Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chevy Van

I gave a girl a ride in my wagon.....

I was in Arizona once and it was a lovely place.....stopped in the desert...the middle of nowhere..saw a long narrow dirt road pointing south...the border was down that road..Mexico was down that road...at midnight, you could see a billion stars and it was so quiet...

We drove through, stopped in Wilcox, a town that was so small, you could throw a rock from end to end, a dirt-road main street, she walked off in bare feet, It's a shame I won't be passin' through again...

Arizona today is filled with normal and good people....but there's the fringe crazy white corrupt child molestors that I'm interested in... and their sick story begins with the Minuteman Project founders....a bunch of guys who formed to protect the southern borders but were so inept and crazy, they imploded

so let's look at Chris Simcox...he and Gilchrist were pals who founded the Minuteman Project. Simcox once worked for imemories, but had some issues and was fired....domestic abuse and child molestation charges were filed against him

web: Alena Simcox obtained a court order of protection against her husband in April of 2010 that deemed him "a danger to his family" after a six-hour incident in which he held his wife and children at gunpoint and threatened to kill them and any police who came to their aid.


"Chris handed him a very large bag of Skittles," Lynch said. "I think it was a pound bag, and he says, 'Give this to [your sister] for being a good girl.'"

Lynch didn't think much of it. She had no reason to. Simcox had gained her trust, as he had the trust of other parents in the apartment complex. And the kids visited each others' apartments all the time.

But once her daughter revealed to her how Simcox had told her "secrets" and showed her explicit movies while molesting her, she remembered the Skittles.

"For him to walk up to my door with his two daughters and to hand my son candy, the candy he was giving to my daughter for her participation," she said, her voice filled with disgust, "that's a sick individual. He honestly doesn't care. He's very cocky."

Arizona DA Bill Montgomery in bed with Chris Simcox??

This Story has been COVERED UP by Arpaio Controlled Local Media PERIOD.

Right Corrupt Republic, and Arpaio's Son in Law Editor?!!

Voters Deserve to Know of this Bull Shit Plea Deal with this Sick Arpaio/Montgomery Child Molesting Minute Man Buddy!!!!

And of Bill Montgomery's personal Dates/Border Patrols with Simcox!

To Honesty in Reporting the News?!!

comments from web: Like I said, Simcox was a soldier the army of child molesters which make up a large part of the Hoi Poi in this country. Want to know what our illustrous Senator "Build the Dang Fence" was known for? Getting young girls to party with military brass and politicians that he was buttering up. Yeah, old John was a great "party guy". There is a child sex trade in the Phillipines for a reason - rich people from all over the world go on "junkets" there - Simcox was an arranger for this group of rich, white politicians and business leaders. I say get that computer and you'll get the goods on the part of the child sex network which Simcox was in charge of organizing.

well these are just snippets from the web but give an idea of the nature of the problem with these hate groups....nonprofit covers for alcoholics, child killers and pedophiles... the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) granted the Minuteman Project, Inc. a 501 (C) (4) non-profit... tax exempt!!

On April 28, 2005, then California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger praised the Minuteman Project during an interview on The John and Ken Show on Los Angeles radio station KFI, saying that the group had been doing "a terrific job". He reiterated his supportive comments the following day, noting that the Minutemen would be welcome to patrol the border between California and Mexico

one of the sane voices in all of this was ironically former pres George W Bush who expressed dislike for vigilante border groups..I'm with ya, George!! Neo-Nazis and white supremacists have no place in America..

ok so we got one Minuteman Chris Simcox in jail for child molestation and awaiting trial... one Minuteman Shawna Forde convicted of killing a 9-year-old Mexican girl, Brisenia Flores....

and the only reason Gilchrist is hanging around Wendy's door steps is he needs start-up money to relaunch the Minuteman vigilantes...and all parasites need hosts...and Wendy is the hostess with the mostest!!

Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project is teaming up with the News-Press...as city editor Scott Steeplton told us on the front page of the News-Press...Gilchrist urging all of you to go and protect the News-Press building from terrorist taggers with 24 hr surveillance... like vigilantees...walking around monitoring New-Press private property...

hmmmm...ok Jimbo..that's what I'll do...I'll take the first shift today and report back tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Well, now we know what the Minutemen are rally for: To protect the child porn collection at the newspaper!