Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Honky Tonk Women

gimme gimme gimme the honky tonk blues

the beach off Santa Claus Lane is Santa Claus's not Padaro beach, it's Santa Claus beach...some folks have a problem with that thinking Padaro has more status than Santa Claus but that's nonsense...the new condos on Santa Claus Lane are going for 5 million that status enough for ya??

but I swung by Santa Claus beach and it was a real fine day with the sunshine, Surf camp, kids in the water, boats, fishing and I loved it...

Santa Claus Lane shall remain as it is and I know the County of Santa Barbara has some concerns about safety and the trains but more people are killed by trains from Summerland to Goleta than at Santa Claus Lane...this is the home of the "World's Safest Beach" after all

so the lane is super cool and casual and I noticed this bitchin' Volvo parked behind me.. some chicks got out to sunbathe, but these old Volvos are neat beach cars...



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