Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bad Girls

Toot toot hey Beep Beep / Bad girls / Talking about the sad girls / Sad girls
well it seems that a group of high school girls in Arizona spelled out the N-Word on their tee shirts for "picture day" at the school

please don't use the N-Word!!

I normally don't like to use the word ...it is vile and and turns my stomach...sometimes I have to use it to make a point...

but it seems these gals from Arizona are white trash...destined for drugs and illegitimate children.... like the Palins!

there's calls for the girls to be expelled but I don think that's necessary....maybe some sensitivity training and a promise never to use the N-Word again...unless you're a comedian like Ann Coulter

but here's a picture of the highschoolers with their faces blotted out...the N-Word proudly displayed across their tee shirts....

and under those tee shirts are soft young white breasts

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