Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

have a happy holiday!

if you read the News-Press guest editorials, you'll see religious fanaticism in full pathology

but Christmas as we know has nothing to do with has to do with Santa Claus, gifts, music, sex and awesome weather! and dogs


so I head to the beach again as a Christmastime storm beckons... blustery and cool...I step on the sand and see a vulture eating breakfast...I sneak up closer next thing I know a dog sneaks up behind me all playful and wet and looks at me like "dude!"

I take his picture then we see a kite surfer out there..I kinda like hanging out with dogs here as long as I don't have to take them home

then I see the dog's pretty owner come up, quiet as a bird, dressed casually hip for winter maybe if her dog likes me I'll get a leg up on the lady of leisure

so the Spanish beauty starts smiling and talking then walking away and the dog looks at me like "do something...are your feet glued to the sand, boy?"

a wave crashes as they's winter and I'm standing on the shoreline gazing out at the awesome Christmas sea

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