Tuesday, April 23, 2013

shakin' all over

Quivers down my back bone
I've got the shakes down the kneebone. Yeah!
The tremors in the thighbone
Shakin' all over

do you think the News-Press workers would have a contract by now if the union thugs BOSTON TEAMSTERS were in Santa Barbara?? I think Wendy and Nipper would be peeing their panties!! when will Wendy capitulate to the union? when I look out my window and see a trailer pulling some All-Alaskan Racing Pigs, that's when!!

the News-Press uses AP stories alot even though Wendy thinks the AP is biased...so on Monday they had an AP story about the China earthquake but the News-Press writes the headline..."Deadly Trembler" ...An earthquake (also known as a quake, tremor or temblor) is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic waves..I think with the booze flowing through the News-Press management, Don Katich probably had one of his lackies in on Monday to edit the Nation & World page ...probably had the shakes or trembles from a hangover....

quick edit: temblor or tremblor is acceptable

trembler n (Engineering / Electrical Engineering) Electrical engineering a device that vibrates to make or break an electrical circuit

well it was all those union folks and Teamsters who helped after the Boston bombings...the nurses and cops and firefighters jumped right in and took care of business...

and the funeral for bombing victim Krystle Campbell was supposed to be protested by the nutjobs at Westboro Church...but the Teamsters in Boston formed a human shield to protect her...

MEDFORD — At the Oak Grove Cemetery here, under a cloudless blue sky, the Rev. Chip Hines led a burial service for Krystle Campbell, the 29-year-old Medford native murdered during the terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon.

As with the funeral Mass that Hines officiated at earlier today inside St. Joseph’s Church and as was true at the wake held for Campbell Sunday night, the crowd in the graveyard was expansive, and mourners moved close to surround the family and the casket.

"It was a beautiful outpouring of support for her family," Hines said afterward. "Medford really came through for her family, Medford and beyond. There were people who didn’t know Krystle and her family, and they just felt they had to be there as Americans, really, and offer condolences."

At church today, hundreds stood in line for the opportunity to attend funeral services for Campbell. Some had to be turned away from the door of the packed building, while others came expressly to line the street to guard the grieving family from a possible protest by a fringe group.

An honor guard of firefighters and police stood at attention and saluted as pallbearers carried Campbell’s casket past them down High Street late this morning. A solitary bell tolled as her casket was borne into St. Joseph Church.

When a funeral director announced late this morning that the building was filled to capacity, at least 200 people, some carrying flowers, were still in line.

Meanwhile, hundreds more were across the street, among them more than 200 union members, organized by Teamsters Local 25, to form a human shield against a protest that never materialized from the Westboro Baptist Church

oh so the Westboro baptists douchebags never showed up....I think they know what Bostonians would have done to them....now that's nice since the Teamster's and SEIU have been beating up teabaggers why not beat up the Westboro terrorists, too!

hell send the Teamsters to Chechnya....

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