Sunday, January 17, 2016

Some Of Shelly's Blues

tell me once more, but don't think you'll convince me

like I'm supposed to be all scared of way..the new deal with Iran is such a good thing and the thought of me being friends with an Iranian woman with soft dark eyes and rich red lips is..oh.. and the burka! I'd get that off her faster than her bra!

so Kerry and Obama did a good job and of course the idiot conservatives are jealous...if it's not the commies it's the never stops with these people...fear and superstition

I did meet an Iranian woman once during a water symposium..her name was Farideh..she was far-out, friendly, beautiful and smart... a combo I haven't yet found in American only requirement to have sex with a woman is she be beautful, the other qualities are just icing on the cake..

ok so I'm checking out the waves supposed to be big today..see lots of surfers on Padaro Lane heading down to the beach access...and some body-board surfers...the waves are ok but not that big...some guys fishing..then the creeper waves and tides hit....

lots of shells and weird sea animals washing up on shore...

she sells sea shells down by the sea shore

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