Monday, January 4, 2016


lies, I can't believe a word you say

so, if climate change is a hoax, then so must El Nino be... I was expecting rains today, Monday, but it's warm and sunny with a few clouds...the weather forecasters lie to me more than my old girlfriends...geez

so I see in the News-Press a little story about a guy who was found dead in his northern California home and his pick-up truck was found in Carpinteria...I saw that truck parked on Santa Claus Lane for a few old Chevy with a wooden camper on back...look abandoned so I guess that was his we have a murder mystery...guy kills another guy in NorCal, steals his truck and abandons it in Carp on Santa Claus Lane..hmmmm..what an odd thing to do

in Oregon, they got some white militia dudes with Bundy genes taking over a gov't out-building on a wildlife preserve..they got guns and will fight the feds to the death if necessary, or until the Jim Beam runs out...


now if the gov't messed up I wanna hear about it...the feds raided the Channel Islands so that was the time for militia groups to fight...and although I'm quick to judge them, I will keep an open mind...however, if a bunch of black dudes did that up in Oregon, they'd be dead by now..glad I'm white!!

since the weather is so nice today I went on a walkabout and see some turkey vultures roosting close to City Hall in the eucalyptus trees...last week I saw some in the avocado trees...and some monarchs are flying around here too...a few vultures are hanging out on the power lines and telephone poles...

I check the rain..

this is stupid fucking weather

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Redheads Rule said...

I want Paul Newman on his bicycle.