Sunday, January 10, 2016

Radio Nowhere

I was tryin' to find my way home But all I heard was a drone Bouncing off a satellite Crushin' the last lone American night This is radio nowhere, is there anybody out there?

I see EDHAT managing editor, Lauren Bray, has joined Team Wendy...doing a radio show on Wendy's defacto AM-1290...made a deal with the devil, sold her soul. I hope they will be very happy


but do you know what that means? it means that Lauren pimped out the Edhat readers to the News-Press...haha

it means I WILL BOYCOTT EDHAT for selling out..with all the dope on Wendy, Edhat must really be hard up to link up with her ilk...some famous voices on AM 1290 include Lanny Ebenstein, Travis Armstrong, Andy Caldwell..Nipper..and now EdHat's Lauren Bray..she joins the racists, the drunks, the evangelicals and we all know about the News-Press child porn issues...oh, what a lovely crowd you've joined, Lauren...the only thing coming out of AM 1290 is rightwing propaganda..

dump your subscriptions!!

well Edhat you could reach more people setting up a pirate radio station or HAM in the basement


AM-1290 is consistently at the bottom of the ratings pile..and ever so it shall remain...

EDHAT..get rid of Lauren Bray..she's a disgrace..

EDHAT Server ErrorThe server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. JR Run closed connection.

and fix the damn server errors!!

update: Edhat tried to backtrack and say they were not "partnering with the News-Press"..and yet AM-1290 which is not actually owned by Wendy (but we know Wendy does really own it) is called "news-press radio" and like I said, all those rightwing wankers have radio shows because they are Wendy sychophants

sleep with dogs, wake up with fleas

nice try to try again?

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Anonymous said...

Peter Sklar, EdHat founder who passed away a few years back, must be turning over in his grave. He was an honorable man who never would have pandered to the Wendy