Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dear Prudence

open up your eyes

there's this energy in the or lunar....the  deep December days have been and cold ..the surf and tides have been really high..the wind's been blowing..the air is clean and the constellations are clear...Friday we got a penny's worth of rain but Mother Nature will pay her water debt her own time


at the beach surfers, plovers and other shorebirds were eating the abundance of food..I had pelicans at my front door!

I've been out taking pix and the big waves are up north and down south but these locals are just fine..the Salt Marsh fills in the morning and recedes later in the's a marvel to watch

and watching the news you see how high the tides reached..into the beach parking lots and even spilling into the Bird Refuge....the Bird Refuge? did the Zak do something behind my back? did Jill follow my advice and open up the sluice gate?

Bird Refuge sluice gate gone..

well, I had to find out so I raced into Santa Barbara and parked it by East Beach..I see the surf is still good but waning..and there's evidence the tide reached the ice plant and breached the "lite blue line"..the mayor was right!!

I checked out the Bird Refuge and yes..someone actually removed the sluice gate..most likely the City of Santa guess it was old and frozen shut so they may replace it with one that works, then they can regulate the flow...but what a difference from last week..the ocean, the tidal flush nearly filled up the Bird Refuge with good aerated salt water thus killing the bad organisms that can't stink up the place..the water is clearer and less murky and there's many more birds swimming around

see Jill, the sun is up- the sky is blue- it's beautiful- and so are you..

Dear Prudence..won't you come out to play??


Anonymous said...

If you are right and they let the saline water into the refuge they have broken a dozen coastal regulations and people will go to jail! Would you share a cell with Jill??

Mick Von Caw said...

don't be cellie...Nature knows no such regulations