Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cry Me A River

like I cried a river over you...

Julie London's friend wrote that song and I saw her sing it on KCET a few nights ago..1955...her, a guitar and a bass..that's all..and she sent a shiver thru me...that's a beautiful woman

so we have some issues..if you are a Mexican you will either end up in a gang or in the Jehovah's Witnesses..I love it when pretty Latinas knock on my door all dressed up and want to come in..sure c'mon in Senorita..Senorita Velveeta

secondly, if you have ZERO talent you may end up writing Guest Opinions in the News-Press like Andy Caldwell who thinks Pres Obama is suffering from a narcissitic personality disorder and "illusions of grandeur" as Andy tried to psychoanalyze the president...Andy.. it's "delusions" not "illusions"...delusions like Wendy has....geez, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing and you guys at the News-Press know next to nothin'!! the default mode of the conservatives is to blame libs/gov't for everything...Is President Obama the worst ever president as Andy says..no of course not...Bush was

under Obama:
stock market () for example if you bought 200 shares of facebook at $38/share a few months ago, it's now at $105/share...an outlay of $7600 would yield $20000 or roughly $12000 profit..you could go buy a cool motorcycle!
economy, real estate market ()

jobs ()
Osama Bin Laden dead ()

Obama's doing a pretty good job which is driving conservatives into their little psychodramas..the GitMo swap is getting messy ie, the Bowe Bergdahl thing..Bowe will face a court martial for desertion in Afghanistan thanks to the FOX News swiftboating...but, considering we did not declare war on Afghanistan, Bowe at best went AWOL and ended up a POW for five years....the only reason Bowe is being harassed is because his folks are Muslim...besides, if Gen David Patreus can spill classified secrets to his mistress and get a little monetary fine, then Bowe won't be found guilty-or he'll be pardoned by Obama..war is never a good foreign policy

libertarians are so crazy they came up with bitcoins to compete with the Fed dollar..these are Ayn Rand fantasies...who would ever use a bitcoin..only a delusional person would

now a curious thing about the Unity Shoppe Telethon is they didn't give any tallies or totals anywhere like they usually do...hmmmmm

yesterday I was out hiking by the highway and I see this hawk on a lightpost...he sees me approach then he takes off and turns around and scopes me out than dives and buzzes me...second time this a year a hawk did that...must be the drought...

or just another hawk itching for a fight

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