Monday, August 21, 2017

Devil With The Blue Dress On

Fee fee fi fi fo fo fum, Lookin' mighty nice now here she comes

I Hope Hicks

I look out my window and see overcast and clouds that I've seen for 18 fucking no total solar eclipse for me

ok so I've seen the hooded orioles, an areola, the osprey, a peregrine falcon...but still no sharks and definitely no bears...

peregrine falcon

so the story on Noozhawk about the beach bear was cool..the black bear that wandered down from the hills thru Rincon creek and hit the beach...the bear was not aggressive or threateneing but sure as shootin' Fish and Game guys killed him claiming he was old and worn out..but they really killed him because the bear was too close to people...I wish the Fish and Game would stop lying!

tonight Trump, although I give hime credit for Hope Hicks, will announce a strategy on Afghanistan.. one of our endless, pointless wars...if Trump continues the war, he should be impeached

Hope can stay, but Trump must go

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Humpty Dumpty

sat on a wall

so the News-Press had no problem covering the Barcelona terror attack on the front page ...but Wendy did have a problem covering the Charlottesville terror attack...radical Islamic terrorists or radical Christian rightwing terrorists..what's the difference?

see, these guys from the ALT RIGHT live at their parent's house and they should go back home and get their mommies to wipe their asses before they go outside again...but I see they will be protesting immigration in Laguna Beach on Sunday night..that should be fun....California is not gonna put up with these knuckleheads and their paranoid visions of the future..America will be just fine with out let 'em know!! remember they already killed one lovely young lady, Heather Heyer in Charlottesville who was protesting against them


and as I watched these little fucks with the torches, I recalled the News-Press anti-immigration rally in De La Guerra Plaza..of course, Wendy and Nipper were too chicken to come out, so they let their willing sycophants do the dirty work...the bullhorns, the American flags carried by racists...and one policitician who supported Wendy and the murderous Minutemen was Frank Hotchkiss...what a weenie!! don't let Frank get the mayor's spot!!!

to freshen the memory, the NewsPress headline claimed the people in the front page photo were "illegals" simply because they were Mexicans..that is pure white nationalist racism from Wendy and Nipper, David Duke stuff! douchebags

and now Steve Bannon is out...Trump's use of Breitbart guys to shape America's future is insane...these guys are morons

all the King's horses and all the King's men

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Southern Man

better keep your head, don't forget what your good book said


you can be sure if all the commotion in Virginia was caused by illegals or blacks, the News-Press would have a front page story..but Saturday and Sunday, the News-Press had zip on the crisis..the governor called a state of emergency and people were killed...the perps are White Nationalists losers and Trump supporters and that's why Wendy ducked the story..what a chickenshit!!


so Wendy and Nipper are indeed White Nationalists and no doubt support the racists that gathered in Virginia...the same type who supported the News-Press racist "illegals" headline

douchebags like David Duke, the KKK flying Nazi flags with the Confederate flag..these folks are of the same ilk as the Minutemen and we know Nipper is pals with the head of the racists

think about that next time you advertise or allow a story to be done on your biz by the News-PRess..if it doesn't faze you, you should be ashamed of yourself

on the front page of Sunday's News-Press was some story about Reagan and the ranch...

this issue should be about civil war history but it's devolved into good ol' racism....I'm all for keeping symbols of the civil war for historical perspective

not exactly a newspaper, the News-Press is more a propaganda publication for white nationalists, like Wendy and Nipper

"Sieg Heil" "Heil Hitler!" 

and then this! , Wendy has to use the Tribune News Service to cover a Santa Barbara story, right under her nose in De La Guerra Plaza!!

Demonstrators gather to protest Charlottesville violence


August 14, 2017 7:21 AM

LOS ANGELES Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in Santa Barbara.....

geez, did she fire ALL her reporters?? is this the beginning of the end for Wendy, Nipper and the News-Press???

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Play That Funky Music, White Boy

Play that funky music right. Play that funky music white boy. Lay down the boogie and play that funky music 'till you die...


white people are starting to embarass the shit outta me so I'm changing my name to Mick Von King and I'm black..I'm black...and dat mean I likes me dem white ladies!!

if you are a vegan you should know this: you need animal protein to function normally...that means steak and potatoes for dinner...I see that Craig McCaw's (WENDY'S SUGAR DADDY) restaurant on Coast Village Rd in Montecito is set to open..called Oliver's it will serve only vegan food..Craig is a vegan I think and since he has no animal protein, he's a little slow...not as much energy as he needs which is probably why it took him seven years to remodel the old Peabody's restaurant..I mean the thing is only about 1000 sq ft! SEVEN YEARS MAN!!

monkey-shit brown??

I see a Susan McCaw is in the civil index for 'unlimited auto' so I guess someone is suing her...I wonder if Sue is a vegan too...maybe her spark was off..hey I wonder if that was her Porsche on Mountain Drive last month!! just speculating

then I see a Carp realtor was busted in Fresno for DUI..second time DUI..first one was in Santa Barbara... way to go cops keeping the drunks off the road...wish the dude would get some help

then I see Rincon Catering on Santa Claus Lane will be in court for "unlimited product liabilty" whatever that means...

from the COURT: AM 17CV02717 McCaw, Susan * Maxwell, Pauline SB Dept 6 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Auto (22)

10/27/2017 8:30 AM 17CV00215 Rincon Catering Inc * Geck, Donna D SB Dept 4 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Product Liability (24)

so... any black girls out there?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Honky Tonk Women

gimme gimme gimme the honky tonk blues

the beach off Santa Claus Lane is Santa Claus's not Padaro beach, it's Santa Claus beach...some folks have a problem with that thinking Padaro has more status than Santa Claus but that's nonsense...the new condos on Santa Claus Lane are going for 5 million that status enough for ya??

but I swung by Santa Claus beach and it was a real fine day with the sunshine, Surf camp, kids in the water, boats, fishing and I loved it...

Santa Claus Lane shall remain as it is and I know the County of Santa Barbara has some concerns about safety and the trains but more people are killed by trains from Summerland to Goleta than at Santa Claus Lane...this is the home of the "World's Safest Beach" after all

so the lane is super cool and casual and I noticed this bitchin' Volvo parked behind me.. some chicks got out to sunbathe, but these old Volvos are neat beach cars...



Sunday, August 6, 2017

Are You Experienced

are you?

Fiesta is in full swing and I love hanging out at Earl Warren Showgrounds Saturday morning watching the rodeo..the old west..the new west...horses and girls and ropin' calves...if this is animal abuse then I'm Roy Rogers..

but I'm not Roy Rogers, I'm just a guy with a camera and Earl Warren showgrounds is where I saw some of the great musical acts from the 1960s.... at 15 or 16 years old we'd go see concerts..tried to look cool smoking Winstons, wandering around the ballroom with the stage in the center...all the gals from school were there

let's see....Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, The Grassroots (their manager and I were on the O'Jays tour years later!), Alice Cooper, Buffalo Springfield, Doors, Byrds to name a few...

cowboys, cowgirls and rocknroll...what more did I need?

some folks don't like Fiesta because they say it depicts the Spaniards abuse of the Chumash Indians...but that's not my problem..I love Fiesta!

so here I am at the Earl Warren Showgrounds...I think the Jimi Hendrix Experience is playing tonight..

I wonder if I'll see Jenny there

Friday, August 4, 2017

Sweet Caroline

good times never seemed so good


I love this, warm and windy, and cool with tropical clouds using the sun to paint the sky in rich pastels..I've never seen such incredible patterns as this brief start to August has brought..and later this month the solar eclipse! you can smell and see the ocean's sweaty face

and I'm sitting outside with no fog, just light breezes and lazy clouds when I see this bird dive bombing a tree by the highway..then flies over the condo then dives again...he's moving so fast... I get some pictures, but the bird is too quick for me...

it's a peregrine falcon and it's beautiful...from what I could see

a peregrine falcon!

how cool is that?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Communication Breakdown

communication breakdown....

what am I watching, the Godfather?? geez, Trump appoints another feckless wonder to Communications Director then fires him 10 days later! must've given Mooch an offer he couldn't refuse

so Trump puts more military guys in top gov't spots...Trump, the draft dodger with five or so deferrments...what a pussy!! maybe with McCain being sick, Trump doesn't like guys with brain cancer??? and Wendy and Nipper got a Patriot Award for endorsing Trump!! clowns

the News-Press is a mess as is Trump ..he can't lead a moth to flame...he has his daughter and wife run things while he spends all his time on Twitter seeking revenge against celebs who make fun of him...

change is needed...into chrysalis or pupa....

then I hear Trump called the White House "a real dump" compared to his golf country clubs

well, it's past time to DUMP TRUMP before he starts WWIII

the guy is a real POS

oh and PS...

ever since Trump's the president, I've seen more and more white trash move into my town..

why is this???