Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wild World

oooo, baby baby it's a wild world

it's been a wonderful Holiday Season so far except for the mass murders, but otherwise I can't complain...good weather, giant surf and bargains galore!!

so we got a Muslim fanatic, a county worker in San Bernadino who snaps and kills fourteen people at a Christmas a conference center that also serves disabled adults.. apparently the county rented the room out for the party and this Farook dude got upset over something, left and returned in full body armor with assault rifles and his crazy wife and started killing people..the county should have hired a security guard for the party...

so I told you about religious fanatics and their little death fantasies....the two perps in San Bernadino were no different..the guy was an American citizen with a Saudi Arabian wife..remember the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia and so was Osama Bin Laden...and why did Cat Stevens go all Muslimy and start dressing like Osama??

and President George Bush had a weird gay thing with a Saudi least I witnessed them holding hands and kissing in some news photos..I'll get to the gays later but George invades Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia...people do the strangest things for love!!

but the two idiot Muslims in San Bernadino were killed by do you see why the SB cops have a SWAT vehicle? now do you see why the News-Press is partially at fault for always pissing on the cops? I'll get to peeing issues later...

anyway the story is unfolding and any radicalized form of religion is not covered in the Constitution as a right so all religious fanatics must be fought and vaporized

ok so next I see some issues in Ojai with vacation rentals and gays...I have no problem with people marketing their property to make money so long as it doesn't infringe on the neighbors' the owner is responsible for the property...but these vacay rentals. the short terms should be restricted to hotels and motels...up in Ojai, some gay porn stars, maybe Bravo TV execs, rented a mansion and trashed the place..allegedly peeing on everything that moved, jerking off on the furniture and other such odd behavior

I'm not sure if the story is true because there's always two sides, but the VRBOs need to go!!

hey I need to to go real bad too.. see ya!!

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