Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Communication Breakdown

communication breakdown....

what am I watching, the Godfather?? geez, Trump appoints another feckless wonder to Communications Director then fires him 10 days later! must've given Mooch an offer he couldn't refuse

so Trump puts more military guys in top gov't spots...Trump, the draft dodger with five or so deferrments...what a pussy!! maybe with McCain being sick, Trump doesn't like guys with brain cancer??? and Wendy and Nipper got a Patriot Award for endorsing Trump!! clowns

the News-Press is a mess as is Trump ..he can't lead a moth to flame...he has his daughter and wife run things while he spends all his time on Twitter seeking revenge against celebs who make fun of him...

change is needed...into chrysalis or pupa....

then I hear Trump called the White House "a real dump" compared to his golf country clubs

well, it's past time to DUMP TRUMP before he starts WWIII

the guy is a real POS

oh and PS...

ever since Trump's the president, I've seen more and more white trash move into my town..

why is this???

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