Thursday, April 30, 2015

Monkey Man

I'm a fleabit peanut monkey All my friends are junkies... 

I look at the News-Press building when I'm downtown's close to City Hall..the News-Press is a nice building but Team Wendy has let it fall into disrepair while City Hall is in tip-top shape...

City Hall-pretty women and monkey trees

the News-Press needs a paint job and the door need's so embarrassing I won't even show you a photo! and of course they got the black mold to deal with...for some reason Wendy refuses to pay attention to these realities..I mean she's got plenty of her ex-husband's money to do the jobs, so why doesn't she?

then I look at the Public Market in the news recently..the building looks like the News-Press in some odd way..The Santa Barbara Public Market houses everything you can imagine in the way of handcrafted, regionally sourced and sustainably made food ...oh please, STOP!!!

recently both buildings were vandalized..the News-Press during the racist rallies and the Public Market during a blood moon..

now the News-Press and her sychophants blamed PODER for the vandalism....but that's nonsense..PODER had nothing to do with it just like a former fired NP editor had nothing to do with child porn on Wendy's computer...still waiting for JUSTICE on that isssue

then someone suggests that Wendy doesn't pay her bills...the security company would have been at the News-Press on the night of the vandals, but since Wendy's bill was past due, no security was there...and not even a security camera!! see, Wendy spends all her money on animal welfare and skips out on people welfare because she is McCUCKOO!!

but it's very curious that Miss Paranoia wouldn't have a full working security system at the News-Press instead of relying on round the clock spotty Minuteman vigilantee patrols...

in January,  the Santa Barbara Public Market got vandalized..some kids broke windows and threw spatulas around in a weird temper tantrum... but I have not heard a thing about their identity...the News-Press has no stories about investigative journalists looking into the caper..

why is that? why are these little villains being protected? is it because the kids are members of some prominent SB family and that prominent SB family would be embarrassed if the info was made public??

if that's the case, why is it called the Public Market???


Anonymous said...

Ah, ha! The truth comes out at last! Nice detective work! It turns out that all the moral outrage, indignity and finger-pointing at "illegal" hooligans was nothing more than smoke and mirrors to cover up the fact that a deadbeat millionaire refuses to pay her security company bill! That building could have been tagged by a couple of blind old men if they can't even bother to hire a few rent-a-cops! Poor, poor News Press! I know a contractor who did some work at a certain person's big villa in Hope Ranch who also got stiffed on his bill. It's absurd. Above the law and above responsibility! No wonder the rallied the Minutemen to their side --- they thought they could get some free security at the News Supress!

Anonymous said...

It's no surprise that Queen Wendy is not keeping up appearances at the Snooze Press. Why would she spend money on maintenance when she is renting out the entire downstairs portion of her building, along with the upstairs conference room, in order to cut costs? Her budget is so tight that her HR Dept. has even been ordered to maintain a log of how many pens and notebooks the few remaining reporters take out. They're down to the bare minimum. It won't be long before you see Scott Stupidton standing on the street corner, begging for spare change to buy some more pens so he can continue to hash out his well-balanced and unbiased "news" pieces.