Friday, August 31, 2012

oh, pretty woman!

hey there..

Mick is busy today..tee hee!

love Marilyn

Thursday, August 30, 2012

wild wild life

I'm wearin' Fur pajamas I ride a Hot potato It's ticklin' my fancy Speak up, I can't hear you Here on this mountaintop

so there's a letter in the News-Press from the Wildlife Care Network thanking Wendy P McCuckoo for this and that..actually it was a kiss-ass letter from the nonprofit president Lessie Nixon Schontzler because Wendy gave them some money and some property to expand the facilities...they say if you see a little wild animal that's hurt to call if I see a wounded bat on the ground or a maimed gopher, I should call them?? no way...I'll let the little fellers die then the vultures and even the crows will dispatch them....

if'n I ever do need to call someone, it'll be County Animal taxes at work..and BTW, do the gals at the Wildlife Care Network know that Wendy gives money to the Center for Biological Diversity and Mayhem who supported the killing of thousands of animals on the Channel Islands in the name of biodiversity?? did you know that ladies? damn bitches

yup, the Nature Conservancy and Parks Service used helicopters, poison , fences and dogs to harrass and kill a wide variety of animals..pigs, owls, hawks..hell they even killed some "endangered" foxes... that's irony for ya!

ok so I read in the Ventura County Star that Tony Strickland is in trouble with teabaggers and a guy named Tim Donnelly because Tony voted with Democrats for a bill that bans using dogs when hunting bears...the US Humane Society was for the bill too, and I commend them although president Wayne Pacelle and the USHS were silent during the Channel Islands massacre...

if you hunt, hunt.. use bows, guns and all the cool stuff but don't shoot fish in a barrel...go out and stalk and camp and move around...most real hunters are not always successful and respect the kill when they are successful...dogs are useful when hunting fowl, for retrieving the dead bird but dogs should never ever be used to scare a bear up a tree so some jerkoff yuppiemuppie can shoot it!! using dogs to hunt bears is stupid, using bait stations smothered in peanut butter and jelly is stupid...that's not what you do...

now, a quick background check reveals the guy is Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks who was busted by the TSA for carrying a loaded gun on a plane..he copped a plea and paid a fine...he's a wacked out neo Nazi Christian militia kinda guy.....time for a recall of this bozo

apparently a bunch of anonymous teabaggers spurred on by Donnelly emailed Strickland and threatened him because of his vote...

these guys aren't hunters, they are fanatics from the deep south tradition of inbreeding and sex with farm my question is: WTF are they doing in California??

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tales of Brave Ulysses

And you see a girl's brown body dancing through the turquoise,
And her footprints make you follow where the sky loves the sea.
And when your fingers find her, she drowns you in her body..

well this morning (Tuesday) I felt like Adonis....or Ulysses... like someone a the Man of La Mancha...

I don't know why....maybe the GNC vitamins but I was ready for the moment...ready for anything then I remembered there's a prelim hearing about Kevin Costner and the Grimms....9:30 AM problem..showered, shorts and tee shirt..lovely sunny warm morning.....out the door....traffic's slow but so are conservatives..hahahaha!!

I get there at 9:00 AM....court house is calm and beautiful with lush greenery and no one jumping from the bell tower to ruin my morning...I head for room's a nice little room about 2000 sq.ft....a few folks are sitting in the audience waiting for their cases to be heard...I listen in and the judge at the bench is Thomas Anderle...he's an older guy, bald and funny..astute...and I sit through these hearings I'm impressed with the judges in Santa Barbara...except maybe Judge Brian Hill, the ones I've seen from Judge Donna Geck to this guy are really on the ball..I find it relaxing to sit in the court room and watch other peoples' troubles....

I also find it nice to fantasize about the chicks in the court room...a couple of nice ones today.. eyes as blue as the ocean, smiles as warm as the sun....I wonder what would happen if I went up while they were standing before the bench making arguments, and I started making out with them....grab their skirtsuits and hiked 'em up and ..and..and.... one chick looked like Aphrodite or even Penelope with the long curly blond hair and nice soft milky white hands...I just pictured those pretty fingers wrapped around my...well...I elected to stay in my seat but I had a little porn movie going on in my head!!

ok so anyway finally the Costner case comes up and three suits approach...they got microphones in the trial area but the lawyers don't use them, so I'm straining to hear...the judge has his mic on and he's really all I need to listen to today...the issue is a "scenic view" case he says...Grimm's views and the damages he's seeking against Kevin's high hedges on Beach Club Rd, off Padaro could actually go all the way to a jury trial but the judge said the parties involved should work it out before then...before May 2013....geez...that's eight months to work it out..what's the problem, Kevin or Mr. Grimm?? you can get a hedge trimmer for $49 at Home Improvement Center!

I hope they work it out.. I mean if the rightwingers want less gov't, why do they spend so much time in court using union judges to babysit them???

then I see Kevin and son Joe are being sued by a gal named Jessica Fabing....I don't know what's up with that... if they want me to mediate these issues, I am available..but if not, I want all local celebrities and politicians to act like responsible adults for once..don't clog the courts with scenic view issues, don't grope women while representing our locality, don't drink and drive, in other words, GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

on second thought, never mind..sue who you want because these cheap court room fantasies are all I got left....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

lessons learned

are like bridges burned, you only need to cross them but once...

oh I see my neighbors at Creekside Floral are teabaggers.....they are now on my radar

I recall when pro-labor politico Das Williams visited a strawberry farm in Oxnard a few months ago..someone complained about working conditions and Das went to check it out for himself..what followed was a bunch of people who were trying to defeat Das calling him names, writing editorials against him (News-Press) and threatening to sue him...of course this was all nonsense and related to the recent elections and political cronies of Fiona Ma and loser Jason Hodge....Fiona's hubby Jason lost his election and both were miffed at Das for a number of reasons..unimportant reasons..

but the point is no action of any kind was taken against Das by the strawberry farm because it was a lame and feckless political hit job and they all back downed at the end... and had egg all over their stupid little faces...

the latest dust up is SB 1530 which Das abstained from voting until the bill was amended...that's his, because the bill was covered on CNN by Anderson Cooper, and because Cooper did such a poor job of reporting any facts (CNN ratings are at an all time low so why not make things up and sensationalize), folks have jumped on the CTA and Das for supporting pedophile teachers..don't these folks ever learn??

teachers teach so here's the lesson:
In fact, CTA supported amendments to SB 1530 that would have streamlined the dismissal process. Unfortunately, Senator Padilla rejected these amendments, and kept his focus on making it easier to fire any teacher, innocent or guilty.

We cannot oversimplify this serious issue. And “AC360”’s reporting’s one-sided, almost gleeful vilification does just that. CNN didn’t follow any ethical journalistic practices, and they need to be called out.

There is an agenda at play here, one that plays directly into the hands of the Yes on 32 campaign’s dishonest promise to “get special interest money out of politics”. They want our money out of politics (but not theirs!) and will go to whatever lengths to get their way. It must be noted that the first to publish the “AC360” video clip was the Yes on 32 campaign, and the first to promote it on Twitter was Democrats for Education Reform and Gloria Romero, who support the Yes campaign and who will continue to influence politics with their charter/privatization agenda even if 32 passes.

now the thing about this is the guy running against Das, Rob Walter is asking for donations over on!! he's using child abuse at the hands of the LAUSD to try and get money for his campaign!! send donations he says..what a dirtbag

Mr. Wimpy interviewed Walter and the guy is a religious wack is best to keep these people out of public office since they can't be trusted to look at all aspects of an issue...

the News-Press hasn't covered the story yet because it seems they've learned their lesson, but the apparently has not learned their lesson...

another lame trick by the ignorant anti-union cult...this too shall pass

Monday, August 27, 2012

joy to the world

all the boys and girls now...

ok so the News-Press wants me to celebrate nonprofit$..of course I will not..I cannot...until these parasites pay their fair share and follow the tax laws like the rest of us, I will not celebrate them...all they are is giant tax shelters!

in the Voices section on Sunday we see Brooks Firestone pleading with the county supervisors not to limit north county winery events that benefit nonprofits...have you looked at Brooksie's's bulbous..and his watery bloodshot eyes..that's what happens when you drink too much....

then I see a special insert booklet in the News-Press profiling some of the many nonprofits in the area....there's the Young America's Foundation that teaches kids about "individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values"...that's Wendy's nonprofit...

there's the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association..that's Lanny's and Joe's a matter of fact, Lanny and Joe are a couple of non-profit sluts!!

there's a few worthy nonprofits but let's face it, most are on the take...didn't county supervisor Joni Gray direct some cash from a nonprofit in Lompoc to her husband's law firm?? the nonprofit went broke....I haven't seen anything in the News-Press about it because Joni is a conservative friend of the paper! the Lompoc Record and Santa Maria Times had stories though..

malfeasance..that's what happens when you don't watch these people...they reward themselves with big salaries..I've seen it time and again, the CEOs of the nonprofits ask for handouts from the city councils...from the they can build their own fortunes...Peoples Self Help Housing is worth millions and yet is always asking for more money from city governments...esp on Carp where they own two or three properties...and they are always that the free market? is that free enterprise?? no, it's not...

however, the taxpayer source of free cash has dried up as people get hip to these con artists...
and that's why I'm seeing an increase in booze related money raising..hence the Brooksie plea for unrestricted winery events..the tastings, the parties, the noise, the buses full of drunks, the litter, the DUIs...oh, these are lovely events that benefit all the worthy non-profits says Brooks...actually, Brooks is concerned mainly with his brewery busnesses, Firestone Ale and the wineries he is invested's not about nonprofits and helping people who really need help, it's about more PROFITS for the wacked out booze industry......and to hell with the neighbors who have to deal with the mess left by these fools...

shame on you Brooksie Firestone!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

it's my party

and I'll cry if I want to

Mitt hangs out with Wendy
and the Young Miss America

as Hurricane Isaac rains on the RNC convention, and jerkoff Florida Gov Rick Scott is busy drug testing first responders, ie , gov't workers, Florida has declared state of emergency..that means the government workers they all hate so much will bail them out...and as God directs a massive hurricane towards the conservatives, I thought they might need some reassurance that Mitt is still their man..a kept man, but nonetheless, their man.....well don't's a little visit with Mitt, Wendy, and Young Miss America Foundation..they're having a banquet together....and young Alex VW led the folks in the Pledge of Allegiance in 2009, a few years before he got busted for something weird...a weapons or faux weapons related charge..he pled no contest and was fined $500 a few days ago....
I can't figure out who shot this youtube video but it looks like it was amateur hour..the guy was all over the place..Nipper, was that you and the FlipMino??

I hope this video will keep the one percenters occupied until they can have their party in Florida....and I hear that Cardinal Timothy Dolan was invited by the RNC to bless the conservative've heard of Dolan haven't you? this guy's a real scumbag...he offered payments of $20000 to pedophile priests for them to leave the church instead of reporting them to authorities!!

as a Catholic I am mortified that punks like Dolan are masquerading as spirtitual beings...I'll have more on Dolan later...

but back to Mitt and Wendy who must also support pedophile priests!!! here we see Mitt Romney and Wendy rubbing shoulders...more Stepford wives, more trustfund mentality, more bratty kids that grow up to be bratty adults!

now, all these people are getting a free lunch off Wendy's divorce settlement..this is the antithesis of working for a living...this is why these folks fear unions and a united working class...because they know if Obama wins a second term, Wendy may have to join Molly Maids and clean my condo!!

but there's some cuties at the YMAF...owwww I bet she's juicy as a fresh water clam!

ok so that seals it for me...I'm voting for Obama because everything that's wrong with America can be found in this little room..this little luncheon room...all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons...frivolous folks who spend their time as foolishly as they spend's time to crash the party!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

In My Room

I lock out all my worries and my cares..

ahh..ohh according to my pals at the Montecito Journal, I see that Finola Hughes calls Carpinteria home now...umm, that's nice.. dealing with the Rob Lowes, the Arnolds and Marias, the Kevins living here has been very hard on me, but now with Finola, I can come out of my room and celebrate...she hasn't done anything stupid I'm aware of..and she's certainly beautiful...I've had a crush on her for awhile now....but don't worry Finola, I don't stalk women, they stalk me.. and I know that Finola is married and I certainly believe in the sanctity of marriage, but I live in the real world which is why I want her baaaaad!

can you imagine me and Finola hitting the gossip pages??

the Postman
speaking of Kevin, he's due in court to duke it out with the Brothers Grimm: on 8/28/12....18/2012 1402319 Defendant: Christine B Costner 06/18/2012 1402319 Defendant: Kevin Costner 06/18/2012 1402319 Defendant: Timothy Hoctor 06/18/2012 1402319 Defendant: Rod Lake 06/18/2012 1402319 Defendant: Keith McCay 06/18/2012 1402319 Plaintiff: Grimm Investments LLC

this might be a good one...main court house/ room SB3

politics as usual
next I see Das Williams in the news..apparently Das and the California Teachers Association are pro child molesters according to CNN...well, here's the other side of the story on SB 1530..a flawed and unnecessary bill that is anti-teacher versus pro-children...the hysterical bill author should be ashamed of himself as should Anderson Cooper from CNN who pulled a Fox News faux pas...reporting without facts.... geez what is wrong with these people..the CTA is not the Vatican, the Boy Scouts or Penn St!!

meanwhile back at the ranch
I see Ty Warner doing some good deeds and getting some PR from it..that's cool..Ty owns the San Ysidro Ranch and I noticed an ad that had me giggling..was it a little dig at "snobbish" Wendy? way to go, Ty!!

born to be wild
Todd Akins is a religious conservative teabagger from Missouri and he's an idiot..Lance Armstrong is a bicyclist from California and he's a hero, but is being hounded by some American idiots!!

and Lance Armstrong has more important things to do besides fight with the USADA..the United States Anti-Doping Agency..oh boy, this is a taxpayer funded non-profit messing with athletes' lives....and I protest any of my tax dollars going to them!!

..Lance is a cancer survivor and bicyclist extraodinaire having won numerous Tour de France titles...but of course the drug issue always pops up..with Roger Clemens, the greatest pitcher of all..and now Lance..the greatest cyclist of all...the drug accusations are nonsense....PEDs? like coffee, vitamins..everyone takes those... if the agency had proof that Lance cheated, ok..but I haven't seen any yet...the USADA wants him to prove his innocence and Lance told them finally to fuck-off! and the Cancer Institute he founded is more important than the drug witch hunt...GO LANCE!!

Obama gave the call to kill Bin Laden and now FOX NEWS has outed a Navy Seal's secret identity....that is unconscionable and treasonous...but par for the Rupert Murdoch folks and their hacking ways....they should all be hanged..

Friday, August 24, 2012

if I had a hammer

I'd hammer some sense into their bloody little heads...

as the presidential election approaches, I see the conservatives are acting very peculiar...Wendy invited some little twerp from a Christian College in Pennsylvania...hey you know what..Jerry Sandusky was a Christian from Pennsylvania...but Wendy invites this little shit Paul Kengor to give a lecture to Nixon era relics at the Reagan Ranch Center Roundtable Lucheon thing... for the Young Miss America Foundation....and this Christian conservative nut, Dr. Paul Kengor wrote a book about Obama's childhood mentor, Frank Marshal Davis, a "confirmed communist"..

whoa...a confirmed communist!! a childhood mentor? an atheist? oh , he's talking about Ayn Rand!!

I don't a kid I liked Pete Seeger who was a commie..I liked the way he picked the banjo and the big twelve string guitar....Pete was always singing for the working man and Woody..was Woody a socialist? I liked the Beatles too..they were capitalists... so that makes me half communist, half socialist and half capitalist!

so what's the point Dr. Kengor..that you're a little Christian sissy who's never worked a real job in your life and who's still afraid of communists..still?? even after the McCarthy era witch hunt? still afraid?? only sissies are afraid of communists...

so the News-Press wouldn't say exactly where Kengor teaches but google told me: the Grove City College in Pennsylvania...and he's a partt of the Center for Vision & Values

The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College works on the presupposition that God is sovereign, that man is made in the image of God and is therefore of inestimable and eternal value, and that the God of the Bible is the indispensable starting point for understanding truth. Hence, the center aims to share the results of their scholarship that helps the public to understand that the pursuit of truth is inextricably linked to personal freedom, political and economic freedom, religious freedom, and orderly progress.

The Center's purpose is to convince people to comprehend that God’s truth pertains to all areas of life and reality while providing answers for today’s difficult issues using scholarly methodologies that presuppose truth and human value – as opposed to relativism and chance – as the proper foundation for addressing society’s challenges.

hammer on
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The establishment clause has generally been interpreted to prohibit 1) the establishment of a national religion by Congress, or 2) the preference by the U.S. government of one religion over another.

but these faux-Christians continue to believe, erroneously, that their religion has been chosen by Congress to represent America..

nothing could be furthur from the trooth.. and I will not sit silently by while Wendy tries to brainwash the Young Miss America Foundation Fountainheads that God wants them to be rich...or wear dresses like J. Edgar Hoover did

the reality is God wants them to be poor, homeless and in jail, like his son, Jesus, a long haired unemployed itinerant who roamed the country stirring up the young folks with his talk of love and peace and who was finally arrested, tried and found guilty by the authorities....

that my young friends, is your cross to bear...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

what's the story??

morning glory..

well as Wendy once told me, there is no story here...

so I get up and go to the Santa Barbara court to hear the Von Weisenberger case.. I get there about 8:00 AM and the proceedings are across from the big courthouse in the little courthouse..I go through the metal detector and this time I left my knife at home...

I go downstairs and Whoa Nelly there's about fifty people lining the sides of the place..sitting on benches... leaning...waiting....milling about....plotting their next crimes...why don't they open the court room SB8....nope...I gotta wait with all the other reprobates...and believe me we had some shady characters there...tatoos, drugged out twitches, babes, surfers, Kardashian clones, ex cons....tough guys

so finally they open the doors and of course I can't take any pictures inside...before the judge comes out, we are forced to watch a video of another judge explaining legal rights to the accused..fifteen minutes...then we watch the same video in Spanish! geez what a waste of time....don't people know what their rights are by now...I have the right to remain silent, but I won't!!

ok so things start and the judge comes in..Judge Herman is his name and he's good..Kenny Rogers lookalike, amiable and moved things quickly through the process..most of these cases are alcohol, narcotics, domestic violence, battery...two foxy Latina chicks were charged with beating up some dude at the Canary Hotel!! haha

so Judge Herman has got it set up pretty nice...he's got about five gals on computers sitting below him,working on getting info fast..and these gals are lookers!! I said lookers, not hookers....they're sitting just low enough that he can look down their blouses!! what a gig...

ok so where's the Von Weisenberger case? after a few hours, a lawyer approaches the bench sans Weisenberger, and starts in with the legaleze...Mr. Von Weisengerger is charged with a 10-22....or something..the judge mutters something..the lawyer mutters something and all I could understand was Nipper's faux-son pled "no contest" and paid a $500 fine...and the Judge ok'd that and asked "was the weapon... or faux-weapon destroyed?"

so that's all I got ..make what you will of it

speaking of weapons, look at the stairs in the court house...the handrails are spears!!

I left feeling satisfied though..satisfied that this story won't appear in the News-Press..then I go to my truck and see a ticket on it! A ticket written by Officer know Officer, if you removed an "i" from your name you'd be Officer Loser..make what you will of that...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

exile on main st

rip this joint..

well I missed the Ampersand/Roberts court hearing on Wednesday because I too have important things to do sometimes...but we live in the internet age..the digital age...and that means information baby..and I mean fast and furious...

Thursday I will attempt to attend the criminal complaint hearing of one Alexander Von Wiesenberger....if I can make it there by 8:30 AM...I think this dude is related to Nipper but I'm not 100% sure until I see for meself...

UPDATE: I'm sad to report that Alexander died recently as per the News-Press obit 9/13/12..

but I did get the tentative ruling via internet from the courts regarding Roberts vs looks like Roberts is kicking some sand back in Wendy's face!

this is part of the process Roberts is going through to collect what Wendy owes him..Wendy ain't paying up so Jerry wants to see her financials to determine if she's going seems the court agrees with Roberts.. and by financials he means bank statements, loans, real property value, Jerry Seinfeld once said "the financial equivalent of a rectal exam"!!

maybe we'll see what kind of a business woman anti-labor/ law breaker Wendy really is!!

here's a link
it appears that Wendy is getting torn a new one!


is traveling tonight on a plane...

Santa Barbara Zoo kills another giraffe..this time a baby giraffe..a little bitty baby giraffe called Daniel....oh I miss Daniel, oh I miss him so much...
geez is Dr. Kervorkian working at the Zoo now?

the first giraffe died during the Bird Refuge stink and now another one dies during "dental surgery"...shouldn't giraffes be running free on the Serengeti where no killer dentists reside? dental they have dentists on the Serengeti??

I don't know what's going on here but ever since the lunatic Zoo started hosting beer parties and naming beer after elephants, the level of professionalism has dropped... whether it's Bud or Coors, it can still cause enough of a buzz that can make you do stupid things, like kill a giraffe..

and they anesthesized (drugged) this little giraffe Daniel..would you do that to a one year old child?? maybe Daniel had some baby teeth coming in and the drunken Zoo staff panicked, drugged him and tried to pull his molars out!! I don't know about you, but I'd feel very very bad if I killed something that big and yet so little compared t ogrown-up giraffes....and he was cute with the little horn thingie sticking out of his head and the big eye lashes....poor little, I mean big guy..well he would have been bigger if he had lived...but poor Daniel didn't live, did he...

I can see Daniel waving good-bye....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

edge of seventeen

just like a white-wing dove

so we still have some cranky pro Chick fil A/ pro-Prop 8 folks trying to get the ABR members in Santa Barbara to resign..they showed up at the ARB meeting, two or three strong, to inject their politics into the mix...the News-Press & Noozhawk had a story on it and made it sound like throngs of people showed up and angrily denounced the ABR!! a "growing chorus" was the term Wendy used...funny, I didn't hear anyone singing....

look it's not gonna happen..there's no way no how you can remove someone from a volunteer board because you don't like how they voted or the reason they abstained from voting.... the next meeting is Sept 11....will the anti rights/ anti-free speech pro Chick fil A terrorists take down the Twin Towers of free speech and civil rights..

now, if Dan Cathy came to town with his yummy daughter and I decided I wanted to rape her, ya know, legitimately, I could! I could stalk her and drag her into the bushes behind the old Burger King and fuck the shit outta her..legitimately of course..and if she got pregnant which is highly unlikely she being a woman could just shut the process down! I recently learned this new biology from conservative State senate nominee Todd Akin from Missouri....I'm glad I got these hickabillies to simplify things for me!!

and an old Democrat lawmaker from Minnesota Kerry Gauthier admitted he had sex with 17 year old guy at a rest stop: Minnesota State Democratic Representative Caught Having Oral Sex With 17- Year-Old Boy In Bushes at Rest Stop, After Craigslist Hook-Up.....

ok so we have stark contrasts here about who should resign from a public post....Akin should resign and of course Gauthier should too...

but the ABR resign??? no how, no way

Monday, August 20, 2012

naturally stoned

A Route of Evanescence....With a revolving Wheel--
A Resonance of Emerald--A Rush of Cochineal--
And every Blossom on the Bush-Adjusts it's* tumbled Head--
The mail from Tunis, probably,
An easy Morning's Ride--

what would Iron Eyes Cody do? that's what I always think to myself when I see litter...cry? is that all I can do is cry? well it's true I've shed my share of tears over the years, but now those tears have turned to rage, or outrage...when adults keep using myths and propaganda as fact, then I get outraged and today's outrage is at the Botanical Garden and County Parks/roads people...
first the Botanic Garden...this nonprofit gem up by the Mission has been dragged thru the slop recently with poor management, over- paid administrators who have since skipped town, and a development plan that is its scope and size....but the really bad thing is the garden has been invaded by the nativists cult...and these bozos are writing for the News-Press!! the latest is a guy named Bruce Reed, the nursery manager at the garden..I will work on getting rid of this invasive specie soon, but first I must point out his idiotic article on "invasive species" ie anything that isn't labeled "native"...Bruce says that "the threat posed by invasive species to native plants and their habitats is serious"..that's code among the native-only cult for "send us more money to fight these foreigners!!"

Bruce and his ilk use lots of code words for bastard plants: they crowd out natives...they poison everything, they are insidious, they are introduced by other words, invasives and non native provide too much reality for these folks to handle! and to suggest that we must remove all plants labeled invasive and non-native is crazy! because as I've said time and again, the bastard plants are supposed to be here..nature disperses them by wind, bird, coyote, human...and they are beneficial...bees like fennel, red finches like thistle.. and yet I see the county crews denuding the roadsides everytime a weed springs up...what a waste of money! cut them once a year and that will be fine..let them grow and die naturally and provide some habitat for bees and other critters....

save the roadside wildflowers...
now the thing that really sticks in my craw is these people are so intent on killing non-natives, they completely ignore the real threat to the environment: PEOPLE WHO LITTER!! tons of litter!!

on Santa Claus Lane and on the back highways, people use the roads as their personal garbage dumps..kill the non-natives but leave the litter? what kind of sense does that make?

I'm happy to say that despite all the wasted effort to kill the fennel, the thistle, the castor bean plants..all these plants survive because they are the fittest..they will always grow back stronger as the seeds spread in the warm sunshine and balmy breezes...

so we need change in focus and I would suggest the county and Bruce Reed of the Botanical Gardens..knock off the bullshit and go pick up some litter!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


the voice of America

well since there's sharks everywhere I got an idea..all you dog owners..why don't you take your pooches to the beach and let them frolic in the surf..maybe swim..I mean doggie paddle out just far enough.. just far enough out there if you catch my wavelength!

Libertarians and like-minded conservatives, when they get really desperate, dredge up something about Ayn Rand...she's their hero but she's no hero of mine...first off, she was a Russian commie...oh yeah, I have a few books of hers..the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged but I never could finish them..they were exhausting in their detail..unnecessary minutia ..Ayn would spend ten pages trying to explain things a good writer could do in two pages..the gist of her philosophy was men alone could move mountains, build skyscrapers but of course no man is an island..not even me, though I would like to spend time on a deserted island with that pretty girl from Pussy Riot....or some of the KEYT babes!!

but I read just enough of Ayn Rand's nonsense to determine she was mad and drank too much sbiten' and vodka..

like the libertarian conservative religious wacks over at the News-Press, I just figured out what's going on..Wendy runs her paper like a monarchy in a kingdom called Ampersand!! I swear she thinks she's the Queen and Nipper's the King and Scott's a Prince and and and ..uh who's the princess? I don't know but I think there's a bunch of complexes these folks have and they all are bat shit crazy..but they don't know it yet...well, I'm working on informing them...and still no story from Prince Scott about the recent ruling against his Queen or upcoming hearing against Von Wiesenberger Jr....

another lady that some folks have elevated to cult status and are honoring this month is Julia about another boozer! geez...I've watched Julia a few times and I can't get a word she says..she sounds like she's got a feather up her ass all the time...and she cooks..but I never know what she's cooking because like I said I can't understand her....and the look in her eyes..pure evil...I mean really if you put me in a room alone with Julia Child I'd probably kill myself or her...shit, now I'm she still alive??

Saturday, August 18, 2012

yesterday's rain

folk songs and donuts...

I seem to recall in the 90s in Carp or even before running into Don Robertson...for some reason he was working at Tyler's Donuts..maybe he owned it at the time...but I used to go in there and still do...I knew about Don from the music scene...this goes back to the Bluebird Cafe days..I played there a few times and I think nearly everyone did at one time or another...those were some good times..but Don was an enigma ... a big burly folksinger who didn't look like a folksinger...he wrote stuff for Burl Ives and others...

but I used to go get coffee and talk music with him and mostly pester him... he'd listen sometimes... sometimes not...he had an album called "Yesterday's Rain" and I recall that song was really good...really beautiful....of course now the LP is as obscure as the best of them...

so Robertson died in Ventura recently, but I wonder if he knew that at one point in our lives some punk kid with a guitar wanted to be just like him!

Feb. 11, 1939 - July 5, 2012

Donald was born in Mt. Vernon, N.Y. He grew up and attended school in New York and Connecticut. He moved to Santa Barbara, in 1961 and lived in that area for the rest of his life.

He worked at many jobs, including photography, reporting, bartending, and donut making, but his real love was for folk music. He was a self-employed musician and song writer, and a member of ASCAP. He was a singer, and played the baritone ukulele, nylon and steel string guitar, and twelve string guitar. He recorded at least one album: "Yesterday's Rain" on Jet Set Records in 1968. One of his songs was recorded by Burl Ives.

As a live performer, he was a member of the "Freeway Singers" a folk group that held forth at 'Me and Ed's Pizza' near Santa Barbara City College. He was well received and a regular at the 'Rondo'. He also played at 'Gatsby's', the 'Nexus' and 'The Timbers'. In the late '60s, Don was in a duo called, 'Don & Tina', that performed regularly at 'John's at the Beach' in Ventura. He was a regular at the 'Bluebird Cafe' in Santa Barbara in the early 1970s, as well.

In the 80s he sometimes played with "The Floyd County Boys," who also sang and performed many of his songs. His strong and beautiful voice will be missed by many. Donald wrote two columns for the "Coastal View" newspaper in the 1990s - 2000s: "Plane Nuts" about aircraft and air shows and "Out There" about UFO phenomena. He had tremendous knowledge and love of these subjects.

I got the feeling that Don was equally at home playing the twelve string guitar and singing songs as he was making donuts...there's an art to both, you know

Friday, August 17, 2012

sign sign everywhere a sign

blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind

ok so they had a workshop on the Mesa last night about giant concrete and PVC artificial reefs..I didn't hear about it till last night...I am opposed to such nonsense and wrote the appropriate agencies to hook this guy Chris Goldblatt before he litters the ocean again...I hate when people litter!!

so on Wednesday I went into Santa Barbara for groceries and a carwash...some chick hit me up for $3 for the change machine since I couldn't break a twenty for her...she was in her twenties, lovely and I of course gladly obliged...I felt 20 feet tall!! like Gulliver!

then I went to the Harbor....according to the signs, I am in the Tsunami Zone again and a walk on Leadbetter beach warns me to stay out of the water due to shark, really, shark sightings in the ocean? some lady said she saw a shark? where's the picture? how come I've never seen one?? there's sharks out there?? really??

I caught a baby shark once and let it was a beautiful animal! as I continued to walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death (Leadbetter beach) I thought to myself that what I'm witnessing from my fellow humans lately can only be described as artificial intelligence...

I hear that Goldblatt already dropped some concrete balls in the ocean to attract more's like stocking a lake or using a bait station when you benefit the the so-called hunter or fishermen...but any real hunter knows you don't always get your prey...some are's called a survival instinct...

and the recent hysteria over shark sightings might be related to the artificial reefs...the sharks are cruising around the shore picking off all the creatures checking out the phony reefs! WTF is wrong with these creatures, can't they read the signs??

Thursday, August 16, 2012

forever and ever, amen

You may think that I'm talking foolish
You've heard that I'm wild and I'm free

ok so we got two drunks and a girl...isn't that always the case?? the first drunk is county singer Randy Travis...gee Randy WTF happened....great voice- great Moody suits- some good songs and now this?? Randy was found drunk and naked trying to buy cigarettes..I think it's safe to say Randy Travis ain't in control anymore...

The convenience store security footage that allegedly shows a drunk, buck-ass naked Randy Travis buying cigarettes before he crashed his car last week is now in the hands of police, TMZ has learned

The manager of the Tiger Mart in Sherman, TX tells TMZ, officers came in to the establishment on Friday with a warrant and left with the store's entire video surveillance system -- containing the naked Randy tape.
According to the manager, cops took the whole system because nobody could figure out how to remove just the tape. Technology can be a bitch sometimes.

TMZ broke the story ... Randy was popped for DWI last Tuesday after crashing his car. Cops say when they arrived to the crash scene, Randy was completely naked. Cops also claim Randy threatened to shoot and kill the arresting officers.

then we have the guy who co-founded Crocs, the shoe company...high in Colorado
A witness told police that she had been driving by when she noticed Boedecker passed out in his car. The woman told officers she approached the car and knocked on the window, but the driver did not initially respond, according to the report. When the ambulance arrived, Boedecker shut off the car, got out and began to walk away, the witness said.

“[The witness] stated that Boedecker initially told her that he had just pulled over to take a nap,” Boulder police officer Patrick Vest wrote in the police report. “She stated that he changed his story to her a few times, later claiming that his girlfriend was driving, and described her as ‘bat—t crazy,’” according to the report.

As Vest finished his conversation with the witness, he wrote in the report, he noticed that Boedecker was beginning to get in his vehicle and Vest asked him to come speak to him.

“At this point, I had observed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath and person,” Vest wrote. “I also heard him slurring his words. I also observed that Boedecker had unsteady balance. Boedecker appeared to me to be very intoxicated.”

Vest asked Boedecker for his driver’s license and noted that he fumbled as he removed it from a money clip, according to the report. Vest wrote that Boedecker “admitted to drinking ‘cocktails’ at a benefit.’”

When Vest asked Boedecker what his address was, Boedecker replied, “I have 17 f—ing homes,” according to the police report.

Boedecker told Vest that his girlfriend had driven them to this location and that she got out of the car and ran off after an argument, according to the report.
“He also stated that he had not driven, as he knew that wouldn’t be right,” Vest wrote.
Boedecker denied the witness’ account that he was passed out in the driver’s seat with the engine on when she found him, according to the report.

“I also began to ask about his girlfriend, and her [sic] whereabouts,” Vest wrote. “Boedecker began to tell me that she was ‘really f—ing famous’ and a singer. He then asked me if I knew who Taylor Swift was. I asked him where she went. Boedecker gestured casually towards a neighboring yard, and said she was in Nashville.”

Swift is dating Conor Kennedy, the grandson of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, and the couple were photographed this weekend at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass., about 2,000 miles away. There is nothing to indicate any romantic connection between Swift and Boedecker.

Boedecker refused to participate in a voluntary roadside maneuvers test and did not cooperate when officers asked him to turn around, according to the report. They forcibly turned him around and handcuffed him.

“Boedecker began to immediately complain that this was ridiculous, and couldn’t believe we were doing this after all he had done for this city,” Vest wrote. “Boedecker remained verbally antagonistic.”

but...I'm gonna love you
Forever and ever
Forever and ever amen

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

everybody's somebody's fool

everybody's somebody's play thing...

I expected fireworks at the SB city council meeting but it was a low energy guy spoke in a rambling manner supporting Chick fil A and telling the ABR to get ethics training...the ABR didn't do anything unethical...and chief Chick fil A cheerleader Frank Hotchkiss didn't say a word..not a peep from Frank.!! it's pretty obvious that Frank over-reacted in calling for the ABR members to resign....many people over-reacted..and now the chicken company is being vetted....and sued....and accused of discrimination...but remember...all people are created equal, only some they more equal than others...

won't you please help a veteran?
yet another pro-war rightwing veterans charity has been accused of ripping off....veterans! Help Hospitalized Veterans was accused of squandering millions..blah blah blah...

ahhh, nonprofits- for- profit..the new rage until they get caught, that is

sitting on billions while not paying always amazes me when a celeb gets hired by these veterans charities and the celeb does a weepy commercial asking for my I was following this story and checking out the website a few days ago and there was the alluringly beautiful Marg Helgenberger, the chick from the TV show CSI, her picture on the site supporting HHV...then the California Atty General sued the charity, they got bad PR, and Marg ends her support, probably because it might hurt her career...

Marg Helgenberger, one of the leading actresses on the popular show CSI, says she's ending her association with a wounded warriors charity that's accused of appropriating millions in donations funds for big salaries and golf club memberships.

I think these celebrities do these charities for PR purposes, not because they give a rats ass about the vets.. but just to bring in more money to the CEOs....

Also Monday former president George W. Bush and former Senator Bob Dole denied they had endorsed the troubled charity, despite prominent photos of the politicians with HHV officials also featured on the website. (since removed)

I got my eye on Wounded Warriors next....

California attorney general Kamala Harris told ABC News HHV has been taking advantage of patriotic Americans. "The people that we have charged in this complaint have been so outrageous in their greed and their self-serving practices and it is one of the most outrageous cases we've seen," Harris said.

I like Kamala..she ignores Lance's nonsensical call for her to get involved in his cop fantasies, and she goes after the real crooks like shady nonprofit charities...

bowling green
WTF was the County Bowl thinking awhen they accepted money from Wendy McCaw and named a tree.....I mean a terrace after her?? if you pay something like $20000 you can sit on her terrace and watch the show! oh it's the Santa Barbara Bowl not the County it will always be the County Bowl...but maybe that's why I haven't seen a show there in ages.. I refuse to see a show there knowing that the operators would stoop so low....they take money from someone with no ethics but tons of thanks!!

a fool and his money are soon parted
there's a long running fight between the tubby gal Nancy Crawford- Hall and the Chumash....Hall's family owns the big San Lucas Ranch and the Chumash are buying up huge chunks of the Santa Ynez Valley..and of course the casino is always a controversy with the lowlife it atttracts....but I suppose it's not all bad and they do provide old rocknrollers like Kiss a place to gasp a few last songs...

but Nancy is miffed at all the crime generated by the casino that spills out into the valley so I don't think these folks will ever get along...and if you read the crime reports in Nancy's Santa Ynez Journal, most of it is casino related and pretty funny....but I've never been to the casino cos I ain't no fool...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

eyes without a face

got no human grace...

I hate soap operas but the Republicans have become one big big soap opera full of drama what am I to do?? I can't ignore them when they act so dumb, can I?

I lay the blame for the demise of the once great Republicans on the religious right knuckleheads..they use the bible to excuse their own failings....history is full of these matter what sect they are from, there seems to be some Magic Hippie in the Sky they all think will grant them eternal life or make them rich..and they call Obama the Magic Negro..well, at least I can see Obama!

and the conservatives all seem to be money and booze hounds who worship the dollar bill and alcohol....hey I like money too....but I respect definite chief aim is not to chase money, but to use it for good! I learnt these lessons from Napoleon Hill's series the "Law of Success" slackers out there would do well to read it..and heed it if you need it...

ok so let's take a look at some laws of success and if you don't follow these laws you'll be a failure..a don't wanna be a loser do you?

first law: concentrate..what you can't concentrate?? then you got ADD

second law: have a definite chief aim like I mentioned before

third law: have a pleasing personality like me

fourth law: accurate thought..this is a must as nearly every conservative can't quite master an accurate thought..I'll cover this as it relates to the recent Andy Caldwell editorial in the News-Press about Chick fil A..Andy's thought process is all over the place as he claims that homos are forcing conservatives to accept their sinful gay lifestyles! haha...Andy's such a homophobe and with his whiny voice and gayish lisp probably is thinking he's latent queer....

oh God...these folks need Napoleon's help!!

the Baron's kid is doing the Clean and Sober program apparently and has a scheduled hearing......trying to clean up his act...a definite chief aim!! hey, good for him!

I wonder if Scott Steepleton will report that the News-Press co-publisher's son is being arraigned in the Santa Barbara criminal court??? or is Scott's leash too short??