Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Within You Without You

We were talking about the space between us all And the people who hide themselves behind a wall

so the front page of the News-Press says "Solimar Fire Creates Landslide Possiblity", duh

now there's been some talk about a building at the corner of Mission and State...not the failed journalistic thingie called Mission and State but a building....supposedly it's an ugly eyesore and looks like a I had to check it out..

I found nothing wrong with's a very nice building with pastel colors...a nice break from all the old rickety bungalows and dirty old medical offices...some of the folks complaining obviously need therapy, esp one dude who wrote to the Independent suggesting the dome feature may have something to do with the San Bernadino terror attack...the dude says he's running for City Council in 2017...he wants the dome removed to appease neighbors

"I talked to many District 4 residents months before the recent terrorist attacks. This building was frequently mentioned, and there are many people who want it torn down." -Pete Dal Bello


absolute gibberish ..I assume the guy is look I got more conservative friends than liberals because conservatives are simpler and easier to trick, but to suggest that this commercial bldg at Mission and State is some sort of threat to Santa Barbara is just crazy!! ..his letter to the Indie just had to be a spoof...but a few searches will find the guy has some issues..a condition whereby he had part of his skull removed to relieve pressure on the brain ..or maybe he had a lobotomy..Pete, don't run for city council-stay in your rubber room

now as the Republican candidates fight each other via twitter and other social media, it is clear the only Republican candidate that should be considered is John Kasich..oh I don't agree with him always but compared to the others, he's the only qualified guy...and I'd rather see Kasich president than Hillary Clinton...

at the GOP CPAC meeting they had Phil Robertson speaking..the kooky ignorant hillbilly guy from Duck Dynasty...Jesus this and Jesus that...with friends like that the GOP is doomed

at least Kasich doesn't fear Jesus, Mexicans, Muslims..

or domes

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