Thursday, April 30, 2015

Monkey Man

I'm a fleabit peanut monkey All my friends are junkies... 

I look at the News-Press building when I'm downtown's close to City Hall..the News-Press is a nice building but Team Wendy has let it fall into disrepair while City Hall is in tip-top shape...

City Hall-pretty women and monkey trees

the News-Press needs a paint job and the door need's so embarrassing I won't even show you a photo! and of course they got the black mold to deal with...for some reason Wendy refuses to pay attention to these realities..I mean she's got plenty of her ex-husband's money to do the jobs, so why doesn't she?

then I look at the Public Market in the news recently..the building looks like the News-Press in some odd way..The Santa Barbara Public Market houses everything you can imagine in the way of handcrafted, regionally sourced and sustainably made food ...oh please, STOP!!!

recently both buildings were vandalized..the News-Press during the racist rallies and the Public Market during a blood moon..

now the News-Press and her sychophants blamed PODER for the vandalism....but that's nonsense..PODER had nothing to do with it just like a former fired NP editor had nothing to do with child porn on Wendy's computer...still waiting for JUSTICE on that isssue

then someone suggests that Wendy doesn't pay her bills...the security company would have been at the News-Press on the night of the vandals, but since Wendy's bill was past due, no security was there...and not even a security camera!! see, Wendy spends all her money on animal welfare and skips out on people welfare because she is McCUCKOO!!

but it's very curious that Miss Paranoia wouldn't have a full working security system at the News-Press instead of relying on round the clock spotty Minuteman vigilantee patrols...

in January,  the Santa Barbara Public Market got vandalized..some kids broke windows and threw spatulas around in a weird temper tantrum... but I have not heard a thing about their identity...the News-Press has no stories about investigative journalists looking into the caper..

why is that? why are these little villains being protected? is it because the kids are members of some prominent SB family and that prominent SB family would be embarrassed if the info was made public??

if that's the case, why is it called the Public Market???

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Treat Me Nice

When I walk through that door / Baby, be polite / You're gonna make me sore / If you don't greet me right

propaganda...the rightwingers use it alot..Wendy uses it to get her weird-ass agenda off the ground..hasn't worked yet...libs use propagnada and hell even I use it..but my props are ok because you trust me, don't should trust me with your life.. but never trust me with your wife....hahahaah! I'm serious...I'll use propaganda to slip her satin purple panties off

but I see the Public Market uses lots of propaganda to sell itself when the reality is opposite the propaganda...

the News-Press had a little blurb about Los Agaves having a pop-up restaurant in the Kitchen at the Public Market starting Cinqo de Mayo...geez people, this isn't Top Chef..this is JK Frimples country!!! we eat, we don't analyse food...and WTF is a pop-up restaurant??? the absurdity of trendiness, celebrity chefs and wealthy foodies..the Public Market is for snobs and trustfunders, not real people...people like Wendy and Nipper and their sycophants like the joint...these fools think spending more cash on an overpriced item makes them feel special..or better than the rest...

but even Anthony Bourdain won't set foot in the SB Public Market...

but I told you last year my issues with the Public Market: well I see the new white Public Market by the Arlington so I go in and....but can't figure it walk around and there's shelves with some goods, a small fruit place..more employees than customers with blank stares of Abercrombie Fitch models
the rest of the place is like a Top Chef kitchen.....I start running in a panic but I'm like rat in a maze.. no place leads anywhere but around in a circle, then in back there's an exit with no doors..just big black screens/grids that are inexplicable


enter the Public Market at your own risk

overpriced, poor service, definitely a snooty attitude, and odd design makes me a customer but once and once is enough...if you deal with the public, be nice and attentive, not aloof

then I see the Independent comes in with a story about the PM...what's really going on behind the curtains so to speak..I'm half-thinking that someone paid those kids to vandalize the place for publicity and sympathy


over the years Santa Barbara has had some pretty unscrupulous business people, Wendy being among the worst..and there's a reason Moby Dick's kept burning down...flic your bic for insurance money

this is not a workable business get someone in there who can make it work....a deli, sub sandwiches, Chinese Noodle soup to go..clam chowda!! reasonable prices..a lunch buffet..nobody cares how important the chefs think they are..I don't want any attitiude other than keep the customer satisfied....

otherwise, it won't last

gotta keep it real people, keep it real

Monday, April 27, 2015

Bottle of Wine

fruit of the vine, when you gonna let me get sober...

Christian conservatives have loads of problems with logic...even Bill O'Reilly from Fox News admitted he didn't know what a syllogism is..and Bill claims to be a former teacher!

the basic building block of an argument, that's all..but considering that the Christian belief system is based on illogical superstition..I guess I shoulda known

the exception is the Christian Science Monitor which gives level-headed analysis of today's events, oddly enough..

so we got water issues that I warned about a few years ago..the drought is in hillbilly mode, threatening to turn us all into Okies...pack your SUVs and move to the rain forest

but according to the religious faux- Christians like Brother Caldwell over at the News-Press, the drought is caused by enviros and a lack of water storage in California....more dams and reservoirs would have solved the problem had we planned years ago...and besides God wants us to use resources and go forth and multiply..simple!

logic...if you have too many people competing for a limited supply, you're gonna have problems....the conservatives are truly desperate trying to turn the drought into a political issue...or religious issue...

but Nature has built us plenty of reservoirs called aquifers.. huge underground reservoirs of water that only get replenished when it rains...overdraft is pulling water from aquifers quicker than it is replenished...we live in a drought-prone area and it is crazy to have so many wineries and now breweries sucking us dry...

so the point is you could have tons of reservoirs in California and in a drought they would all be at low levels..and that doesn't account for evaporation rates...building more reservoirs will only give people a false sense of water security and encourage more people in a region that already is over-populated..

the drought is not limited to California but the west including Arizona, Nevada and Utah...Lake Powell is low..Mar 30, 2015 ... Lake Powell, one of the nation's largest reservoirs, is now below 45 percent of its capacity

too many people, highways and development ..that's the planning issue and the conservatives think God will provide so there's no reason to conserve...and they blame the libs

shall we go to a wine tasting in the valley today?? lovely!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

looking out my back door

do do do looking out my back door

I love living by the highway...the old Highway 101...I see wild California...things that haven't been developed to the old farmhouse by the highway

so I'm changing out the torn screen on my sliding balcony door....I had a the Screenmobile or buy a new door...or I could do it myself...

so I did it myself and saved a few hundred bucks..the only issue was gettiung the old spline out intact..once I did that and found it to be in good shape, the job went smoothly...I got a brand new screen!!

the next day while I was admiring my screen job, I heard the train horn blaring very deliberately....oh how I love trains!! whoo whoo...choo choo..

listening to Buck Owens...

then I saw a freight train stopped across the highway by the Salt out my bincocs and saw a cop car at the end of the Carp Ave exit... the train was stopped for about two hours

I spend time in this area-by the marsh- by the tracks- by the highway-by the exit- looking at the birds and looking for red foxes...but there are bums who travel this corridor..the railroad line...beards a'ruffnin' and a dirty hat pulled over cross their face...

plus we got the new wine and brewery places on Carp Ave so either a bum got hit by the train or a drunk customer from the brewery...

I don't wish harm on anyone but the beer-drunk would be my preferred victim..or maybe it was a suicide-attempt by train...nothing left to live for?? what path was he on?

doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice? she standeth in the top of high places, by the way in the places of the paths...

I can sure see lots of things looking out my back door

Friday, April 24, 2015

Shakedown Street

You tell me this town ain't got no heart. well, well, well, you can never tell.

I'm not a cop but if I was the last thing I'd want when making an arrest is some idiot taking pictures up close....

like the arrest of Tony DeNunzio when a bunch of yahoo bystanders stood around and complained about police brutality as they interfered with the cops doing their it's true that Tony got a big settlement thanks to the wimpy city council and city atty Mr. Limpit, but that's beside the point...
when the new city council is voted in, they should fire Mr. Limpit...

interfering with a cop making an arrest should be illegal as it puts the cop's life in danger..they gotta deal with the arrest and the folks who are butting in which takes focus off the arrestee...very dangerous

cops arrest people for probable cause a crime has been committed..if they are wrong, hash it out in court, not on the sidewalk...

and of course, suing the cops is a profitable cottage industry because they are out in the public making sure the rules/laws are followed..this upsets people who can't follow rules...and as we all know, the secret to happiness in life is following the rules

so I read where some jerkoff interfered with cops making an arrest, got too close taking pictures and one cop supposedly hit the jerkoff's cell the jerkoff is telling the whole world his little plight and will sue the city for a big pay day...

take pictures all you want but don't get in the way of the cops doing their job..that should be a city ordinance or a's common sense...the cops should arrest people who interfere

probably the jerkoff with the cell phone will get a jerkoff lawyer like Barry Capello and the taxpayers will be on the hook again...

ie, you'll all get jerked off again

ok... I watched the video and the guy is holding the cell phone above his head right pointing it at the cops.. and it's dark out..and the cops were answering a bar fight call...for all the cops knew, the jerkoff might have had a gun in his hand! he's lucky he didn't get shot

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lost Her In The Sun

what have I done?

I haven't watched the Mr. Wimpy Show in a while so when I tuned in, I was aghast to see two of the dumbest conservatives in Santa Barbara on the air...Mr. Wimpy and Nipper.. they discussed food and Nipper informed us that local food is best and freshest..he says local means within 100 I guess food from LA is considered local, Nipper?


hey I'm watching that Minuteman trial too ..Chris Simcox's trial in Arizona keeps getting posttponed due to delay tactics from the Minuteman...Nipper is pals with these guys..these racist child molesters and child killers...

so are the Republicans kidding? first they got Gomer and Goober trying to pin some Benghazi crimes on Hillary

then they send some little boys to run for president... Marci Rubio..Mr Nervous...I watched this guy give a response to Obama's State of the Union address and Rubio was on camera sweating bullets..he'd have to break for water ..leaning over, away from the camera to get a gulp...way too young, nervous and inexperienced to lead this great nation of ours...

then Rand Paul whose son keeps getting DUIs...Rand's daddy is Ron Paul.... they do have the right ideas about foreign policy (hands off)... so maybe I'll change my mind

Scott Walker..the Koch Bros recently came out as benefactors of Walker..the John Bircher Koch Bros...and Scott Walker thinks public workers are members of ISIS!! America and Wisconsin deserve better than this clown

Jeb Bush..well George Jr. was the worst president in history with 9/11, ENRON and the taxpayer bailouts of his more Bush league presidents

Ted Cruz..bat-shit crazy preacher like his commie daddy Rafael...he will start a third world war...

then locally the GOP is wacked too...Wendy's sister, Dale Francisco is feckless

the last best hope for Republicans is some dude whose name I can't pronounce, who can't speak English very well, and who looks like an Arabian sheik or carpet salesman...Katcho or something...

my god, these guys don't have a chance of getting elected...they spend all their time trying interfere with everyone else's life...trying to steal wages and bust unions to keep their wealthy friends from paying their fair share....

what happened to the real great Republicans like Eisenhower?? Roosevelt? gone but not forgotten...

let's keep our eye on the ball

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

let it flow

let it flow..

so I get up and see a few rain drops on my window at three o'clock in the morning..I go back to bed..I get up again at six o'clock and make coffee.. I go outside and survey my world...good..except I smell something odd like a sewer..I look over at the  nonprofit Peoples Self Help Housing thing and see some water flowing out of the manhole in the's a sewer overflow...


it's not flowing into the storm drain but a little puddle is gathering in front of PSHH a little befitting

I get out my new telescope and fixed it on the manhole and could definitely see water flowing out..I had to be sure it wasn't coming from some other source

so I call the Carp Sanitary District and report a possible sewer overflow and within one minute a guy is out there checking it's around 8:00 AM...

then they send out the big gun Vactor jetter to rod the line...the Vactors are cool..send few to Iraq and blow the ISIS mutts to Kingdom Come...vactors will clean out anything, anywhere anytime..

generally heavier solids won't come out of the manhole, just water....remember, sewage is % 99.9 pure, like Ivory Soap

a few years ago this sewer line was rehabbed with plastic liner so be careful what you dump down the sewer and blankets, tampons, garbage, or babies ...just the normal business should go down the pipes I don't want the nonprofit Chanel Keepers or Princess Kira here nosing around because the Carp Sanitary District has it under control...sometimes shit happens and professionals deal with it...that's real life, Princess

the CSD guys were here in ten minutes and the spill was minimal..and they'll clean it up..

and I spotted it and called it in because I care, goddammit!!

excellent job, Carpinteria Sanitary District guys!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


it's a hit, don't give me that do-good bullshit

I got no problem with off- leash dogs if the dog is smart, like this little guy...I bumped into him by City Hall and he owned the sidewalk...obviously a descendent of Toto


ok, so the News-Press has never done a front page investigative story on non-profits..why? becasue many members of Team Wendy are on shady nonprofits, that's got Andy and COLAB, Joe with the SB Tax Payers Association, and Lanny who still has a radio show on Wendy's AM 1290 is on the board of California Center for Public Policy..a real shady one! Lanny, Andy and Joe..the new Three Stooges!! hahahahah! n'yuck n'yuck n'yuck

the News-Press has done many stories on the homeless  and the latest was the SB city council passing yet another ordinance against the homeless folks...basically it says keep the icky homeless poor people away from white conservatives..geez..I've never seen a council so obsessed with ridding themselves of homeless...what do they expect when ATM stations are in the open, in the middle of the street...someone may need a handout..I always give a buck to someone who looks like they need it..a friendly gesture goes a long's my money, I do with it as I please...

the Santa Barbara City Council really needs new blood....

speaking of handouts, on page 3 of the News-Press was a little blurb about nonprofits seeking gov't grants in tiny Buellton..the Land of Pea Soup and lost souls


I was amazed at the requests...Senior Citizens Foundations wants $50000; the Botanic Garden wants $5000; PAWS Park wants $10000; Santa Ynez Fruit and Vegetable Rescue wants $7000.... WTF is a Fruit and Veggie Rescue?? maybe an offshoot of racist #69 Animal Rescue Team...remember Julia agrees with killing non-native animals and calls Mexican immigrants "invasive species"'s best to keep her up in the hills, she's crazy

the point is nonprofits should raise their own funds and not rely on wasting my tax dollars without my's outrageous that these city councils are handing out large sums of money to their pet nonprofits!!

I await an investigative report on these non-profit scams from local media....I already know all about the homeless

Monday, April 20, 2015

Wooden Ships

on the water very free and easy

did you hippies enjoy Earth Day? riding around in your little  sustainable nice


WAKE UP!! while the goddam flower children fret about climate change, we are being attacked by terrorists!!

well, according to the Coast Guard anyway

WTF is going on? I read the Independent story about the clash between the Princess Cruise, the Yacht Club sailors, and the Coast Guard anti-terrorism speed boats armed with machine guns, circling the Princess to protect her, dying to turn the sea red with the blood of innocent civilian boaters

this is called the law of unintended got a conservative city councilman wanting more tourist money so he invites the big cruise ships to dock; and they dock we get to see the big ships off shore..and they take up a huge swath of ocean...

then we got the Yacht Club at the harbor..except for allowing Dr. Laura to join some years back, it has a good solid reputation...good clean fun..but the YC had a race the same day the Princess was docked and for some unknown reason, the Coast Guard sent a bunch of yahoos in inflatable speed boats to harass the sail boats because they were getting too close to the Princess...
now this is not Somalia and the Yacht Club folks are not pirates ( unless it was a pirate themed race maybe)...the stupid Princess ship, that floating Petri dish of festering viruses and EBOLA and fat old white stupid people does not need protection from the Coast needs a torpedo from a submarine...ship to shore... what did they think a little sail boat was gonna ram the cruise ship and blow it up???

this is just nuts and in Santa Barbara..the Harbor!! outrageous!! heads should role and this must never happen again...

Geez..the incompetence and miscommunication between the City Harbor Commission and the Coast Guard is stunning.. I should be able to walk down by the Harbor without being shot at or harassed by the Coast Guard..are we at war with them?? ok I'll bring my rifle next time I'm down there for protection

no the responsible people involved, disband the Harbor Commission and get someone down there who can do the job..

and the next time the Coast Guard pulls a stunt like this, I will deploy my missile-firing- anti-Coast Guard jet ski units...

and litter the Harbor with the floating corpses of jack-booted thugs..

Saturday, April 18, 2015

White Rabbit

Tell ' em a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call

ok Grace, I'll tell 'em: hey people.. a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given me the call!


there has been some talk that bumblebees are the favored bee among native enthusiasts...the feral honeybee is non-native and therefore a lower status, according to the biodiversity crowd...

of course, it's all nonsense...there's plenty of flowers for all bees

recently, I was sitting at the computer and felt something crawling on my leg..I looked down and saw an orange-red bug...normally I would photo it but I freaked and cupped it and let it go outside..later, after checking with my field guidebook, I discovered it was a milkweed bug...hmmm..that's good news because butterflies like milkweed so there must be some milkweed around...or maybe this stupid bug thought I was a milkweed!!

well, this was a call to go out in the wild and check out more I ventured out to my favorite spot and climbed the hills and stopped...I looked around and my goodness..there's plants and bugs everywhere...the sun was warm..I stood there soaking it in when suddenly I heard a buzz...BZZZZZZZZ BZZZZZZZ....I was next to a big Castor Bean plant and there's a huge bumblebee buzzing the castor bean..this bee was the biggest I've seen...almost as big as a little bird I swear..and he was fast as I tried in vain to snap a picture of it..but I'll be back..

it's proof that native bumbles like non-native castor bean..I wish people would stop trying to kill the castor bean plants..let them die off by themselves..they are quite beautiful and have never hurt me because I respect them...

so I go on down by the little creek and so many bright plants ..a garden of delight...I see some moths and is drinking nectar from the's a "cabbage white" butterfly and it was drunk to the point I could almost touch it..same with the bees

then I see a big bird cruising the ridgetop...I thought it was a redtailed hawk so took a picture but later it confounded me with the white that a bald eagle I ask myself?? I'm pretty close to the ocean but I've never seen one in this it? or maybe just the sun on the hawk's head

I feel something crawling on my leg...a fucking wood tick! I kill I kill all parasites

then to the beach and some big waves are coming I hear.... I watch the girl on the sand watch the dolphin in the sea...with the oil derrick in the distance

like I said, there's plenty of room for everyone

Friday, April 17, 2015

when a man loves a woman

can't keep his mind on nothin' else....

now Lucy was complainin' about gossip and how it can hurt ya so ya gotta have thick skin...but sometimes gossipers lie and try to rune your reputation was runed a long time ago..I got no place to go but up baby...
but Lucy writes for the Sentinel which is owned by the Montecito Journal and that Jim Buckley dude who lies alot about public workers and unions..and that English dude who has a crush on Wendy's galpal Rob Lowe and writes a gossip's some gossip: Rob lost his job as pitchman for DirectTV because the ads were full of lies...Direct TV sucks

so Lucy is insane as far as I is concerned...

so I see the story about a winemaker up north who also happens to be a methhead...I've done a few posts on the shady winemakers up can only trust a good French or Spanish wine..the rest is crap plus the winemakers in Santa Maria caused the drought..

so this guy was busted for DUI, the drug stuff found in his car and he had a previous DUI...

DARRYL...DARRYL!!! I got a customer for ya!

and the Chamber of Commerce in Arroyo Grande was promoting a guy named Lenny Jones as Citizen of the Year..oh he's just a great guy..loves kids and dogs and the Humane Society...


His list of community involvement stretches over the years from serving several terms on the chamber's board of directors to founding the SLO County Golden Retrievers dog group, which boasts 300 members and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for dog rescue groups since inception.

Jones also helped start the Welcome Home Military Heroes group, which welcomes home military men and women in San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara counties. The group organizes greetings at airports, train stations and even private homes to welcome home and thank the men and women for their service.

oh I hate those "greet the troops" groups!! so phony

well it turns out Lenny was just arrested for child molestation and kidnapping

the Chambers of Commerce are such good judges of character ...well I bet this guy Lenny Jones is a conservative Christian...

"It's just me and my dogs," Jones said. "It lets me happily spend my time doing things (for the community). It makes up for not having a wife and kids."

if you are substituting dogs for healthy human interaction, you got lots of problems...maybe that's why he goes for 12 year old girls...


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

my eyes have seen you

my eyes have seen do do

I was watching the supers debate the Miramar and they finally voted to squash the MPC-Montecito Planning Commission- ie the Miramar project can move forward without interference from the MPC or the of those neighbors is John Densmore, the Doors drummer...seems John had some issues with guests from the old Miramar coming into his back yard so he had to build a wall..instead of walls John, why not build some Doors..hahahahah!!!

ok.... you may remember Lucy Burns was blabbing about all she's done for Milpas Street...she has a column in the atrocious bi-weekly Sentinel about how wonderful she is and yes there are some good obedient Mexicans on Milpas St...and Lucy got a column, basically the same one, in the Santa Barbara View....

and the Milpas Community Association has been exposed as a likely front for recruiting Milpas business owners into the Army of Jesus....

but the SB View recently advertised for columnists..they are doing a 10- day trial: Have you ever wanted to write or contribute to an online magazine? Santa Barbara View would like to hear from you as part of a 10-day content challenge. Whether it is a guest column like Daniel Brennan’s blog on our community’s immunity, a letter to the editor, videos or drone photos like Mark Sanchez’s… please submit your idea to

so I'm thinking that maybe that PODER chick Jaqueline Inda may have provided a knock out punch to Lucy and she no longer can preach on the SB View....the last thing I saw from Lucy was an old gripe about gossip, reprinted in the SB View today...look Lucy, we're all monkeys on the grapevine..lighten up or pray

I like the gals kick-boxing matches...they are cute! how about a real match between Lucy and Jackie...all dressed up in tight little oufits and bare feet and smacking each other and climbing on each other and sweating on each other....beating up each other till one submits...until one surrenders...hmmmmm

now politcally things are changing so fast my head is spinning..Lois, Das, Salud, all the Republican weenies who wannabe be president...Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio...hahahar...GOD HeLP US...

Das is running for 1st District supervisor and should win easily...there is a reason people like living in the 1st District because we are Number One and it ain't cos Peter Adam is our supervisor...we like gov't here!! the gov't is our friend! aside from a few crazed teabaggers  living in  caves above Foothill Rd, this is Democrat country...

and the CARP- Summerland Fire Districts want me to vote on a 10- million dollar bond to finance a bunch of building upgrades...why don't they get Peoples Self Help Housing to build them both new facilities

that non-profit already has plenty of my tax money!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Touch Me

babe, can't you see that I am not afraid??

I went to a luncheon once as a the Biltmore..the David Horowitz Freedom Lunch it was called...back when Andy Granatelli was alive and putting around in his little scooter..the event was hosted by Mary Belle Snow, a Montecito teabagger who got in trouble with a shifty contractor who tried to screw her out of some money...and she's married to Hank Snow the great country that's not's Tom Snow she's married to and who wrote a few songs for someone somewhere...silly songs

but Horowitz is this tiny short guy about 5 ft with a Napolean Complex..and a rabid anti-Muslim stance...he just used all the stereotypes and cliches about Sharia Law and short, he lies


so the Goleta Mosque is in the news again... and some teabaggers think a mosque will mean a terror attack in Goleta and the News-Press cites an article by Horowitz as positive proof..only problem is Horowitz has been pushing the lie for years..that the Muslim Students Association at UCSB is terrorist some folks eat this stuff up because it feeds their xenophobia

but I'd feel safer in a mosque than say the Carp Community Church where some kids were molested by a pastor..and the church just kinda ignored it according to the complaint filed..

but this Muslim/Mosque hysteria is just pure ignorance from some old-timers who still think the world is flat..

Horowitz's claims have long since been far back as 2011 as he said "there is a movement for a second Holocaust of the Jews that is being supported [at UCSB] by the Muslim Student Association."

now I know when we talk about religion logic flies out the some orthodox Jews can't sit next to a woman on a would you join the mile high club if you can't touch a woman??

"People stood in the aisles and refused to go forward," said Amit Ben-Natan, a passenger who was onboard the plane.

"Although everyone had tickets with seat numbers that they purchased in advance, they asked us to trade seats with them, and even offered to pay money, since they cannot sit next to a woman. It was obvious that the plane wouldn't take off as long as they kept standing in the aisles."

I was at Laguardia airport once in New York... I thought I was in Bethehem...hundreds of guys in black robes and black- brimmed hats and long beards..stood around together facing the walls... the walls...

and they are afraid of women..these are grown men for pity's sake...these Orthodox Jew dudes are mental!

but I wouldn't mind a mosque in Carp....I'd go in, get down on my kness, point my ass toward Mecca and say a few prayers for you...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

enjoying the ride

sipping champagne from your boot, babe

so today Saturday, President Obama will meet with Fidel Castro, the commie Cuba dude...well according to the News-Press anyway... which a reader alerted me to...

ok so the News-Press publishes their paper and the the next day they publish corrections to the mistakes in yesterday's paper...who do they think they are, Rolling Stone??
a few days ago the News-Press issued a correction and blamed the source for providing erroneous should the info be vetted first before publishing? keep doing this and your credbilty as a journalist stinks...

think before you speak so to speak..

but even in reporting a story from another news source, the News-Press gets it wrong..or they did it on purpose, scarmbling the words up for Wendy's crazed the News-Press reports that Obama will meet with Cuba president Fidel Castro after easing travel restrictions..I took Cuba off the boogeyman list years ago because I think it's a cool place and Hemingway liked's romantic.. the cool old American cars...I often dream of me and Mariel shacked up in a little hotel on the bay, fucking each other's brains out...oh!!

the actual story: James Hider Latin America Correspondent

Last updated at 12:01AM, April 9 2015

Cuba will come in from the cold at the Summit of the Americas, which begins tomorrow, when President Obama and President Castro greet each other for the first time since restoring diplomatic ties.

the News-Press inserted Fidel Castro in there and Fidel is the former leader and a very old man..the new Cuba president is Raul Castro, Fido's brother....
so the News-Press changed the words to someone else's story because Fidel sounds worse and he's a commie and the faux-conservatives (CONNIES) are still afraid he's gonna attack America....

more likely he'll send us a box of cigars instead

Friday, April 10, 2015

it never rains in Southern California

"It never rains in California, but girl don't they warn ya. It pours, man it pours."

ok so we've whittled down the four main issues in Santa Barbara: drunk driving, racism , black mold and no water...first off, we don't live in the desert like some folks many deserts do you know of that have an ocean next to them??? is there an ocean in Arizona?? we live in California and as everyone knows, it never rains in California..but it's no desert

but once we deal with these issues, we can return to the halcyon days of peaceful surf and sun and margaritas and floods...the newlywed and the nearly dead...good ol' Santa Barbara

and with Lois Capps retiring and district elections coming, and with the News-Press spending all their time trying to "friend" PODER on Facebook, the future looks brighter than I've ever seen..but there is still work to do...

no sooner than Lois was telling us via video that she was retiring, everyone jumped in line to take her place...Mayor Helene, Dale Francisco, Justin Fareed...Fareed sounds a radical  Islamic so maybe Justin is part of a terror cell..just keep an eye on him please

ever since the News-Press teamed up with Peter Lance and Darryl Genis to promote drunk driving, it's been a pain trying to undo the damage..and some lives were lost in the blaze..but folks are waking up to the danger..drink all you want, just get someone else who is sober to drive....UBER is the new Yellow call a Uber driver just becareful he don't rape ya!!

and racism...oh Lord..we must all thank the News-Press for flying their Flag of Ignorance so proudly...Wendy had highlighted her racist minion followers and exposed them far better than I could..a self-inflicted wound if I ever saw one!

Black Mold

I was reading the reports about the mold in the News-Press building and the lawsuit brought by a former photographer at the NP, Mike Eliason..Mike claims Wendy fired him because he complained about mold in the building

I offer this as a real world example for Wendy and Co

this is not just any mold but black got your mold and you got your mildew

if you own property, you know that black mold is nothing to ignore....even though mold can't talk, it speaks volumes..

usually it's found after a water leak has gone on for awhile...could be a pinhole leak in a copper pipe or just an old building weeping....sometimes, you can get rid of black mold quick; other times you need to call in a company to clean the building..decontaminate it....they come in cover everything up , use industrial cleaners and vacuums..and they must dress in hazmat suits.. and test test test..and it's expensive..sometimes they knock out a wall to get to the mold..if the News-Press is infested, the DEPT of Heath could shut down the whole building!!

you ignore it, the damage could be disastrous..and render your house or property uninhabitable...and if it's not remedied, it can screw up an escrow..

you don't mess with black mold...Stachybotrys Chartarum if you're a microbiologist or lab tech...lab put a white and coat on them and they enter their own little world of pipettes and autoclaves...look thru a microscope and you'll see the origins of life, not the Garden of Eden...Black mold is actually a greenish-black fungal organism that reproduces asexually which means it won't get any love in Florida
if you knowingly expose your employees to black mold, you in trubble baaby...

so a former employee/photograper is suing Wendy and looking at his photos of the inside of the News-Press, we see some serious housekeeping issues..Scott Wendy Don and crew are a bunch of slobs!

but instead of dealing with the black mold issue, Wendy fired Eliason who brought it to her attention in the first place..then sought relief  through CAL OSHA...

so it's going to court I hope ..oh wait just get Barry Capello to predict the outcome and save everyone some cash except Barry who'll get $250000 for impersonating Madame Rosinka, may God Rest Her Soul

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Witchy Woman

see how high she flies

now I was against district elections before I was for them..and as every silver lining has a cloud, so too does every cloud have a silver lining...

what am I talking about..well who knows...but it looks like PODER just blew the MCA and their nasty EBID out of the water thanks to district elections

but I was against the district elections because of Barry Capello forcing himself on the city without the proper vetting in the courts..the City of SB lost its nerve and thanks to the new city lawyer, Mr. Limpit, they settled..why have courts if the lawyers are gonna predict the trial outcomes or settle because they are too scared of a courtroom??

ok I'm over it since I don't even vote in Santa Barbara and don't really care..but if I did care which I don't I might make some room in my heart for district elections

I saw one of the plaintiffs, Jaqueline Inda at the PODER vs News-Press protests MLK De La Guerra...I thought she was pretty and intense as she watched the pro-News-Press boobs make idiots of themselves..

but things have changed a bit as PODER gains more clout..and Inda is associated with do I know..the News-Press told me so!!

and I haven't seen an "illegals' headline in a month of Sundays! and the News-Press printed Jaqueline Inda's polite but forceful opinion about the MCA and its obnoxious EBID preaching
has the News-Press evolved in such short time? did that euc branch finally wake up Wendy?? the News-Press has been dumbing down the news for years now maybe they be smartening up de news!! are they now pro-PODER?? of course not

open borders!!

but a story about Jaqueline and an opinion piece from her in the same issue... and Scott Steepleton wrote the story although he did slip-up with mentioning the "open border" what's wrong with open borders??

is Jaqueline Inda going to run for city council?? the days of Dale and Frank and Randy are ending...I get sick of seeing their ugly doughy little faces in the chambers....I want beauty and light on the city council and I see Inda's political star rising fast..

and she's got all these guys under her spell

me too I'm afraid

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

gonna take a miracle

to make me love someone new, cos I'm crazy for you

rain today?? so they say, so they say...but it's gonna take a miracle

so on Easter Sunday the front page of the News-Press had a picture of a plane crash in a strawberry field and claimed it was a miracle...these faux-Christians pick and choose miracles like they are strawberries...but where was God during the Sandy Hook massacre of 20 kids??

and Andy Caldwell who tried to explain Easter in Sunday's News-Press Guest Opinion.."the Open Grave" in which everlasting life is only a shot away if you get in good with God..and watch out for'll be reunited with your kin...problem is what if I don't want to be reunited with some of them??

now I see God did cause a eucalyptus branch to fall on Wendy's front you think the pre-Easter blood moon was a coincidence..or a warning

but I was thinking that Jesus was God's son and Mary was God's mother but also a who was God's wife? Some scholars say early versions of the Bible featured Asherah, a powerful fertility goddess who may have been God's wife...

Asherah..what a pretty name! but some say she was editied out of the bible

and who was God's dad?? and WTF is immaculate conception?? seems there was lots of wine flowing thru the bible

congratulations to the Santa Maria jury, Judge Flores and the prosecutor Kevin Duffy for seeing through Darryl Genis attempts to free yet another killer drunk...Benjy Bettencourt was found guilty for general mayhem ...the dude keeps killing chicks who drive with him...

and the Bettencourts are like the Firestones spawning stupid spoiled children who grow up to be stupid spoiled adults..

so Darryl lost the case but is unable to accept defeat because of all his bogus "wins" in Santa Barbara, will file an appeal to get Benjy back behind the kill another girl...good luck with that...

Santa Maria has a better justice system than Santa Barbara so now may be a good time for Darryl to take that 30-day break from his fantasy law practice...

and Santa Barbara could learn a thing or two from Santa Maria about dealing with drunks and their enablers....

good job, Santa Maria!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

I'm A Believer

then I saw her face, now I'm a believer


Jesus is as concerned about rightwing religious fanatics as I am... Armageddon this information from on high about a religious group called Believers' Edge...a local Santa Barbara fraternity of "men" who are fixated on infusing word of God into society .. having a relationship with Jesus.. ....religion is like a drug to these guys...and oh how much they hate gov't, the main competitor with religion in their little minds

I recognize a few people here:

Clark Vandeventer..remember Clark as the Indiana preacher's son who ran against Lois Capps years ago, was friends with Joe Armendariz, and said he wanted to infuse Indiana religious doctrine into California politics: a Hoosier evangelical Christian wants to run for the 23rd District seat in California..says Clark's dad: If you want to help encourage Clark, I will be accepting donations of mini-Clark bars at the Alumni House. I will ship these out to Clark leading up to the California Primary in June and the general election in November. This is one small way we can all take part in helping Clark bring Christian values to California 23rd District and to his becoming the next United States Congressman from California.

can you believe this crap??? when you run for any office, you are there to serve, not spread religion to gov't!! Clark Vandeventer, the guy with all those fly-by-night shady religious nonprofits!!

Alan Bleecker...oh this guy is on the Milpas Community Association with Sharon...Sharon is shown here, I think it's her....hmmm... don't know anything about that pic in the just appeared I swear to Holy though!!

Bill Beckers...I think he's .the hubby of church lady Sandee Beckers who is employed by the Rescue Mission..anti-gov't freaks and anti-gay marriage bigots like in Indiana!! I've called for her to be fired from the Rescue Mission

Tom Doty..the leader of these clowns

Evidence For Life After Death

D'Souza Cites Scientific Evidence For Life After Death.Tom DotyNov 4, 2009

Dinesh D'Souza??? hohohhahaahah!!

What Is Believer's Edge?
Mission Statement:
To cooperate with the Holy Spirit in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many men as possible through worship, teaching, prayer and promoting biblical truths.

What Can you Expect:
You will discover practical teaching for men in the 'Market Place', helping them to influence the culture of Government, Business, Arts, Media, and Education within our communities.

We will partnership with the churches in bringing transformation to every segment of our society until the Kingdom of God is manifest in our community.

To accomplish this goal, we will commit ourselves to growing and activating our faith in four areas of mastery; Personal, Family, Career, and Kingdom Calling. We're here to pray for you and lift you up in the Lord, so don't hesitate to call or send us an email

the Kingdom of God is manifest in every segment of our society???  no no no fellas..In America we are free to practice any religion we want but have established no got that?? this means you keep your religion to yourself..WTF good is the Kindom of God to an atheist??

besides, there is no actual Kingdom of God...that's a metaphor, an allegory for living an honest life....and connecting with people on all levels the best you can..calling out bullshit when you see it ...and leaving the rest to Nature...

the bible at best is a book of can guide you in life, it is not a front for your bigotry or prejudices..or your mental issues..or your financial needs..none of that stuff...geez, these people are delusional

It's Easter Sunday... as a Catholic, baptized in a little church on the east coast, I am appalled that these quacks would try to hijack religion for personal gain or aggrandizement....

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.....

Their end will correspond to their deeds..... now that is poetry

Friday, April 3, 2015


call it morning driving
Through the south
In an' out the valley

The Milpas Community Association is trying with religious fervor to gain converts...and sell you something...I will explain the religious connection  on Easter Sunday, thanks to a reader's comment

but last week I drove downtown and went to the Milpas area to see what all the MCA is doing or has claimed to have done to "improve " the area...I drove twenty times around the roundabout..

paint this Sharon!!!

well I see the old Milpas Post Office building still needs a paint job..where's the MCA influence there? aren't the property owners responsible for the upkeep?? of course they are..why do they need a non-profit business district that extorts money from  small business owners so the property owners can maintain their property?? it doesn't make any sense!!

and all those RVs parked, or pushed over to the side streets..sweep 'em under the rug??

the Casa Esperanza is still there ... doing work for the homeless alcohol abusers despite efforts to shut it down

but since it's a non-religious agency that gets gov't grants unlike the Rescue Mission, it gets a bad rap...and it competes for money with the God-people who bought the Rescue Mission property from the city in the 1980s...they say from donations but tax-exempt means the money flows underground, like water...who knows where it ends up and in whose pockets..and what about the murders on Rescue Mission property??

the stores on Milpas don't need the MCA to survive..they've done fine for years and years..upscaling grocery stores is just stupid..Milpas is and always will be working class and humble...and that why I love the street....

Mother Hen Sharon wants to control everything, like a church lady...but what has she done? put up some Christmas light on the roundabout?? and where would she funnel that new non-profit money??

If I saw her picking tilling the soil in the roundabout, I might feel different..sweat equity

like I said... I'll have more on these people Sunday...I've just always felt they were strange... like a cult..or zombie or maybe both..and Sunday you may agree with me..but you'll have to wait until Easter....

Easter Sunday, it will all be revealed

Go closer hold the land
Feel partly no more than grains of sand

Free Man in Paris

I felt unfettered and alive

now the last thing the GOP wants is Obama and John Kerry hammering out a nuke deal with Iran...especially around Easter.. today is Good Friday which is bad because the stock market is closed..but ever since my washer went out, I've been going to the Coin-OP in Carp...every Friday I spend an hour's strange but I look forward to my Friday...for an hour I'm at one calling me up for favors, no one's future to decide...

for one hour a week, I find some the laundromat...

ok so on Good Friday's front page, the News-Press had a story about the Rescue Mission feeding some people Easter meals..that's great but you will recall I had an issue with one chick in the Women's Aux section of the Rescue Mission being a bigot...the Mission needs to get rid of her to restore some credibility...keep these fake Christian hacks outta my sight

and on page 4 they buried the Nuke Deal...why?? because Iran is full of Muslims who compete with the fake Christians! look, I forgave Iran for the 1979 hostage thing when that rat Ayatollah Khomenhi was running the place...since we didn't drop a bomb on Iran then, lots of water and sand have passed under the bridge...

nowadays, I would kill to see what's underneath an Iranian woman's garb!!

then I see Craig and Susan McCaw are sponsoring a talk with Malala Yousafzai, the beautiful brave girl who was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan...poor Craig being married to Wendy I have to give him some slack

a few Special Force units in Pakistan could clean up the Taliban...we just need to get the ok from the Pakistanis..that's a fight I could approve..wipe the fuckers out quick...

get some real religion into the Taliban..and the devout Christians

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Smoke on the Water

fire in the sky..

there was lots of smoke in the air last night and orange glows over by the hills..probably another "control burn" morning the smoke had cleared..

so I went out and communed with nature...some some cool butterflies..

lately when I go to the beach to see the promised high waves and surf, instead I've seen some butts...

I got no problem with gals leaving their butts in the sand...


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Stop, stop, stop all the dancing; give me time to breathe
Stop, stop, stop all the dancing, or I'll have to leave

and now some fool wants me to believe that "cease and desist" mean two differnt things..well I ain't no fool ...and from my Latin studies at Laguna, I remember that lots of words in Englsih were derived from desist means STOP in Latin...desisterino..Latin's all good!!


but at the risk of sounding repetitive, or prone to redundancy, the SB View says the News-Press sent a "cease and desist" letter to I checked the PODER facebook page and they say the News-Press threatened to sue PODER unless they remove calls for a BOYCOTT..

well this is interesting...Wendy's resorted to the old "cease and desist" thing...the BOYCOTT must really be working as the News-Press is getting really thin and sickly

now I got a problem with a "cease and desist" letter..if I ever get one, I will send it back until the grammar is cleaned up..cease and desist mean the same thing: the News-Press sent PODER a STOP AND STOP letter...STOP IT, WENDY!!! you can't stop twice so it cancels itself and is really saying keep on keepin' on...I have no time for legal mumbo jumbo

ok, so copyright infringment for the front page parody...naw Wendy, that won't's a parody!

BTW, I just bought these domain names: Santa Barbara; Wendy;; GO;

and a lawsuit for calling for a BOYCOTT of the New-Press??? that's not illegal unless you live in Israel...but in the USA, it's called free speech!! you can call for people not to buy grapes, newspapers, cars anything you want...

PODER has succeeded in getting under Wendy's skin to the point of lawsuits against free speech and I say to PODER: a job well done...

the press needs to be held accountable..but the PODER op-ed says that Scott Steepleton sent the letters! Scott?? wow..that means nothing
PODER: "The newest wrinkle in the dispute between PODER and the Santa Barbara News Press over the paper's non-compliance with AP standards for reporting on Latino affairs takes the form of a legal threat. News-Press city editor Scott Steepleton recently emailed PODER to inform us "to cease and desist all copyright and trademark infringement immediately" (pdf of letter here). This is due to the appearance of the newspaper's masthead in the background of PODER's call to boycott the paper posted on our Facebook page."

SB View said PODER took down the parody picture but as you can see, it's still up on PODER'S facebook page... whoops....I was wrong..the lawsuit is because the News-Press masthead appeared in PODER'S call for boycott..not the Noose-Press it's looks like the parody is safe but  this letter from Scott is a bluff..a bogus threat..a desperate attempt to silence critics and muffle free speech and illustrates Wendy's a poor businesswoman..blame PODER, blame the employees, blame the unions..hey I got an idea Wendy... why don't you blame yourself for once and accept responsibility

however, to show I can bargain in good faith, I will call off my BOYCOTT of the News-Press