Thursday, October 31, 2013

Season of the Witch

two rabbits running in the ditch

well it 's nice to see on the pages of the Independent the SEIU duke it out with city council candidate Lesley Wiscomb, a rightwinger and from the looks of her face, a boozer!!

Witch Wisbomb!

time to cut through some of the rightwing bullshit!

Lesley is quoted as saying the unions are responsible for the economic downturn in 2008...she's a former Wall Street bond trader so she should know better!

the whole idea that there's some kind of conflict of interest when city employees give money to a campaign is absolutely silly..there is no conflict of interest...if I work for the city and have union representation, the union can give my money to the pro-labor candidate...when cmployees pool their money, the sum gets bigger..this is one way to fight someone like the Bircher anti-union Koch Bros or Wendy who got her money via divorce or some other wealthy dude giving $10000 to a rightwing candidate...

now who supports ol' Lesley...there's ol' Mike Self, Dale Francisco.... uh oh, if she wins there's 4 years of bitching about bulb-outs!! she wants donations on her website but doesn't say anything about unions! why doesn't she say she will reject your donation if you are a union member??? or a city worker?? because she's a sleaze, that's why!!!! a scab!! a wort!!

can you then argue that Lesley might have a conflict of interest if something comes up before the council for a vote, just because someone supported her campaign ?? Mike Self for example comes up before the city council and Lesley hears her bitch about a bulb-out in her neighbor.hood...Mike Self supported Lesley's campaign..should Lesley recuse herself from the proceedings?? of course not

and you can't discriminate against a city employee for giving money to a campaign which is what Witch Wisbomb is advocating!

follow the money???
then Wisbomb says even the appearance of a conflict of interest is a it isn't! who the fuck cares if people are crying about appearances if there's no actual conflict..??? this is not leadership, it's pandering to the anti-union crowd... the Birchers, the teabaggers

it's just downright silly....200 union members give $100 each to a campaign..nothing wrong with that....wealthy individual gives same amout to his candidate..nothing wrong with that...

it gets sorted out in the does not buy elections and you can still vote your free will!! so...VOTE PRO-LABOR!!!

now, during contract negotiations, the council members don't negotiate....the city HR personnel and the workers/union negotiate..if the contract is approved/ratified then the council votes yes or no...Wiscomb thinks a council member can't vote yes or no because of support during the campaign from city workers??

baloney...councils vote no all the time and the contract goes back to the negotiating table and gets hammered out...

it's not as complicated or nefarious as the rightwingers like Lesley Wisbomb make it out to be...

if she wants to make it illegal for a city worker to give money to a campaign, I for one would like to see her try...

until then, don't vote for someone who doesn't understand how the process works..she's pandering to contributers to diss the city workers.....

you got to pick up every stitch.....

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

piece of my heart

now baby, take a take another little piece of my heart..

I was listening to KIST 1340 radio and they had a I called in and won a ticket to see Janis Joplin at the Earl Warren Showgrounds..I was about 16 and this was the late 1960s...I had to ask my father if I could go and he'd ask me if I was gonna smoke pot and he'd squint at me and shake his head then finally approve..haha..February 3, 1968 Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, CA Big Brother and The Holding Company, Electric Flag, Sweetwater.....and Janis was great! a front row seat looking up I saw multi-colored lights shining through her huge hair as she belted out songs, almost swallowing the was Heaven!

Earl Warren Showgrounds
 my parents were conservative but not crazy and I'm not sure how they felt about Earl Warren because we never talked politics..but I loved politics..and music..when I picked up my guitar and cut back on my schooling, my father was not amused..we had a contentious relationship most of the two goats butting heads

pretty soon I just went to Earl Warren with my friends fuck the parents...they always went to Vegas anyway...

I liked smoking cigarettes there in the Earl Warren auditorium..I felt like a man, a free man, or teen anyway...watching all those bands...Alice Cooper put on a good weird show..he'd walk around the little stage like a zombie...I saw Jefferson Airplane and the lovely Grace Slick...the Doors..the Grass Roots! in the 1970s I traveled the USA with the Grass Roots manager on the O'Jays tour... I'll tell ya about that some time but needless to say, those days were a blast!! I got tripped up plenty of times, but always landed on my feet, like a cat!

but when I heard the John Birchers fingered President Eisenhower and his Chief Justice Earl Warren as Commies, I was wanting to know a kid I'd say the Pledge of Allegiance with my classmates and drink a glass of milk to a picture of Ike drinking milk...can't get any more American than that...and Earl Warren, all I really knew is they named a cool playground in Santa Barbara after him and I got to spend time there as a teenager..Ike was a great president and Ike and Earl were ok in my book...

Over the next few years Warren made it clear he supported the civil rights campaign and voted for the banning segregation in America's schools. He now became a target of right-wing groups and Robert Welch, the leader of the John Birch Society, described Warren as being a member of a Communist conspiracy. Other white supremacists such as George Wallace and James Eastland joined in these attacks. At one rally in Los Angeles there were calls for Warren to be lynched!! the Birchers were and are lunatics

Earl Warren showgrounds is an historic landmark and should never be touched..let the flower shows, the Fiesta rodeos, and even the dog shows continue ad's California

later I'd learn of the Warren Report..the Warren Commission's report to LBJ on the assassination of JFK and the killing of Oswald...the report concluded that one assassin killed Kennedy and no conspiracy was involved...but of course it's all an open question but there's little doubt the Birchers were involved ...and on that day in Dallas, Kennedy was not a popular guy with conservative they killed him

be that as it may, the lunatic fringe has pretty much been corraled into a Petri dish for observation by real Americans like me....and I will observe them to make sure they don't spread and contaminate the rest of America....the land that I love

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the last thing on my mind

It's a lesson too late for the learnin'
Made of sand, made of sand

just when I think Kathy Ireland is getting normal she goes and pulls a stunt like this...her Christian school Providence Hall invited a black Jesus guy to speak to the students...Dr. Ben Carlson likes free markets and God and
compared gays to people in "NAMBLA" (North American Man/Boy Love Association) and "people who believe in bestiality.

bestiality!! I got humped by a dog when I was a kid..some lady had this little mutt who would jump me and hump me in the kitchen..the adults just laughed but I was traumatized which is why I don't like dogs very much..they are vile perverted little shitbags...why would they hump me when they can lick their own balls?? what a stupid trick!!

and I hear lots of Christian guys talk about NAMBLA and well... they seemed obsessed...I'd keep my kids away from Dr. Ben.....I think he's a quack and most everything these guys say is from the John Birch Society manifesto...

ok so the next thing I see on the front page is more alcohol promotion from the News-Press..this time some local funk zone brewery won some awards Colorado....take a look at these dudes..they don't look right to me....the dreaded "beer eyes"

then the last thing on my mind today is the story what is dressed like monks as a new fashion statement...they have some femme model with an eating disorder, a skinny white guy, showing off a line of clothes that's supposed to connect you with some inner spirituality....the designer is a Jew named Gold who went on a Tibetan spirtual quest and came back with a line of men's clothing! you can get shoes, trousers and jackets but be prepared to pay about $900 for the jackets! Jews! geez...

funk zone brewers: these boys
don't look right!!
remember this: if you move to Texas, the only job you'll land is a rodeo clown..just something to think about


what does cake have to do with Mary Kay Letourneau, family values and the John Birch Society....I'll explore that in part 4 of the Bircher thing

Monday, October 28, 2013

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Sugar Plum Fairy came and hit the streets....

the lovely Anne Sayre
 I bought one Lou Reed album back in the early 1970s...Transformer..I was living in Ventura, singing in bars and I played "Take A Walk On The Wild Side" red neck Ventura bars I played that was fun watching the hard drinking men on barstools stare at me, shake their heads and laugh when I sang that song....and the bar manager, Terry, told me not to sing "colored girls"...but of course I did..he just winced

"Transformer" was a really good album..Satellite was one of my favorites songs....I'd never heard anything like it.....hey babe, take a walk on the wild side

Holly came from Miami, FLA.
Hitch-hiked her way across the USA.
Plucked her eyebrows on the way,
shaved her legs and then he was a she.
She says, Hey babe,
take a walk on the wild side.
She said, Hey honey,
take a walk on the wild side.

Candy came from out on the island.
In the back room she was everybody's darling.
But she never lost her head
Even when she was givin' head.
She says, Hey babe,
take a walk on the wild side.
She said, Hey babe,
take a walk on the wild side.
And the colored girls go
dododo dodo dododo do dodo dodo dododo do dodo dodo dododo do dodo dodo dododo

Little Joe never once gave it away.
Everybody had to pay and pay.
A hustle here and a hustle there,
New York city's the place where,
they said, Hey, babe,
take a walk on the wild side.
They said, Hey Joe,
take a walk on the wild side.

Sugar Plum Fairy came and hit the streets.
Lookin' for soul food and a place to eat.
Went to the Apollo,
should've seen him go go go.
They said, Hey, Sugar,
take a walk on the wild side.
I said, Hey, babe,
take a walk on the wild side.

Jackie is just speedin' away.
Thought she was James Dean for a day.
Then I guess she had to crash,
Valium would've helped that bash.
She said, Hey, babe,
take a walk on the wild side.
I said, Hey, Honey,
take a walk on the wild side.
And the colored girls say
dododo dodo dododo do dodo dodo dododo do dodo dodo dododo do dodo dodo dododo

colored girls...nice touch, Lou!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

rockin' down the highway

Got those highway blues, can't you hear my motor runnin'
Flyin' down the road with my foot on the floor

streets....let's talk about streets....every weekend it seems hordes of bicyclists are clogging up the roads in Carp..esp the back roads where I go to meditate....a nice drive on Highway 192 or 150 always clears the head....but lately the roads have been overtaken by skinny dudes on bicycles, dressed embarrassingly in cutesy garb like Tour de France wannabe participants...all gaudy and yellowy jerseys....

this horde mentality needs to stop...ride your bikes all you want, but stop being so needy and try riding alone or if you really can't be alone for an hour, maybe one or two others...geez

next I see on Saturday Nov 2, two days before the SB election results, a non-profit called SB Open Streets is closing off Cabrillo Blvd so people can play in the street..I visit their website and they want a donation...they want a donation from me so they can play in the streets!

and that's the the typical mentality of a non-profit...give them money so they can do what they like to my world you have to work for your money and then maybe you get to do some of what you like to do, in measured doses..and if you're smart, you can leverage the cash to buy some freedom...everything has a price...everything

Join Us As Our Streets Come Alive!

 Saturday, Nov 2nd, from 10 am - 4 pm, the streets become our longest public park with over 2.5 miles of Cabrillo Blvd and part of the Funk Zone transformed into a celebration of people-power to promote better health, flexibility and FUN! No cars no fumes no traffic, just the open roads filled with walking, biking, skating, moving and doing! Mark your calendars and plan to have a blast!

The SB Open Streets Story
It all started three decade ago in Bogotá, Colombia. The community wanted an escape from the usual congestion and traffic and decided to close miles of roadways each week to cars and open the streets up for biking and other forms of human movement

Bogota, Columbia..the drug capital of the world is the model?? oh well Santa Barbara I guess is the booze capital of the world so it's fitting...


so now I'm supposed to pretend cars don't exist and all the yuppieswuppiemuppies can just dance around life all day without a care in the world?? sorry, but life doesn't work that way...

forcing a shutdown of a main artery in Santa Barbara so people can lolligag in the street all day every day...with a sandy beach just a few yards away??

well it sounds like Commie conspiracy to me!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

memo to Turner

Didn't I see you down in San Antone On a hot and dusty night? We were eating eggs in Sammy's When the black man there drew his knife Aw, you drowned that Jew in Rampton As he washed his sleeveless shirt You know, that Spanish-speaking gentleman The one we all called Kurt..... Come now, gentlemen I know there's some mistake

so I get an email from "Montecito Madness" author Robert Eringer inviting me to his Bo Henry's bar for a Jason Nelson Fundraiser..karaoke night... October 30, Halloween Eve...Jason is a SB city councilman wannabe..don't ask don't tell, but I think he's gay

don't ask, don't tell, Jason!

Eringer says he'd like to meet me and "tour me around his many artifacts" at Bo Henry's

hmmm...wasn't this dude a spy once...worked for Prince Albert of Monaco...I wonder if he ever fucked Grace Kelly then I'll go to his bar to see if I can get laid for once..and wasn't he a columnist for the News-Press?? geez and now a bar owner?? how much lower can you go R?? what next, a wine tasting room?? and how do I know you're not a Bircher?? and I think Grace Kelly was murdered by the Illuminati...amazing Grace

well, first of all.... I charge 100 bucks per public appearance so there's that....and really what I want to know is the genesis of the harassment lawsuit against that pony-tailed Indian dude, Chief Running Bull from Montecito...

second I think Jason Nelson is a twit so why would I go to a bar for his I don't drink alcohol 'cept for a little Merlot at night and never never when I drive unlike Eringer's pals...

so you think about these things before you email me?? or maybe you're trying to lure me into a dark Westside alley the night before Halloween and have one of your Mexican pals knife me in the ribs!!

the only alley I'm interested in entering is Megan Diaz's Alley!! she's a city council candidate you know..why not a karaoke party for her???

but we'll see about Bo Henry's.....the idea I may be assassinated on Halloween Eve is rather intriguing....and just a few days before the clocks get set back

Friday, October 25, 2013

Itchycoo Park

it's all too beautiful!!

part 3...there's more John Birchers in Santa Barbara than cockroaches in Dario Pini's housing projects!

oh my God!! I just received my book, "Wrapped in the Flag" by Claire Conner and I'm reading the preface and it's blowing my mind man..blowing my mind...I've long suspected the Koch Brothers of being rabid Teabaggers and it turns out they are John Birchers, too! their daddy Fred Koch was one of the John Birch Society founders and Charles and David Koch inherited daddy's fortunes..

Claire recounts her childhood summers spent in Gloucester, Mass filled with anti-commies and cocktail parties..and she said her parents used to dine at the Gloucester House!!!

I spent my childhood in Gloucester under the loving and watchful eye of two aunts may God rest their souls, but my experience was completely Birchers but plenty of chowder, Good Harbor beach, the best beach in the world!! and clam shacks, lobster dinners and music filled the was wonderful!! but not for Claire, as you'll see when you read her book....

so the Kochs are trying to bust unions and mess with public workers who didn't inherit their daddies fortune!! teachers firefighters street sweepers....workers!! all commies in the eyes of the John Birchers

Alaskan Thunderfuck

now when  News-Press dufus Lanny Ebenstein was running his pot house in Eureka, he was tokin' on some Alaskan Thunderfuck (the same stuff Sarah Palin smokes!) and Lanny came up with the bright idea to put a bunch of initiatives on the 2012 ballot that removed rights of public workers....all his initiatives it was a bluff but Lanny did say during the process he wanted to get the Koch Bros involved....Scott Walker the Gov of Wisconsin got the Kochs involved..all these John Birchers working feverishly with daddy's money for to fuck with the public worker....

you see now?? while Scott Walker was busy stealing from teachers and nurses, he was promoting his buddies to high paying gov't jobs and his governorship is plagued by mismanagement! Wisconsin ranks 49th in job creation under Walker!!

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Scandal

Scott Walker's pals

One of the first changes Walker made after taking office was replacing the Wisconsin Department of Commerce with the privatized Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation in 2011 Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation , which lost rack of over $12 million in economic development loans in 2012. It is worth noting that Walker pledged to create 250,000 jobs during the campaign, but by 2012 Wisconsin ranked 42nd in the nation in terms of jobs creation. (FN) This privatization was criticized from the very beginning citing concerns over public accountability, open government, and lack of public input about how the money will be used. There were also concerns because a similar plan was implemented in Indiana which was experiencing numerous problems.

well that's just the tip of the iceberg....

so all these Birchers have spoken at Wendy's Roundtable Luncheons at her Reagan Ranch Center..Scott Walker, Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin, Phyllis Schlafly...all corrupting the minds of the the Young Miss America Foundation....

I've seen those YMAF folks and the kids look like little zombies from a cult....they are being indoctrinated into the new John Birch Society aided and abetted by Wendy McCaw and her divorce money!

these are the facts and they are undeniable

Thursday, October 24, 2013

yours is no disgrace

Yesterday a morning came, a smile upon your face. / Caesar's palace, morning glory, silly human race....

ok so I've talked about Women of Grace before..the religious show with Johnetta who I got the hots for...

Wendy? or Michael??
well what about Women of Disgrace? Disgraceful women? what about them? let's talk about them

so there's Wendy..a woman of disgrace..a disgraceful woman for so many reasons I can't list them all here.. I met Wendy once and she was a stuck up little piece of shit...disgraceful!!

Michael Douglas...Mike is having all sorts of trouble lately steming from his desire to be Wendy can't tell me the two don't look alike's a sad disgrace!!!

Dr Laura..I haven't seen or heard from Dr. Laura in a long time so I assume she's dead...poor gal...RIP but you were a little disgrace now weren't you??

Andy struggles with a sex question!
Andy Caldwell..the lisps, the femme gestures obviously Andy is struggling with his sexual identity...a disgraceful display!!

I was having sex with a chick once and she started crying..usually they laugh but this gal started crying! CRYING!! ..disgraceful!!

Ty Warner..plays with dolls and cheats on his taxes!! a disgraceful lady!!

Cheri and Sharon over at SB View..these two are a disgrace to women everywhere! talk about a couple of Mother Hens!! geez they are talking themselves into a tizzy over the elections

Mr.Wimpy, Mr. Shrimpy and Peter Lance..these dandys are a disgrace to women AND transgender men everywhere

all you other girls are ok so keep on keepin' on!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Insect Woman

part two...I've said it before and I'll say it again..Wendy is a Bircher!!!

now I didn't know that Lanny Ebenstein would write a News-Press editorial that would fit nicely into my John Birch theme, but he did and I'm grateful..thanks Lanny! Lanny was discussing district elections and the candidates forum at the Faulkner Gallery on Tuesday evening...Lanny's shady nonprofit, the California Center For Public Policy, is involved somehow....Lanny says all but one candidate said they'd be there...well whoever that candidate is that opted out VOTE FOR HIM/HER because they see what a phony Lanny is...(unless it's Nelson or Scoles)

district elections? why isn't Lanny hosting a debate about pension reform? about collective bargaining?? about evil public workers because he'd get clobbered again, that's why...the reasons why the economy tanked can be traced to the end of the Bush era...ENRON, the taxpayer bailouts of private banks and insurance companies, the private sector thievery and greed caused the stock market to nearly I'm happy to report the S&P 500, the DOW and the NASDAQ are at record highs, American companies are trading at healthy stock's a bull market and real estate prices are up 11% or so...everytime a conservative tells you we're in a recession and businesses are leaving California, make 'em take a lie detector test!! back to the Birchers: now it's all about district elections because today's at-large elections don't serve certain neighborhoods....well that's the claim anyway....but why worry about special interest neighborhoods? voting is not a difficult concept to vote for your favorite candidates who you think will represent the whole of Santa Barbara best....if you are pro-labor, you vote for pro-labor candidates..if you are pro-insect, you vote for pro-insect candidates..easy peasy Japaneasy

I think Lanny Ebenstein is the perfect John Bircher...Lanny's non-profit California Center For Public Policy is full of drunks and druggies and mirrors that of The Council for National Policy

Selected Organization/Media/Project Index
With CNP Members who are involved/connected in some manner.

*A vast number are/have been members of the Republican party or served in the Reagan administration-

Lanny is a follower of the economists Friedrich von Hayek and Milton Friedman and both were involved with the Mont Pelerin Society...a bunch of vons like Nipper!!

The Mont Pelerin Society was founded in 1947 at a meeting in Switzerland, in a chalet on the slopes of Mt. Pelerin. According to various sources, among its founders were some of the oldest and most powerful families in Europe, such as the von Hapsburgs, former rulers of Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Thurn und Taxis family, which ran the intelligence and postal system for that Empire since the Sixteenth Century...those present such as Max von Thurn und Taxis, had supported Hitler during the 1920s and 1930s. The Mont Pelerin Society called for a "conservative revolution" - for the "elimination" of nation states and the return to FEUDALISM a goal which has characterised all the various European fascist movements of the 1920s and 1930s, of which the Nazis were merely the most successful variant

The Mont Pelerin Society is a relic of the fascist movements of Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. The Mont Pelerin Society's own members such as Professor Milton Friedman, have "emphasized" that its policies are those of Adolf Hitler 43 [meaning from Hitler's policies in the 1920's and 1930's]. Soon after it was founded in 1947, the Mont Pelerin Society moved to London... Beginning in the mid-1970s, with lavish corporate financing, the Mont Pelerin Society, spawned a series of "think tanks" 43. Von Hayek, the founder, wrote The Road to Serfdom in London in 1944, while teaching at the British Fabian Society's London School of Economics. (Lanny's old school!)

Feudalism was a European political system in which a lord owned all the land while vassals and serfs farmed it. Feudalism ended in the 1400s...the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century; vassals were protected by lords who they had to serve in war...

network or web or personal loyalties and (sometimes) tenure that defined how the nobility of the High Middle Ages were connected to one another and gave shape to how they ruled over each other and the peasantry

sound familiar...yes it does..Wendy and her sycophant insects think they are the aristocracy who have dominion over the peasantry, ie, you and me..well, Wendy I ain't no peasant and you ain't no Queen...

you are an insect!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

leather and lace

 is love so fragile And the heart so hollow Shatter with words Impossible to follow ......

well one candidate forum I missed was the Mayor's.. but luckily it was replayed on SBTV....Wayne Scoles and Mayor Helene Schneider went at it with about 12 people in the audience...Wayne looked like he was possessed by the devil....all red faced and dressed in black leather and he ranted about those goddam homeless calling them skunks and raccoons!! Wayne said he had top secret access to Intel headquarters and they are working on a cure for the homeless..he brought a bunch of tags and keys and IDs to prove it..another WTF moment for Wayne Scoles!

every time he answered a question he went off on a wild tangent about how he was gonna save the world and those goddam Mexicans living in Santa Barbara better learn how to speak English, too!

the moderator asked Helene and Wayne about transgender bathrooms and the recent bill that allows trans folks to choose which bathroom they want to use...

Helene said she thinks all people need to be treated with respect and supported the bill and Wayne thinks the same but then said, I think I heard it right, he said he likes to watch people go to the bathroom!

I was watching "Freaks" a few nights ago and there was a half- man/half-woman circus performer..Josephine/Joseph was, his name..I think that may be the wave of the future! ah "Freaks" Todd Browning's pre-code masterpiece....the censors couldn't touch it!!

but in the interest of transgender bathroom politics, I will call Helene: #1 and Wayne: #2

then #2 tells us that his ex-wife was a victim of Julio Diaz, the Candyman- Diaz was the doctor who allegedly dealt drugs from his office on Milpas St

Scoles says the DA didn't do anything and the cops didn't do anything..and ...and ..well I guess Wayne blames the cops and DA for his divorce!! he's still pissed at them for making him lose his wife!!

I don't know what happened..was she a druggie?? got meds from Dr. Julio?? Wayne's ex wife a poor little innocent victim?? or willing participant, ie pill popper?

is Wayne on psychotropic drugs??
the affidavit depicts Diaz as a drug-dealing doctor known to some patients as "the candy man ... because they knew he was the man to go to for drugs." Two female patients treated at a local emergency room told hospital staff that they and their friends got drugs from Diaz in exchange for sexual favors. Doctors at a local hospital considered Diaz such a menace that they kept a spreadsheet documenting his patients' emergency room visits.

would legalizing drugs help?? of course not..drugs are for the weak of mind spirit and body

then Wayne says the tourists aren't coming to town because of the homeless guys who are urinating and defecating and jumping into hotel pools! WAYNE, that's not the homeless, that's all the drunk yuppiewuppies after the wine tasting tours!! hahahaaah!

I swear to God if this nutjob gets elected mayor, he's gonna kill someone the first week he's in office..

then Mayor Helene informs that the TOT is way up which is a good indicator that tourists are just fine coming here..and they'll keep coming..and of course she's right

Wayne and his rightwing buddies always exaggerate and hype the crime rates because they've had issues with the cops for DUI or disturbing the peace...and they got arrested...and nobody really cares...look at all the drug arrests from Team Wendy!!

UPDATE: seems Wayne's getting sued by a gal named Amy....
8:15 am 
Amy Benson-Goodell vs Wayne Scoles NO JUDGE ASSIGNED SB14 1) Small Claims Hearing Small Claims-SB

gooble gobble gooble gobble!

Monday, October 21, 2013


they told us they'd work it out....eventually

a look at Wendy McCaw's association with the John Birch Society..part one

The John Birch Society had a huge impact on American politics. They were responsible for the lurch into insanity. The religious right, the Tea Party and the takeover of the Republican Party by extremists can't be understood unless you understand the paranoid xenophobia Birchers injected into America. This book is about a journey through and out of that Bircher netherworld. It's a vital piece of the puzzle to understanding the madness that overcame America and a moving story about one person's journey back to sanity." Frank Schaeffer, author of Crazy For God

I remember when Wendy fired some reporters for "bias"....but today, there exists bias in the News-Press...the stories Wendy uses are from the most right-wing religious nuts in the country!

and her present reporters are the most rightwing biased bombastic bastards and bitches on the planet!!! and the funny thing is, Thomas M Storke who founded the News-Press, tried to expose John Birchers in Santa Barbara along time ago...
Thomas More Storke (November 23, 1876 October 12, 1971) was an American politician, rancher, journalist and publisher.

In 1961, after the John Birch Society attacked the Eisenhower administration and U.S. Chief Justice Earl Warren as being communists, Storke responded with a caustic series of editorials in the News-Press which won him popular acclaim as well as a number of prizes. These included the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism, for Editorial Writing in 1962

now, it's a fact that Wendy uses stories from the CNS whose motto is "The Right News. Right now." and the guy who created it is Brent Bozell III who often appears on Sean Hannity's Show on FOX: L. Brent Bozell, III -CNP 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; Founder and President of the Media Research Center 46, a media watchdog organization, Founder and President Parents Television Council, PTC 47. features the Family Guide to Prime Time Television 48. "which aids parents across the country in making informed viewing decisions for their children." PTC is currently conducting the largest national newspaper ad campaign in history with Honorary Co-Chairman Steve Allen; Founder and President the Conservative Communications Center, and its on-line news division,

Updated: He is the nephew of columnist William F. Buckley and the son of L. Brent Bozell, Jr., who assisted Barry Goldwater with the writing of Conscience of a Conservative, which recommended resistance to the school integration ruling of 1954, repudiation of the doctrine of peaceful coexistence and the aggressive use of tactical nuclear weapons against vulnerable Communist regimes.


but for every Wendy McCuckoo I'm happy to say there's a Claire Conner who shows in her book "Wrapped in the Flag" she can write circles around the potato chip authors like Peter Lance and Bill O'Reilly... I can tell and I haven't even read it..but I just ordered it and I can't wait to read it..the reviews are great, too

basically it's about a little girl who was forced to join her parent's Bircher cult!!

Claire was twelve years old when her parents dove into the world of paranoid politics, a world dominated by the John Birch Society, an anti-Communist, anti-federal government movement. "Taking back the country" was the Birch mantra.

Claire’s parents were the first two Birch members in the entire city of Chicago. Her father, Stillwell J. Conner, became a National Council member and remained in top leadership for thirty-two years. Her mother was a partner in all things Birch.

At first, eager to gain the approval of her mercurial parents, Claire embraced everything they embraced. As she matured, however, she began to disagree. At first, it was just a whisper here and a tiny "no" there, but every little rebellion made her stronger.

The final break from her parents caused tremendous upheaval, leaving a rift that never healed.

"Extremism broke my family," Claire says. "I don’t want it to break my country."

Claire Conner grew up in a family that was very active in the John Birch society. Her family knew Robert Welch a main financial backer of the society who was good friends with Rousas John Rushdooney the father of Christian reconstructionism which wishes to put America under biblical law and under the dominion of Christians like themselves. Her life intersects with the likes of Brent Bozell and Phyllis Schafly who it is revealed in the book had in fact joined the Birch Society before dropping out when she became a national figure as an antifeminist crusader. The Birch society which grew out of the McCarthy witch hunts was active in the fifties and the sixties and accused Kennedy of being a communist and a traitor (sound familiar). Her parents seemed to believe and promulgate every right wing conspiracy there has been including stuff on Jews, communists, the freemasons, the U.N., the New World order and so on. It sounds like a laundry list of villains from the tea party movement. This book gives an insider look at right wing true believers and what it is like to grow up in a family that did their part to make this fringe movement mainstream

Wendy takes a page from the John Birchers of yesterday..the teabaggers of today...

the Birchers wanted to identify an "International Communist Conspiracy"--a highly organized and well-funded superorganism that included labor unions, civil rights organizations, universities, public schools, the news media, and, minimally, two American presidents: Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy....

and it looks like they are still trying to ferret out the commies in gov' Ted Cruz tried to do last year...this is 2013 and they are still afraid of commies..geez

I will vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and Vouchsafing the Violently Vicious and Voracious Violation of Volition...eventually

Sunday, October 20, 2013

rebel yell

in the midnight hour she cried more more more!!!

ok it's my contention that most if not all libertarians are cheap drunks..they live for the buzz and don't want gov't interfering with their buzz rights..well I'm their buzz-kill

now I found the Saturday Page 4 News-Press interesting..two stories stacked on top of each about a conservative radio talk show host (just what we need) Jason Lewis who claims that libertarianism is the conscience of alcoholism id the conscience of conservatism..besides, I've never heard of this Jason Lewis fellow but there he was talking at Wendy's Roundtable event at her Reagan Ranch Center..all in attempts to brainwash highschoolers....and potential Young Miss America Foundation cult members...these are money worshippers....

kids, we need an educated workforce, not a bunch of faggy radio talk show hosts!!! we need workers with passion not a bunch of non-profit profiteers!!

ok a search finds that Jason Lewis is a frequent guest host for Rush and geez

geez again...instead of trying to stamp out ignorance in America, Wendy is encouraging it!! European liberals need to help us out here

beer culture lushes
is there a surcharge for all these booze fests??

then there's the story of the Beer Festival on's bad enough we got the SB View complaining the grocery unions are interfering with chubby Sharon's ability to buy beer at Fresh n Easy, but we got a bunch of slackers attending a beer festival..ANOTHER ONE@#

from noon to four at Elings Park....the place to go for a buzz...noon to four is not a festival. it's a happy hour..but still it creates a drain on the taxpayers...for some reason the city gave away Elings Park to the private non-profit sector boozers, but this beer event will require lots of security..private security and the SB cops, too..the private security guys are specially trained in alcohol events, ie how to deal with the SB cops do every day!!

and the News-Press claims 2000 people showed up for 4 hours to taste beer...hmmmmm

Elings Beer Fest: Please join us Saturday, October 19th, 2013, from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m., when the fields at Elings Park will be transformed into Santa Barbara's oldest beer festival featuring the best microbrews from the central and west coast. For just $50 advance purchase and $60 after October 12, you'll get a glass and an awesome afternoon of beer tasting. We look forward to seeing you there!

let's analyse that statement: the News-Press claims 2000 paid attendees showed up for 4 hours to taste beer...and the News-PRess said the event raised $80000....and the folks paid $50 to $60 to get @ $60 * 2000 people should be about $ where'd the other  40 grand go?? hmmmm, indeed

but don't miss the next 4-hour festival on the heels of the beer festival!!

Elings Park Rebel Yell Rockabilly Festival
Saturday, November 2, 2013
Elings Park Soccer Fields ~ 12PM to 4PM

Elings Park presents the Rebel Yell Rockabilly Festival. Hot Rod car show, Pin-Up girl contest, beer garden, live music, food, kids corral and much more! More information to come. If you have any questions or would like to participate please contact Christina at or call 805-569-5611.

beer garden???

and speaking of libertarian teabaggers, Rand Paul's son was arrested for another alcohol issue... the libertarians really want the taxpayers to spend money babysitting them and their offspring when they become inebriated, which seems to be all the time...

ok so alcohol is everywhere now in Santa Barbara and to a lesser but equally evil extent in Carp...there's a gang task force and a homeless task force, but no alcohol task force..

until now...

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Jingoooooooo/ Lo baa baa / Lo baa baa / Lo baa baa / Lo baa / Lo baa baa / Lo baa baa / Lo baa baa / Lo.

lately I've seen a bunch of bicycle groups riding thru Carp, through the foothills and I wonder to myself, where'd all these foreigners come from?? I like to ride a bike and have been doing it for many years but I would never ride with a group that swarms and gets in the way of vehicle drivers....a solo bike ride is for reflection, exercise and chance to talk to God or his foxy daughter...but all these groups coming through..well I don't like it

now, I  suppose I could place some IEDs on the side of the road and wipe out about 25 cyclists with one pop...but of course that's out of the question...hmmmm

yes out of the I'm sitting in the living room and I hear a bunch of noise outside and see guess what I see....a bunch of bike riders!! followed by some Harleys with Amercan flags waving..and some support vehicles...oh it's a bike ride for wounded vets from the Afghanistan sorry they got wounded but what did they expect? you invade a country and they are gonna fight you...what's the mission in Afghanistan? why are we spending billions in Afghanistan? to get the Taliban? those guys are hiding in Pakistan...

what are American contractors doing in Afghanistan??

In an exclusive interview with The Fiscal Times, John F. Sopko, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, said that the Pentagon, aid agencies and the State Department must quickly evaluate these projects to determine whether the billions being spent in Afghanistan right now will yield the desired results or not. Many projects are simply not sustainable, he said – and continuing to spend on them results not just in a wasted fortune, but very real risks to nearly 90,000 American soldiers who are still there. - See more at:

you can ride bikes through Caprinteria and wave American flags all you want, but the fact is the wars we have gotten ourselves into are nonsensical right-wing idiotic fantasies and a waste of lives and money....

hey why not ride a bike for peace today....or at least against America's foolish jingoism

Friday, October 18, 2013

Gallows Pole

Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while, Think I see my friends coming, Riding a many mile....

so Lanny Ebenstein from the News-Press has some alphas in his family well I'm not surprised...his editorial praised the Alpha Resource Center and of course I join him in his praise, I'm just not surprised, that's all... just goes to show you can't pick your parents!!

Alpha Dogshit
geez, now I see another dude who was arrested for taking part in the cowardly kidnap/murder of Nick Markowitz is being released from prison.. Jesse Rugge was sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON but now he gets to about bad parents!! whoever sired these little druggie/kipnapper/killers should have been snipped years ago..

from the LA TIMES: Gordon said Rugge had several opportunities to help Markowitz escape but did nothing...
"He lured Mr. Markowitz into a sense of security, which he had no right to feel," the judge said. He added that Rugge also should have known when Hoyt showed up with an automatic weapon that Markowitz's life was in danger.

Then, after the killing, Gordon said that Rugge still did nothing, helping his friends to cover up their crimes while authorities were searching for the missing boy. Hikers found Markowitz's body nearly a week later.

the question is will Jesse Rugge walk into the News-Press, head for Scott Steepleton's office, give Scott a blow job, then get Scott to write a nice story about him???

I would say yes, it's possible for that is exactly what happened when the other coward, Graham Pressley was released..I posted it right here in "Young American"

it was pathetic- Scott Steepleton's article was called the Found Boy and gushed about Graham being a wine connoisseur and and having a twinkly gleam in his eye....the silliest piece of hack "journalism" I've ever read

as I said: and all these dudes gotta do is serve their time, take up painting, get into wine and they'll end up on the front page of the News-Press like Graham Pressley, one of the punks involved in the murder of Nicholas Markowitz ...this Pressley knucklehead dug the grave while the other knuckleheads in their little drug gang killed the kid, Nicholas...I guess to settle a drug debt of his brother or something just as stupid...

so this guy Jesse Rugge will be let out of prison and be allowed to run amok again...I have no doubt the first thing he'll do is smoke some weed and look at child porn because he is a little punk!!

it infuriates me that these idiots won't pay the price of their crime and instead are rewarded by the likes of the News-Press..and Rugge did a get a front page story in the News-Press, but not a feature glowing story...yet


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Different Drum

you and I travel to the beat of a different drum... I'm watching all these stories about Malala Yousafzai, the 16 year old Pakistan girl who got shot by some Taliban teabagger punk...and I'm watching her in interviews, often appearing with her father....and I'm amazed at her bravery....she advocates for something we take for granted in the for girls...that's something the Taliban don't like and they shot her for that...some crazy Americans don't want girls to get too uppity either!

that is unfathomable to me so we should drop all the Afghanistan warring and go get the crazy cowardly Taliban who are like rats...hiding in the darkness, like tea-conservatives!!

send the Special Ops in and take care of business in Pakistan..that's a war I'd support..

then I see Pat Morrison on KCET interviewing Linda Ronstadt....I've heard stories that Linda had Parkinson's disease and she couldn't sing or walk..but she's promoting a new book "Simple Dreams" and she was looking pretty good and talked just fine....has tons of energy and took a shot at the anti-immigration teabaggers calling them stupid! haha..of course she's right when she says Americans should be multi-lingual and learn the language of the borders..Spanish and French because it makes you smarter...and many Americans sure could stand to be a little smarter!!

apparently the Parkinson's disease blocks her ability to sing but that's not stopping her from being involved in music...

I first heard her when "Different Drum" was a hit..I love that was written by Mike Nesmith and Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys turned it into a pop gem....and then in the 1970s she was on the radio constantly....and her version of "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" was rockin!!!

for some reason she isn't in the RocknRoll Hall of Fame not that she really cares as she said, but this year she was finally nominated....

she's a music icon and watching the KCET interview was a delight..this lady doesn't take shit from anybody...not even Parkinson

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the man in the moon

Now, Andy did you hear about this one?
Tell me, are you locked in the punch?
Andy are you goofing on Elvis? Hey, baby
Are we losing touch?

if you don't want Santa Barbara to turn into Afghanistan, then vote for Jason Nelson..says the News-Press
oh God I've read some screwy editorials in the News-Press bu the latest endorsement for Jason Nelson was really out there..this is the same paper that endorsed Orly Taitz the Birther Queen..and had child porn on her company computers!! no explanation and Nipper said not a peep about it...
and now they've endorsed Jason Nelson on the editorial page ...and what a puff piece it is..according to the gushing News-Press, Jason is a war hero...Jason is so charismatic...Jason was the mastermind of rebuilding Afghanisatan....and Satan Barbara has similar issues as Afghanisatan!!

ok it's all bullshit and Jason if you listen to him hasn't held a steady job ever, loves non-profits, enlisted in the Army not to fight but to be a "civil affairs" person and get a pension...he's not a "trigger-puller" he admitted on Mr. Wimpy's TV other words the guy is a fake...a poof

and a teabagger:

my judgement: you dudes are FAT!!

the mystery is why the News-Press and police union endorsed him....hmmmm

so on the one hand the endorsement begins by saying that Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful communites in the world, but the voters keep electing the same old people because there's no real choice on the ballot...well how did Santa Barbara get to be so beautiful??

even the SB View sees Santa Barbara as a nice place not at all like Afghanistan...
But wait, there are many things you can do to enhance your life and improve the quality of your daily living. You’ve probably already done one of them. Live in Santa Barbara, truly one of the most beautiful, calming cities in the world. -

Jason and the News-Press see problems in Santa Barbara that aren't really there, but they are gonna solve those problems with fanciful finding out which tribes are causing the problems in Santa Barbara and then going after in Afghanistan!!

it's just silly, Orly Taitz silly, Wendy McCuckoo silly....the billionaires want a puppy who will do whatever they say, and they found a slurper in Nelson...

but congratulations Jason, a News-Press leash awaits you.....

Monday, October 14, 2013

good-bye Columbus

we're taking the world by surprise

everything you were taught as a kid needs to be re-evaluated when you get old enough to think for yourself..of course some of you will never be able to think for yourselves that's why there's Republicans!

now my sense of history is what I lived through and can provide testimony first hand...I've seen it so I know it

in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue with a crew..his ships were the Pinta the Nina and the Santa Maria....Santa Maria is what I'll focus on today..for today's holiday...

when Columbus arrived in America...uh...I don't know what he saw because I wasn't there..I can only piece together a scenerio based on available evidence...

now I've long suspected that prostitutes walk the floors of the Chumash casino in Santa Maria..tooting their tits so to I've got nothing against prostitutes so long as they are clean and pretty..the ugly ones've reached rock bottom when you have to pay an ugly woman for sex!!

but anyway, one of the stories about Columbus and his crew is that they made it with some Indians in America, got syphilis, and spread it thoughout Europe...Not a single report of pre-Columbian syphilis in Europe....

today the Chumash are still in the vice business..gambling, illicit sex and God knows what else happens up in the Valley of COLAB under the guise of virtue....

so I guess the Columbus Day holiday is a way to be thankful you don't have a STD from an Indian girl???

I don't know, native women are kinda pretty and who could blame Columbus for being tempted? not me!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day Tripper

Sunday driver yeah....

ok so when I need to find out what streets to avoid because of drunk drivers, I turn to the arrest record-the public arrest records- which list people busted for any number of crimes...of course, it's none of my business how much booze you drink.... can drink like there's no tomorrow..but when you drink and drive, then it becomes my business....big time..and we're all innocent until someone proves us sin

before nativists got involved..AWESOME!!!

 ok so lately the arrest records only give the addresses of the folks busted, instead of the names due to privacy's very embarrassing to get arrested for DUI and have your name blasted all over Kingdom Come...

so since they only give the address, I have to do a little research to try and find the culprit, the arrestee's name...

ok so the first address is 4188 Foothill Rd, Carpinteria, CA 93013..I seek and find it called the Oak Crest Ranch or Lodge and someone there was busted for disorderly's for sale for 8 million bucks...bidders step up!!! oh, it's the place that says Heartstone Ranch  and had a bunch of teabagger political signs out front like Ron Paul for President and Orly Taitz for whatever...and they rent the main house out for it's not a real ranch just a wannabe ranch

why do these native trees
get their own water supply??

then I see 1300 Cravens Lane again...this Ellinwood dude is ALWAYS in trouble this time for vandalism...the guy who owns the property is related to this other guy and is on the Carp ABR...everytime his kid gets arrested the taxpayers gotta pay up!! WTF is wrong with these people???

after nativists got involved...a mess!!

ok then, the next address is 3180 Foothill I do a search and whoa nelly I get a database for a bunch of non-profits in Carpinteria...geez there's ton of them!! I'll look into them later...

but the one that struck me was the one at 3180 Foothill Road..someone at this address was busted for DUI in Ventura...then I see it's a non-profit called California Lifesaving Association and also the Roberts' Ranch.. and the contact person listed is a Matt Roberts...hmmmmm..the name rings a it the same Matt Roberts who heads the Parks Dept in Carp and sits on the Water Board?

well I know that Oral Roberts' son Richard was busted for DUI in remember Ol' Oral don't you....dude cracked me up!!!!

but I'm not certain it was Matt Roberts who was busted so I'll be watching this closely..maybe it was a ranch hand??

I've had issues with Matt's destruction of the Carp Bluff's in the name of nativism...Matt and his cronies planted a bunch of native plants on the bluffs and supplied them with their own irrigation system!! in a drought no less...and they cut down some beautiful salt cedar trees for no reason other than they were labeled non-native..that really pissed me off!!!

here's some before and after pictures of how the bluffs used to look ..then the nativists got, most of the plants are dead...Matt also likes to use poison to kill Bermuda grass in the city...

so it looks like he owns a ranch at 3180 Foothill Road, but why is it a non-profit too??? or it was in 2008...

Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public

well I got some more investigating to do to see who was DUI and who wasn't....and I'll find out...

Saturday, October 12, 2013

shopping for dresses

So I'm shopping for dresses with no one to wear them
One in each color and one in each style
Maybe some day I'll find me a lady to wear them
And my shopping will be done for a while

I'll admit it..women can be scary..if there's one thing that can send me into a tailspin, or make me run and hide or make me cry like a pathetic little clown, it's a woman...

of course over the years I've learned to cope with them, esp the ones who don't do what I want them to, and instead of getting all worked up, I sublimate...turn the bad impulses into something acceptable, like gardening or biking for dresses

but anyway I was reading the News-Press and it seems COLAB preacher Andy Caldwell had an issue with working women...Andy thinks women would be happier at home raising families instead of out working for a living.. Andy worries there won't be enough white people to sustain our civilization if women aren't having babies...and staying at home to raise those a good little Christian...

well fuck, that's just not reality....Wendy wasn't a stay at home mom and her children are some donkeys..and although Wendy was married and could've started a family, she chose to abort a family and sued her husband for a huge divorce settlement..sure beats working for a living!!

Andy says the radical feminists planted all these notions in the minds of young women...radical feminists like the Girl Scouts and Girls, Inc!!

geez what a clown...and at the end of the editorial, Andy wonders "who will apprize these young ladies that the career path is not all its cracked up to be", that motherhood and marriage is a better choice!!

apprize Andy?? apprize?? you mean apprise you big dummy...

well that sums it up, an evangelical idiot who can't spell or write coherently trying to control the lives of women because he feels threatened by their independence..or even their ability to spell better than he does!!

Ange, take a walk down State Street if you dare, you'll see women..but they are not women who want kids or marriage..these women are different..these are dog-centric women..women who, instead of shopping for dresses, shop for leashes...when you go out for dinner and the women at the table can't finish their meal, what do they ask for?? doggie bags!!

these are women whose lives revolve around their time to waste raising children, but plenty of time to walk the can blame Gloria Steinem, but I blame Wendy McCuckoo