Thursday, December 31, 2015

Let's Dance

put on your red shoes and dance the blues...


some people want to eradicate profanity...the grouping of certain letters in a particular way causes anxiety for some folks..some say profanity is "offensive"

but I like using profanity now and's part of my linguistic palette..sometimes the quickest way to get your message across is to fucking swear


you walk up to (or behind) a gal and say "let's fuck" or you might say "let's sing" or "let's dance"...obviously, you wouldn't just say "let's fuck" or you could get slapped or hit with a sexual harassment civil suit

but what about....hmmm..."let's fuck, let's sing and let's dance" all at once


let's have some goddam fucking fun in 2016!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Within You Without You

We were talking about the space between us all And the people who hide themselves behind a wall

so the front page of the News-Press says "Solimar Fire Creates Landslide Possiblity", duh

now there's been some talk about a building at the corner of Mission and State...not the failed journalistic thingie called Mission and State but a building....supposedly it's an ugly eyesore and looks like a I had to check it out..

I found nothing wrong with's a very nice building with pastel colors...a nice break from all the old rickety bungalows and dirty old medical offices...some of the folks complaining obviously need therapy, esp one dude who wrote to the Independent suggesting the dome feature may have something to do with the San Bernadino terror attack...the dude says he's running for City Council in 2017...he wants the dome removed to appease neighbors

"I talked to many District 4 residents months before the recent terrorist attacks. This building was frequently mentioned, and there are many people who want it torn down." -Pete Dal Bello


absolute gibberish ..I assume the guy is look I got more conservative friends than liberals because conservatives are simpler and easier to trick, but to suggest that this commercial bldg at Mission and State is some sort of threat to Santa Barbara is just crazy!! ..his letter to the Indie just had to be a spoof...but a few searches will find the guy has some issues..a condition whereby he had part of his skull removed to relieve pressure on the brain ..or maybe he had a lobotomy..Pete, don't run for city council-stay in your rubber room

now as the Republican candidates fight each other via twitter and other social media, it is clear the only Republican candidate that should be considered is John Kasich..oh I don't agree with him always but compared to the others, he's the only qualified guy...and I'd rather see Kasich president than Hillary Clinton...

at the GOP CPAC meeting they had Phil Robertson speaking..the kooky ignorant hillbilly guy from Duck Dynasty...Jesus this and Jesus that...with friends like that the GOP is doomed

at least Kasich doesn't fear Jesus, Mexicans, Muslims..

or domes

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Respect Yourself

If you disrespect anybody that you run in to, how in the world do you think, anybody's s'posed to respect you...

ok so it's coming on New Year's Eve...a few days and 2016 will be upon us..and of course there will be the parties...lotsa dumb parties with lots of people getting drunk...some will end up in the back of a hearse

we've had drunks in the Santa Barbara area...some famous, some politicans, some writers and all of them hacks...speaking of hacks, I see the News-Press had a story on Nipper and his pals tasting wine in brown paper bags at the Canary was a taste test for sparkling wines and Nipper is an "expert" on expert Gabe Saglie did the story


now if you are a friend of the News-Press and you get busted for DUI, they will do a nice story on you or allow you to do a nice story on yourself as we've seen with Peter Lance and Joe Armendariz...Lance had his caper start at the Canary Hotel on New Year's eve in 2011..Joe's drinking landed him in some obscure little town up north in the boonies

but that's over now..those two dawgs are in the pound...but I predict that Nipper will soon be doing weather at KEYT and Alan Rose will doing "Brunch with Alan" for the News-Press...and they say CJ is the only investigative reporter on local about investiagting the child porn on Wendy's computer years coulda axed Nipper at the Unity Shoppe telethon!! Beth was toe to toe with Nipper all night long!!

I do get the arrest reports and I see one that interests me..Kristen, an actress, a soap actress has been busted for DUI by the Santa Barbara CHP....this isn't her first arrest...she was a model and lists rich Stepford wife Ann XXXXX wife of old rich dude Michael as a friend..Ann was doing the Unity Shoppe Telethon and I'm sure many of those folks are drunks or friends of Kristen says she's involved with Girls Inc which is very bad...not a good role model to be drving drunk and/or high....

OFFICER DEPT 01/08/2016 - 8:30 am 1429808 Kristen xxxxxx Probation Violation Arr Cont Raimundo Montes de Oca SB8 01/08/2016 - 8:30 am 1492325 Kristen xxxxxArraignment on Complaint Cont Raimundo Montes de Oca SB8

I won't give her last name right yet until I check her out

this is just oh so typical...these people try to be such society professionals but behind the scenes are drugs booze and all sorts of bad cess stretching from Santa Barbara to Seattle...I think this chick used work on Santa Claus Lane at a Pilates studio which is another concern...this is my neighborhood and if she's gonna drive around drunk, I gotta keep an eye out for her coming at me..

and Pilates of course is a hoax and they charge huge fees for special "exercises" for gullible white people, rich white people....I don't like these people moving here and operating these scams, but they usually self -destruct eventually like most conservatives

so why don't Ann, Girl's Inc and Pilates get Kristen some help and get her off the fucking ROAD before she kills herself or worse someone else

all these people, these phonies I speak of...I can tell you one thing, they are not first responder material!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Norwegian Wood

I once had a girl or should I say she once had me...

so I go down south, Highway fave highway between Carp and Ventura to see what exactly burned on Christmas the wind storm...I'm thinking in my head "where" as I travel....I see the ag fields still there..I see a caravan of RVs camping at the beach...this is the Sea Cliff area..

I see the eternal flame at the oil field, mountain side of freeway..I drive on and see the little beach community is ok..then I see some smoke yonder...then I see the blackened soil on the hills..whoa! the yellow mountains now black look freaky like a moonscape...I smell the burn in the air...

I get off at the Emma Woods exit..the surf is good, I see the fire engine crews and a news crew..and more wood burning smell...smells good like Norwegian wood
then I head back to Carp and see some melted metal signs...this historic highway...I see the wall that was installed when CALTRANS widened's ugly but not too long and the basic highway is still intact..this historic beautiful stretch of road between the hills and the sea...


now the new Diamond Lane for carpooling is a's is very narrow so only a little foreign car can drive it...I dismiss it

otherwise, everything is ok..the islands are beautiful...but wait.. I read the News-Press and they had an Associated Press story about the Channel Island 'member, all the killing and restoration to save them..well it seems like the foxes on Catalina are dying of cancer brought about by ear mites..and distemper brought by visitors nearly wiped out the fox...

and I thought they said the eagles and all the fennel and pigs were the culprits!!

well, fennel dressed sausages sound really good for dinner tonight... yum!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ventura Highway

in the sunshine, where the days are longer, the nights are stronger than moonshine

so, last night I was sitting outside and the winds were just ripping..howling thru the area...blowing topsoil was cold and a perfect Christmas night...brrrrr! little did I know that a fire would be raging soon just south of Carpinteria...

I got up this morning and saw the purple block of clouds of smoke rising over the south seas...huge!! maybe a plane crash?? or the City of Carp is on fire... or Island Brewery blew up!

then I hear from Noozhawk a brush fire started last night by Solimar Sands toward Ventura...evacuations...let's see..there's the ag lands just beyond La Conchita, some oil fields, some hills across from the beach so I didn't think that would burn so fiercely...but it did...

then I'm thinking isn't this where those two idiots crashed their car during a police chase? maybe they are pyromaniacs too!

then as the sun came up the smoke died down

you're gonna go, I know


well I tried to get to Solimar but was pushed back by air and ground forces ...

Friday, December 25, 2015

Meet Me in St. Louis

Christmas rap

"had a little holly, put it on my trolley
Santa be clangin', Donna be bangin'
I feel real jolly, that ain't no folly
I feel real cool, 'cos I don't suffer fools"
Merry Chistmas and Feliz Navidad!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Rag Mama Rag

we could be relaxing, in my sleeping bag

I rushed into Santa Barbara to Samy's Camera for some $39 Olympus goodness what a steal..they are awesome! the clearest..I can see things I've never seen before! Samy's Camera..great store!

but I noticed that up to the the 500 block of State St it's very a canyon..there's way too many trees and weirdly confabbed wineries and the sun can't get's 10:00 am...I get some stuff at World Market..there's a yuppie couple walking their dog thru the aisles...annoying..geez buy something and move on

I step outside into the downtown darkness and run to my truck and speed off....just feels like someone will get stabbed in the shadows of State St

whew..made it to Cabrillo Blvd alive and stop by the Bird Refuge..oh goody a city truck is there..aha Deliverance finally...maybe I can meet Jill ..I dart across the street and see two chicks in a kayak in the water.. I shoot them some questions

Me: What the hell you think you're doing?

Parks Gals: Headin' downriver. Little canoe trip. Headin' for Montecito

Me: Montecito?

Parks Gal: Sure, this river only runs one way, Captain. Haven't you heard?

Me: You ain't never gonna get down to Montecito.

Parks Gal: Why not?

Me: 'Cause. This river don't go to Montecito. You done taken the wrong turn.

See, this here river don't go nowhere near Monetcito

Parks Gal: Where does it go then?

Me: Boy, you are lost.

Parks Gals: Well, hell, I guess this river comes out somewhere, don't it?
That's where we're going, somewhere

then they got out of the kayak, threw it in back of the city truck and hightailed it outta there but fast!

hey Jill...filling the city Parks and Rec Dept with pretty young women is a great idea.. them two had real purty mouths!

next I see the Botanic Garden will closed for a day to host a Beer Party..native plants and native beers is the theme...stumble thru the gardens while sipping numerous beers until you get drunk..then try to navigate your way driving drunk through the winding Mission Canyon roads...fucking stupid events coordinator nonprofit conservatives came up with this Beer Garden idea..they can't do anything without a buzz...

meanwhile some chick crashed her BMW into another traveler and they both ended up on the train tracks... she was DUI and messed with everyone's holiday..then the gov't guys had to clean up after was a violent crash with car parts thrown into the trees...

tits to tans she was a conservative!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

have a happy holiday!

if you read the News-Press guest editorials, you'll see religious fanaticism in full pathology

but Christmas as we know has nothing to do with has to do with Santa Claus, gifts, music, sex and awesome weather! and dogs


so I head to the beach again as a Christmastime storm beckons... blustery and cool...I step on the sand and see a vulture eating breakfast...I sneak up closer next thing I know a dog sneaks up behind me all playful and wet and looks at me like "dude!"

I take his picture then we see a kite surfer out there..I kinda like hanging out with dogs here as long as I don't have to take them home

then I see the dog's pretty owner come up, quiet as a bird, dressed casually hip for winter maybe if her dog likes me I'll get a leg up on the lady of leisure

so the Spanish beauty starts smiling and talking then walking away and the dog looks at me like "do something...are your feet glued to the sand, boy?"

a wave crashes as they's winter and I'm standing on the shoreline gazing out at the awesome Christmas sea

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happiness is a Warm Gun

bang bang shoot shoot

as we look forward to Christmas, some people look backwards...and New Year's Eve and is just around the corner, too...and I can't wait to read Wendy's letter to her readers on the front page of the News-Press on New Year's Day...

let's see, maybe she'll mention she can't go on funding the News-Press losing proposition as the divorce money is running out, probably she'll mention Davey the Dog and terrorism and how Obama hasn't kept us safe...Obama can't keep every individual in the USA safe..nobody can..there's too many American psychos running loose so you always need to be on your your gut when you get ready for that Christmas party

and celebrate freedom without fear...don't subvert the Constitution to religious and I have the right to pursue happiness which is no guarantee we'll find it so look for joy in the little making fun of the mental midgets at the News-Press!

freedom of speech is a good thing...many religious zealots have tried to stop free speech...they banned books and music without which happiness is impossible...they killed people in France for writing satire, Charlie Hebdo...

Wendy McCuckoo tried to stifle free speech at the News-Press...tried to bust the unions...fired reporters for exhibiting the wrong the reporters show rightwing bias and that's ok by in essence, Wendy acts like fanatical Muslim terrorists denying "liberte" to people she tries to control with her wad of cash...

the tape over the mouth that the French folks protested is the same tape that the News-Press reporters protested when Wendy and Rob Lowe turned the News-Press into the frivolous joke it remains today

the idea that anybody would try to deny me my right to free speech fuels the fire in my soul...

a Christmas wrapped copy of the Constitution is the best gift you could give anyone..and the best weapon against ignorance you could ever arm yourself with

bang bang shoot shoot

Sunday, December 20, 2015

If I had a Hammer

I'd hammer in the morning

I do not have affluenza...however I believe that Wendy and Nipper suffer from affluenza..getting things without working for them...having things handed to you and if you do wrong, no consequences.. I think this is a spot-on assessment of the News-Press business can run a busnesss inot the ground without making a profit if the owner has tons of money to play with, like Wendy does...and she gives it to her rightwing paranoid sychophant parasites....

now the case in Texas is interesting..a spoiled kid from a wealthy family drives drunk and kills FOUR people and he gets off on the Affluenza defense...

now some folks think crazy Muslims are our biggest threat without mentioning crazy Christians or crazy neo-conservatives...or Texas where the affluenza defense was used successfully..G. Dick Miller, a psychologist hired as an expert by the defense, testified in court that the teen was a product of "affluenza" and was unable to link his bad behavior with consequences because of his parents teaching him that wealth buys privilege.

2013, Ethan's mom Tonya Couch was sentenced to a $500 fine and a six-month community supervision order for reckless driving when she used her vehicle to force another motorist off the road

now there are so many things wrong with this it makes my head spin..there is no such thing really as an "affluenza"  defense and I'm sure that even Dr Laura would agree with me....the problem is these are bad parents and their kid killed four people...the little shit

America has always had strange people living here..that's why it's very important to make sure you and your family live in a nice place..and do your part to right the wrongs, don't just sit there looking stupid...

so America had a problem with Pete Seeger long ago..Pete was one of my heros as a kid..the banjo, the songs, the communism...we loved him in summer camp and sang all his cool songs

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — As Army Pvt. Pete Seeger eagerly waited for a chance to fight for his country during World War II, military investigators quietly built a case that the young folk singer was "potentially subversive."

In a security investigation triggered by a wartime letter he wrote denouncing a proposal to deport all Japanese-Americans, the Army intercepted Seeger's mail to his fiancee, scoured his school records, talked to his father, interviewed an ex-landlord and questioned his pal Woody Guthrie, according to FBI files obtained by The Associated Press.

Investigators concluded that Seeger's association with known communists and his Japanese-American fiancee pointed to a risk of divided loyalty.

Seeger's "Communistic sympathies, his unsatisfactory relations with landlords and his numerous Communist and otherwise undesirable friends, make him unfit for a position of trust or responsibility," according to a military intelligence report.

The investigation, forwarded to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, is detailed in more than 1,700 pages from Seeger's FBI file, released by the National Archives under the Freedom of Information Act.

The musician and left-wing activist known for such songs as "If I Had a Hammer," ''Where Have All the Flowers Gone" and "Turn, Turn, Turn" died in January 2014 at age 94.

so the reason that all these conservatives are going transgender is because of J Edgar Hoover....the dude started it with his bra and panties fixation and that's where our concerns should be


so if I had a hammer, I'd hammer out danger,
I'd hammer out a warning,
I'd hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters,
All over this land.

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Now I gotta cut loose, footloose

I see a deputy DA in Santa Maria was put on leave by Joyce Dudley, Queen of the DAs...the News-Press had a version of the story and the Independent had a version, a better juicier version..but the DA dude had a fling with a lady lawyer in the office and the husband found out and pulled a gun or something...gee...having sex with someone is not the end of the world and some of those county lady lawyers look deliciously irresistable..I gotta get back up to the court house soon! I want some justice!! Wendy why not move the Ampersand jury trial to Santa Barbara? aren't I due for jury duty??

so I swing by the Bird Refuge for so many reasons: to see if Jill is there-no she isn't....Jill please stop your JIHAD against non-natives..daisies are pretty like you!

now I know that Jill didn't backfill the Bird Refuge with sea water...but Mother Nature did..the extemely high tides simply flowed in  via gravity through the old spillway under Cabrillo Blvd by the sluice gate- which is gone and boarded up..that whole area is sitting on an estuary I imagine and tides just filled up the slough at East is connected to the Bird Refuge..I've never seen the tides that high so blame Global Warming, not Jill


then to check out the Montecito Events Center...Nippers will hold a News Year's bash at the events center...booze, black tie or cocktail attire whatever that is...I got this info in the Montecito Journal...Nippers...a pop- up cocktail lounge at an events center by the Bird Refuge

ah fellas..the 1980s are over but I'm sure every cokehead in SB will be at the Montecito Events Center for one last snort on New Year's Eve! and all the stars from the Unity Shoppe telethon will be there because they can afford the $200 RSVP....the poor people served by the Unity Shoppe charity won't be at Nippers nightclub, I assure you..what's with that red door and the cocaine white paint job and reindeer ...hmmmm

Plains All American Pipeline has allegedly been misleading those who seek compensation for losses they incurred following the Refugio oil spill, according to a motion filed in federal court on Dec. 16...these are the words to a story in the PACBIZTIMES, and online business journal Dec 17...the next day the News-Press has a story entitled "Plains accused of misleading oil spill victims"
the News-Press story borrowed heavily from the PBT story and added a few details but pretty shady nonetheless...

I keep seeing those ads by Plains Oil and can see right through them...but the water is clean again and dolphins are motivatin' very close to shore as are paddleboarders....

there's lots of things to motivate you everyday..don't let them pass you by!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cry Me A River

like I cried a river over you...

Julie London's friend wrote that song and I saw her sing it on KCET a few nights ago..1955...her, a guitar and a bass..that's all..and she sent a shiver thru me...that's a beautiful woman

so we have some issues..if you are a Mexican you will either end up in a gang or in the Jehovah's Witnesses..I love it when pretty Latinas knock on my door all dressed up and want to come in..sure c'mon in Senorita..Senorita Velveeta

secondly, if you have ZERO talent you may end up writing Guest Opinions in the News-Press like Andy Caldwell who thinks Pres Obama is suffering from a narcissitic personality disorder and "illusions of grandeur" as Andy tried to psychoanalyze the president...Andy.. it's "delusions" not "illusions"...delusions like Wendy has....geez, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing and you guys at the News-Press know next to nothin'!! the default mode of the conservatives is to blame libs/gov't for everything...Is President Obama the worst ever president as Andy of course not...Bush was

under Obama:
stock market () for example if you bought 200 shares of facebook at $38/share a few months ago, it's now at $105/ outlay of $7600 would yield $20000 or roughly $12000 could go buy a cool motorcycle!
economy, real estate market ()

jobs ()
Osama Bin Laden dead ()

Obama's doing a pretty good job which is driving conservatives into their little psychodramas..the GitMo swap is getting messy ie, the Bowe Bergdahl thing..Bowe will face a court martial for desertion in Afghanistan thanks to the FOX News swiftboating...but, considering we did not declare war on Afghanistan, Bowe at best went AWOL and ended up a POW for five years....the only reason Bowe is being harassed is because his folks are Muslim...besides, if Gen David Patreus can spill classified secrets to his mistress and get a little monetary fine, then Bowe won't be found guilty-or he'll be pardoned by Obama..war is never a good foreign policy

libertarians are so crazy they came up with bitcoins to compete with the Fed dollar..these are Ayn Rand fantasies...who would ever use a bitcoin..only a delusional person would

now a curious thing about the Unity Shoppe Telethon is they didn't give any tallies or totals anywhere like they usually do...hmmmmm

yesterday I was out hiking by the highway and I see this hawk on a lightpost...he sees me approach then he takes off and turns around and scopes me out than dives and buzzes me...second time this a year a hawk did that...must be the drought...

or just another hawk itching for a fight

Saturday, December 12, 2015

because we need a little Christmas

right this very minute

ok it's Saturday and the Unity Shoppe Telethon is on KEYT and I'm feeling weird like worms are crawling all over me...ok they did some nice tribute to Debby Davison but then creepy-cheesy Nipper and sex-kitten Beth are next as hosts and they act all hopped-up on something..Beth looks like Doris in "Miracle on 34th Street"  directing a Macy's Christmas parade all sociable and everything a direct contrast to her angry-anchor schtick on KEYT...

doing a telethon with a racist like Nipper is pretty pathetic but who needs ethics when you're a TV star!

look... what happens is they raise some money but not as much as the old days when Paula Lopez was singing duets with Kenny that was a Christmas telethon!! we need you Paula..we need you clean and sober right this very minute

but anyway they raise a little money and at the end of the show the Chumash kick in a bunch of gambling profits...then all that money goes to a store that poor Mexicans can shop at for free...wouldn't the illegals be better off stealing?? at least they get to choose who they are gonna rob you gotta honor Kenny Loggins to get stuff.. the Kenny Loggins Event Center?? Celebrate Me Home?? wow what an egomaniac! Elvis was the King not Kenny Loggins! plus Kenny's got man-boobs now which is NOT COOL for a rock-n-roll star! and Herman the Hermits singer...geez..nice pair of tits..a D Cup! are these dudes going tranny?? what a shame.. I was a big fan of their music when they were guys not dolls

the Unity Shoppe gives lots of stuff to kids which drives home the notion that mom and dad can't provide for their family so what good are they? never forget what the 1% does for you poor people

so I watch a little more and it gets weirder and weirder..they're talking about the Unity Shoppe mortgage and paying it off...another nonproft begging for money...Alan Thicke does a cameo and there's a pastor and a banker and realtor...and just below the surface of all these phony smiles you can see the disappointment of lost years

"it's Christmas once agin in Santa Barbara" hic

and when I thought it couldn't get any worse, there's Wendy McCuckoo doing an "I support Unity" cameo plug...all for a good cause but geez she looks like a skinny little old bag lady who been hitting the bottle a little too much or chewin' tebackky!

I believe in's silly but I believe

Dear Prudence

open up your eyes

there's this energy in the or lunar....the  deep December days have been and cold ..the surf and tides have been really high..the wind's been blowing..the air is clean and the constellations are clear...Friday we got a penny's worth of rain but Mother Nature will pay her water debt her own time


at the beach surfers, plovers and other shorebirds were eating the abundance of food..I had pelicans at my front door!

I've been out taking pix and the big waves are up north and down south but these locals are just fine..the Salt Marsh fills in the morning and recedes later in the's a marvel to watch

and watching the news you see how high the tides reached..into the beach parking lots and even spilling into the Bird Refuge....the Bird Refuge? did the Zak do something behind my back? did Jill follow my advice and open up the sluice gate?

Bird Refuge sluice gate gone..

well, I had to find out so I raced into Santa Barbara and parked it by East Beach..I see the surf is still good but waning..and there's evidence the tide reached the ice plant and breached the "lite blue line"..the mayor was right!!

I checked out the Bird Refuge and yes..someone actually removed the sluice gate..most likely the City of Santa guess it was old and frozen shut so they may replace it with one that works, then they can regulate the flow...but what a difference from last week..the ocean, the tidal flush nearly filled up the Bird Refuge with good aerated salt water thus killing the bad organisms that can't stink up the place..the water is clearer and less murky and there's many more birds swimming around

see Jill, the sun is up- the sky is blue- it's beautiful- and so are you..

Dear Prudence..won't you come out to play??

Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Sweet Lord


Marco Rubio said during the presidential debates that we need more plumbers and less philosophers..I disagree..we need both...and if you can both philosophize and glue two pieces of sch 80 PVC pipe together, more's the better...the water needs to flow as the words need to flow...

today I received my copy of the Qur'an and as I delved into tit I was amazed at the's a cool the bible...unfortunately both books have been misinterpreted by ignorant people..the Koran calls these folks "hypocrites" ...awesome!

I hate hypocrites too! and I've read countless books on theology and psychology and spirituality..and poety and some comic books and Playboys for good measure...that's one reason I hated Dr. Laura..she was a fraud posing as a real doctor of psychology when if fact she was a nutjob and hypocrite...and now she's gone, living with a big black basketball player

and the News-Press..infidels!!!

the hypocrites misinterpret the Qur'an to justify views or beliefs that are pathologically insane..thus you have the terrorists killing people (non-Muslims) and anti-Muslims claiming that the Qur'an encourages followers to "slay them wherever you find them"...this is simply not true ..the Qur'an says you have the right to defend the Constitution says!

and the Qur'an is not anti-Jew or fact Jews and Christians are "people of the book" and share similarities with Muslims..

the Qur'an is a fascinating book and nowhere do I see or read that you can buy some AK-47s and start killing innocent people...and nowhere in the bible do I see where you can take up arms to kill people in Planned Parenthood..

the translation of my copy of the Koran by M.A.S. Abdel Haleem is brilliant

when presidential candidate Donald Trump screams we need to keep Muslims out of America, he is pandering to the faux- Christian evangelicals and hypocrites..but with Donald, I say give him enough rope and he'll hang himself...

same with the terrorists

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Shattered, shattered / Love and hope and sex and dreams are still surviving on the streets / And look at me, I'm in tatters / I'm shattered / Shattered

published by Ampersand??

now I got no problem with's a nice holiday and creates comfort and joy throughout the season..and Hannuka the Jewish holiday is nice..I'd entertain a Muslim celebration of Ramadan once the Mussies stop murdering us

there's three prominent Christmas trees around town: one up by the Public at the Milpas Roundabout, a noble fir..the Milpas Comm Association is claiming responsibility for putting it up and I just hope Lucy doesn't expect a Nobel Peace prize or an award for this effort

I like the Christmas tree at the end of Stearn's Wharf the best

now it doesn't help when on the front page of the News-Press we see something about the Messiah ... a sing-along at a local church to benefit the Unity Shoppe...the Messiah was Jesus am I right..or the deliverer of the Jews...I thought Christians and Jews were different...see it's way too easy to get mixed up with all this religious fervor flying around...and we've had a host of idiots trying to explain it over the years from goofball preachers Billy Graham to Pat Robertson to that dude on Public TV...Soar Like and Eagle..ever watch him? fucking hilarious!!

now I had mentioned that Wendy is getting sued by the photographer for wrongful termination and also Wendy's publishing co Ampersand is facing a jury trial in Santa Maria where the crime rate keeps going up up up!

02/08/2016 9:30 AM 1483950 Ampersand Publishing, LLC Rigali, James F SM Dept 2 1) Jury Trial 23-PI/PD/WD Tort - Other - Civil (Personal Injury/Property Damage/Wrongful Death)

I checked the meaning of PI/PD/WD....personal injury/ property damage/ wrongful death....WTF.. wrongful death???

geez...did Wendy kill someone??

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Universal Soldier

Buffy Sainte-Marie

He's five feet two and he's six feet four
He fights with missiles and with spears
He's all of thirty-one and he's only seventeen
He's been a soldier for a thousand years

He's a catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain
A Buddhist and a Baptist and Jew
And he knows he shouldn't kill and he knows he always will
Kill you for me my friend and me for you

And he's fighting for Canada, he's fighting for France
He's fighting for the USA
And he's fighting for the Russians and he's fighting for Japan
And he thinks we'll put an end to war this way

And he's fighting for democracy he's fighting for the reds
He says it's for the peace of all
He's the one who must decide who's to live and who's to die
And he never sees the writing on the wall

But without him how would Hitler have condemned him at Dachau
Without him Caesar would have stood alone
He's the one who gives his body as the weapon of the war
And without him all this killing can't go on

He's the universal soldier and he really is to blame
But his orders come from far away no more
They come from him and you and me and brothers can't you see
This is not the way we put an end to war...

Monday, December 7, 2015

Perfect World

in a perfect world there'd be understanding...

I missed the Toy for Tots motorcycle run in Carp at SCL but caught the middle in Santa Barbara..actually went in to see the War demonstration..or anti-war as it turns out...but Santa Barbara looked like a war zone by Stearn's Wharf...the dolphins were skinned as if by napalm, the streets were all torn up and building all torn down as if by bombs

Dec 6-it was hot and dry so hot and dry my eyes were stinging like stinging nettle...but I did enjoy the day at the beach..or what was left of it...first off, I lodged some complaints...there's a big ass brown pedestrian bridge that's really ugly...I have a feeling this whole creek project was unnecessary..and over -engineered

and across the street the Hotel California is all torn up for remodeling/La Entrada...I shudder to think what that will look like when done...I can't get anywhere up State St from here...and there's tourist buses and John Deere backhoes and bull dozers...plenty of homeless dudes and Asians but I didn't see and Muslims thank God!

the homelss have gotten creative with pay-to-play beach blanket bingo board games on the sand for tourists

so I see the anti-war display and it is riveting...need some sound logic about war, ask a Veteran For Peace...they fought...don't ask Ted Cruz

there's some American flags for the San Bernadino county workers who were killed in cold blood by the religious fanatics...

and there's a bunch of displays highlighting the USA's absurd forays into other nations' business...half of the trillions in debt is us trying to set up democracies in the tribal middle east..the Bush Doctrine was the height of stupidity

a time of war and a time of'd think by now we'd know the difference

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Walk This Way

seesaw swingin' with the boys in the school, and your feet flying up in the air, i sing hey diddle diddle

so I see Caitlyn Jenner dropped by the Reagan Ranch Center to give us the dope on ISIS, Christianity, colleges and the 2016 presidential race...oh wait, I'm sorry...that's not Caitlyn, that's Sarah Palin- hashtag #supersexy!!! Sarah dropped by to talk about unwed moms who get pregnant like daughter Bristol! and of course Sarah talked about the usual conservative fears and stuff


Sarah wants to restore America..but with jobs, a strong stock market and real estate market, I wonder what she want to restore the USA..the Bush days??

and as much as I'd like to wipe ISIS out right now, it's not gonna happen..the issue extends to the fight between Israel and's a fight that's never-ending...lots of death on both sides...the blundered American invasion of Iraq and on and's blood for blood now..Bibi treating Palestinians like dogs who came back to bite
and America is not immune to violence..the Civil War, the KKK, the Manson family, the Mafia (devout Catholics!) and their massacres, the nurse killer Richard Speck who went tranny in jail..and John Wayne Gacy..what a clown! or the Joker who killed people in a Colorado theather..the Columbine madness and Sandy Hook where Adam Lanza killed 20 kids...shot and killed twenty little school children...

Sandy Hook was the WORST terror attack in the history of the United States...twenty little kids shot to death ????? unspeakable..mental illness psychotropic drugs mommy issues and guns...and the GOP is hung up on "Radical Islamic Terrorism" whatever that is...

ISLAM means PEACE so how do you have radical peace terrorism? what these people are is religious fanatics like the folks at Liberty University, Jerry Falwell's scam Christian college...

what we do need is radical peace

and just recently a Michigan guy shot and killed a little girl then himself...A 7-year-old girl was shot and killed Thursday night and her mother remains in critical condition after a shooting following the girl's soccer practice. The shooter was reportedly a close friend of the family. Police in Taylor, Michigan, say after the man shot Emma Watson Nowling and Sharon Elizabeth Watson, he shot himself with a legally registered firearm....
where's the GOP outrage??

the Quran: "O You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of satan. He is an outright enemy to you." (Holy Quran: 2, 208)

the bible: a time for war and a time for peace

we need peaceful leaders, not chickenhawks....and less religious zealots like Sarah Palin who is just plain cuckoo like Wendy

Edward Snowdon is a little pussy.. a traitor hiding out in Russia or wherever..doesn't think the US gov't should keep tabs on people with destructive ends

ISIS may be a small threat to America but the bigger threat is Americans in their own land, killing each other for no apparent reason...starting wars without thinking about the's just easier to blame Islam...esp for the neo- Christians

and of course we should monitor people...

if you got a funny name.. if you walk funny or talk funny from now on if I see anybody act suspiciously, I'm gonna call it in

especially if you're walking down the street with an AK-40 in broad daylight

Friday, December 4, 2015


bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bombombombombom...
♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

would you rather surf or kill people??


so it looks like Farook was trying to be a good Muslim when he hooked up that Pakistani piece of ass from Saudi Arabia and she made a fool of him and turned him into a killer..the gal was really hot for that fat ISIS leader monkey
well I finally saw a pic of the wife and she's a total pig! a monster!

most county workers aren't terrorists so Farook got short-changed...ended up dead on the street with American cop bullets ripping his body paradise for him..his wife was a pharmacist so she no doubt drugged him up with a heroin cocktail and filled his head with death fantasies and sexual liasons with 15 Virgins... man these folks are screwed up in the head...delusionsal...

now I know the conservative bible-belters promise a Kingdom Of God in Heaven and this life we live now is just a prep for that.... but you know what? I LIKE THIS LIFE NOW!!

Farook got Farucked!

I don't give a shit about kingdoms and life everlasting and Vagabond Virgins...geez, if I want a virgin there's about twenty in the neighborhood that I could bag right now...

so the point is we got a monkey leading ISIS...he's got a bunch of pig-women groupies and easily manipulated sheep-men trying to kill us...why is this so hard to deal with? we infiltate their network with Special Op spies and start whacking the monkeys!

you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wild World

oooo, baby baby it's a wild world

it's been a wonderful Holiday Season so far except for the mass murders, but otherwise I can't complain...good weather, giant surf and bargains galore!!

so we got a Muslim fanatic, a county worker in San Bernadino who snaps and kills fourteen people at a Christmas a conference center that also serves disabled adults.. apparently the county rented the room out for the party and this Farook dude got upset over something, left and returned in full body armor with assault rifles and his crazy wife and started killing people..the county should have hired a security guard for the party...

so I told you about religious fanatics and their little death fantasies....the two perps in San Bernadino were no different..the guy was an American citizen with a Saudi Arabian wife..remember the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia and so was Osama Bin Laden...and why did Cat Stevens go all Muslimy and start dressing like Osama??

and President George Bush had a weird gay thing with a Saudi least I witnessed them holding hands and kissing in some news photos..I'll get to the gays later but George invades Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia...people do the strangest things for love!!

but the two idiot Muslims in San Bernadino were killed by do you see why the SB cops have a SWAT vehicle? now do you see why the News-Press is partially at fault for always pissing on the cops? I'll get to peeing issues later...

anyway the story is unfolding and any radicalized form of religion is not covered in the Constitution as a right so all religious fanatics must be fought and vaporized

ok so next I see some issues in Ojai with vacation rentals and gays...I have no problem with people marketing their property to make money so long as it doesn't infringe on the neighbors' the owner is responsible for the property...but these vacay rentals. the short terms should be restricted to hotels and motels...up in Ojai, some gay porn stars, maybe Bravo TV execs, rented a mansion and trashed the place..allegedly peeing on everything that moved, jerking off on the furniture and other such odd behavior

I'm not sure if the story is true because there's always two sides, but the VRBOs need to go!!

hey I need to to go real bad too.. see ya!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Free Ride

c'mon and take a free ride...

it's been awhile since I checked the court calendars because the SB Court system runs me in circles sometimes and I don't like to waste my time most of the time...

but I see tons of hearings coming up in small claims...some of the usual suspects..conservatives and realtors being sued for fraud; doctors for malpractice...damn some of the local realtors are such scumbags..liars and cheats and greedy to the max!! stay away from those big fat realtors!!

then Ty Warner is being sued for wrongful eviction..seems like this one has been going on forever...whatever happened to the concept of a speedy trial? I'm no fan of Ty's but let's get some closure here-for the children

then there's lots of marriage dissolutions with minor kids involved..gee that's too bad but you can always get married again!

couple of Firestones in the court sytem..not sure if it's Brooks' kin

hey there's ex Carp city councilman Joe's name again in court...Joe had a bizarre opinion in the Sunday News-Press telling everyone how smart he is..calls himself an "intellectual snob" was a weird autobiographical rant telling us what political genuis he is thanks to his mom and Phil Donohue...and he's still Executive Director of the de facto defuncto Santa Barbara Taxpayers
Association..nobody listens to them

but ironically, Joe keeps ringing up the taxpayer tab with all these court hearings because he's always in trouble with something or other...I think that's his kid following in dad's footsteps! the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...Joe and Andy...what jokers and parasites these guys are..and bad dads!! the most important job in the world is being a good dad, remember that boys

OFFICER DEPT 12/08/2015 - 8:30 am 1461715 Joseph Anthony Armendariz R&S/Settlement Conference Rogelio Flores SM7 ...

and speaking of trouble , I see that Ampersand Publishing has some civil issues up in crime-ridden Santa's a jury trial scheduled for Feb 2016...hmmm wonder what that's about?

02/08/2016 9:30 AM 1483950 Ampersand Publishing, LLC Rigali, James F SM Dept 2 1) Jury Trial 23-PI/PD/WD Tort - Other - Civil

Ampersand in Santa Maria..a jury Wendy moonlighting?