Sunday, April 28, 2013

backfield in motion

yeah, I'm gonna have to penalize you/ Backfield in motion, baby, You know that's against the rules.

Rick Perry, moonbeam wanna-be and slow-witted governor of Texas is mad at California again..first he tried to tell Californians that the biz environment in Texas is better with low regulations and taxes and you should move to Texas but quick..
so when an editorial cartoonist at the Sacramento Bee produced a brilliant satire of Perry and Texas, poor Rick demanded an apology...

the cartoon depicts Perry bragging about Texas with the West Texas fertilizer plant blowing up in the issues at the plant were ignored or covered up and BOOM!! it leveled a Texas town, killing 14 people and injuring hundreds...

that's why we have CAL-OSHA in protect workers from unscrupulous companies..or governors who don't believe in regulations..or enforcing them

church and state
I get very antsy when tax-exempt churches rent public high school facilities..they pay the school district and due to the fact that the cultmembers give money to the church, it seems like the church is benefitting the school...but in REALITY, (get it?) it's a shell game..or some kind of game anyways

the Reality church rented space at SBCC and now SBHS...they had a campus in Carp with the buses and the folks who looked like zombies attending the services..I don't trust anyone with a REALITY sticker on their car..and if I find any Jesus stickers at SBHS, I'll sue the devil outta them.. reality sucks!!

don't taze me babe!!

and then we got the white chick rookie SBPD motorcycle cop who tazed an uppity black dude for acting suspiciously around his own car....well, I know this is Santa Barbara and black folks aren't exactly the norm, but before you taze, you should talk, even if they scare ya! and black people are most definitely scary but we whites need to learn to live with the blacks... like the cruisers the cops ride around in are called "Black and White" sometimes....let's try to live that philosophy, ok folks?? it's ok to taze the drunks, not the blacks, you got that young lady??

off side and holdin', yeah, you ought a be ashamed of yourself baby!

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Anonymous said...

Remember when blacks from LA held up Bryant's jewelry store in El Paseo? Cops stopped the visiting Harlem Globetrotters on Haley St. and had them spread eagled on the asphalt! Ms. Lodge said "Well, they were black."