Saturday, December 31, 2011

ticket to ride

cold blue steel..

well, I went into Santa Barbara Friday around 12:15 PM and it took me 20 minutes from Carp! 20 MINUTES!! traffic is heavy all day and all of the night..all day and all of the I'm thinking as I'm dawdling among other drivers if my slacks are ok..if I look ok enough to ride in a cop car..yes I do..

so I get to the police station at 1:00 PM and wait in the lobby and a tall cop comes out and greets me..hey it's Officer Mark Corbett...the News-Press can't stop writing delusional fiction about him and his wife!

so we enter the cavernous police headquarters...this place is's got everything...if the world ends I'm heading here to hideout...they'd never find me!!

Officer Corbett gives me the dime tour.... he gives me a sticker to put on my jacket alerting everyone I'm the "ride-along"..then I meet the gal who I talked on the phone with....Oh Oh Pretty Woman!! then we check some other places out..the command and control center, a lab.... little rooms.. big rooms..crazy rooms...freezers..lockers...computers and monitors..the dispatch center....I COULD RULE THE WORLD FROM THIS ROOM!!

next we looked at the little city jail that reminded me of Alcatraz...had to be careful what I photographed due to the sensitve nature of this particular operation...

then some cadets were coming down the stairs and addressed Corbett as "sir"...this was just after I met the Range Master...that's right.... the SBPD has a range master...he asks Corbett if he wants to shoot...Corbett says we all go to the shooting gallery....

now if you saw the movie Magnum Force when Clint shoots targets in the gallery with the younger cops, then you'll know how I felt....before we entered I got issued safety glasses and hearing protectors....the range master set up the scenerio for's how the cops train for dangerous situations when lethal force may be necessary...they use a simulated crime scene with posters of fake criminals with guns...the bad guys and some pictures of cops with guns, the good guys...

then the shooting started..yeah baby... that's what I'm talking about!! Corbett pulls out the cold blue steel and... bam bam bang bang boom boom!!!

I was in a little booth/control room and I heard it loud and clear....Jesus it was loud like a cannon!! then we went to check out the targets to see what he hit.....spent shell casings everywhere and holes in the bad guys..the good guys had no holes in, that was a cool demo...

the police station has a lot of things going's a cool building but obviously needs to be bigger and better.....for the cops and the citizens.. move them out of the basement!

Santa Barbara would be crazy to deny the funds to upgrade the site... preventing the Granada garage fiasco could have paid for it..maybe instead of pissing money away on redoing local creeks that don't need more than a cleaning once a year, or redoing sidewalks every week, or spending money to turn around some benches on State St, the focus should on getting a new police station....let's see some real leadership on the council!! and not one member of the Santa Barbara City Council has done a ride-along..Dale... Frank..Mayor..where's the commitment??

ok...geez, an hour's gone by and we're not out of the building yet! look..more pictures on the wall of cops, decorated cops, smiling cops..proud cops..professional cops...not the kind of cops that Noozhawk or the News-Press write about...those cops are a figment of Steepleton and Lance's imagination....take a tour and see what these folks deal with on a daily basis...

yes... tomorrow, let's take a look at what the cops deal with..on the street..the good....and the bad...

Friday, December 30, 2011

if we make it through December

everything's gonna be alright I know....

ok....I wonder where my buddies went..Pete, Darryl, Tony, Mr .Wimpy....I haven't heard a peep outta them in weeks! well it is getting close to New Year's Eve so maybe they are all out shopping for skinny tuxedos for some New Year's you think so...maybe they are all out having brunch in Montecito and discussing events that are important to these another book they are gonna write...what a special group of guys!!

and Darryl appears not to be advertising in the Independent least I can't find any of his ads...instead there's a bunch of Recovery Program ads..get over your addictions...psychologists not DUI lawyers are now in high demand! I think that's cool! hey and Utah just outlawed "happy hours"'s about time...happy hour is the dumbest thing in the world!

well anyway I can't worry too much, they are all adults and can take care of themselves..HAHAHAHAH!

now, I told you before I was gonna try to do a ride-along with a Santa Barbara cop since they are the most notorious...the city has a Ride-Along fill out an application, they do a background check, then they call you to set up a time and that's what happened...I guess they missed my stint in jail ..whew!! I was in a prison cell with Merle Haggard when we got busted for vagrancy years that dude could play the guitar!! him and Buck Owens

so the police gal calls me and I'm not home so when I get home I call her back...and we set up a time and I tell her I want a blonde cop woman who's really sexy, she tells me knock it off with the lame jokes, this is serious business..she tells me to wear slacks and a shorts or tee shirts..I need to look professional...slacks and a shirts?? I said...can I wear a turtleneck I ask her..she giggles, then says "yes" in a sultry voice

well just my luck and I get a guy today I'll go to the police station and wait in the lobby until my cop picks me up...the only thing is that Peter L and Tony D already did a ride the back seat with handcuffs on..AHAHAHAH!!!!

ok so there you have it...I'll try to get some pictures and do a post on my little adventure unless something weird happens....I'm kinda scared and kinda a first date!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

ferme la douche

special today: free tampax with every chicken!!

can anyone explain to me why whenever I buy a pack of chicken thighs from the grocery store I get a free tampax included? I don't get it...I open the package and take out the chicken and on the bottom is a tampax...

are these chickens range free? or stay free chickens? do chickens get periods?? I mean really, I go to the grocery store for some chicken and I come back a with a freakin' tampax!! and why do I have a package of tampax in my bathroom vanity?? where'd that come from?? oh I remember..

I got some other stuff too at the store like some peanuts and there was nothing in the jar but peanuts, no tampons...and the ham I got was wrapped tight with plastic and pumped full of water, but no feminine products...

stop and smell the roses? I'm sorry?

more yuppiemuppie dog stories?? this is what I read in the News-Press..a letter to the editor from Joe Armendariz promising he won't get drunk anymore...a guestatorial from Terry Tyler telling folks to stop and smell the roses..well Tyler wouldn't know a rose from a dog's butt I can tell just by looking at him where he spends most of his time he's Mr. Nature when most of his guestatorials are about how scary it is to be outside in Santa Barbara unless you're driving drunk, then it's safe!! please

I can see that some things need to be retrofitted for 2012 and well I'm just the guy for the job....

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mona Lisa

are you real, Mona Lisa?

well there's the Nat King Cole song that is a work of art....a brilliant song done as no one else could do it...Nat King there's s a singer....

and I watched the Rifleman as a kid and enjoy the series whenever I can..there was one episode called "the Vision" where Mark visits his dead mother in a was a strange one, but the actress who played his mom was Marian Seldes.......and I related to it because my mom died when I was 8, just like Mark....and Seldes looked like my mother!!

so I 'm watching Mona Lisa Smile, the movie and of course Julia Roberts is the best actress and the others in the cast were superior...and there was Marian Seldes as the headmaster of the all girls Wellesly college! I've seen this picture a few times and it is very enjoyable...Julia plays the Art History teacher who tells the girls that there's more to life than waiting on your husbands hand and foot..this was back in the fifties and traditions were very important..but of course the traditions were only for show as husbands were cheating and women were right there to welcome them....

now two of the gals at the school were Kirsten Dunst who played the school reporter and Maggie Gyllenhaal who played the wild rebel....Kristen called Julia the teacher subversive and secretly admired Maggie for her independence but was always criticizing her for her promiscous ways...Maggie knew that Kirsten's hubby was cheating on was confirmed when Maggie saw him in New York with another woman...and Kirsten was still holding on to the family image her manipulative mother was trying to sell her...but Kirsten was soon becoming aware of her husband's disregard and there was one scene in the movie that just killed me..near the end of the film when the girls were talking in a bedroom, Kirsten confronts Maggie and calls her a whore, and starts screaming at her, but really she's crying because her own situation is breaking her she's dumping on Maggie..and Kirsten starts hitting Maggie but Maggie just embraces her after Kirsten breaks down in her I didn't explain it very well, but that scene was riveting and made me fall in love with Kirsten Dunst...I know she's had some idiot stalking her..let me know who it is and I'll take care of him..and I heard Kirsten wants some things she doesn't have...

now I know that nothing will become of my pathetic little crush on a supremely talented Hollywood actress.....and I know she will never read this blog...but I can dream can't I?

Are you warm, are you real, Monalisa? Or just a cold and lonely, lovely work of art? Monalisa, Monalisa

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

same auld lang syne

We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to time, We're living in our eloquence, another old lang syne.....

ok..the new year is fast approaching and 2011 will soon be a memory...I hope a good one for many of you..but for some ..well, not so great...and while I'm sure some will blame me for their woes, I can assure you your woes are your own.. because I don't blame you for my woes, do I? no I don't

and soon enough we'll be singing songs of auld lang syne and old aquaintenances we'd like to that red haired chick who keeps insisting I'm the father of her kid..I'm NOT!! and some of you will be imbibing in a traditional adult problem..drink up drink up let me fill your cup...but if you're dumb like Peter there's an aquaintance I'd like to forget...just go away dude..

well if you celebrate me home on New Years and drive off into the night, there will be officers watching you...regardless of what Judge Boo Boo Hill said, they will pull you over if the suspicion is reasonable, so I'm don't think you have the right to drive drunk just because Tony and Peter did it..the reason they did it is because they are both idiots..and I got proof..Tony will be in court the first part of January, in numerous court rooms, because of his lack of personal responsibility...oh, we've seen these folks stumble around and try to blame others like JR Ewing for their dumbassness, but we know that the responsibility lies within the individual..period..

ok so all the folks that have been exposed..most of whom are on Team Wendy's bench..all these people I would like to propose not a toast, but a New Year's resolution for them...I would propose that for once in their flea-bit little lives that they accept some personal responsibility for their actions..some personal accountability...they have choices..from the moment they wake up and before they put on their make up..they can say a little prayer..or they can continue to make bad choices and use up valuable taxpayer time and money to babysit them...

now the rest of you I know I don't have to worry have shown sound judgement and resolve and continue to live lives that are...well...while not as good as mine, at least you're trying...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Drop Kick Me Jesus

through the goal post of life...

what would you think if I dropped to my knees before every blog post and prayed to Jesus? not that I really care what you think, but this Tim Tebow character is really starting to annoy me...he drops and prays every time his team gets a touchdown...this is very silly because God doesn't work that way....he doesn't give you points..this is where religion has been hijacked by idiots addicted to the constant showing how pious they are...Tim Tebow is no role model...he's just setting himself up to be Mr. Religious probably so he can molest young football players..mark my words, something will surface in the future regarding sex..

now, how do I know this? well, because I saw little Timmy Tebow goofily talking to Sean Hannity in an interview..and these two clowns made me puke fire...I mean really Timmy Boy, did you know that the owner of FOX NEWS is being investigated for hacking into peoples' private lives for stories and bribing officials?? did you know that Timmy?? so if you had a real backbone you would have said no to Hannity and told him to fuck off...Jesus wants honesty, not some phony moral hypocrisy..and Jesus hates a kiss ass I bet I know Timmy will fall soon just like Carrie Prejean..remember her? a fine young blonde "Christian" who got interviewed by Hannity and he even wrote the forward of her "book"...believe me these people don't write books....they are way too stupid...

but anyway Carrie who professsed to be a moral gal following God and his word was actually a naughty little bitch who sent a video of herself to her boyfriend..the video showed Carrie playing with her pussy and I don't mean cat..and there's some topless pics floating around too

that's a no-no in this faux-Christianity..but of course they all do it because they are just little sluts, like I said....but I think Carrie is a role model..I'd like to roll her over, Romeo!

Mother Teresa was a role model....a humble poor and rather ugly woman..but brave and it's true given a choice between Mother Teresa and Carrie Prejean, I'd bonk Carrie..she can babble on all she wants about God, but she knows what she really needs

now I don't know what Tim Tebow will do to shame himself, but within one year we'll hear about it..I guarantee it!!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas in Jail..

(SANTA BARBARA) - Santa Claus was arrested for DUI Friday night while practicing various maneuvers in the skies over southern California..


State Police said they received numerous complaints from residents about Claus flying "erratically" and dangerously close to several homes in the Santa Barbara area.

Joanne Delancey, who lives on the Mesa, reported hearing such a clatter that she sprang from her bed to see what was the matter. “What to my wondering eyes did appear, but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. Back and forth in the sky they thrashed, I knew in a moment that Santa was trashed.”
Police took Claus into custody shortly after he landed on the airport's runway, but didn't lay a hand on him per the new police policy: let the trees do the work

"He was very visibly intoxicated,” said Trooper Charles Mugglebeam. “His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry. In fact, his behavior was so erratic that I laughed when I saw him – in spite of myself."

Claus was charged with DUI, public drunkenness and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. “He had a one-pound brick of pot in his suit and a four-foot water bong riding shotgun in his sleigh,” said Mugglebeam.

A spokesman for Claus said the elf-in-chief regularly practices takeoffs and landings at Santa Barbara airport because the facility is used by "few, if any, airplanes."...."the only reason the airport exists is so rich people can show off their super luxurious jets..they just park them there..I think that's what made Santa angry".."he's been trying to upgrade the sleigh for years, but the Elves union keeps bargaining for unsustainable benefits..and we know who pays in the end"

As for the arrest, the spokesman sounded a skeptical tone. "This is just another example of police targeting someone because he's a white guy and a small business owner....
Santa could not be reached for comment...
thanks to the Central PA Gazette!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Jesus was a Crossmaker....

sweet silver angels, over the sea, please come down flying low...for me

a work ethic....or a drug ethos

oh man I saw these teenagers waiting at the bus stop acting kid had a big orange balloon type thing and was taking drags from it and passing it to this friends..a huge amount of smoke billowed out of his mouth..before I could get there the bus came..they tossed the bulb thing into the creek, but I couldn't find it...
instead of drug sniffing dogs going thru school lockers, where is the drug education?? probably wouldn't do any good if mom and dad are wasted too

ok so I'm trying to show you the connections to all these drug issues knowing full well that you've already figured them out for yourselves, but I gotta do something with my time...

now I've pointed out some stories that the News-Press has refused to print..because as Wendy herself told me in a huff "there's no story"...remember I greeted Wendy and Nipper at Wayne Pacelle's animal party in Montecito.. I thought they were very rude to me since I'm a paying customer and Wendy almost made me cry ...well now I'm over it hahahah..... much for their wanking about freedom of the press..but the stories should have been printed..and they are all drug related...the Lanny Ebenstein grow house/foreclosure issues in Eureka, the Joe and Joe Jr. drug issues, the Nipper Jr and Barron Jr drug issues....where are those stories in the News-Press..nowhere! instead the News-Press is busy protecting drunk drivers and drug addicts!! I find this unbelieveable...

but everywhere it seems these little cells of Koch Brother anti public worker types are cropping up as hastily formed shady non-profits...we know that Lanny had been on the SBCTA with Joe..and now they are on the California Center for Public Policy... Lanny Ebenstein is the president of this outfit but it's just another front for teabagger Koch Bros politics and the biggest threats to them are public workers like nurses, cops and fire, teachers whose only crime is that they organized...these folks are the backbone of America and will not put up with this anti-worker bullshit any longer!!

the CCPP has on its board teabbager Tom Watson, Joe Armendariz who has been in the news lately, and some other shady characters....
Joe Armendariz
Executive Director, Santa Barbara Technology and Industry Association
Jean Blois
Past President, Goleta Chamber of Commerce
Jerry Dixon
Steve Forsell
Former Member, Santa Barbara Board of Education
Brooks Firestone
California State Assemblyman (ret.)
Tony Fox
Frank Hotchkiss
Member, Santa Barbara City Council
Robert Kallman
Undersecretary, United States Department of the Interior (ret.)
Robert Lagomarsino
Member of Congress (ret.)
Walter Mead, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics
Catherine Miller
Dan Secord, M.D.
Former Alternate Member, California State Coastal Commission
Mike Stoker
Tom Watson

all are now on my radar and any odds on who's next to get busted for DUI???

Thursday, December 22, 2011 the Flintstones

yabba dabba doo!!

alot of these guys proclaiming gov't conspiracies and coverups are certified whackjobs who have never held a real job in their lives!!

so there's this hothead Hollywood producer Alex D'Andrea - movie actor Stephen Baldwin's business partner-who sent his daughter to the Weil Ojai Tennis Acadamy and when she got expelled, he freaked out!!! like Lance freaked out when he got arrested...and anyone who's dumb enough to be Stephen Baldwin's business partner deserves some scrutiny...

last year Stephen Baldwin ( the least talented one who last starred in the Flintstones as Barney Rubble!)) went bankrupt, found religion, said he was being bullied and asked people to send him money!
(CBS) A website is appealing to visitors to donate money to what it says is a noble cause - helping actor Stephen Baldwin.

claims that the actor's 2002 conversion to evangelical Christianity hurt his career opportunities and led to him file for bankruptcy in 2009. The website hopes to bring in donations to help restore the actor to popularity so he can spread Christianity to the masses.

The site compares Baldwin to a modern-day Job, the biblical figure who lost his family and wealth but remained faithful to God. The money donated through the website goes "directly into [Baldwin's] bank account," according to the site's Q&A section. The actor needs this "personal wealth," it claims, because "Stephen's influence is in Hollywood. Hollywood worships money and without it you are seen as a loser and cannot be an effective influence to this group."

The teen, D'Andrea's daughter was expelled, according to Weil's lawyer, "because Mr. D'Andrea was a hothead and impossible to deal with, especially when it came to issues of money."

D'Andrea's lawyer said the dismissal came after D'Andrea started asking Weil questions because he was "constantly being hit up by Mr. Weil to pay more and more and more...

Whatever the reason, the teen's dismissal was meant to be kept private, according to a confidential settlement agreement obligating D'Andrea not to disparage the academy in exchange for a $28,500 refund

now, this D'Andrea guy has a blog with some interesting comments about conspiracies and gov't corruption..and the Attorney General....and comments about how Peter Lance has uncovered a huge corruption scandal in Sanata Barbara..oh really..where??

from D'Andrea's blog:

I'd like to tell everyone that at this time the AG is communicating with Senator of that district, along with the Governor, in investigating Ojai/Ventura. Furthermore, Congressman Henry Waxman has his own federal investigation.

Learn your lessons quickly and move on, as that is what I am doing. I hope that you never experience what has happened to me for being a "whistle blower" when it involved egregious acts from a City/County that has not been proactive with justice and our rights as American citizens.

commenter from D'Andrea's blog: how was allowed to happen, Keep a vigilant watch on the situation. Award winner investigative journalist Peter Lance has a lot to say about the rampant corruption. It always take one motivated & cultured people to get the truth whether it be convenient or not...

So, Jamarah, Kamala and the whole gang in Sacramento, while you are sipping on your Latte's know that we have the ability to recall the Governor and you all since you have proven to be so inept. You have unfortunately to deal with the consequences of your inaction and your only goal is to have been re-elected. Your past performance should have been a warming. Change the dreadful course you"re on simply pick up the phone & look into the corrupt District Attorneys and Sherriffs of Cities of Ojai (City Councilman Blatz) could help you in explaining how much is being done behind the scenes in concert with (P.D Chief Chris Dunn) BTW interesting that Ojai City Attorney of 31 years has retired when his constituents were on him. Look into Ventura CO DA Gregory L. Totten also. you have a "hot potato off your hands". The more you dig in your heels the more the people are going to want YOU out and clean up in the Republic of California. Thanks for taking time to read. As an American I"m outraged you have allowed California to get here. Good Luck Mr. D'Andrea & Mr.Lance!

commenter: Governor Brown: The collusion and corruption in Santa Barbara, Ojai/Ventura and Oxnard has mushroomed. It didn"t happen overnight. You can't blame the past administration as Obama is doing as you were the AG and allowed this egregious state of affairs, you think your officials get away "scott free". Watch how Santa Barbara's corruption, graft & collusion is going to blow its lid today and in the weeks ahead. Do you really think you can muzzle the will of the people and take away their constitutional rights of free speech & also the special amendment of the press. Simply because the flagrant truth became "inconvenient"... You allowed it to mushroom as AG, you used the City of Bell situation as a ubiquitous platform. All the while, on a wing and a prayer used your political name to be governor again. You have heard of the saying, "leopards don't change their spots". Well, so far, neither you nor your officials Kamala Harris have been doing anything in regards to Ojai/Ventura Corruption. Judging by your record up to now, I encourage people to follow what corruption is being uncovered in Santa Barbara, the insane attempt of the State Govt to muzzle the press, the dirty DUI's perpetrated by Police and Sheriff on good citizens whose wives happen to have the right amount of cash and connection to bribe your cops to issue DUI's to men who are going through divorce so that they lose custody of their children. It's documented......

D'Andrea: To everyone who has been asking me what the Attorney General and Governor Brown have been doing regarding collusion/corruption in Ojai/Ventura, the answer is naught.
In an effort to promote transparency and ease of communication with our government officials, here are the key numbers for you to call:

Governor Jerry Brown's office, Chief of Staff Nancy McFadden: 916-445-0796
Attorney General Kamala Harris' office, Chief of Staff: 916-324-5435
Senator Strickland's office, Chief of Staff Chris Wangsaporn: 805-306-8886

Maybe then these officials can contact Christman Kelley Clarke law firm at 972-253-4440 and Sanger & Swysen law firm (the famous law firm who handled Michael Jackson in Ventura) at 805-962-4887.

...frivolous lawsuits, complaints by wannabe stars and starlets, losers and drama the name of Jesus....just silliness!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Claus

is coming to town...

You better watch out Joe and Lanny
You better not cry Tony and yuppiemuppies
You better not pout Pete and Mr. Wimpy
I'm telling you why New-Press
Santa Claus is coming to town

He's making a list..Tony, Pete, Mr. Wimpy, sweet cream ladies...
Checking it twice: um.. oh yeah add Wendy and Nipper and all their drugged out offspring
Gonna find out who's naughty or nice... we know who's naughty, don't we girls!!
Santa Claus is coming to town

He sees you when you're sleeping ...he likes to watch
He knows when you're awake... by those bloodshot eyes
He knows if you've been bad or you bad
So be good for goodness sake... yeah right like that's gonna happen

With little tin horns and little toy drums
and little pink elephants and bottles of rum
Santa Claus is coming to town

(Coming to town)
Santa's a busy man he has no time to play..SO WISE THE FUCK UP erybody!!!!
He's got millions of stockings to fill on Christmas day
(Santa Claus is coming to town)
(Coming to town)
(Santa Claus is coming to town)
(Coming to town)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

shakin' all over

non profits gone wild!

well I saw a story in the Independent glamor rag about litter over on the Channel Islands...the Nature Con and Parks Service are killing all the non-native stuff to attract non- native tourists and now the tourists are littering up the cans, cigarette butts, plastic and other goodies for all the native birds and little foxes to enjoy!
the National Parks Service conferred landmark status to the Steedman Estate..that's not a bad thing....there's a non-profit foundation that oversees the place..

Steedman Estate (Casa del Herrero), CA: The George and Carrie Steedman Estate, named Casa del Herrero by its owners, stands as one of the most fully developed, richly documented and intact examples of the America Country Place Era. Its gardens, architecture, interior design, and furnishings appear untouched by time and reflect a remarkable sense of artistic unity and authenticity in representing the evolution of Spanish Colonial Revival design in the United States. George Fox Steedman, an industrialist, engineer, and amateur architect, had a vision for the house and grounds that went beyond fashion, and he assembled an extraordinary team of architects, landscape architects, antiquarians, and horticulturists to produce the Casa del Herrero estate (House of the Blacksmith).

The mission of the Casa del Herrero Foundation is to maintain, preserve and restore the house, furnishings, gardens and history of the Steedman/Bass estate for the benefit of the community, visiting public, scholars, educators and students.

History of the Casa del Herrero Foundation
The Steedmans’ daughter Medora, who lived at the estate from 1977 until her death ten years later, was determined that the Casa be preserved as a representation of the arts and excellence in design, and to have it kept as a museum and a place of “worthwhile use.” Pursuant to this wish, her son George Bass assumed responsibility for Casa del Herrero until Casa del Herrero Foundation was formed as a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 organization in 1993 and endowed by the George and Medora Bass family. That same year, a Conditional Use Permit was obtained from the County of Santa Barbara for operation of the estate. The Foundation manages the Casa in accordance with the County’s guidelines, which limit tour visitors and activities.
Funding is derived from income on the endowment, grants, donations, fundraising events, rental properties, tour admissions, and membership fees.

ok no problem with that...I guess they gotta have a board, an executive director and of course some cops to arrest the executive directors of non-profits who keep getting busted for DUI!!
the latest being the Executive Director of the Casa del Herrero... I can only assume it's the same gal...maybe I'm wrong but I doubt it

here we go again... geez what is wrong with these people?? Molly, you in danger, girl

Monday, December 19, 2011

Casey Jones...

Drivin' that train / High on cocaine / Casey Jones you better / watch your speed / Trouble ahead / Trouble behind

from pot houses to crashing into trees, Team Wendy members seem to have some serious drug abuse issues

ok..this is seems the News-Press is blaming Joe Armendariz's alcohol problems on Officer Kasi Beutel! I mean everytime a Team Wendy member messes up, Kasi Beutel appears in the paper as some twisted counterpoint..

so the situation is Joe and Kasi appear on the front page..uh oh, the last time Joe appeared on the front page of the News-Press was with #69 in an unrelated story...but Sunday's stories were a rather silly attempt to paint Kasi as a demon and Joe as a poor victim....either way the News-Press coverage is laughable....

the first is an old story about Peter Lance and Kasi Beutel.. Lance has still not gotten over being arrested for DUI or the drubbing he took in court about looking skinny in his tux...he brings up his series again and again and continues to smear Officer Beutel aided and abetted by the News-Press, the only media outlet in town corrupt enough to keep printing this nonsense... but things get confusing.. is the Attorney General's office is looking to pin a contempt charge on Beutel on behalf of the DMV as the News-Press suggests...Lance is still on the hook for his DUI arrest and may lose his license, so why wouldn't Kasi Beutel want to testify at a DMV hearing? maybe it's because they once said they don't need her to testify because they were satisfied with her report...and neither SBPD nor Kasi has received a subpoena.. is this more voodoo from Lance/Genis/ Steepleton..

I've covered this before that Lance was DUI no ifs ands butts as he admitted it on public TV
but the News-Press story doesn't make any sense!! why is the state's attorney general involved in this: because of Lance's hunger for headlines?? it appears the new attorney general got duped and messed up.... shame on you Kamila!!!

now, did Genis and Lance go to the DMV to initiate this latest motion? did the DMV hearing administrator ask them why they just didn't issue Beutel a new subpoena? Did they insist that they wanted to do it this way, presumably so they could have their headline just like the one Lance created with the State Board of Insurance investigation. It took them about 20 minutes to investigate that and determine it was false but Lance got his headline regardless of the truth.

unless there's a smoking gun somewhere I missed, the issue will go forward and Lance will lose his license as he should....but the state DA needs to get her facts straight since she came into the case at the eleventh hour...and when they clear it all up, the News-Press will issue a retraction..NOT!!! ... I think the News-Press should offer Kasi Beutel her own column to rebut all the crap that Scott/Lance write about her!!

but sometimes the yellow press is the quickest way guys like Lance and Genis have to get attention..and what does all this have to do with a tennis academy in Ojai, a hothead Hollywood producer, and teenage girls?
I'll explain the odd connection in another post

this is how Genis and Lance operate... when Darryl showed up to a trial he was not connected with..from the March 2010 Ventura County Star story:

Shortly before Tuesday’s hearing got under way, Santa Barbara defense attorney Darryl Genis attempted to take a photograph of the prosecutors with his camera phone. Genis, who didn’t know the details of the case, was confronted by a prosecutor and talked to by the judge. Genis said a photo wasn’t taken because his phone’s battery was dying.
After the hearing, he complained the number of prosecutors in the gallery constituted intimidation.
“What they were doing was clearly an unveiled attempt to intimidate Judge Young,” he said. “The fact that they were upset, reinforces, in my mind, they know what they did was wrong.”
Chief Assistant District Attorney James Ellison said he disagreed with Genis’ characterization and said he did not think there was any intent to intimidate anyone in the criminal justice system. He said the prosecutors were there to show support to a fellow prosecutor.
“It was one of their own who was the victim of a conspiracy to kill him because of him carrying out his duties as a prosecutor,” Ellison said, adding that according to court documents “the implication was the killing was to effect favorable treatment for an individual and the killing was to send a message to other prosecutors not to mess with this person among others. That clearly would create an interest in prosecutors any where.”

the only reason Kasi Beutel was on the News-Press front page was Genis/Lance/Steepleton/WendyNipper/Kasich wanted it there to imply something sinister's outrageous!!!

now to the bizarre tale of Joe Armendariz....apparently one of Joe's heroes was hard drinking fictional character JR Ewing from the silly TV soap opera about Lucas McCain from the "Rifleman" there's a hero!!

both stories on the front page were written by Scott Steepleton of course and we hear about Joe and his continual abuse of alcohol denial he is struggling with alcohol and keeps accepting responsibility everytime he crashes his car drunk...accepting responsibility means fixing the problem, not making up excusees why you can't...or everytime you get caught courtesy of the taxpayers...

it's called will power and he says, he hasn't received one email asking him to step down...this is the ultimate statement in his denial and another excuse not to accept responsibility and step down...well, my drinking buddies still love me!!

Steepleton writes that Joe cries at the end, tears streaming down his face and says he misses his mom...the dude is 44 years old!! my mom died when I was 7.. I got over it and think of her daily..but never used her as an excuse to get drunk and drive...this story was just too sappy for words..and not a word about #69! I think the only people who know about Joe and #69 is you and me!!

ain't it too bad Kasey couldn't have stopped Joe before he crashed....
let's see how this one plays out.....

Switchman sleepin
Train hundred and two
is on the wrong track and
headed for you

Sunday, December 18, 2011

seasons in the sun

we had joy, we had fun..

and the stars on the beach were just starfish out of reach??

but what got me started on this was a search for a Levin Swedish made guitar and it took me to the Coachmen who I'd never heard of...and they used a Levin 12 string on "Season's in the Sun"..a song made famous by Terry was an ok song I thought but the Coachmen really did a nice version..and then I learn Dan Fogelberg was an early member at the tender age of 16...and Rod McKuen wrote now I can't stop singing it..we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun..and so on..

it's Saturday and it looks like rain so I went to the beach and the islands were beautiful...very clean view and even little Anacapa was visible...the Islands of Death were mismanaged by the Nature Con and Parks Service...they got alot of nerve telling me what nature should and shouldn't be...nature just is and soon they will learn their see, a group called "Pheasants Forever" has honored me with a certificate of appreciation from the black President for wildlife habitat conservation..

so the shops on Santa Claus Lane are thriving it that's good..the BBQ place looks cool...the surf shop was having a wetsuit sale...did you know that Santa Claus Lance used to be a lima bean field......long live coastal agriculture!!

now let's take a moment and be thankful and give appreciation for what we got..for who we got.. and as Dr. Laura's fans once said...stop being disgusting on ourselves

Saturday, December 17, 2011

some enchanted evening

you may find a stranger....

I don't know what it is, but when the ex walks in the room, things get more clowning around when she gets here because as we all know the ex-wife is the adult in the relationship..she's got the goods on us...she knows she owns us..and she always will..sorry but that's the way it is...

so Joe's ex Karla shows up on this blog commenting about her "pathetic ex" and and even I get scared..I get scared for me, for Joe and for every man in the tri-counties..."My Pathetic Ex"..sounds like a reality TV show!!

.....other people's ex-wives scare me..that's how much power they have...but anyway Karla's way hotter than #69 but I do see a lilting similarity and believe me I don't wanna go there..looking for someone who reminds you of your ex in some way...
see these chicks... they remind me of...of... my....well...if you find her, never let her go....

and Karla's got her own blog and she's happy and moved on with her life and you can follow her blog... and I guess Joe got left way behind to deal with his stuff...
well that's what happens when you hit bottom...and you'd better pick yourself up off the ground, before they bring the curtain down...

now the next time the clowns from the Santa Barbara County Taxpayer Association or any shady non-profit hold a press conference in front of the County Ad building, flanked by idiots like Brooks and Stoker and Mike Self and Frank Hotchkiss, make goddam sure you know what you're talking about, don't lie and don't mess with the working man and woman's paychecks and rights... and don't mess with the ex-wife...
or you could end up in a ditch, too

Friday, December 16, 2011

double shot...

of my baby's love...

ok well I'm speechless now....well not really but I get the word that the rumor is Carp City councilman Joe Armendariz had a fling with #69 and she's the one he sent the dirty picture to...Julia, #69!! I don't believe it, but for pitysake, I'll consider it: I tried to call and talk to Julia but she kept crying into the phone so I couldn't confirm or deny the rumor...Christ Almighty I feel like I'm dealing with a bunch of first graders...

if the rumor is true, how these two got paired is beyond me but I'm thinking that me and my big mouth brought them together since they were both on my radar and subject of some funnybone posts......I made fun of them, exposed them....joked about Joe, professed my unrequited love for #69 and what happens? I drive them into each other's arms!! so what now I'm CUPID??? did Joe and Julia conspire to make a fool outta me goddamit Julia I like bobcats too...

so we got two directors of area non-profits heavily supported by the News-Press caught up in a tryst.....well I hope their little love shack was comfy cozy and.... oh god I can't bare it...and now more women are grumbling about broken hearts?? Joe who do you think you are, Sinatra???

if you played it right Joe, you coulda been the anti-tax governor with an animal loving wife named Julia and had all the pussy in California you wanted... instead you slam your Volvo into a tree...

this may be the tip of the iceburg...the head of the medusa...the tentacle of the octopus...the eye of the appears that Team Wendy players from Brooks to #69, from Joe to Lanny to Mike to Pete, from Nipper to the Baron... all of them are engaged in a great big sex and drug orgy...

and all those tax exempt nonprofits... now we know what's really going behind closed doors and where all the money goes...or maybe I'm just seeing things thru a cat's eye...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

tall trees

god I love trees..they filter the sun, provide places for wild winged creatures to hang out, and sometimes they even beat people up!!

so naturally I was concerned with the plan to trim and cut trees on Ortega Hill...I always love going up and down this hill and seeing the eucalyptus a matter of fact I went there a few days ago and saw some butterflies flitting around through the branches...contrary to the native only cultists, Monarchs, owls and hawks prefer eucalyptus trees for many reasons..I like 'em because they smell good and keep fleas and ticks away and on your dogs where they belong...

so I called Udy Loza the county guy in charge of the tree maintenance for some clarity and closure...

he said four eucs will be removed and five will be trimmed..the reason for the removal is root rot and road liability....there's about 40 eucs left so I was satisfied...I'm all for tree maintenance to help preserve these and other beauties..unfortunately too many times maintenance is deferred so clear cuts happen which benefit nobody....

so the nature of Ortega Hill will be pretty much the same (nature..get it?) and the butterflies will be back and I will be back to watch them and hike down that little trail to the hollow...and that's good unless I meet a trail gnome killing thistle or fennel, then we got a whole nother set of think drunks look bad after they get beat up, wait'll you see a trail gnome after I'm through with him....
and I like a nice rutty trail that hasn't been messed with...pretty soon they will pave the trails with cement and have handicap access...

goddam handicapped people...why are they so special...if they can't hike or get up the stairs, then they need to try harder and not be so lazy....and that goes for you blind gay drunk folks too!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

rocket man

burnin' out his fuse up here alone...

it seems that some local folks are acting strange...Carp City Councilman Joe Armendariz gave himself a black eye..but I say let him finish his term since he won't be driving and he'll just be a luke-warm body on the council until then...and he knows better than to seek will pal and fellow Carp dude Mike Stoker run? Mike moved to Carp after his marital troubles and who knows what poison they have planned for our little town... I may have to intervene...

wait just a minute..hold everything!! I just saw on the news the Carp Hot Dog man accuse Joe of sending dirty pictures to people and Joe posting a pic of himself shirtless on Facebook and another one with his hand down his pants... a rocket in his pocket!! WTF???? how did the Hot Dog man get this scoop??? KEYT showed the picture and Joe was posing like a Chippendale dancer or Arnold Schwarzenegger!

and then I saw Dale Francisco in the audience..shit I should have gone to the meeting!!Keeping up with these bozos is a full time job!! but you know Dale lives alone, he's in his fifties, he plays cello..he's a girly man!! hey people.. put two and two together and I think we know what's going on and who Joe's love pics were intended for....
Dale and Joe, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.....

this behavior is so typical of conservatives and their lack of good judgement and is why we need big babysit the conservatives!!

Mr. Stinky
then we got DUI attorney Darryl Genis really acting odd...dressing like a pimp and throwing all these stink bomb allegations and complaints against the seems Darryl thinks the cops libeled him so he filed a complaint on his own behalf...libel? don't lawyers sue for libel instead of file complaints? he's asking the police dept to investigate whether the police dept libeled him...meanwhile, he libeled them by claiming they "doctored" or falsified the Denunzio dash cam tape!

private sector folks live in their own little worlds!! they think they can lie, drive drunk, operate pot houses, send dirty pics to each other, get jiggy wid it, break labor laws, steal public worker money, feed their kids controlled substances..and a host of other behaviors that certainly won't advance a healthy functioning society....I think I'll take a closer look later....

now, I know the holiday season stresses some people out, but this is getting redikerous!! and the latest chick to come out of the woodwork (that makes 2.5 gals) for Genis says Officer Tudor "manhandled" her during her DUI arrest, but she was not hurt and doesn't know of she'll file a complaint...Genis is pimping out all these young girls to bolster his case with DeNunzio....

well, why can't I get young women to do what I want them to do????

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


the world should stop revolving, spinning slowly down to die

if.... you are contemplating driving drunk over the holidays, remember that booze gives you a false sense of yourself, makes you paranoid and messes with your motor skills...

so if you are thinking about drinking and driving during Christmas and New Year's, no matter what the reason..

doesn't matter if you're a councilmember, a planning commissioner, a blogger, an investigative reporter, a billionaire or her houseboy...or if your girlfriend doesn't like you, or if you wanna look skinny in your tux, or if your mama died, or if your husband is a clown, or if your wife is fooling around.....whatever the reason...

take a look at this picture... and think about what may happen to you if you don't hit a tree, or a person, or a dog or another may get pulled the cop behind the you know him or her? do you want to?

so think about who's behind the wheel of that black and white..think real...fuckin' ..hard...before you get behind the wheel and drive under the influence... especially when I'm riding my bike!!!

this has been a public service announcement for People Against Dumbasses Who Drive Drunk, Make Excuses, and Hire Pimp Lawyers who Make Allegations Against the Cops and then Can't Make Up Their Minds who they Represent or if they want to File Complaints because they got Busted for DUI..


thank you

Monday, December 12, 2011

Born in the USA...

when I was a kid I remember reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in front of a big picture of President Eisenhower drinking milk...Roosevelt and Eisenhower...whatever happened to that kind of leadership??

anyway, the pledge was invented to keep commies and subversives out of the government..then the sixties hit and the commie folksingers, hippies and illegal immigrants like the Beatles tried to ruin America...then guys like J.Edgar Hoover came along and tried to get rid of the subversives and just because Edgar wore ladies underwear don't mean he weren't a good American..who among us hasn't slipped on a pair of silk panties and a bra at one time for some reason?

then KISS came along and got us back to good old American rocknroll instead of the black stuff from the likes of Little Richard....then women and gays got uppity and wanted rights and then blacks wanted rights...I didn't see no black people when I was a kid, well, maybe just Amos and Andy..but the point is America is on a dangerous path and then forrriner Obama was elected by the commie socialists and liberty and justice for all is something I will fight against until the next panty raid!!

one nation under God....
well, I never get tired of watching cool motorcycles..and the long standing traditional Toy run that began on Santa Claus Lane was a chance to meet old friends from the old Harley shop... I was expecting to see Jed and Dr. Laura....but I didn't see them..the old Harley shop was sold to a guy who works on his cars there..very low key operation and normal sized flag..respectful of the flag code...
but the toy run was good lots of bikes LOUD and PROUD...I kinda miss them but not too much, like a high school girlfriend, ya know...

weird conservative politics
god I hope these idiots clean house and get some real Republicans like Eisenhower and Roosevelt in there...and I can't figure this one out...and I do mean out....Rick Perry put out a campaign ad that was anti-gay...a group called GOProud blasted the ad and outed Rick Perry's campaign strategist as a gay guy...

Andrew Brietbart and Ann Coulter are on the advisory board of GOProud, but Brietbart resigned because of the outing, saying from the web: "On numerous occasions I have spoken with Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron of the significant impact the practice of “outing” had in my evolution from the political left to the right. I was under the absolute impression that both agreed. I have a zero tolerance attitude toward the intentional infliction of vocational and family harm by divulging the details of an individual’s sexual orientation as a weapon of political destruction. As an “Advisory Board member” I was not consulted on this extreme and punitive act."

web: GOProud didn’t address having used an ugly slur to describe Fabrizio, with LaSalvia having tweeted “faggots who line their pockets with checks from antigay homophobes.” It’s also questionable as to how “out” the group could have believed Fabrizio to have been since there were no previously published reports of the high-profile pollster acknowledging his sexual orientation.

Perry's ad was about Obama repealing the don't ask don't tell policy in the military... gays in the military being bad for some reason...but what I don't get is why Brietbart, a racist and bigot was on the advisory board of a gay conservative group... c'mon now, gay conservatives are the worst..they fight like crazy cats with giant claws and dress up like J. Edgar Hoover!!!
maybe Brietbart is gay! yeah that's it...a big bear gay dude.... I remember him coming to the Montecito Country Club and I went to check out the pre-luncheon for my blog before getting kicked out... but Andy was eyeing me like J. Edgar Hoover...also Joe and Mike were there, so they must be gay too!! no wonder they're having such political difficulties...

I will get to the bottom of all this sooner or later...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

bang a gong

get it on!!!

awright..I saw some things yesterday that were both dirty and sweet, and disturbed and tickled me

in the local the seems that Wendy's Young Miss America Foundation had some old coot for a speaker recently..Phyllis Schafly is an ultra conservative who is warbling an old song by conservatives: colleges are indoctrinating students...well that's partly true..if you go to a rightwing Christian college, you will work at FOXNEWS..but I think Phyllis is talking about public schools...anything that teaches other than conservative ideals is indoctrination to Phyllis...and her clones Michele Bachman and Ann Coulter...both mastubatory material for Dick Cheney and the FOXNEWS guys....

all these gals were against the ERA..women's lib because they were afraid it would kill the American family image of one dad, one mom and a few kids living in a loving home....until dad molests the daughter, or hits the son, or drinks and abuses the wife..and on and other words, she lives in a fantasy world and always has which is why she endorsed Michele for president!!

Phyllis's real problem is she never had a good fuck in her life..and now she's it's too late..but I find her as inspirational as a wet noodle...

next we have a front page story in the Daily Sound about coyotes..beware of coyotes..they're everywhere and are gonna kill your cats dogs and children....of course, that's nonsense and if you see a coyote it's a blessing..they are resourceful beautiful wild canines..the wild part is what scares people...but healthy ecosytems demand a healthy population of don't fear them or kill them because time and again they have proven to be smarter than man...they just doubledown on the breeding when the population diminishes..they are awesome creatures and will leave you leave them alone or I'll cut your children's heads off..and I mean it!!

then the Unity Shoppe Telethon was on KEYT and it was a pared down version due to the's always due to the economy....what's wrong with the economy?? Anyway, they showed some old footage of the telethon back when it was happenin'...Dave Mason played and Karla Bonoff did a duet with Christopher Cross and then Kenny Loggins and Paula Lopez sang a Christmas ditty..the clip was from the 1980s and they looked like a couple of poodle-haired fluffymuffywuffies...Kenny, you turned a whole generation into a bunch of pussies!!

some things never was cute..some of these concerts from the 1980s will never happen again..and you can thank Mother Nature for aging these hipsters!!

and there's Don Katich come back to KEYT for the live stuff...there's Don, before he ditched his ethics and went to work for Wendy and Nipper who by the way were nowhere to be found!! Nipper was at the Phyllis Schafly lecture and maybe he ended up banging the shit outta the old broad....
Merry Unity erybody!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

hot tuna

like shooting fish in a barrel..

keeping tabs on DUI arrests is getting awfully's like folks are lining up to get's important to get them before they crash!!

while DUI attorney Darryl Genis is working at a fever pitch to blame the cops for his clients arrests, Santa Barbara is starting to resemble one big holding tank for drunks and drug abusers...pretty soon we're gonna have a TV Station devoted to DUI...

hey....that's an idea! Channel I come!!!

so I woke up at 4:30 this morning to red lights flashing in my bedroom...I got up and not a soul was stirring, not even a mouse...I looked outside and didn't see Santa or a sleigh, but I did see across the highway by the Salt Marsh a bunch of cop cars and fire engines lined up like reindeer on the side of the road...

it was dark so I couldn't see much, then they flashed a bright utility light in the ditch and I saw a broken 45MPH sign, and some paramedics pulling a person on a gurney..the person was covered up with a sheet...the person appeared to be dead....then everything was dark again and only one cop and a tow truck there..I saw the crashed car with my was facing the wrong way and totaled..
I bet it the crash was alcohol related... I've seen a few on the highway before and they weren't pretty....blood and guts...

and there was more reporting about Genis and the two mystery girls.... there was a story in the the News-Press written by Angel Pacheco that was remarkably similar to the story in the Daily Sound by Nick C Tonkin...both said the same thing: Late Thursday night, deputy chief Mannix said that the SBPD got a phone call from attorney Martin Cohn, claiming to represent the woman Officer Tudor allegedly messaged on Facebook. Cohn reportedly told police that Genis did not have authority to speak on the woman’s behalf and that she is “terribly embarrassed” by Genis’ comments. According to the statement from Mannix, the woman said Tudor is not a sexual predator or stalking her. Cohn reportedly said that the woman never signed a retainer agreement with Genis and he is violating attorney-client privilege...

so the young woman changed her story from what Genis said!!

Darryl, you gotta stop throwing these little stink bombs to the press!!