideas like becoming my neighbor in Glad Town....I'll simply invite you to leave.....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Survivor: Miramar

despite last ditch effort to kill the Miramar project by News-Press, Citizens Plannning Association, and good ol' Elaine, the tribe has spoken..

Ha Ha! You lose losers...Travis and Wendy you suck at this stuff..at least have the guts to show up at a public meeting and speak DIRECTLY to the supervisors, but all you could muster is another editorial...Naomi Kovacs...I watched you sashay your fat little ass around the planning process..you are trailer trash..WTF are you doing in Santa Barbara??? You want to save the environment..STOP STUFFING YOUR FACE, PORKY!
Elaine....please move! away! far! soon!
hero of the day
Supervisor Gray blasts nerdy out-of-town CPA lawyers for dissing county staff and rambling on and on about staff emails .."Is that all you got?" says Joni, defending her staff...wow...I regained all my lost respect for her!
zero of the day
Supervisor Wolf plays dumb " I didn't hear them say anything bad" and plays right into the hands of the NewsPress and votes no...other supes voted yes... Duh Janet, why don't you read a NewsPress anti- Miramar editorial..there's tons of them about how horrible and evil the county planning staff is..you know, the folks you work with...the CPA lawyers were quoting Travis almost word for word! (perhaps auditioning for a spot on Wendy's litigious gravy train)
hissy fit of the day
And where was Michelle Gibbs, the planner who quit in a prissy hissy fit, who couldn't handle the pressure and went crying to the NewsPress with "inside info" which turned out to be some..some.. silly emails...the NewsPRess called her a whistleblower, but I still don't hear anything! Here, Michelle, blow on this!! WEEEEEEEEE....
weird-ass of the day
at least one Miramar neighbor, Jean Harfenist, plans to appeal to the Coastal Commission. Apparently, Jean has an abnormal fear of flooding and water. She even wrote a book " Brief History of the Flood"..
here's an excerpt:
"She and her sister and two brothers live in a perpetually flooded, rundown house in Acorn Lake, Minn. Their mother, a convincingly portrayed manic-depressive, is always up for wild projects, like turning the family's pontoon boat into a giant-size floating wedding cake; once the fun is over, she sinks into bed for days. Their father, an alcoholic, sits in his recliner drinking beer and eating pickles when he isn't tormenting their mother."
Alright..I don't want to hear or see you crazy stupid bitches until I'm sitting down at the Miramar Grill, eating a nice big fat juicy hamburger with sand in my shorts and Georgia on my mind..got it??

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dr Laura explains the Tea Fire to us!!

warning: do not let Dr. Laura anywhere near your children!
Kids and Questions About the Tough Stuff
December 8, 2008 on 12:12 pm In Children, Education, Family, Parenting
I’m a licensed psychotherapist (MFT), (but not licensed to practice anymore in California, are you?) and I’d like to offer the following to help you parents deal with your children when so much that is scary to them is happening locally and internationally. Dr. Laura, you phony piece of shit..tell the kids why you unethically use Dr. in front of your name...the fear you want to pass to them is really stuff you haven't dealt with....
It is impossible for your children to not notice things like fires burning homes down, or hearing about gang violence, murders of children, store robberies and the like... most kids are not aware of all the things you want to trouble them with... and most kids are way far ahead of you in dealing with all issues they can grasp...
It is natural for parents to want to protect their children from ugly realities and have them immersed in their innocence as long as possible; it’s just a bad idea not to answer their questions, even when the subject matter brings a sense of horror to your own heart..."a sense of horror to your own heart".. is that like "dying a thousand deaths"? how can a drama queen like yourself explain anything to anyone??
I’ve gotten a number of emails inquiring about how to answer questions like: "Why would God let all those homes burn down?" As children develop their notions of the Divine from whatever house of worship you attend, they tend, with their yet immature perspectives, to equate God with one of the characters in a Disney feature film with a magic wand, carpet or genii. Dummy..that's what ADULTS DO with religion!! Stop blaming the kids, you ninny! and I would wager that you have received not one email with such a question!
"Honey, God didn’t burn down anybody’s home; God created all the wonderful trees and flowers, and left it up to us to keep them trimmed, make our homes as fire-safe as possible, and not be careless with fire…as were those college students at the Tea Garden in California."
Huh? you are going to tell kids that God is a Santa Claus type figure and then you wonder why they equate him with Disney characters! You just poisoned the well again!
"Mommy, why are those terrorist people blowing other people up all over the world?" "My love, there are people who wish to believe that they and their way of living and believing about God is the only way. When people are unable or unwilling to share the world with others’ beliefs (as long as those beliefs do no harm to others), this is the sort of ugly thing that they do." Like Propostion 8!
"Mom, will they come here to get us too?" "Well, sweetie, it is possible and that is why we have so many police all over the world getting information and doing things to stop them. (like torture) Since 9/11, we’ve been saved by our government staying alert. (our government was asleep on 9/11, but since a conservative was President, we won't discuss that) And God forbid, should something more happen here, we will have the courage to stand against it. (God can forbid terrorists attacks, but not fires?? God makes trees and flowers and leaves it up to us to stop terrorism??) This is lunacy!
I realize I sound like I’m politicizing some of these issues, and I don’t really mean to. I’m simply pointing out how I believe you, as parents, should handle the questions your children ask. Don’t hide from the questions; don’t lie for the sake of a false sense of security.
Laura, you are a chronic liar..of course you mean to politicize all these issues..that's what you do!
Lie like a g-o-d- spelled backwards...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Cheer!

News-Press Holiday Fund..for Animals?

What was the original intent of the NewsPress Holiday Fund? It was a way to raise money for charity..for those less fortunate. This year, the News-Press wants the fund dollars to go to a Wildlife Rescue Program in Santa Ynez...they also included the Alpha Resource Center as a recipient perhaps to legitimize the calls for giving. Now, I got no problem with the Wildlife Rescue Center, but this seems a pretty sneaky way to get money and was no doubt suggested by Wendy McCaw, who likes animals a lot. The NewsPress Christmas Fund is no place to include McCaw's pet projects..a better, more needy recipient could be found..like poor kids! The Animal Rescue Team should seek donations elsewhere....
Laid Off? Don't take it standing up..stage a sit -in!
CHICAGO (Dec. 8) - Representatives of the company whose laid-off employees are staging a sit-in at the shuttered factory where they worked will meet Monday with union and bank officials, a congressman said.
Some 200 workers who abruptly lost their jobs last week have said they won't leave the Republic Windows and Doors plant until they get assurances they will receive their severance and vacation pay. Their demonstration has drawn support from President-elect Barack Obama and others. Speaking of Chicago..big publisher goes bankrupt!
Complete details from NBC Los Angeles: http://click1.nbclocal.com/icfdxcbc_dhhhyjwgy.html
Santa Claus Lane Tradition...
Annual Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run on Sunday was packed with bikes and folks and toys....
and a cool Indian!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Does Santa Barbara have a Jewish problem?

Sunday Hymns 'n Hers...

hmmm..geewillikers..I hope I don't offend anyone..but I've noticed subtle changes to the Santa Barbara landscape... the NewsPRess has tried to warn us with full page ads but it may be too late..look up into the Montecito Hills..above Ortega Ridge..what do you see? HUGE MANSIONS..big enough to house thousands of illegal aliens! Go for a nice beach drive.. can't see the sea because it is occulted by MANSIONS with drawn blinds!! Then drive down the street in SB..what do you see? LAND ROVERS and Mercedes Benz..shiny silver and gold...who needs all this bling? Only two groups that I know of: rappers and Jews...oh yeah, Christians like money,too, only they spend it all in Orange County..then there's Dr. Laura...a fake Jew or latecomer to the party after she used up all her sins in her former religion.. now it's a Brand New Day Baby!
Then I start thinking about my own religion..maybe I could become a Jew..Dylan's a Jew and I love him..and Woody Allen's a comedy genius..maybe there's good Jews and bad Jews? ...some of us are Catholic but who the hell cares..this is all about the Jew thugs buying up our town....all the good Catholics like Mother Teresa and St. Francis of Assisi are dead and gone replaced by neo-Christians like that lardass from the Saddleback Church..I thought religion was about tolerance and love.. but no, it is not..it's about crowd control..
People do tend to cling to religion when thinking becomes too much of a task...just sit there and let a pastor or rabbi tell you what to think..or cite God a lot like Sarah Palin did... with all these religious fanatics crawling out of the woodwork, even Buddha is suspect now..now don't get me wrong, I've used prayer when I thought I needed it and there is a greater power as any fool can see when he/she is out in nature, but please don't go all precious on me just because you happen to believe in something someone else does not..like the "Christians" crying about an athiest who wants to display a rebuttal to the Nativity scene in Washington State...freedom of speech can't be controlled by religious zealots, who for some reason have become very defensive and insecure about their beliefs..what are you worried about, don't you know God loves you??

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Word Games...

Insult your readers, offend your friends and co-workers....use oxymorons and stereotypes in your daily communications...be like high level government officials!

1) Asians have high IQs. They are smarter than most in Math and Science. These people are more likely to succeed in school. (Positive stereotype)
2) Christians are homophobic. They are blinded by God and will recruit you if you go near them. (Negative stereotype)
3) African Americans can dance. (Positive stereotype)
4) Caucasians can't dance. (Negative stereotype)
5) French are romantic. (Positive stereotype)
6) Irish are alcoholics. (Negative stereotype)
7) Italians are good lovers. (Positive stereotype)
8) Germans are Nazis or fascists. (Negative stereotype)
9) Middle Easterners hate Americans. (Negative stereotype)
10) Russians are violent. (Negative stereotype)
11) Gay men are feminine while lesbian women are masculine.
12) Asians know martial arts.
13) African Americans play basketball.
14) Women are neat and like to clean.
15) Men take charge in a relationship.
16) Asian men have smallest penis size while African American men have the biggest penis size.
17) Immigrants have poor English. Mexicans are lazy...
18) Indians work at a deli. Indians are mascots
19) Caucasian women do not have big boobs naturally like African American females.
20) Jewish people are cheap.

fair&balanced civil war holy war diet ice cream unbiased opinion intense apathy living dead idiot savant double solitaire long-sleeved T-shirt taped live butthead clearly misunderstood guest host old news greedy Jews union thugs smart journalists NewsPress ethics smart bloggers dumbbloggers ignorant black folk enlightened white folk
you see, one must have a mission in order to be a good Christian.....

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Christmas time again in Santa Barbara....

that is the most annoying song I've ever heard!!

I cannot conceive of ever having to hire a person or professional firm to manage a crisis for me or try to save my image..these two things are totally my responsibility..If I do something stupid, I own up to it... if I'm troubled, I'll see a therapist or a hooker..the buck stops here. It's Christmas time and I don't give tangible gifts, I give advice, the green gift..you can throw it away and not fill up a landfill! So here's my advice to Wendy: become a hooker!
That said, your image and reputation could only improve and you wouldn't have to pay exorbitant prices to greedy Jews like lawdog Cappelo and PR dude Sitrick...they'd pay you and still be your clients!
Michael S. Sitrick is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sitrick And Company. A nationally recognized expert in the strategic use of communications, Mr. Sitrick has been the subject of numerous articles and profiles focusing on the results he has achieved for clients. Los Angeles Magazine wrote: "Sitrick is a pure product of the 24-hour news cycle, of a culture dominated and defined by newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, the Internet, of the never-ending noise streaming into our lives. Beyond his aggressiveness, beyond his toughness, what distinguishes Sitrick is his ability to play the media to his clients’ advantage." The Los Angeles Times called him, "The Wizard of Spin." Forbes called him "The Flack For When You're Under Attack." CFO Magazine wrote, "Where do companies turn when you-know-what hits the fan? Say for example, when FBI agents invade your offices or an out-of-state bank refuses to renew your credit line that is keeping the company and the economy afloat? Two companies with these actual problems had one answer: Michael Sitrick..."
Mike, as you can see, has done a fantastic job portraying Wendy as the innocent victim of soycumstances thru all her business dealings...and still, after all this time, has no one told her to meet directly with the media she so fears?
No one..except me..advice, real good, for free

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Indian Givers....

Loggins and Casino....

Wow..I thought last year's Unity Shoppe Telethon was a mess with Nipper on TV pretending he gave a crap about poor people. This year's thon, Dec 13, is sponsored by the Indian Mafia..AKA, the Chumash Casino! Let me see if I can get this straight: poor people go up to the casino, spend all their money on Chumash slot machines, the Indians get rich, then sponsor the telethon, which uses clueless celebrities to raise money for poor people... I thought the Unity Shoppe couldn't sink much lower than last year when they allowed the NewsPress to sponsor the telethon..but I was wrong...
I believe charity is a good thing, however, if you accept handouts from crooks like the NP and Chumash, that makes you a criminal-by-association. Now, we all know that poverty in Santa Barbara is a crime, but what would you rather be, a blue collar or white collar criminal?..I'd rather be blue!
The folks at the Unity Shoppe are to be commended for making the telethon viewers feel guilty enough to cough up a few bucks, but was that the original intent? I don't know what Kenny Loggins was thinking, or what chords he used on "Fever Dream", but he needs to connect with the common person again..step up and deny certain sponsors that don't play by the rules..show some backbone, dude..and reclaim the Unity Shoppe's fall from grace....
Speaking of falls from Grace.... the local blogs are reporting the NewsPress is melting down and re-organizing..again...and true to form, Wendy and Nipper seem to enjoy firing employees around Christmas time...this time around 20 folks were dumped along with the freebie Indie wannabee Goleta Valley Voice...the great Ampersand publishing empire is crumbling before our very eyes...Mrs. McCaw must be losing money hand over fist...pretty soon she won't be able to give the News-Press away.. If she continues to act before she thinks, she will be hanging out at the Unity Shoppe looking for a used sweater!

remember: charity..begins at home!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue..

sugar is sweet, and so are you!

Mayor Blum..you do a real good job chairing the City Council meetings!
Helene Schneider..you got nice big full red lips!
Wendy McCaw..you keep wild animals from death's door
Travis Armstrong..you're the smartest Indian I ever saw!!

Girls..you got nice hands..you know?
Friends of the Island Fox..they are soo nice saving the little itty bitty fox over on the Channel Islands..they even put little radio collars on them so the foxes could listen to KTYD!
Tourists... I love yas! when I'm walking down State St. I hear more tongues than a cow convention...thanks for the Spanish, German, Yiddish, Japanese and French lessons...
Homeless..thanks for keeping it real...your mere presence upsets some uppity rich but nice people..keep up good work!
Local building contractors.. during and after the Tea Fire, they advertised immediately in local papers expressing concern and sympathy..what a bunch of nice fellows!
Soldiers..thanks for keeping America nice 'n safe from foreign threats, real and imagined!
Gang members...for showing Santa Bruta the real meaning of family...East Side Crazies are my homies!
Dr. Laura..she's a very nice lady.. through her shows on YouTube and the radio, she guides folks on moral and ethical issues with the skill of a real doctor!

have a nice day....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dumb Ass Country....

my interview with Trace Adkins

Me: Hi Trace..you are one mothafuckin' stupid hick hillbilly, now, aintcha?
Trace: Ahhh! Vomit!!
Me: I see that "An American Carol" bombed big time at the box office..you and Bill O'Reilly were in that film...how did you like it?
Trace: Ahhh! Boogers!
Me: You've criticized people like the Dixie Chicks and Neil Young for mixing politics with their music...you've suggested they should just shut up and sing...you got a problem with free speech?

Trace: Ahhh! vomit all over and boogers!
Me: I've listened to a few of your songs and you can't sing worth a damn and the songs are stupid..you are a real embarrassment to American Country music..how do you explain your success?
Trace: Ahh..I vomit!!
Me: What do you think of Sarah Palin?
Trace: finger kickin' good!
Me: how about Obama?
Trace:he ain't my president..no how..vomit!!!
Me:Something smells really bad in here. How often do you change your underwear?
Trace: Ahhh..vomit on gay people!
Me: you look kinda gay to me..you and Toby Keith, who I've heard highlights his hair...ever had a Brokeback Mountain moment, you two?
Trace: Ahh..I dunno..boogers! Fags!!
Me: When a president fucks up the country, don't you think it is your duty to speak up about it like the Dixie Chicks did, you right wing jackass..it seems they got more balls than you! Are you afraid to lose sponsors or fans?
Trace: I want my Daddy O'Reilly!! Vomit..AHHHH!
Me: forgot your daddy..just have a drink..you like the booze, don't you Trace? Trace? Trace? Trace?
thanks Trace...do you mind if I call you shitferbrains?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Golden Showers...

Philanthopissonyouall..of the Year

hi folks..Wendy Pee McCaw here..I took Mick up on his offer to write a editroial and here it is: I graduated from Standford (LSD) University and I'm reel smart..I married a geek with a ton of money, we saved a whale and then I divorced him and got a..guess what..TON OF MONEY..see the stats of my foudashun...see, I give lots of my ex-husband's money away to greenie groups because that's what he wanted as part of the divorce..the rest of the cash is mine to do with as I pleese...I bought a newspaper, a house, a big-ass boat called the Calix that has a little boat and a helicopter on it, I bought a boat for my galpal Dr. Laura, another house, a Bentley car for me and my boyfrend, a coupla donkeys and lawyers, a coupla judges, Santa Barbara..and there's one thing I learnt in life..everything is for sale!! Yippee!

Wendy Pee. McCaw Foundation
Financesfor tax year ending 12/31/2002
Total Assets
Grants Awarded
Top Grants Made
Funding To Activist Groups
Total Donated
Time Frame
Earth Island Institute
1999 – 2000
Defenders of Wildlife
2002 – 2002
Friends of the Earth
2000 – 2000
Ocean Conservancy
1998 – 1999
Natural Resources Defense Council
2002 – 2002
Global Green USA
2001 – 2001

....don't take any wooden nickles!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Natural Man...

buy for me the rain....

the stories about Black Friday never cease to amaze me...a crowd of people BUSTED down door at WalMart and trampled an employee to death! So if Wal Mart wants to build in your neighborhood, you need to protest...wear chains and style you hair into a Mohawk and go to City Hall and just say "NO!".....I went up to Ojai for Thanksgiving and had a lovely time...Ojai is the last place where you can see California as it was before subdivisions..the Lake is a powerspot..and now I got a new hobby..driving back on Highway 150 on a cold dark night with the windows down...you hear the coyotes yapping up there...it's cold, lonely, wild and glorious! I need to keep the California University biologists away from this area before they fuck it up by killing everything non native..so DESTROY THIS POST after reading..please...
I get a lot of catalogs in the mail but this one takes the cake...JL Powell..they must think I got a rich girlfriend.. hey..Reese Witherspoon lives in Ojai..maybe I could hook up with her..anyway, at JL Powell, you can buy a cashmere mock sweater for $898!..or howz about a cotton trapper vest for $595!..or my favorite..a Coyote Throw for $5998 made from the fur of north American coyotes..I'm gettin' my rifle and goin' back up to Ojai and doing a little trappin' and huntin'..look for a new product line in the future....

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I got a BS in BS from Channel Islands University!

Captive-Breeding Programs Speed Swift Recovery of Island Foxes

the Nature Con and Parks Service are putting out Island Fox propaganda with the help of Parks hand-maidens like Chuck Graham who has a story in Noozhawk...they stopped printing my letters for some reason..NO ONE prints my letter anymore except me!

Now, do you really think killing 5000 pigs and "removing" a few golden eagles had anything to do with the "recovery"..of course not! First of all, they didn't recover..they were not endangered to begin with.. the population fluctuated for a number of reasons, distemper being one...the biologists panicked, created a problem, got money to kill animals, and now everything is hunky-dory! "You have to show success," Parks superintendent Galipeau said recently, "so people can see and believe the endangered species programs are working." You have to show success! he says..even if the restoration was orchestrated and the public manipulated... you fooled 'em, Russ! what a crock!
Animal Cruelty has been a felony in California since 1988 and carries a maximum jail term of three years ... and exterminating animals for being labeled non-native is animal cruelty, pure and simple.. I am pro-hunting but most hunters will tell you this is mindless slaughter...how long before these inane policies spread to the mainland..US Fish and Wildlife people come knocking on your door wanting to confiscate your dog or cat for being "non-native"!
Bionativism rears its ugly head again as the "science of malice and intolerance"...Parks Biologists continue their cowardly actions... this is not hunting or culling, this is extermination..there's big difference! Did you ever see the ads on TV..drug companies have flooded the market with drugs that are supposed to treat everything from ADD to ED (both made-up disorders!)..but the drugs have side effects that CAN KILL YOU! It is absurd what they try to sell and what they expect the public to swallow....these are the tactics used by biologists on the Channel Islands..the side effects of restoration are much worse than the supposed disease or cure...biologists create an ecological "problem" or disease and then offer a cure..if the public buys into it, you got a job for life..killing things that create "problems!! It is an absolutely foolish way to approach or control nature...the consequences are everywhere..poison, removing "non-native" plants that stabilize soils..it is a mindset that needs to change, or the taxpayers will be throwing money into an abyss forever.
The restorations must be accompanied by an independent media...people need to see the poisoning, killing and destruction that goes on and the consequences to the environment....
Species wiped out by "biologists" so far on the Channel Islands:
pig eradication to benefit island fox ...(or native species)
turkey eradication to benefit island fox...
sheep eradication to benefit island fox...
fennel eradication to benefit island fox...
golden eagle eradication/removal to benefit island fox..
rat eradication to benefit island fox..
raccoons killed
deer to be killed for being "invasive"
olive trees gone because they are non -native
and the latest proposal..kill all cats on San Nicolas island..a year long killing spree
The bottom line is this is hype..pure and simple...the fox would have been fine with the pigs and golden eagles. This was island species cleansing...and a shameful chapter in the Parks Service and Nature Conservancy legacy..