Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Journey to the Center of your Mind

Leave your cares behind / Come with us and find / The pleasures of a journey to the center of the mind / Come along if you care / Come along if you dare

so we have Das Williams introducing an Anti-Wildlife Cruelty bill and nerdy Noah Greenwald from the Center of Biological Diversity gleefully praising the kill-joy efforts of biologists on the Channel Islands to save a lizard which didn't really need to be saved...

yes the Parks Service the Center for Biological Diversity and the Nature Conservancy coordinated a mass killing of animals in the name of biodiversity and not one of them was ever prosecuted for animal cruelty!!

and the nerd brags about it at the Independent propaganda piece...

first of all, I love lizards..these little ones hang around all the time in spring and summer and it's always a good sign when I see them..we used to catch them with little lassos and they'd bite us..we were kids...I learned to stop harassing wildlife when I grew up...

nerdy Noah
now, Noah says he saved the Channel Island night lizard by killing rabbits, sheep, goats and hundreds of other "non-native" species which is bullshit because the night lizard was never endangered..they just said it was to get the money to kill all the other animals that were "introduced" to the island....it's a species cleansing ....a Hitler remedy

by the way, Craig McCaw is on the board of the Nature Con and Wendy supported the Center for Bio Diversity with her money....animal lovers???

non-native thistle and feral honeybee make me very happy!!
"But in the late 1800s, cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, and pigs were introduced to the islands, leading to a downward cascade of dozens of plants and animals and an overall unraveling of the islands’ ecosystems." Noah Greenwald/biologist at the Center for Biological Diversity

absolute nonsense and besides every animal everywhere was introduced by something..my parents were introduced to each other and I was born in Boston and was introduced to California
Noah you little piss ant..there is no justifucation for killing thousands of animals so you can see 20 more non-endangered lizards..the lizards will be just fine without your interference, punk....

Center for Biological Diversity, Inc
formerly Southwest Center for Biological Diversity

PO Box 710
Tucson, AZ 85702
TEL: (520) 623-5252
FAX: (520) 623-9797
email: ksuckling@biologicaldiversity.org
EIN: 85-0420285
Tax Exempt since August 1994

Self-description: As the country's leading endangered species advocates, the Center for Biological Diversity works through science, law, and creative media to secure a future for all species, great or small, hovering on the brink of extinction.

Actual: Anti-industry legal attack group uses the Endangered Species Act and media scare tactics as a weapon to destroy America's industrial strength and resource production by bringing lawsuits against a wide spectrum of resource use companies, private property owners and against government to stop resource use. The Center for Biological Diversity lost a 2005 defamation lawsuit to fifth-generation rancher Jim Chilton of Arivaca, Arizona, when a jury awarded him $600,000, including $500,000 in punitive damages for falsely accusing him of damaging the range. The Center appealed the decision to the Arizona State Supreme Court and lost again in 2007.

and some strange bedfellows link up again:

One of the primary groups examined in Bevington’s study was the Center for Biological Diversity (formed in 1989), and which in 2008 received support from elite philanthropic bodies that included the Foundation for Deep Ecology, the Environment Now Foundation, Tides Foundation, ExxonMobil Foundation, The New York Times Company Foundation, and even the "big green" environmental outfit, The Wilderness Society. Corporate funders of the "grassroots" Center for Biological Diversity included the likes of Goldman Sachs, the Bank of America, and Microsoft. The fact that Bevington describes a group funded by the world’s leading capitalist elites as grassroots demonstrates how desperately well-meaning environmentalists cling to the illusion that by working with capitalists (not the grassroots) they will be able to counter the destruction wrought on the planet by capitalists (evidently for the benefit of the grassroots). Needless to say it is hardly surprising that the Center for Biological Diversity was pleased by the fact that Edward Humes’ "devot[ed] a fourth of his book" Eco Barons to their history and achievements.

ok so my mission is to dismantle these phony "environmental" groups and put them in jail...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Stairway to Heaven

there's still time to change the road you're on

geez, I think I have an eating disorder - everytime I read the News-Press, I wanna puke

to hear the News-Press gossip columnist Erin Graffy (GRAFFY!!) tell it TWICE, Wendy is solely responsible for the restoration of the Granada Theater because she gave $5 million of her ex-hubby Craig's money to get the ball rolling...talk about using her flunky writers to toot her own horn when it don't deserve no tootin'...really how disingenuous...

actually the story appeared about two weeks ago but didn't suck up to Wendy enough so Erin really licked her little pussy-luvin heart out this time, calling Wendy a "founding visionary and donor"...

the On the Town section of Sunday's paper featured the fluff piece and I noticed that two society writers, Erin Graffy and Lorraine Wilson are crowded into this column now..I think Lorraine got sick and Erin filled in and Lorraine recovered and is now second fiddle to Erin..Lorriane, a word of advice: watch your back when you're around Erin especially if you're descending those big Granada stairsteps with her...a person could fall and kill herself

but Wendy the Wonder Woman is taking credit where credit is not due..you see the credit should be given to Sarah Miller McCune who is a real pioneer and publisher

let's compare and contrast Sarah and Wendy, shall we?

Sarah Miller McCune-Originally from Queens, NY, McCune launched SAGE in 1965 with little more than her love of publishing and the money from the sale of a used air-conditioner. Today, Sara is the chairwoman of a global corporation, and a workforce approaching 1,000 employees on four continents. SAGE is the only publishing house of its kind founded by a woman.

Wendy McCuckoo-uh..ah..hmmm..oh yeah, Wendy married Craig McCaw and divorced him, getting a huge monetary and stock settlement worth millions of dollars...Wendy then bought the News-Press for 150 million bucks or so (I would have advised her against that)

Sarah Miller McCune-In 2008, Sara founded the Miller-McCune Center for Research, Media and Public Policy, which encourages policymakers, business leaders, politicians, and scientists to develop solutions to a range of issues. The center encourages and trains researchers and scientists to highlight, analyze, and report on the most compelling research.. The Center also offers internships and fellowships. With help from SAGE, the Center publishes the newly-renamed magazine Pacific Standard (formerly Miller-McCune), which has won acclaim from the Utne Reader, Library Journal, and many others.

Wendy McCuckoo-fired all her reporters because one of them printed Rob Lowe's address in the News-Press as part of a story she had been assigned to..and for union activity

Sarah Miller McCune-Sara is also one of the top philanthropists in the Santa Barbara area. This is due, in large part, to the McCune Foundation, which funds and supports initiatives that offer practical assistance to community-based organizations in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Established in 1990, it focuses its efforts on grassroots organizations that can empower excluded populations. Striving for more widespread positive impact, the Foundation strengthens organizations and communities rather than individuals alone.

Wendy McCuckoo-accused her former editor of having child porn on a News-Press computer which was a lie since she was engaged in law suit against him...it was a smear tactic; another editor Travis Armstrong was Wendy's personal friend and was busted for DUI; Wendy's editorial writer, Lanny Ebenstein, was busted for owning a pot house in Eureka...and many more of Wendy's friends have  drug and alcohol issues..

Sarah Miller McCune- As well, Sara has given $2.5 million to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Additionally she established the, SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind at the University of California Santa Barbara with a $3.5 million grant. She was also the chief proponent of the Granada Theater Restoration Project, supplying it with over $5 million....

so you tell me who deserves more credit for restoring the Granada....

Sunday, April 28, 2013

backfield in motion

yeah, I'm gonna have to penalize you/ Backfield in motion, baby, You know that's against the rules.

Rick Perry, moonbeam wanna-be and slow-witted governor of Texas is mad at California again..first he tried to tell Californians that the biz environment in Texas is better with low regulations and taxes and you should move to Texas but quick..
so when an editorial cartoonist at the Sacramento Bee produced a brilliant satire of Perry and Texas, poor Rick demanded an apology...

the cartoon depicts Perry bragging about Texas with the West Texas fertilizer plant blowing up in the background....safety issues at the plant were ignored or covered up and BOOM!! it leveled a Texas town, killing 14 people and injuring hundreds...

that's why we have CAL-OSHA in California..to protect workers from unscrupulous companies..or governors who don't believe in regulations..or enforcing them

church and state
I get very antsy when tax-exempt churches rent public high school facilities..they pay the school district and due to the fact that the cultmembers give money to the church, it seems like the church is benefitting the school...but in REALITY, (get it?) it's a shell game..or some kind of game anyways

the Reality church rented space at SBCC and now SBHS...they had a campus in Carp with the buses and the folks who looked like zombies attending the services..I don't trust anyone with a REALITY sticker on their car..and if I find any Jesus stickers at SBHS, I'll sue the devil outta them.. reality sucks!!

don't taze me babe!!

and then we got the white chick rookie SBPD motorcycle cop who tazed an uppity black dude for acting suspiciously around his own car....well, I know this is Santa Barbara and black folks aren't exactly the norm, but before you taze, you should talk, even if they scare ya! and black people are most definitely scary but we whites need to learn to live with the blacks... like the cruisers the cops ride around in are called "Black and White" sometimes....let's try to live that philosophy, ok folks?? it's ok to taze the drunks, not the blacks, you got that young lady??

off side and holdin', yeah, you ought a be ashamed of yourself baby!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I wanna be sedated

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated
Nothin' to do no where to go-o-oh I wanna be sedated

with the Independent selling booze more and more, there was a funny article about Palmieri's Bar on Friday...some chick wrote it and there were references to Tom Waits, short Mexicans, white girls sucking on cheap cigs and other weird stuff...then the article was gone...damn I wish I had copied it..was it a joke? did someone punk the Independent? it got yanked for some reason...

oh then I finally found the author in a Google search
Web Results Palmieri's on the Westside The Santa Barbara Independent
17 hours ago ... By Mariah Brennan Clegg ... Name of Bar: Palmieri's Cocktail Lounge ... My experience: Just above the door to Palmieri's, there's a sign ...
so she's got a blog and here's a link...

By Mariah Brennan Clegg

I wrote this review to send to the editor of the Santa Barbara Independent. It's still pending publication, and will probably go through a few more drafts, but here's the original....

Palmieri’s sits there modestly, nestled in little row of shops and restaurants at San Andres and Micheltorena. There are a few neon signs in the window, and a man sits outside on a stool, but in a landscape adorned with the massive Foodland sign and the raucously decorated store advertising "Todos por las fiestas", you could easily miss it. There’s a martini on the sign, but I’m pretty sure no one has ever ordered a martini at Palmieri’s.

People sat at the bar in small groups, in pairs, and some had just come alone. The bar struck me as the table at the Last Supper. Each engaged in private interactions, yet joined together in something larger. Loud music, but not to the extent that it discourages conversation

Inside, they’d decorated for Valentine’s Day, and there were still a few pink and red paper hearts decorating the bar. A Barbie Styling Head wore a sombrero and gazed vapidly past the regulars towards a wall hung with posters from SB Fiestas past. There were action figures and bobble heads next to the register, underneath big gold trophies draped with Bud Light flags. My eyes followed the flags around the room, across ten flatscreens, past the billiard room in the back - decorated with a portrait of the Corleone family - and rested on some sketches of Clint Eastwood and photos of the Stones. The ceiling was tin and painted red, hung with antiqued gold lights. It was part adolescent irony, part sports bar, and part old town saloon. There was history, but there was juvenility; there was something rooted, and something always rolling. I ordered a water, and I was given tequila.

Dave remembered me from the week before. I asked what I should know about Palmieri’s, and he shrugged as he polished a glass. "We’re the best bar on the West Side!", he toyed. Next to me, a regular chimed in: "The only bar on the West Side." This was the joke. People came to Palmieri’s not because they chose to, but because there was no one else for them. I don’t mean that they couldn’t have gone somewhere else, that’s not the point. The point was that there was no other place for them. Palmieri’s wasn’t some place someone dreamed up, some idea hatched by people who’d carefully studied consumer trends and possible niche markets. It was organic. And it grew because it was needed.

Outside we talked about bar fights as we took long drags on cheap cigarettes. We talked about Jaime – did he work there? was he just always there? – and why his face was on the Palmieri’s t-shirt. Just then the 5’4" Mexican fellow appeared outside. He answered a call on his old flip phone, lit a cigarette, and limped down San Andres towards the sea.

Inside, a stranger sat next to me, sheepskin denim jacket and curled up hair, and declared that this is where Tom Waits would have gone if he’d belonged to a Mexican street gang. He would have written about the large middle-aged woman in the sequin shirt and teeny white shorts being romanced by the man in high white tube socks. He may have drawn a creative tension between the martini glass on the sign and the inflatable Corona bottle by the door. He may not have known what to say about the young intellectual woman dressed in a cowl neck and wearing glasses, talking to the man with long blond hair. Something old and swingy came on the jukebox, and a man in flannel sank the eight ball.

This bar caters mostly to working class regulars from the West Side between their early 30s and late 40s, but I doubt anyone could feel out of place here. The bartenders pour heavily, but while their selection is decent, they’re decidedly no-frills. I’ll be headed back soon for more "water".

now why did the Independent remove this review...censorship or something else???

Thursday, April 25, 2013


She comes down from Yellow Mountain
On a dark, flat land she rides
On a pony she named Wildfire


ok well the News-Press is too snooty, Noozhawk is selling Westmont and Christianity, the Independent is selling booze and entertainment and the Daily Sound is dead....that pretty well sums it up so I could conceivably drop dead right now..but I won't

but what if I broke my leg, would you kill me? well maybe some of you would, but generally speaking, no... a doctor would put my leg in a cast and let it heal..that's the humane thing to do

but if you're a horse and you break you leg, they kill you, or "put you down" is the nice way of saying it and it figures what are these bon vivants always doing when they are not lifting up drinks, they are "putting them down"...

so the News-Press is proud of the fact that they broke the story about William the Wonder Horse last year taking a dip in the ocean off Summerland...Scott Steepleton claims the News-Press exclusively broke the story and everyone else just chimed in....what kind of a reporter says that? a very insecure one that's what kind...besides, that's how news gets out..someone breaks a story and everyone else chimes in..it's just a story it's not a piece of gold...G-WHIZ SCOTT

now I don't think for a minute that this story about William the Wonder Horse was true or really happened...what horse in his right mind runs into the ocean?? the "story" was manufactured and staged and funded by the News-Press..a conspiracy theory if you will

but anyway William the Wonder horse was killed by his owner after Will broke his leg..the horse's leg, not the owner's..in other words, the horse William broke his own leg and William's owner put him down..killed the horse..in other words, the horse William is dead...in other words, William the Wonder Horse is dead!!

so I guess you could say that the News-Press staged the swimming event using a Hollywood horse and that made the other horse famous and increased his value among Wendy's wealthy trustfunder friends, then the real horse broke his leg and was killed for breaking his leg..

in other words, the exclusive but phony News-Press story actually and eventually killed William the Wonder Horse...it was found out that Wendy told William to "break a leg" as his fame grew and public appearances became frequent...and what happens, Will breaks his leg!!

so the lesson is if you're a horse, don't break your leg around these ardent animal lovers or they'll take you out back and shoot you in the head with a fucking gun!

Life is a Carnival-part 2

Watership Down

so I turn on the TV at night and see that annoying rather homely gal Beth instead of Sharin on KEYT...Sharin's on the morning  show now? look guys, the only reason I watch KEYT is to look at Sharin..she's a fine looking babe..so put her back on at night.. and let me dream my peaceful dreams of her and me walkng on the beach, in the moonlight...the serious moonlight

well after cleaning out my ports, the truck flies....tears ass down the road.. ..I speed on over to the Mesa to fill up the truck with gas..that was a requirement after the induction service...I zoomed over to Watership Down (Shoreline Park) and parked in the park where the parking lot is...I got out and immediately saw a great big watership off shore...now these are starting to annoy me...I wonder how could I turn this monster into an artificial reef....hmmmm

luckily I saw some surfers and paddlers..and some squirrels...these are the little buggers that the city wants to kill for allegedly creating crumbling bluffs due to the holes they dig....

people have condos, why can't squirrels??

"why can't people just leave us alone?" asks Sixer, the chief squirrel I happened upon..he was hanging out in the non-native grasses at the Shoreline Park warren....I tolded Sixer that the City of Santa Barbara has been trying to poison him and his family: "Sixer, all the native-only biodiversity world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you, digger, listener, runner, prince with the swift warning. Be cunning and full of tricks and your people shall never be destroyed."

however, I told Sixer to watch out for one Lady who works for the City of Santa Barbara Parks Dept...

Queen Dripslobber, the great dogqueen and her staff, Postwiddle and Sniffbottom..these are the folks most likey to threaten you and your family up on here Watership Down...

the bluffs at Leadbetter are eroding from the weather and geophysical forces, not the squirrels...I'm thinking that the crumbly bluffs must have some chalky shale below and really this whole area is not suitable for developement....

Sixer thanked me for the warning and called me the King of Tomorrow...I was honored.. and headed back to the woods of Carpinteria....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life is a Carnival

believe it or not / life is a carnival--two bits a shot

so I went in for induction service on the truck and being it's a two hour job, took my bike with me..threw it right in the back...

there's some things I needed to check out and what a perfect opportunity, I thought...service the truck, get some exercise and see some things...so first I went over to Peach Tree Lane to look for the mountain lion or a mountain lion and sure enough I saw one...this area is rather woodsy and backs up to the municipal gold course, so lions are part of the neighborhood...nice kitty....

then I went on down Calle Real to the Earl Warren Showgrounds....if it is not an historic landmark, it should be....the Monterey Fairgounds and Earl Warren Showgrounds have the same vibe and are connected historically, especially musically...Janis Joplin played both and I saw her at Earl Warren....but today, there was no Janis...Janis is gone, but still lots of freaks were there..the ghosts.. the carnies walking around setting up for the SB Fair and Expo..used to call them carnivals....roller coasters, carousels, crazy trains, and all sorts of cool old stuff....such art work..the hand painted carousel horses are beautiful!! folksy Americana and weirdly exotic...

I walked around and felt I was in a little time machine...it was cool...

so I got back on the bike and went up Los Positas and that's a nice climb...the golf course I never really noticed before but's it's very nice and green and huge..a playground for wild animals like the LPGA gals...

oh yeah, I need to check out Chik Fil A....I went in about 10:00 am and hardly anyone here...the girls behind the counter looked kinda confused about things, so I left and came back later...I had the truck and went thru the drive-thru and ordered the big chicken sandwich combo for 8 bucks or so...the girl took the order and ..the girls here...hmmmm, I can't figure them out..kind of a cross between white trash and and poor white trash...

so anyway I get my meal and the fries look a little flimsy...they are shaped like mini-grills and were mushy..I like my fries crispy and golden brown so the gals shoulda left them in the deep fryer a little longer

the chikum samwich was ok but plain and not alot there..odd green lettuce..the sauces were good, the mustard and ranch sauces made the sandwich...but for 8 bucks I think I got jipped...I can get the same meal at Jack in the Box for about 6 dollars!!

so I guess that extra dollar or two that Chik Fil A charges for a sandwich must go to one of CEO southern bible thumper Dan Cathy's homophobic non-profits...

to be continued....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

shakin' all over

Quivers down my back bone
I've got the shakes down the kneebone. Yeah!
The tremors in the thighbone
Shakin' all over

do you think the News-Press workers would have a contract by now if the union thugs BOSTON TEAMSTERS were in Santa Barbara?? I think Wendy and Nipper would be peeing their panties!! when will Wendy capitulate to the union? when I look out my window and see a trailer pulling some All-Alaskan Racing Pigs, that's when!!

the News-Press uses AP stories alot even though Wendy thinks the AP is biased...so on Monday they had an AP story about the China earthquake but the News-Press writes the headline..."Deadly Trembler" ...An earthquake (also known as a quake, tremor or temblor) is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic waves..I think with the booze flowing through the News-Press management, Don Katich probably had one of his lackies in on Monday to edit the Nation & World page ...probably had the shakes or trembles from a hangover....

quick edit: temblor or tremblor is acceptable

trembler n (Engineering / Electrical Engineering) Electrical engineering a device that vibrates to make or break an electrical circuit

well it was all those union folks and Teamsters who helped after the Boston bombings...the nurses and cops and firefighters jumped right in and took care of business...

and the funeral for bombing victim Krystle Campbell was supposed to be protested by the nutjobs at Westboro Church...but the Teamsters in Boston formed a human shield to protect her...

MEDFORD — At the Oak Grove Cemetery here, under a cloudless blue sky, the Rev. Chip Hines led a burial service for Krystle Campbell, the 29-year-old Medford native murdered during the terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon.

As with the funeral Mass that Hines officiated at earlier today inside St. Joseph’s Church and as was true at the wake held for Campbell Sunday night, the crowd in the graveyard was expansive, and mourners moved close to surround the family and the casket.

"It was a beautiful outpouring of support for her family," Hines said afterward. "Medford really came through for her family, Medford and beyond. There were people who didn’t know Krystle and her family, and they just felt they had to be there as Americans, really, and offer condolences."

At church today, hundreds stood in line for the opportunity to attend funeral services for Campbell. Some had to be turned away from the door of the packed building, while others came expressly to line the street to guard the grieving family from a possible protest by a fringe group.

An honor guard of firefighters and police stood at attention and saluted as pallbearers carried Campbell’s casket past them down High Street late this morning. A solitary bell tolled as her casket was borne into St. Joseph Church.

When a funeral director announced late this morning that the building was filled to capacity, at least 200 people, some carrying flowers, were still in line.

Meanwhile, hundreds more were across the street, among them more than 200 union members, organized by Teamsters Local 25, to form a human shield against a protest that never materialized from the Westboro Baptist Church

oh so the Westboro baptists douchebags never showed up....I think they know what Bostonians would have done to them....now that's nice since the Teamster's and SEIU have been beating up teabaggers why not beat up the Westboro terrorists, too!

hell send the Teamsters to Chechnya....

Monday, April 22, 2013

Me and Bobby McGee

freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

and now we have sweety Ojai actress gal Reese Witherspoon who was so good in "Election" and her dumbass talent agent drunk husband were driving in the wrong lane in Atlanta! geez Reese how'd you get hooked up with this loser? you should've married me!! we coulda blazed a trail up and down Highway 150, you and me...me and Bobby McGee

Reese and loser hubby mugshot
Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth were arrested over the weekend in a DUI-related incident in Atlanta, Ga. Variety reports that the Oscar-winning actress and CAA agent, who was operating the vehicle, were pulled over early Friday morning after a cop noticed the car driving in the wrong lane.

According to a police report obtained by Variety, "Ms. Witherspoon began to hang out the window and say that she did not believe I was a real police officer. I told Mrs. Witherspoon to sit on her butt and be quiet."

The report continued: "Mrs. Witherspoon asked, 'Do you know my name?' I answered, 'No, I don't need to know your name.' I then added, 'Right now.' Ms. Witherspoon stated, 'You're about to find out who I am.'... Ms. Witherspoon also stated, 'You're going to be on national news.' I advised Ms. Witherspoon that was fine."

Witherspoon is charged with disorderly conduct for getting into a verbal fight with the police officer. Toth, whose blood alcohol level was recorded as .139, has been charged with driving while intoxicated.

In her statement of apology, Witherspoon adds that "I had one too many and was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. I have nothing but respect for the police and I'm very sorry for my behavior."


and sports announcer Al Michaels was busted for DUI...way to go Al
SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Police in Southern California say that NBC Sports announcer Al Michaels has been arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.

Santa Monica police Sgt. Thomas McLaughlin says Michaels was taken into custody Friday night. McLaughlin could provide no additional details.

so let's see if AL hires a DUI attorney, blames the cops who busted him and sues LA for civil rights abuse..or will he tell everyone: "you can't arrest me, I'm an award winning broadcaster!" or will he be a man and step up to the plate and take responsibility for his actions...

and speaking dumb drunks..I know there's a river of booze running thru the streets of Santa Barbara and pretty soon the cops will be using PT-109 boats instead of cars to patrol the city- spot a drunk driver, fire torpedo!!

but the video of the Denunzio arrest can best be viewed thru the eyes of a sober person like me and here's what's going on: I do know that cops often stop and wait..they don't lie in wait or stalk..they get information on their patrol car computers all the time..info is constantly coming in...on incidents that they may have to check out, like a fight at a Mesa condo, or a parolee being spotted somewhere...that's their job sometimes....to sit and wait for the parolee..some cops will go up and knock on doors if they suspect a known troublemaker is back in town.... so maybe Tudor got some info on Denunzio on is partol car computer, who knows...I bet Denunzio was in the database with all his domestic violence issues or previous DUIs....

the BUCK STOPS WITH DENUNZIO NOT THE COPS...they have a job to do and they do it...simply, Denunzio acted like a terrorist, got caught and he was arrested.....that's Tudor's job..you boozehounds can second-guess the cops all you want...but if I was a cop and I had info that a DUI suspect with a history of domestic violence was driving on a suspended license and was at a watering hole and maybe I didn't see his front plate, hell yes I'd wait for him, follow him and pull him over...and I'd be ready for him if he pulled any crap with me....that's why I wear a gun, a taser, a billyclub and handcuffs and a radio...

now all this other stuff is bullshit...a distraction from the real and only issue..all the lawyers and their smokescreens don't change the fact that the real and only issue is Tony DeNunzio and his inability to control himself/obey the law... that is the problem....

and that's all there and there ain't no more...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

this land is your land

this land is my land, from California to the New York island, from the redwood forests, to the Gulf stream waters, this land was made for you and me

so this weekend people are celebrating "EARTH DAY"....there will be booths in Santa Barbara showcasing the new green things which is not necessarily bad...but I will never drive a Prius..ever no matter what...I will always drive a truck or ride a bike...I can put my bike in the back of my truck, but not in the back of a Prius...think about that

so it's Earth Day and people are still afraid of earthly things like bugs and plants...we spray ourselves with insect repellent..we panic when a fruit fly lands on a lemon tree..we cry at the sight of a weed

as I was walking, that ribbon of highway, I saw above me that endless skyway, I saw below me the endless valley, this land was made for you and me

and on this Earth Day weekend, the state and local agriculture agencies are spraying poison in Goleta, in peoples' yards, on their flowers in hopes of poisoning a little Asian fly... Goleta is under quarantine and this will save the billion dollar fruit industry from ruin so the logic goes..so every time they see a foreign insect, they spray poison on the land...they spray lots of poison on lots of trees and crops, to protect you and the ag industry from ruin...and they will kill bees and lady bugs too just for fun

they poisoned the Channel Islands...to get rid of invasive species...to protect you and the natives...they sprayed poison and dropped poison from helicopters...they even introduced a destructive mite to the honeybees on the Channel Islands because the honeybees were "feral, non-native" and therefore worthy of destruction....

this kind of logic was used by the Chechen ghouls who bombed the Boston Marathon...

if they don't understand it, they kill it..like a great big FUCK-YOU to Mother Earth....

of course they can't poison everything, so I'm happy to see the plants, all plants in the areas I monitor, keep coming back despite efforts to kill them...from the poppies to the castor bean

that's Mother Earth's way of saying FUCK-YOU back to those who try to poison her....

and I echo her call...

Saturday, April 20, 2013


roll me over, Romeo, there you go

WTF is before my eyes? what am I seeing? what am I watching...well I'm seeing gadfly Michael Towbes at the Pacific Pride gala wearing a spikey dog collar and hanging around the old gay actor Tab Hunter..are these guys, Tab and Towbes, into that weird dominitrix sadist sex stuff and maybe Towbes just has that younger wife for a business write-off??

then I'm watching the cops nab the Chezchen ghouls in Boston..those COPS ARE AWESOME!!

then I see two old winos..Nipper on Mr. Wimpy's Show!! it was horrible...it was sad..it was pathetic...oh, Nipper talked about how wonderful Wendy was/is and how she loves Santa Barbara and how she turned around the News-Press, built up the subscriber base, how everyone is happy who works there and he introduced unbiased reporting to the readers...and how he came in to help turn the News-Press around and get rid of all the biased reporters..and how he exposes gov't corruption....

then Nipper gushes over his new editorial writers Lanny Ebenstein and Andy Caldwell... geez, every word out of this guy's mouth is a bullshit!!

and he talked about his water expertise....Nipper says water is a diminishing resource...actually water is a renewable resource (see water cycle) unlike fossil fuels...water is used and can be overused for those big lawns in Montecito....I don't think Nipper has spent a minute working at a water treament plant...the water needs to get from the reservoirs to the treatment plant to the customers-the distribution system... and you need some water science training not to mention hydraulics, chemistry, biology and even psychology..and you need to be certified by the state to work as an operator at a treatment plant...you need real water experts to run all these different components...city workers who belong to the union!! the unions that the News-Press hates!!!

so Nipper is no water expert... Nipper's water expertise is limited to being Wendy's chief waterboy..that's all...see I just exposed the phonies and frauds at the News-Press!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Visions of Joanna

you sure got alot of gall, to be so useless and all

everytime I turn around I see that name..Graffy...Neal or Erin blabbing away about some silly social event...who these two bloody clowns? Erin writes for the News-Press wow what a feather up her bloody ass that is!! she always writes about the same ten bloody people in town! the Towbes, Wendy and the other bloody eight....

more bloody Graffys!!
and Neal Graffy is some bloody dolt I don't know why he even tries to be someone of importance like me

and why should I bloody care what they have to say? did they invent something? did they have a life of service or are they just two bloody brats..are they related to that politician...that goofy lady Jeanne Graffy..I remember her ...annoyed the hell outta me, like her damn kids..just cuz your mommy was a bloody supervisor doesn't mean I give a rats ass what her bloody offspring think!!

and Jeanne was a mean gal..when she ran for the supervisor seat, Harriet Miller also ran and Jeanne called Harriet a decrepit old lady

from the Independent: Miller’s relations with councilmember Jeanne Graffy, a strong-willed if soft-spoken moderate Republican, were never so congenial. The two differed stubbornly over housing policy, and when both ran for the county Board of Supervisors in the mid-'90s things got nasty. A flyer circulated questioning whether Miller was too old to serve. Miller was furious and denounced the flyer as an egregious case of ageist discrimination. Graffy denied having anything to do with the flyer. Miller was far from mollified. Graffy won the race.

As mayor, Miller enjoyed an exceedingly close working relationship with former city administrator Sandra Tripp-Jones, and they controlled what issues made it onto the agenda to a degree unheard of today.

and they both were in control when the city invested and lost million in a scam Orange County investment! what was the city finance director doing investing in Orange County derivitives....city workers found out about it....what did Harriet and Sandra Tripp-Jones know?

and now I think I found out why city council is so soft on drunk drivers or drunks in general...again, according to an old article in the Independent from Nick Welsh: Miller had a soft spot for councilmember Rusty Fairly, a member of the council’s Republican minority. Every Tuesday morning—before council meetings—Miller and Fairly would go to Mel’s, then an infamous watering hole-in-the-wall, for what Miller and Fairly insisted was just coffee

just coffee??? I don't think so.. Harriet being from Montana where alcohol abuse is a way of life, I bet she belted down a few Pink Ladies (hey she was a lesbo!) before city council meetings and do you think the city could lose $35 million if the council members back then were sober??

no bloody way!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

cry like a baby

Nobody knows except my pillow at night / All thru the day how many tears I have to fight / Oh when I'm all alone yeah / I just cry like a baby / I cry like a baby ...

ok, so we know now that DUI attorney Darryl Genis has earned his judicial kneepads with Judge Rigali à la Monica Lewinsky...did Rigali and Genis ever go into the judge's chambers alone with Darryl dressed up as Monica????

how else could the judge describe a BAC test as "irrelevant"?

so I see how it works...a person gets pulled over by a cop for reasonable suspicion, the person BREAKS THE LAW, ie, is drunk or DUI or driving without a license and he gets arrested or his car gets impounded...some folks get arrested hard and some folks get arrested easy, it's all up to them...but then after they get arrested they find a lawyer who can help them sue the city for civil rights abuse!! this is a little cottage industry and there's even lawyers who specialize in suing cities

Civil Rights: Police Misconduct in Los Angeles
Attorney Thomas E. Beck is a trial lawyer who specializes in Police Misconduct civil and criminal cases in Southern California.

Mr. Beck has completed more than 250 jury and non-jury trials involving police departments and officers since 1978.

what other occupation can you get sued for doing your job?? oh, I guess every job is a potential lawsuit!!

ok... so I said that three-time loser Tony DeNunzio would never sue the City of Santa Barbara for police brutality when he was arrested hard by Officer Tudor...poor Tony got bruises and has been crying like a baby about it for two years...was this dude ever in the service??

the reason I gave was the law..Tony has wasted taxpayer money by repeatedly breaking the law and then blaming the cops for his lack of self-control....and now he may sue the city..will he hire this Tom Beck guy? these types of lawyers are known as cop baiters..they exist soley to extract money from the taxpayers who fund municipal services....do you think if the police force was privatized, these leech lawyers would be in business?? no because there would be no money in it for them...

from web surfing: "Thomas beck is the ambulance chaser of law enforcement. He figures its easy money to go after a police dept because 99 percent of the time they are offering a nuisance fee to get him out of his face. He is not a good criminal attorney at all!! he just figures if he finds some dirt on a cop he will make the whole case about some other bullshit so that he can quickly get paid and run. he is not part of a large firm and there isnt an ounce of professionalism about him. he should be disbarred for half the crap he does. you can watch his 4th of july self made b rated videos where he talks about how "all the cops are taught to be corrupt blah blah blah. I think that he probably wanted to be a cop and someone disqualified him so he has this personal vendetta against all of them. I hope and pray he never uses 911 not ever. "all cops are corrupt" more like thomas beck is corrupt. what attorneys are out there taking their clients cases personal? hes willing to put criminals on the stand to say anything bad against a cop hoping to sway things in his direction. every profession has good and bad people and maybe beck couldnt get any firm to hire him because he is a seedy character. what attorney makes video of themselves driving around in a car professing their contempt for cops?"

of course there are cases of crooked cops like there are cases of crooked politicians or crooked newspaper owners, but the stuff happening in Santa Barbara with the DUI cops doesn't even come close to anything corrupt or illegal, unless you're someone who's looking to steal some money from the city for a "civil rights issue"....

that's where the fraud is!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

somewhere beyond the sea

somewhere waiting for me
so who's richer? Sarah Miller-McCune or Wendy McCuckoo....I don't know..but former arch-rivals Sarah and Wendy were pretty chummy at the Granada Gala and I think Wendy is poised to offer the News-Press to Sarah at a big discount!

and we know that Frank Hotchkiss is running again for SB city council...and we know Frank likes the big ships off shore....the travelers from those ships who visit Santa Barbara during a port stop and spend money..it's all a boon to local businesses...

and we've heard about the food on those big ships causing ailments for whatever reason..bad shrimp is bad shrimp..

so I was concerned when Frank went on the Mr. Wimpy Show and when talking about Vietnam he started spazzing out like he just ate lunch on that big boat out there and Mr. Wimpy just sat there watching poor Frank suffer...

or maybe Frank was allergic to Mr. Wimpy??

Sweet Caroline

good times never seemed so good....

so the Yankees played the D-Backs yesterday and in the 3rd inning at Yankee Stadium, "Sweet Caroline" came blasting out of the loud speakers...that great Neil Diamond song..the song was a tribute to the Red Sox....the Yankees were honoring the people killed or hurt in the Boston Marathon blast..."Sweet Caroline" is the Red Sox theme song which they play at Fenway during the 7th inning stretch..the Yankees and the Red Sox are the biggest rivalry in sports and one I grew up with being born close to Boston...the Yankees are the team I love to hate because they are so good..every now and then the Red Sox beat the Yanks, and that's always fun to watch..that rivalry will continue, and of course I can't really hate the Yankees...but when they played "Sweet Caroline" and everyone in the stands was singing and cheering and standing with Boston... and well...the Yankees are a class act...

I had a dream last night I was driving through Hope Ranch in my old VW beetle and it started raining..then raining real hard....then I couldn't see anything.....the rain turned into white..like a big wall of white smoke...

so someone made some crude backpack bombs and set them to go off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon...Boston, what a great sports town! so runners who came across the finish line were greeted with two big explosions...two bombs designed to maim and kill civilians on a nice day in April..in Boston.....at a sports event...

when I was a kid, my aunts would take me to see the 4th of July fireworks at the waterfront in Gloucester..it was awesome...and no one died

then we'd go to the beach and eat hotdogs and fried clams..walk on the sandy boardwalk and swim in the ocean and creeks...and we'd go home and I'd look forward to seeing my little brown-eyed ponytailed girlfriend who lived down the street..then I'd go up and visit Ms. Broder's grave...up on the hill by the links...then I'd listen to my little red transistor radio in my aunt's yard ..."Venus if you will, please send a little girl for me to thrill"...or maybe a Red Sox game was on and my brother would listen to that...

how someone could think a bomb would scare or change the folks in Boston is beyond me...the marathon will be back next year...as surely as I can hear 'Sweet Caroline" on my transistor radio..

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dirty Water

oh, Boston you're my home....

I'm wanna tell you a story
I'm wanna tell you about my town
I'm gonna tell you a big fat story, baby
Aww, it's all about my town

Yeah, down by the river
Down by the banks of the river Charles
Aw, that's what's happenin' baby
That's where you'll find me
Along with lovers, buggers and thieves
Aw, but they're cool people

Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston you're my home
Oh, you're the number one place

Frustrated women (I mean they're frustrated)
Have to be in by twelve o'clock (oh, that's a shame)
But I'm wishin' and a hopin', oh
That just once those doors weren't locked
I like to save time for my baby to walk around


Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston you're my home (oh yeah)

'Cause I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston you're my home (oh, yeah)

Well I love that dirty water (I love it, baby)
I love that dirty water (I love Boston)
I love that dirty water
(Have you heard about the Strangler)
I love that dirty water (I'm the man, I'm the man)
I love that dirty water (Owww!)
I love that dirty water (a come on, a come on)
I love that dirty water (come on)
I love that dirty water (I'm in love with Boston)
I love that dirty water (Aww yeah)
I love that dirty water
I love that dirty water
I love that dirty water

I Shot the Sheriff

but I didn't shoot the deputy...

I found the ammo, Scott!!
so I'm reading the News-Press and Scott Steepleton's got a front page story about a box of bullets missing from the SB Police Dept....it allegedly happened 4 months ago...

uh..ok...Wendy and Nipper have been trying for years to pin something on the cops because the SBPD keeps busting Wendy's friends for DUI or drug-related issues so maybe this is the story and Scott Steepleton is their obedient little mutt for the job! in reality, the story is a mess..

I've been in the basement of the cops station and have seen the shooting range..all the boxes of bullets neatly stacked.... the rounds..the safety glasses and hearing protection..it's the place where officers train in case they have to use deadly force....believe me you don't want some private security guard doing this type of work..it's the cops who are trained to make these split-second decisions to use lethal force

the range has got the cardboard cut-out bad guys and the whole nine yards..it's pretty cool..I met the Rangemaster who seemed like a nice guy..

but I must confess Scott..I took the box of bullets and I shot the sheriff..but I didn't shoot no deputy...

well, after reading Scott's interpretation of events, I can't figure out what happened the night before Christmas at the PD other than nothing really..I mean it's like me misplacing something I received and then my brother telling my father about it then my father comes down and yells at me but it turns out I really didn't misplace anything because my sister came in and used it for her own little pleasures.... or maybe it's like ordering 15 lightbulbs and they only send me 14...

and Scott had a source who told him about the "missing ammo?" but we don't know who it is...hmmmm, was it Frank or Dale from the city council? probably not...but a front page story, four months old, about a missing box of bullets that really wasn't missing.....I think the News-Press is just delirious...simply crazy

ship to shore

so those big ships anchored off shore are pretty big....and when they become disabled, the big gov't comes out to rescue them and now I hear the Carnival Cruise Line that has had so many problems and needed to be rescued won't pay their bill....they want the taxpayers to pay: Carnival Corp. says all maritime interests must assist without question those in trouble at sea, a duty that would not include reimbursing the U.S. roughly $800000!

Wounded Warriors
and let's hear it for gambling enterprises and non-profits that give back so much to the community!!!

ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida's lieutenant governor resigned and nearly 60 other people were charged in a scandal involving a purported veterans charity that authorities said Wednesday was a front for a $300 million gambling operation.

The organization, Allied Veterans of the World, runs nearly 50 Internet parlors with computerized slot machine-style games, which have come under scrutiny in Florida but are in a gray legal area.

Even so, investigators said the charity was a fraud and executives gave precious little to veterans while lavishing millions on themselves, spending it on boats, beachfront condos and Maseratis, Ferraris and Porsches.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi called the alleged scam "callous" and "despicable" and said it "insults every American who ever wore a military uniform."

Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll was not among those charged but resigned a day after she was questioned by investigators.

The public relations firm she co-owned, 3 N&JC, did work for St. Augustine-based Allied Veterans. A Navy veteran who served in the Gulf War, Carroll also appeared in a TV ad in 2011 promoting the organization's work on behalf of veterans and their families.

stealing from the vets under the guise of a non-profit...now that's a capital offense

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cracklin' Rosie

Aw, Cracklin' Rosie, get on board / We're gonna ride / Till there ain't no more to go

Cracklin' Rosie!

so Saturday the Carpinteria Flower Growers had an open house...

greenhouses and flowers... flowers-the cut flowers as the growers call them- Padaro Floral and the uppity Seaside Gardens..people milling about...

I love greenhouses and the vibe around here..the Santa Claus Lane area used to be a lima bean field before the car culture after the war turned it into a fun little rest stop....the greenhouses have kept development in check so I guard this area with the ferocity of a wolverine!

I walk around and see some big Dutch girls....blonde and strong and they could kick my ass so I kept my distance..but I would love a ride on one of them someday...I bet that big one could take me for a ride..that big one..I mutter "Cracklin' Rosie get on board,we gonna ride"...she ignores me

then I went into Summerland to check out the flora and fauna....I got out of my truck and walked around and spotted some flowers..all kinds of flowers and plants, living together side-by-side...thistle with the poppies...lupine with the pink thingies....ooooh.... my first bumble-bee of the season..a good omen...and the poppies are cool..they close up on cool cloudy days and open a bit more when the sun brightens things up..much like people!

and they have little clown-headed joker flowers close by to keep 'em happy-much like people!

so I'm walking around and some crows gather on the telephone wire to watch me...they fly around, they walk on my truck and we bond somehow...crows are pretty cool birds...maybe they think I know something they don't? or they know something I don't

well maybe we do....

Saturday, April 13, 2013

stray cat strut

Oooooooh / Black and orange stray cat sittin' on a fence / Ain't got enough dough to pay the rent / I'm flat broke but I don't care / I strut right by with my tail in the air

well geez...I thought a gag order was supposed to last forever but nooooo...way to go Judge Rigali you dimwitted neanderthal asswipe!!

the Tony DeNunzio DUI re-trial dismissal is barely cold and already Darryl Genis is emailing me, strutting around like cat with a rat in its mouth, the rat being DeNunzio...so Darryl tells me he predicted the outcome of the re-trial ...says Darryl: "I predicted dismissal a month ago and before that I predicted the acquittal on the BAC .09 as well as the guilty on the suspended license charge"

first of all Darryl, I predicted the guilty on a suspended license charge last year and I know he was drinking booze at the Boathouse, so I was right about that too...

whether the judge thinks it's true or Joyce thinks it's true or you or Tony think it's true is irrelevant...

now what is true is that Joyce Dudley took the long road out of Eden and messed up the DUI thing...if I were the prosecutor, Tony would be in jail swinging from a sheet right about now instead of plotting his next moves to get to Happy Hour at the Boathouse...

I said if Genis hung the jury twice, I'd praise his lawyerly skills...but that didn't happen...I've done all I can from my lofty perch so I hope Tony enjoys his probation and stops hitting girls..

I just got a check from the Superior Court for $55$ for my part in Judge Hill's voir dire for the eastside gangbanger trial...when I entered the jury box and told Hill what I thought of his skills as a judge, I made the whole room die with laughter..and I'd like to think that check is a payment for my first stand-up comedy routine....

now, the only conclusion I can draw from your routine Darryl and the DUI hearings and trials is that Hill and Rigali are a couple of knuckleheads...like you and Tony!

we can work it out

life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend

let's see who's in court...

there's Kevin Costner and Grimm Investments still fighting over the hedges....geez boys work it out!

there's a Chris Goldblatt, is this the same the dude who littered the ocean with giant concrete and PVC artificial reef balls...he appears to be headed for court against landlords Bartlein and Co...maybe rent is due on the ocean floor lease??

Wendy and Barry got a date with the judge soon... Wendy pay up!!

Karla and Joe are still scratching each other's eyeballs out...

you know some of these local realtors have their face plastered all over the pages of the Montecito Journal telling me how wonderful they are, how smart they are but they never tell you why they ended up in court...it's like Wendy telling me how she and Craig her ex love animals so much but Craig is on the board of the non-profit Nature Conservancy which slaughtered thousands of aminals on the Channel Islands in the name of "biodivesity"..shameful...

but that's pertinent info I would think to give us the complete profile of these peeps...well it seems the realtor and his gal are having some issues..she sued him in civil court...but in better years this power couple was involved with the Natural History Museum under nazi dude Karl Hutterer who kept the Museum drowned in boozy fundraisers...

the ex-lovebirds supported the Storyteller's Children Program, the Zoo and so many other good causes...was another woman involved?? hmmmm

Ling Liang and Chung Liang are duking it out...everybody wang Chung tonight, ok?

Landslide Repair Foundation vs City of Santa Barbara..poor city, everyone wants a piece of you..that must be the Conejo area...almost bought a house there-glad I didn't but it sure is a nice area

Matter in John L Forsythe...still fighting over John's will, I see...girls and boys, it's best to earn your own money!!

The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy etc vs DGWB Inc...Julia's still givin' 'em hell from the grave!

so can they all work it out? not a chance....

Friday, April 12, 2013


shoot 'm for he runs now....

I see that Tony Denunzio will not be retried after the first hung jury...ok that's fine...I hope and pray that Tony-boy has learned his lesson

but if he drinks and drives and gets caught again and we know he will....well, I get dibs on a front row seat....

and Denunzio will not sue the city of Santa Barbara for police brutality because the trial will slaughter Denunzio for good.....he already got busted for domestic battery and driving with a suspended license for a prior DUI and he's on probation...probation in his 50s!!! geez ....what lawyer in his right mind would take this three time loser as a client besides Darryl Genis? oh wait, maybe Barry Cappello can help..

Santa Barbara seems to have inbreeding among her lawyers...it's incestuous...like grandpappy doing mom and producing offspring like Darryl and Barry...

the latest in the on-going hissy fit by "image consultant" Steve Pappas is he hired Barry Cappello to waste the Supreme Court's time because he lost an election to Doreen Farr! I guarantee the Supremes will not even hear this case...

now we know that Wendy hired Barry to fight off the Teamster's in 2006, then Barry sued Wendy in 2012 when she wouldn't pay him....and Steve's girlfriend fatty Nancy Crawford-Hall gave him a bunch of money but he still lost and then Nancy, who published the Santa Ynez Valley Journal, shut the paper down until a conservative is elected president...in other words, she shut the paper down for good!

so Pappas is on the hook for $700000 -the amount he owes Farr for dragging her thru the ringer....

hmmm..more billable hours
so these two folks, Wendy McCuckoo and Steve Pappas, have one thing in common-they don't pay their debts!! and Barry Cappello knows this..so I'm thinking he sees a double-whammy of a payday when he takes Steve's and Nancy's money for the Supreme Court case..then in a couple of years, Barry will sue Steve and Nancy for some undiscovered billable hours!!

so the outcome of Barry's representation is Wendy's paper is losing revenue from loss of subscriptions and advertisers...and now Steve Pappas will lose with Barry's help and he will be forced to marry fat Nancy Crawford-Hall in a shotgun wedding... 

shoot'm for he runs now!!