Saturday, December 19, 2015


Now I gotta cut loose, footloose

I see a deputy DA in Santa Maria was put on leave by Joyce Dudley, Queen of the DAs...the News-Press had a version of the story and the Independent had a version, a better juicier version..but the DA dude had a fling with a lady lawyer in the office and the husband found out and pulled a gun or something...gee...having sex with someone is not the end of the world and some of those county lady lawyers look deliciously irresistable..I gotta get back up to the court house soon! I want some justice!! Wendy why not move the Ampersand jury trial to Santa Barbara? aren't I due for jury duty??

so I swing by the Bird Refuge for so many reasons: to see if Jill is there-no she isn't....Jill please stop your JIHAD against non-natives..daisies are pretty like you!

now I know that Jill didn't backfill the Bird Refuge with sea water...but Mother Nature did..the extemely high tides simply flowed in  via gravity through the old spillway under Cabrillo Blvd by the sluice gate- which is gone and boarded up..that whole area is sitting on an estuary I imagine and tides just filled up the slough at East is connected to the Bird Refuge..I've never seen the tides that high so blame Global Warming, not Jill


then to check out the Montecito Events Center...Nippers will hold a News Year's bash at the events center...booze, black tie or cocktail attire whatever that is...I got this info in the Montecito Journal...Nippers...a pop- up cocktail lounge at an events center by the Bird Refuge

ah fellas..the 1980s are over but I'm sure every cokehead in SB will be at the Montecito Events Center for one last snort on New Year's Eve! and all the stars from the Unity Shoppe telethon will be there because they can afford the $200 RSVP....the poor people served by the Unity Shoppe charity won't be at Nippers nightclub, I assure you..what's with that red door and the cocaine white paint job and reindeer ...hmmmm

Plains All American Pipeline has allegedly been misleading those who seek compensation for losses they incurred following the Refugio oil spill, according to a motion filed in federal court on Dec. 16...these are the words to a story in the PACBIZTIMES, and online business journal Dec 17...the next day the News-Press has a story entitled "Plains accused of misleading oil spill victims"
the News-Press story borrowed heavily from the PBT story and added a few details but pretty shady nonetheless...

I keep seeing those ads by Plains Oil and can see right through them...but the water is clean again and dolphins are motivatin' very close to shore as are paddleboarders....

there's lots of things to motivate you everyday..don't let them pass you by!

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