Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Stop, stop, stop all the dancing; give me time to breathe
Stop, stop, stop all the dancing, or I'll have to leave

and now some fool wants me to believe that "cease and desist" mean two differnt things..well I ain't no fool ...and from my Latin studies at Laguna, I remember that lots of words in Englsih were derived from desist means STOP in Latin...desisterino..Latin's all good!!


but at the risk of sounding repetitive, or prone to redundancy, the SB View says the News-Press sent a "cease and desist" letter to I checked the PODER facebook page and they say the News-Press threatened to sue PODER unless they remove calls for a BOYCOTT..

well this is interesting...Wendy's resorted to the old "cease and desist" thing...the BOYCOTT must really be working as the News-Press is getting really thin and sickly

now I got a problem with a "cease and desist" letter..if I ever get one, I will send it back until the grammar is cleaned up..cease and desist mean the same thing: the News-Press sent PODER a STOP AND STOP letter...STOP IT, WENDY!!! you can't stop twice so it cancels itself and is really saying keep on keepin' on...I have no time for legal mumbo jumbo

ok, so copyright infringment for the front page parody...naw Wendy, that won't's a parody!

BTW, I just bought these domain names: Santa Barbara; Wendy;; GO;

and a lawsuit for calling for a BOYCOTT of the New-Press??? that's not illegal unless you live in Israel...but in the USA, it's called free speech!! you can call for people not to buy grapes, newspapers, cars anything you want...

PODER has succeeded in getting under Wendy's skin to the point of lawsuits against free speech and I say to PODER: a job well done...

the press needs to be held accountable..but the PODER op-ed says that Scott Steepleton sent the letters! Scott?? wow..that means nothing
PODER: "The newest wrinkle in the dispute between PODER and the Santa Barbara News Press over the paper's non-compliance with AP standards for reporting on Latino affairs takes the form of a legal threat. News-Press city editor Scott Steepleton recently emailed PODER to inform us "to cease and desist all copyright and trademark infringement immediately" (pdf of letter here). This is due to the appearance of the newspaper's masthead in the background of PODER's call to boycott the paper posted on our Facebook page."

SB View said PODER took down the parody picture but as you can see, it's still up on PODER'S facebook page... whoops....I was wrong..the lawsuit is because the News-Press masthead appeared in PODER'S call for boycott..not the Noose-Press it's looks like the parody is safe but  this letter from Scott is a bluff..a bogus threat..a desperate attempt to silence critics and muffle free speech and illustrates Wendy's a poor businesswoman..blame PODER, blame the employees, blame the unions..hey I got an idea Wendy... why don't you blame yourself for once and accept responsibility

however, to show I can bargain in good faith, I will call off my BOYCOTT of the News-Press



Anonymous said...

Why they outta just change the t to j because Wendy is a bruja.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with this waste of time lawsuit, Wendy, any 1st year lawyer would know this mock page is a parody and protected by free speech. The actual name of the paper is never used; the logo of the paper is not used. Sorry, Wendy, but you don't own the rights to headlines and newsprint, however you much you think you do. Poder can carry on with this parody as long as they want and the court-happy "Bruta" doesn't stand a chance of winning a lawsuit against them. I'd love to know what fool advised her to threaten a copyright/trademark infringement with zero merit. -- your new legal advisor, Scott Steepleton? Oh, well, let her throw her money down the drain. She has it to burn -- same thing I use her paper for: lighting my gas fireplace. Certainly not worth reading.

Anonymous said...

"your new legal advisor, Scott Steepleton"

Probably, because what lawyer would want to represent the News-Press, otherwise, since you have to sue to get paid for your work! Ask Barry Cappello!

Anonymous said...

Cease and Desist was a group from Ojai in the 70's.