Monday, December 7, 2015

Perfect World

in a perfect world there'd be understanding...

I missed the Toy for Tots motorcycle run in Carp at SCL but caught the middle in Santa Barbara..actually went in to see the War demonstration..or anti-war as it turns out...but Santa Barbara looked like a war zone by Stearn's Wharf...the dolphins were skinned as if by napalm, the streets were all torn up and building all torn down as if by bombs

Dec 6-it was hot and dry so hot and dry my eyes were stinging like stinging nettle...but I did enjoy the day at the beach..or what was left of it...first off, I lodged some complaints...there's a big ass brown pedestrian bridge that's really ugly...I have a feeling this whole creek project was unnecessary..and over -engineered

and across the street the Hotel California is all torn up for remodeling/La Entrada...I shudder to think what that will look like when done...I can't get anywhere up State St from here...and there's tourist buses and John Deere backhoes and bull dozers...plenty of homeless dudes and Asians but I didn't see and Muslims thank God!

the homelss have gotten creative with pay-to-play beach blanket bingo board games on the sand for tourists

so I see the anti-war display and it is riveting...need some sound logic about war, ask a Veteran For Peace...they fought...don't ask Ted Cruz

there's some American flags for the San Bernadino county workers who were killed in cold blood by the religious fanatics...

and there's a bunch of displays highlighting the USA's absurd forays into other nations' business...half of the trillions in debt is us trying to set up democracies in the tribal middle east..the Bush Doctrine was the height of stupidity

a time of war and a time of'd think by now we'd know the difference

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