Wednesday, April 22, 2015

let it flow

let it flow..

so I get up and see a few rain drops on my window at three o'clock in the morning..I go back to bed..I get up again at six o'clock and make coffee.. I go outside and survey my world...good..except I smell something odd like a sewer..I look over at the  nonprofit Peoples Self Help Housing thing and see some water flowing out of the manhole in the's a sewer overflow...


it's not flowing into the storm drain but a little puddle is gathering in front of PSHH a little befitting

I get out my new telescope and fixed it on the manhole and could definitely see water flowing out..I had to be sure it wasn't coming from some other source

so I call the Carp Sanitary District and report a possible sewer overflow and within one minute a guy is out there checking it's around 8:00 AM...

then they send out the big gun Vactor jetter to rod the line...the Vactors are cool..send few to Iraq and blow the ISIS mutts to Kingdom Come...vactors will clean out anything, anywhere anytime..

generally heavier solids won't come out of the manhole, just water....remember, sewage is % 99.9 pure, like Ivory Soap

a few years ago this sewer line was rehabbed with plastic liner so be careful what you dump down the sewer and blankets, tampons, garbage, or babies ...just the normal business should go down the pipes I don't want the nonprofit Chanel Keepers or Princess Kira here nosing around because the Carp Sanitary District has it under control...sometimes shit happens and professionals deal with it...that's real life, Princess

the CSD guys were here in ten minutes and the spill was minimal..and they'll clean it up..

and I spotted it and called it in because I care, goddammit!!

excellent job, Carpinteria Sanitary District guys!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mick: glad you helped Carp with its poopie problem, but did you also notice that one of the news-press reporters who held that banner on the 101 overpass won a pulitzer. a fucking pulitzer mick. won it while he worked for the daily breeze. the n-p fired a future pulitzer winner. says it all.

Mick Von Caw said...

congrats on the Wurlitzer..awesome juke boxes..I wish Wendy would buy me one!

Hey! said...

Shit Happens!

Rudy Swanson said...

Wow, I'm sure your neighbors thank you for spotting and reporting such an unusual event. I never knew something like a sewer overflow required such advanced machinery. It's also reassuring to know a little about the nature of sewer water. Many people don't take the time to understand the problem.