Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tupelo Honey

you can take all the tea in China, put it in a big brown bag for me, sail it right around these seven oceans, drop it smack dab in the middle of the deep blue sea

with Santa Barbara County safely under quarantine, I felt a certain je ne sais quoi...on Tuesday..on my way into town.... the traffic slowed to a crawl as I came upon an accident between a car and a injuries except to the car.... by the Sheffield Drive in the oceanic distance birds were gathering on the trees overlooking Summerland and a big Love Boat was anchored off shore in I wouldn't set foot on one of these behemoths for all the tea in China..the Carnival cruises with all the trouble they've had....rogue waves targeting the big ships, people diappearing, drunk captains running aground, deferred maintenance causing the toilets to back up and no electricity...people sleeping on deck in raw thanks!

now I know people seek adventure on the high seas...and we still are fascinated with the romantic tragedy called the Titanic, but these big new ships are just too gaudy for want a real seafaring adventure? read Kon Tiki...

so I get to Santa Barbara and shop and wash the truck and the streets of the city are cordoned off.... six blood-red Trolley cars are ominously lined up on Cabrillo Blvd, waiting to ferry the unsuspecting tourists through the sad little town of Santa Barbara...

these tourists are walking around taking pictures...these people are dark like India ink and wear turbans on their heads..the women wear scarfs...everybody is hiding something it seems..I hope these foreigners don't introduce some weird exotic species into Santa Barbara because you folks got enough problems! geez everytime someone mentions a non-native thing the conservative chicks in SB all wet their panties.....hmmmmm..I kinda would like to...oh never mind

I hit the beach and someone left an empty bottle of booze in the sand....thanks!! and there's the dredging operation..been going on for years-the Army Corps of Engineers has changed the shoreline...kinda messed it up...I don't know why they are still here other than to fleece Santa Barbara again and again...

redistributing the sand when all we really need is redistribution of the wealth in Santa Barbara...hence the unions, and city workers, and the likes of Wendy McCuckoo!! haha..I mean LOL!

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