Saturday, April 13, 2013

we can work it out

life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend

let's see who's in court...

there's Kevin Costner and Grimm Investments still fighting over the hedges....geez boys work it out!

there's a Chris Goldblatt, is this the same the dude who littered the ocean with giant concrete and PVC artificial reef balls...he appears to be headed for court against landlords Bartlein and Co...maybe rent is due on the ocean floor lease??

Wendy and Barry got a date with the judge soon... Wendy pay up!!

Karla and Joe are still scratching each other's eyeballs out...

you know some of these local realtors have their face plastered all over the pages of the Montecito Journal telling me how wonderful they are, how smart they are but they never tell you why they ended up in's like Wendy telling me how she and Craig her ex love animals so much but Craig is on the board of the non-profit Nature Conservancy which slaughtered thousands of aminals on the Channel Islands in the name of "biodivesity"..shameful...

but that's pertinent info I would think to give us the complete profile of these peeps...well it seems the realtor and his gal are having some issues..she sued him in civil court...but in better years this power couple was involved with the Natural History Museum under nazi dude Karl Hutterer who kept the Museum drowned in boozy fundraisers...

the ex-lovebirds supported the Storyteller's Children Program, the Zoo and so many other good causes...was another woman involved?? hmmmm

Ling Liang and Chung Liang are duking it out...everybody wang Chung tonight, ok?

Landslide Repair Foundation vs City of Santa Barbara..poor city, everyone wants a piece of you..that must be the Conejo area...almost bought a house there-glad I didn't but it sure is a nice area

Matter in John L Forsythe...still fighting over John's will, I see...girls and boys, it's best to earn your own money!!

The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy etc vs DGWB Inc...Julia's still givin' 'em hell from the grave!

so can they all work it out? not a chance....

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