Friday, April 19, 2013

Visions of Joanna

you sure got alot of gall, to be so useless and all

everytime I turn around I see that name..Graffy...Neal or Erin blabbing away about some silly social event...who these two bloody clowns? Erin writes for the News-Press wow what a feather up her bloody ass that is!! she always writes about the same ten bloody people in town! the Towbes, Wendy and the other bloody eight....

more bloody Graffys!!
and Neal Graffy is some bloody dolt I don't know why he even tries to be someone of importance like me

and why should I bloody care what they have to say? did they invent something? did they have a life of service or are they just two bloody brats..are they related to that politician...that goofy lady Jeanne Graffy..I remember her ...annoyed the hell outta me, like her damn kids..just cuz your mommy was a bloody supervisor doesn't mean I give a rats ass what her bloody offspring think!!

and Jeanne was a mean gal..when she ran for the supervisor seat, Harriet Miller also ran and Jeanne called Harriet a decrepit old lady

from the Independent: Miller’s relations with councilmember Jeanne Graffy, a strong-willed if soft-spoken moderate Republican, were never so congenial. The two differed stubbornly over housing policy, and when both ran for the county Board of Supervisors in the mid-'90s things got nasty. A flyer circulated questioning whether Miller was too old to serve. Miller was furious and denounced the flyer as an egregious case of ageist discrimination. Graffy denied having anything to do with the flyer. Miller was far from mollified. Graffy won the race.

As mayor, Miller enjoyed an exceedingly close working relationship with former city administrator Sandra Tripp-Jones, and they controlled what issues made it onto the agenda to a degree unheard of today.

and they both were in control when the city invested and lost million in a scam Orange County investment! what was the city finance director doing investing in Orange County workers found out about it....what did Harriet and Sandra Tripp-Jones know?

and now I think I found out why city council is so soft on drunk drivers or drunks in general...again, according to an old article in the Independent from Nick Welsh: Miller had a soft spot for councilmember Rusty Fairly, a member of the council’s Republican minority. Every Tuesday morning—before council meetings—Miller and Fairly would go to Mel’s, then an infamous watering hole-in-the-wall, for what Miller and Fairly insisted was just coffee

just coffee??? I don't think so.. Harriet being from Montana where alcohol abuse is a way of life, I bet she belted down a few Pink Ladies (hey she was a lesbo!) before city council meetings and do you think the city could lose $35 million if the council members back then were sober??

no bloody way!!

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