Monday, April 29, 2013

Stairway to Heaven

there's still time to change the road you're on

geez, I think I have an eating disorder - everytime I read the News-Press, I wanna puke

to hear the News-Press gossip columnist Erin Graffy (GRAFFY!!) tell it TWICE, Wendy is solely responsible for the restoration of the Granada Theater because she gave $5 million of her ex-hubby Craig's money to get the ball about using her flunky writers to toot her own horn when it don't deserve no tootin'...really how disingenuous...

actually the story appeared about two weeks ago but didn't suck up to Wendy enough so Erin really licked her little pussy-luvin heart out this time, calling Wendy a "founding visionary and donor"...

the On the Town section of Sunday's paper featured the fluff piece and I noticed that two society writers, Erin Graffy and Lorraine Wilson are crowded into this column now..I think Lorraine got sick and Erin filled in and Lorraine recovered and is now second fiddle to Erin..Lorriane, a word of advice: watch your back when you're around Erin especially if you're descending those big Granada stairsteps with her...a person could fall and kill herself

but Wendy the Wonder Woman is taking credit where credit is not see the credit should be given to Sarah Miller McCune who is a real pioneer and publisher

let's compare and contrast Sarah and Wendy, shall we?

Sarah Miller McCune-Originally from Queens, NY, McCune launched SAGE in 1965 with little more than her love of publishing and the money from the sale of a used air-conditioner. Today, Sara is the chairwoman of a global corporation, and a workforce approaching 1,000 employees on four continents. SAGE is the only publishing house of its kind founded by a woman.

Wendy McCuckoo-uh..ah..hmmm..oh yeah, Wendy married Craig McCaw and divorced him, getting a huge monetary and stock settlement worth millions of dollars...Wendy then bought the News-Press for 150 million bucks or so (I would have advised her against that)

Sarah Miller McCune-In 2008, Sara founded the Miller-McCune Center for Research, Media and Public Policy, which encourages policymakers, business leaders, politicians, and scientists to develop solutions to a range of issues. The center encourages and trains researchers and scientists to highlight, analyze, and report on the most compelling research.. The Center also offers internships and fellowships. With help from SAGE, the Center publishes the newly-renamed magazine Pacific Standard (formerly Miller-McCune), which has won acclaim from the Utne Reader, Library Journal, and many others.

Wendy McCuckoo-fired all her reporters because one of them printed Rob Lowe's address in the News-Press as part of a story she had been assigned to..and for union activity

Sarah Miller McCune-Sara is also one of the top philanthropists in the Santa Barbara area. This is due, in large part, to the McCune Foundation, which funds and supports initiatives that offer practical assistance to community-based organizations in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Established in 1990, it focuses its efforts on grassroots organizations that can empower excluded populations. Striving for more widespread positive impact, the Foundation strengthens organizations and communities rather than individuals alone.

Wendy McCuckoo-accused her former editor of having child porn on a News-Press computer which was a lie since she was engaged in law suit against was a smear tactic; another editor Travis Armstrong was Wendy's personal friend and was busted for DUI; Wendy's editorial writer, Lanny Ebenstein, was busted for owning a pot house in Eureka...and many more of Wendy's friends have  drug and alcohol issues..

Sarah Miller McCune- As well, Sara has given $2.5 million to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Additionally she established the, SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind at the University of California Santa Barbara with a $3.5 million grant. She was also the chief proponent of the Granada Theater Restoration Project, supplying it with over $5 million....

so you tell me who deserves more credit for restoring the Granada....


Anonymous said...

What amazes me is that these wealthy people, with the world at their disposal, can't think of any thing better to do with their lives than attended these stuffed-shirt, black tie affairs. Is that really the scope of their imagination? I guess they don't travel any further from home than they can drive pickled on champagne. It nice to know the WM and AVW are as dull as their paper. And this miscreant pair cant be any more creative than to fall in line with the mummified stiffs of Santa Barbara society. Maybe they should join an Elks lodge if they really want to kick up their heels! I love seeing these two grinning like possums at the dull as dishwater affairs. What morons.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Yeah, someon should tell the old bat about the floating, underground bingo game in town. The buy in for a green marking pen is only 500 milliion. That might curl her pubes too.