Monday, May 24, 2010

bad sneakers...

rapscallions!! pussywillows! bad bad bad!!!
Nature Conservancy in bed with oil-spiller BP!! (Bad Petroleum)
all you folks who supported the nonprofit tax exempt Nature Conservancy/Parks Service Channel Islands restoration scam..and other restoration scams should be ashamed..I say... ASHAMED.. of yourbadselves! you are bad with very bad got bad non-native maggots running thru your bad brains...
Nature Conservancy faces potential backlash from ties with BP
"This is going to be a real test for charities and non-profits such as the Nature Conservancy," said Dean Zerbe, a lawyer who investigated the Conservancy's relations with its donors when he worked for the Senate Finance Committee. "This not only stains BP but, if they don't respond properly, it also stains those who have been benefiting from their money and their support."
"[O]ther organizations–like Conservation International and [The Nature Conservancy] TNC – seem incapable of internal reform and simply need to be shunned. They are not part of the environmental movement: they are polluter-funded leeches sucking on the flesh of environmentalism, leaving it weaker and depleted."
For comparatively small amounts of money, polluting corporations can buy "reputation insurance", or defense against criticism. Every time they are criticised, the polluters can show their green awards, provided by the same environmental organizations that they funded

By Joe Stephens Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, May 23, 2010; 12:30 PM
In the days after the immensity of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico became clear, some Nature Conservancy supporters took to the organization's web site to vent their anger.
"The first thing I did was sell my shares in BP, not wanting anything to do with a company that is so careless," wrote one. Another added: "I would like to force all the BP executives, the secretaries and the shareholders out to the shore to mop up oil and wash the birds." Reagan De Leon of Hawaii called for a boycott of "everything BP has their hands in."
What De Leon didn't know was that the Nature Conservancy lists BP as one of its business partners. The organization also has given BP a seat on its International Leadership Council and has accepted nearly $10 million in cash and land contributions from BP and affiliated corporations over the years.
there are no bad plants, just bad people...bad bad bad!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tom Thumb's Blues...

another tea party clown...

Tom Watson
says he's the best qualified to beat Lois Capps because he has two master's degrees, flew in the Navy, and wants to repeal Health Care Reform... well, Lois needs to be replaced since she supported the senseless and wasteful Channel Islands restoration scam, but I'd rather slaughter 10000 pigs than have another rightwing clone in the gov't..and to make matters worse, Tom's got the WendyNews-Press endorsement..I wonder if Wendy is helping him financially with his new wireless venture?? and he's got a campaign sign in front of SB Harley Jesus-Freak-Fraud Davidson...I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Watson wasn't a friggin neo-Christian to boot! This is exactly the kind of guy we don't need in California..another one for the rich anti-gov't corporate bozos...Well received by the "Tea Partyers" rally Watson said, "I believe the Tea Parties are probably the most significant political movement to happen in this country in a long time. It’s going to prove decisive in this year’s mid-term elections. The Tea Party people are highly motivated and patriotic; they are people who have not been politically active. They are just shocked and scared, frightened and appalled, by what’s going on in Washington."
what? that a black guy got elected?? geez..I'm a patriot but I'm not scared so what's the problem, Tom? I thought you were in the Navy, why are you now a little scaredy Tomcat?
Speaking to the issues of healthcare reform Watson says, "I was hopeful that after Scott Brown got elected in Massachusetts this thing would die its well-deserved death. This is a disaster for the American people. They are playing parliamentary games to pass this, it has been clear since this last summer, that the American people don’t want any part of this."
Scott Brown?? the guy's fuckin' male model, not a member of the working class!! please Tom use your two masters degrees to come up with something other than FOXSPEAK!! let' be honest..the only reason these folks are running is because they want the big salary and staffs (about $110000-$165000/year) and gov't pension..and they haven't mentioned a word about cutting those perks....
male models....phony Christians...clowns...Arnold Enron Meg....golddiggers..bad news...

Saturday, May 22, 2010


daddy dearest...
so the Teabaggers are happier than hounds sniffing each other's butts now that Rand Paul was elected Republican Senate candidate in Kentucky. Rand is Ron Paul's son. During the last presidential debates, Ron Paul was the only guy making sense about our disasterous foreign policy among other things, but rumors spread about his secret involvement with white supremacists. His son is the result of the coming out....I watched Rachel Maddow emasculate Rand on TV about his anti-civil rights views and it was stunning....afterwards he ran to Fox News groupie-whore Laura Ingraham and cried about it, later cancelling appearances on all the commie TV stations! This guy is a disaster and the Teabaggers love him! he sounds like a cross between RuPaul and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke...hey, let's take America back to the dark ages of overt racism and pollution..holy fuck Rand...we spent the last 30 years cleaning up the mess private industry made of the environment, and now you're calling that "un- American" daddy's boy gets a shot at the senate and this is the problem. You guys need to get out of you pa's shadow and do something with your life, think for yourselves instead of sucking daddy's dick and seeking his approval all the is not healthy!! but good job teabaggers and a wise choice for Kentucky!!
my dad, now here is man..when I bring him problems to share, he's always dad...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nit Wit Ridge...

yes there is such a place in Cambria..
it's called Nitt Wit Ridge and it's a house built of junk and it's an historical it should be..tourists
but there's another Nitwit Ridge and I'll tell you who lives's some of the ridge residents..
Wendy McCuckoo lives there..she supports Mike Stoker for Assembly..she says Stoker will fight the unions (working class folks) who are "wrecking" California...the same Mike Stoker who was spokesman for oil spiller Greka Oil...the same Stoker who was holding hands with Joe and Lanny in the shady nonprofit SBC Taxpayers Association..who by the way is tax-exempt!!
Bob Hazard lives there..he's some rich guy from Montecito who, along with fellow nitwit Montecito Journal publisher Jim Buckley, wants to replace the East Valley eucalyptus with coastal live oaks because "they don't burn"... his latest editorial in the Journal was so full of shit I had to flush twice!! he dredges up every myth about eucs to support his invasive species hysteria..all myths easily debunked...he even claims the Painted Cave, Tea and Jesusita fires were caused by eucalyptus trees!!
these clowns want to spread their fear everywhere ignorance will listen! the trees have not harmed a single soul in 100 years!!
Jennifer Jackson lives there..A girls' basketball and volleyball coach at a Connecticut high school was arrested for second-degree reckless endangerment and delivery of alcohol to a minor Thursday, according to a report in the Waterbury (Conn.) Republican-American.The newspaper said that Jennifer Jackson, 32, of Naugatuck, Conn., was arrested for providing alcohol to minors at a school dance in Watertown, Conn., on February 6.
Meg Whitman lives there....another overpaid conservative CEO who was too busy to vote most of her life...too busy to do the number one most important civic duty! She didn't VOTE and she wants my vote for governor! nitwit!
Montecito Fire District lives there...clearing brush from the roadsides is like pissing in the wind! ready! set! dumb!!
SB City Council members Frank Hotchkiss, Mike Self and Dale "Buzzhead" Francisco live there... they all voted to BAN maryjane dispensaries...against the will of the California voters!! got cancer? tough!!
and...there's a rumor that I am looking for property up on Nitwit Ridge but it is not true...I live happily on Sea Mist Road across from Sand Dollar Island where the ocean breezes bath me in sweet coral reefer madness ever night and day.. can ya dig dat?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

stupid at the zoo...

drunk and disorderly....
hmmm...I did a WTF when I read this little blurb in the News-Press about the SB Zoo and Brewhouse partnership..anytime you team up with alcoholics, you're in trouble. It seems some jackass named Pete Johnson of the Bingehouse has created a beer in honor of the "endangered" Channel Island fox....the cute little inbred varmint that has caused more bloodshed on the islands than goat sacrifices! so this brilliant idea was supported by SB Zoo marketing director Dean Noble..the zoo used to be called a Child's Estate and now we got beer festivals there??
My God, will these nonprofit people do anything for money?? first the SB Natural History Museum holds tequila and wine parties, now the zoo wants booze parties? beers to honor foxes?? and they are worried about a few pot dispensaries to help sick people? Priorites here are very screwed up, but since alcohol is a legal drug (and the most many killed in the past two month on the casino highway??) they turn the other cheek. What ever happened to sober responsibility??? Why can't the zoo raise money without using beer parties as a marketing scheme??
It's bad enough that wild animals are caged for us to look at, but this is a new low for nonprofits...dumbasses!
now I know why the caged bird sings the blues...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


makes the heart grow fonder...
ok..this is good! this is great! here's some dirt on them there evangelical Christians!! Mark Souder 3rd District congressman from Indiana (Indiana!) just announced he is resigning due to an affair he had with his female aide, Tracy Jackson..and he blames Washington! "I sinned against God, my wife and my family by having a mutual relationship with a part-time member of my staff," Souder said in a statement Tuesday. "I am so shamed to have hurt those I love."
Souder said his resignation – which will take effect Friday — is "the best decision for my family, the people of northeast Indiana and our country."
"In the poisonous environment of Washington, D.C., any personal failing is seized upon, often twisted, for political gain," Souder said. "I am resigning rather than put my family through that painful, drawn-out process."
Souder is a big abstinence only guy and preaches morals and family values like Dr. Laura and all those other conservative fruitcakes who obviously don't have the backbone to practice what they preach!!
Now the thing I don't understand is how this piece of shit Souder got such a hottie, Tracy Jackson! Both of them are crowing on youtube about "abstinence only" education...the utter hypocrisy of these people is really beyond the pale... but, Tracy is pretty cute so I don't blame Mark for getting a little on the side...

now another Hoosier evangelical Christian wants to run for the 23rd District seat in California..says Clark's dad: If you want to help encourage Clark, I will be accepting donations of mini-Clark bars at the Alumni House. I will ship these out to Clark leading up to the California Primary in June and the general election in November. This is one small way we can all take part in helping Clark bring Christian values to California 23rd District and to his becoming the next United States Congressman from California.
can you believe this crap???
Clark Vandeventer, the guy with all those fly-by-night shady nonprofits!! check out Clark's facebook page and how many times he begs for money! this guy is the biggest panhandler I've ever seen..never worked a real job in his life!! a sponger!!! a moocher!! a fleecer of the flock!!
please abstain from voting for these knuckleheads!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kathy's Clone..

smile away...
If there's one woman in Santa Barbara that scares the shit outta me, it's Kathy Ireland...not Wendy, not Dr. Laura, Kathy. It seems I've been seeing her everywhere lately...everytime I turn around there's her face..the smile..that's annoying....nobody is that happy! Is it possible that she got an overdose of botox and the smile is frozen on?? Can that happen? I don't know. All I know is she's a Christian who sells things...and her stuff is the flower place around the corner they have Kathy Ireland Floral Designs every Friday! Then, I see her on the TV smiling about breast cancer....WTF is there to smile about, Kathy?? Then the News-Press gives her more promotion and publicity with her new greeting card of the cards says "if you're not driving me nuts, you drive me crazy" with a little animal and a bunch of hearts... so I'm thinking how can this chick be everywhere and do so many things? The only plausible explanation is she was clonedclonedclonedcloned...I don't know who how or where, but I think it is obvious! Jesus said you can get ever lasting life if you follow a few simple rules, but did he mention anything about cloning? YES!! he did make people in his own image and mass produced them and that's what Kathy Ireland is doing...the work of everytime I see her face, I'll think of Jesus and maybe get around to doing something good for mankind, like Kathy does..remember, when life gets bad...
That's the time you must keep on trying

Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile...

Friday, May 7, 2010

panic in Detroit...

the Tao (pronounced Dow) drops 1000 points in 15 minutes...
Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear.
if you're in the stock market, you perhaps experienced the most exhilarating trading day in recent memory..the DOW was cruising along at about 10800 when around 11:30 AM it plunged 500 points, then 600, then 900!! I turned on the tube to watch the really lovely Erin Burnet report the story on CNBC..all hell is breaking loose in Greece so the market destabilized in a hurry..if you think we are not in a global economy, you're crazy! the market psychology was textbook..PANIC with everyone following the herd....a perfect buying opportunity..then the market rebounded...whew... but another theory is some computer glitches cause wrong entry numbers and you know what happens when you enter wrong can't get into the Granada Parking Garage!!! another perplexing side to this is gold is up to $1200 per ounce..what can you do with gold that makes it worth so much?
He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know.
so..apparently everyone is worried about Greece's debt..but I don't l know why...the world community is not going to let Greece wither away..there's too much history and myth: olive trees, The Acropolis (Parthenon), Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Lycabettus Hill and Temple of the Olmpian Zeus, Grecian Formula 44, Jason and the relax and bet on the markets rebounding quick...if all else fails, go to the Chumash Casino and try the slots! should listen to me..I got almost as much money as Wendy's donkey and I earned it the old fashioned way...inheritance!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the tree whisperer...

my name is Euka...
ok... you got your Horse Whisperer and your Dog Whisperer, and now you got your Tree trees talk??..yes, they talk to me...I did a few interviews with some blue gum eucalyptus, sycamore and oaks to see what they think about the invasive species hysteria gripping the bourgeois-pseudo-elitists in town...and here's some of what went down...
MVC: so Euka, I've heard that you are a dangerous tree, an outlaw of sorts, and people are plotting to bring you down..what have you done to deserve this reputation?
Euka: well, I don't quite know what I've done! I think there are rumors that during California wildfires, I seem to be the brightest flame burning...I am the one that strikes the most fear in some firemen, Christians and homeowners because I am tall and good-looking and have pets.... wild mind you, but they always hang out in my canopy...raptors like hawks and owls and Monarch butterflies...these are my pets!
MVC: what is nativism??
Euka: it's another word for xenophobia or racism...
MVC: I heard on the news last night a woman from the Montecito Fire District say "anytime you remove a tree, you remove a fire hazard"....what do you think about that?
Euka: I'm almost speechless...the Montecito Fire District under Chief Kevin Wallace is incompetent. The Tea Fire started right under their noses and they sat on their asses, frozen with fear while it burned..naturally they want to blame trees. What they should be doing instead of expensive remodels to their fire house on Cold Springs Road...have you seen that thing? It looks like one of Ty Warner's monstrosities! Anyway, they should be spending money on fire prevention patrols. Have you ever seen them up in the hills, making the rounds? I haven't....they need a few small trucks and motorcycles to spot real hazards like people building fires in the hills on a hot windy day..that's what they need to do, but it may interfere with their clubhouse activities like playing pool or BBQing! it's obvious they need new leadership...
MVC: have you ever killed anyone?
Euka: personally, no but I'd like to strangle that woman from the Montecito Fire District!! but seriously, I've been around for 70 years in this place and plan to be here for 70 more...I like people coming up and admiring me but I will say, if you mess with me, I'm not above dropping a 300 lb limb on you! I have a right to protect myself!
MVC: indeed you do... hey, why do you think some people hate you so much?
Euka: I was discussing that very same thing last night with Julia Butterfly Hill..she was up on my top branch rubbing it real hard! Afterwards, we cuddled and talked. I think people hate me because they don't know themselves...I represent something they haven't faced in their own lives..and instead of facing it, they want to destroy it, they fear it.. Look, I'm a free bird, a rebel and that's what they are afraid of, I think..they like their nature neat and clean and orderly, like their lawns. Anal retentive people are very orderly, so I guess most of the folks who dislike me are assholes..HA HA AH!!
MVC: hey, good one Euka and I totally agree with what you say...I can't fathom the amount of money and time wasted trying to kill non native species, most of which keep coming back...and stronger... that's good because I love fennel, and a responsible program to control any species seems to be beyond their capacity! They just keep on poisoning watersheds and chopping exotic alien invaders like killer zombies!! such arrogance!
Euka: that's true..we're not stupid..the law of unintended consequences is completely lost on these genuises..I support tons of species native or otherwise and we all get along just fine.. I'm not above killing a hornet if I have to but sometimes I gotta ask myself, what the hell is wrong with the human species??
MVC: lots Euka lots.....hey, one last thing: you got Julia Butterfly Hill's cell phone number??

Saturday, May 1, 2010

High Plains Drifter...

down by the seaside with Marianne...
ok's time for a pop quiz to see if you've been paying attention!
would you rather stand next to a burning: a) house, B) oak, C) eucalyptus, D) none of these
if you picked D, you pass and pick up your diploma on the way out...and maybe Pedrobear can help save the eucs on East Valley and start to calm the invasive species hysteria running rampant through this state...biological nativism is a phony-pukey-science based in racism and xenophobia..eucalyptus trees will not hurt you (unless one falls on you)....
Rasmussen Poll...I got an automated call from a lady doing a Rasmussen Poll...these polls are soooofucking stupid..they don't tell you anything...if you're 18 or older, press 1; how would you rate the US 1 for good, press 2 for fair or how about I press 9 for some phone sex..again girls, if you call me offer me something useful, call 1-800-goddammit and geezuschrist!!
I was watching Gunsmoke last night and Marianna Hill was a guest star..she is so pretty and later was in High Plains Drifter as the crazy blonde plotting against Clint...well did ya know she was born in Santa Barbara?
so now we got some issues with oil and oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast killing eleven, we just had the mining disaster, and now we got Santa Barbara's Pacific Bancorp selling the biz to a Texas billionaire, killing the stock value of many investors...PCBC was a heavily traded stock and purely speculative due to the trouble the bank was having with bad loans..but it did a nice little run from below a dollar to 5 dollars in a short time, then after the takeover news it tanked..some folks can't stomach these ups and downs, but if you buy low and sell high, you can make a few dollars, if you can outsmart the day traders and manipulators! Well, I hope Texas dude Ford can keep the company local. He specializes in turning banks around and selling them for a huge profit...I wish him luck considering what the Board of Directors and management did to the company...I don't understand why these people keeping making huge salaries while destroying companies. Is this the private sector business model: fuck things up, pollute, then get big bonuses?? Yes, I think it is and no wonder the economy nearly exploded..we got a bunch of knuckleheads running things!!!
Now, how will the oil spill affect Measure J in Carp, the Venoco proposal to slant drill close to the shore...probably will kill it...if private corps keep messing up and causing disasterous environmental consequences, the people will not support them. I think Venonco is a conscientious operator and will be well regulated so I'm not worried about an oil spill here. But the private sector needs to get with the program and start spending money on safety education for the workers, public and environment or you can bet the unions and/or gov't will move in and clean house....and that is a fact!!