Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jeremiah Johnson

made his way into the mountains, bettin' on forgettin' all the troubles that he knew

"woman, I am your friend"

today I feel like Jeremiah Johnson...the weather was stunning..I've never seen such wild raw beauty 'cept that one time with that chick in Atlanta...after the rains and wind, the surf was high..that high on Santa Claus beach..never!! then snowcapped hills..beautiful

then up to Cold Springs trail for a hike..refreshing! then I hop in the truck I see a deer trying to cross the road but can only get a shot in the rear-view mirror... a little deer! venizon!!

see the deah??
then I checked out the Bird Refuge and it looked like a lake instead of a sludge settling pond...good job Jill and the girls!

earlier I set some traps for beaver and such...

gonna get me some fur

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