Saturday, March 31, 2012

the end of the world

why does the sun go on shining, why does the sea rush to shore

ok so the News-Press has yet another story on Smart Meter problems..apparently some lady's oven went out after her Smart Meter was installed..instead of resetting the breaker, I guess she called the News-Press to complain...

now I had a Smart Meter installed a few weeks ago...the day after we had a rain storm... while I was on my computer, and I experienced an electrical glitch which shut down my computer and stove clock..then all was well a few seconds later....was it the rain....or the meter??

now I've had electrical glitches before for various reasons..but generally my electric service works just fine unless a bird or something crashes into a transformer, then my electricity is out for hours until SCE comes to fix it....

these utilities are not magic..they are delivered to us by a series of pipes (for water) and conduits for electricity by people working night and day to get it to us...but we are so spoiled that when our lights go out for a minute, we can't deal with we panic and call the News-Press...electricity and water have many of the same properties and where would we be without them? we'd be in the dark, like the News-Press!

it's not the end of the world...when Skeeter Davis sang that gorgeous sad lullaby I fell in love with her...she had a reason to complain....someone broke her heart

but these other ladies couldn't hold a candle to her (get it?)

sometimes the electricity goes out so all you need to do is reset the circuit breaker...if you are changing an outlet, turn the breaker off and always test with a circuit tester to make sure the juice is off..and call an electrician when in doubt...

calling the News-Press is not a only highlights your inability to cope in a sometimes confusing world...

so why do the birds go on singing? because they haven't crashed into a transformer yet!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

farmer's daughter

glad to help you plow your fields....

ok so I've finally narrowed down the people who are afraid of Smart but Evil's not the farmer's daughter, but rather folks that are typically in their late 60s/early 70s, they are teabagger conservatives who like the desert because they think alein invaders land there..and they've listened to Art Bell one too many times..and they read the bible incorrectly..

they fear government esp a government with a black president....

and on the front page of the News-of the World-Press, there be a old white lady wuts scared of de Smart but Evil Meters wut hacks into your life!!

the lady (gammy) claims that her privacy is being invaded and that SCE can use the digital meters to control how much electricity she uses

she says " gov't is once again stepping in..they don't trust my husband and I to have enough brains to control our own usage"

geezus Christ...this lady is a dumb bunny..first of all it's "my husband and me" not "my husband and I"..basic grammar skills gammy....

and meters record usage, they don't control usage..a Smart but Evil Meter can't turn off your power, but a power outage can which happens sometimes when too many people use too much electricity....or the gammy can lobby for ENRON to be resurrected to manipulate the power supplies and charge her more money....

or maybe gammy should focus her energy on where the missing funds went at MF Global...why so many ranchers and farmers got ripped off.... just like ENRON ripped off Californians...'member that gammy??

(Reuters) - For the first time in 25 years, Minnesota farmer Dean Tofteland has missed his deadline to buy seed for next spring's corn and soybean crops.

With $200,000 of his money yet to be returned from the accounts of MF Global, his former broker, the 49-year-old farmer has missed a $5,000 discount for early buyers, and is watching friends and neighbors snap up the best varieties of seeds.

In the latest sign of how MF Global's failure is continuing to cascade across the commodity industry, Tofteland and other farmers who have yet to recover more than a third of their money from the bankrupt broker now find themselves in a cash crunch that risks rippling far beyond the futures market.

so long better leave your land, many thanks it was mighty grand.... I do hope to see you again....farmer's daughter

Thursday, March 29, 2012

my little town...

savin' my money...dreamin' of glory

well it seems Carpinteria is going through a little Renaissance period right now...a sunny revival...

we got Santa Claus Lane with some new shops..I'm so glad they didn't change the name to Seaside Village Drive because I hate people who can't appreciate the history of this place..instead they want to rebrand everything with some faux modernity so they can make more money....change is good but it needs to be respectful of the folks who made this area what it is...

then the Casitas Shopping Center is getting a touch up with the expansion of Albertsons...a union shop with great checkout gals!! kinda gals!

then we got the little old timey Plaza Theater on Carp Ave downtown... live comedy and music shows have been very popular lately in the small's not the Lobero but may be the next best thing.... and at least they can't drape an oversized American flag on the building...the nutjobs who did that to the Lobero should read the American flag code of ethics...

but...we do have some punks living here... Wendy McCaw's galpal Rob Lowe I think still lives around here somewhere on Padaro Lane..ever since a few celebs move here , they littered the side of Padaro Lane with these stupid signs that  say "area under surveillance", do we really need these? no, of course not...just another example of how important some Hollywood knuckeheads think they are!

Rob recently tried his hand at sports reporting after pretending to be an actor all these years: The internet is abuzz with confusion at the news that Rob Lowe, known in some circles for his acting, tweeted that he believes Peyton Manning will retire from the NFL after this season. "My people are saying Manning will retire today. What do you hear?" he said causing everyone to double check that their eyes were working properly. NBC Sports reports that Lowe is a Colts fan and a friend of the team's owner Jim Irsay, so they seem to think there's at least a chance he's right. But Manning's father has already said he hasn't heard anything from his son about the reports, so it doesn't seem that likely. And while those with an interest in the career of Peyton Manning, (Manning sat out this season with an injury) sort out the veracity of the claim, the rest of the world is just having at it with jokes about other potential celebrity-turned-reporter scoops. "Also, Lindsey Lohan reporting Lakers offering Bynum and a 1 for Dwight Howard," jokes ESPN's Rick Reilly. We can't even imagine what will happen if he's right.

we know that Manning didn't retire..instead went to Denver and ousted Tim Tebow!

well I guess you gotta take the good with the bad

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

nice day for a...white wedding

thanks eblogger for changing the editing functions for the worse!!

Sunday's March 25th News-Press of the World was full of SH...I mean interesting stuff..let's take a look...Wendy and Nipper got a military reporter to sell the Afghanistan invasion to readers..he works for Wendy..he reports for AM 1290..will he be the next US soldier to go crazy and start killing Afghanistan children? well I hope not but his story was about the Afghan children and he compares them to spoiled Santa Barbara kids...this was supposed to show how caring our troops are to the Afghan people..however, I think the Afghans may have a different take.."thanks for massacring our family and pissing on corpses..real classy guys
America invaded Iraq and really can't bullshit your way out of this mess...just pack up and leave, Captain.. I don't trust you to do anything but fuck things up even stop Iran??? STOP THESE INSANE INVASIONS!!  and the reports for the News-Press are pure propaganda as we continue to terrorize poor countries 

next we got a whites only party in Montecito at All Saints by the Sea church..this is down by Miramar beach...Brooks Firestone's son Andrew was there..geez dude go get a real job and get away from daddy!!

oh a pit bull attacked a toddler in Oxnard....poor doggie....seriously, WTF is up with these dogs? this one named I don't know is still alive but I wanna know attacks must die

another Panga boat was raided by the feds..why don't why search the Calixe, Wendy's panga boat?? I bet there's more snow on that yacht than on Mount Everest!

you know Bill Gates was in town....Craig McCaw lives here and so does Wendy.. Craig McCaw and Bill Gates teamed up to form Teledesic...they're pals! so let's see Gates is worth $61 billion and earned it...Craig McCaw is worth 1.6 billion and earned it and Wendy is worth $200 million and she inherited it from Craig, Wendy wanting her share to support a $200,000 a month lifestyle ending with a $460 million divorce settlements...hey how much does a good hairdresser cost..geez Wendy

I think I'll go into these relationships a little later.... I think it's money changes everything

next we have an old story about Casa De La Raza...I've seen various readings of this in other media, but the News-Press of the World seems to have made stuff up..not that it's unusual for them to lie, but at least one other online site is taking  is pretty peeved at the lack of journalistic ethics at Wendy's accountablity from management..well what do you expect from a gal who gets rich from a divorce.... a work ethic??

the story by a guy who workes for Wendy's freebie Santa Barbara Latino is awfully similar to a report by Nick Welsh in the Independent Dec 2011...

now I really don't know what's going on with the Casa but I'm certain I won't find out about it in the News-Press of the World.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the boy with the moon and star...

on his head

so today someone tried to sell me Terrorism insurance! why would I need terrorism insurance?

I'm sitting there minding my own business watching the Carp City Council meeting...YAWN.....geez you guys are very boring....the most boring meeting I've ever watched....Joe DO SOMETHING DUDE....start a fight or something!!!

it's about 7:00 PM...

then I smell some smoke..a real metalic type I go out to the balcony and gaze down the road and there's a bunch of smoke rising over by Santa Claus Lane....billowing black and gray smoke... sirens are screaming....holy shit..a terrorist attack in Carp!!!

so I get my bike and camera and go check it out which was pretty stupid because the smoke was thick and I was coughing..but I gotta get the story..I cough cough gotta..cough hack hack..get I see a few other folks and ride down Via Real and see the culprit...geez..a car is fully engulfed in smoke and fire...damn.... the car was blackened like metal ash...

I didn't see any bodies but if someone was driving it and didn't get out, they're dead....fried...crispy crittered...I think it was a pick up's important to change the oil every 5000 miles!

I see some other folks looking.....I don't think it was a terrorist....but maybe...we got some rightwing kooks in Carp!

so I go home after getting some shots and the highway is at a standstill and it looks kinda spooky...I'm a little light-headed due to the smoke which is starting to disappear...

and I look up as the skies cleared and saw the moon... and a star close by...and the face of a woman...I thought to myself maybe I should marry her...and just as I got to my door...a gardener's daughter stopped me on my way, on the day I was
to wed
It is you who I wish to share my body with she said
We'll find a dry place under the sky with a flower for a bed
And for my joy I will give you a boy with a moon and
star on his head.

so I said "OK!"

Monday, March 26, 2012

danke schoen...

my darling danke schoen...thank you for walks down lover's lane

zee dis plants undt trees..dis plants not native I VANT U KILL IT!! dis plants ess bad for motherland Caulifornia!! ess not goood AHCTUN!!

I..... GOSH.... MYGOSH!!! da rain!! Mein kampfire went out!!
I vant pure race of trees und plants und birds und rocks und things for America!! yas! HI-O SILVER !! HEIL HITLER!!

das fraulines mus very nice last night danke!!

zee dis castor beaniiit kill little white children so we kill it..zee?? vee vant only certain type here in state...only you be born here you can stay it??

I got a great plan to make me happy becuz things no make me happy right now...I vill destroy eveything that makes my brrrrain go pitty-patter! I valk down zee road and I see thing I no like..I kill it!! I valk in zee hills mit my dog and I see plant looks like Anne Frank girl... I don't like..I kill it!!

I no like zee, I can get back at Australia by killing dere eucalyptus trees dat come no good trees I dona know just aint no good... I cut dem down because I CAN!! I vill start war on eucalyptus tree and vill round em up and cut em down...

das eees da way to go amigos!! so go and kill someting dat brings light and joy to da world..vee don't vant too much of dat, you know...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

no reservations...

no shirt, no shoes, no service

ok now I see that Nipper has been having some people on the radio show that Wendy bought him....some chef type people....he talked to Gail Simmons on the phone..Gail is the big boobed chick judge on Top Chef....and then Nipper got chef Bradley Ogden and Michael DeRousse as guest hosts of the Nipper's Table Talk hour....

but as far as I'm concerned these people are is cook it, then you eat don't analyse it, or treat it like it's part of the family..hey we just adopted a potato and an onion today, come over and say "hi"..

I do like Bourdain because he's funny and gets the relationship to food and place, but the other guys are just too silly for me...

now Chefs...I would hope that when Nipper invites you to be on his program, you do a little research and find out what a scumbag he is...a phony foodie... a labor law breaker...oooooo..I hate foodies and wine tasters.....bunch of useless freaks...

but I've noticed Ogden's name has been bouncing around from restaurant to restaurant so I figure something unyielding is following him...and he keeps running..what are you running from Bradley? too much scotch in ther butterscotch pudding in Vegas? get your kicks on Route/Root 246?? the Chumash were offended by the "Dead Injun" soup??

Celebrity chef Bradley Ogden and the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash of Indians have parted ways.
Tribal spokeswoman Nerissa Sugars said Ogden’s contract as chef for Root 246 in downtown Solvang was not renewed, and his name will remain on the restaurant next to the tribe’s Hotel Corque on Alisal Road only through August.
Nerrisa Sugars?? hey she's the wife of Drew Sugars the County Sheriff spokesman and they both were anchors at KCOY years wonder we get no crime reports about the casino!

an online review: I’m not surprised by the end of Ogden. While some have praised it for years, I could see the decline start 4 years ago at Uncork’d. One would think that a private dinner hosted by Alan Richman would have inspired the kitchen to present their absolutely best dishes in terms of technique, presentation and flavor. Sadly, that didn’t happen, even on a night when both Bradley and his son Bryan were in the kitchen. Nice guys who finished last on that night with poorly cooked lamb chops and uninspired desserts. It only seemed to go downhill from there. While the closing may be a sign of the times, (i.e., Caesar’s rush to sign Ramsay), in my view the slow decline in the kitchen didn’t help the Ogden bunch.

now, in my book, anyone who hosts a radio show with Nipper has gotta be a punk...and it looks like Bradley Ogden is a punk...apparently Ogden was arrested in 2008 for battery..on his Vegas..and has a history of crime in Santa Barbara....

Celebrity chef files appeal in battery case
Bradley Ogden
Chef sentenced to 180 days in jail in incident involving girlfriend

by Lawrence Mower
Posted: Nov. 13, 2008 10:00 p.m.
Local celebrity chef Bradley Ogden, who was convicted last month of misdemeanor battery in Las Vegas Municipal Court and sentenced to 180 days in jail, has filed an appeal in the case, court records show.
Ogden, 55, was sentenced Oct. 15 for grabbing his girlfriend and pushing her to the floor at the Suncoast in 2006, according to court records.
Ogden has had previous run-ins with police over domestic violence with the same girlfriend, records show.

In August he was arrested by Santa Barbara County, Calif., sheriff's deputies for robbery and domestic violence, according to the incident report.

robbery and domestic violence..sweeeet!! geez what'd she do Brad.... burn the toast??

Friday, March 23, 2012

pastic fantastic lover

I was shaving this morning with a new pastic razor that OUCH put a big gash in my I can't sit down!

well according to the News-Press, the SAVE the PASTIC BAG COALITION is fixin to sue Carpinteria for passing a plastic bag banning ordinance....

but I don't know what a pastic bag is! what is it? how can you save something that dosen't exist..I looked everywhere and couldn't find out what "pastic" means...I know what spastic means and what plastic means but not "pastic" who cares if we get sued by a coalition that wants to save a nonentity...pastic..

don't let your city be bullied buy the SAVE THE PASTIC BAG COALITION..sue them back for promoting waste and litter!!

say a little payer...
and Tim Tebow's prayer obsession has caused him to lose his job in Colorado..when you drop and pray every five minutes so you can win football games and then lose out in the playoffs, something has gotta give..Timmy, Jesus has the Broncos can regain their stature as a great football team instead of a freaking church group....

hey there's Tony Denunzio on the front page of the News-Press again...looks like ALL LOCAL MEDIA except me failed to mention Tony's latest arrest for assault only a few months after his first one...and his defense lawyer is up to his old tricks trying to fudge the lab results...the Judge should just say no to Genis instead of just limiting him..why is that so hard....
here's some court dates for Tony that taxpayers are financing because this dude can't control there anybody who thinks Denunzio is not a piece of shit by now?? geez....what a waste of time and money.....he should pay it all back and wear a radio collar around his neck, like a dog so the cops can keep tabs on him.... and you'd think the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Ass would be outraged at the tax money wasted on Tony's drunken escapades...oh wait... I almost forgot....Joe Armendariz is the CEO!

bammer holers
and my pals at Noozhawk are miffed at the Carpenters' Union for staging demonstrations in Goleta..seems the union is hiring bammer holers to spread the message that the Goleta Valley Hospital is hiring people to do subpar work so they don't have to pay union members...that's kinda like a Noozhawk hiring cub reporters to float a conservative agenda..but we all see thru that bullshit don't we?

and I see that birthers (retarded teabaggers) are suing California over Obama's candidate eligibility..according to these folks, Obabmja is not an American citizen amd he's a Muslim to boot..well considering the time we've spent invading Islamic countries maybe we should change our name to United States of Islam...oh and the suit was filed by a teabag guy named Dummett! dat figures...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

spies in the night

shadows looking through an open window, footsteps following wherever you go...

yesterday I went to the courthouse and forgot to put up this picture of this her walk..

so everyone knows about the hackers at the defunct News of the World... and Rupert Murdoch's other slimey publishing enterprises....well I was watching the Mr. Wimpy Show (Worthen One on One) and he had recurring guest Robert Eringer've heard of Eringer and his problems with the Prince of Monaco..actually the story is pretty interesting, but his comments on Michael's brother Joel Douglas made my ears ring...

Eringer said he worked with News of the World at one time and said that Rupert Murdoch pulled a nasty story about Joel's a bit convoluted but Joel is Michael's brother..Michael is Wendy McCaw's friend..and Wendy loves Rupert Murdoch because he's a slimeball like her!

Eringer kept blasting Rupert while Mr. Wimpy kept professing his love and admiration for Ruppie!!
I guess Rupert wanted to protect another crook who happened to be the brother of Michael Douglas and son of Kirk Douglas... supposedly Joel Douglas who's a movie producer made a bunch of shady Hollywood deals and scammed investors with a guy named Jon Emr...I found a book and some old stories that highlight what Eringer was talking about...geez..drugs, murder, scams...private investigators...

Ex-Bodyguard Sought in Slaying of Film Producer : Murder: The victim's son and father also were killed. Authorities believe the motive was revenge over a salary dispute.
July 16, 1991 From United Press International
The slayings of a movie producer and his son and father allegedly were carried out by the executive's former bodyguard in apparent retribution after he received only $10,000 of his $30,000 salary, authorities announced Monday.

The suspect--identified as Robert Michael Suggs, also known as Robert Michael Allen, 31, who has worked as a private investigator in Arizona, Washington and Nevada--remained at large and was the object of an interstate manhunt, Culver City Police Chief Ted Cooke said. Suggs' former girlfriend, Susan Lynn Calkins, 20, who lived with him in Hermosa Beach, was also being sought.

Suggs was employed as a bodyguard for two years by Roland Emr, an executive with GMT Studio in Culver City, Detective Steven Yoshida said. Emr, 45, of Torrance, and his son, Roger Jon Emr Jr., 20, of Torrance, were gunned down Thursday as they sat in their car at Sepulveda Boulevard and Slauson Avenue in Culver City.

Arthur Charles Emr Sr., 71, Roland Emr's father, was found shot to death in his home in Paradise Valley, Ariz., on Friday.
Roland Emr had promised to pay Suggs $30,000 for his services as a bodyguard, but paid him only $10,000, police said.
"Since the money didn't come through, Suggs went bankrupt and he blamed it on Emr," Yoshida said.

The same type of weapon, a .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol, was used in the three murders, Yoshida said.
Investigators were also looking into the possibility that Suggs may have been hired by a number of film and business investors who were swindled out of millions of dollars by Roland Emr over several years.
Emr, according to police, had obtained the rights to produce a number of movies, including one about James Dean.
Emr and his son were able to lure investors for the projects but none of the films were ever made.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD: Moviemaking, Con Games, and Murder in Glitter City
Rod Lurie (Author)
This riveting Hollywood expose focuses on charming grifter Roland Jon Emr, who practiced his big con posing as a Hollywood producer until his untimely demise. Detailing Emr's notorious cons, journalist and film critic Lurie fleshes out headlines and police reports in a book seething with ambitious grotesques-would-be producers, actors, and scriptwriters-who populate the underbelly of Hollywood. While bordering on the lurid, he vividly etches a morality tale of how Hollywood dreams quickly turn into nightmares.

(Tied up in litigation over allegations that Joel Douglas, son of actor Kirk and brother of actor-producer Michael, was involved in Emr's shady goings-on, Lurie had to wait four years to publish this book.) Recommended for entertainment collections.
Jayne Plymale-Jackson, Univ. of Georgia Libs., Athens
Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.

now I don't know who's telling the truth, but the Douglas family has loads of drug problems and it seems feasible that some of the Douglas guys would go for the easy money and blowing it on drugs...whatever happened, I don't know and why they keep honoring these guys at film festivals...if you look below the surface, they are a pretty creepy bunch....

and it seems drug abuse is a common theme among Team Wendy members! will we see murder next??

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

she talks to angels


well I told you before about my little encounter with Kym Herrin..the local beauty who graced the pages of Playboy years ago.... I was living on the Young Ranch in Carp in the 90s and so was she with her boyfriend...I gave her a ride to Kim's Market one bright sunny morning and it was two minutes of heaven... she is quite beautiful..and nice

so I was saddened to hear she got arrested a while back for something or other...I don't believe for a minute that Kym has a bad bone in her body, so I'm hoping that the case gets settled and everyone moves on....and any devils she has following her can be dealt with...

I know the case is being heard at the Superior Court in Santa I think I'll check it out this I do.. I get up and go and get there about 9:00 AM..traffic is light and the sun is bright..

some women have smiles as warm as the sun...

so I go searching for the courtroom in the main courthouse but I don't see the room I'm looking I ask the gal behind the desk and she informs me the hearing is across the street at he other court house....this is where Randy and Evy Quaid had their that's a good sign maybe Kym's troubles aren't that huge...

I enter and the last time I was here they didn't have a security dept..geez...they nearly stripped all my clothes off..and they found a little pocket knife...a little toad sticker I always carry in case I wanna stab I said here it's yours..they said ok but they can't return problem I say ..I got lots of knives..lots..

so I look up while I'm being frisked and on the second floor I see a beautiful woman looking out over the court yard...and down at me..she looks a bit sad.. Immediately I recognize her... it's Kym she's still hot and looks pretty healthy to that's good, too

I hurry up and put my clothes back on and head upstairs and Kym's coming down the stairs.. I say Hi can I take your picture? she looks at me like I'm an idiot then I plead PLEEEESE!! then she smiles and says ok..

wow, another brief encounter with Kym about fifteen years later and I'm still tongue-tied!
oh well...all I can say is I wish her well and maybe I'll check another hearing out but today I was too stoked to hang around.....just getting her picture was enough....


oh Lord, stuck in Lodi...


judging from the teeny audience size, the hush hush "forum" on public pensions was an exercise in appears that a few elderly News-Press subscribers were the only ones there!! who sponsored this thing??

ran out of time and money....
first of all if you work all your life, you need to think about a time when you won't behooves every working person who wopn't get a trust fund or inheritance or divorce settlement, to put money into some savings account..if your employee offers to match you contributions then good for them...any contracts between employer and employee can be negotiated at the bargaining's not just pensions but safety items and over-all benefits that are given or taken away..that's what negotiation is..give and take...the notion that public employees should not be allowed to bargain collectively is nonsense; the notion that pro-labor politicians will always favor unions is also nonsense....

now Lanny has been braying at the moon like a wounded donkey for the last two years to get an extreme POLITICAL agenda on the 2012 ballots..of course he failed as did his anti public worker cronies but the News-Press refuses to print that story! and the conservatives in Wisconsin that went after collective bargaining are running and hiding too....poor Gov Walker's only safe place is FOX NEWS and he's lawyered up after all the malfeasance he and his aides are accused of while he was working for a municipality a few years ago....guys like Walker are part of the problem, not the solution..and the reason Wendy hates unions is because of her mismanagement of the News-Press, the workers unionized...and she broke numerous labor laws....

things got bad and things got worse, guess you know the tune...
and the News-Press article by Kathryn Watson keeps calling Lanny Dr. Ebestein and points to Stockton as a reason why public pensions are bad.. first of all Lanny's a doctor like Dr. Laura's a doctor..they are both quacks!

the city of Stockton is contemplating filing for bankruptcy because of mismangement, not pensions....Stockton has high crime high unemployment and high foreclosure rates..the city bought too many luxury items with bonds and was flush with cash during the housing boom..but the bust means the exorbitant bills came due..."The city didn't have the discipline to live within its means," City Manager Bob Deis said. "The city should've limited its dreams and built less." ....same thing happened to Vallejo...Vallejo emerged from bankruptcy in November after cutting workers' pay, requiring bigger employee contributions to health insurance, renegotiating its debt with major creditors, and scaling back or eliminating city services and payments to bondholders. But facing what could've been a costly and lengthy legal battle with CalPERS, it left pensions intact and actually increased annual payments into the state system. Voters narrowly OK'd a $10 million sales tax hike in November, but revenues remain scant.

and Lanny Ebenstein is a perfect example of the kind of mindset that created the housing crisis: he lost some homes to forecfosure, got sued for operating a nuisance pothouse in Eureka because he was financially illiterate!! and then he runs to rich Wendy to be her little puppet against unions..

ok so some public pension issues will be part of Gov Brown's initiative....there's a little tweaking there and these will be voted on...Brown over-reached because raising the retirement age is unnecessary..if you start work in your 20s and hit your 50s, you want some time off, not more work until your late 60s...that's why it's crucial to plan and close all the corporate loopholes that rip the worker you want a 67 year old fireman responding to your house burning down? of course not..that dude should be playing golf, not putting out fires!

but before the one percenters and their puppets go crazy, they need to look at history..
under Arnold as governor: The last two budget agreements worked out by the Legislature and signed by the governor include provisions that permanently cut billions in revenue from the corporation tax -- with the state getting next to nothing in return.

and from as far back as Calif Gov Pete Wilson in 1992: "The pilfering of the golden nest eggs is alarmingly widespread. In the past two years more than a third of the states have cut or delayed contributions to their pension funds, seized money outright from pension accounts, or begun to debate similar measures"

States and cities are plundering employee pension funds to ease their budget crises. Taxpayers may be stuck if the plans can't meet their future obligations.
As the July 1 start of the fiscal year neared, Republican Governor Pete Wilson was staring at a $14 billion budget deficit. So to help make ends meet, Wilson decided to take $1.6 billion from the coffers of the $63 billion California Public Employee Retirement System. Known as Calpers, the fund covers most state workers except teachers, who have their own plan. Wilson also tried to replace the 13-member Calpers board with a new nine-member group that he would control. Dale Hanson, the system's irate chief executive, called this scheme a ''hostile takeover.'' The backlash against the governor came immediately. State employees blocked the driveway to the capitol's garage to protest looting the fund and packing the board, and they overwhelmed their representatives with calls, telegrams, and visits. Wilson threatened them with salary reductions, furloughs, and layoffs of up to 20,000 workers if they succeeded in foiling his plans. Robbery and blackmail, cried Fortney H. Stark, the liberal Democratic Congressman from Oakland. He accused Wilson of conspiring to turn workers' savings into a ''giant slush fund'' that would ''hide the real cost of government.'' In the end, the California legislature prevented Wilson from reconfiguring the board but let him have the $1.6 billion from the pensioners' cost-of- living account anyway.

now if you want to see how crazy the teabaggers have gotten, Florida Gov Rick Scott signed into law random drug tests for state workers..if they don't submit they could lose benefits...Scott also owns a company that administers these types of tests...this is fascism in Florida folks...
...the Florida law will be challenged of course but this is typical ignorant nonsense from the teabagger conservatives, like Lanny and Wendy amd Nipper....

maybe it's time to Occupy the News-Press..just for a little fun until they start printing the truth

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

don't be denied

all that glitters isn't gold....

the storms have brought some nice sunrises that give me an inner peace..but for how long??

well let's see..I don't look at or have any porn anywhere at all...but if I did, I may have a few CDs maybe with some choice activities..but I don' if Penn State fan Rick Santorum were to be our next president God forbid, he would take away my porn if I had any which I don' may have some and I'm not judging I'm just sayin that Rick would take it away which matters not one bit to me because I don't look at the stuff! but Rick was posing shirtless by a pool in Puerto Rico in close proximity to a docked all gay cruise ship...posing like a playmate..hmmmm.. I wonder why Rick is fixated on everyone's sexual behavior...

speaking of dirty, how about this babe..the wife of the goofy Syrian dictator....she is stunning.. she looks like a doll...and they say she runs the show over there..ordered the killings and everything..I'd kill you for her so watch out...
so the head of a local Christian school called me and asked me some questions...don't worry, pal, your secret's safe with me!

then I hear Yanni is coming to the Santa Barbara Bowl....Yanni?? this dude is responsible for why much of Santa Barbara is the way it is...marshmellowy!!! and the News-Press has a facebook page..nothing is on it yet!!

hey, why didn't I hear about this??? from the NP: Much of a Town Hall forum on the topic of unions Monday evening at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History focused on public employee pensions, a hot-button issue at the local, state and national levels. And, it was an issue that three panelists — Dr. Nelson Lichtenstein, director of the Center for the Study of Work, Labor and Democracy at UCSB; Dr. Lanny Ebenstein, president of the California Center for Public Policy; and Tony Pighetti, firefighter and president of the Santa Barbara City Firefighters Association.....oh boy, if I had known there was a forum I would have gone!! next time...oh never mind...all of Lanny's pension initiatives failed and do you know why? because these issues are supposed to be hammered out at the bargaining table, not in the News-Press!! I'll have more on this political farce later...

so I get a knock on the door and a guy from SCE says my power will be off for five seconds while he switches meters... my Smart Meter is being installed!!
I think I feel a little headache coming on....I think I'm getting cancer.....

Oh Mexico..never really been but I'd sure like to some Westmont students are going to Mexico and some locals are worried..there's just so much crime and drugs south of the border..well I started thinking about a Mexican school that wanted to visit the United States and what if the news just portrayed America as a place where kids are molested by teachers, or white skinheads live in the hills and kidnap and kill women...or a place where drugs are so prevalent, drug sniffing dogs are needed in high schools..and aplace where the super rich try to steal from the working suddenly doesn't sound like a very friendly place, does it?

think on these things....

Monday, March 19, 2012

soul sacrifice

I'm tickled pink at the PR war between the News-Press and Reality church..they so deserve each other...

now as I predicted, the News-Press had a response to the Reality church pig sacrifice...just as Wendy was upset with the Lompoc teens that killed the owls, she now is upset with the Reality cult for greasing chasing and killing pigs for a Deliverance-style BBQ...

but the editorial was typically looney...first Wendy says she thinks the Reality church folks are "Neanderthals" for killing pigs..then she says the Neanderthals had to kill animals for food because "there were no grocery stores back then"...I guess Wendy thinks the meat in the grocery stores today isn't from dead animals! haha...

now I've ranted on and on long before Wendy about the Channel Islands fiasco..and she chimed in later expressing outrage... but she's just a hypocrite having given money to the Center for Biological Diversity which cheers the killing of animals because they are "non-native"...

and the Indian tribes get to kill two bald eagles for their religious ceremonies! (google for story)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A federal government decision to allow a Wyoming tribe to kill two bald eagles for a religious ceremony is a victory for American Indian sovereignty as well as for long-suppressed religious freedoms, the tribe says.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service granted a permit March 9 to the Northern Arapaho Tribe allowing it either to kill or capture and release two bald eagles this year.

geez, these traditions that are steeped in ignorance need to be outlawed...but I will agree with Wendy that the Reality church should have its non-profit status removed...them and almost every other church and nonprofit in town....then we solve the budget issues!!

and look.. how nice of Wendy to give Nipper his own radio show and she just bought Nipper a big black slave and a TV studio....even though she's down to her last $40 million...what is the big black slave showing Nipper? what do you think!! do you think only Nipper can satisfy Wendy??

ok we have many reason humans kill animals..some are reasonable..hunting eating harvesting or roadkill..and some are not: for religious purposes, for bionativism, or for sport...

but the big question raised by the News-Press is: were there grocery stores in the Pleistocene Epoch? something to think about!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Onward Christian Soldiers

when in doubt, whip it out

the churchy conservatives who apparently don't get the metaphors in the bible are really making the rounds... they use the scriptures to support their own's a badge of honor to them!

a guy named Jason Russell has been in the news lately...he's a Christian who founded a nonprofit called Invisible Children.... he made a short film called Kony 2012 about Uganda children being abused...but what's coming to light is the fake advocacy here..these Christian groups want money more than anything else..."Bloggers and other Internet users have done some investigative work, and revealed that Charity Navigator gave Invisible Children a two out of four stars rating in accountability because the group refuses to have its finances audited by a committee"

Jason was just arrested in San Diego for jerking off in public...personally, I don't see what the problems is....if we were really a free society, I'd be able to whip it out and share with pretty girls walking down the street ... unfortunately, there are legal consequences to such behavior...but guys need to be discreet...BTW, the downtown parking garages now have cameras!

so this Russell guy is an Evangelical Christian, and in November 2011 he spoke publicly about his faith and its relation to his charity work in a speech at a Liberty University conference.

On March 15, 2012, Russell was detained by San Diego police and taken to a local hospital for allegedly vandalising cars and making sexual gestures after removing his underwear. According to a brief statement issued by Invisible Children, Russell was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration and malnutrition in the wake of the emotional toll of the media storm around Kony 2012.

ok that's as good an excuse as any...but Jason is friends with all sorts of Christian organizations..they helped him raise money...this is all about recruitment of young minds and it's pretty scary....we've seen what Reality church is up to...

what about Providence Hall, Kathy Ireland's church school? I'm looking into that... it seems the former assistant headmaster who also does this stuff, Director of Recruiting & Leadership Development, Free Methodist Church; Consultant for Non-Profits; Writer; Speaker..well, she helped raise funds for Invisible Children and in her blog, laments the Reality church pig sacrifice story: Closer to home, today I was made aware of a story in the local paper that came out yesterday as the lead story on the front page (really?!) about a local youth group that had some sort of male bonding weekend that included face paint and greased pigs and the slaughter of said pigs. I read it, and all in all, it did not paint the church in a good light - but I also understand that the media can skew things. Fortunately, the church came out with a rather humble statement that does a good job acknowledging how it could have been handled better. But I would say that some damage has been done...

now, I don't want to hear any phony outrage about the Ojai Reality pig sacrifice from Wendy P McCaw....she contributes money to the Center for Biological Diversity which encouraged the killing of thousands of Channel Island pigs in the name of "nativism"....however, I expect some faux outrage in the Sunday editorial.......
when I visited Wendy's cultish Reagan Ranch Center last year, I noticed Ron's little monkey I seeing things or is this monkey jerkin' off, too??
right there in the display case...
is that normal or good for the Reagan Ranch Center? the Young Miss America Foundation? the Christians?? hey anyone know how I can get in touch with the Rev Sun Yung Moon??

Saturday, March 17, 2012

a boy named Sue

my name is Sue, how do you do... now you gonna die!

well this has to be the weirdest story I've ever read in the seems a parent was upset that his son, who goes to Open Alternative School in Santa Barbara, had his fingernails painted by a teacher...the dad and kid were on the front page and the ex-wife enrolled the kid in the school against the dad's wishes..

apparently this is how they teach about painting the kids' nails..I don't get it really...the father was upset because he thinks the school is teaching the kid to be a homo! well dad, the kid needs a haircut then the male teachers at Open Alternative School won't fawn all over him..geez..... did ya hear about the LA schools and the teachers there?? I'm not saying the OAS is that way, but c'mon..put two and two together....

so what has happened to education? when I went to school there was bullying..some big kid kept making fun of me so I finally asked him in front of my pals to meet me in the playground by the merry-go-round after school and we'd settle it...he laughed and walked after school I went to the merry-go-round area and a few other guys were there...but my bully never showed up...after that, he never said much to me COS I WOULDA KICKED HIS ASS!!!! I was small, but I'm Irish Catholic and can fight and drink anyone under the table any place anytime..the first thing I did when I was forced outta the womb was take a shot of whiskey and spit in my father's eye!!

anyway, the point is always stand up to a bully and they will stand down..usually..of course you run the risk of getting clobbered by him, but at least you didn't wimp out...

now, school needs to get back to the need outlets...wrestling, swimming, music, art, running, boxing , martial arts are all good things to occupy the mind and body...and we need teachers who get this to take a stand....
was painting a kids nails a psychological experiment? no I don't think so..but it seems like a lame way to make a point....all it did was upset a confused homophobic yuppiemuppie dad....and don't we have enough confused yuppiemuppies in this town??

Friday, March 16, 2012

when the saints

go marching in....

hey, I started a new nonprofit called "Feed a Model"..for just $19.50 per month, we''ll shove a hamburger down a model's throat once a week so she don't die for "the look"..won't you help please??

ok so St. Patrick's Day is coming up on Saturday and that's the day Irish Catholics get drunk and molest children......if you wear green tomorrow, it's like saying "Irish I was drunk"..

speaking of odd religious folks, a group of Reality church cult members gathered on an Ojai ranch and started sacrificing pigs.. I read this in the News-Press!
it seems the little churchies were trying to enact a scene in Exodus where they mutilate a ram and spread the blood around on their hands and toes and sprinkle some on the altar and then burn it and offer it to God..since no rams were available, they used little pigs...the kids in the group were covered with "war-paint"..but we know it was really pigs' blood.....

more religious stuff....maniac TV evangelist Pat Robertson says oral sex is ok if you're married.....that means if you're married ladies, you can go south for sushi or/and I can have breakfast at Irene's!

Koch sister...seems anti-gay marriage conservative Amy Koch R-Buffalo had an affair with a staffer and fired him: Koch abruptly resigned from her leadership position on December 15, 2011 and announced she would not seek re-election. She claimed her resignation was because the state GOP could not afford a "lame duck leader in negotiations next session." One day later, several GOP colleagues said publicly that she only quit after they confronted her about allegations of an "inappropriate relationship" with a Senate employee.

Koch later apologzied for the affair. In response to the incident, a gay Minneapolis resident penned a tongue-in-cheek letter on behalf of all gays and lesbians in Minnesota apologizing for the affair, as Koch authored an unsuccessful bill to amend the Minnesota Constitution to say that only marriage between a man and a woman would be recognized....

now the dude that got fired for bonking and having oral sex with self-righteous Amy is threatening to expose more affairs between male reps and female staffers who weren't fired....there's a double standard I guess....if you're gonna have an affair make sure you are a woman..I mean a man...uh... with some power to...ah...well...well...I just don't know anymore..maybe marriage should have term limits: I now pronounce you man and wife-for five years...or the Mormons..I like the five wife idea with weekends off!

ok.... so eat drink and be merry I guess is the theme for this weekend...and for extra fun, go have an affair!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

a streetcar named desire

a bus called lust?? an automobile named DUI??

I agree with Peter Lance's commentary in last Friday's News-Press that his case left some important unanswered and troubling questions..Pete asks if tourists will feel safe and secure when they visit the "resort" town of Santa Barbara ampersand they won't be "set up" by the cops...

I wouldn't worry about that really unless you have something to worry about...and look at Pete's pals Mr. Wimpy and Eringer..they look like a couple of worried winos!

nowPete and Wendy got questions.... and I got questions that point more towards the justice system that allowed an obviously DUI driver off the hook and caused the taxpayers to foot the bill..that's where my concern is...

it's true Lance got his case dismissed by Judge Brian Hill on the grounds the cops did an illegal stop without probable cause, altho the judge did say the cops acted reasonably...hmmmm..the DUI unit was patrolling on New Year's Eve and spotted something unusual in Lance and stopped him....yes this seems reasonable to stop someone on New Year's Eve after drinking champagne so why did Judge Hill dismiss the case?? does Hill own stock in a champagne company? did Wendy, who gave Lance free rein to babble on about his arrest, did Wendy give Judge Hill some Rupert Murdoch gave officials some payoffs..hmmmm

and Lance appeared on Mr Wimpy's TV shows and wrote lengthy articles in the News-Press about all the DUI victims of the Santa Barbara police dept....all folks who on the stand admitted to being snokered, pissed, legless, Irish I was drunk..and some admitting they chugged vodka from the bottle then took mom's car for a drive!!

no I shan't relive the hearings, but from day one Judge Hill was clearly in over his head as people milled about the courtroom jumping up and down like Jacks in the Box...talking out of order, Lance getting thrown out of the court...there simply was no order or leadership in Judge Brian Hill's court..I think he should resign and go play golf because his decision to dismiss the case against Lance was obviously the wrong one...and the original judge Eskin should never have caved to the "bias" complaint raised by Genis....isn't the very nature of being a judge is not to be biased?? the whole idea being a judge is trained to look at the law and facts, not biases and emotions! this case was a smudge against the Santa Barbara judicial system

yes, these are troubling questions..the court wasted so much time, the defense wasted so much time and the prosecutor seemed confused....

I hope that some lessons were learned and that the courts won't start treating drunk drivers like celebrities..

now our latest DUI may have something to do with Providence...hmmmm