Friday, April 10, 2015

it never rains in Southern California

"It never rains in California, but girl don't they warn ya. It pours, man it pours."

ok so we've whittled down the four main issues in Santa Barbara: drunk driving, racism , black mold and no water...first off, we don't live in the desert like some folks many deserts do you know of that have an ocean next to them??? is there an ocean in Arizona?? we live in California and as everyone knows, it never rains in California..but it's no desert

but once we deal with these issues, we can return to the halcyon days of peaceful surf and sun and margaritas and floods...the newlywed and the nearly dead...good ol' Santa Barbara

and with Lois Capps retiring and district elections coming, and with the News-Press spending all their time trying to "friend" PODER on Facebook, the future looks brighter than I've ever seen..but there is still work to do...

no sooner than Lois was telling us via video that she was retiring, everyone jumped in line to take her place...Mayor Helene, Dale Francisco, Justin Fareed...Fareed sounds a radical  Islamic so maybe Justin is part of a terror cell..just keep an eye on him please

ever since the News-Press teamed up with Peter Lance and Darryl Genis to promote drunk driving, it's been a pain trying to undo the damage..and some lives were lost in the blaze..but folks are waking up to the danger..drink all you want, just get someone else who is sober to drive....UBER is the new Yellow call a Uber driver just becareful he don't rape ya!!

and racism...oh Lord..we must all thank the News-Press for flying their Flag of Ignorance so proudly...Wendy had highlighted her racist minion followers and exposed them far better than I could..a self-inflicted wound if I ever saw one!

Black Mold

I was reading the reports about the mold in the News-Press building and the lawsuit brought by a former photographer at the NP, Mike Eliason..Mike claims Wendy fired him because he complained about mold in the building

I offer this as a real world example for Wendy and Co

this is not just any mold but black got your mold and you got your mildew

if you own property, you know that black mold is nothing to ignore....even though mold can't talk, it speaks volumes..

usually it's found after a water leak has gone on for awhile...could be a pinhole leak in a copper pipe or just an old building weeping....sometimes, you can get rid of black mold quick; other times you need to call in a company to clean the building..decontaminate it....they come in cover everything up , use industrial cleaners and vacuums..and they must dress in hazmat suits.. and test test test..and it's expensive..sometimes they knock out a wall to get to the mold..if the News-Press is infested, the DEPT of Heath could shut down the whole building!!

you ignore it, the damage could be disastrous..and render your house or property uninhabitable...and if it's not remedied, it can screw up an escrow..

you don't mess with black mold...Stachybotrys Chartarum if you're a microbiologist or lab tech...lab put a white and coat on them and they enter their own little world of pipettes and autoclaves...look thru a microscope and you'll see the origins of life, not the Garden of Eden...Black mold is actually a greenish-black fungal organism that reproduces asexually which means it won't get any love in Florida
if you knowingly expose your employees to black mold, you in trubble baaby...

so a former employee/photograper is suing Wendy and looking at his photos of the inside of the News-Press, we see some serious housekeeping issues..Scott Wendy Don and crew are a bunch of slobs!

but instead of dealing with the black mold issue, Wendy fired Eliason who brought it to her attention in the first place..then sought relief  through CAL OSHA...

so it's going to court I hope ..oh wait just get Barry Capello to predict the outcome and save everyone some cash except Barry who'll get $250000 for impersonating Madame Rosinka, may God Rest Her Soul


He's BAAAAACK said...

A fired employee sues his former company, claiming he was dismissed for complaining to CAL/OSHA about unsafe working conditions.

The company spokesman responds: “We will not subjugate our rights to anyone who may seek to disparage or otherwise trample our 1st Amendment rights. Nor will the News-Press back down from baseless accusations from those who wish us harm and competitors too willing to seek benefit from the endless bashing of the Santa Barbara News-Press.”

And the company spokesman allegedly calls potential employers, badmouthing the fired employee (after 25 years) in an effort to sabotage his efforts to find a new job.

I didn't think we'd ever see Travis Armstrong back here again. But Wendy McCaw has done a fine job reproducing him in Don Katich, both in vitriol and vindictiveness.

Anonymous said...

Get out while you can, Don. Before Wendy McCaw takes your soul. Or has she already?