Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cathy's Clown

here he comes, that's Cathy's clown

Dear Scott

as requested, here's a copy of some of the emails I been emailing out Cathy

Dear Poder,

hey guys that Scott is a funny looking dude ain't he...he looks like that big fat Boy Scout child molester Al Stein!  see ya at the protest! Cath

Dear Marty

wut up bitch! Wendy's got her panties all twisted up around Nipper's head!! LOL Cathy

Dear Fidel

I'm so happy I can visit you commies and smoke cigars without fear of being labeled a and Ted Cruz will be down soon! Revolucion amigo!!in solidarity Cathy

Dear Dale,

I sit next to you on the City Council..would you please stop farting every five you get off on that dude?? Cathy M

Dear Don,

why'd the illegal cross the border?? to get to the other side!! HAAhahahah! love, Cathy

Friday, January 30, 2015

Wake Up Little Susie

wake up..

••when I was a kid, I went to camp in Wisconsin..and some nights we'd have Skits..we'd do little productions for fun and we came up with the idea to do a skit with Wake Up Little Susie by the Everly Bros playing in the background... on a record player...

so we kids did our thing... at the end of the five minute play, a girl would be sitting in a chair and the guys would sneak up and pour a bucket of water on her wake her up!! WAKE UP L'il Susie!!! hahaha .

•• a few kids at camp that year had the measles, ••
so they had to stay in their bunk houses..I think I had the measles once and the red dots on my skin, the ice cream, the TV monster movies made it a fun thing..I mean, the measles aren't painful or anything..
so I'm watching the news, KEYT and the media all over the place... and anchors look all panicked while reporting a case of the measles..they get some county doc on set to reassure them..the doctor is some blonde chick name Charity or something....if I was sick, she could lay her hands on and cure me!

•• but this over-reaction to the measels is just silly...what is wrong with these people??
is it the red splotches? are they afraid their neighbors will make fun of their children and

embarass the adults?? is it a social thing? how can their perfect kids have red blotches and dots on their faces??  might it clash with their opalescent glimmering white teeth??

so if your kids get the measles, let them get the measles...don't stigmatize them..••• take care of them and maybe go out and buy them some ice cream!

geez, it's a rite of passage for a kid


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fishes and Scorpions

in the shadow of starshine, everyone's going blind....

so what, now I gotta clear my footprints, delete my browsing history?? even my fave porn sites?? that's alot to axe

so the News-Press should pay me for all the free publicity I give them! I want 10% of the profits or 20% of the losses whichever way you run your business, got that? or there will be a hostile takeover

and the BOYCOTT must be working because I only saw one big ad and a few little ads in the News-Press there...clearly not enough to sustain a paper...when Wendy's divorce funds run out, that'll be it baby

it looks like Scott checked the Superior Court website and looked under tentative rulings regarding the porn professor vs the radical Christian cult teenieboppers

and then he wrote another silly headline "the elevator made me do it".... this guy is no journalist...the fucker is stealing my stuff!!!

but the ruling by Judge Herman was interesting...basically, Herman said Thrin and her mom Catherine who's supposedly a lawyer, were full of shit and the charges against Mireille Miller-Young were trumped he tossed all of the complaints by the Jesus freak anti-abortionists and sided with the UCSB Regents..that's good news because this religious cult's MO is to harass people then sue them!! oh the judge left a little room for Thrin to amend one of her complaints, but I know she won't..

spooky Catherine Short represented her daughter Thrin and a few other young ladies..these young gals were trained in radical Christianity...the mom is pals with Jeff White from Survivors of the Abortion bombers and all that....but the judge smote Catherine's attempt to extort money from UCSB...

from the ruling: The court agrees that there are no allegations of direct liability on the part of Regents. The vice chancellor’s e-mail after the fact does not constitute interference with plaintiffs’ rights or threats. From the court’s reading of the complaint, the basis of Regent’s alleged liability is clear – plaintiffs allege Regents is responsible for Miller-Young’s acts in the course of her employment.

Regents argues that, to the extent this claim is based on the conduct of others (and here it is based on Miller-Young’s conduct), there are no factual allegations suggesting violence or threat of violence against most of the plaintiffs. The second cause of action in the complaint is uncertain as to what plaintiffs’ property or person was subject to violence or threats of violence.

Plaintiffs allege that Miller-Young started a chant with students: "Tear down the sign," she yanked a sign out of Rivera’s hands, and yanked the sign out of Joan Short’s grasp. Plaintiffs allege that Massell, Smillie, Langley, and Gribbin were present at the location of this incident. But there is no allegation that any of them were carrying a sign or had any ownership interest in the sign Miller-Young took and later destroyed. (There is an allegations that there were three signs but no allegation of who, if anyone, was carrying the other two.) Pastrone, Langley and Navarini were standing at some distance from the incident. Again, there is no allegation that they had any interest in the sign taken.

There is no allegation that, other than hearing Miller-Young’s comments, McArdle, Pastrone, Langley, Massell, Navarini, Smillie, Langley or Gribbin were threatened, intimidated or coerced. None of Miller-Young’s speech threatened violence. The comment that a group of plaintiffs should guard their sign because defendants would take it was Brown’s comment and is not chargeable to Regents.

Because the complaint is uncertain with respect to which plaintiffs state this cause of action, the court sustains the demurrer to the first cause of action with leave to amend.

we need to put these cult zombies in their place!! abortion is's a choice between the woman, the man and the doctor, not a bunch of kooky sidewalk religious nut carnival barkers...besides, unborn babies are not human, they are fish until they come out of the mom's else can they survive in a little bubble full of water?? gills...they're fish

so this is a good start....a good ruling..and good judges need to SLAPP these frivolous lawsuits..

now listen to me Thrin, actions have consequences and you can't always run to mommy for protection ...your mother is using you to get some money from UCSB....

Thrin, your mom doesn't love you..she loves Jesus

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

talk talk (Little Red Book)

I thumbed right through my little red book I wasn't gonna sit and cry...

so what it boils down to is Wendy trying to squelch the free speech of an enemy city council member...well, two can play that game

Cathy..Wendy's nemesista!

ok I hereby formally demand, under a Public Records Request, to see emails from Santa Barbara City Councilmembers Dale Francisco and Frank Hotchkiss (assuming Frank knows how to work a computer!) for the last month...both were seen at the News-Press KKK/anti-gov't rally..Dale was wearing a stupid looking fedora hat and Frank was just stupid looking...I wanna see them emails got two weeks to hand 'em over

Dandy Dale!

but you really gottta be desperate to run to FOX NEWS to tell your story...

but that's what Scott Simpleton did! went on the weekend version of Fox and was reported that Scott was invited by his idol Bill O'Reilly but declined because every time someone mentions Bill's name, Scott pees he opted to tell his story to Tucker Carlson, the boyish fellow with a twinkle in his eye and much more to Scott's liking!


so Scott tells Tucker that the News-Press "touched a nerve across this nation"..and it's true there were a few letters to the editor...some from Washington, one from Georgia and even one South Carolina...and they said they were subscribing! haah...I told ya this as all designed to get the subscriptions up by appealing to the worst of human nature..the racists!

"against the blacks" Scott??? hahaha

so here's the interview from a FOX News Blog-
Another more recent front-page article that featured the word "illegals" was written by Scott Steepleton, the city editor at News-Press.

Steepleton asserted on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning that the newspaper used an appropriate term to describe people who are living in the country illegally.

He added that News-Press has used the word "illegals" for at least 10 years and they are standing by their choice of language.

"We don't believe in capitulating to people who are going to tell us how to run our newspaper," Steepleton said. "We don't ask people what we should write beforehand and we're not going to ask people what we should write beforehand going forward."

He said he believes that many other newspapers and editors have changed their language due to pressure from the public.

"We are a private business in the United States of America in the state of California and we are choosing to run ourselves the way we see fit," Steepleton stated.

"I think the fact that people across the country have subscribed to our paper online, through after this thing has erupted, shows that we are touching a nerve across this country, that people are sick and tired of a lawlessness everywhere in the United States."

now this is just silly...FOX and Friends?? touched a nerve?? lawlessness everywhere in the USA? what about the child porn on the News-Press computers..or Scott and the News-Press protecting drunk drivers..or the News-Press breaking labor laws??? shit, and all the drugs passing through Team Wendy...

oh Wendy!!!

All I did was talk about you
Hear your name and I'd start to cry
There's just no getting over you, oh, no

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Draggin' The Line

lalalalala lalalalala lalala

well if there's one woman that can get under Wendy McCuckoo's skin, it's SB City councilmember Cathy seems Cathy is ruffling lots of conservative feathers these days..

I met Cathy briefly at the PODER/News-Press protest and she's not exactly a wallflower...her political star is rising fast and Wendy knows it....and with Dale Francisco and Frank Hotchkiss in Wendy's pocket, Cathy is a real threat to Wendy...and Team Wendy

ok, so this is good...I'm reading CASA real estate mag and I see Cathy has an opinion about the News-Press sitch...she says she and some folks caught up with Wendy's obedient pooch, Don Katich who was returning to NP from lunch....Cathy confronted him and asked questions about immigration...but I think this meeting must've upset Don who then ran and told Wendy who then ran and told Scott to do something about Cathy..

so Scott comes up with a public records request to see if Cathy, in an 11 day period, wrote any correspondence with city letterhead on it...well, this is comical..Cathy is an elected official so I guess the News-Press is trying to pin something on her that isn't there, citing an open meeting lawsuit filed against Cathy's husband years ago...both Cathy and hubby are not fans of the News-Press and this is what the records request is all about...stifling free speech of city council members who don't agree with Wendy.... contrarians!!

Wendy is trying to intimidate Cathy which ain't gonna happen...besides, Wendy will NEVER show up face to face with Cathy because as we've seen, Wendy is a coward..the biggest phony and coward in the county...

ok so it'll be fun to watch but there is nothing unusual about a body of council members or directors going into executive session which is closed to the public..matters of law, vendors or whatever are discussed...happens all the time...

now another paper, El Latino that replaced Wendy's freebie Latino publication, had a story about the News-Press you can guess, it wasn't very flattering to Wendy's goons...

so a public records request by the News-Press for what?? that's the question and the city lawyer better not give the store away again.... elected city council members have an expectation of privacy and we'll soon see if Wendy crossed the line..and for what reason...Scott complains that Cathy was at the protest, but so were Dale and Frank..why not ask for their email records??
well maybe I will!!

but this sounds like a case of harassment by the News-Press against Murillo...I'd get a restraining order against Wendy!!

and another frivolous lawsuit by Wendy that the taxpayers are gonna fund?? hmmmm

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

knee deep in flowers we'll stay...

hey how about this for a headline:


well Nipper's pal Dennis Miller might be a little upset...he works at the Alpha Store in some PR capacity...Dennis lives on Padaro Lane and his beach house is up for sale..a cool $22 million is all he wants...

and now he gets money from FOX NEWS and travels around the USA with sidekick Bill O'Reilly making fun of working class people...

so I don't know why the press and media are tiptoeing thru the tulips with Wendy...can I assume the guys in the picture are retarded just by looking at them? like the folks in Wendy's picture were "illegals'?

well, with Dennis and the boys it might be easier to assume they are retarded, but nonetheless uncalled for...or careless

so the people who advertise with the News-Press need to recheck their moral compass..and pull some ads...

maybe those News-Press retards will finally get the message!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hello I Love You

let me jump in your game...

so I go into Trader Joe's in Santa Barbara and grab some stuff then see a pretty tall lady and scramble over to her check out lane...she's all smiling and laughing and flirting...not with me, but with the check-out guy..

Miss Universe..UNIVERSE!!

after she leaves he says she's a former Miss Universe, not Miss America or Miss World, Miss UNIVERSE!! which one he didn't say, and their kids went to school together and blah blah blah..I didn't care about his story, I was interested in I grabbed my groceries, olive oil, trail mix and 15 bottles of wine, and hopped out of the store and followed Miss Universe...not in a stalking way..our cars were in the same general area..the parking lot...

I watched her for a awhile and from a distance she looked like Howard Stern..tall and lanky but then I saw her face and Howard disappeared...

she loaded her bags into a new white Mercedes...she was clutching a little dog in her arm and they both seemed to be in a world of their own...

a world I can't even begin to imagine....

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Whiter Shade of Pale

and the truth is plain to see....

so we know that the News-Press has some racists and potential child molesters on board....every time they deny it their faces turn a whiter shade of pale..anyone who would call children "thugs" is pretty low...but how about the term "anchor baby"..

Like every iteration of the i-word, the skillfully packaged and highly destructive "anchor baby" meme has helped anti-immigrant proponents dodge facts and promote harmful ideas under the guise that they are protecting the Constitution. While the fervor has recently picked up around denying birthright citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants, the racially charged and baseless arguments have been around for a few years. Here, for instance, is a hateful rant preserved forever in the Congressional Record by Iowa Rep. Steve King from March 5th, 2007:

If this becomes amnesty for 12 million or 15 million or for 20 million or more, and they bring in their extended families at the tune of maybe as many as 273 for every anchor baby that comes into the United States, we won’t just have 12 or 15 or 20 or more million who have no respect and, in fact, contempt for the rule of law; we will have 100 or more million that will have contempt for the rule of law.

babies are not anchors, babies are babies! now, I don't think they mean anchors like Beth and CJ are anchors, I think they mean anchors like the iron things you throw off they are saying babies should be thrown off boats to drown!!

babies can't fend for themselves so anyone who uses the perjorative slur "anchor baby" is a racist piece of shit...and in to fill the bill is big fat buffoon Andy Caldwell, Wendy's goon Guest Opinion writer...

anchor belly!!

Andy has an opinion on PODER and included "anchor baby" in his rightwing rant...wants to keep immigrant babies born in the USA non-citizens!!

The Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution indicates that "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States."

the problem with these News-Press people..well you know what the problem is..

but anyone who bullies babies is on my radar and YOU CALDWELL are now on my radar

I know a few shady Nicaraguan illegals and I might send them over to pay you a visit..they'd do ANYTHIN for me!

or if I get some free time, I might drop by myself... that big fat belly and brillo pad hairdo is bad enough, but when you start picking on little babies!!! little defenseless babies with short chubby little arms..

HELL, they can't even swing wide enough to belt you in the mouth, Andy

but I can

Thursday, January 22, 2015

SHOUT! know you make me wanna shout!

and another thing...there was a guy who had the Ameican flag upside down...flying it right in front of the We the People over on Edhat, #69 said this guy stomped on the flag, flew it upside down and that PODER was "out of control"...

Julia, #69 by the yellow flag

of course she is lying like Wendy lies...PODER was not out of control in the least and nobody stomped on the flag, that I saw anyway...the teabaggers kept shouting at the guy ..heckling him!! I went back and found some pics, a peek of #69 by the yellow journalism flag and one of the guy holding the flag upside down....

but...flying the flag upside down, stomping on it and /or burning it are forms of protest and protected free speech...even the Boy Scouts burn American flags when they're not being molested by Scoutmasters!

free speech indeed!

so what #69 and her pals are saying is Wendy, their benefactor, is allowed free speech but the guy waving the upside down flag is not....

that is I want a BOYCOTT of the NEWS-PRESS and ANIMAL RESCUE TEAM!! don't send them any money!!! Wendy and Julia, #69 are a couple of douchebags!

ok so that is a very interesting question....a newspaper that strives more to be the news than report the news....hhhhmmm..

the News-Press is closely aligned with FOX remember that FOX was the station who said the French were socialists and called for a boycott of France becasue they were smart enough to stay out of our invasion of Iraq...FOX renamed French Fries, Freedom Fries...just absurd..

so now FOX is in trouble with the French for crazy talk and Islamophobia...and French mocked FOX for its abject stupidity....

all this support for France and Charlie Hebdo by the teabaggers and News-Press is suspect....

how can they support free speech in France, when they don't even understand it in the USA??

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Homeward Bound

home where the music's playing

so the next day after the protests, our mini social unrest event, I went to the beach to check out the King Tides...they were high but not as high as I've seen them..kind of a mini-King tide...

I also saw some birds I've never seen before..terns...a Royal Tern...pretty cool... I read the News-Press and Scott's version of events on MLK Day..I was distressed to see #69 on the News-Press side...I didn't see her but I know she's wacky and she takes money from the News-Press for her nonprofit so she can save her a matter of fact , I heard a rumor that #69 banged the whole Santa Barbara County Taxpayer Asso including the entire Chumash tribe to keep funding for the Animal Rescue Rescue Team to save the innocents...the animals

now I'm not saying #69 is Sally Salisbury, the famous prostitute, but geez....get off your knees once in a while!!

but I was thinking about these people and they all exhibit the same quality...mindless devotion to Wendy...they are like a cult..I thought the native-only cult was bad but these folks are ten times worse...

really I was fascinated by their ignorance..they seemed to relish in it...they were proud to be American idiots!! this is a dying breed ...people who chant like this are brainwashed! Satan is good Satan is our pal Satan is good Satan is our pal/Satan is good Satan is our pal/Satan is good Satan is our pal /Satan is good Satan is our pal..

ugly Americans

is California the only state that coddles these naughty illegals???

no..other states have already done it...people can come out of the shadows and get some ID..remember states' rights???

pretty American!

Ten states and the District of Columbia enacted laws to allow unauthorized immigrants to obtain a driver’s licenses. These states—California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Vermont and Washington—issue a license if an applicant provides certain documentation, such as a foreign birth certificate, a foreign passport, or a consular card and evidence of current residency in the state

and more as we speak..Iowa! conservative Iowa

the neocons and teabaggers have stymied immigration reform for years, with nutty references to Aztlan, to Mexico, and Chicanos who want to take back California...

lunacy, paranoid conspiracy theories...and now they can't understand why reform is moving forward without them!

ok Wendy won't issue any retraction..she didn't when she tried to pin child porn computer images on one of her enemies....but the computer belonged to Wendy so as far as I'm concerned she should register as a sex offender...

Wendy the Free Speech Martyr????


Wendy has tried to stifle real free speech and lost...and now she and her culties want to recast her as free speech rebel?? hhahahah!

remember this?

Freelance journalist Susan Paterno’s American Journalism Review story about Wendy McCaw’s purchase of the Santa Barbara News-Press -- and the subsequent wave of defections amongst the paper’s seasoned editors and writers -- mentioned several lawsuits McCaw had filed or threatened to file against her former and current employees

Freelance journalist Susan Paterno’s American Journalism Review story about Wendy McCaw’s purchase of the Santa Barbara News-Press -- and the subsequent wave of defections amongst the paper’s seasoned editors and writers -- mentioned several lawsuits McCaw had filed or threatened to file against her former and current employees and other publications like the Santa Barbara Independent and Vanity Fair. What Paterno didn’t know was that she would soon be the target of one. "I was kind of surprised because it had been through so many layers of lawyers -- my brother, a contracts attorney, couldn’t believe it," said Paterno, a professor at California’s Chapman University, recalling the day she received word of the suit. "From the very beginning I always knew she had nothing to sue me about. There was nothing libelous in the story." Though McCaw’s company, Ampersand Publishing, sued Paterno on multiple claims, it was mainly for allegedly libelous statements in the article. But thanks to California’s law against Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, or anti-SLAPP law, Paterno was able to obtain a prompt dismissal of the lawsuit last summer. Anti-SLAPP statutes are meant to protect people from lawsuits of questionable merit that are often filed to intimidate speakers into refraining from criticizing a person, company, or project. Fighting these suits can be a time-consuming and expensive enterprise. Paterno thinks the anti-SLAPP statute saved her from mortgaging her house to pay legal bills, because it allowed her to recoup most of her attorney fees after the suit’s dismissal. - See more at:

the News-Press headline "Illegals Line Up for Driver's License's" is not about free speech...the headline is racist..

and yet, Wendy's cult keeps chanting ILLEGALS GO HOME ..ILLEGALS GO HOME!!! shouting at the wind

well, that's what cults do

Monday, January 19, 2015

perhaps perhaps perhaps

if you can't make your mind up we'll never get started

so I got to De La Guerra Plaza and see a bunch of cops led by Officer Mark Corbett...Corbett is the tall cop with the itchy trigger-finger..I asked him if he was gonna arrest anyone or beat anyone up...he said no...unless things got rowdy... then ..well you know...

actually Mark and Kasi Beutel took some free speech from the News-Press in the form of lies and smears by Peter Lance...and although Wendy and Nipper were too afraid to attend the rally today, the cops were there to protect everyone..

some civilians are very strange..very strange indeed...especially those We the People /Claremont folks gathered 'round the News-Press on Monday MLK protect Wendy and Nipper... folks from Claremont supporting free speech or Wendy's version of it anyway....didn't see too many local SB people supporting Wendy

some white haired dude whose pants were nearly falling off was in front of the NP and shouting and annoying me..through a megaphone he screeched: FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH.. FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH...over and over and over again...geez, was he drunk????

ugh..this was gonna happen alot with these nuts...they read the First Amendment over and over..then they all took a nap..then the dude started shouting incoherent things like America is for Americans to hand down to their prosperity..... he meant posterity but the guy was a moron..they all were morons.. I would be so embarrassed to work for the News-Press that I would die immediately

Mr.Wimpy and Dale discuss hats!

every pro NP speaker was mumbling jibberish and chanting the same things over and over..and waving American flags...false patriots..and they kept telling people to get out of borders are for traitors..they pulled out all the old racist cliches in place of thoughtful speech..all these people supported the illegal invasion of Iraq by America so why are they crying about this "illegal immigration" non-issue??

and there's Robin Hvidston with her Hitler salute...."Die Juden sind unser Unglück!"

White Power!! says Robin

it was so hot I started to sweat  Starbuck's

I saw the usual suspects there, from pot belly Andy Caldwell to Mr Wimpy who was there with Dale Francisco, standing by the News-Press...even Frank Hotchkiss was there..Cathy Murillo was there for PODER

Andy's belly precedes him


then some old surfer dude on a bike starts shouting at me because I have a BOYCOTT NEWS-PRESS sticker on my shirt...he starts crying about illegals and the money they are costing us and blah blah bluu..I told him that immigration reform was on the table ten years ago, but his pals sat there with their thumbs up their asses and did nothing...then he starts scowling and riding around in circles and asks if I own property and I say yeah..he says how would I like it if someone came into my house uninvited...I told him that was a stupid argument that has no logic...trying to compare someone coming into my private residence to crossing the Rio Grande is patently absurd... but like I'm stoked dude

then a guy named George Miller came up and asked me questons..he runs out of Ventura.. I told him this pro News-Press rally was bullshit and it's not free speech or about immigration, it's about racism...and Wendy violating her own letters policy!!! you don't take random pictures of people and assign an illegal status to them just by the way they look!!

ok enough of these ugly white people!  I aim my camera at some smokin' hot Latina babes, then
Poder shows up and has their rally..subdued but more people showed up..some cuties and kids ..all thugs according to the News-Press..

they had a few speakers and one chick says the immigrants do all the dirty work and now they are being dehumanized by the Wendy, a rich- by-divorce snob who never worked for a living...

I just don't see how the News-Press folks can be so ignorant and full of fear....

I like things cosmopolitan..

Oh Happy Day!

when Jesus walked....

Happy Martin Luther King Day....

from the Santa Barbara News-Press!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Soul Sacrifice

Intro: e|--------|----5--|----5--|-----| B|--------|----5--|----5--|-----| G|-5------|--0-5--|--0-5--|--5--| D|-7------|-------|-------|--7--| A|--------|-------|-------|-----| E|-0:17---|-------|-------|-----|

ok the word is out..two protests on Mon Jan 19..MLK by the PODER group and one by the anti-immigation group pro News-Press We the People, California's Crusader

she can cross my border anytime!!

I have some borderline trepidation as I prepare my signs and wardrobe...I could get shot by the Minutemen...they shoot little girls too..or I could get pissed on by the We the People group..neo-Nazi racist old white folks from Claremont with incontinance issues..well I guess it all Depends...

the PODER  protest is against the News-Press stupidity, ignorance and racism.. I could throw some more in there but that'll do for now....

the chick heading the PRO NEW-PRESS protest group We the Pimples is an old blonde like Wendy...ewww..she's ugly as sin but that's not illegal...but it should be! and she's a BOOZER!!

her name is Robin Hvidston...and she's anti illegal immigration..(code for racist) and she's stupid....actually comparing the Paris killings to the News-Press protests...they have not one thing to do with each other...


this is all about racism...spilled over from the old is not about illegal immigration...Charlie Hebdo was about religious extremism..radical Christians who kill doctors and bomb abortion clinics are no different than the Paris killers..'cept the Paris killers did it for money

Robin....the old Nazi!

the funny thing is she tried to sneak on a Holland America Cruise ship without the proper documentation..she got caught and made up a bunch of excuses about her illegalness...haha

the not-so funny thing I found on the Web is Robin Hvidston is part of the Minuteman Project and a bigger bunch of malcontents I can't seem to recall...they are from Claremont, CA...Since about 2009, Claremont has been home to the racist Minuteman outfit "We the People, California's Crusader," whose members, Robin Hvidston and Raymond Herrera (both of whom were present at the nazi rally), opted for a PO Box adjacent to the ultraconservative and reactionary Claremont Institute when the Minutemen began to become unmasked as violent racists in the wake of the murder of nine-year-old Brisenia Flores by Shawna Forde's band of Arizona Minutemen.

racism should be fought smart and hard..

I don't like these folks no sir..not at all...and from this moment on, they're gonna have another shadow

Saturday, January 17, 2015

What I Say

tell your ma, tell your pa, I'm gonna send you back to Arkansas..alright...hey hey

what'd I tell ya...what I tell ya..


Hey mama, don't you treat me wrong Come and love your daddy all night long All right now, hey Oh don't do right!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

What a Fool Believes

he wise man has the power... to reason away...


News-Press Co-Publisher Refuses to Acknowledge Racist Headline

in a move that surprised no one, Arthur Von Weaselburger, boyfriend of the other co-publisher and News-Press owner Wendy McCuckoo, said he would never bow to thugs and is seeking protection from racist goon Minuteman Jim Gilchrist...Nipper, as his friends call him, was so tickled by Gilchist's offer to protect him, the two became lovers as Nipper is reportedly asexual..Jim Gilchrist is Nipper's new daddy...and Wendy as usual has no comment....

Nipper's new daddy!!

ok... when I says Wendy's sycophants are lining up to support her use of "Illegals" to describe people in a photo, I do mean sick..sickophants...the same folks who would defend Wendy's right to have child porn on her's no wonder the Minutemen support her.. her obedient little dogs..these people must think freedom is free and comes with no responsibilites..

oh ... and here's Nipper's big kiss to Jim Gilchrist!! what, for hanging out with child molestors and child killers?? geez Nipper you got a whole newspaper to write a thank-you note and an editorial explaining your allegations of illegal activity by a group of folks waiting in line at the DMV....instead, you send a love letter to Minuteman lunatic Jim Gilchrist???

Dear Mr. Gilchrist:

Thank you for your comments on your website, the supportive words and the call to action.

We believe it is our obligation as a responsible newspaper to report the news using accurate words in an honest, straightforward and unbiased manner. This does not always sit well with those who use intimidation as a way to try to silence the truth.

We are committed to standing up for the truth, something we believe to be sadly lacking in much of today’s journalism.

The protesters have threatened to return later this month if the paper does not issue a retraction something we will never do. We will not give in to the thugs who are attempting to use political correctness as a tool of censorship and a weapon to shut down this newspaper.

We believe the protesters and the vandals who defaced the paper’s historic building want to deny us our First Amendment rights. This is in keeping with the revolutionary Che Guevara, who said, "We must do away with all newspapers. A revolution cannot be accomplished with freedom of the press."

Again, thank you for your efforts to protect free speech in our country. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know your thoughts. Your reassuring words will be shared with our news team.


Arthur von Wiesenberger Co-publisher
Santa Barbara News-Press

(805) 564 5174

Che Guevara?? ...geez

now I see that in the HaveYour Say/ News-Press letters section that they do not print submissions that lack a civil tone, allege illegal wrongdoing or involve consumer complaints...

"allege illegal wrongdoing"...hmmmm...isn't that what the News-Press did on the front page? allege that a group of non-white folks at the DMV were illegal?? did something wrong?? yes she did which is why Wendy is a big hypocrite!! geez she violates her own policy...NIPPER VIOLATES HIS OWN POLICY!!!

this is the unfortunate result of entitlement...Wendy didn't work for her millions..they were handed to her by her rich ex-husband Craig....she had to sue him to get a big divorce settlement...immigation laws?? how about divorce laws...why should anyone walk away from a marriage with millions of dollars of the other's money? why? that's what's illegal, morally anyway...

but anyway, I am always amused at the clueless spoiled brat trustfunders who run the News-Press...absolutely clueless..

the same Constitution that gives us the freedom of speech and freedom of the press, also gives us the right to peaceably assemble..and I know that scares the News-Press folks...all those 9-year-old Latina thugs!! Nipper is most definitely a racist

Freedom of the press, like freedom of speech, is not can't mislabel people, allege illegal activity without proof and call it freedom the press..and that's what this is all about...crossing the line has consequences..let the BOYCOTT happen!!

but Nipper and Gilchrist do seem to have one thing in common..they're both obviously pissed on alcohol most of the time

see ya on Monday!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Get Back

Jo Jo left his home in Tucson Arizona, for some California grass...

while I await the next move from the whipdicks at News-Press and Minuteman Project, and while pondering all the crazy justifications for the racial slur "illegals"  (where am I, in  Selma Alabama??) headline from Wendy's sycophants, I got a call last night... some chick says: Jo Jo? is this Jo I started singing Get Back..Jo Jo was a man who thought he was a loner...she started laughing and said Jo Jo sings that song all the time to her...hmmmm

I remember the last election and all the back and forth with Yes on P and No on P..the anti-fracking measure...pretty girls on both sides..Beth with her sleepy eyes and low neck red sweaters hiding supple breasts.. and Katy and Becky watery shimmering luscious for some Skittles??

those days are gone...but I recall all the stuff, the info from the oil companies in Santa Maria and worthless News-Press stooge Andy Caldwell saying that if Measure P passes, it will kill the economy and people will lose jobs and no more fire protection...blah blah blah...that was all a lie!!

but irregardless, I see the gas prices are way down and oil prices plunging to superlow levels...that's fine by me!!

and I see stories about the oil companies like Santa Maria Energy the same ones who were NO on P are talking about laying people off and rationalizing the downturn in demand...and saying they won't be doing any new drilling for now

so in the end the local oil is its own worst enemy, not the Measure P folks..

and the stuff about foreign oil being supplied by terrorists, of course it's true..most of the 9/11 shits came from Saudi Arabia and the Saudis control the oil prices..and they are having a fire sale

so the local oil companies won't be drilling because it looks like they can't compete with cheap oil...oil which no one needs right now...besides Saudi Arabia has got us like a monkey on a chain..and they know how to control their women!

so even though Measure P was defeated, and the oil companies spent millions on a campaign that was full of lies and now they are stranded up in the north county like camels in the desert ...the workers are sitting on those oil drilling rigs that look like giant grasshoppers and they're drinkin' moonshine

and the anti-frackers...they sitting pretty in the south county, going to the beach, sipping wine and talking on their cell phones...laughing at the world...protecting the environment

now that is ironical!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

all along the watchtower

there must be some kinda way outta here, said the joker to the thief...

ok so Minuteman Jim Gilchrist wants me to watch the News-Press building for him... to patrol the see if I can catch the terrorist protect the News-Press from the "fascist left fanatics"

well ok..the NP building is private property but I guess I'll take a stab at it...

so I went into SB for foodstuffs...then I stopped at the Toy Store for some kinda handcufffs and a plastic machine gun...and a little forensic chemistry kit...ohh and some Skittles for the kiddies, too!!

drove to my destination and saw some illegals working in the road..also some some legals working out at Jenny Shatzle..don't white people they have to work, too? they're probably all child molestors...well they look like it! well they could be!

0945 hrs: arrived at News-Press building and made the rounds...looked into City Hall and saw a bunch of suspicious looking characters milling about...oh, just some councilmembers! and some trees need trimming..

1000 hrs: proceeded over to the News-Press building...still some pink paint on the outside and front door...the building is sliding into disrepair..the dingy outside needs paint..white paint!! the doors need door has a chain in front of it and says: No Entry.....hmmm, suspicious

1010 hrs: checked the bushes and saw an empty booze Travis back?? hahahaha

checked the sidewalks.. one had still scrawled across it...hey that might be a clue as to who vandalized the place...the city property and News-Press property were both vandalized....Lift Off Spray Paint Graffitti Remover works well..I use it when the condo complex gets tagged once in while! damn fascists!!!

1015 hrs: saw a couple of far-out chicks and a dog and some homeless dudes...

didn't see any fascist left fanatics or suspicious characters except me, stalking around the News-Press!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chevy Van

I gave a girl a ride in my wagon.....

I was in Arizona once and it was a lovely place.....stopped in the desert...the middle of nowhere..saw a long narrow dirt road pointing south...the border was down that road..Mexico was down that midnight, you could see a billion stars and it was so quiet...

We drove through, stopped in Wilcox, a town that was so small, you could throw a rock from end to end, a dirt-road main street, she walked off in bare feet, It's a shame I won't be passin' through again...

Arizona today is filled with normal and good people....but there's the fringe crazy white corrupt child molestors that I'm interested in... and their sick story begins with the Minuteman Project founders....a bunch of guys who formed to protect the southern borders but were so inept and crazy, they imploded

so let's look at Chris Simcox...he and Gilchrist were pals who founded the Minuteman Project. Simcox once worked for imemories, but had some issues and was fired....domestic abuse and child molestation charges were filed against him

web: Alena Simcox obtained a court order of protection against her husband in April of 2010 that deemed him "a danger to his family" after a six-hour incident in which he held his wife and children at gunpoint and threatened to kill them and any police who came to their aid.

"Chris handed him a very large bag of Skittles," Lynch said. "I think it was a pound bag, and he says, 'Give this to [your sister] for being a good girl.'"

Lynch didn't think much of it. She had no reason to. Simcox had gained her trust, as he had the trust of other parents in the apartment complex. And the kids visited each others' apartments all the time.

But once her daughter revealed to her how Simcox had told her "secrets" and showed her explicit movies while molesting her, she remembered the Skittles.

"For him to walk up to my door with his two daughters and to hand my son candy, the candy he was giving to my daughter for her participation," she said, her voice filled with disgust, "that's a sick individual. He honestly doesn't care. He's very cocky."

Arizona DA Bill Montgomery in bed with Chris Simcox??

This Story has been COVERED UP by Arpaio Controlled Local Media PERIOD.

Right Corrupt Republic, and Arpaio's Son in Law Editor?!!

Voters Deserve to Know of this Bull Shit Plea Deal with this Sick Arpaio/Montgomery Child Molesting Minute Man Buddy!!!!

And of Bill Montgomery's personal Dates/Border Patrols with Simcox!

To Honesty in Reporting the News?!!

comments from web: Like I said, Simcox was a soldier the army of child molesters which make up a large part of the Hoi Poi in this country. Want to know what our illustrous Senator "Build the Dang Fence" was known for? Getting young girls to party with military brass and politicians that he was buttering up. Yeah, old John was a great "party guy". There is a child sex trade in the Phillipines for a reason - rich people from all over the world go on "junkets" there - Simcox was an arranger for this group of rich, white politicians and business leaders. I say get that computer and you'll get the goods on the part of the child sex network which Simcox was in charge of organizing.

well these are just snippets from the web but give an idea of the nature of the problem with these hate groups....nonprofit covers for alcoholics, child killers and pedophiles... the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) granted the Minuteman Project, Inc. a 501 (C) (4) non-profit... tax exempt!!

On April 28, 2005, then California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger praised the Minuteman Project during an interview on The John and Ken Show on Los Angeles radio station KFI, saying that the group had been doing "a terrific job". He reiterated his supportive comments the following day, noting that the Minutemen would be welcome to patrol the border between California and Mexico

one of the sane voices in all of this was ironically former pres George W Bush who expressed dislike for vigilante border groups..I'm with ya, George!! Neo-Nazis and white supremacists have no place in America..

ok so we got one Minuteman Chris Simcox in jail for child molestation and awaiting trial... one Minuteman Shawna Forde convicted of killing a 9-year-old Mexican girl, Brisenia Flores....

and the only reason Gilchrist is hanging around Wendy's door steps is he needs start-up money to relaunch the Minuteman vigilantes...and all parasites need hosts...and Wendy is the hostess with the mostest!!

Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project is teaming up with the city editor Scott Steeplton told us on the front page of the News-Press...Gilchrist urging all of you to go and protect the News-Press building from terrorist taggers with 24 hr surveillance... like vigilantees...walking around monitoring New-Press private property...

hmmmm...ok Jimbo..that's what I'll do...I'll take the first shift today and report back tomorrow...