Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Warrior

Well I am the warrior and heart to heart you'll win if you survive the warrior

nonprofits make no sense to me that's why the IRS should investigate them...nonprofits want me to send part of my paycheck or salary or investment profits to them so they can help others...who do they allegedly help? dogs, homeless, veterans and of course children...and they help themselves to huge salaries since they don't pay taxes

and even though the Iraq invasion was a disaster, war is big business, especially for nonprofits...and private contractors..

the private contractors provide security when we invite ourselves to other hostile countries...Benghazi is a perfect example..the private security company messed up and the 4 American diplomats died in an attack...

but war nonprofits are especially suspect and I learned this from Dr. Laura who had the audacity to preach war propaganda down the road at the old Christian Harley shop...fuck that was a weird period in Carp and gave me PTSD...I haven't been the same since Dr. Laura pissed all over Carpinteria..and she had her own veteran's nonprofit that turned out to be a scam...

now the way to stop the proliferation of these nonprofits is to stop jumping into wars every five minutes...we don't need to invade countries to show how strong we are..actually shows weakness and stupidity

now I've and others have tried to expose the Wounded Warriors Project as another scam but I still see the ads on TV, mainly FOX NEWS with some conservatives like Bruce Willis and country singer Trace Adkins ..the rah rah America can do no wrong bullshit they pitch...the sad stories they tell of veterans from the Iraq invasion who come home with pieces of their brains gone, no arms and I'm supposed to feel sorry for them and send money to Wounded the nonprofit can help the vets....

well finally people are seeing the scam and the veterans themselves are exposing it...
web: One of the whistleblowers in all of this, Army Staff Sgt. Erick Millett, is an Iraq War veteran, who came home with a Bronze Star and a traumatic brain injury.

Millett once participated in Wounded Warrior programs, and even became a public speaker for it in 2013. He quit the following year, however, blasting Wounded Warrior for what he called wasteful spending, "Using our injuries, our darkest days, our hardships, to make money so that you can have these big parties."

Bruce Willis, Trace Adkins and Bill O'Reilly all stumped for the Wounded Warriors promotinmg them, getting paid to promote them and most of these war nonprofits are simply conservative-run cash cows...

so why would these guys ask you to pay $19 a month to Wounded Warriors? MONEY

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) pays millions of dollars for commercials showing injured service members. Many were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements (why?). I have talked to many Veterans who were promised many things from WWP and did not receive anything in return for the use of their likeness in commercials and print ads.

The commercials do not mention anything WWP does to help the injured service members. Listen closely to the commercials as they parade an injured veteran around like an injured animal. They pay famous actors and musicians to pull on the nation’s heart strings. Fox News takes millions in commercial revenue from WWP, along with A&E and other T.V. networks. I have written to Fox and others begging them to investigate for themselves. I imagine they too are blocked by a non-disclosure agreement.

non-disclosure agreements...hey doesn't Wendy use those too???

send money to Wounded Warriors so the CEO
can drive around in Shelby Cobras!


these people are disgusting...they start wars then they steal money from the vets they are supposed to be helping!! and they always claim their wars were started to protect our freedom....invading Iraq had nothing to do with protecting our freedom

so the next time you see Bruce Willis on TV asking you to send $19 a month to Wounded Warriors...

tell him "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!

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