Friday, January 30, 2015

Wake Up Little Susie

wake up..

••when I was a kid, I went to camp in Wisconsin..and some nights we'd have Skits..we'd do little productions for fun and we came up with the idea to do a skit with Wake Up Little Susie by the Everly Bros playing in the background... on a record player...

so we kids did our thing... at the end of the five minute play, a girl would be sitting in a chair and the guys would sneak up and pour a bucket of water on her wake her up!! WAKE UP L'il Susie!!! hahaha .

•• a few kids at camp that year had the measles, ••
so they had to stay in their bunk houses..I think I had the measles once and the red dots on my skin, the ice cream, the TV monster movies made it a fun thing..I mean, the measles aren't painful or anything..
so I'm watching the news, KEYT and the media all over the place... and anchors look all panicked while reporting a case of the measles..they get some county doc on set to reassure them..the doctor is some blonde chick name Charity or something....if I was sick, she could lay her hands on and cure me!

•• but this over-reaction to the measels is just silly...what is wrong with these people??
is it the red splotches? are they afraid their neighbors will make fun of their children and

embarass the adults?? is it a social thing? how can their perfect kids have red blotches and dots on their faces??  might it clash with their opalescent glimmering white teeth??

so if your kids get the measles, let them get the measles...don't stigmatize them..••• take care of them and maybe go out and buy them some ice cream!

geez, it's a rite of passage for a kid


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