Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Warrior

Well I am the warrior and heart to heart you'll win if you survive the warrior

nonprofits make no sense to me that's why the IRS should investigate them...nonprofits want me to send part of my paycheck or salary or investment profits to them so they can help others...who do they allegedly help? dogs, homeless, veterans and of course children...and they help themselves to huge salaries since they don't pay taxes

and even though the Iraq invasion was a disaster, war is big business, especially for nonprofits...and private contractors..

the private contractors provide security when we invite ourselves to other hostile countries...Benghazi is a perfect example..the private security company messed up and the 4 American diplomats died in an attack...

but war nonprofits are especially suspect and I learned this from Dr. Laura who had the audacity to preach war propaganda down the road at the old Christian Harley shop...fuck that was a weird period in Carp and gave me PTSD...I haven't been the same since Dr. Laura pissed all over Carpinteria..and she had her own veteran's nonprofit that turned out to be a scam...

now the way to stop the proliferation of these nonprofits is to stop jumping into wars every five minutes...we don't need to invade countries to show how strong we are..actually shows weakness and stupidity

now I've and others have tried to expose the Wounded Warriors Project as another scam but I still see the ads on TV, mainly FOX NEWS with some conservatives like Bruce Willis and country singer Trace Adkins ..the rah rah America can do no wrong bullshit they pitch...the sad stories they tell of veterans from the Iraq invasion who come home with pieces of their brains gone, no arms and I'm supposed to feel sorry for them and send money to Wounded the nonprofit can help the vets....

well finally people are seeing the scam and the veterans themselves are exposing it...
web: One of the whistleblowers in all of this, Army Staff Sgt. Erick Millett, is an Iraq War veteran, who came home with a Bronze Star and a traumatic brain injury.

Millett once participated in Wounded Warrior programs, and even became a public speaker for it in 2013. He quit the following year, however, blasting Wounded Warrior for what he called wasteful spending, "Using our injuries, our darkest days, our hardships, to make money so that you can have these big parties."

Bruce Willis, Trace Adkins and Bill O'Reilly all stumped for the Wounded Warriors promotinmg them, getting paid to promote them and most of these war nonprofits are simply conservative-run cash cows...

so why would these guys ask you to pay $19 a month to Wounded Warriors? MONEY

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) pays millions of dollars for commercials showing injured service members. Many were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements (why?). I have talked to many Veterans who were promised many things from WWP and did not receive anything in return for the use of their likeness in commercials and print ads.

The commercials do not mention anything WWP does to help the injured service members. Listen closely to the commercials as they parade an injured veteran around like an injured animal. They pay famous actors and musicians to pull on the nation’s heart strings. Fox News takes millions in commercial revenue from WWP, along with A&E and other T.V. networks. I have written to Fox and others begging them to investigate for themselves. I imagine they too are blocked by a non-disclosure agreement.

non-disclosure agreements...hey doesn't Wendy use those too???

send money to Wounded Warriors so the CEO
can drive around in Shelby Cobras!


these people are disgusting...they start wars then they steal money from the vets they are supposed to be helping!! and they always claim their wars were started to protect our freedom....invading Iraq had nothing to do with protecting our freedom

so the next time you see Bruce Willis on TV asking you to send $19 a month to Wounded Warriors...

tell him "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Penny Lane

is in my ears and in my eyes...there beneath the blue suburban skies...

well I don't live in England so Padaro Lane is as close to Penny Lane as I'm gonna get...get back Loretta

but I heard that Padaro Lane was flooded, so I went by to check it out...I got some high-falutin' neighbors like funny-boy Conan O'Brien just moved in so I wanna make sure they're ok not that I really care..

what  I care about is all this high surf and that surfers are having fun like I am!

but I approached the road and whoa it is the little bridge/lagoon that drains to the ocean..except the ocean tides and surf are really high so it's backing up inland, into the ditch on the side of the road where it overflows into the street...there was some confusion and controversy regarding the it a ditch or a wetlands??

I surveyed the site and concluded it's land that is wet, therefore a wetland...

rabbits run in ditches, not in wetlands

Friday, January 29, 2016

Endless Summer


from Shark's to Leadbetter to Arroyo Burro...huge surf and tides, sneaker wave wasted my Chacos!!

warm and balmy....saw some big ones!!

gnarly day!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bad Girls

Toot toot hey Beep Beep / Bad girls / Talking about the sad girls / Sad girls
well it seems that a group of high school girls in Arizona spelled out the N-Word on their tee shirts for "picture day" at the school

please don't use the N-Word!!

I normally don't like to use the word is vile and and turns my stomach...sometimes I have to use it to make a point...

but it seems these gals from Arizona are white trash...destined for drugs and illegitimate children.... like the Palins!

there's calls for the girls to be expelled but I don think that's necessary....maybe some sensitivity training and a promise never to use the N-Word again...unless you're a comedian like Ann Coulter

but here's a picture of the highschoolers with their faces blotted out...the N-Word proudly displayed across their tee shirts....

and under those tee shirts are soft young white breasts

Sunday, January 24, 2016

If You Could Read My Mind

love, what a tale my thoughts could tell

ever hear of Regnery Publishing? well, they publish rightwing conservative Christian stuff like David Horowitz: Radical Islam and the American Left (Regnery Publishing, 2004)
by some guy named Benjamin Wiker: Ten Books That Screwed Up The World; and the latest book by Ann Coulter: Adios White America (I Wanna Fuck a Nigga)

the News-Press, the Young Miss America Foundation and Wendy's Reagan Ranch Center invited the president of Regnery to talk about selling we know that Wendy has a publishing co, Ampersand and she's currently being sued for one of their newspaper carriers mowing down a bicyclist and killing him in Solvang...

but the president of Regnery, Marji Ross was speaking at the luncheon..white trash..white trash like Sarah Palin who incidently blamed Obama for her son Track's domestic violence issue..being drunk and brandishing a firearm..Track is a disgraced Iraq war vet who couldn't handle it...he's 26 and lives at home with his mommy, who had to make excuses for him...mama's boy!! Sarah is total white trash and a slut like her daughter sexpot Bristol..I think that Josh Duggar fathered kids with both Sarah and Bristol out of wedlock! go back and check the details and you'll see I'm right...

so this book intrugues me: Ten Books That Screwed Up The World by a screwball named Benjamin Wiker...the guy is Christian  and is worried about books from the 1500's! like the Prince-

Why Machiavelli’s The Prince was the inspiration for a long list of tyrannies (Stalin had it on his nightstand)

the Prince: I say that all men when they are spoken of, and chiefly princes for being more highly placed, are remarkable for some of those qualities which bring them either blame or praise; and thus it is that one is reputed liberal, another miserly, using a Tuscan term (because an avaricious person in our language is still he who desires to possess by robbery, whilst we call one miserly who deprives himself too much of the use of his own); one is reputed generous, one rapacious; one cruel, one compassionate; one faithless, another faithful; one effeminate and cowardly, another bold and brave; one affable, another haughty; one lascivious, another chaste; one sincere, another cunning; one hard, another easy; one grave, another frivolous; one religious, another unbelieving, and the like. And I know that every one will confess that it would be most praiseworthy in a prince to exhibit all the above qualities that are considered good; but because they can neither be entirely possessed nor observed, for human conditions do not permit it, it is necessary for him to be sufficiently prudent that he may know how to avoid the reproach of those vices which would lose him his state;
well, Stalin helped us win WWII!

other books * How Descartes’ Discourse on Method "proved" God’s existence only by making Him a creation of our own ego
* How Hobbes’ Leviathan led to the belief that we have a "right" to whatever we want
* Why Marx and Engels’s Communist Manifesto could win the award for the most malicious book ever written
* How Darwin’s The Descent of Man proves he intended "survival of the fittest" to be applied to human society
* How Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil issued the call for a world ruled solely by the "will to power"
* How Hitler’s Mein Kampf was a kind of "spiritualized Darwinism" that accounts for his genocidal anti-Semitism
* How the pansexual paradise described in Margaret Mead’s Coming of Age in Samoa turned out to be a creation of her own sexual confusions and aspirations

"Of course, nothing can be blamed on ANY of these books. The whole premise that books can "screw up the world" is idiotic.

the amusing fact that the book is published by Regenrywhich is neither an academic nor a mainstream press.

Rather, it is a dubious right-wing propaganda mill, making an explanation of why someone would publish something with such weak premise a bit more understandable." from the web

a propaganda mill...that sounds just about right...

and all those books on the list are required reading

Saturday, January 23, 2016

First Things First

I know the price of freedom, is getting more than a little high

now I know the Independent has turned into a frilly Wine Boutique mag pandering to alcoholics...the reporters are scared of something so the stories are pretty tame...the rag has gone all Wendy-like since Randy Campbell left...and former Wendy cohort Joe Cole joined up with publisher Marianne..

I think Joe is porking Marianne!! at night in their Montecito townhouse, Joe puts on the eye patch, mounts Marianne and says: c'mon, I bet you can squeal like a pig....OUWEEEE! louder! OUWEEE!! LOUDER!!!

but when they start praising Lanny Ebenstein as some sort of a brilliant author, well, I must raise my voice in protest...

we know who first responders are, right? the public service workers like firefighters, cops and others who would take a bullet or big wave for you...I happen to think they deserve to be paid well and retire well..with good job benefits...Lanny on the other hand spent his time as Guest Editorialist at the New-Press demeaning public workers and trying to reduce their pay and benefits...editorial after editorial said pretty much the same thing....public workers get paid too much and have too many benefits...Lanny never mentions the managers who need to cut the fat, just the rank and file..and Lanny even tried to stop collective bargaining for public workers..he tried to put initiatives on the ballot, but they all failed...

Lanny said not a word about taxpayer bailouts of the banks and insurance companies or the realtors who were complicit in the mortgage crisis.. all this facilitated by Bush as president..oh and the staggering cost of the Iraq invasion...

no Lanny instead concentrated on messing with public worker salaries..

Lanny has a new book and the Independent thinks he's a financial genuis...but I did cover Lanny's issues in Eureka Ca...bought some houses up there, had some foreclosures and was sued by his neighbors for operating a pot house..Lanny was a nuisance...I brought this to Wendy's attention a few years back back she told me "there's no story here...there's no story"

au contraire Wendy, my cherie...

and now that Lanny's off the radar politically, he's pushing his pathetic little "books" about economic issues..

but how can a guy who seemingly lost his houses through foreclosure and lives off his daddy's retirement pension from UCSB claim to be an expert on the economy....

he doesn't even work for a living!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tuesday Afternoon

chasing the clouds away...

even though it's Thursday, I think of Tuesday afternoon for some reason...but I feel Spring has sprung..I feel it in the air....the flowers, the's just a feeling I have


I head to the sea to see what I can see...I chase the clouds and this freaking bull dog comes tearing at's small but he runs around me and then chases the sea birds.....

then I head to the hills and I hear the bullfrogs....and I see a groundhog...

he sees me and he sees his shadow...I see my shadow

we all need to look at our shadows

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Take It Easy

don't let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy...

well I don't have seven women on my mind, but I do have enough to be an issue...Wendy of course is one woman on my mind and she's particularly worrisome...but a judge in Santa Maria, Judge Rigali just issued a second tentative ruling upholding the first Wendy's Ampersand scam publishing  company "summary judgement motion" was denied again

Accordingly, the court concludes that nothing in Varisco or defendant’s arguments advanced at the January 12, 2016, hearing, alters the court’s tentative conclusion that a jury should decide the issue as a matter of fact, and not this court as a matter of law. The court therefore adopts the tentative provided at the January 12, 2016 hearing as its final order, with this order provided simply as an additional gloss. The summary judgment motion is denied

 so it's off to a trial by jury.. yippee!!

now I see the ag industry and state Ag dept will be spraying poison in Goleta and Santa Barbara to kill the ever-threatening Asian Citrus Psyllid...supposedly this thing can wipe out citrus Florida...makes the fruit mooshy..well I happen to think that Wendy is like an Asian Psyllid who has infested Santa Barbara media and turned some folks brains to mush...

but d'ja ever hear of mass death of California citrus groves? I check the Carp citrus trees because they are hard to yards and on ranches..the trees are full of fruit and some jess fall to the ground where I happily pick them up, take them home and eat them and they are delicious!

but the problem is the old mindset that spraying poison will solve the problem...the problem is there ain't no problem...

but the ag people are so wigged out about losing some fruit they are willing to spray deathcon everywhere...and of course this poison is linked to killing honeybees...

and some people don't mind killing honeybees because they are feral or nonnative...they even had a program on the Channel Islands to kill honeybees for being feral... dumbshits!!

the trees are fine but the chemical companies need business and fear sells poison...

as for me, I'm going out to get some oranges

hey man, take her easy!

Monday, January 18, 2016


Ruby Ruby Ruby will you be mine...

U.S. Deputy Marshals escort six-year-old Ruby Bridges from William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, La., in Nov. 1960. The first grader is the only black child enrolled in the school, where parents of white students are boycotting the court-ordered integration law and are taking their children out of school. (AP Photo)

it's MLK Day and I think of that little 6-year old girl Ruby Bridges, escorted by three big white US Marshals past screaming rabid white segregationists in Louisiana... Ruby was walking into the all-white school to 1960...per Ike

then I think of the same types of people who burned Beatles records when John Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus...

or the McCarthy hearings to flush out the commies..same type of people who would try to stop Ruby...

or ban books

or shoot MLK, or kill the Kennedys

or a radical religious militia takeover of gov't property in Oregon

but that photo, one of the greatest of all time, shows a courageous little girl standing tall as those US Marshals...facing down the pathetic racism of the time


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Some Of Shelly's Blues

tell me once more, but don't think you'll convince me

like I'm supposed to be all scared of way..the new deal with Iran is such a good thing and the thought of me being friends with an Iranian woman with soft dark eyes and rich red lips is..oh.. and the burka! I'd get that off her faster than her bra!

so Kerry and Obama did a good job and of course the idiot conservatives are jealous...if it's not the commies it's the never stops with these people...fear and superstition

I did meet an Iranian woman once during a water symposium..her name was Farideh..she was far-out, friendly, beautiful and smart... a combo I haven't yet found in American only requirement to have sex with a woman is she be beautful, the other qualities are just icing on the cake..

ok so I'm checking out the waves supposed to be big today..see lots of surfers on Padaro Lane heading down to the beach access...and some body-board surfers...the waves are ok but not that big...some guys fishing..then the creeper waves and tides hit....

lots of shells and weird sea animals washing up on shore...

she sells sea shells down by the sea shore

Thursday, January 14, 2016


no static at all

well shit I tried to listen to AM 1290 a few times...yesterday some dude was talking about basically nothing and this morning the Baron was discussing turkey burgers and dew points and rambling on about Moose and Elk lodges....then he read the news

so I turned the little cheapo radio off and turned the big tube radio on..KTYD..rocknroll..yeah, that's better

now I used to hear the Baron on KACY Boss of the Beach from Ventura in the golden days of California and music...before that a little kid in Boston listening to Bobby Vinton..AM radio..then Baron moved to KIST and..well the thing is he was never really very good but he did have music to play back then..the best music...Stones, Beatles, Sinatra, Diana Ross, Aretha....Dylan...all those artists were coming out of the AM the DJs sounded better when they shut up and played the music...

I was always fascinated with radio and went to LA to attend some academy to learn about broadcasting but there were too many weird guys in radio back then, freaks and hairies, dykes and fairies, so I quit...but I do still have my audition tape..

a cassette from's stunning and brilliant...I coulda been Howard Stern!! but it wasn't to be

then FM hit the airwaves and I could listen to the long version of the Doors doing "Light My Fire"...had to upgrade to a nice stereo receiver like Pioneer..however my old Zenith tube radio has a look and  sound that can't be duplicated

and the LA market opened up with big stations like KMET and that's where the real talented guys got gigs..they played obscure rocknroll like Capt Beefheart and the music canvas was opened up...

but AM radio changed for the worse, lost its soul..KIST went Mexican and the other AM stations went with the white supremacists....seems every idiot with an opinion has a radio show

AM radio today is unlistenable..something is wrong with the AM airwaves... still I thank God for the radio

and especially FM

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It Don't Come Easy

got to pay your dues....

so the SCOTUS is about to allow conservative public teachers off the hook.....the judges should rule according to the political compass that Koch Bros funded conservatives (teachers) who work in the public sector (schools) don't have to pay union dues...let the members who pay dues subsidize them

fat greasy conservative justice Scalia reckons that working in the public sector is political by the guy working for the city cleaning out the sewer lines is a political appointee? real sound reasoning fatman

I think the unions will be fine either way altho I expect more lawsuits when management, whether private or public, tries to screw the in point is Case Security which is being sued for labor violations..I've seen that fat old Case dude on TV doing cooking shows with Nipper and all the ususal suspects...what he should do is stop stuffing his fat face and exercise a little..what a porker!!


and on the front page of the News-Press was a teary good-bye to ex-councilman/comedian Francisco..Dale was the anti-union guy and Wendy's sycophant of the first order...his sole duty on the city council was to prevent any of Wendy's divorce money from going to city workers pay or retirement fund...that's all...what a dandy ol' Dale was!!

but union money for campaigns is no big deal....the city council members do not negotiate contracts..the city administers do..they sit down with the union and employee reps to hammer out a contract..if it's ok with the parties, it gets sent to the city council for a vote...if the city and employees agree on a contract the only reason a councilmember would vote against it is political or ideological...when Dale voted no he did so to please Wendy...

I'll never forget his support of the racist News-Press agenda last January when all those teabaggers were waving their American flags, holding their bibles and denouncing farm workers, hotel workers and busboys!!

now I watched the city council meeting as Dale said good-bye and fought back tears..geez..what a baby!! Jason Dominguez who is taking Dale's place as councilman, said Dale "was a great human being"...Jason is a lawyer so I'll let that slide for now

Mr.Wimpy and Dale:Minutemen!

I wouldn't say Dale Francisco is a great human being..I'd say he is a failed human being..

but this fixation on unions is not healthy...unions aren't going away until workers don't want them anymore and that is unlikely given all the employer abuse going on..

and one last thing to the Supreme Court: unions don't decide elections, voters do

Monday, January 11, 2016

Modern Love

(Modern love) walks beside me (Modern love) walks on by (Modern love) gets me to the church on time


now something is definitely fishy....if Wendy McCuckoo doesn't own radio station AM- 1290, why is it called "newspress radio"? there's a major conflict of interest here..

but AM-1290 allegedly is owned by a dude named Dennis Weibling fromer CEO of Nextel...Dennis the Menace...and Dennis is in knee-deep with the McCaws: Craig Keith and Wendy McCaw..I think all the McCaws are McCuckoo....geez I wonder if there ever was Puke McCaw!!!

Craig McCaw is currently on the Board of Overseers for the Hoover Institution and serves on the board of The Nature Conservancy which explains the Channel Islands lunacy..and Craig can't even get his restaurant in Montecito off the ground! five years and three nails!! three Rusty Nails!!

but it seems there was a Keith McCaw who died and was worth 200 mill or so and this Dennis fella was a pal or investment advisor...Keith got rich trusting brother Craig......Craig got rich selling his Nextel stock and Wendy got rich divorcing Craig...

but Keith McCaw's story is interesting....he died in a jacuzzi in Seattle..his death remains a mystery...supposedly he died with his bathing suit on, and he was with a woman but not romantically involved with her....different versions of the scene had him covered with blood and no blood at all....very strange and many differing's two


Death of McCaw a 'crazy tragedy'; details incomplete

By Ian Ith and Monica Soto

Seattle Times reporters

Firefighters and police who responded to billionaire Keith McCaw's Lake Washington home early Sunday morning did so after a "hysterical woman" called 911, "saying someone was bleeding and drowned in a Jacuzzi," according to the police report.

Officers found Mr. McCaw, 49, in the hot tub, unresponsive. Paramedics pulled him out of the water and administered CPR, to no avail. He was pronounced dead. A police source said Mr. McCaw suffered a head injury, but investigators found no signs of foul play, no property damage and nothing suspicious.

The police report did not identify the woman who called for help

obviously the death of Keith McCaw was not natural and there was some sort of cover-up, but who can figure out these eccentric rich people?? bathing suit in a hot tub??? no ID for the woman who called 911???

so with all this incestual stuff, I'm not surprised that AM 1290 is called newspress radio..the News-Press being owned by Wendy and the radio station being owned by Dennis the Menace...but why would Dennis buy a radio station for Wendy? she certainly could afford one with Craig's divorce settlement..

per the FCC: The cross-ownership rule at least constrains these monopolists, and offers a measure of a robust marketplace of ideas essential for a democracy. Newspaper companies cannot assemble, as they wish to do now, a strong position in local television, nor simultaneous control over a community or town’s cable system or radio station

why isn't the FCC looking into this odd arrangement between Wendy and Dennis the Menace?? geez talk about special order for Wendy to maintain her perceived monopoly on the media in Santa Barbara, she has a friend buy the station AM-1290 and he calls it "newspress radio" and basically hands it over to Wendy! and she hires a bunch of religious kooks like Caldwell and Ebenstein and gives them their own radio show!! to spread right wing propaganda...and occasionally they air some public service crap like Community Alert that no one listens to...

now over at EDHAT, they stopped allowing comments for that thread...I guess that EDHAT woman didn't like the criticism...and you know what? neither does Wendy, if you criticize her or her pals, she fires or sues you!!

or censors you..

it's what happens when you start thinking you're better than everyone else

Sunday, January 10, 2016

you turn me on, I'm a radio

if you're drivin' into town with a dark cloud above you....

the EDHAT/News-Press kissy-poo affair continued...
KZSB (1290 AM) is a commercial radio station located in Santa Barbara, California. The station airs local news and talk, mainly from news reports of the Santa Barbara News-Press

ok so EDHAT claims they are not partnering with the News-Press and AM-1290 is not owned by Wendy but one of her pals...uh-huh

then why tell me why is it called "news-press radio" with links to the News-Press? is Wendy slipping cash under the table to the station? to her pal? these things need to be vetted!!

and the show line-up...lots of these jokers work for Wendy or have at one time or another...

now EDHAT can do what they want... it's a free country with free speech and so on... but this affiliation stinks to high's disgraceful!!

personally I's have no problem with this if it wasn't called Santa Barbara News-Press Radio...but it is

who needs the static, it hurts the head

Radio Nowhere

I was tryin' to find my way home But all I heard was a drone Bouncing off a satellite Crushin' the last lone American night This is radio nowhere, is there anybody out there?

I see EDHAT managing editor, Lauren Bray, has joined Team Wendy...doing a radio show on Wendy's defacto AM-1290...made a deal with the devil, sold her soul. I hope they will be very happy


but do you know what that means? it means that Lauren pimped out the Edhat readers to the News-Press...haha

it means I WILL BOYCOTT EDHAT for selling out..with all the dope on Wendy, Edhat must really be hard up to link up with her ilk...some famous voices on AM 1290 include Lanny Ebenstein, Travis Armstrong, Andy Caldwell..Nipper..and now EdHat's Lauren Bray..she joins the racists, the drunks, the evangelicals and we all know about the News-Press child porn issues...oh, what a lovely crowd you've joined, Lauren...the only thing coming out of AM 1290 is rightwing propaganda..

dump your subscriptions!!

well Edhat you could reach more people setting up a pirate radio station or HAM in the basement


AM-1290 is consistently at the bottom of the ratings pile..and ever so it shall remain...

EDHAT..get rid of Lauren Bray..she's a disgrace..

EDHAT Server ErrorThe server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. JR Run closed connection.

and fix the damn server errors!!

update: Edhat tried to backtrack and say they were not "partnering with the News-Press"..and yet AM-1290 which is not actually owned by Wendy (but we know Wendy does really own it) is called "news-press radio" and like I said, all those rightwing wankers have radio shows because they are Wendy sychophants

sleep with dogs, wake up with fleas

nice try to try again?

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Little Old Lady From Pasadena

go granny go granny go granny...GO!

now some of what I know is hearsay ...but hearsay is really foreplay to the truth....will Oprah buy the News-Press? I'd support that...Oprah is a smart businesswoman who earned her money..she commands respect


if Wendy, as a company owner, issued 401k Distribution Termination letters to her employees, it may mean she feels like a caged dog at a nonprofit kennel....

Oh I see....the Santa Maria case against Ampersand involves one Grace Cota, 89, who struck and killed one Ryuta Yamaguchi, 45 who was jogging in the early morning hours, 2013...Cota was driving a minivan...

I did search the story and the media KEYT, NOOZWACK, AND THE INDEPENDENT had different versions but nothing about Wendy and Ampersand...

and as far as I know, there was no follow up by any reporter, investigative journalist, clown or whore in the greater Santa Barbara area

I did find the issue is headed for a jury trial as I pointed out recently...

burt I still got some questions...

why did Wendy employ an 89 year old woman to deliver papers in a minivan in Solvang? Don't they all speak Dutch?

I mean really that's just asking for about distracted driving...Grace has gotta wrap the papers, throw them out the window and hit her target (the customer) and drive at the same time! geez, Grace should be in a rest home screaming at the orderlies

why didn't any news media follow up on this everyone in town so far up Wendy's ass they are afraid to report without fear or favor of friend or foe??

are there any other octogenarians driving around town for the News-Press? if so I wanna know when so I can avoid driving when they are on the road....and that's one reason I don't subscribe to the News-Press..I don't want to kill anyone

not one of the media reports says why Grace was on the road that fateful day at 6:30am....but I bet I know why..she was delivering the News-Press in her minivan! unfortunately, she hit and killed Mr. Yamaguchi, who was postal worker out for a jog...

and that is the gist of the determine if Grace Cota was indeed an employee of Ampersand,or just and independent contractor...

now if the jury finds that Grace worked for Wendy, a big settlement could happen...or another trial

I think Wendy is trying to pull a Lois Capps here and pretend Grace was not her employee, like Lois says Raymond Morua wasn't working for her when he killed Mallory Dies..

Grace Cota wasn't drunk, but she was old which is basically the same thing

Friday, January 8, 2016

Eye of the Tiger

Risin' up, back on the street/ Did my time, took my chances/ Went the distance now I'm back on my feet/ Just a man and his will to survive

the News-Press had a write-up of a Survivor concert at the Chumash was in the Scene section.. but the gig was canceled...of course I would never be caught dead or alive at a Survivor concert at the casino...I haven't given up yet and going to a Survivor concert at the casino just means I've given that why the Chumash are getting high on little cans of WD-40 called poppers? because they've given up?

ok I'll stayed tuned alright because this is my bread and butter...and I will not rest until I get a logical answer as to why thousands of child porn images ended up on Wendy's company computer..

but it seems that while Nipper and Wendy are trying to bring back the 1980s cocaine and disco at Nippers pop-up nightclub, the troops at the News-Press are getting restless again..even the non-union ones!

if it's true that survivor Don Katich will be editing Scene magazine in the Friday edition of the News-Press, then I might see some religious stuff..some ads for a plastic Jesus, some words of wisdom from the bible and the latest Christian rock band playing at the casino..Don as I understand is the one who saved the News-Press from the Gates of Hell..and turned it into a Christian rag

and I'll be watching because the News-Press simply doesn't make sense to me...they got God, they got liquor, they got divorce money, they got drugs...they got child porn..

and they got idiots writing opinions...Andy Caldwell, Thomas Sowell and Michele Malkin

the Santa Maria issue

now, Wendy has some upcoming dates with the court system..we know about the wrongful termination case with the photographer, right? but this other case in Santa Maria has been on my mind and today Judge Rigali, in a tentative ruling, denied Ampersand's motion of summary judgement...from what I can gather, this case appears to revolve around a News-Press paper carrier who struck and killed someone, and the decedent's family is suing Wendy...I think Wendy is trying to say the paper gal was an independent contractor and not a News-Press employee which might free Wendy from any responsibility..but the court says "not so fast"..

web: "the court generally examines the evidence presented with the motion in the light most favorable to the opposing party. Where the opposing party will bear the burden of proof at trial, the moving party may obtain summary judgment by showing that the opposing party has no evidence or that its evidence is insufficient to meet its burden at trial."

now Rigali's tentative ruling was long and rambling legalese, but the fact is Wendy/Ampersand is being sued and someone Santa Maria...maybe got hit in the head with a newspaper??

Holy Shit...we got another murder mystery on our hands!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jeremiah Johnson

made his way into the mountains, bettin' on forgettin' all the troubles that he knew

"woman, I am your friend"

today I feel like Jeremiah Johnson...the weather was stunning..I've never seen such wild raw beauty 'cept that one time with that chick in Atlanta...after the rains and wind, the surf was high..that high on Santa Claus beach..never!! then snowcapped hills..beautiful

then up to Cold Springs trail for a hike..refreshing! then I hop in the truck I see a deer trying to cross the road but can only get a shot in the rear-view mirror... a little deer! venizon!!

see the deah??
then I checked out the Bird Refuge and it looked like a lake instead of a sludge settling pond...good job Jill and the girls!

earlier I set some traps for beaver and such...

gonna get me some fur

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Who'll Stop the Rain

caught up in the fable

it's been raining for two days's hasn't rained in this area for two straight days in five years...five years man! I go out and hotdog my truck thru the rivers in the road.. SPLASH!! then down to check out the surf..big winter storm surf ...big waves..Whoa Nellie.. see a few minor accidents by Santa Claus is a Lenz Pest truck, the other a little bitty Chevy..there's hardly any traffic here so they must've tried real hard to hit something

then some thunder and lightning, actually lightning then wait..thunder then lightning

surface reservoirs will get some water and the groundwater basins will re-charge..GROUNDWATER!! it's like GOLD!!

then I get home amd more thunder BOOM and the wind starts whipping the rain up and's like a blizzard...all the cars on 101 come to a crawl...never saw weather like that before..awesome!

then the rain stopped and the sun came out..then the reverse

tomorrow I'll check out the Bird refuge..

Jill if you wanna send that tall brunette in the kayak, I'll rush to meet her

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rainy Day Women #12 and 35

they'll stone you when you're walking on the street

I swear those weather folks are genuises..they say it's gonna rain esp around 7:00 am and it's raining cats and ducks!


the drought is over, I declare..hello 2016!

now very curiously, I watch the ocean a lot because I like to..most days the current flows north to south but a few days ago it was going south to north..I'd never noticed that before...swimming upstream

and I haven't seen it rain this hard since Noah built his ark!! this should get the creeks flowing in Carp

I checked the back of my truck and stashed away were about 7 or eight I'll be out there using them..

'cos everybody must get stoned

Monday, January 4, 2016


lies, I can't believe a word you say

so, if climate change is a hoax, then so must El Nino be... I was expecting rains today, Monday, but it's warm and sunny with a few clouds...the weather forecasters lie to me more than my old girlfriends...geez

so I see in the News-Press a little story about a guy who was found dead in his northern California home and his pick-up truck was found in Carpinteria...I saw that truck parked on Santa Claus Lane for a few old Chevy with a wooden camper on back...look abandoned so I guess that was his we have a murder mystery...guy kills another guy in NorCal, steals his truck and abandons it in Carp on Santa Claus Lane..hmmmm..what an odd thing to do

in Oregon, they got some white militia dudes with Bundy genes taking over a gov't out-building on a wildlife preserve..they got guns and will fight the feds to the death if necessary, or until the Jim Beam runs out...


now if the gov't messed up I wanna hear about it...the feds raided the Channel Islands so that was the time for militia groups to fight...and although I'm quick to judge them, I will keep an open mind...however, if a bunch of black dudes did that up in Oregon, they'd be dead by now..glad I'm white!!

since the weather is so nice today I went on a walkabout and see some turkey vultures roosting close to City Hall in the eucalyptus trees...last week I saw some in the avocado trees...and some monarchs are flying around here too...a few vultures are hanging out on the power lines and telephone poles...

I check the rain..

this is stupid fucking weather

Sunday, January 3, 2016


that's what you are

now the presidential election will be an interesting I read Wendy's shaky take on reality, she warns us all to choose the next president wisely as she laid out some rather silly scenerios if we don't vote for her extreme rightwing agenda...what's her agenda? PARANOIA...anti-everything..anti-workers, anti-Negro, anti-union, anti-commies, anti-environment, anti-public education and so on...

I've said that Wendy is a Bircher and I meant it...a card carrying member who probably has JBS tatooed on her saggy ass...everything she says and does is Bircher: Rachel Tabachnik just published an article on the Political Research Associates website about the John Birch Society and their long history of calling everything "communist," from the civil rights movement to labor unions to environmentalists and, today, President Obama and the Democrats. This ridiculous scare tactic continues despite the fact that their perpetual warnings of a communist takeover never actually happened, and never will.

A Businessman Looks at Communism
Published by the Farmville Herald (VA) in 1963, A Businessman Looks at Communism was written by Fred Koch and provides an account of his work in the Soviet Union in the 1930s. The pamphlet provided support for JBS’ claim to insider knowledge of the communist agenda.

Page sixteen of the pamphlet sums up Koch’s attitude about labor unions. "Labor Unions have long been a Communist goal," Koch asserts. "The effort is frequently made to have the worker do as little as possible for the money he receives. This practice alone can destroy our country."

On page 25, Koch explains his fear of the Civil Rights Movement: "You may be sure the Communists are fishing furiously in the troubled waters of integration on both sides. The Communists are not interested in the aspirations of the negro except as a means to stir up racial hatred … The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America."

now do you see where Wendy came up with her business model..inherit the money, buy a newspaper, and spread the Bircher propaganda to white ladies walking their dogs down State St...

folks who supported the News-Press, who attended the pro-News-Press 'illegals rally" are Birchers too...Nipper is a Bircher obviously...the Mintuemen are Birchers...the Koch Bros are Birchers...all the phony evangelicals are just Birchers with Bibles...

Birchers are not patriots, they are scoundrels!!

so vote accordingly

Friday, January 1, 2016

Ramble On

Leaves are falling all around It's time I was on my way. Thanks to you, I'm much obliged for such a pleasant stay. But now it's time to ramble on

well it was a great 2015...Aretha and all the legendary musicians..Chris Hillman and Herb Peterson at the Carp Plaza Theater...Frampton at the Lobero and Neil Young at the Bowl...I liked the weather and the high tides..American Violence was on full display too..too day we will learn-maybe in 2016!


but as I said, I was interested in Wendy's letter to the readers for New Year's Day

and Wendy has baked us a Pineapple Upside down Cake! and she's still using her photo when she was rather pretty..nowadays she looks like Frodo from Lord of the Rings!

but she went ballistic on everything from colleges to climate change in a long ramblin' rant against liberals..Wendy bemoans the loss of common sense and wonders why her hard earned dollars are going to support public education...well Wendy, it's for kids who don't suffer from "affluenza" and so they can learn there are crackpots like you in the world!

ok....if Wendy is serious about common sense then she must get an up-to-date photo but she didn't so I got one from the Unity Shoppe Telethon..and how is in common sense to set up a store where people can shop for free?

and Andy it common sense to employ a "guest opinion" instead of an editorial writer? he's no daisy!

and it common sense for Wendy-types to tell me that dogs are mirrors of their souls? fuck, that's crazy shit

and what about getting rich from a that her hard-earned money?? where's the common sense in that??

and inviting Sarah Palin to talk at the Reagan Ranch Center is like totally illogical!

and endorsing Orly Taitz!! no words, no words

so the truth is Wendy has no common sense..she has no sense at all

ramble on Wendy, ramble on