Saturday, April 18, 2015

White Rabbit

Tell ' em a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call

ok Grace, I'll tell 'em: hey people.. a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given me the call!


there has been some talk that bumblebees are the favored bee among native enthusiasts...the feral honeybee is non-native and therefore a lower status, according to the biodiversity crowd...

of course, it's all nonsense...there's plenty of flowers for all bees

recently, I was sitting at the computer and felt something crawling on my leg..I looked down and saw an orange-red bug...normally I would photo it but I freaked and cupped it and let it go outside..later, after checking with my field guidebook, I discovered it was a milkweed bug...hmmm..that's good news because butterflies like milkweed so there must be some milkweed around...or maybe this stupid bug thought I was a milkweed!!

well, this was a call to go out in the wild and check out more I ventured out to my favorite spot and climbed the hills and stopped...I looked around and my goodness..there's plants and bugs everywhere...the sun was warm..I stood there soaking it in when suddenly I heard a buzz...BZZZZZZZZ BZZZZZZZ....I was next to a big Castor Bean plant and there's a huge bumblebee buzzing the castor bean..this bee was the biggest I've seen...almost as big as a little bird I swear..and he was fast as I tried in vain to snap a picture of it..but I'll be back..

it's proof that native bumbles like non-native castor bean..I wish people would stop trying to kill the castor bean plants..let them die off by themselves..they are quite beautiful and have never hurt me because I respect them...

so I go on down by the little creek and so many bright plants ..a garden of delight...I see some moths and is drinking nectar from the's a "cabbage white" butterfly and it was drunk to the point I could almost touch it..same with the bees

then I see a big bird cruising the ridgetop...I thought it was a redtailed hawk so took a picture but later it confounded me with the white that a bald eagle I ask myself?? I'm pretty close to the ocean but I've never seen one in this it? or maybe just the sun on the hawk's head

I feel something crawling on my leg...a fucking wood tick! I kill I kill all parasites

then to the beach and some big waves are coming I hear.... I watch the girl on the sand watch the dolphin in the sea...with the oil derrick in the distance

like I said, there's plenty of room for everyone

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Anonymous said...

In the end we are all parasites...