Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Respect Yourself

If you disrespect anybody that you run in to, how in the world do you think, anybody's s'posed to respect you...

ok so it's coming on New Year's Eve...a few days and 2016 will be upon us..and of course there will be the parties...lotsa dumb parties with lots of people getting drunk...some will end up in the back of a hearse

we've had drunks in the Santa Barbara area...some famous, some politicans, some writers and all of them hacks...speaking of hacks, I see the News-Press had a story on Nipper and his pals tasting wine in brown paper bags at the Canary Hotel..it was a taste test for sparkling wines and Nipper is an "expert" on champagnes...wine expert Gabe Saglie did the story


now if you are a friend of the News-Press and you get busted for DUI, they will do a nice story on you or allow you to do a nice story on yourself as we've seen with Peter Lance and Joe Armendariz...Lance had his caper start at the Canary Hotel on New Year's eve in 2011..Joe's drinking landed him in some obscure little town up north in the boonies

but that's over now..those two dawgs are in the pound...but I predict that Nipper will soon be doing weather at KEYT and Alan Rose will doing "Brunch with Alan" for the News-Press...and they say CJ is the only investigative reporter on local TV..how about investiagting the child porn on Wendy's computer years ago..you coulda axed Nipper at the Unity Shoppe telethon!! Beth was toe to toe with Nipper all night long!!

I do get the arrest reports and I see one that interests me..Kristen, an actress, a soap actress has been busted for DUI by the Santa Barbara CHP....this isn't her first arrest...she was a model and lists rich Stepford wife Ann XXXXX wife of old rich dude Michael as a friend..Ann was doing the Unity Shoppe Telethon and I'm sure many of those folks are drunks or friends of drunks...plus Kristen says she's involved with Girls Inc which is very bad...not a good role model to be drving drunk and/or high....

OFFICER DEPT 01/08/2016 - 8:30 am 1429808 Kristen xxxxxx Probation Violation Arr Cont Raimundo Montes de Oca SB8 01/08/2016 - 8:30 am 1492325 Kristen xxxxxArraignment on Complaint Cont Raimundo Montes de Oca SB8

I won't give her last name right yet until I check her out

this is just oh so typical...these people try to be such society professionals but behind the scenes are drugs booze and all sorts of bad cess stretching from Santa Barbara to Seattle...I think this chick used work on Santa Claus Lane at a Pilates studio which is another concern...this is my neighborhood and if she's gonna drive around drunk, I gotta keep an eye out for her coming at me..

and Pilates of course is a hoax and they charge huge fees for special "exercises" for gullible white people, rich white people....I don't like these people moving here and operating these scams, but they usually self -destruct eventually like most conservatives

so why don't Ann, Girl's Inc and Pilates get Kristen some help and get her off the fucking ROAD before she kills herself or worse someone else

all these people, these phonies I speak of...I can tell you one thing, they are not first responder material!!

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